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📺 | JUJU regrets talking with Sugisaki Hana? "I talked too much"


JUJU regrets talking with Sugisaki Hana? "I talked too much"

If you write the contents roughly
――Please tell us what kind of feelings you put into the theme song "KotaeAwase".

With Sugisaki Hana, who starred in the Japanese TV drama "Koi desu! ~ Yankee-kun to Shirokan Girl ~" (every Wednesday from 22:00). → Continue reading

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"AnswerIsJUJUThe fourth single.2021 May 11Was released in.


As a single, the previous work "Kanade / LA ・ LA ・ LA LOVE SONGIt's been about 1 year and 2 months since 』, and as a single of the original song that is not a cover2020 39th single released "STAYIN' ALIVEIt's been about 1 year and 9 months since.

It will be released in two forms, the first limited edition and the regular edition, and the first edition comes with a DVD. On DVD2020 May 10The live broadcast "Jujuen Special" Oreno Request "" performed on JUJU's day is completely recorded.

Production background

This work isSugisakikaStarring "I'm in love! ~ Yankee-kun and the White Cane Girl ~The tie-up as the theme song of "Sugisaki" is attached, and the tag with Sugisaki Hana is the drama "Sugisaki" also appeared.Haken Fortune-Teller AtalThe 38th single "FutureIt's been about 2 years and 9 months since then.The lyrics were written by "Mirai"Sachiko AoyamaIs in charge of producing the song for this work, the 39th single "STAYIN' ALIVEWas also in chargeGood position of TsutayaWorked[2].

JUJU himself is actually watching the drama that was the tie-up destination, and he commented on his thoughts as follows.

Regarding JUJU's feelings for the drama
Every week, I'm really looking forward to seeing it.Not because I'm singing the theme song myself, but among the many dramas I've seen so far, there's a drama that makes me cry every week. Did it happen?You're so entertained.I'm singing by myself, and I'd say something like this, but at the right moment, this song plays and I can cry more, and I get a voice on Twitter, but I strongly agree. You've done it.It's an ant to just listen to the song itself, but if you listen to it after watching it through a drama, the meaning will be completely different. I have sent a comment[2].
About the drama theme song of this work and the production process
I am grateful that I was appointed to the theme song of this drama.SugisakikaI'm glad that I was able to join you again in this way.I read the original manga of this drama first, but it's funny, it's squeaky, it's a lot of learning, it's a lot of learning, and it's a lot of learning. The first thing I thought was.At the same time, the main character was a student, so how should I approach that age?I thought[2].
I think the most important factor in this story is that the two protagonists each feel that they are "protruding".Even if there is a standard or framework that says that what is visible is "ordinary" and what is blunt is "ordinary", the two are outside the framework and are outside the framework. There are places where I find it difficult to live because I am in a world that makes me think that it is bad.However, as these two people were attracted to each other, they began to look at each other, and the feelings that they were trying not to look at and the feelings that they were trying not to give out little by little. I will be able to understand.It's like that[2].
Following the theme song of the drama "Temp Staff Psychic Ataru", regarding the fact that Sugisaki Hana and Sachiko Aoyama will form a tag team.
I didn't specifically aim for this tag. It was the same with "Mirai", but this time too, it happened that I happened to overlap, and it was decided that Mr. Aoyama would write it again.If there is a person who is pulling this edge, it is probably Sugisaki Hana-chan.[2].
The last time you were a person who could see everything that people couldn't see, and this time you were a person who couldn't see what you could see in contrast to that.However, only the eyes of my heart are looking at various things.I think she draws out everything she has to feel as a person and what she has to see.I feel like that[2].

