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🤖 | "Dragon Ball" Look at the figure "Shenron Ultimate DB ver." Boasting about 30 cm!The latest Ichiban Kuji ...

Photo "Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball VS Omnibus Super" Last One Award / Double Chance Campaign: Shinryu Figure Ultimate DB ver (C) Bird Studio / Shueisha / Fuji TV / Toei Animation

Look at the figure "Shenron Ultimate DB ver." Boasting about 30 cm of "Dragon Ball"!The latest Ichiban Kuji ...

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The D prize is the "Super One Star Dragon Figure", which is the first three-dimensional figure of "Dragon Ball GT"'s biggest and strongest enemy, Super One Star Dragon.

The latest work of the "Dragon Ball" series Ichiban Kuji is now available. "Shinryu Ultimate DB ver." Is a powerful figure ... → Continue reading

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Dragon ball gt

"Dragon ball gt』(Dragon Ball GT, DRAGON BALL GT),Anime"Dragon ball zOf the original story produced as a sequel toTelevision Animation..The abbreviation is "DBGT"[1].

1996/May 2から1997/May 11UntilFuji Television Network, IncseriesEvery weekWednesday 19:00-19:30 (JST) Was broadcast.All 64 episodes + 1 extra episode.

Work description

Five years after the final episode of the anime "Dragon Ball Z"[Annotation 1]It is an original anime work set in the world of.

Due to the intentions of staff, TV stations, sponsors, etc. who want to continue the animation series of "Dragon Ball" in the golden time frame at 7 pm on Wednesday even after the serialization of the original manga is overSon GokuGranddaughterBread,trunks"The next generation of children will play an active role"Devil BuuThe original author's opinion that he wants to make a new work with an original story that depicts "10 years from the end of the final battle with the final episode to the final episode"Akira Toriyama,Weekly Shonen JumpWhen I told the editorial department, based on the opinions expressed during the meeting, the direction of drawing "after the final episode of the original" was decided, and the production started.[2]..It is a new adventure story of Son Goku, which is an animation original development of the original "afterwards".[3], The original author Akira Toriyama said, "The magnificent of the original.Side storyI hope you enjoy watching Dragon Ball GT with me. "[4][5].

Ultimateド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルIt begins when Sun Wukong became a boy by the power of.Goku became a child, and teleportation became unusable as a result. When thinking about how to involve Goku in the story of the next generation of children, Pan, Son Goku was already in his 50s at the stage of this work. The reason is that it was difficult to draw growth because it became too strong, and if Goku was dared to return to a child and set various restrictions, the range of adventures to travel in space in search of a dragon ball would expand.[6][7][2].

Based on the idea of ​​returning to the early style of "Original" who goes on a journey to find a dragon ball in an atmosphere with action and gag, the world view of the original is deep and wide, so地球From the idea that the universe will be forgiven for any person on a scale than[6][7][2], Until the 26th episode, the universe is the stage,Planetary romance,Space operaIt is the content that took the appearance of.When the scenario of the third episode was over, I came up with the idea that "it wouldn't be fun to talk about such a trip all the time" and "I still want a refreshing feeling in the Dragon Ball series", and during the meeting, "Earth". It's good to say that it's dangerous, "and" It's interesting to see the development of fighting in the context of unique enemies. " It became a composition to go on.Also, in the previous work "Z", the battle part became the center of development centered on Goku because the viewers of young children were disappointed when the development without Goku continued.[2]..Therefore, it was a quasi-leading role until the previous work.Son Gohan,Son Goten(Gotenks) Etc. are no longer in this work. The reason why "Z" has postponed the development of the story even after the end of the original serialization is also due to the fact that it took a preparation period to devote to the production of this work.

From this year, "Fine Negative Video System" will be included in all new animation programs produced by Toei Animation.[Annotation 2]Due to the introduction of "", the color in the main story has been changed.The main staff has changed significantly during the broadcast, and the series composition is absent due to Aya Matsui's maternity leave, and the script after the baby edition is rotated by Junki Takegami, Atsushi Maekawa and Shinobu Oito. However, Takegami dropped out in episode 3, and after that, the two of them wrote the rest of the episode.The BGM of the work is "Dr. Slump AraleI've been involved in BGM composition for 15 years since the era ofShunsuke KikuchiからBeing group(Ading) EnrolledAkito Tokunaga(prayer) Is touched by a baton[Annotation 3], BGM and movie "Road to the strongest Dragon Ball』BGM was used.

In addition, the audio side is up to the previous work "Z"Monaural broadcastingAnd the credit provided isBlue screenHowever, the audio side is better than this workStereo broadcastingNext[Annotation 4][Annotation 5] , The credit screen provided at the same time is a still image with an illustration.[Annotation 6].

