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📺 | [Overseas drama starting this week] The final chapter of "Expanse", a new season of drama starring Nathan Fillion has arrived


[Overseas drama starting this week] The final chapter of "Expanse", a new season of drama starring Nathan Fillion has arrived

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After divorcing his wife, John Nolan moved from the northeast to western Los Angeles to start his life again, graduating from the Police Academy with good results and becoming a rookie police officer at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles(English: Los Angeles, Spanish: Los Angeles) IsThe United States of AmericaCalifornia Ofcity..The largest in the stateNorth AmericaOne of the bestWorld city..In the United Statesニ ュ ー ヨ ー クNext to the largest population[1].


Los AngelesLos Angeles CountyIs inside.Other in the countyBeverly Hills,Santa Monica,Long beachEtc. are included.The county covers an area of ​​12,308 km² and has a population of about 976 million.In the cityHollywood,Valleyand so on.

Stayed in Los Angeles (permanent resident and long-term resident for 3 months or more,Consul General of Japan(Person who has reported to)Japaneseは、2003年10月1日時点で29,809人と、トップのニューヨーク(49,748人)に次いで2番目に多い。なお、2011年10月1日時点では、ロサンゼルス郡とオレンジ郡の合計で70,629人の在留日本人がいる[2]..It is expected that there are many other residents who have not made a notification.

America'sthink tank 2017 Announced in comprehensiveWorld cityRanked 8th in the world in the rankings[3].. America'scityThen,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt is second only after.2014 OfEconomic scale of the city In (GDP)Tokyo, The third largest in the world after New York[4].

By the way,United States Census BureauThe "Los Angeles Region" in the regional division of the United States includes 5 counties in southern California, including the above 19 counties.HawaiiIs also included, and more2013 May 1With, Northern California,ネ バ ダ 州,Oregon,State of Washington,Idaho,ア ラ ス カ 州Will also be included[5].


"Los AngelesIs pronounced[lɔːs ˈændʒələs](Lowサ ンJalas) Or [lɔs ˈændʒəliːz](Russiaサ ンJarry's).JapaneseThen,Ministry of Foreign AffairsIn government agencies such as "Los AngelesHowever, it is also expressed as "Los Angeles," "Los Angeles," "Los Angeles," and so on.

"Los AngelesThe city name isSpanishで [los ˈaŋxeles] Pronounced (Losan Jerez), it means "angels" (English: the angelsEquivalent to). People who settled on this land in 1781 named the town El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de PorciúnculaIt was named (our lady, the town of the queen of the angels of Portiuncula), and it was shortened. What is "Queen of Angels"?聖母 マ リ アMeans[6].(English edition) TheItaly OfAssisiIt is inFranciscanSanctuary.

AbbreviationIt is,LA(English: [ɛlˈei] EhLesLee). in JapanLossOften abbreviated as, but "los" is Spanishdefinite articleIt is not possible to communicate outside of Japan.Also in Japan in the 1980sSuspicion of lossI'm worried about the deterioration of the image because the sound is the same as loss, which means loss, etc. The abbreviation of "LA" became widespread after the 90's.

19st centuryIsChineseThen.transliterationThen, it was written as "Latin Eri".In response to this1894 A Japanese who is good at Chinese poetry and lives in Los AngelesRafu"(Rafu) was abbreviated and proposed to be used in Japanese society.[7].1903 First issueJapanese language newspaper"Rafu ShimpoIs the largest Japanese newspaper in the United States,Rafu is still highly recognized among Japanese Americans and residents[Source required].

  • City Flower: Bird of Paradise Flower (Bird of Paradise Flower)Bird of Paradise)
  • City Tree: Coral Sashito



Los Angeles is located in the southern part of California, in the westThe Pacific OceanFacing.A vast flat land spreads out, but no large rivers flow,Colorado RiverI'm pulling a waterway from such things.To the northeast of the cityMojave DesertTo the northwestCoast Mountains,To the eastSierra Nevada MountainsSpread out respectively.

United States Census BureauAccording to this city, the total area is 1,290.6km2 (498.3mi2). 1,214.9km of this2 (469.1mi2) Is 75.7km on land2 (29.2mi2) Is the water area.5.86% of the total area is water.


Köppen climate classificationThen.DowntownAnd coastal areasMediterranean climate (Csa), inlandDesert climate It belongs to (BWh).Annual rainfall is as low as about 300 mm.In particular, there is little rainfall in summer, and depending on the statistical year, precipitation in July and August was 7 mm. It is warm throughout the year, but it rains a lot in winter and drops to around 8 ° C in the morning and evening.It can rise to nearly 0 ° C during the daytime in summer, but it can get cooler after the evening because it is dry, and it can drop to nearly 1 ° C at night and become chilly.

Los Angeles City Climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)35
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)18.7
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)8.8
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−4
Precipitation amount mm (inch)86.5

Metropolitan area

Los Angeles metropolitan areaSee also

Focusing on Los AngelesMetropolitan areaIt is,Greater Los Angeles AreaOrGreater Los Angeles, ま た はSouthland[9]It is called, but sometimes it is simply called Los Angeles.The range of the metropolitan area isLos Angeles CountyとOrange County(Tokyo DisneylandFamous forAnaheimThere is.There are only two counties with a population of about 306 million) and the surrounding areas.Riverside county,San Bernardino County,Ventura CountyIn some cases, it refers to a total of 5 counties. The area of ​​the two counties is 2 km² and the population is about 12,562 million, and the area of ​​the five counties is 1292 km² and the population is about 5 million.The Los Angeles metropolitan area of ​​Los Angeles County and Orange County is JapanKeihanshin metropolitan area(Area of ​​11,169 km², population of 1864 million (2000 census))moviesStrong ability to disseminate information to the world, including industry.By the way,2010 Including the suburbs ofPopulation in urban areasIs 1,477 million, the 14th largest in the world, in North Americaニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク2rd place after[10].

Satellite cityHas more than 30 and the Los Angeles metropolitan area is northPalmdale, WestVentura, EastSan Bernardino, SouthSan DiegoThe boundary with the metropolitan areaEscondidoIt reaches around.In a famous cityAnaheim,Riverside,Long beach,Santa AnaAll of them have a population of over 30.In CaliforniaSan FranciscoAlsoMetropolitan areaIt forms (700 million people), but because it is about 500 km away from San Francisco (Tokyo-Osaka(Intermediate), basically, competition in the trade area cannot occur.



