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🤖 | Voice actor Wataru Hatano will release 12th single "Naniiro"! "Orient" ED song


Voice actor Wataru Hatano to release 12th single "Naniiro"! "Orient" ED song

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The TV anime "Orient", which is about to be broadcast, will be pre-screened on December 12 (Sun), and the pre-screening event "TV Anime" Orient "Departure Ceremony" will be held, and Yuma Uchida (role of Musashi). ), Soma Saito (role of Kojiro Kanemaki), Rie Takahashi (role of Tsugumi Hattori), Satoshi Hino (role of Naotora Takeda), Wataru Hatano (role of Hideo Koameda), etc. The story will be screened in advance, and the first singing of the ED theme "Naniiro" sung by Wataru Hatano is also planned.

Voice actor Wataru Hatano, who will celebrate the 2021th anniversary of the artist's debut on December 12, 21, will perform 10 laps of artist activity ... → Continue reading

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Wataru Hatano

Wataru Hatano(Wataru,1982 May 3[2][6] -) isJapan OfMaleVoice actor,singer.81 ProduceAffiliation[4].. Record labelDIVE II entertainment..Also known as w.hatano.

In representative work, "Kuroko's Basketball』Reo Mibuchi[7][8],Yuri!!! on ICE』Giorgy Popovich[7][9],Idolish Seven』Yaotome Raku[8][10],Nobunaga's Shinobi』Oda Nobunaga[9][10],Ensemble Stars!』Otokari Adonis[9][11],Seriously! Renaissance』Iori Rui[9][12],Diamond A』Toru Masuko[10][13],FAIRY TAILGajeel Redfox[7][13]and so on.


AmusePassed the held summer audition,Scholarship studentAsAmusement Media InstituteAfter attending the voice actor talent department81 ProduceActing Institute (directly under 81)Training school) And became 81 regular affiliation[5].

Takeyasu KoyasuOriginal workDrama CDAfter appearing as an announcer at (when attending a vocational school)[5],2001 ,TV dramaEditionTime cupDebuted as an outside painting (same as above)[5]. same year,"Call me and jump! Akubi-chan"soTelevision AnimationDebut (same as above)[5][13].

2008 , 2thVoice actor awardNew Actor Award[14].

2011 May 12, Debuted as a singer in his own name with the single "Beginning Day"[15].


I have two younger brothers[5]..MotherAnimeI like it and am familiar with voice actors[5], "That character and this character are done by the same person," and I became interested in it, and I started to want to be a voice actor.

In elementary school, "YAWARA!]judoIn junior high school,SLAM DUNK]basketballWas doing[16].

High School days(Nagano Prefecture Matsumoto Arigasaki High SchoolGraduation)light music clubI joined the club, but I didn't go because it wasn't what I wanted, and then I was invited by a friend.ComicGo to the study group.Although he specialized in reading and had not officially joined the club, he became a deputy director a year later.It is said that there are quite a few people who work in the same industry among the people I met at Manken at that time.In high school, it was the reason why I narrowed down my career to one voice actor.Koichi Yamadera[5].

Love loverSo, the recommendation isAyase Eri.

The anime "Wataru" whose main character's name is the same as himselfGenie Hero Den WataruI've loved it since I was a kid, and the reason I decided to become a voice actor was because I wanted to go to the world of Wataru![17].

The goal as a voice actor is to "play as wide a range of characters as possible in a lifetime", and being told "I can't remember Hatano's voice" is the best compliment.[18].

His hobbies and special skills are playing the guitar and singing birds (tooth whistling).[4].

2018 May 4, The same voice actor on his blogMai HashimotoAnnounced marriage with[19].


TaiziIs the main character.

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  • Anti-literal numerologist (Seiichi Saegami) *Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE Vol.18 Appendix "Gorgeous Voice Actors x 17th Dengeki Novel Grand Prize Collaboration CD"
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    • Koi Gig Funny Broadcasting Station
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  • Eggs in the blue sky(Shinichi Torii[246])※Unreleased
  • Masochistic NoelSEASON 0 ~ Rebellion ~ (Lauro Maestri / Python) *On April 2019, 4TohoMore released


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    • A story about a novelist
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    • High school boys, first 3rd after Disc ~ Dear ~
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  • Love is indecent (Yoshimitsu Seizawa)
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    • Know. -With you-
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  • I love you exclusively (Shogo
  • turning point(Toshiki Imamura
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  • Tanatos Twins 1912 (Andrey Nikolaievic Grotov
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  • People who sow seeds-South & North God series- (South Tatsuma
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  • Scatter, Scatter (Fill (Koichi Satomi
  • Chinku 2 CHINKO NO TSUBUYAKI2 (student)
  • As if the moon hides in the dark night(Young)
  • Sin-making you -against LOVE- (Kite)
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  • I'm free, so I'll try it. (Nozomi Nakatsugawa
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    • There is a secret in sleeping skills ♥ (Junpei Yamashita
  • A hand of love to an aphrodisiac teacher (Yano)
  • I am under pressure from my juniors in club activities (Yoshitake
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    • Busamen Men ♂-How to Make a Handsome Boyfriend-
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    • Busamen Boys ♂ ~ How to Make Handsome Boys ~ Extra Edition "Natsurab"[258]
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    • Real love sin
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  • Moonlit Drops (Kousuga)
  • Memento Scarlet (Kenichiro Fuwa[260]
  • You can see the light even if you close your eyes (Hitoshi Inohara
  • Delusion ♥ Catalog (Tada)
  • Baseball heaven (Director Takaichi)
  • It's half the rent. (Keigo
  • Yamada and the boy ((I.e.
  • Temptation Recipe 1-5 (Iwatsuka)
  • No. XNUMX x Security-Single Mind- (Shinnosuke Miharu)
  • life-I wanted to kiss you again-(Kaido Shu, Yu) * Dual role
  • La Satanica (Motoki Matsushima
  • Hoshi of falling flower running water (Emperor Gotaro
  • Rush! (Katsuhiko Kanai
  • Repeat After Me? (Mio Seiei)
  • Dragon and dragon (scholarship)
  • Links-(Yahiko Tsubame
  • Love Agreement-No Runaway! (Male Student)
  • Difficult love (Tomoya Ohashi)
  • Love DAYS ~ Under One Roof ~ (Natsuo Seto)
  • One-way key (Masataka Yoshikawa)

Radio Drama





Digital comic


* IsInternet distribution.