Music description

Regarding the title of the song
The title of this song is "Answer", but it's a song that says you don't have to do "Answer".Yukiko-san and Morio-kun have each lived their lives in a state that is not "normal", but when they see each other, they can honestly say "it's really normal".Maybe I just thought that I wasn't "normal" until now?I noticed that and gradually stopped "answering" to it.This can be equivalent to not only these two people, but also people of any age, and I feel that I may be out of the "ordinary" or "framework" that I say in the world. , I think that I have a lot of feelings that I have to be in the frame.That's why I think we're "answering" without even knowing it. "This is normal for me, but it may not be normal for others."It feels like I've been waiting for someone to admit it and someone to say "it's not weird", and I'm pretty encouraged by this song myself. That's right[2].
Also, this song is a little different from the feeling that it is a love song, and it is possible that Morio-kun for Yukiko and Yukiko-san for Morio-kun are not necessarily the targets of love.Apart from that, it's incredibly valuable to meet someone, whether it's a family member or a friend, who doesn't have to "answer", not as a love partner. It could be a song, a book, or just one word you heard someone else talking as you passed by.I thought it would be great if more people would think, "I'm not the only one who thinks like this," and that's what I imagined. I thought I could sing[2].
About the reason why "Answer" was found to be the 2021 version of "If you want a miracle ..."
At first, when I was reading the original, I wondered how I, who has reached the ages of Oita and adults, should approach the two high school students even though they are called "adults". I thought I couldn't bring it in.But now I can't think of it as my own lyrics.The lyrics were so good that I could apply them, so I think they are probably applicable to all adults and high school students.[2].
I'm singing something like "I'm lonely to seek more while living quietly away from the surroundings", but this is me, friends and staff around the frame, JUJU I think that it is also a message for all the people who have supported me, and while looking at the part of the lyrics, this is "If you want a miracle ...It seems like the 2021 version of "If you want a miracle ..."[2].
"If you want a miracle ...", there is "Kimi" who told me that he is not alone, and he sings, "Don't be lonely, please reach out. There must be an answer." ..The message common to these two songs is "I feel like I'm not alone".I think people are originally lonely creatures, but there are more and more things that make me think that I'm not alone more than I think, and I can hear everything overlapping, and the second lyrics of "KotaeAwase" says "From one window." There were a lot of scenery that I couldn't see. " Otherwise, there will always be invisible scenery, and it is very important not to turn your back from the world for that.However, there are times when I suddenly turn my back on a little thing, especially because it has become a difficult world now, so even a trivial matter can cause dark clouds to come in.However, I don't think we should lose to that, and I hope it will give us an opportunity to think that this dark cloud is not necessary.[2].
Regarding the thoughts about the "future" through "Mirai," "STAY IN'ALIVE," and "KotaeAwase."
"Mirai" has a quiet determination to "find the future" just by feeling like turning on a small light, and "Please do your best" to the future. The song "STAY IN'ALIVE" came to me, but "KotaeAwase" expresses the world view that has reached the point of giving up, saying "I'm not afraid even in an uncertain future."After all, the more you grow up, the more you start thinking about various things.It's an age when it's difficult to look to the future, and when I'm scared, I'm crying.But then the view is blurred.Sometimes I try to make it blurry, but the word "you" in the lyrics, as I said earlier, is only for people or someone. I don't think it's okay to have some kind of book, music, drama, or movie.Even if you are not a person, if you come across something or something that you think, "If you have this, you will not be afraid even if your vision is blurred", you will be able to come out with power and think about moving forward.I think it's nice to think so, and the more items that make me do that, the better.Of course, even as an adult, you may meet someone who is irreplaceable, and I think that there is probably a message to yourself that you should not be afraid of the future no matter what. increase[2].
Regarding the connection of each of the three songs "Mirai", "STAY IN'ALIVE" and "KotaeAwase"