Race composition2010[11]1990[12]1970[12]1940[12]
— Non-Hispanic28.7%37.3%61.1%[13]86.3%
Hispanic(Regardless of skin color)48.5%39.9%17.1%[13]7.1%[14]
Population transition
Yearspopulation% ±
2012 (estimate)3,857,7991.7%

2000 CurrentCensusThe city is home to a population of 3,694,820, 1,275,412 households and 798,407 families.The population densityIs 3,041.3 / km2 (7,876.8 / mi2). 1,101.1 / km2 (2,851.8 / mi2) Has an average density of 1,337,706 homes.The racial composition of this cityWhite46.93%,Black11.24%,イ ン デ ィ ア ン0.80%, Asia 9.99%, Pacific Islands 0.16%, other races 25.70% and mixed race 5.18%.Of this, 46.53% of the white populationHispanicorLatinAnd 29.75% are non-Hispanic or non-Latin whites.

26.6% of the inhabitants of the city are minors under the age of 18, 18% are between the ages of 24 and 11.1, 25% are between the ages of 44 and 34.1, 45% are between the ages of 64 and 18.6, and 65 and over. It covers 9.7%.The median age is 32 years.For every 100 females there are 99.4 males. For every 18 females over the age of 100, there are 97.5 males.

The average household income for the city is $ 36,687, and the average family income is $ 39,942.Men have an average income of $ 31,880 versus $ 30,197 for women.Per capita income in this city (per capita income) Is US $ 20,671% of the population and 22.1% of the familyPoverty lineIt is as follows.Of the total population, 18% under the age of 30.3 and 65% over the age of 12.6 live below the poverty line.

In addition,ホ ー ム レ スIs the largest number in the United States,2007 According to a survey released on October 10, there are more than 11 homeless people living in Los Angeles and 40,000 homeless people throughout Los Angeles.73,000 of themMinor, 24,505 peopleMental illness, 8,453 peopleVeterans, About 7,200 peopledomestic violenceVictim of[17].. As of 2019Skid Row36,000 homeless people live by setting up tents on the streets.[18].

Surrounding city


Indigenous era

Originally in the coastal area(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition),(English edition)Such asイ ン デ ィ ア ンThe tribes lived a fishing and gathering life on the abundant fishing resources.They areCanoeTrade with neighboring tribes usingshellOrnaments andtalcMake vessels and sculptures, in addition to fishSea lion,Otters,A whaleHunted.

1542 For the first time in whiteJuan Rodriguez CabrilloVisited the area by boat and was welcomed by the Tongva.This explorerSanta Catalina IslandDied in.

Spanish conquest and American territory

1769 から1771 ToSpanishIs here(English edition)Was built.1777 , Spanish(English edition)The governor-general planned a village (civic pueblos) inhabited by the general public.1781 To(English edition) ("towns people") Is the current city of Los AngelesDowntownA small village was built around Olvera Street.On the other hand, the place name entered this place before that,Monterey BayWas aiming forPortoraBut,聖母 マ リ アIt is said that the name Los Angeles (Queen of Angels of Porsinura) was used as it is.

The Spaniards began to build farms here, captured the aforementioned Indians, and forced them to convert to Christianity.(English edition)(Evangelism Indian) ”and used it as a supervisor for farm labor and surrounding tribes.Their "Mission Indians" are now California's own Indians.

1804 , Spanish territoryNueva Espana OfThe Californias(Las Californias,1770 -1804) is dividedAlta California (Alta california) Became.1821 ToMexican EmpireBecame independent and became the territory of the Mexican Empire, but in about a yearMexicoMoved to.1848 ,Mexican-American War(1846 -1848)John C. Fremont Of(English edition)Became independentRepublic of california (California Republic) IsGuadalupe Hidalgo TreatyByMexican CessionIt became a United States territory with (Arizona, New Mexico, etc.).1850 Although a city system was established in, the population at that time was still 1610.1853 ,Gadsden purchaseOn the occasion ofSino-US border lineWas confirmed.

Breakthrough development

After that, with the development of the railway network, especially in the northern part as a distribution center for transporting citrus fruits, vegetables, grains, livestock, etc. to the eastern part.San FranciscoDevelop with, at the same timePasadena,Burbank,Santa MonicaSuch asSuburbThe city has also developedmetropolisIt becomes the basis of formation.But what made Los Angeles so dramatic?20st centurySince I entered, there are various factors. The first one19st centuryEndoilfieldBy discoveryPetrochemical industryThe second is the development of the aircraft industry, which surged during the war, and the third is the development of the movie industry represented by Hollywood.And the development of automobile transportation.The Greater Los Angeles area is so large that it can be used as a means of transportation.Private carIs indispensable.Therefore, it is faster than other citiesFreeway(highway) Is maintained, and more than 10 trunk lines cover the city.On the other hand, it was developed as a means of urban transportation.Pacific Electric RailwaySuch asTramIt is,1930 eraから1960 eraIt was removed one after another, and it became a city with an unprecedented emphasis on automobile traffic in the world.for that reason,1980 era TheAir pollutionWas serious, but today it has improved considerably.

In this way, the city area developed rapidly.However, on the other hand, there is an urgent need to secure drinking water and industrial water.Therefore1913 ToSierra Nevada MountainsFlowing in the eastern part ofOwens RiverConstruction of a waterway connecting the city with1936 The problem was solved by supplying water from the Colorado River, which has abundant water.

Second World War

America is1941 Participated in the war from DecemberSecond World WarInsideJapanese landing and air raidsAnti-aircraft guns and air defense in preparation forradar,air defenseシ ェ ル タ ーIn addition to the maintenance and blackout of lights, school children for elementary and junior high school studentsEvacuationWas also considered.Moreover,Imperial Japanese ArmyLandingImperial Japanese NavyToo much fear of air raids by aircraft, againRacismFrom a point of viewDetention of NikkeiHowever, the Japanese landing and air raids on the city of Los Angeles throughout the war,Naval shootingI didn't receive it.

However, the year after the start of the war1942 In the coastal areaJapanese Navy Ofsubmarine Commerce raidingMany ships were attacked and sunk, and many ships were attacked and sunk in the coastal areas.Furthermore, on February 1942, 2, in the suburbsSanta BarbaraThe refinery was bombarded by a Japanese naval vessel and panicked the next day.U.S. Forcesby"Battle of Los AngelesThere was also a tragedy that caused casualties to the citizens, and the pattern wasradioIt was broadcast and terrorized not only the West Coast of the United States but the entire United States.

Throughout World War II, Los Angeles developed as a supply center for military supplies and crude oil, with a factory in particular.Douglas Aircraft,LockheedMarket conditions have greatly improved due to the demand for military aircraft.

Rapid increase in residents

After the end of World War II, many young people returning from the battlefield lived in Los Angeles,1900 The population was 101960 Has grown to 248 million people.On the other hand, housing supply became an issue, and large-scale single-family residential areas were provided to the suburbs.(English edition)Taking the opportunity1957 Abolished altitude restrictions in the city, and combined with soaring land prices, middle- and high-rise apartments (so-called in JapanApartment) Increased rapidly.