2000 era
2010 era
2020 era
  • Wataru Hatano and Aoi Koga Koe x Koe (2020-,TOKYO FM, JFN PARK *)[276]

Radio talk/Reading CD

  • Aino Kotoba Part 2 [Wataru Hatano]
  • Word Attack with Love Poem CD Vol.4 The son-in-law is a twin prince of Arashigaoka
  • Abuna-e, aburi voice ~ Kaoru ~
  • Sensual old story 4 ~ Grimm fairy tale ~
  • Sensual old story live reading event CD "after the party"
  • TV animationAerial swingDJCD "Irabu Ichiro Medical Examination Diary"
  • Monthly Hero Picture Book White Board (Cao Cao)
  • Monthly Hero Encyclopedia Black Edition * Appeared only in Cast Credit Talk
  • Monthly Men's Encyclopedia New Year's Part Black Edition (High School Students)
  • Monthly Otokozen Zukan Year XNUMX White Edition * Appeared only in cast credit talk
  • Daisuke Hirakawa / Yuki Ono Monthly Garsta Radio Secret Bag Binding More Secret Battle CD
  • A heartwarming story vol.2 (~ Friendship Edition ~ "I couldn't say goodbye")
  • Heart pattern ~ For You ~ "Smile with your face" (Goddess Guard Captain Yuri)
  • Three Kingdoms Official reading CD "Sound of the bells come and go" / Gan Ning
  • 12 gentle killer "INTRODUCTION" (Sho Kakusaka)
  • 12 gentle killers side R part 1
  • DJCD Storm Lover Alarm! Vol.1 -4
  • Story of 365 days HEART Anniversary From January to March (Solitaire)
  • Voice Actor Festa Spring Voice Feast "Voice Yu Daiichi Junior High School New Teacher's Great Disaster"
  • DJCD 07-GHOST the world vol.3
  • CELL DIVISION series (Tokiya Kurahashi)
    • CELL DIVISION "Hajime no Ippo" STAGE ONE! "Our daily life"
    • CELL DIVISION "Hajime no Ippo" STAGE TWO! "Our Claim"
    • CELL DIVISION "Hajime no Ippo" STAGE THREE! "Our Challenge"
  • Facial cleansing foam + navigation CD set "Time of Licht"
  • Sengoku Busho Monogatari-Grand Master Edition- (Reading-Episode XNUMX "Maeda Toshiiestory")
  • Sengoku Busho Monogatari Gaiden ~ 14 Chisho & Goji Monogatari ~ (Reading --Maeda Toshiie Monogatari Gaiden "Toshiie and Hideyoshi")
  • Disgaea 4 x Japan's No. 2 RADIO vol.XNUMX
  • Hatano/Terashima Radio 2D LOVE DJCD vol.01-06
  • Wataru Hatano and Takuya Sato's Scat Babys Show !!
    • Program P (e) R (o) CD
    • Official recording CD of talk with dummy head
    • "Aniradi Award Award Commemoration! Sexy Dee Healing"
    • Kukkoro CD "Nin"
  • Hamato Radio from Cafe No Wear TAKEOUT[277]
  • (Yes) Cherry Bell Branch "Day Labor Fragla Island!" Special.1 -8
  • Bungo to Alchemist Reading CD 11th "Riichi Yokomitsu"
  • Delusion Esthetic I --IV (Noel)
    • Delusion Esthetic Extra Edition-Noel's Daydream- (Noel)
  • Another Japanese History Feast of Unknown Warlords Part XNUMX "Nobunaga Oda vs. Ieyasu Tokugawa"
  • Peach Talk・ Special CD Momotto Talk ・ Special CD3
  • Momotto Talk Digest CD10 Momotto Talk Pull Pull CD
  • Momotto Talk Perfect CD14 MOMOTTO TALK CD Wataru Hatano
  • Radio "Ensemble Stars! ~ Kitten scared by dark monsters ~" DJ CD collection Vol.1-3
  • Radio CD "Radio Dream C Club" vol.5

Audio book


TV program

* IsInternet distribution.

TV drama / special effects


    • AD-LIVE 2017 (September 2017, 9,Olympus Hall Hachioji
    • AD-LIVE 2018 (September 2018, 9, Misato City Cultural Hall)
  • Theater company Hero Hero Q Kampanie The 35th performance "Theatrical version, dying to a voice actor ~ other side ~" (October 2017, 10,Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero[288]
  • Recitation drama "Omikuji Four Brothers"
    • Spring is a rice ball! (April 2019, 4, Hino Renga Hall) --Hiiragi[289]
    • Winter detectives like roast beef (December 2019, 12,Team Smile Toyosu PIT) --Hiiragi[290]
    • Autumn Adventure with Fortune Cookies (October 2020, 10, Live Streaming Performance) --Hiiragi[291]
  • Reading drama "A captive murderer who just dropped his smartphone(January 2020th and 1th, 17, Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater) --Ryoichi Kirino (19th), male (17th)
  • CC Creation Presents Reading Theater Vol.1 "RAMPO in the DARK" (June 2020, Kanda Myojin Hall (recorded by no audience))
  • Mystery drawn by reading "Sherlock Holmes-Special person-" (January 2021, 1, Kii Kuniya Southern Theater TAKASHIMAYA) --Sherlock Holmes role[292]

Video products

Live-action movie




Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
1st2011/12/21On the first dayAVCA-49132 / BAVCA-4913336 bit
2nd2012/6/27Meteor flightAVCA-49694 / BAVCA-4969538 bit
3rd2013/3/13You are the place where i will returnAVCA-62227 / BAVCA-6222838 bit
4th2014/2/19HikariAVCA-74227 / B (Hamatra board)
AVCA-74228 / B (Artist Edition)
AVCA-7422929 bit
5th2015/10/14Awakening AirEYCA-10582 / BEYCA-1058314 bit
6th2016/3/9Fateful CodaEYCA-10786 / BEYCA-1078723 bit
-2016/11/23You Only Live Once[Note 2]EYCA-11243 / BEYCA-1124422 bit
7th2017/7/12Heart signalEYCA-11462 / BEYCA-1146229 bit
8th2017/11/22KING & QUEENEYCA-11679 / BEYCA-1168024 bit
9th2019/11/27Fluffy fluffyEYCA-12623 / BEYCA-1262433 bit
10th2020/12/23Never End! Summer!EYCA-13180 / BEYCA-1318141 bit
11th2021/11/24breakersEYCA-13468 / BEYCA-1346930 bit
12thScheduled for December 2022, 2NaniiroEYCA-13470 / BEYCA-13471


Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank
CD + DVDCDCD + photo book
1st2014/10/22WEYCA-10057 / BEYCA-1005825 bit
ミ ニ2016/12/21Caravan plays PhiliaEYCA-11230EYCA-1122940 bit
2nd2018/12/12FuturisticEYCA-1205539 bit

Tie-up song

My Hero, My No.1Television Animation"Battle Spirits Overlord"Ending theme2011
Wake Up! My Heart !!TV anime "Battle Spirits Heroes" opening theme2012
HikariTelevision Animation"Hamatora"Ending theme2014
Mach 1.67radio"Hamato Radio from Cafe No Wear"Theme song
Awakening AirTelevision Animation"Dance with devils"Opening theme2015
Rolling lifeTheme song for theatrical anime "Fw: Hamatora"
Fateful CodaGame "Dance with Devils" opening theme2016
You Only Live Once[Note 2]Television Animation"Yuri!!! on ICE"Ending theme
Heart signalTelevision Animation"Lonely my hero"Opening theme2017
KING & QUEENTheater animation "Dance with Devils -Fortuna-] Theme song
Fluffy fluffyTV Asahi "Break Out"Opening theme2019
breakersTelevision Animation"Outside the window is night"Ending theme2021
NaniiroTelevision Animation"Orient"Ending theme2022

Video work

Live video
Release datetitleStandard product number
1st2017/1/25Wataru Hatano Live 2016 “Synchronicity” Live DVDEYBA-11228
2nd2018/2/16Wataru Hatano LIVE Tour 2017 “LIVE CARAVAN” Live DVDEYBA-11829
3rd2018/10/26Wataru Hatano LIVE Tour 2018 "LIVE KING & QUEEN"EYXA-12054EYBA-12073
4th2019/9/27Wataru Hatano LIVE Tour 2019 -Futuristic-EYXA-12622EYBA-12621
5th2021/2/26Wataru Hatano "Online" Live 2020 -ReIntro-EYXA-13183EYBA-13182
6th2021/8/27Wataru Hatano Live 2021 -Thanks-EYXA-13442 / B
Music clip collection
Release datetitleStandard product number
1st2017/3/31Wataru Hatano Music Clips 2011-2016EYBA-11332