Since the final episode of this work can be said to be the final episode of the entire "Dragon Ball" animation that has continued for 11 years since the start of the "Ganso" broadcast as well as "GT", "Ganso" and "Z" will be at the end of this broadcast. , The names of all the main voice actors and the main staff flowed by scrolling with the highlight image of "GT" in the background.However, it has not been played on the DVD version or rebroadcast.

It is the last 4: 3 production animation of the "Dragon Ball" series.[Annotation 7], Fuji TV / Toei Animation is also the last TV series produced by Cell.[Annotation 8].

Involvement of the original author

The original authorAkira ToriyamaIs not involved in the script production of the story[8], We are cooperating in the following points when planning.

"" In the titleGTWas proposed by Toriyama.Grand Touring(Grand Touring) ”(a magnificent journey)[9]. "Galaxy Tour(Galaxy Tour) ”(Galaxy Trip)[2],Galaxy Touring(Galaxy Touring) "(Galaxy Journey),"Great TouringIt also includes meanings such as "(Great Touring)" (Great Journey)[6]..The title logo design was also completed by Toriyama in December 2, about two months before the start of broadcasting.[10][11].

In addition, Toriyama is the main character of this work, Son Goku who became a child, Pan, Trunks, Gil, Vegeta with a beard and hair cut, Son Gohan with glasses and a tie, Son Goten with a changed hairstyle , White hair and beardedKrillin, The hairline has receded furtherMr. Satan, Bloomers,Chichi,Bidel, Bra, Uub trained under Goku, and in addition to the design of the octopus-type spacecraft, "Stars in the wilderness depicting Goku fighting monsters", "Planet Monmars depicting giants and Goku", Three image boards of "Carla, the planet of the desert where giant Arijigokumodoki and Goku are drawn (renamed to the planet Rudeze in the work)"[2][12]Submit.The star monster in the wilderness drawn by Toriyama on the image board rampages in hell in episode 64.PiccoloIt has appeared as a character that is repelled by. In "Yoroshiku Dragon Ball" published in the 1996th issue of "Weekly Shonen Jump" in 13, Toriyama talked about "GT" and drew an illustration of Goku of "GT" who became a child.[13].

The other characters and other designs were designed by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, and 13 image boards were drawn by Nakatsuru based on the initial plot and the original character draft by Toriyama.[14]However, when he saw this image board, Toriyama said that he had misunderstood that he had drawn such a picture.[15]..The design of Super Saiyan 4 is also Nakatsuru, and Nakatsuru said, "I was supposed to draw a rough sketch for Super Saiyan 4 with an important setting, and I made it into a shape through trial and error and sent it to Mr. Toriyama. I think there were some corrections, but I was happy because the idea itself didn't change. "[16]..Later, in the booklet included in "Dragon Ball GT DVD-BOX", Toriyama drew an illustration of Goku of Super Saiyan 4 drawn by looking at Nakatsuru's design with comments.[4][5].

The initial plot that came up from Toei Animation was a road movie-like development, and the story of traveling the stars was about 26 episodes.[2]..Toriyama said he checked the initial plot of the original rough script and story and gave some advice.[17][18], The initial plot is "as long as you show me a rough script that looks like this, it seems to be interesting to think about it.[18]".At the beginning of the work, "I'm excited that I can enjoy the work as a viewer because there is no touch to this story. Please look forward to it.[8]"I haven't seen it at all yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing what it will be like, I'm worried ... I hope that the story will proceed at an uptempo while being relaxed. The dragon ball in me is already over, but in the anime, it is still alive thanks to the hard work of the staff and the fans.[13]"

In the 2005 DVD-BOX, Toriyama said, "The TV anime wanted to continue a little longer, but I'm more than that ... That's why the Dragon Ball anime, including the story, was completely told to the anime staff. I decided to leave it to you.[4][5]"," Because of the excellent staff who have continued to play Dragon Ball, I was able to leave it to them with confidence.[4][5]". In the 2013 book, "At that time, the serialization was already over, so my head was suitable for the next job. So ... To be honest, the design of" DB "is a little bit again. I just had resistance (laughs). I'm really grateful that you can continue.[19]"Since it was just after the end of the series, I don't remember drawing the settings for" GT "so enthusiastically.[20]", And in 2014,Dragon ball breaksIn the comment sent to the premiere of the completion announcement, after finishing drawing the fight with Majin Buu in the original, "I have no desire to draw a fighting manga.[21]"