AndDowntownIn New YorkChicagoSkyscrapers that are comparable to the skyscrapers have risen, and it has grown into the big city we see today.afterwards,Northridge earthquakeThe disaster countermeasures were further enhanced due to the damage caused by[Note 1].

Commercial and financial bases

Along with that, commerce also developed,West coastIt has become the largest commercial and financial hub.HoweverMiddle East,Gulf of MexicoCheap from the coastcrudeDue to the increased supply of crude oil, crude oil drilling has become less common.Furthermore todayElectronics,semiconductor,Space industryState-of-the-art industry is developing.This is the accumulation of technological capabilities cultivated as an academic and cultural city, andMilitary industryIt is largely due to the industrial transformation of the advanced technological capabilities of the aircraft industry and the aircraft industry, and it is also the mainstay of the Los Angeles economy today.

According to a 2020 survey, it ranks 11th in the worldFinancial centerAnd is fifth in American cities[19]..In addition, its position as a trading hub has increased, and San Rafun Cisco,Seattle,Auckland,San DiegoTogether withAsiaIt functions as a window for the market for customers.

Asian immigrants

Asian as a labor force from ancient timesImmigrationHave been acceptingDowntownIt is a Japanese town that existed in the vicinity before World War II.Little tokyo,ChinatownBesides, after the war South KoreaIt has spread in response to the rapid increase in immigrantsKorea TownThere are several Asian towns such as.Also, in the suburbs near Orange CountyEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt is an immigrant district(English edition)There is also.On the other hand, because of the society in which various people coexist, there are conflicts between races and ethnic groups.Los Angeles RiotThere are also incidents such as.

Japanese immigrants

It was in 1888 that Japanese settlement was officially recognized in Los Angeles. In 1900, 150 Japanese lived. Following the Kagoshima Kenjinkai, which was established in 1899, various Kenjinkai were established.[20].. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake caused more Japanese to move to Los Angeles, and this rapid increase and increased racial discrimination by whites raised the mood for Japan.

Immigrants from San Francisco began to live together on the street between Los Angeles and Alameda to protect themselves, and in 1908 this was "Little tokyoIt came to be called. In 1909, the Japanese chairman at that time established a corporation responsible for flower arrangement and distribution.[21], This fresh flower distribution system has been expanded nationwide.However, in 1913, there was criticism from society about opening on Sundays and using low-wage female workers.California Foreign Land ActWas enforced[22]..Land ownership of foreigners who are not eligible for citizenship is restricted,1924 Immigration ActAlthough immigration was restricted,1928 ToSei FujiiWas won by the Supreme Court and Japanese Americans were allowed to open a hospital in Los Angeles.1931 Kashu Mainichi Newspaper was also established in[23].

In the 1930s, more than 2 Japanese and Nikkei lived, making Little Tokyo the largest Japanese town in the United States.After that, the number of Japanese and Nikkei increased to nearly 4, but World War II began to detain Nikkei, and blacks settled in the town where Japanese and Nikkei disappeared.

After the war,1948 The California Alien Land Law was overturned by Fujii's trial, allowing Issei Japanese to purchase land.[23]..Nikkei and Japanese have returned, but they have not returned to the same momentum as before because they were deprived of their land, occupation, and assets by forced detention, and because they were deprived of their livelihood by the Japanese Fisheries Prohibition Law. rice field[24]..However, the flower market is still operated against the backdrop of Japanese-American society.[22].

In 1964, the Nanka Kenjinkai Council was established.[20].

Hispanic immigrants and Spanish-speaking

originallyMexicoBecause it was a territorySpanishThere are many place names, and Hispanics have existed for a long time, but due to the recent influx of immigrants from Mexico etc., 46.5% of the total population is nowHispanicOrLatinIs.Also 41.7% of the total population[25]Is a Spanish-speaking city, which is about the same number as 42.2% of English, making it the center of Hispanic culture as the city with the largest Spanish population in the United States.


Once the highest number of crimes in American cities, it was the worst everLos Angeles RiotCompared to the time of, the number of crimes has decreased sharply due to the increase in the number of police officers and the introduction of the joint task force, which is a security force. As of 2014, CQ Press ranks 5th in the United States in the safe city rankings. (Safe city ranking of over 50 people[26]) In Japan, the ranking is higher than San Francisco, which has the image of being safe, and it is not so dangerous except for some slum areas.

Office buildings occupyDowntownandCity hallからLittle tokyoThere were many vacant lots in the area in the 90's and it was not safe, but in the downtown south areaStaples CenterLarge-scale redevelopment has begun, and the security situation has improved significantly, and it has been reborn as a place where you can walk safely even at night.In addition, new condominiums are conspicuous in the vicinity of Little Tokyo, and ramen shops that are rushing to open stores are also popular, and many American customers can be seen even at midnight, showing a completely different crowd than before.Downtown OfSkid RowWas once a slum, but now it is a temporary place for extremely low-income people such as street dwellers, and at most thousands of street dwellers are staying there.This is because there is a facility to support street dwellers in the skid row area.Since Skid Row is adjacent to the fashion district, which is a wholesale market, the fashion district after the evening is temporarily occupied by many street dwellers who have overflowed from Skid Row.


Los Angeles Police DepartmentAccording to 45,000 peopleStreet gangIt has members and 450 gangsters are based in Los Angeles.The most famous of them, African AmericanClipsとBloodsIs based in.In Latin, Mexican gangstersSureñosOriginates in Los Angeles.That's why Los Angeles is called "the capital of gangsters in America."


There have been many large-scale riots in Los Angeles.The famous one is 1965Watts RiotIn 34, 1,032 people were killed, 4,000 were injured, and about 1992 were arrested.Los Angeles RiotIn the case, 58 people were killed and about 2,000 were injured, the number of arson was 3,600, and the number of collapsed buildings reached 1,100.


Primary industry


Agriculture that has been functioning for a long time (Agricultural products) Processing, function as a distribution centerFresno,BakersfieldThere is a tendency to move to other cities.

Secondary industry


Petrochemical industry

1892 , Businessman Edward L. Doheney in the current downtown neighborhoodoilDiscover[27]Since then, the oil industry has developed, and oil refineries and chemical factories have been built one after another.NowGulf of MexicoCalifornia's status as an oil-producing region has declined due to the abundant output of cities on the shore, but it is still alive and well, even in inland cities in recent years.oilfieldMining is taking place.