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 6Light and shade epic Angel Tan ~ Angel Chronicles ~ / TsubasaShoulder pearl (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Angel Saki (Takushima Terashima), angel lily (Wataru Hatano"Kouin Epic Angels-Angel Chronicles-"Television Animation"Saint Beast ~Koin Epic Angel Tan~"Ending theme
May 12Angel's Feather from OVA OP ThemeYuuto Nakajo (Wataru Hatano), Kyohei Mitsugi (Takiya Kakihara"ROCK STAR"OVAAngel's Feather"Opening theme
May 8Song on morningCELL DIVISION[Member 1]"Song on morning"
"Nothing without you"
radio"CELL DIVISION Keep on doing] Related songs
May 12Palais de Reine -PLATINUM DISC "Blu" Part XNUMX "Homage to the Sword"-Black aristocrat (Junichi Suwabe), Winfried (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), Walter (Wataru Hatano"Un valzer di amore ~ ​​Waltz of love ~"Drama CD "Palais du Reine] Related songs
May 6One Night Stand -Love Body-CELL DIVISION[Member 1]"One Night Stand -Love Body-"
Radio "CELL DIVISION Keep on doing" related songs
May 12KoiGIG ~ DEVIL x ANGEL ~ BATTLE LOVEDEVIL x ANGEL[Member 2]"BATTLE LOVE"Songs related to the game "KoiGIG ~ DEVIL x ANGEL ~"
May 12KoiGIG ~ DEVIL x ANGEL ~ ROAD THAT BELIEVErun(Wataru Hatano"Innocent"
May 12End of the Edo period Koika Hanayagi Kenshiden Character Song-Sonogo / Sakihiko and Hanjiro NakamuraHanjiro Nakamura (Wataru Hatano"True flower"Songs related to the game "Koihana Hanayagi Kenshiden"
May 9Monochrome Factor Character Song FACTOR.5 / MasterMaster (Wataru Hatano"Monochrome"Television Animation"Monochrome factor] Related songs
May 10Side Girls Complete DiscShinomiya Brothers[Member 3]"Cherry's Magic & Love"game"DC Girl's Symphony ~ Da Capo ~ Girls Symphony"Opening theme
Shinomiya Kei (Wataru Hatano"Time after time"
"Cherry's Magic & Love"
Songs related to the game "DC Girl's Symphony"
May 1Monochrome Factor PERFECT VOCAL COLLECTIONMaster (Wataru Hatano"Monochrome"TV anime "Monochrome Factor" related songs
May 2Blue Black Wedge Scarlet Fragment 3 Character Song CD / Keter & RinKeter (Wataru Hatano"BORN TO DARK"game"Blue Black Wedge Scarlet Fragment 3] Related songs
May 5SYK ~ New Theory Nishiyuki ~ Character Song Mini AlbumEight commandments (Wataru Hatano"Eternal glitter"game"SYK ~ New Theory Nishiyuki ~] Related songs
May 6Fateful Cadenza / Brilliant Shade wayHONEYBUZZARD VI[Member 4]"Cadenza of Destiny"game"Lucian Bee's RESURRECTION SUPERNOVA"Opening theme
"Bright Shade way"Ending theme for the game "Lucian Bee's RESURRECTION SUPERNOVA"
May 8Blue Butterfly Handsome ☆ Album ~ AIR Group 3rd ~ CLUB AIR PRECIOUS EditionTouma (Wataru Hatano"HANABI"Drama CD "Ikemen ☆ Album" related songs
May 9Daydream LabyrinthYuto Utsugi (Yuto Utsugi)Wataru Hatano), Kyosuke Mikoshiba (Takuma Terashima)"Daydream Labyrinth"game"STORM LOVER"Opening theme
"RE: MEMBER"Game "STORM LOVER" ending theme
May 4FAIRY TAIL Character Song Album Eternal FellowsGajeel Redfox (Wataru Hatano"METALLIC KISS"Television Animation"FAIRY TAIL] Related songs
May 5STORM LOVER CHARACTER SONG DISC ~ LOVERS COLLECTION Vol.1Yuto Utsugi (Yuto Utsugi)Wataru Hatano"Burning Carnaval"Game "STORM LOVER" related songs
May 5Shin Weekly Comic TV + Comison CD 81 Produce Ver.(Moe) Glasses Men's Club[Member 5]"If..."Drama CD "(Moe) Glasses Men's Club" related song
May 8Natsukoi Jet-CoasterYuto Utsugi (Yuto Utsugi)Wataru Hatano), Kyosuke Mikoshiba (Takuma Terashima)"Natsuko i Jet-Coaster"Game "STORM LOVER Natsukoi!!" opening theme
"Love cicada"The ending theme for the game "STORM LOVER Natsukoi!!"
May 11Dreamers!Yuzora Shiraike (Kaji Yuki), Tatsuma Kubotera (Wataru Hatano) With Kubotera Voice Actor School All Stars"Dreamers!"movies"God ☆ Voice] Theme song
May 12MUSIC OF "God ★ Voice"Kubotera Tatsuma (Wataru HatanoSongs related to the movie "The Voice Makes a Miracle"
May 5FAIRY TAIL Character Song Album 2 Kizuna !!Gajeel Redfox (Wataru Hatano"My IRON Bruce"TV anime "FAIRY TAIL" related songs
May 5The sun burns chaosCorps B from crawling from behind[Member 6]"Black steel striker"Television Animation"Crawl!Nyaruko] Song in the play
May 6selfish toxicYuto Utsugi (Yuto Utsugi)Wataru Hatano), Kyosuke Mikoshiba (Takuma Terashima)"Selfish toxic"Game "STORM LOVER Kai !!" Opening theme
"Nameless"The ending theme of the game "STORM LOVER Kai !!"
May 7Evil songsCrawling from behind[Member 7]"Is it holy but holy?"TV animation "Crawl!Nyaruko-san ”related songs
May 8Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Character Song Album Vol.1 Frit EditionLagan Drace (Wataru Hatano"Anyone"Television Animation"Mobile Suit Gundam AGE] Related songs
May 9Drama CD Great Idol Project History sing ♪ Volume 1Takechi Hanpeita (Wataru Hatano"Shadow⇔Lights"
May 10Shirokuma Cafe Ending Theme Vol. 5 / Handasolder(Wataru Hatano"Michinoku breeding blues"
"Shirokuma Cafe ~ Handa ~"
Television Animation"Polar bear cafe] Related songs
May 12Steel Your Heart / Koiiro MiracleGlass Heart Prince[Member 8]"Steel Your Heart"game"Glass Heart Princess"Opening theme
"Koiiro Miracle"Game "Glass Heart Princess" ending theme
May 1Glass Heart Princess Soundtrack plusAsahina Tenma (Wataru Hatano"Steel Your Heart"
"Koiiro Miracle"
Songs related to the game "Glass Heart Princess"
May 3Crawl!Nyaruko-san W WWW Character Song Series VOL.6 Takehiko YoichiCrawling from behind Y[Member 9]"ZERO FLAG MRN x just a friend"
"Burn without saying the sun Chaos'
TV animation "Crawl!Nyaruko W ”related songs
?Burn without saying the sun Chaos / 6 members from behind crawling ver.Nyaruko (Kana Azumi), Mahiro Yasaka (Eri Kitamura), Kuuko (Miyuki Matsuki), Hasuta (Rie Kugimiya), Tamao Kurei (Yuka Otsubo), Takehiko Yoichi (Wataru Hatano"Burning without saying the sun, chaos"
May 4Evil masterpiecesTakehiko Yoichi (Wataru Hatano"Brave Love, TIGA'
May 4Love is a chaotic slaveCorps B from crawling from behind[Member 6]"Blast of Fate ~ Whereabouts of Gale ~"TV animation "Crawl!Nyaruko W ”song in the play
