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🎥 | "New Batman" starring Robert Pattinson "THE BATMAN-" release date decided

Photo Movie "THE BATMAN" Scene Photo (C) 2020 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

"New Batman" starring Robert Pattinson "THE BATMAN-" release date decided

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In the unveiled scene photo, Batman overlooking Gotham City, which was dyed red in the setting sun, and Serena Kyle / Catwoman played by Zoe Kravitz are finally visible.

The release date of the movie "THE BATMAN" starring actor Robert Pattinson in Japan ... → Continue reading

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Gotham, England.jpg

Gautam Or Gotham (Gotham) IsUnited Kingdom OfNottinghamshireThe name of an existing village in the countryside.

ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クGotham, the city's nickname,バ ッ ト マ ンA fictional metropolis that appears inGotham CityIs derived from this village.


The name of this village is "goatTown of (got = goat) (-ham = home,Chatham,Buckingham,NottinghamUsed in many place names, etc.), and Gautam (/ˈꞬoʊtəm/) Is pronounced[1].. However, due to the effect of spelling,バ ッ ト マ ンThe name of the city that appears in is Gotham (/ˈꞬɑθəm/) Is usually pronounced.


This village became famousGautam's Sage (Wise Men of Gotham)” In English, "the wise man of Gautam" is an idiot, which may be related to the fact that goats were considered stupid animals.[2].. One anecdote says that he was just pretending to be a fool. Tried to build a national road near the villageEnglandkingジ ョ ンSent a messenger to ask for village support, and all the villagers who didn't want to bear the cost of that were fleeing by pretending to be innocent idiots.[2].

19th centuryThe United States of AmericaWritersWashington IrvingIs "Mother GooseBased on the stupidity of "Gautam's wise man" who also became "," satire newspaper "Salma Gandhi" (Salmagundi)of1807 May 11Issue called New York City "Gotham"[3].


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Coordinate: North Latitude 52 Degrees 52 Minutes 8 Seconds 1 degrees 12 minutes 18 seconds west longitude /52.86889 N, 1.20500 W / 52.86889; -1.20500

Cat woman

Cat woman(British: Catwoman),Serena Kyle(Selina Kyle)DC ComicsTo publishAmerican comics"バ ッ ト マ ンFictionalSuper villain..Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, it first appeared in "Batman # 1940" in June 6.


Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, it first appeared in "Batman # 1" (June 1940).When it first appeared, it was called "The Cat".Catwoman is traditionallySuper villainIt is drawn as. Since the 1990s, she has been introduced as an anti-heroine in the series of the same name.Catwoman has a complex love-hate relationship with Batman and has received Batman's most lasting love.[2].

Catwoman is portrayed as a supervillain, but Batman and Catwoman are shown as having a romantic relationship when they act together to achieve a common goal.Batman has many romantic relationships with female characters throughout the year, but these relationships tend to be short, and the attraction that attracts Batman to Catwoman is present in most versions and media of the character. ..

The most widely known Catwoman is Serena Kyle.This character is from Kane's cousin Russ Steel and the actress.Jean HarlowInfluenced by[3][4].

1960 eraIn the TV dramaJulie Newmar,Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, 1992Batman returns] InMichelle PfeifferPlayed.Catwoman's independent filmHalle BerryStarring 2004 "Cat woman"In Although,バ ッ ト マ ンThere is almost no similarity with. 2012 "Dark Knight Rising] InAnne Hathaway, 2014 『GOTHAM』In the young KyleCamren BicondovaPlays.

IGNIn "Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time", Catwoman was ranked 100th.Ranked 11st in Wizard magazine's "100 Greatest Villains of All Time"[5]..She was ranked 100th in IGN's "Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time".Ranked 20rd in the Comic Buyers Guide "100 Sexiest Women in Comics"[6].


Bob Kane, the creator of Batman, was a movie fan, and his love for movies was the driving force behind several characters, including Catwoman.Catwoman was partly influenced by 1930s star Jean Harlow, and Kane "most sensuously symbolized the beauty of women."Kane and Finger wanted to give their comic books sexual appeal (not just those who could appeal to female readers), saying, "I've committed a crime, but it's romantic and friendly to Batman's innocent life. Created the "enemy"[7]..This character isジ ョ ー カ ーUnlike Batman's villains like, she was never a murderer or a villain.

Kane and Finger said they regarded cats as "bat antitheses" for using the image of cats for Catwoman.Kane said, "I felt that women were like cats and men were like dogs. Dogs are sincere and friendly, but cats are cool and hard to trust. I understand cats. I found it difficult. "[8].


1986 yearsBatman: Year OneThen, although he was a prostitute, he learned about Batman's activities and became a catwoman wearing a cat costume.The prostitute Holly Robinson is a friend, suggesting that she may be the daughter of Carmine Falcone in the film.

In the 1989 limited series "Catwoman", he was an orphan without parents.Maria Kyle, a mother who likes cats as a child, commits suicide.His father, Brian Kyle, hits her tightly because Serena resembles her mother.Eventually, his father continued to drink until his death.Serena is on the street to surviveStreet childrenBecame.Serena is captured and sent to an orphanage. 13-year-old Serena learns that an orphanage manager is embezzling funds.To cover up the crime, the manager puts Serena in a bag and throws it into the river to drown (like a cat).She escapes, steals documents that expose the corruption of the caretaker, and returns to the orphanage.She then stole the administrator's diamond necklace and escaped from the orphanage, threatening the administrator to erase Serena Kyle from the city records.

