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🎭 | Living National Treasure, Nakamura Kichiemon Kabuki “The land of connection” Kotohira constantly regrets [Kagawa / Kotohira Town]


Living National Treasure, Mr. Kichiemon Nakamura Kabuki "land of connection" Kotohira's regrettable voice constantly [Kagawa, Kotohira Town]

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Mr. Kichiemon Nakamura who has supported the development of Shikoku Konpira Kabuki.

Nakamura Kichiemon, a living national treasure of Kabuki who died on November XNUMX, is a spring tradition of Sanuki, Shikoku Konpira Kabuki University ... → Continue reading

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Yoshiemon Nakamura

Nakamura Kichiemon(Nakamura Kichiemon)kabukiActor'sSignature.Edo PeriodTwo people in the middle term,MeijiAnd laterHarimayaThere are two people.Today, the term "Nakamura Kichiemon" usually refers to the Harima-ya family of Kichiemon.

Sanogawaya system Nakamura Kichiemon

The shop name is.Horeki periodName representingFemale form・ A family whose ancestor is his younger brother.

    • The younger brother of Mangiku Sanogawa, 1694–1770.
    • Juzo Sanogawa → The first generationJuzo Nakamura → Nakamura Kichiemon → The first Nakamura Kichiemon → Sanogawaya The first Nakamura Kichiemon
    • The year of birth and death is unknown.
    • Kichizo Nakamura[1] → Nakamura Kichiemon II

Harima-based Nakamura Kichiemon

Name TheHarimaya.Fixed patternIs a swallowtail butterfly, and the replacement crest is Murayama Oxalis.Karoku Nakamura IIIA family whose ancestor is the eldest son of. "Kichiemon" is derived from the name of the first maternal grandfather, Yoshiemon Ogawa.

  • The first Nakamura Kichiemon
    • The eldest son of Karoku Nakamura III, 1886–1954.Onou KikugoroA large sign of the Taisho and Showa eras that built the "Kikuyoshi era" together.
    • The first Nakamura Kichiemon



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