May 6THE UNLIMITED Kyosuke Hyobe BD / DVD Volume 4 First Limited Edition BonusFujiura leaf (Wataru Hatano"Take It Easy !!"Television Animation"THE UNLIMITED Kyosuke Hyobu] Related songs
May 7Tsukiuta. July Fumizuki Umi "Goodbye Dream Fireworks"Kai Fuduki (Wataru Hatano"Goodbye dream fireworks"
"Sasanoha Love Letter"
Drama CD "Tsukiuta.] Related songs
May 7Crawl! Nyaruko-san W Ending Song Series 3 Crawl on RAMM ZZZMahiro and Yoichi crawl on RAMM[Member 6]"Love Crusader's † Striver"TV animation "Crawl!Nyaruko-san W ”Ending Theme
May 12Voice Actor Squadron Voice Tome 7 Music Collection-Voice Tome MusicRyo Ichimoji (Tetsuya Kakihara), Ken Roppongi (Tetsuya Kakihara)Wataru Hatano"MESSAGE"Digital comic"Voice actor squadron voice storm 7] Related songs
May 12Shirokuma Cafe Music Bestsolder(Wataru Hatano"Michinoku breeding blues"Songs related to the TV anime "Shirokuma Cafe"
May 5Photograph Journey ~ in Hokkaido ~Himori Firefly (Wataru Hatano"Diamond dust"Drama CD "Photograph Jouney" related songs
May 7Tsukiuta.Series Duet CD Hitoshizuku x Yama △ x Senior Group 1 "Flowers for you, stars for you"Kai Fuduki (Wataru Hatano), Hayao Shimotsuki (Ryohei Kimura"Flowers for you, stars for you"Character CD "Tsukiuta. ] Related songs
May 11Drama CD Great Idol Project History sing ♪ ~ Second Season Bocchiri! ~Katsurahama Brothers[Member 10]"Rendezvous of space-time"
May 11Tsukiuta.Series Duet CD Kikuo x Senior Group 2 "Celestite"Kai Fuduki (Wataru Hatano), Hayao Shimotsuki (Ryohei Kimura"Celestite"Character CD "Tsukiuta. ] Related songs
May 125 soul MATE "S"Iveya[Member 11] with Yoichi Kuramochi & Toru Masuko"5 soul MATE" S ""Web program "Welcome to "Ace of Diamond" Seishin Dormitory! ~ I'm born ~"Theme song
May 3Kamisama Kiss ◎ Character Song 05 ~ Kurama Tengu ☆ Men's FestivalJiro (Wataru Hatano), Midori (Hirakawa Daisuke"Kurama Sotengu"Television Animation"God started ◎] Related songs
Jiro (Wataru Hatano"Proof"
"Kurama Sotengu (Suirou off ver.)"
May 3Tsukiuta.Series ProcellarumProcellarum[Member 12]"ONE CHANCE?"Character CD "Tsukiuta. ] Related songs
May 4Forbidden chant of the holy swordsman The savior's melody 3Sir Edward Lampard (Wataru Hatano"KEEP CALM AND ENJOY LIFE"Television Animation"Holy swordsman curse casting] Related songs
May 6Love Cuisine ~ Monsters Recipe ~ Vol.1Lou Garrote (Wataru Hatano), Vin Blood (Ryohei Kimura)"Amazing Cuisine"Drama CD "Love Cooking ~ Monsters Recipe ~" related songs
May 7Kamisama Kiss ◎ Volume XNUMX Blu-ray & DVD Special CDNanao (Mimori Suzuko), Tomoe (Shinnosuke Tachibana), Kurama (Daisuke Kishio), Mizuki (Nobuhiko Okamoto), Mamoru (Daiki Yamashita), Otobiko (Hiroki Takahashi), Okuninushi (Shotaro Morikubo), King Evil (Junichi Suwabe), Jiro (Wataru Hatano), Midori (Daisuke Hirakawa), Yatori (Hiro Shimono"Happiness ~ Mikage's Theme ~ Volume XNUMX Ver."Songs related to the TV anime "Kamisama Kiss ◎"
Kamisama Kiss ◎ Volume XNUMX Blu-ray & DVD Kyanime.jp Limited Bonus CDJiro (Wataru Hatano"Happiness ~ Mikage's Theme ~"
May 7Tsukiuta. July Kai Fuduki 7Kai Fuduki (Wataru Hatano"Beast Master"
"Transparent Lullaby"
Character CD "Tsukiuta. ] Related songs
May 10Star-Mu Musical Song Series
☆ SHOW TIME 02 ☆ / Hanasakurakai & Otori
Kasakurakai[Member 13]"We, Ayanagi Gakuen Kasakurakai"Television Animation"Star-Mu] Related songs
May 10Madomo AzelPENTACLE ★[Member 14]"Madomo Azel"Television Animation"Dance with devils"Ending theme
May 10Ensemble Stars!Unit Song CD Vol.1 UNDEADUNDEAD[Member 15]"Melody in the Dark"
"Honey milk is your choice"
game"Ensemble Stars!] Related songs
May 11Dance with Devils Character Single 3 / Lind TachibanaTachibana Lind (Wataru Hatano"I love you unbalanced"
"Your only guardian knight"
TV anime "Dance with Devils" related songs
May 11Love Cuisine ~ Monsters Recipe ~ Whole Volume Linked Purchase Bonus Separate CDLou Garrote (Wataru Hatano), Vin Blood (Ryohei Kimura), Franklin Greenwood ()Takuya Sato), Amin Kebeft (Dai Yongyi), Rubineau & Koruri (Emi Ogata), Hermann Valkoinen (Kosuke Toriumi), Oz Leopard (Katsuyuki Konishi"Amazing Cuisine ~ Special ver. ~"Drama CD "Love Cooking ~ Monsters Recipe ~" related songs
"NATSU☆Let's do it!"
"Leopard Eyes"
game"Idolish Seven] Related songs
Koiuta Lloyd Type03 Hibiki & Rei-Kyo & Rei-Hibiki (Takuma Terashima), Rei (Wataru Hatano"Toy Garden -digital ver.-"Character CD "Koiuta Lloyd" related songs
May 12Star-Mu Musical Song Series ☆ SHOW TIME 10 ☆ / team Otori & HanasakurakaiKasakurakai[Member 13]"SING A SONG! MUSICAL!"TV anime "Star-Mu" related songs
May 12Kuroko's Basketball SOLO MINI ALBUM Vol.7 Seijuro Akashi -Emperor Voice-Seijuro Akashi (Hiroshi Kamiya), Reo Mibuchi (Wataru Hatano), Kotaro Hayama (Toshiki Masuda), Eikichi Nebuya (Takahiro Fujiwara), Chihiro Mayuzumi (Ryota Osaka"DEEP FIGHT feat. Reo Mibuchi, Kotaro Hayama, Eikichi Nebuya, Chihiro Mayuzumi"Television Animation"Kuroko's Basketball] Related songs
May 12HAMATORACKSWataru Hatano"Mach 1.67"
"Hikari Unplugged"
Television Animation"Hamatora] Related songs
Nice (Ryota Osaka), Murasaki (Murasaki)Wataru Hatano"Little Crazy"
Murasaki (MurasakiWataru Hatano"Free to Fly"
"Another world"
May 12Dance with DestiniesRitsuka Tachibana (Akaneya Hikai summer), Rem Kaginuki (Souma Saito), Tachibana Lind (Wataru Hatano"Dance with Destinies Overture"
"Dance with Destinies"
TV anime "Dance with Devils" insert song
Rem Kaginuki (Soma Saito), Lind Tachibana (Soma Saito)Wataru Hatano"KETTO-I can't give up, love Semegi-"
Grimoire all star cast[Member 17]"Crazy about you"
May 2Tsukiuta.Series Procellarum best album "Shiratsuki"Kai Fuduki (Wataru Hatano"Goodbye dream fireworks"Character CD "Tsukiuta. ] Related songs
Late 3 monthKoiuta Lloyd whole volume interlocking purchase bonus CDHibiki (Takuma Terashima), Rei (Wataru Hatano"Toy Garden -UN-digital ver-"Character CD "Koiuta Lloyd" related songs
