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🎥 | "Avalanche" Taro Suruga "Fujita" is alive?Consideration spreading on the net

Photo Taro Suruga (taken in 2018)

"Avalanche" Taro Suruga Is "Fujita" alive?Consideration spreading on the net

If you write the contents roughly
There are many voices that speculate that "Mr. Fujita is alive !?" and "Mr. Suruga would be interesting", along with voices pushing for a survival theory while trembling with unexpected developments on SNS.

The drama "Avalanche" starring Go Ayano (Monday at 10 o'clock, Kansai Telecasting Corporation) Episode 7 "War" (1 ... → Continue reading

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Survival theory

Survival theoryIt is speculated that a person who died at a certain time, or an extinct organism, was actually alive after that time, or is still alive.hypothesisThat.


It is said that a person / animal / plant has already died or become extinct, but is still alive for some reason, or even after the date when it is said to have died / extinct.Death theoryIt is. Same person theoryOften doubles as.Also a kindNoble species exileSome have become.For animals and plantsUnidentified organismTreated as.

An example


Flora and fauna

  • Mammoth --There are sightings in Siberia and Alaska.Archaeological records show that the last mammoth died1700 BCAround the time.
  • Owl wolf --There is sighting information.
  • Giant moa --There is sighting information.
  • Japanese wolf --There is sighting information[14].
  • Megalodon --The theory of survival is disseminated[15].
  • Steller's sea cow --Officially1768 It is said to have become extinct, but there are sightings in 1962 after that.
  • Alamosaurus --There is a theory that it survived for about 70 years even after the great extinction of the Cretaceous.
  • Ceratosaurus --Witness information in Alaska's Partritsji Cove[16].
  • Japanese otter --There is sighting information.


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