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📺 | Asaka Seto and Yuki Uchida's first co-star is "Chest fever" Doctor X's voice is "too luxurious"


Asaka Seto and Yuki Uchida's first co-star is "Chest fever" Doctor X's voice is "too luxurious"

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Michiko was undergoing cancer surgery by Yahiro Kambe (Ichiro Miyakawa), Deputy Secretary of Health, Labor and Welfare.

The eighth episode of the serial drama "Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-" was broadcast on December 8nd (12). (news source… → Continue reading

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Under Secretary of Health, Labor and Welfare

Under Secretary of Health, Labor and Welfare(Kouseirou Doujimujikan)government officialIt is one of the job titles of.

Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareEmployed as a professional civil servant (bureaucrat)General staffThe highest position among the staff ofOfficialsThis is the number one post.The current constant is one person.


Under SecretaryHelps the minister, who is the head of each ministry, organizes ministry affairs, and supervises the affairs of each department and institution (National Administrative Organization LawArticle 18 Paragraph 2) is the duty.

In addition, the establishment of the administrative vice-minister isCabinet systemPlaced in each ministry with the inaugurationUnder SecretaryGo back to. Due to the enforcement of the National Government Organization Act on June 1949, 24, the name was changed to the Administrative Vice-Minister and continues to the present day.

Status / status

The status of the administrative vice-minister is a national civil servant in a general position (Under Secretary of Defenseexcept for).For general employees, the monthly salary is determined based on the Act on Salaries of General Staff (General Employment Salary Law) (ProsecutorHowever, the administrative vice-minister will be paid the highest monthly salary of the designated job No. 8 salary under the law.

Vice Secretary

代NameBackgroundformer jobTerm of officePost-retirement position
1Ministry of Health and WelfareMinistry of Health and WelfareInsurance bureaulongJanuary 2001th, 13-
2002 (Heisei 14)/8/30
Pension fund management fundDirector
Social welfare corporationYufukaiPresident[1]
2Ministry of LaborEmployment Security BureaulongJanuary 2002th, 14-
2003 (Heisei 15)/8/29
Central Industrial Accident Prevention AssociationDirector
3Yoshiharu OtsukaMinistry of Health and WelfareHealth and Labor CouncilorJanuary 2003th, 15-
2004 (Heisei 16)/7/23
Japan Red Cross AcademyDirector
Japanese Red Cross SocietyVice President / President[2]
4Ministry of LaborHealth and Labor CouncilorJanuary 2004th, 16-
2006 (Heisei 18)/9/1
Independent administrative agencyElderly / Persons with Disabilities Employment Support OrganizationDirector
5Tetsuo TsujiMinistry of Health and WelfareHealth and Labor CouncilorJanuary 2006th, 18-
2007 (Heisei 19)/8/31
President of Public Interest Incorporated Foundation[3]
Chairman of the General Incorporated Foundation[4]
Representative Director of General Incorporated Association[5]
Tokyo UniversityProfessor / Executive Committee Member, Aging Society Research Organization
6Takeshi ErikawaMinistry of Health and WelfareUnder Secretary of the Cabinet OfficeJanuary 2007th, 19-
2009 (Heisei 21)/7/24
President of the National Personnel Authority
Public university corporationSaitama Prefectural UniversityDirector[6]
Representative Director of Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
7Ministry of Health and WelfareInsurance DirectorJanuary 2009th, 21-
2010 (Heisei 22)/7/30
National Civil Engineering National Health Insurance AssociationDirector[7]
Chairman of the General Incorporated Association
Representation from Japan[8]
Social welfare corporationYufukaiDirector[9]
8Shinji AsonumaMinistry of Health and WelfareMedical bureaulongJanuary 2010th, 22-
2012 (Heisei 24)/9/10
National University CorporationKyoto UniversityDirector (in charge of industry-government-academia collaboration)[10]
9Junichi KanekoMinistry of LaborLabor Standards BureaulongJanuary 2012th, 24-
2013 (Heisei 25)/7/2
Public interest group corporation corporationNational Silver Human Resources Center Business AssociationPresident
Taisho UniversityAdvisor / Professor, Regional Planning Institute
Boston Consulting GroupSenior adviser
10Atsuko MurakiMinistry of LaborSocial and Support BureaulongJanuary 2013th, 25-
2015 (Heisei 27)/10/1
ITOCHU CorporationDirector, Co., Ltd.Sumitomo ChemicalDirector of Co., Ltd.
Tsuda CollegeVisiting Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies
Osaka UniversityInvited Professor, Gender Equality Promotion Center
SOMPO HoldingsAudit & Supervisory Board Member Co., Ltd.
11Kazuo FutagawaMinistry of Health and WelfareDirector of Medical Affairs BureauJanuary 2015th, 27-
2017 (Heisei 29)/7/11
Senior Researcher Co., Ltd.
TorayAdvisor Co., Ltd.
Special Advisor to the Organizing Committee of the 3rd Cancer Eradication Summit Executive Committee
Medical corporation Shimizukai advisor
Advisor of the social welfare corporation Mirokukai
General Incorporated Foundation Advisor
Director of Public Interest Incorporated Foundation
12Kambara MotomichiMinistry of Health and WelfareOld health bureaulongJanuary 2017th, 29-
2018 (Heisei 30)/7/31
Chairman of Social Welfare Corporation
Director of Welfare Forum Japan, a specified non-profit organization
Japan College of Social WorkVisiting Professor
13Toshihiko SuzukiMinistry of Health and WelfareInsurance DirectorJanuary 2018th, 30-
January 2020, 2 (9nd year of Reiwa)
14Hideki TarumiMinistry of Health and WelfareVice-Minister of the CabinetandNew coronavirus infectionCountermeasure Promotion Office Manager2020 (2rd year of Reiwa) September 9-
January 2021, 3 (10nd year of Reiwa)
15Yoshida ManabuMinistry of Health and WelfareDeputy Director General and General Manager of Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Promotion Office2021 (3rd year of Reiwa) September 10-