Ultimate Dragon Ball Edition (Episode 1-Episode 26)
It's been five years since Goku went on a training trip with Uub.When I was doing the final examination of training with Uub who turned 5 years old under the teaching of Goku, a new oneド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルI knew the existence ofPilaf crewBoarded the temple.The huge star that emerged from the black "Ultimate Dragon Ball"ShinryuWhen Goku seemed to become a reality for the Pilaf crew, Goku appeared, and Shinryu, who misunderstood Pilaf's words, turned Goku into a child.Furthermore, the ultimate dragon ball that fulfills the wish will fly away to space, but it turns out that the earth will explode unless all are collected and returned to the original place within a year.Goku travels to space to collect dragon balls with bread and trunks.
Revenge Demon Baby Edition (Episode 27-Episode 40)
Goku and his friends have shaken off the onslaught of General Lildo, who controls M2, but Trunks reveals a new ambition.It's the best scientist in the universeDoctor MuCreated byBabyWas the existence of.Although he repels it once, he is unlucky and escapes because the cells of the Tsufuru human have possessed Mu.The baby who appeared on the earth took over Gohan, Goten, Vegeta's body one after another, Goku, bread,Mr. Satan, Buu, brainwash all the earthlings and friends except Uub,SaiyanRevenge on is achieved in a blink of an eye.Goku, who finally returned to Earth, was not an enemy of Super Saiyan 3 who absorbed Saiyan power.The baby who robbed Goku and his friends of the ultimate dragon ball will use it to revive the Tufuru star.Uub who got angry with this became a super Uub assimilated with Mr. Buu (former Majin Buu) and countered with a deadly ray.On the other hand, Goku escaped from the Sugoroku space, regenerated his tail in the world of King God, and stood on the star of Tsufuru.Once he loses his reason and becomes a big monkey and runs away, but when he is stopped by bread, he transforms into Super Saiyan 4.The baby also becomes a big monkey and confronts Goku.In the meantime, he shared Saiyan power with Gohan and others who had regained their sanity, and repelled the fleeing baby with 10 times Kamehameha.However, the fate of an earth explosion was unavoidable because the ultimate dragon ball was used by babies and scattered in space again.Goku becomes Super Saiyan 4 and teleports all the creatures on the earth to Tufuru star, but Piccolo gives Goku enough energy to teleport again, and the ultimate dragon ball is just a fate with the earth. It became a stone of.After that, the Earth is revived and peace is restored by the dragon ball of Planet Namek.
Ultimate Android Edition (Episode 41-Episode 47)
Peace has returned for a short while, at the bottom of hell, the best scientist on earth.Dr. GeroAnd Mu joined hands andAndroid 17Was planning revenge on Goku.Completed with the cooperation of Gero and MuHell Fighter No. 17And, by the resonance reaction of No. 17 of this world, that world (hell) and this world (this world) are joined, and the strong enemies and villains who were once defeated by Goku and others are revived.Goku iscellとFreezaI got into the hell that I was waiting for, but it was a trap for the vomits.On the other hand, in this world where warriors such as Trunks and Vegeta confront the villains of hell, the two No. 17 are united, and the ultimate Android, Super No. 17, is born, and the warriors of this world are beaten one after another.Goku repels Cell and Frieza, but cannot escape, and with the cooperation of Piccolo and Dende, he returns to the world and confronts Super No. 17.While Super Saiyan 17 can't compete with Super 4 that absorbs and strengthens energy, No. 18 fights back to avenge Krillin's death.Then Goku finds out that he is defenseless while absorbing energy, and defeats Super 17 with a continuous attack of Ryuken and Kamehameha.
Seven Evil Dragons (Episode 48-Episode 64)
The dragon ball collected by Goku and others for post-war processing with No. 17 was cracked.When I tried to call Shinryu in the midst of anxiety, an evil black smoke dragon appeared with the sound of the earth.Seven black smoke dragons ignore Goku's wishesEvil dragonDivided into and scattered all over the world.Goku and his colleagues find various weaknesses and exterminate them one after another against the evil dragon who tries to destroy the whole world with negative energy by manipulating the forces of nature such as fire, wind, and electricity.After a fierce battle with Syn Shenron, who is planning to destroy the earth, Goku and his friends are at the mercy of the enormous power of Super Syn Shenron, who has taken in six dragon balls.At that time, when it seemed to be desperate, Goku, who should have died, stood up, and energy gathered under Goku from all over the universe.The completed Ultra Ultra Genkitama extinguished Syn Shenron in a blink of an eye.When peace returns and friends rush to Goku, who has run out of power, a dragon ball suddenly appears from the resurrected dragon ball, telling people that "I can't let them use the dragon ball anymore."Goku, who survived with the power of Shinryu, fulfilled his last wish to revive the people, and Shinryu left with Goku in front of everyone.

Extra edition

TV Special "Dragon Ball GT Goku Gaiden! The proof of courage is Su-Xing-Chu] Is an extra edition that was aired between episodes 41 and 42.On the time axis of the work, it is said to be a side story that happened before Goku Jr. participated in the Tenkaichi Budokai in the final episode, Episode 64. There are 6 types of CM eye catches using the images used in the extra edition.

100 years after Sun Wukong and Shenron departed.Pan, who became a high-grandmother, lived with Goku Jr. (Songoku Jr.), who is the grandson of Goku (the grandson of "Konson" grandson, after the sixth generation).Goku Jr. looks just like Goku but has a timid personality and was always bullied at school.Meanwhile, bread collapses due to illness.Goku Jr. heads to the house of Mt. Paoz, where his grandson used to live, in search of a dragon ball to help Pan.

