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📺 | "Dispatch!"Mystery Toki Hero" Snow Man Sakuma plays the role of a detective and challenges the TBS drama for the first time! ??

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"Dispatch!"Mystery Toki Hero" Snow Man Sakuma plays the role of a detective and challenges the TBS drama for the first time! ??

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Goto, who has four thousand heads, is new because it is written in the script as "Ad-lib".

From XNUMX:XNUMX pm on Sunday, December XNUMXth at TBS, "Dispatch!Broadcast the XNUMXth episode of "Mystery Toki Hero".This program will be held in June ... → Continue reading


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Four thousand heads

Four thousand heads(Yonsentoshin) isWatanabe EntertainmentBelong toComedy trio.


Takuki Tsuzuki (continued Hiroki) 1997 May 3 -) (24 years old)
Maiden name: Akatsuka.
Blur(In some storiesTsukkomi) In charge, the standing position is on the left.
Ryugasaki Municipal Nakanedai Junior High School,Chiba Prefectural Inba Makoto High Schoolgraduate.
Height 177 cm.Blood typeO..right handed.The eldest son has a younger sister and a younger brother[3].
He belonged to the baseball club when he was in junior high school and high school.
Takumi Goto (Takumi Goto) 1997 May 2 -) (24 years old)
Tsukkomi (blurred in some material), in charge of material creation[4]..The standing position is in the center.
IwateOfunato Citybirth,SaitamaAsakaRaised[5]..According to the profile of the office, he is from Iwate prefecture.[6].
Asaka City Asaka Daiichi Elementary School,Asaka Municipal Asaka Daiichi Junior High School,Saitama Prefectural Niiza High Schoolgraduate.
Height 165 cm.Blood typeA type..right handed.I have an older sister and a younger sister.
Baseball club in junior high school[3] Belong to.
March 2021, 1 broadcast ``I tried hammering in the swampBecame a new leader of XNUMX heads by the audience vote[7].
Ryodai Ishibashi 1996 May 9 -) (25 years old)
Ishibashi charge[1], The standing position is on the right.
TokyoNishitokyoI'm from
Musashino Higashi Elementary School, Musashino Higashi Junior High School[8],Practical school high schoolgraduate.
Height 171 cm.Blood typeAB type..right handed.He is the youngest and has an older brother and an older sister.
Belongs to the soccer club from elementary school to high school.
He was selected as the leader of XNUMX heads by a live audience vote in Kochi prefecture (former leader).

Background to the formation

Watanabe Comedy School22nd gen (enrolled in April 2015, graduated in March 4)[9] Meet as. During school, Tsuzuki and Goto were active in a trio with another person, but Tsuzuki was not on good terms with that other person (Goto's story).[10], Because these two people collided with "stupid" characters, Goto also came to think "Why do I have to write a story for these people" and disbanded[11].. After that, Goto temporarily formed a combination with Ishibashi, but disbanded because "Manzai Tsukkomi did not come nicely".[11].. Around the fall of 2015, Goto teamed up with Tsuzuki again, and after worrying that "the school live day is approaching, but there is only trio material", he realized that "Ishibashi is left over" and invited Ishibashi to the trio. (For this reason, Ishibashi describes himself as "hired")[11].. From the formation to being able to belong to the office, it was organized as "temporary", so it was said that he was doing it with a great sense of tension until the office affiliation was decided.[10].. After graduating from the same school, he became a member of Watanabe Entertainment.

Art style

The art style is mainlyComic.ControlAlso do. Goto is in charge of creating material[12].. It is said that the atmosphere of the story is that ordinary conversations between friends develop more and more.[13], Tsuzuki and Ishibashi's innocent bokeh, Goto's style of turning a sloppy conversation while putting a tsukkomi in low tension, it is called a weak manzai[14].. The first material I made after the formation of the trio wasShiritoriThe theme is the opposite heading (Atamatori)Heading game.. He said that he made it based on shiritori, thinking "how to make boring things interesting".[1].. "The first appearance on TVNew wave 24』I showed this story and became a hot topic[1]..At the time of this first appearance, Goto happened to be sick, and he made a big deal with the story in a state where he was not feeling well, so it became a weak art style.[Note 1]..Depending on the material, there are also material that progresses almost entirely only in Tsuzuki and Goto, and there are extremely few lines of Ishibashi, material that Tsuzuki is in charge of Tsukkomi, and material of double Tsukkomi of Goto and Tsuzuki.