Named in “Batman: One Year Later”Irena Donovan(Irena Dubrovna), daughter with Sam Bradleyヘ レ ナGave birth.Meanwhile, Holly Robinson took over the role of Catwoman.Helena is kidnapped after being known by Film Freak and Angleman.Serena Kyle returns as Catwoman.He regained Helena and asked the wizard Zatanna to erase their memories.From the news of Ted Grant, he learns that Holly has been arrested as a black mask murderer and returns to Gotham to help.

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Shogakkan Shueisha ProductionsPublished. Released in July 2012.

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Art book

Cover Run -Adam Hughes Cover Art Collection at DC Comics-
Published by Pai International[9].ISBN-978 4756243102

Picture book

Catch Catwoman! (DC Super Friends)
Published by Random House.ISBN-978 0449816165
Catwoman Counting (DC Board Books)
Published by Picture Window Books.ISBN-978 1479558919


Live-action movie

Batman original movie (1966)
Played by Lee Meriwether.In Japanese translation, it is called Miss Cat. A movie adaptation of "(Phantom Bird Man) Batman".
Batman returns (1992)
Michelle PfeifferPlayed.Dubbed in JapaneseTajima Reiko(DVD) /Yoshiko Fujita(TV).
Secretary of Gotham businessman Max Schlek.She wears glasses, is shy and typical, and is easy to see underneath, but she has a gentle heart, and her hobbies are to make the room fashionable and to sew.Knowing plans to control Shrek's Gotham City, he is pushed down the window from the building where Max's office is located to seal his mouth.She was dying and loved cats, so she survived in sympathy with the mysterious powers of the stray cats, but she had the opposite personality and messed up her room when she returned to her apartment with a fluffy and large number of stray cats. She sewed vandalism clothes herself, made a black leather suit with a lot of exposure with a laugh, put on flashy makeup, became a catwoman, and vowed revenge.Although he tries to defeat Batman, he and Bruce Wayne are attracted to each other.He is in a position where he is about to be killed by penguins and is often oppressed by his fellow bad guys.
Batman forever (1995)
Touched in a conversation between Batman and Dr. Chase.
Cat woman (2004)
Halle BerryPlayed.His real name is Patience Phillips,バ ッ ト マ ンThere is almost no similarity with.
Philips, a graphic designer who works for the cosmetics company "Hedea Beauty", had a shy and shy personality.He discovers the secret of the terrifying side effects of the company's new rejuvenation cream, Burin, and is killed because of a mouth seal.However, it was revived by the power of the Egyptian cat god "Mao Cat".Become a catwoman with the supernatural powers of a cat and vow revenge.
Dark Knight Rising (2012)
Anne HathawayPlayed.Serena didn't call herself "Catwoman," and the media called her because of her costume characteristics.
Gotham CityI live with my friend Jane in an apartment on the back street of.He has been arrested for theft several times and has a criminal record.At the request of John Daggett, he steals Bruce Wayne's fingerprint in exchange for the software "Clean Slate" that erases criminal records.Gradually attracted to the blues.
THE BATMAN-(Scheduled to be released in 2022)
Performance- Zoe Kravitz

Anime movie

Lego batman the movie (2017)
Voice- Zoe Kravitz, Japanese dubbing- Mitsuki Nakae
Ninja Batman (2018)
Voice- Ai Kakuma, English dubbing- Gray Delisle


Phantom bird batman(1966-1968)

Seasons 1-2Julie Newmar, Season 3Eartha KittPlayed.In Japanese translation, it is called Miss Cat.The pussy cat with the ears of his subordinate catLesley GorePlayed.Japanese dubbingRyoko Kinomiya.

Gotham City Angel(2002-2003)

A drama mainly produced with female characters.One of the heroesHuntlessAppeared as the mother of.


A crime drama set in Gotham City.Appeared as a young homeless thief.Camren BicondovaPlayed.Japanese dubbingMiyuki Sato[10].


バ ッ ト マ ン (1992-1999)
Voice- Adrienne Barbeau, Japanese dubbing- Takashima Mara
Animal rights activist.Steal money from companies that destroy the environment.Long blonde hair in a gray costume.After the design change, a black costume and a black shortcut.
(English edition) (2000-2002)
Voice- Adrienne Barbeau
A flash animation featuring female characters from Batman's works such as Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl.
The Batman (2004-2008)
Voice- Gina Gershon, Japanese dubbing- Takako Honda
She wears a black costume and goggles.
Batman: The Brave & Bold (2008-2011)
Voice- (English edition), Japanese dubbing- Takako Honda
DC Super Hero Girls (2016-present)
Voice- (English edition)


Catwoman (video game) (2004)
Voice- Jennifer Hale
Electronic ArtsWith the UKArgonaut GamesDeveloped byAction adventure game.PlayStation 2とXboxIt was released at.The release of PlayStation 2 in Japan has been discontinued.
(English edition) (2016)
Voice- Laura Bailey

Arkham series

Batman Arkham City (2011)
Voice- Gray Delisle
Warner Entertainment JapanThanPlayStation 3,Xbox 360, An action game released on Windows.Catwoman can be operated as a playable character.A cat is always wandering in her apartment.
Batman Arkham Knight (2015)
Voice-Gray DeLisle
PlayStation 4An action game released in. ""Batman Arkham City』Sequel. You can operate Catwoman as a playable character with DLC.

Competitive fighting game

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008)
Voice-Patty Mattson
Positioned as a villain, the stopping technique uses fatality to stop the opponent's breath.
Injustice: Clash of Gods (2013)
Competitive fighting game..Appeared as a playable character.
Voice- Gray Delisle
Injustice 2 (2017)
Voice-Gray DeLisle
Competitive fighting game..Appeared as a playable character[11].
"Injustice 2 --Introducing Catwoman!" - YouTube


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