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🎥 | Ron Howard wins MPSE Film Maker Award


Ron Howard Wins MPSE Film Maker Award

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On the other hand, Howard, who is also known for his works such as "Han Solo / Star Wars Story", "Apollo 13" and "Grinch", said that he was "extremely honored" for the award at the ceremony to be held next year. There is.

Ron Howard (67) is a group of movie sound and music editors, Motion Picture Sound D ... → Continue reading

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Grinch(British: Grinch) Is1957 ToDr. SousseAnnounced byAmericaFor childrenPicture book"Flinch Christmas"ofheros name.I hate this picture book, the ugly green monster grinch of the hatedChristmasA story that transforms through the miracle ofSanta ClausIt is said to be a national character that is said to be "a synonym for Christmas" alongside.

JapanThen,1971 From Japan PublishingShigeo WatanabeA picture book was published under the title of "Christmas of the Grinch".The same year as the live-action movie version released later2000 IsArtist houseからAkemi ItsujiIt has been republished under the title of "Grinch".

Among the three visualizations so far[1],Boris KarlovStarring andJim CarreyStarringLive-action movie versionとBenedict CumberbatchStarring (dubbed in Japanese)Oizumi Hiroshi)of3D animated movie versionHas landed in Japan.


The grinch, a mean monster, always plans to steal the Christmas that everyone is looking forward to from the village.

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