ト リ オ
  • Both of them said "On the run』A big fan.I often do unit controlHanakoKikuta is also a friend who talks about "Run for Money" with four people.[Note 2].
  • The name of the trio is "a word with a photo" of the practice of blurring with a photo during the Watanabe comedy school era, and Ishibashi wrote on Goto's smartphone.ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル"ofShinryuWhen I sent the image of, it comes from the fact that the answer "(Shinryu) XNUMX heads" returned from Goto left an impression on me.[14].. The first trio name Ishibashi was thinking of was "After Stone".[17].
  • According to Tsuzuki, for about half a year before graduating from the school, he had been waiting for the timing to be disbanded, but he won the live performance of the school where these three people first appeared, continued until this consecutive victory graduated, and after graduation, he belonged to Watanabe Entertainment. Because it became, it became impossible to dissolve[11].2016 May 12broadcast"New wave 24』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Special appearance on terrestrial television[15].
  • From October 2018, became the MC of Watanabe Entertainment's office live "WEL NEXT"Tosa BrothersWas selected instead.
  • It ’s an early career, and it ’s actually the 8th generation of laughter.7th generationOften tied up in.
Takuki Tsuzuki
  • Nicknames include "Tsuzu-chan," "Kimokimokimo-kun," "Cassava," "Rocky," and "Hitan."When I was in elementary school, my front teeth were characteristic and my tongue was abnormally large.LickitungWas called "protruding teeth"[18].
  • My hobby is games[19].
  • Special skills / qualifications:Practical math skill test3 class[20], Only two front teeth can be put out[21].
  • Favorite movie: "Internship"[19]
  • Favorite manga / anime / games: "Yu-Gi-Oh!''Pokemon''Super Smash Bros. Series"[22]"Duck sky''Full Metal Alchemist''Naruto''Prince of Tennis''Diamond A''Musou series"[19]
  • RADWIMPS[19],BUMP OF CHICKEN[19],Nogizaka46-Hinatazaka46Such asSlope seriesFan of[23].
  • I was planning to take an examination at various training centers, but when I went to see the Watanabe Comedy School, I was advised to have an interview on the spot.[3], First accepted and enrolled as it is[24].
  • There was a time when my hair was dyed red during the training school days[24].
  • It is called "Dokodokodo" in the introduction part of the storygorillaDo drumming like. The reason I started this was because when I bowed my head in a greeting when matching the material, the key happened to fall from my chest pocket, and the appearance of picking it up got stuck in Goto's acupuncture points and encouraged me to do it even in the actual production, so just crouching is boring. It is said that he choreographed a gorilla. This move was originally done by Tsuzuki playing with his friends when he was in high school.[14].
  • I've loved talking since I was a kid[1].
  • I can't swim with a hammer[25].
  • When I was aiming to be a comedian, I liked "Bakusho Red Theater』(Fuji Television Network, Inc)WhenHannya[13].
  • Taro, who is a junior in the same office, is a senior in the same junior high school.[3].
  • When he appeared as a guest at "Sanshiro's All Night Nippon" at midnight on October 2020, 10, Takashi Okamura announced his marriage at "Ninety Nine's All Night Nippon" the day before, and he appeared as Sanshiro Aida and also as a guest. Prompted by Crystal Noda, he reluctantly announced his marriage, saying, "What's the point of coming as a guest and saying this?"This was the first net news for Tsuzuki alone.[Source required].
  • "R-1 Grand Prix2021 ”advanced to the quarterfinals[26].
  • In May 2021, the personal channel "Yonsen Toushin no Channel" was opened.[27].
  • Famous for being fashionable, he sometimes spends 100 million yen a month on the cover of fashion magazines and for clothes.[28].
Takumi Goto
Ryodai Ishibashi
  • My sisterKay dash stageComedy combination of affiliationOppasho stoneMarried to Hayato Hirota, Hirota became Ishibashi's brother-in-law.2015 Ishibashi came to see with his sister every time at the voluntary live held by Oppasho Ishi, and when Hirota was told by Ishibashi that he wanted to be a comedian, Hirota said, "I'll show you my back. I swore to my heart, but it became awkward because I was overtaken by Ishibashi, who became a member of XNUMX heads at once.[37].
  • Nickname is "Bashi"[17].
  • HobbyGrand SumoWatching[30]..My favorite deciding factor is scooping[19].
  • Special skills / qualifications:Practical English Proficiency TestLevel 3,サ ッ カ ー[24][Note 7],Slam dunkYou can say the subtitle of all 31 volumes of the comic book, you can kick your head 15 times in 30 seconds while standing, you can jump up from the prone[22], NMB48 dance a little, whistling, etc.
  • Favorite movie: "Apology king''SCOOP!"
  • Favorite drama: "Appointment helper"
  • Favorite manga / anime / games: "Slam dunk''ONE PIECE''ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル''Naruto"[30]
  • Favorite entertainer:NMB48(Not limited to NMB48, but familiar with the entire 48 groups[30].. EspeciallyNana YamadaIs pushing. ),Kazumasa Oda,Fumi Nikaido,Mai Yamamoto
  • Favorite food and drink: Yakitori,Ginger ale, Nikuman, curry rice
  • Food and drinks that I don't like: sweets, alcohol,Coriander
  • Karaoke XNUMXth song:THE ALFEEof"Starry distance"
  • 4th army of soccer club in high school[38] Deputy captain and part leader of the chorus competition.
  • When I was a kindergartener, "SMAP x SMAPI was addicted to variety shows (especially Tale), and watching comedians' talk shows made me want to become a comedian.[1].
  • The special skill of kicking the head while standing was in the soccer club eraHip joint OfstretchI became able to continue doing[39].
  • I quit soccer because when I was in the high school soccer club, I realized that it would never work in college.[3].
  • I entered Watanabe Comedy School because the people involved in the school had a relationship with my father's acquaintance.[24].
  • originallyCandyI liked Kansai entertainers such as.The reason why I got along with GotoImmediatelyIs from the topic of being interesting[13].
  • He has experience working part-time at the Kani Doraku Shinjuku main store.
  • Many female fans are called "Bashi Girl" because of their neat appearance.[40].
  • When she was a junior high school student, she was dating a secret on the condition that she revealed the secret to a friend, and the love became traumatic.[41].
  • It looks good, but until 2021 "InexperienceIs[42][43].
  • I'm not good at celebrating my birthday since I was a kid[44].
  • "Ariyoshi's wall"Break entertainer championship" was born in the corner "Break entertainer championship"KOUGU RestorationPlayed "sandpaper".
  • gymnasticsAthlete'sMurakami Marai The学校 蔵 野 東 中 学校Classmates and classes are the same[45], Friends from that time[46]..According to Murakami, Ishibashi "originally has a weak presence (from that time)".[45].