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Ichiro Miyakawa

Ichiro Miyakawa(Miyakawa Ichirouta,1966 May 3 -) isJapan OfAn actor,Voice actor,narrator.

TokyoShinjuku wardI'm fromIto CompanyBelongs.


Kouka Gakuen Elementary School,Musashi Junior High School/High Schoolgraduate.Waseda University Faculty of LiteratureDrop out (Akiko Yagi,Tatsuya AoshimaIs a college classmate).The first student of the Tokyo Academy of Arts.

1983 ,family game』, And made his debut as the main character, Shigeyuki Numata.Japan Academy AwardReceived the Outstanding Rookie Award.Since then, as a valuable supporting player in dramas and movies,CMNarrationIt is active in many fields.

2003 yearsDouble crown horseNeo Universe(Satsuki Award-Japanese derbyWinner) or a group raceLosard,Stay GoldOf all my sistersLes Clefs d'Or,deep ImpactOf all the younger brothersOn fireHe was also the owner of each horse.as a side note2006 ,Sun Television"Sonoda / Himeji Horseracing Digest"so"Hyogo Junior Grand PrixWhen the recruitment announcement for "Event" (guest appearance) was made, the title was "Horse Racing Caster".

Affiliation office: White One (- 2003 Until around) → Wonder Pro (2003 - 2007 ) → GG Entertainment (2007 - 2008 ) → A Life Products (2008- 2010 ) → Oscar Promotion (2010- 2020 March 3) → Free (April 31-) → Itoh Company (October 2020, 4-)