May 4BL (U) CK BASISPENTACLE ★★[Member 18]"BL(U)CK BASIS"Game "Dance with Devils" ending theme
May 4Taishou x Alice Character Song Series vol.6 WizardWizard (Wataru Hatano"Guidance spell"game"Taisho x Symmetrical Alice] Related songs
May 5You're seriously Kyun!Ichijoji Teika (Yuichiro Umehara), Aoi Suminomiya (KENN), Rintaro Bando (Yuki Ono), Rui Anjo (Rui Anjo)Wataru Hatano), also the brush (Aoi Shota), Hibiki sound (Takuya Eguchi"You are really serious!"
"Magical Flower"
"Seriously Kyun! Renaissance] Related songs
May 7Hardy BuddyLaitia Saint Emilion (Yuka Otsubo), Fritz Grants (Wataru Hatano"Hardy Buddy"Television Animation"Hundred"Ending theme
May 7SEKAI is Boy Meets Boy ♂Ryo Sakaguchi (Wataru Hatano"SEKAI is Boy Meets Boy ♂"
"Delusion → non-stop"
Television Animation"Koboy High School Life] Theme song
May 8Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION theme songProcellarum[Member 12]"LOLV -Lots of Love-"Television Animation"Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION] Theme song
May 9Dance with Devils Unit Single 2 Tachibana Lind vs JekiTachibana Lind (Wataru Hatano), Jeki (Hiroto Suzuki"My Little Ruby Bird"TV anime "Dance with Devils" related songs
May 9Ensemble Stars!Unit Song CD 2nd Vol.1 UNDEADUNDEAD[Member 15]"DESTRUCTION ROAD"
"Darkness 4"
Game "Ensemble Stars! ] Related songs
Hand Red Battle Song Series 01Hayato (Yoshiaki Hasegawa), Fritz (Wataru Hatano"DIAMOND STAR"TV anime "Hundred" related songs
May 10Bungo Stray Dogs Character Song Mini Album No.Motojiro Kajii (Wataru Hatano"Consideration of irreversible events in state change experiments"Television Animation"Bungo Stray Dogs] Related songs
May 10Seriously Kyun! No.1☆ArtiSTARs[Member 19]"Seriously Kyun! No.1☆"
"Give you! Smile ♡"
TV animation "Maji Kyun! Renaissance” opening theme
Please kiss my heart"Please kiss my heart"
"I love you more than anyone"
TV animation "Maji Kyun! Renaissance” ending theme
Naked Moon LightMukai (Namikawa Daisuke), Yuzu Kabei (Tetsuya Kakihara), Hiiragi Sakukuma (Wataru Hatano"Naked Moon Light"Game "Dance Trips" theme song
May 12Solo-kyun! Songs vol.3 Rui AnjoRui Anjo (Rui Anjo)Wataru Hatano"Step of Happiness!"
"Always by your side"
TV animation "Maji Kyun! Renaissance related songs
May 1Music-kyun♪ MemoriesArtiSTARs[Member 19]"Dear my special"
"Art Session!!!!!!!"
TV animation "Maji Kyun! Renaissance related songs
May 2Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION BD/DVD Vol. 6 bonus CDKai Fuduki (Wataru Hatano"Mare ~ Voyage diary spelled with you ~"TV animation "Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION” ending theme
May 3Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION BD/DVD Vol. 7 bonus CDSix Gravity[Member 20],Procellarum[Member 12]"Tsukinouta."
May 5☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 6 ☆ Mae Hanasakurakai & Akatsuki x Kaede x RenKasakurakai[Member 13]"WONDER FUL WONDER!"TV anime "Star-Mu" third season insertion song
Akatsuki Kyoji (Morikubo Shotaro), Kaede C. Rion (Toriumi Kosuke), Ren Sakuya (Wataru Hatano"A DAY IN THE DREAM"TV anime "Star-Mu" 2nd term related song
May 6☆ 2nd SHOW TIME 12 ☆ team Otori & team Hiiragi & Yangu × Hachiya × Kitahara × Nanjo & AllcastAll cast[Member 21]"Gift ~Curtain Call~"TV anime "Star-Mu" third season insertion song
ONAMOMI Revolution-I at the end of the year-Onami Clover Z (Wataru Hatano"ONAMOMI Revolution-I at the end of the year-"
"Enchanted Dandy"
radio"Kosuke Toriumi, Hiroki Yasumoto I can't sleep tonight ... Forbidden live radio] Related songs
May 9REGALITYTRIGGER[Member 16]"Last Dimension ~ Who Triggers ~"
"Wish is Shine On The Sea"
"In the mean time"
Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
Yaotome Raku (Wataru Hatano"Be happy"
May 10Ensemble Stars!Unit Song CD 3rd Vol.05 2wink2wink [Hinata Aoi & Yuta Aoi (Soma Saito)] with UNDEAD[Member 15]"TRICK with TREAT !!"Game "Ensemble Stars! ] Related songs
Ensemble Stars!Unit Song CD 3rd Vol.06 UNDEADUNDEAD[Member 15]"Gate of the Abyss"
"Break the Prison"
May 10Nobunaga no Shinobi Character Song ~ Singing Technique ~Oda Nobunaga(Wataru Hatano"Thousand bows and arrows"Television Animation"Nobunaga's Shinobi] Related songs
May 1Dance with EternityRem Kaginuki (Soma Saito), Lind Tachibana (Soma Saito)Wataru Hatano), Urie Sogami (Takashi Kondo), Nanashiro Mage (Kimura Subaru), Shiki Natsuzaka (Daisuke Hirakawa), Loen (Tatsuhisa Suzuki), Jeki (Yuto Suzuki), Marius (Toyonaga Toshiyuki"Sweet Grimoire!"Theater animation "Dance with Devils -Fortuna-"Opening theme
Tachibana Lind (Wataru Hatano), Ritsuka Tachibana (Himika Akaneya)"It's all for you!"Theatrical animation "Dance with Devils-Fortuna-" insert song
Rem Kaginuki (Soma Saito), Lind Tachibana (Soma Saito)Wataru Hatano"Can never break it!"
Ritsuka Tachibana (Himika Akaneya), Lind Tachibana (Himika Akaneya)Wataru Hatano), Rem Kaginuki (Soma Saito)"Dance with Eternity"
May 2Heavenly VisitorTRIGGER[Member 16]"Heavenly Visitor"TV anime "IDOLiSHXNUMX" ending theme
"DIAMOND FUSION"Web animation "Idolish Seven Vibrato"Insert song
May 3Pop Team Epic ALL TIME BESTPopuko (Toshiki Masuda), Pipimi (Wataru Hatano"POP PY PAPPY DAY"
Television Animation"Pop Team Epic"Ending theme
"Taiki of the heart"
"Onene Kon-chan"
TV anime "Pop Team Epic" insert song
May 5Glass galaxyMAHO ☆ SHOUJO[Member 22]"I'm not a crazy girl"Television Animation"Magical girl I"Insert song
May 5Movie version Dance with Devils-Fortuna- BD/DVD bonus CDPENTACLE ★★[Member 18]"Glow CAROL"Theme song for the game "Dance with Devils My Carol"
May 6GOLDEN ENCORE!BRBRookies![Member 23]"GOLDEN ENCORE!"game"A3!] Related songs
May 7Welcome, Future World !!!Re: vale[Member 24],TRIGGER[Member 16],IDOLiSH7[Member 25]"Welcome, Future World!!! (short ver.)"Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
May 7Noble Bullet 02 Napoleon GroupWrap (Wataru Hatano"Vain cre ou mourir ~ Proud Nightmare ~"game"Thousand Musketeers] Related songs