The opening narration says, "There are no more people back then. Except for one."[Annotation 9].

Main characters

Son Goku
The main character of this work.When the ultimate dragon ball, Shenron, misunderstands the remarks of the Pilaf crew, he becomes a rejuvenated child's body.With the blameteleportationWeaknesses were seen, such as the inability to use and the time spent in Super Saiyan 3 sharply shortened.In this work, with the help of the gods of the world, the tail is regrown and awakened to Super Saiyan 4.In the final episode, Goku leaves in front of everyone with Shinryu, and Piccolo, Vegeta, and Master Roshi are surprised to feel some will from Goku leaving, but it is not revealed what it was.
The daughter of Gohan and Videl, who first appeared in the epilogue of the previous work "Z".A 10-year-old girl who is the grandson of Goku.From that pedigree, he has a high sense of fighting.In this work, he adventures with Goku and others as the main heroine.The quiet and crying appearance of the previous work disappears, and he becomes a curious tomboy and causes a lot of uproar.
In the epilogue of the previous work "Z", he had a crazy personality even when he became a young man, but in this work he has a serious personality close to the youth trunks who came from the future of the previous work "Android Edition", such as using polite words for his parents. AndCapsule CorporationServes as the president of.He is ordered by Vegeta to rehabilitate his unscrupulous points in his presidential work and martial arts training, and travels with Goku and Pan. He is often described as a hard worker, leading two people and being abandoned by younger bread.
A small robot that met Goku and others on the planet Imega.Since I ate Dragon Radar, I decided to go on a trip together.Machine planet M2 is home.His real name is "DB4649T2006RS"[Annotation 10]However, Trunks pointed out that "Maybe it's a serial number," and Goku named it "Gill" from the operating sound "Gillululu ...".
Saiyan, one of Goku's rivals. Since recognizing Goku as "No. 1" at the end of "Z", he has continued his training purely to know his limits.At the beginning of this work, he had a beard, but he was criticized by his daughter's bra and shaved off, and he was forced to change his clothes because he was careless.In the baby edition, the baby is parasitized and the body is hijacked, but in the evil dragon edition, he transforms into Super Saiyan 1 and fuses with Goku.

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Lyrics subtitles: With opening and without ending

Opening theme

"DAN DAN is fascinated'
Lyrics- Izumi Sakai / Composition- Tetsuro Oda / Arrangement- Hayama Takeshi / song - FIELD OF VIEW(ZAIN RECORDS)
* In episode 64 (final episode), a version longer than the full version was used in the ending staff roll.After the 27th episode, the video was partially changed, a baby appearance scene was added, and the final gathering scene of Son Goku, Pan, Trunks, and Gil was changed to Super Saiyan 4 Goku.Even in the ultimate Android edition and the evil dragon edition after that, the image of the baby appearing was still used until the final episode.

Ending theme

"Not alone(Episode 1 <February 1996, 2> --Episode 7 <October 26, 1996>)
Lyrics- Shuichi Ikemori / Composition-Tetsuro Oda / Arrangement- Hiroto Furui / song - DEEN(B-Gram RECORDS)
"Don't you see!」(第27話〈1996年11月6日〉 - 第41話〈1997年3月12日〉・番外編〈1997年3月26日〉)
Lyrics --Izumi Sakai / Composition - Seiichiro Kuribayashi / Arrangement-Takeshi Hayama / Song- ZARD(B-Gram RECORDS)
In episode 39, after the baby disappeared, only the first full version was played as an insert song.
In the ending video, a production with the back cover of the original book of "Dragon Ball" as the specification of this work was inserted.
"Blue Velvet(Episode 42 <February 1997, 4> --Episode 16 <October 50, 1997>)
Lyrics- Airi / Composition / Arrangement- Hake / song - Shizuka Kudo(Pony canyon)
In the last cut of the ending video, there was a production that arranged the last cut of the final episode of "Dragon Ball" to the specifications of this work.
"Shoot through now with a rusty machine gun(Episode 51 <February 1997, 7> --Episode 2 <October 64, 1997>)
Songwriting - Miho Komatsu / Arrangement- Daisuke Ikeda / song - WANDS(B-Gram RECORDS)

The opening and ending of the previous work "Original" and the previous work "Z"Anime songHowever, in this work, it is a tie-up with a singer whose opening and ending is not the main anime song, and it is the first time in the "Dragon Ball" series.This pattern will be used thereafter and in the movie series.

List of stories

The title call isYanami childIs in charge.

