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🤖 | Haruka Fukuhara "Yakiniku Ai" is appealing, but Miu Tomita says "I haven't eaten because I ordered too much".


Haruka Fukuhara's "Yakiniku Ai" appeal was also made by Miu Tomita, saying "I ordered too much and didn't eat it."

Karen Miyama & Miu Tomita said to Haruka Fukuhara, who started "Yakiniku Talk", "I thought it was (laughs)". December 12 (... → Continue reading

 Fujite Review !!

A medium that provides entertainment information from the "Fuji TV perspective". Under the theme of "There is a continuation in that flower," we will deliver "intelligence that only the staff can know" and "the real intention of the performers" in text and video. It is full of information other than TV such as entertainment, fashion, gourmet, outing, and beauty.

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