Aerospace industry

Lockheed,Boeing(OldMcDonnell Douglas) Such as the aviation industrySpace industry,semiconductorIt is a state-of-the-art industry such as.This is especiallySecond World WarDramatically developed with the demand for various military aircraft inside, many after the warPassenger planeWas also built (Lockheed does not currently manufacture airliners).In addition, the technology is used in many fields,AutomobileAssembly industryタ イ ヤ, Derived from related industries such as tube manufacturing.Furthermore, after the warSputnik shockPromotion of space development industry bySilicon ValleyHas jumped fromElectronics, There is a semiconductor industry, following Silicon Valley,Tech coastThere is a popular name.

Tertiary industry


Entertainment industry

HollywoodRepresented bymoviesSuch asentertainmentIndustry and tourism industry.High in early cinematographyLuminous intensityIs necessary, and many in cloudy / rainy weather and indoor shooting照明However, the climate of low rainfall in the summer in Los Angeles was the best place for outdoor photography.Therefore, I escaped from New YorkJewishAffiliated movie companies began shooting here,Warner Brothers,RKO,ParamountMany movie production companies were born and became one of the supporting economies of the city.Also in the suburbsUniversal StudiosConstruction andTokyo DisneylandIt promoted the development as a leisure tourism city such as expansion, and today it has a strong character as a resort and a recreation city, as well asConventionEtc. are also popular.


In particularCommercial,Financial industryIs.The development of the industrial and entertainment industries has had a great impact on the city, but with San FranciscoUS West CoastIs the center of commerce in.Furthermore, as mentioned above, it is also highly important as a base for shipping and trade.Financial centerThe rise asUnited KingdomAccording to the index released by the think tank of Japan, it was evaluated as the 11th most competitive financial center in the world.[19].

Service industry

The first oneService industryso,FashionAnd jewelryDesignThe business is particularly advanced.Nowadaysニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt is known as a state-of-the-art fashion base along with, and many highly-skilled specialists migrate.In particularJewishWhite people have many jobs.

Also, due to the good location, Japanese companies, Korean companies, etc.AsiaMany of the large US companies have their headquarters in the United States near Los Angeles, and the job creation and tax revenues of these companies have greatly enriched the local economy.


Mass media


tv set

On TV stations, the 24-hour broadcast "United Television Broadcasting System(UTB) There are 18.2 channels.

Newspaper company

The major daily newspapers in Los Angeles are "Los Angeles Times"(LA Times).MajorSpanishAs a newspaperLa Opinion"(La Opinión).Also,JapaneseAs a newspaper, "Rafu Shimpo'



Los AngelesUniversity of California, Los Angeles (UCLA),California State UniversityLos Angeles School (CSULA) andCalifornia State University Northridge There are several state colleges and universities, including (CSUN).

At a private university in Los AngelesUniversity of Southern California (USC),Pepperdine University, (LMU),Art Center College of Design These include (Art Center College of Design), (Oxy), (Otis College of Art and Design) and Southwestern University School of Law.

Community collegeas,Los Angeles City College (Los Angeles City College; LACC), Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles Valley College,Santa Monica College (Santa Monica College; SMC) and Los Angeles Mission College.

Elementary and secondary education

Of Major Primary and Secondary Education in Los AngelesPublic school districtIt is,Los Angeles Unified School District (Los Angeles Unified School District).In addition, since many children of expatriates of Japanese companies live in the area,Japanese supplementary schoolThere are many in the surrounding area.



US West CoastAs one of the main gateways toLos Angeles International AirportDeparts and arrives at.Besides, around Los AngelesLong Beach Airport,Bob Hope Airport,John Wayne AirportThere are several airports such as domestic and international flights to each airport.There are also many airports dedicated to small aircraft such as Hawthorne.

From japanJapan Airlines,ANA,American airlines,Delta Airlines,United airlines,Singapore Airlines Tokyo(Narita AirportとHaneda airport) Operates a direct flight.Osaka(KIX) Is operated only by Japan Airlines[28].


Long-distance train

DowntownToAmtrak OfUnion StationThere is.


Long distance bus

GreyhoundThe bus terminal is located on the eastern outskirts of downtown.San Francisco, San Diego,Phoenix,Las VegasIt is a major terminal where buses to many cities arrive and depart.But,East los angelesClose toSlumBecause it is located inside, the surrounding area is insecure.

Los Angeles International Airport Shuttle Flight "Fly Away"

Convenient as the fastest and cheapest way to get to the city from Los Angeles International Airport (FLY AWAY).There are three types of buses, minivans, and VIP sedans, but the price varies depending on the type.Platforms from Los Angeles International Airport depart from Terminals 3-1 and TBIT.From an example, the charges are as follows.

  • Airport-Downtown (Union Station)
Large Bus-US $ 7.00
VIP sedan-US $ 12.00

City / suburban transportation

Like many cities in the United States, Los Angeles' main means of transportation isAutomobileIs.In the cityFreewayWas running vertically and horizontally, while it once ran vertically and horizontally in the city and suburbs.Pacific Electric Railway,Los Angeles RailwayBy the city train network1960 eraBecause it was completely abolished by1990 eraUntil the beginningPublic transport ThebusThe state of relying only on was continued.Also, the sinkTaxiThere is almost no.For travelers, as a means of transportationCar rentalIs common. Since the 1990ssubway-LRTnetwork(Los Angeles Metro) And suburban trains (Metro link,Amtrak California) Is being developed, and it is expected that traffic congestion and pollution will be eliminated.

2008 November with Los AngelesSan FranciscoTieCalifornia High Speed ​​RailA referendum was held by Californians asking whether or not to build the building, and a majority of the votes were in favor of it.


Nearby Tourist Spots



Los Angeles1932 ,1984 and2028 3 times (planned)Summer olympicBecame the host city of.

Despite Los Angeles having the second largest market in the United States4 major professional sports leagues in North AmericaIs considered to be the most popular inNFLTeam1995 から2015 The situation continued to exist, and the city was actively engaged in attracting activities.Citizens are said to be a land that is not enthusiastic, and when the NFL team's relocation plan emerged, it failed many times, but1994 Was based in Los AngelesRams 2016 ToSt. LouisRelocated from2017 FromChargers San DiegoRelocated from.

Sport typeOUR TEAMMembership of professional institutionsAffiliation within the groupHome stadium
baseballLos Angeles DodgersMLBNational leagueDodger Stadium
Los Angeles AngelsMLBAmerican leagueAngel Stadium
American FootballLos Angeles RamsNFLNFC WestSoFi stadium
Los Angeles ChargersNFLAFC WestSoFi stadium
basketballLos Angeles LakersNBAWestern conferenceStaples Center
Los Angeles ClippersNBAWestern conferenceStaples Center
Los Angeles SparksWNBAWestern conferenceStaples Center
Ice hockeyLos Angeles kingsNHLWestern conferenceStaples Center
サ ッ カ ーLos Angeles GalaxyMLSWestern conferenceStub Hub Center
Los Angeles FCMLSWestern conferenceBank of California Stadium
Arena footballAFLAmerican conferenceStaples Center

 * Los Angeles Avengers did not participate in the 2012 season.