Broadcast dateNumber of storiessubtitlescript(Storyboard)
(General animation director)
Animation director
May 2
1mysteriousDB(ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル)Appearance !! Goku becomes a child !?Aya MatsuiOsamu Kasai(Naoki Miyahara)
Kazuya Hisada
Tsutomu Fujita
May 22The protagonist is me! Take off in the bread universe !!Hashimoto MitsuoMasayuki UchiyamaTomoko Yoshida
May 23Super Gametsui !! Merchant Planet ImegaKazuhito KikuchiYuji HakamadaTsutomu Fujita
May 24Wanted !! Goku wanted !?Masashi KubotaYoshihiro UedaToshiyuki KannoTomoko Yoshida
May 35Look at the strong guy !! Bouncer RegicHiroyuki KadoShingo IshikawaTsutomu Fujita
May 36Goku's dentistAtsushi MaekawaHashimoto MitsuoNaoki MiyaharaTomoko Yoshida
May 37Itoshi no honey !? The bride is trunksAya MatsuiKazuhito KikuchiMasayuki UchiyamaTsutomu Fujita
May 48Goku is also Dokkan !! Hige power fully openYoshihiro UedaYuji HakamadaTomoko Yoshida
May 49Shimatta !! Goku is a trap star that jumps in !?Hashimoto MitsuoToshiyuki KannoTsutomu Fujita
May 510Dance and attack !? Bonpapper !!Hiroyuki KadoKazuya HisadaTomoko Yoshida
May 511Ludo's Curse !? Bread made into a dollMasashi KubotaKazuhito KikuchiAkira InagamiTsutomu Fujita
May 512God's announcement is super annoying !! Ludo activationOsamu KasaiMasayuki UchiyamaTomoko Yoshida
May 513This is the masterpiece !? Mysterious scientist MuAya MatsuiYoshihiro UedaNaoyoshi YamamuroTsutomu Fujita
May 614Rhythm is perfect !? Ludo capture !!Oito ShinobuHashimoto MitsuoYuji HakamadaTomoko Yoshida
May 615I'm gonna do it already !! Bread runaway !?Shigeho YamauchiToshiyuki KannoTsutomu Fujita
May 616Machine Planet M2 ... Betrayal Gil !?Aya MatsuiTakahiro ImamuraKazuya HisadaTomoko Yoshida
May 617Leave it to bread! Goku rescue operation !!Atsushi MaekawaKazuhito KikuchiTakeo IdeTsutomu Fujita
May 718It's not data !! Goku's super seriousnessMasashi KubotaYoshihiro UedaMasayuki UchiyamaTomoko Yoshida
May 719Departure !! The strongest mutant LildoAtsushi MaekawaHashimoto MitsuoNaoyoshi YamamuroTsutomu Fujita
May 7[Annotation 14]20I'm sorry !! The metal tsunami that hits GokuDaisuke Yajima(Yamauchi Shigeyasu)
Hidehiko Kadota
Yuji HakamadaTomoko Yoshida
May 8[Annotation 15]21What a hell !! Goku became a metal plateAya MatsuiOsamu KasaiToshiyuki KannoTsutomu Fujita
May 822Uncovered Ambition !! Evil Lifeform BabyTakahiro ImamuraKazuya HisadaTomoko Yoshida
May 823Hidden crisis !? Shipwreck and mysterious boyJunki TakegamiYoshihiro UedaMasayuki UchiyamaTsutomu Fujita
May 924Baby counterattack !! Targeted Saiyan !!Atsushi MaekawaKazuhito KikuchiTakeo IdeTomoko Yoshida
May 1025It's hard !! A baby has appeared on the earthHashimoto MitsuoNaoyoshi YamamuroTsutomu Fujita
May 1026Gohan and Goten ... The worst brother Genka !?Junki TakegamiTakahiro ImamuraYuji HakamadaTomoko Yoshida
May 1127Ambition completed !? Vegeta hijackedDaisuke YajimaYoshihiro UedaKazuya HisadaTsutomu Fujita
May 1128Goku returns ... The earth is all an enemy of Ora !?Kazuhito KikuchiAkira InagamiTomoko Yoshida
May 1129Super Saiyan !? Super Saiyan loses 3 !!Junki TakegamiHashimoto MitsuoMasayuki UchiyamaTsutomu Fujita
May 1230Goku disappears !? Ora is deadAtsushi MaekawaTakahiro ImamuraTakeo IdeTomoko Yoshida
May 1231Surprisingly !? Sugoroku space collapseYoshihiro UedaNaoyoshi YamamuroKoji Sakaki
May 1
32Return Goku !! Angry Warrior UubJunki TakegamiHidehiko KadotaYuji HakamadaTomoko Yoshida