May 8Ensemble Stars!Album series UNDEADUNDEAD[Member 15]"Valentine Eve's Nightmare"Game "Ensemble Stars! ] Related songs
Otokari Adonis (Wataru Hatano"Saql Faith"
May 9Idolish 1 Collection Album vol.XNUMXNikaido Yamato (Yusuke Shirai), March Izumi (Tsubasa Yonaga), Nagi Rokuya (Takuya Eguchi), Raku Yaotome (Tsubasa Yonaga)Wataru Hatano"Men's Tarmono!-MATSURI-"Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
May 10A3! VIVID SPRING EPSpring group[Member 26]"It is spring."Game "A3!" related songs
Oswald [Chikage Uki (Wataru Hatano)], Rick [Sakuya Sakuma (Hirohiro Sakai)]"Liar is the beginning of magic"
Lancelot [Chigasaki Itaru (Shintaro Asanuma)], Gawain [Chikkei Uki (Wataru Hatano)]"The Pride Of The Knights"
Chikage Uki (Wataru Hatano"Petenshi no Yuuu"
May 12"Burning Hero" Collection Middle School EditionMatsuyama Hikaru(Wataru Hatano"Burning Hero (Arranged for Junior High School)"Television Animation"Captain Tsubasa] Related songs
Tsubasa Ozora(Yufuko Sanpei),Kojiro Hinata(Takuya Sato),Ken Wakashimazu(Yuichiro Umehara), Hikaru Matsuyama (Wataru Hatano),Atsushi Misugi(Soma Saito),Genzo Wakabayashi(Kenichi Suzumura),Misaki Taro(Ayaka Fukuhara
May 4Do your best at best! Magical Girl Kurumi: Super Theme Song CollectionKiyoshi Suzuki (Hayashi Isamu), Takahashi Isamu (Wataru Hatano), Sato Shigeru (Takushima Terashima"Private smilegaoka junior high school song"
"Beauty Girl Magical Girl Dinosaur Angel Warrior Support Song"
"Where is Smilegaoka City-A baby song that has been passed down in Smilegaoka City for a long time"
Web animation "Do your best! Magical Girl Kurumi"Ending theme
Kiyoshi Suzuki (Hayashi Isamu), Takahashi Isamu (Wataru Hatano), Sato Shigeru (Takushima Terashima), Devi (Keisuke Matsumoto"Beautiful Girl Magical Girl Dinosaur Angel Warrior and I"
May 6A3! BRIGHT SPRING EPSpring group[Member 26]"Ever☆Blooming!"Game "A3!" related songs
May 7☆ 3rd SHOW TIME 3 ☆ Masashi Irika & team Renteam Ren[Member 27]"Future school OUTCOME"TV anime "Star-Mu" 3nd term related song
May 8Stars' Ensemble!Yumenosaki Dream Stars[Member 28]"Stars' Ensemble!"TV animation "Ensemble Stars! "Opening theme
May 8Wonderful Octave Gaku YaotomeYaotome Raku (Wataru Hatano"Associate"
"Wonderful Octave"
Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
May 8Ensemble Stars! ED theme collection vol.1UNDEAD[Member 15]"IMMORAL WORLD"TV animation "Ensemble Stars! "Ending theme
May 9A3! BLOOMING LIVE 2019 Kyanime Bonus CDChikage Uki (Wataru Hatano"GOLDEN ENCORE!"Game "A3!" related songs
May 12A3! MIX SEASONS LPHolmes [Mikagetsumi (Terashima Souta)], Moriarty [Chikkei Uki (Wataru Hatano)]"SCARLET GAME"
May 1Crescent riseTRIGGER[Member 16]"Crescent rise"
Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
May 3Do you know our ball? ~ Vocal CollectionNoda Gon (Wataru Hatano"Dog Cat Elegy"Television Animation"Do you know our ball? ~"Ending theme
Uchitama?! Do You Know Tama?? Original Soundtrack3-chome All Stars[Member 29]"3rd Theme"
May 6White SparksProcellarum[Member 12]"White Sparks"Television Animation"Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION2"Opening theme
May 7Animal Sera Topia Song and Drama CD Series Vol.1Yuzu (Tetsue Sumitani), sweet olives (Toichi Junichi),ginger(Wataru Hatano), cypress (Kento Ito), Neroli (Yuto Suzuki), Myrrh (Shohei Komatsu), Lotus (Hiroya Hirose"Welcome to Wonder night!""Animal Serato Topia" theme song
May 8BRAND NEW STARS !!ES All Stars[Member 30]"BRAND NEW STARS!!"game"Ensemble Stars!!] Theme song
"Walk with your smile"Game "Ensemble Stars!!" related songs
May 9Rise SunshineAkira Otori (Toshiyuki Toyonaga), Blood Beams (Wataru Hatano"Rise Sunshine"Game "Elios Rising Heroes" theme song
May 10HELIOS Rising Heroes Ending Theme Vol.1South sector[Member 31]"LIVE THE MOMENT"The ending theme of the game "Elios Rising Heroes"
May 1BEYOND THE SHiNETRIGGER[Member 16]"Last Dimension (Symphonic Edition)"Insert song for TV anime "Idolish Seven Second BEAT!"
TRIGGER[Member 16],IDOLiSH7[Member 25]"Passion"
May 2Ensemble Stars !! ES Idol Song season1 UNDEADUNDEAD[Member 15]"Nightless World"
Game "Ensemble Stars!!" related songs
May 3A3! EVER LASTING LPSuguminami [Chikage Uki (Chikage Uki)Yusuke Shirai)], Uso Peten [Chikage Uki (Wataru Hatano)]"Mirage on a magical night"Game "A3!" related songs
May 3Dream senderKai Fuduki (Wataru Hatano"Dream sender"Character CD "Tsukiuta. ] Related songs
May 3Animal Sera Topia Song and Drama CD Series Vol.5ginger(Wataru Hatano), Hinoki (Kento Ito), Neroli (Yuto Suzuki)"X / Y / Z""Animal Seratopia" related songs
May 6FUSIONIC STARS !!ES All Stars[Member 30]"FUSION IC STARS !!"Game "Ensemble Stars!!" related songs
Game "Idolish Seven" related songs
May 7PLACESTRIGGER[Member 16]"PLACES"Television Animation"IdolishXNUMX Third BEAT!"Ending theme
"Smile Again"Songs related to the TV anime "IDOLiSHXNUMX Third BEAT!"
May 7A3! SUNNY SPRING EPChikage Uki (Wataru Hatano"SEEDS"Game "A3!" related songs
May 8燦 ・ 燦 ・ SUN !!![Note 3]Yuzu (Tetsuei Sumiya), Ginger (Wataru Hatano), Hinoki (Kento Ito)"San, San, SUN-sama !!!""Animal Seratopia" related songs
May 11Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION2 BD / DVD Volume 3 Bonus CDKai Fuduki (Wataru Hatano"Valiant Journey"TV animation "Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION2 ”ending theme
May 12Ensemble Stars !! FUSION UNIT SERIES 05 UNDEAD × AkatsukiUNDEAD[Member 15],Red moon[Member 32]"PERFECTLY-IMPERFECT"Game "Ensemble Stars!!" related songs
May 12Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION2 BD / DVD Volume 7 Bonus CDSix Gravity[Member 33],Procellarum[Member 12]"Tsukino poetry."TV animation "Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION2 ”ending theme
May 1Ensemble Stars !! ES Idol Song season2 UNDEADUNDEAD[Member 15]"FOR BIDDEN RAIN"
"Savage Love Affair"
Game "Ensemble Stars!!" related songs