1962 から1968 OverOlympic AuditoriumA professional wrestling organization that held a box office centered onPAHsIs activeFreddie Blassie,The Destroyer,Rikidozan,Toyoto,Kintaro OkiEtc. became the WWA World Championship.


  • From the 1930s to the 40s in New York City in Los AngelesHaremIt was Central Avenue that played a role equivalent to.It's a boulevard that runs through the South Central district of the city where many black people lived, and at the club on this streetDuke Ellington,Fats Waller,Lena Horne,Art TatumBlack stars such as, appeared one after another, and were created by white musicians in the 50s.West Coast JazzIt was much more lively and full of festive fun atmosphere.On the other hand, a white star in the swing eraHarry james,Artie Shaw,Buddy RichEtc. often hang out on Central Avenue to absorb the new styles of black musicians.[29]

Origin/related celebrities

Sister city/affiliated city

sister city

Los Angeles has 25 sister cities[32]..Here, they are arranged in chronological order of sister cities.All American Sister Cities Association(Sister Cities International) Member cities.

Partner city

In 2007, the then mayor of Biyarai Goza was IsraelTel AvivOfficially acknowledged the cultural exchange tie-up with[33].


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Related item

外部 リンク

Japanese goverment

Police academy series

Police academy series(Police Academy) IsThe United States of AmericaA series of comedy movies produced in. From 1984 to 1994, all seven works have been released.Regarding the 7th work "Police Academy 8", although the production has been decided, the release date is undecided.

Many of the works have a screening time of around 90 minutes, and during terrestrial broadcasting in Japan, measures were taken to fill the broadcast frame, such as inserting highlight scenes up to the previous work before the start of the main story.

Main characters

Graduation in "1"

Carey Mahoney
Act:Steve Gutenberg
Japanese dubbing:Akira Kamiya(1st work) ・Yoshitsuka Otsuka(2nd and subsequent works)
Appeared in the first to fourth works as the main character.He has a mischievous and mischievous personality, but he has a companionship.I used to be a gangster, and I was in a police situation because I had some trouble at work. Will carry on your back.However, he was a father and a colleague who were former police officers.Chief of PoliceWill save you on condition of admission to a police academy.Although he is a problem child at school, he gradually learns courage and a sense of justice and grows up, becoming a reliable police officer in case of emergency. In the third work, Sergeant. (Police Officer) Has been promoted.
Due to his mischievous personality, strong men in the downtown area gatherGay barWe send members to "Blue Oyster" almost every time.Those who entered the store were surrounded by men and said, "Olive necklaceIt is a promise that you will be forced to dance a teak dance according to.
Moses Hightower
Act:Bubba smith
Japanese dubbing:Galactic Manjo(1st and 2nd works) ・Shigezō Sasaoka(3rd and 4th works, 5th and 6th works TV version),Daisuke Gosato(5th and 6th software version)
yuanFlower shopSo, tired of business, I entered the Police Academy. Characterized by height over 2m and superhuman strength.In contrast to his appearance, he has a quiet personality, a laid-back personality, and a blunt talk.He is usually kind, but he is angry at racism and tall people.
Eugene Tackleberry
Act:David Graf
Japanese dubbing:Tetsuaki Genda(1st and 2nd works) ・Ishizuka Unsho(3rd and 4th works, 5th, 6th and 7th works TV version),Toyama Kei(5th, 6th, 7th software version)
Former security guard.Severe love for the army and weaponsmilitaryGeek.Known as "tuck". In the third work, Sergeant. (Police Officer) Has been promoted.The gun provided by the police is not enough, and it is selfish during shooting trainingS & W M29Or[1]In the XNUMXth workM60 machine gunIt was used[2].. In the fifth work, the shooting skill is excellent, such as shooting down a fly.Personality is pure heart. Married to female police officer Catherine Kirkland in the second film. From the sixth work, a son who has a good taste will also appear.
Larvell Jones
Act:Michael Winslow
Japanese dubbing:Horiuchi Keno(1st work) ・Koji Toya(2st work) ・Kitagawa Takuro(3rd, 4th, 5th TV version) ・Futamata Issei(6th TV version) ・Arakawa Taro(7th TV version),Chiba Shigeru(5th, 6th, 7th software version)
Before becoming a police officer, he called himself a doctor of medicine (MD).Vocal cord copyHe is good at music, the barking of beasts, the sound of sirens, and anything else.Also excellent in martial arts.He has a mischievous and tuned personality, and uses vocal cord copying to make fun of Harris and Mouser and threaten the criminal.
Hooks (Laverne Hooks)
Act:Marion Ramsey
Japanese dubbing:Kazue Komiya(1st work),Chihiro Kamishiro(2nd and subsequent works)
Petite woman.She has a shy personality and tends to have a quiet voice.At first I had a hard time training, but gradually I became more confident in myself. At the end of the first work, he overwhelmed the opponent with tremendous energy. From the second work, he has a gentle personality and makes a kinkin voice, and Harris instructor is also annoyed.It is usually mild-mannered, bearish, and quiet, but when it is sharp, it shouts loudly with a terrible sword curtain. In the third work, Sergeant. (Police Officer) Has been promoted.I'm not good at exercising, but I'm good at driving computers and cars.At the end of each work in the series, "Don't move! Dirt bag !!"[3]Is decided.
Douglas Fackler
Act:Bruce Mahler
Japanese dubbing:Hirotaka Suzuoki(1st work) ・Ikemizu Toyo(2st work) ・Taniguchi Festival(3st work),Satoshi Shimada(6th software version), Mitsuaki Hoshino (6th TV version)
I entered a police academy with my familyglassesA natural doji demon with a characteristic. Zhang himself who made the cause of the riot in the first work. In the third film, my wife also enrolls in the Police Academy.The stupid behavior is not only for himself but also for his enemies and allies, and he suffers damage and develops into a turmoil.

