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🤖 | Yui Horie, Ayane Sakura and others will appear!Winter animation "Sage who calls himself a disciple of the sage" key visual & PV 4th release

Photo "Sage who claims to be a disciple of the sage" Key Visual 4th (C) 2021 Ryusen Hirotsugu / Fuzichoco / Micro Magazine / Washi Kawaii Production Committee

Yui Horie, Ayane Sakura and others will appear!Winter animation "Sage who calls himself a disciple of the sage" key visual & PV 4th release

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In a certain online game, Kan Sakimori, who was role-playing as one of the nine wise men, Summoner Dumblef, is sent to the world where the game became a reality when he fell asleep during play.

From the winter anime "Sage who claims to be a disciple of the sage" (broadcast in January 2022), the 1th key visual and the 4th PV ... → Continue reading

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Role acting

Role acting(Yakuwari Engi) is a learning method in which multiple people play their respective roles, assuming actual situations, and through simulated experiences, they can respond appropriately when something actually happens. It is one.Roleplaying(English: role playing,British: RP), Abbreviated in JapaneseRole-playingAlso called.

会話Learning (especiallyForeign languageIn) andCompanyHow to deal with customers (reception) To learnleadershipIn a wide range of fields, such as to acquireEducationIt is used in. Since I have already experienced various scenes in a simulated manner, it has an effect close to that I actually gained experience, and when I encounter similar scenes in reality, I can deal with it promptly without discomfort.MeritThere is.

When used as repetitive trainingscenarioThe purpose is to make the performer (performer) who performs based on the above learn the ideal response as described in the scenario. In other words, the role-playing organizer preliminarily incorporates into the scenario the ideal narration and manners that the performer desires in the actual customer service scene, and has them perform. Even a performer who is unfamiliar and awkward at first can behave smoothly according to the scenario by repeatedly performing it. By performing more and more repeatedly, you will finally acquire it to the point where you can say that you have mastered it, and when you encounter a similar situation in reality, you will be able to respond immediately and ideally.

The important things are as follows.

  1. The scenario is to draw the ideal flow
  2. The performer should perform with all his heart according to the set scene.
  3. Be sure to accompany your body and movements
  4. The lines may be replaced with colloquialism (however, in scenarios where the wording has an important aim = customer service scenes, etc. =, there may be rules for each word, so be careful).
  5. Act over and over again to create a natural flow
  6. Training daily is effective, but always start at the beginning of the scenario

Role-playingPsychotherapyAlso used in, especiallyPsychodramaIt is a central module in theatrical therapeutic approaches such as drama therapy and drama therapy. It was the inventor of role-playing as such a psychotherapy or educational means (including correction)Jacob Moreno.

Games and entertainment

To play some role or role as a game or entertainmentRole playSometimes called.

In this case, not as one of the learning methods, but in the English-English dictionary "pretending to be someone else'[1]The meaning is used as it is.

When role-playing is translated into Japanese, it may be described as role-playing in this usage, but this is due to internal factors.Language changeIt is better to treat it as if it was done.


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