For example, assuming that "STAYIN'ALIVE" is the eldest daughter and "Mirai" is the second daughter, I think "KotaeAwase" is the image of the third daughter of the "Future Three Sisters" singing.The eldest daughter is terrible and bad, so the second daughter who has seen her sister feels serious and firm.Then, I'm wondering what the third daughter is, but since I'm singing "KotaeAwase", I'm going to get better, so both adults and children will get better. It will be a song that will be burned, so I hope that more people will lighten their hearts as much as possible.[2].
But first and foremost, I want everyone to watch the drama.Even if you are watching the people around you, not just the main character, you will think that people will do their best so directly, and even if you call it love, there are ten people and ten forms of love, such as friends and family. I think it's a color.It's not just a romantic comedy for young people, but I want men and women of all ages to see it.[2].
Regarding the new JUJU image shown through "Answer"
I think it's a good song that I think it would be nice if it became a new representative song.I think it is "the first step in the beginning of a new chapter".Last year's best album "YOUR STORY], And I have summarized the trajectory of JUJU up to that point.From this song, I think it's really the best song that feels like "It's the beginning of a new JUJU".[2].
I don't mean to throw away the previous JUJU image, but I think it's a form of searching for a new JUJU image while inheriting the "unrelenting aspect".After all, I think everyone wants to look back on the past and redo that time, or erase that past.But what happened once can never be changed.Of course, I know that it's best not to think about it.I'm thinking that I'm going to do my best as a newcomer because I'm going to throw away all the unskilled things like "I know, but ..." and start anew.Speaking of "answering" to throw away rigid things, it means "answering".From now on, I'll forget about that "answer".[2].
I used to do singles so far, but I definitely wanted to put a cover on the singles. "KotaeAwase" has become a cute song, so I wanted to make the cover contrast with it, or I wanted to add JUJU's character.safe areaof"tantalizingI made it.I've always wanted to sing this song, and I was told that I couldn't help but love the "Oreno Request" tour I was doing most recently.I'm going to move on to a new world, but with the meaning that I want to keep my favorite things from old times as my favorite things, I chose it as a masterpiece that colored the Showa era.[2].
To overflow with kindness -From THE FIRST TAKE, stop this night -From THE FIRST TAKE
I don't remember the time of "THE FIRST TAKE" anymore.I'm so nervous that I often don't remember.I don't think there are many places with such a unique atmosphere.If it was a hand mic, I think I could have relaxed my shoulders a little more and challenged it, but because I did it with a recording mic there, I usually have to show people what I am like "weaving a crane". There was a feeling that it shouldn't be done.However, with the person who participated in the recording,Seiji KamedaHe seemed to play very happily, so I think that was a good point.[2].
When I was singing, I thought my voice was too loud and it was quite noisy, so I left.[2].
"Stop this night』Recording challenged with the usual band members, the atmosphere was like a live version, but the finish was very frustrating.[2].
After that, I mentioned in the comment that only heels are reflected, but I was wearing everything including clothes as personal belongings, but I got a lot of support and I was more than happy as shoes. I think it's not[2].
Throughout this single, I think that you can feel the madness from various angles.Singing a sad cry saying that I want to be with you forever, "Stop this night", singing that it's good that all of you are full of kindness.Overflowing as in kindnessThis song also has a crazy wish in a sense.Throughout this single, the concept is "madness", but when asked what the hell is this ... it's made up of the crazy desire of JUJU himself to aim for a new world. I think so[2].

recorded music


  1. Answer
    Lyrics:Sachiko Aoyama / Composition: YOSHIHIRO (KEYTONE) / Arrangement:Good position of Tsutaya
    Nippon TVDrama seriesI'm in love! ~ Yankee-kun and the White Cane Girl ~] Theme song
  2. tantalizing
    Lyrics:Goro Matsui / Composition:Koji Tamaki
    safe areaCover of
  3. To overflow with kindness --From THE FIRST TAKE
    Lyrics:Shinko Ogura-Seiji Kameda / Composition: Shinko Ogura
    New recording of 9th single
  4. Stop this night-From THE FIRST TAKE
    Lyrics:Kiyoshi Matsuo / Composition:Toshiaki Matsumoto
    New recording of 15th single

DVD (First Press Limited Edition only)

  1. Yes-No
  2. Eye
  3. Aliens
  4. Walnut
  5. letter■
  6. And I'm at a loss■
  7. The last rain
  9. Paper Doll
  10. Kissin'Christmas (not because it's Christmas)
  11. Ya Ya (I will never forget that era)
  12. One more time, One more chance
  13. Thistle


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