Colleagues and graduates after "2"

Kathleen Kirkland
Act:Colleen Camp
Japanese dubbing: Mari Yokoo
Female police officer. Appeared in the 2nd and 4th works. "I can't forget the pleasure of hitting a bullet in a key point," said a firearm enthusiast comparable to Tackle Berry.Married after teaming up with Tuck as a police motorcycle corps.The Kirkland family, including Catherine, is a cheerful and radical lineup of weirdos. In the third work, my younger brother enters the academy.
Act:Bobcat Goldthwaite
Japanese dubbing:Kenichi Ogata
In the second work, he reigns as the boss of the gang.He is a vegetarian and likes singing. In the third work, he was converted and entered the Police Academy.It has the ability to intimidate the opponent loudly, blow the door away, and break the lens of the Sweet Chuck's glasses. In the 2th workPolice officerIn a church, he met a monk, Laura, and invited him to the Police Academy.
Act:Tim Kazurinsky
Japanese dubbing:Nishikawa Ikuo
A small, weak furniture store owner with glasses that is repeatedly attacked by Zedd's gangsters, and has multiple security devices in the store. Entered the Police Academy with the third work.At the same time, he suffers from the domineering of Zedd, who is in the same room, but when he gets angry, he unexpectedly fights back. In the 3th work, you will be able to hear Zed and "good combination (?)" For the first time.
Act:Brian Tochi
Japanese dubbing:Seki Toshihiko
An exchange student from Japan's Tachikawa Highway Patrol, who appears in the 3rd and 4th works.It looks softKung fuMaster.Tell Callahan your feelings and be accepted.Instead of nightwearGifuYoro-gunKamiishizu Village Fire Brigade (currently:GifuOgaki・ Wearing a hanten from the Kamiishizu Fire Department).
Nick Lassard
Act:Matt McCoy
Japanese dubbing: Satoshi Shimada (5th and 6th TV version),Masashi Ehara(5th and 6th software version)
From the 5th work, it replaces Mahoney and appears as the main character.Nephew of Principal LaSalle.Play the role of the second and a half.
Act:Tab hacker
Japanese dubbing:Ishizuka Unsho
In the fourth work, he appears as a member of the citizen patrol, and in the fifth work, he appears as a police officer.
High tower nephew.It is tall and huge, and seems to be heavy enough to tilt when it moves left and right in an airplane.
The strength is inherited from the high tower, and in the fifth work, one of the criminals was hanging on the balcony with one arm in order to shut down the criminal who abducted the principal.

Boss, instructor, etc.

Eric Lassard
Act:George gaynes
Japanese dubbing:Kiyoshi Kawakubo(1st work) ・Tamio Ohki(2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th TV version),Goro Naya(5th and 6th software version) ・Teiji Omiya(7th software version)
Principal of the Police Academy.He has a mild personality and is loved by many people.Although he is an elderly and laid-back person, he has the highest ability in the series when it comes to fighting, and his billiard skills are also professional.I cherish goldfish pets and carry them with me when traveling.In the academyGolf cartI used to drive around, but in later series I also use it outside.
Debbie Callahan
Act:Leslie Easterbrook
Japanese dubbing:Kazuko Yanaga(1st work),Mari Yokoo(3rd and 4th works, 5th and 7th works TV version),Rihoko Yoshida(6th and 7th software version)
Appeared in all except the second work.A beautiful and busty demon instructor.ArrestHe excels in martial arts such as, and is also good at singing.It's cool during work, but in 1 it's a punishment for a female student to enter a girls' dormitoryReverse rapeHowever, in 3, he is active in romance, such as dragging Japanese students who have confessed to the bed.In the latter half of the series, he will become a leader who brings together the Polyaka Corps (graduate members).
Thaddeus Harris
Act:GW Bailey
Japanese dubbing:Kenji Utsumi(1st work) ・Seizo Kato(4th, 5th, 6th, 7th TV version),Takeshi Aono(5th, 6th, 7th software version)
Inspector.. A demon policeman who appears in all series except the 2nd and 3rd works.With a high-pressure personality, he appears as an instructor in the first work, and as a chief or acting principal in the fourth and subsequent works.In the police academy, he dealt with the students, but in later works, his personality did not change even in the police station, and he was hated by other police officers.Aiming for the position of principal of the academy, but only failures.As a police officer, he is strict and disciplined and not incompetent, but he is also a sneaky role that is dragged by his subordinates, academy graduates, and LaSalle principal.I love silver spheres.
Act:Art Metrano
Japanese dubbing: Kenji Utsumi
In charge of laughter in the second and third works.Appeared when Harris was absent.In the second work, as a police inspector of the branch office to which Mahony and others are assigned, he sprinkles newcomers with a disgusting personality. In the third film, he has been promoted to the principal of an academy different from Mahoney's alma mater.
Act:Lance Kinsey
Japanese dubbing: Kei Tomiyama (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th TV version), Yoshitada Otsuka (5th and 6th software version)
Assistant InspectorAnd Harris and Mouser's waist purse.A goofy laughter targeted by the mischief of the mahoneys.Strong with an optimistic personality.Both swordsmen.
Henry J. Hurst
Japanese dubbing:Toshiro Ishii(2st work) ・Koichi Kitamura(3rd and 4th works, 6th TV version),Akimoto Yosuke(6th software version)
Appeared in the 1st to 6th works.Headquarters[4]And a friend of Principal LaSalle.A good man but a cynic.Every time he visits a dignitary with a dignitary, he is troubled by the academy student Doji and Harris and Mouser Gomasuri.
Kyle Blanks, Chad Copeland
Act:Brandt von Hoffman(Blanks),Scott Thomson(Copeland)
Japanese dubbing: Blanks- Taniguchi Festival(1st work),Akimoto Yosuke(3rd work) Copeland- Ryoichi Tanaka(1st work),Masayuki Komuro(3rd and 4th works)
Appeared in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th works.As a subordinate of Instructor Harris, he relentlessly bullies the enrolled Mahony, but when Mahony tries to find out the location of the party, he is told false information and is trapped in a gay bar.In the second half, the training car on the high tower was turned over, and he re-entered the gay bar trying to escape from the mob. In the third work, he is sent as a spy of the enemy Principal Mouser. In the 3th work, only Copeland appears as a choi.

Series work

Police Academy

Published in 1984.The first work in the series.


The new mayor has renewed the criteria for recruiting police officers for the city police.People with various physical abilities and backgrounds enroll in a police academy (Police Academy) with the aim of becoming a police officer.Only the principal welcomed this, but instructors Harris, who disagree, impose rigorous training on them to drop out school students who they deem ineligible.At that time, a riot occurred in the town.School students are also driven to suppress it.

Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Cary MahonySteve GutenbergAkira Kamiya
Karen ThompsonKim CattrallNaoko Koda
Moses High TowerBubba smithGalactic Manjo
Eugene Tackle BerryDavid GrafTetsuaki Genda
Douglas FucklerBruce MahlerHirotaka Suzuoki
Ravan FuchsMarion RamseyKazue Komiya
Debbie CallahanLeslie EasterbrookKazuko Yanaga
Principal Eric La SalleGeorge gaynesKiyoshi Kawakubo
Inspector Sadeus HarrisGW BaileyKenji Utsumi
Larvell JonesMichael WinslowHoriuchi Keno
George MartinRokuro Naya
Leslie BarbaraDonovan ScottNishio Tonori
Kyle BlanksTaniguchi Festival
Chad CopelandRyoichi Tanaka
Secretary HurstMikio Terashima
Mrs. FucklerDebralee ScottMiyuki Ichijo
OtherMasayuki Kato

Shozo Iizuka

Tomomi Nishimura

Akiko Takeguchi

Masayuki Komuro

  • Dubbed in Japanese-First broadcast October 1987, 10 TBS "The Road Show* BD & DVD recording (about 95 minutes)
  • In the TV broadcast version, there are scenes where the lines of Mahony, Tackle Berry, Martin, and Barbara are partially cut, and the relevant part of the BD & DVD version is played with English audio and Japanese subtitles.

