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🎥 | The final version of the series drawn by Isao Yukisada "Proposal again" Takahiro Miura x Kaho Tsuchimura will appear! "Ginza Diamond Shi ...

Photo Ginza Diamond Shiraishi "Proposal Again"

Takahiro Miura x Kaho Tsuchimura will appear in the final series "Proposal Again" drawn by Isao Yukisada! "Ginza Diamond Shi ...

If you write the contents roughly
I think that life, personality, and all of Miura-san and Tsuchimura-san's characters have grown steadily.

"Ginza Diamond Shiraishi", which was founded in 1994 as Japan's first bridal jewelry specialty store, is a new brand ... → Continue reading


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Characters contained in this item"Kudzu'It is,operating system,ブ ラ ウ ザThe display varies depending on the environment such as. "Kudzu'Is the official notation"Katsushika-Katsu.png'May differ from.

Tsuchimura(Tsuchimura) isChibaNorthwest ofHigashi KatsushikaBelonged tovillage.



Origin of the village name

Masuo Village, Fujigokoro Village, Sakai Village, Natogaya Village, Imayakamicho (currently Imayakamicho), Negiuchi Village (partly through Negiuchi Nitta and now Mitsugaoka), Kogane Uemachi Nitta (currently Imayakamicho) ), Since it was established by the merger of 11 villages, Sakane Village, Naka Shinjuku Village, Tsukazaki Nitta, and Takayanagi Village, "XNUMX" was connected to "Sat".


This region isKatsushikaLaterHigashi KatsushikaBelonged to

  • 1873 (6th year of Meiji)- Large Ward Small Ward SystemAt the time of enforcement, Tsukazaki Nitta14th large ward 1 small wardAnd the other villages12th large ward 5 small wardWas incorporated into.
  • 1878 (11th year of Meiji)- County, town and village organization lawAt the time of enforcement, the following village alliance will be formed.
    • Sakaimura-Fujigokoro Union
    • Natogaya Village / Masoo Village Union
    • Kogane Uemachi Nitta / Imaya Nitta Outer 4 Village Union
    • Neki Uchimura / Sakai Nemura / Naka Shinjuku Village Union
    • Tsukazaki Nitta ・Minamisoma-gunTakayanagi Village Outer 5 Village Union
  • 1884 (17th year of Meiji)- ChiefWhen the jurisdiction area is revised, the later Tsuchimura village area will be collectively under the jurisdiction of the same head office.
    In this district, the school district was divided into two districts (Masuo, Fujigokoro, Sakai, Nadogaya, Sakaine, Naka-Shinjuku villages are one school district with Mukaikogane Nitta, and other villages are outside the Nazukari village. One school district together with the village) belongs to the jurisdiction of the same head office, and each village has a livelihood of agriculture, the living conditions are the same, and the irrigation facilities are in a common relationship as far as the related villages are concerned. It was in a suitable condition for the merger.
  • 1889 (22th year of Meiji)May 4 - Municipal systemBy enforcement,TsuchimuraIs established.
  • 1923 (Taisho12 years)May 12 --Hokuso Railway Funabashi Line (currentTobu Noda Line)Masuo StationOpened.
  • 1931 (Showa6 years) --Sobu Railway Sakasai Stop (currently Tobu Noda Line)逆 井 駅) Is opened.
  • 1949 (Showa 24) --Sakasai stop is promoted to Sakasai station.
  • 1954 (Showa 29) March --The Chiba Prefecture Municipal Merger Plan was formulated.Kashiwacho,Koganecho,TanakamuraAnd Tsuchimura's merger is planned,Tomise VillageHas decided to suspend the merger for the time being due to the circumstances in the village.
  • 1954May 5 —— 4 Municipal merger councils are established in the towns and villages.
    In some districts that border the area in Tsuchimura,Matsudo-shiThere were not a few people who wanted to merge with.
  • July 1954 (Showa 29) --The village council decides to merge four towns and villages and establish Tokatsu City.
  • 1954May 9 --Merged with Kashiwa-cho, Higashi-Katsushika-gun, Tanaka-mura and Kogane-choTokatsu CityIs newly established.



According to "Dainippon Atsushi Farmer's Directory", Tsuchimura'sAtsushi farmerIs "Heitaro Hirakawa, Fukutaro Yokoo, Tetsuzo Nakayama, Sogoro Yokoo, Gisuke Sekiguchi, Kyugoro Tanaka" etc.[1].


Railway line

Sights and historic sites

A person who has a relationship with you

  • Tomizo Ogawa (politician)[2] --Kashiwa city council member.
1920 Born in Masuo Tsuchimura in July.1971 Served for 4 terms and 16 years since the first election[2]..I got a key position as Vice-Chairman of the City Council[2].1987 He died in a car accident on June 6th.[2].
  • Tatsuo Ogawa (politician)-Kashiwa city council member.Chairman of the Kashiwa Southern District Baseball Federation.The second son of Tomizo Ogawa.
  • Kisaburo Yokoo (Agriculture)[3]
  • Sogoro Yokoo (Agriculture)[3]


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  • "Chiba Gentleman's Directory" edited by Utaro Matsuda, Koto Publishing Association, 1926.

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