  • 2021 On July 7st, the "membership system" for paid content was introduced on the YouTube channel "YonTube (YonTube official channel)". There are "Suki Course" and "Suki Suki Love Course"[47].

Participation and achievements in prize races, etc.

ト リ オ

M-1 Grand Prix
Year (times)ResultRankingentry
2016 (12 times)Eliminated the second round[48]1050[Tokyo] Shinjuku Theater Moliere9 month 1 day (Thursday)
2017 (13 times)Quarterfinals advance[48][49]1682[Tokyo] Asakusa Public Hall11th February (Friday)
2018 (14 times)Quarterfinals advance[48]1794[Tokyo] NEW PIER HALL11 month 6 day (Tuesday)
2019 (15 times)Advance to the semi-finals[48]23rd place in qualifying
Repechage 3th
396312 month 4 Date (water)
2020 (16 times)Quarterfinals advance[48]300711 month 17 day (Tuesday)
2021 (17 times)3rd round advance[48]3357[Tokyo]Yoshimoto Yurakucho Theater11 month 2 day (Tuesday)
Watanabe Comedy No.1 Final Match
2018 (3 times)second place[50]Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Sakura Hall2th February (Monday)
2019 (4 times)Advance to the semi-finals[51]Omotesando GROUND1th February (Sunday)
2020 (5 times)Advance to the final[52]Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Sakura Hall2th February (Monday)
2021 (6 times)second place[53]2th February (Monday)