  • In 1990, he married a freelance writer. Having two daughters, divorced on June 2, 2005 (November 6, 10 broadcast program "Last-minute cream planning factory It was announced that he was divorced at "Cream Stew Mutual Aid Society SP")[1][2]..The reason for the divorce was that he was secretly spending 175 million yen on the aforementioned Neo Universe bite horse owner.In the end, it was said that he made more than 3000 million yen, but at that time he was already separated.[3]..Five years before the divorce, my wife left her two daughters and went out alone.CustodyCrossed over to Miyagawa.I didn't announce it because my daughter said, "I want you to keep the divorce secret."Naoki Hanzawa], And because of the increase in appearances in variety shows and the graduation of my younger daughter from college, I started talking to my daughter.While working as an actor, he raised children and also served as PTA chairman for three years.Both daughters are not active in the entertainment world, and their names have not been announced because they are ordinary people.
  • Since my younger daughter graduated from college and got a job, two also single friends regularly got a job after raising children.Joint partyI'm hoping to get married again, but I'm in a terrible defeat so far.He went to a good place, but he was shaken after all and said that he did not know the cause, but he said, "No matter how young you look, it is impossible" because you are aiming only for younger women in their 20s.However, he says that there is a part that he thinks that it is good because it will be a story.
  • "Akashi Family Mansion StoryIn the Dainippon Meaningless Education Corner, Ichiro Miyakawa's "Ta" is not needed, and Ichiro was accused of being accused of having a bitter smile.
  • He possesses the Kanji Kentei Level XNUMX and has been appearing on quiz shows in recent years.Quiz show "Todai], He is as active as the Todaioh team with his knowledge of Chinese characters, and sometimes serves as a general.Especially in the "Difficult Othello" section, knowledge of Kanji and the ability to read ahead of Othello are required, and Miyagawa, the instructor, is the MC.Hiromi,Ryota YamazatoAnd the narratorShinya SugiyamaHe is so active that he is called "Ose Rota".In this corner, he has beaten the Todaioh team.I don't have any qualifications such as Othello professional, but I am making efforts to play an active part in Todaioh by studying quizzes and practicing Othello in my private life.
  • Utchan Nanchan OfMitsuyoshi UchimuraUchimura used to say, "I'm Ichiro Miyakawa's alter ego." ""If you can meet in a dream』Conte," Modern Shitamachi Monogatari "also appears semi-regularly as Negitaro, the younger brother of Mugitaro who plays Uchimura. In the 2021 broadcast "Tomorrow's Uchimura", he played the role of Uchimura in a simulation drama.[4].
  • The 2017 drama "Re: Mind』Because of co-starringHinatazaka46He became a fan of (Keyakizaka46 at the time of co-starring) and was also in charge of VTR narration at the live concert held in March 2019.

Dubbed Michael J. Fox

MiyagawaMichael J. FoxI am in charge of dubbing in many works.MiyagawaVoice actorThe work that debuted as "Michael's starring work"Family Tides][5], Was in charge of dubbing the main character Alex P. Keaton, who plays Michael in this work.

Miyagawa says that since Michael often makes gestures while acting about the role of Michael, it is necessary to adjust the strength and height of the voice according to it, and to turn over the voice according to the scene.[6].

Since then, mainly in feature filmsFuji Television Network, IncI have been in charge of many dubbing of Michael in the broadcast version, but in Michael's masterpiece, he played the main character Marty.Back to the future series』Has never been dubbed.2014 To BS Japan (BS TV Tokyo), The first work "Back to the future』Appointed as Marty, Miyagawa says," The happiest event in the last few years. "After the second work, it was not realized due to budget etc., but four years later in 2, it will also be broadcast on BS Japan.Back to the Future PART2"When"Back to the Future PART3A new dubbed version by Miyagawa was realized[7].

Once dubbed Marty in the soft version of "Back to the Future Series", and in the BS Japan version, his partner Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) Was in charge of dubbingKoichi Yamadera"Even from the person who dubbed (Marty) once, Mr. Miyagawa's Marty is regrettable!"[7]..Miyagawa said that Yamadera said, "I'm really happy and support my heart," but Yamadera, who was in charge of dubbing Michael in competition.Yuji Mitsuya"(Self) is not as good as a voice actor at their feet," he said.In addition, Miyagawa uses the actor's vocalization method (in the case of a voice actor, stop with a voiced sound without leaking), which is considered taboo for voice actors, such as mixing breath in the middle of the dialogue or at the end of the word, or letting out breath. However, he said, "That's a great match for Michael's humility, compassion, and humility (laughs)." I hope you can think of it as Marty, who feels closest to you.[6].


TaiziIs the main character.

TV drama


original video




An actor

Western painting




  • Nights when you can't toast (Nippon Columbia AH-671 Released on October 1985, 10 Out of print) --Lyrics:Akimoto Yasushi Music composition:Yasuhiro Kido Arrangement: Kenzo Shikuma Insert song for the drama "OH! My Friend"



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