Police Academy 2 All dispatched!

Published July 1985, 7.The second work in the series.


In the area under the jurisdiction of the 16th branch office, which is headed by Pete, the younger brother of LaSalle, the Gorotsuki group led by Zedd has recently repeatedly committed crimes in the city, and residents' dissatisfaction has increased.To overcome this situation, Pete asks LaSalle to recruit six new police officers, including Mahoney, a graduate of the Police Academy (Polyaka), to crack down on them.However, at a later festival event between residents and police, Zedd and his friends got into trouble, Pete took responsibility and resigned, and Mouser became the chief.Mahony talks with Pete, conducts an independent sting operation and invades their hideout, but is caught and fellow police officers go to rescue.

Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Cary MahonySteve GutenbergYoshitsuka Otsuka
Moses High TowerBubba smithGalactic Manjo
Eugene Tackle BerryDavid GrafTetsuaki Genda
Larvell JonesMichael WinslowKoji Toya
Mouser Team LeaderArt MetranoKenji Utsumi
Ravan FuchsMarion RamseyChihiro Kamishiro
Catherine KirklandColleen CampMari Yokoo
Assistant Police Officer ProctorLance KinseyToyama Kei
Chief Pete LaSalleHoward HessemanHanshin
Principal Eric La SalleGeorge gaynesTamio Ohki
ZeddBobcat GoldthwaiteKenichi Ogata
Sweet chuckTim KazurinskyNishikawa Ikuo
Douglas FucklerBruce MahlerIkemizu Toyo
VinnieMasahiro Anzai
Henry J. Hurst SecretaryToshiro Ishii
OtherYasuo Muramatsu

Miyoko Shoji

Ryo Horikawa

Masayuki Kato

Chikako Akimoto

Ishizuka Unsho

Masayuki Komuro

Suzuki Katsumi

Fumihiko Tachiki

Junichi Sugawara

Yoshino Takamori

Mitsuaki Hoshino

Police Academy 3 All retrained!

Published July 1986, 7.The second work in the series.


There are two police academy in the state, each of which was headed by LaSalle and Mouser, but one day the governor of the state announced that "the one who received a low evaluation by the committee will be closed."LaSalle welcomes the unique and unreliable new students, and decides to entrust the training of the new students with the six Polyaka OBs, including Mahony who became the police officer, as instructors.Meanwhile, Mouser makes a back-door deal with a pair of LaSalle instructors, inviting new students to make mistakes and instructing LaSalle to lower their reputation.The disciplined Mouser side receives a superior evaluation, but the LaSalle side spends days making mistakes in front of the committee, and the final day of the evaluation examination is reached.

Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Cary MahonySteve GutenbergYoshitsuka Otsuka
Moses High TowerBubba smithShigezō Sasaoka
Eugene Tackle BerryDavid GrafIshizuka Unsho
Larvell JonesMichael WinslowKitagawa Takuro
Ravan FuchsMarion RamseyChihiro Kamishiro
Debbie CallahanLeslie EasterbrookMari Yokoo
MouserArt MetranoKenji Utsumi
Sweet chuckTim KazurinskyNishikawa Ikuo
ZeddBobcat GoldthwaiteKenichi Ogata
Assistant Police Officer ProctorLance KinseyToyama Kei
Principal Eric La SalleGeorge gaynesTamio Ohki
Henry J. Hurst SecretaryKoichi Kitamura
BlanksAkimoto Yosuke
CopelandMasayuki Komuro
Mrs. FucklerDebralee ScottKazue Ikura
Douglas FucklerBruce MahlerTaniguchi Festival
NagataBrian TochiSeki Toshihiko
OtherShunsuke Shima

Tomohiro Nishimura

Kazuo Hayashi

Chikako Akimoto

Yasuo Muramatsu

Kiyonobu Suzuki

Maya Okamoto

Fumihiko Tachiki

Inaba Minoru

Akiko Takeguchi

Masako Ebisu

  • Dubbed in Japanese-First broadcast October 1988, 8 TBS "The Road ShowSummer vacation special project ”* BD & DVD recording

Police Academy 4 Citizen Patrol

Published July 1987, 6.The second work in the series.


Principal LaSalle patrols the police and the citizens to lead to mutual understanding between the citizens and the police and deterrence of crime in the city.[Note 1]) ”Propose a plan. We are recruiting volunteers from COP members from the citizens, but LaSalle will be on a business trip abroad for several weeks due to an important international conference, and the local police chief Harris will be appointed as a temporary principal. They become instructors and provide training guidance for unique members, but the training is interrupted by Harris who disagrees with this operation. After that, LaSalle returns to Japan and Harris returns to the police station, but the prisoners in the detention center are police officers. After stealing a gun and escaping, the police and COPs rush through the city.

Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Cary MahonySteve GutenbergYoshitsuka Otsuka
Moses High TowerBubba smithShigezō Sasaoka
Eugene Tackle BerryDavid GrafIshizuka Unsho
Larvell JonesMichael WinslowKitagawa Takuro
Sweet chuckTim KazurinskyNishikawa Ikuo
ClaireSharon StoneIchiyanagi
Ravan FuchsMarion RamseyChihiro Kamishiro
Debbie CallahanLeslie EasterbrookMari Yokoo
Inspector Sadeus HarrisGW BaileySeizo Kato
Assistant Police Officer ProctorLance KinseyToyama Kei
ZeddBobcat GoldthwaiteKenichi Ogata
Principal Eric La SalleGeorge gaynesTamio Ohki
Henry J. Hurst SecretaryKoichi Kitamura
HouseTab hackerToshiharu Sakurai
ロ ー ラCorinne BohrerYoshino Takamori
FeldmanBillie BirdChie Kitagawa
KyleDavid SpadeKen Yamaguchi
CopelandMasayuki Komuro
NagataBrian TochiSeki Toshihiko
OtherTomoaki Kitagawa

Yasuo Muramatsu

Tomohiro Nishimura


Atsushi Ii

Inaba Minoru

Ai Sato

Horikoshi Masaki

Ikuya Sawaki

Police Academy 5 Miami Special Work

Published July 1988, 7.The second work in the series.