May 133Kurae Baby! New Uub Deadly Ray !!Kazuhito KikuchiKazuya HisadaKoji Sakaki
May 134Transformation failure !? Goku's big colander rampage !!Osamu KasaiMasayuki UchiyamaTomoko Yoshida
May 135The strongest !! Goku becomes Super Saiyan 4 !!Atsushi MaekawaHashimoto MitsuoAkira InagamiTakashi Yoshiike
May 236Immortal monster !? Evil big monkey babyTakahiro Imamura(Tadayoshi Yamamuro)
Noboru Koizumi
Tomoko Yoshida
May 237Fierce !! Baby and Goku DoubleKO(knock out)!!Oito ShinobuYoshihiro UedaYuji HakamadaTakashi Yoshiike
May 238everyone'sPower(power)And ... Super Saiyan 4 resurrectionHidehiko KadotaKazuya HisadaTomoko Yoshida
May 239This is the last! Finally the baby disappearsJunki TakegamiKazuhito KikuchiMasayuki UchiyamaKoji Sakaki
May 340Earth Explosion !! Piccolo's grave determinationAtsushi MaekawaHashimoto MitsuoNaoyoshi YamamuroTomoko Yoshida
May 341Who is the successor to Tenkaichi Budokai Satan?Takahiro ImamuraMasayuki Uchiyama
May 3SPGoku Gaiden! The proof of courage is a four-star ballYoshihiro Ueda
Hidehiko Kadota
Akira InagamiTakashi Yoshiike
May 442Die Goku !! Strong enemies resurrected from hellKazuhito KikuchiNaoyoshi YamamuroTomoko Yoshida
May 443Hell's Demon Warrior! Cell & Frieza RevivalHashimoto MitsuoNoboru KoizumiKoji Sakaki
May 444The ultimate Android! The union of the two No. 17Yoshihiro UedaKazuya HisadaTomoko Yoshida
May 545Hurry up Goku !! Great strategy to escape from hellHidehiko KadotaMasayuki UchiyamaTakashi Yoshiike
May 546Clash !! Super Saiyan 4VS Super No. 17Takahiro ImamuraYuji HakamadaTomoko Yoshida
May 647Great reversal! Goku and No. 18 double attack crackKazuhito KikuchiTakeo IdeTakashi Yoshiike
May 648This is amazing! Shinryu is the enemy ?!Oito ShinobuHashimoto MitsuoNaoyoshi YamamuroTomoko Yoshida
May 649The strongest enemy ?! A dragon that uses the tricks behind fearYoshihiro UedaNoboru KoizumiKoji Sakaki
May 650Saiyan Power Breaking the Jade !? Electric Beast Five Star DragonAtsushi MaekawaHidehiko KadotaMasayuki UchiyamaTomoko Yoshida
May 751Six-star dragon! Find the weaknesses of the large tornado attackTakahiro ImamuraKazuya Hisada
May 752Bread Abune! Special of the Seven Star DragonKazuhito KikuchiNaoyoshi YamamuroKoji Sakaki
May 753Bread disappears !? 10 times more than tears KamehamehaOito ShinobuHashimoto MitsuoMasayuki UchiyamaTomoko Yoshida
May 854Power at 6000 degrees Celsius! Sun WarriorYoshihiro UedaNoboru KoizumiTakashi Yoshiike
May 855Bloomers move! Vegeta remodeling planAtsushi MaekawaMasayuki Uchiyama
May 856Next to the sun is frigid! Flame and ice brother dragonKazuhito KikuchiTakeo IdeTomoko Yoshida
May 957Overwhelming strength !! The dragon that dominates the evil dragonTakahiro ImamuraKazuya HisadaTsutomu Fujita
May 958Start counterattack! Beyond Super Saiyan 4Oito ShinobuHashimoto MitsuoMasayuki UchiyamaTomoko Yoshida
May 959Enemy or ally ... Vegeta the Great Monkey RampageYoshihiro UedaNaoyoshi YamamuroTsutomu Fujita
May 1060Fusion !! Ultimate Super GogetaAtsushi MaekawaKazuhito KikuchiYuji HakamadaTomoko Yoshida
May 1061I'll definitely win! Goku who ate the four-star ball(Kozo Morishita)
Junichi Fujise
Takeo IdeTsutomu Fujita
May 1162Save Goku! The last ally appearsYoshihiro UedaMasayuki UchiyamaTomoko Yoshida
May 1163Miraculous reversal victory !! Goku who saved the universeHidehiko KadotaKazuya HisadaTsutomu Fujita
May 1164Farewell to Goku ... until the day we meet again(Yoshihiro Ueda)
Hidehiko Kadota
Naoki MiyaharaTomoko Yoshida