Other participating songs

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2005/2/21Beloved, convey warmth forever ...Takiya Kakihara & Wataru Hatano"Dear one, convey warmth forever ..."OVA "No Money" Ending Theme
"Real Destiny ~ Yumewo Misete ~"radio"I want money !!!"Opening theme
2007/9/19Hundred songs voice actor male voice actor editionWataru Hatano"Zudadan! Kinnikuman"~
"Get wild"~
"Believe in dreams"~
"21st Century Lover"~
"I want to scream that i like you"~
"To the future of the wind"~
"We were angels"~
"High speed squadron turbo ranger"~
"Kamen Rider BLACK RX'
2011/5/25RUN!Mitsuki Saiga feat. JUST with Wataru Hatano"RUN!"
"Try, try, try"
"FEAR less"
2017/10/25One with Wings ~Not an angel Just a dreamer~i ☆ Ris,Azumi Inoue,Wake Up, Girls!,Maaya Uchida,Akira Kushida,GRANRODEO,Isao Sasaki,Hiro Shimono,JAM Project,Konomi Suzuki,Kenichi Suzumura,Ayana Taketatsu,Chihara Minori,TRUE CODE,Toyonaga Toshiyuki,Nakagawa Shoko,Wataru Hatano,Mitsuko Horie,Ichiro Mizuki,Minami,Mimori Suzuko,May'n,Chihiro Yonekura"Wings with wings ~Not an angel Just a dreamer~"Japan Video Association"Anime NEXT_100" project official song
2018/8/22Scat Babys Show !!Wataru Hatano,Takuya Sato"Scat Babys Show !!"radio"Wataru Hatano and Takuya Sato's Scat Babys Show !!"Theme song
2018/9/19Disney Voice Princes Voice Stars Dream SelectionWataru Hatano"Without you'
Ishikawa Kaijin,Uemura Yusho,Takuya Eguchi,Kenshō Ono, Takuya Sato,Takeuchi,Yu Hatanaka,Wataru Hatano,Natsuki Hanae,Satoshi Hino,Tomoaki Maeno,Daiki Yamashita"Mickey Mouse March'
Disney Voice Stars Dream Selection Animate Bonus CDWataru Hatano
2019/11/22Disney Prince of Voice Voice Stars Dream Live 2019 Bonus CDKaito Ishikawa, Tasuku Hatanaka,Wataru Hatano, Natsuki Hanae"Kiss the Girl'
Kaito Ishikawa, Yuto Uemura, Takuya Eguchi, Kensho Ono, Takuya Sato, Shunsuke Takeuchi, Tasuku Hatanaka,Wataru Hatano, Natsuki Hanae, Satoshi Hino, Tomoaki Maeno, Daiki Yamashita"Wish Upon a Star'
Disney Prince of Voice Voice Stars Dream Live 2019 Animate bonus CDWataru Hatano


  • Wataru Hatano 5th Anniversary ☆ Artist Book "Grateful" (2017,KADOKAWA


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