Principal LaSalle will be awarded the prestigious award as a police officer and will head to Miami, where the award ceremony will be held with the familiar Polyakas.Upon arriving at Miami Airport, LaSalle heads to the hotel, unaware that he has mistaken himself for the bag of three thieves who stole the jewels and hid them in the camera.After opening the bag, LaSalle misunderstands the camera as a gift from someone and goes sightseeing, but when the trio notices the mistake, they try to get the jeweled camera back. The trio managed to get the camera back, but they were found to be thieves, and they threatened LaSalle with a gun to escape, so the police academy headed for rescue.

Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Software versionTBS version
Moses High TowerBubba smithDaisuke GosatoShigezō Sasaoka
Eugene Tackle BerryDavid GrafToyama KeiIshizuka Unsho
Larvell JonesMichael WinslowChiba ShigeruKitagawa Takuro
Debbie CallahanLeslie EasterbrookRihoko YoshidaMari Yokoo
Ravan FuchsMarion RamseyChihiro Kamishiro
KateTakashima MaraKikuko Inoue
Assistant Police Officer ProctorLance KinseyYoshitsuka OtsukaToyama Kei
Nick RusardMatt McCoyMasashi EharaSatoshi Shimada
Inspector Sadeus HarrisGW BaileyTakeshi AonoSeizo Kato
Principal Eric La SalleGeorge gaynesGoro NayaTamio Ohki
HurstAkimoto YosukeKoichi Kitamura
TonyRene AuberjonoisMasaru IkedaMichio Hasama
OtherIshizuka Unsho

Toshiya Ueda

Kumiko Hironaka

Kozo Shioya

Kameyama Sukesei

Fujimoto Joe

Tomomi Nishimura

Kazue Ikura

Yoshino Takamori

Toshiharu Sakurai

Arakawa Taro

Fumihiko Tachiki

Ikuko Tatsu

Masayuki Kato

Inaba Minoru

Mine Keiken

Masayuki Komuro

Tea wind forest

Mitsuaki Hoshino

Taneda Ayako

Yoshiko Kamei

New Police Academy Battle Royale

Published April 1989, 4.The sixth work in the series.The video title is "Police Academy 6 Battle Royale'[7].


In the jurisdiction of the 03 branch office, a band of robbers ransacked the city, and police inspector Harris, who had been responsible for arresting them for two weeks, was taken by the hand.Polyaka, led by Principal LaSalle, who came to the 2 branch office at the request of the governor who boiled the business, investigates with Harris, but can not get a clue at all.After that, the robbery case continued, and LaSalle and others suspected the existence of a spy who sent information to them in the 03 branch office from the method of the crime that was one step ahead of the police.At a later date, a jewel robbery case occurred by a robbery group, and the police officers gathered by the superiors of the 03 branch office were told that "the stolen jewel was found in LaSalle's office."The police academy, who were despised with LaSalle, continue their own investigation to clear the principal's false charge, find the true criminal, and try to capture the robbers.

Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Software versionTBS version
Moses High TowerBubba smithDaisuke GosatoShigezō Sasaoka
Eugene Tackle BerryDavid GrafToyama KeiIshizuka Unsho
Larvell JonesMichael WinslowChiba ShigeruFutamata Issei
Debbie CallahanLeslie EasterbrookRihoko YoshidaMari Yokoo
Ravan FuchsMarion RamseyChihiro Kamishiro
Nick RusardMatt McCoyMasashi EharaSatoshi Shimada
HurstAkimoto YosukeKoichi Kitamura
Assistant Police Officer ProctorLance KinseyYoshitsuka OtsukaToyama Kei
Inspector Sadeus HarrisGW BaileyTakeshi AonoSeizo Kato
Principal Eric La SalleGeorge gaynesGoro NayaTamio Ohki
Douglas FucklerBruce MahlerSatoshi ShimadaMitsuaki Hoshino
MayorKenneth MarsOsamu KobayashiTomio Kosei
OtherKeisuke Yamashita

Kazuyasu Sogabe

Ritsuo Sawa

Koji Koike

Akio Otsuka

Daisuke Gosato

Shinpachi Tsuji

Suzuki Reiko

Mine Keiken

Arakawa Taro

Small Man

Yoko Sawaumi

Police Academy '94 / Moscow State University !!

Published April 1994, 7.The sixth work in the series.The video title is "Police Academy 777 (Lucky Seven) Moscow Grand Operation !!'[8].


A certain computer game software became a big hit all over the world, but its manufacturer was Don, Konari, a mafia who has committed a crime and is fleeing from the United States to Russia.The Moscow police, who had a hard time with Konari, who continued to do bad things, asked Principal LaSalle for cooperation and decided to form a special team with Polyaka members and send them to Russia.At that time, Konari put a young computer nerd under house arrest and entered the virus.[Note 2]He was planning to make a new game software for the company and use it to dominate the world financial markets.A special team of Polyaka, who was involved in the invasion investigation, tries to prevent Konari's attempt, but one of the members is taken hostage and goes to rescue.

Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Software versionTV Tokyo version
Principal Eric La SalleGeorge gaynesTeiji OmiyaTamio Ohki
Larvell JonesMichael WinslowChiba ShigeruArakawa Taro
Eugene Tackle BerryDavid GrafToyama KeiIshizuka Unsho
Debbie CallahanLeslie EasterbrookRihoko YoshidaMari Yokoo
Inspector Sadeus HarrisGW BaileyTakeshi AonoSeizo Kato
Kyle ConnersCharlie SchlatterHoriuchi KenoSeki Toshihiko
Rakov Police ChiefChristopher LeeSeizo KatoMaruyama Eiji
KatrinaClaire ForlaniKikuko InoueMaya Okamoto
Konstantin KonariRon PerlmanMasaru IkedaRyuji Mizuno
Yuri TallinnskiGregg BergerKozo ShioyaTea wind forest
narratorTakashi Matsuo
OtherIshida Akira

Toshiya Ueda

Nobuyuki Furuta

Kazuhiro Nakata

Mine Keiken

Kosuke Okano

From Terauchi

Hisaya Ishiguro

Kenji Nomura

Akiko Okamoto

Masahito Kawanago

Other works


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注 釈

  1. ^ Abbreviation for "Citizens On Patrol".
  2. ^ When the game is loaded, the program automatically operates and breaks into the computer.


  1. ^ According to himself, "a gift from mom"
  2. ^ At the party venue in the final stage, the criminal held up just by holding up for the criminal group, so it did not reach "shooting".
  3. ^ In the Japanese dubbed version, "Don't move! This shit!"
  4. ^ In the play, it is called by the title of "Commissioner" from the surroundings, which refers to the chairman of the police (the position equivalent to the chairman of the public safety commission in the Japanese police).Usually, the translation for the general manager is "Chief".
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