Audience rating

  • Average audience rating: 14.6% (Kanto area)
  • Maximum audience rating: 19.7% (Episode 2 "The leading role is me! Take off in the bread universe !!", Kanto area)[23]


Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks 
Kanto wide areaFuji Television Network, IncMarch 1996, 2-March 7, 1997Wednesday 19:00-19:30Fuji TV seriesProduction Bureau
HokkaidoHokkaido Bunka Broadcasting SystemSimultaneous net
IwateIwate Menkoi TV
MiyagiSendai Broadcast
AkitaAkita TV
FukushimaFukushima TV
NiigataNiigata General Television
NaganoNagano Broadcasting
ShizuokaTV Shizuoka
ToyamaToyama TV
IshikawaIshikawa TV
FukuiFukui TV
Chukyo wide areaTokai TV
Kinki wide areaKansai TV
Shimane -TottoriSan-in Central TV
Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefectureOkayama Broadcasting
HiroshimaTV New Hiroshima
EhimeEhime Broadcast
FukuokaTV West Japan
SagaSaga tv
NagasakiTV Nagasaki
KumamotoTV Kumamoto
KagoshimaKagoshima TV
OkinawaOkinawa TV
MiyazakiTV MiyazakiFuji TV series
NTV series
TV Asahi series
YamagataCherry TVMarch 1997, 4-March 16, 1997Fuji TV series
OitaTV OitaFuji TV series
NTV series
Jet lag net
AomoriAomori BroadcastingNTV series
YamanashiYamanashi broadcasting
TokushimaShikoku Broadcasting
KochiTV Kochi-1997TBS series
Kochi-san TVDecember 1997, 4-September 16, 1997Wednesday 19:00-19:30Fuji TV seriesSimultaneous net
Yamaguchi TV YamaguchiTBS seriesJet lag net
All over JapanAnimaxOctober 2017-December 12, 2018Saturday 18: 00 - 19: 30
Sunday 7:30-9:00
CS broadcastingJet lag net
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Broadcast 3 episodes each week[24]

Video software

The DVD of "Dragon Ball GT" currently on sale has some differences in specifications from those broadcast on TV.

First, in the TV broadcast, the next notice was placed before the ending, whereas in the DVD, it was placed after the ending.In terms of voice, the TV version has magnetic voice after 5 episodes (Cine tape) Was broadcast in stereo, but since the DVD version uses the optical audio of the film track, it is all monaural except for the opening, ending, and extra edition recorded on the special disc.Both DVD-BOX and single volumeDigital remasterHas been converted.

    • 11 DVDs + 1 special disc = 12 discs in total
    • 2 layers on one side,4:3Standard, 2.0ch monaural (some stereo)
Released on May 2005, 5. "GT" is the first product to be made into video software. All 25 episodes are recorded on 11 discs, and extra editions and video benefits are recorded on special discs. It is a specification that contains three Digipacks containing four DVDs each. The DVD has a picture label specification, and the Digipak is designed with a character picture and characters on a silver background.
For purchasers who booked by February 2005, 2, the special booklet "Dragonbook" with TV & DVD compatible "Full-scale Dragon Radar type remote control", "Video bonus special disc", Akira Toriyama's comments, etc. will be postponed. As an apology, a "special large bag" containing 28 Zeni bills with Mr. Satan's design, which was an additional benefit, was included.
  • Dragon Ball GT VOL.1 ~ VOL.11
    • Publisher: Shueisha / Fuji TV / Toei Animation, Manufacturer / Distributor: Pony Canyon
2008年2月6日から同年6月4日にかけ単巻DVDとして、VOL.8までが2巻ずつ、VOL.9 - 11が同時発売された。全11巻となっており、1巻から9巻までが6話、10巻と11巻が5話ずつ収録されている。


Only the theme song singles have been released for music, and no album has been released.


The soundtrack under the name of "DRAGON BALL GT" has not been released at this time during and after the broadcast.However, one month after the start of the broadcast, "Road to the strongest Dragon Ball"Soundtrack" The Road to the Strongest Dragon Ball ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK "[25]In addition, some songs used in the broadcast are recorded.Composed by both "GT" and "The Road to the Strongest"Akito TokunagaBy.

Theme song single

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Film comics

"Jump Anime Comics Dragon Ball GT Goku Gaiden! The proof of courage is a four-star ball" is an extra edition that is treated as a TV special.Film comicsSo, it was later reprinted in a convenience store comic. "Dragon Ball GT Anime Comics Evil Dragon Edition" is "Strongest jumpThis is a full-color film comic of the TV anime Evil Dragon, which was serialized from the January 2014 issue to the July 1 issue. Vol.2019 also includes an interview with Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, who worked on the character design for this work, and setting materials. From the September 7 issue of "Saikyo Jump", "Dragon Ball GT Anime Comic Space Exploration Edition", which is a film comic of the contents from the first episode of this TV anime, is also serialized.


  • "Jump Anime Comics Junior Dragon Ball GT Perfect File" Shueisha, published May 1997, 5,ISBN-4 8342-1524-5
  • "Jump Anime Comics Junior Dragon Ball GT Perfect File No.2" Shueisha, published on December 1997, 12,ISBN-4 8342-1528-8

Cel pictureGuidebook using. A total of two volumes, "Perfect File" that introduced the first half of "Dragon Ball GT" and "Perfect File No. 2" that introduced the second half.The book that introduced the first half also includes a chronology of "GT", a glossary, an image board by Akira Toriyama, and a character draft.The book that introduced the latter half also includes a glossary, a rough design and memo of the title logo by Akira Toriyama, and a long interview with Masako Nozawa.It was out of print for a long time, but the reprint was released as "Vol.2" and "Vol.2006" in April 4.The color of the cover background was black and red before the reprint, but in the reprint it has been changed to a color that imaged the universe, the content introduction that is not a table of contents has been deleted from the middle cover, and the privilege sticker has also disappeared.Before the reprint, the sticker was also counted in the number of pages, so the reprint version has been reduced by 1 pages, and in Vol.2, the price of the CD is no longer displayed on the CD introduction page.