Takuki Tsuzuki
Ryodai Ishibashi


tv set

Current appearance program
Past appearance programs
  • New wave 24(Fuji Television Network, Inc, April 2017, 4-December 4)- Regular appearance after midnight broadcast once a week
  • AI-TV(Fuji TV, October 2017, 10 --March 30, 2018) - regular
  • ZIP!(日本テレビ)- 「ワラガチャ!」コーナー 2017å¹´5月25日初出演、6月26日、9月27日、12月26日、2018å¹´5月4日、5月16日、7月31日、9月20日、11月1日、2019å¹´1月8日、2月22日
  • Nichiyo Chaplin(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)- 2017å¹´7月9日初出演、11月19日、2018å¹´2月4日、6月3日、6月17日
  • It's almost time for Chaplin (テレビ東京) - 2018å¹´11月3日、11月10日、2019å¹´3月2日、9月14日、9月21日、2020å¹´11月21日
  • THE MANZAI Premasters (Fuji TV)-December 2018, 12, November 1, 2019, December 11, 30
  • Kami Hitoe(TV Asahi, April 2019, 4 --September 4, 2020) --Irregular appearance
  • The god of entertainment(日本テレビ)- 2019å¹´5月3日、8月12日、12月21日、2020å¹´4月1日、8月10日、9月23日、12月30日、2021å¹´4月7日、8月9日、10月16日、12月29日
  • ENGEI Grand Slam(Fuji TV) --August 2019, 8, May 17, 2020 (Machine), February 5, 23
  • 7G ~ SEVENTH GENERATION ~(Fuji TV, August 2019, 8, December 31, 12) - regular
  • Comedy G7 Summit(NTV, April 2020, 7-June 5)- regular
  • Do8(フジテレビ、2020å¹´12月12日・19日・25日・2021å¹´3月22日・6月14日・21日) - regular
  • Yonsen Toushin Geki Fever HOTTERS (Tokai TV, December 2021, 3)
  • Bakusho Mondai Shinpai Award !! → Bakusho Mondai & Marbled Myojo Shinpai Award !!(TV Asahi, October 2019-September 10)- Semi-regular

Many other single appearances


ト リ オ
Takuki Tsuzuki
Takumi Goto
  • Car sensor(Recruit Marketing Partners)[91]
    • "Maybe!" (January 2020, 1)
    • "Sure!" (January 2020, 1)
    • "How about this?" (January 2020, 1)
    • "You can feel free to consult with us" (March 2021, 3-)[92]
    • "Understanding the real conditions" (March 2021, 3-)[93]
  • McDonald's
    • "This experience is a lifetime, Mr. Goto"
    • "Everyone's ally. McDelivery" (November 2020, 11-)[94]
  • Aflac
    • Aflac's online consultation "Son to consult" (March 2021-)[95]
Ryodai Ishibashi
  • Fanta(Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd.)[96][97]
    • Fanta Premier TVCM "Working Adults' Refreshing Break" (March 2021, 3-)[98]
    • Fanta Premier A refreshing drama for working adults "Futari wa Premier"
      • "Episode 1 Emergency Remote Conference! Rainy Day Combination Formed !?" (March 2021, 3-)[99]
      • "Episode 2 I want to hear more voices! Rainy day big strategy ?!" (March 2021, 3-)[100]
      • "Episode 3 Fateful Presentation! Rainy Day Refreshing !?" (April 2021, 4-)[101]
  • Scalp D Organic Shampoo (Anfer)[102]
    • Salaryman Warrior Spruce's Sweaty Battle-Work, Sweat and Four Monsters- (March 4, 2021-)

TV drama


  • Kurenazumi(Tokyo Theater, released on May 2021, 5) --Junior B role (Tsuki)[105]


Current regular program
Past personality programs

Many other guest appearances.


Live alone
Unit live
  • "Hana Head and Body ~ Summer Memories ~(July 2018, 7, Honda Theater, Tokyo)- HanakoJoint live with[118].


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