In addition, the 7th volume of "Dragon Ball Daizenshu" contains the design drawings of "GT" by Toriyama, and the 3rd volume of "Dragon Ball Chozenshu" also features the story of "GT".


Dragon Ball GT Live Show "Don Kear and All-Purpose Gun"[26]
costumeLive show using. About 1 minutes per stage.

Appointment to CM

Showa Note
"Dragon Ball GT" appears in the "new semester series". (1996)
Nissan bread・"Nichiryo"
"Dragon Ball GT" has appeared in the steamed bread commercial. (1996-1997)


  • The English version is produced by FU NimationThe United States of AmericaThere is a version and an international version produced by Blue Water.The former is a company that also translated "Original" and "Z", but the BGM has changed, and every Saturday from 22:XNUMX in the United StatesCartoon NetworkThe first episode broadcasted in was "I didn't want to cut off the flow from" Z ", which is a battle action work", so the first 1 episodes were cut and started from 16 episodes, so don't feel uncomfortable 17-1 episodes Is creating an edited original episode "A Grand Problem"[2]..The 16 episodes will later be referred to as "Lost Episodes"DVDWas released, and after that, the episode of the first half of traveling in the cut space is inserted and aired.[2]..The latter uses a Canadian voice actor, is uncut, has no BGM changes, and is more faithful to the original Japanese than the one in Funimation.
  • When it was broadcast in the United States, Super Saiyan 4 was very popular, and the audience rating by age group for boys aged 6 to 11 was about 4%, and Kozo Morishita, who was the producer, also said, "This number. Is a fairly high number. "
  • "Dragon Ball Z Sparking!Series andDragon ball xenoverseThere are many games on the market that feature the characters of this game, such as the series, but there are no games in Japan that are based solely on this game.However,1997/May 8To Bandai (laterBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) Released fromPlayStationuseCompetitive fighting game"Dragon Ball FINAL BOUT] Is a game centered on this work, with Super Baby as the final boss on VS CPU, and Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku as a hidden character.Actually, the name at the beginning of development was "Dragon Ball GT FINAL PLUS (tentative)".In overseas markets centered on North America, where the popularity of this work is highGameboy AdvanceAt “DRAGONBALL GT Transformation] Is on sale.
  • As for the enemies, the baby is a Tsufuru, the super 17 is an Android, and the evil dragon is a dragon ball, because it is more convincing in the story to value the extension of the flow that has continued from before than to create a new enemy. , Made based on the existence that appeared before in the world view[11].
  • The last scene of the image that Goku does not know whether it is alive or dead has been decided from the time of the launch of the "Dragon Ball GT" project.[2]Maekawa, who is in charge of the script, commented, "Maybe I died there, or maybe it was something else. I'll leave that decision to your imagination." Is[7].
  • The important facts revealed by Shinryu in the final episode and the wishes Goku made to Shinryu have the meaning of reviving with human power without relying on the power of Dragon Ball.According to Maekawa, who is in charge of the script, he wanted people to feel the intention that "it is ultimately the power of people to get the dream ahead of the predicament."For the same reason, Maekawa commented, "I made the final enemy a dragon ball, but I didn't want to make the four-star ball just an evil ball."[7].
  • After the final ending, the later program "Doctor slump』CM was broadcast.The content is GokuArale NorimakiWith a baton touch, the main video of "Dr. Slump" was played and the subtitle of the first episode was transferred.The baton touch video is produced entirely digitally.
  • At the 50th anniversary of the international television program trade fair (MIPTV) held in Cannes, France, "Dragon Ball" was broadcast from Japan as "50 works that changed the world's television" during the 1963 years from 50. 4 works including "GT" were selected[27][28].
  • Published in 2013 ``Dragon Ball Z God and GodIs said to correspond between "Z" and "GT"[29]..However, to be exact, one day of Age 517, which is four years after the Majin Buu edition, in the middle of 518 years from the end of the war with Majin Buu in the original episode 10 before the bread was born to the episode 4.[30][Annotation 16]It is a story that happened to.
  • This work is officially described in the chronicle with the chronology in the Dragon Ball exhibition pamphlet and "Dragon Ball Super Complete Works".[30][34].
  • "Dr. SLUMP who returned a littleThe story of "GT" is drawn in the first four frames of episode 37.
  • Bandai channel,Fuji TV on demandThis work is also distributed in[35].


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