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📺 | Tomohisa Yamashita starring NHK drama for the first time in April, co-starring with Haruka Fukuhara in "Honest Real Estate" 

Photograph Tomohisa Yamashita (C) HIGH HOPE ENTERTAINMENT starring in the drama "Honest Real Estate"

Tomohisa Yamashita starring NHK drama for the first time in April, co-starring with Haruka Fukuhara in "Honest Real Estate" 

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It has also been decided that Nemoto Nonji of "Police in a Pod" (NTV) and "Kansatsui Asagao" (Fuji TV) will be in charge.

Actor Tomohisa Yamashita is an elite salesman who is too honest with the drama "Honest Real Estate" (NHK) that started in April 2022 ... → Continue reading

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Fuji Television

Fuji Media Holdings > Fuji Television

Fuji Television Network Co., Ltd.(British: Fuji Television Network, Inc., Commonly known as: Fuji Television Network, Inc,Fuji[Note 2]) IsFuji Media HoldingsIs a consolidated subsidiary ofKanto wide areaTheBroadcast target areaAndTelevision broadcastingDo businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

Fuji News Network(FNN),Fuji network(FNS,Fuji TV series)ofKey station.Remote control key IDIs "8".

This section describes the old companies up to September 2008, 9, and the current companies after October 30, 2008.


It is the fourth TV station to open in Tokyo and is the fourth key station in Tokyo.Sankei Shimbun,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Composed of etc.Fuji Sankei GroupIs a member.The old company was the core company of the Fujisankei Group and was the controlling company of the group in terms of capital relations, but the current company is treated as the core company of the Fuji Television Group.[5].

28 affiliated companies in each region aiming to supply programs and onlineFuji network (FNS: Fuji Network System) and the purpose of supplying news materials and onlineFuji News Network (FNN: Fuji News Network) is organized. In the area covered by FNN (news),Aomori-YamanashiIs included[Note 3].

Terrestrial waveBesides broadcastingSKY PerfecTV! Premium Service(124 degrees east longitude CS broadcasting) and satellite backbone broadcasting companySatellite serviceThroughSKY PerfecTV! (former SKY PerfecTV! e2)(110 degree east longitude CS broadcast),Fuji TV ONE-Fuji TV TWO-Fuji Television NEXT3 channels of (Fuji TV One Two Next) Is being broadcast and someCable TVWe also supply these channels to businesses.

Fuji Television Co., Ltd. (former company) changed its name to Fuji Media Holdings Co., Ltd. on October 2008, 10, and established a television broadcasting related business on the same day.[Note 4]The new company, "Fuji Television Co., Ltd." (current company), transferred the business and succeeded the broadcasting license.Holding companyAlso certifiedBroadcasting holding companyIt became.

About abbreviation

Abbreviations have never been formally established since the opening[Note 5], As described belowcallsign"JOCX-DTV"(Tokyo 21ch) generally usedCX(CX) is used.

The abbreviation "FTV" was used at the beginning of broadcasting. However, it is not defined as an official abbreviation, and the affiliated station that opened laterFukushima TV[Note 6]Came to use "FTV" as a formal abbreviation.Since then, the abbreviation "CX" has been used from the call sign.This is also not a formal abbreviation, but it gradually becomes more frequent.[Note 7]And continues to the present.

There are various theories about the origin of the company name, but as a representative, it was one of the founders at the time of opening the station and was a managing director at that time.Nobutaka ShikauchiHowever, "it must be loved by the common people. It must be popular. Speaking of popular in Japan,Cherry BlossomsFujiSo, what about Fuji TV?", and the company name was originally planned, "(tentative name)Central TelevisionFrom "Fuji Television". However, the kanji "Fuji" has many strokes,Fuji TelevisionThere is something that has been changed to.


  • November 1957, 11-Focusing on cultural and Nippon Broadcasting,Toho,Shochiku,Daiei OfMovie companyFuji Television Co., Ltd. was established with the participation of each company.[Note 8]Was tentatively decided).
  • December 1958-Trade nameFuji Television Network Co., Ltd.change to.
  • 1959
    • August 1- This licenseReceive.
    • August 2- Test broadcastTo start.
    • March 3-1:9 amTerrestrial analog television broadcastingThe main broadcasting of No. 4 started in Tokyo as the 8th TV station (JOCX-TV/Tokyo XNUMXch). The first program was "On opening" (Greetings from President Naruo Mizuno). Opened in OsakaMBS TV(JOOR-TV/Osaka 4ch) and FukuokaKyushu Asahi BroadcastingSame day as (KBC/JOIF-TV/Fukuoka 1ch). In the Kansai area,Kansai Television (KTV)Will establish a network relationship with MBS TV, but will be integrated into Kansai TV the following year.
    • June 6-Tomei Hanfuku's four core stations (Fuji TelevisionTokai Television (THK)・Signed network cooperation system on Kansai TV/Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting). This will be the basis of the later Fuji Network (FNS).
  • January 1960, 1-The headquartersTransmission outputThe picture 50kW, Voice up to 12.5kW.
  • 1964
    • August 9- Tokyo OlympicsAhead of theカ ラ ーStarted test broadcasting (third in the Tokyo area).The first program is "I saw it", a 3-minute program from 10:30 am.
    • September 9-Start the color broadcast. The first color main broadcast program is from EnglandSpecial effectspuppet show"Submarine Great War Stingray』.
    • October 10-Fukuoka area Internet station from Kyushu Asahi BroadcastingTV West JapanChanged to (TNC), and a network cooperation system will be established between Fuji TV, Tokai TV, Kansai TV and TV West Japan.
  • 1966 October 10-Fuji News Network (FNN) launched.
  • February 1967, 2-First color in-house producedカメラLive action·ColorVTRA program for use is broadcast. The first is the quiz show "Let's guess!], the title was "Let's guess in color" after the 1st color broadcast of the same program.[Note 9]
  • 1969
    • October 10-Fuji Network (FNS) established.
    • Tower studio completed.[6]
  • 1971-Abolished the production bureau, affiliated subsidiaries ("Fuji Pony", "Fuji Production", "Wide Pro" and others). Outsourced production of programs other than news, sports, and live programs (the "Production Bureau" was re-established in the structural reform of 1980, and continued while reorganizing affiliated companies until the company's production was revived).
  • 1973 『Kumquat People's SongFinally, all self-produced programs will be color broadcast.
  • October 1978, 10- Multiplex audio broadcastingPractical application test started. In Tokyo, Nippon Television, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Is the third station. The first one is an American television movie "From 3 pm on the same day"Combat!"ofBroadcast in two languages.. The first stereo was broadcast on the same day from 1 pmJingu StadiumfromYakultversus巨人Battle stereo broadcast.
  • 1984
    • Fuji Sankei Group ChairmanHaruo ShikauchiIs the future satellite broadcasting business (currentBS FujiAnd Fuji TV one-two next, etc.), with the expansion of business through participation, appealing for the need to expand the station area,Shinjuku wardKawata TownAnnounced the plan to relocate the building to Daiba, which was still a vacant lot at that time (#Background of Odaiba relocationSee).
  • October 1985, 12- TeletextThe main broadcast starts.
  • April 1986, 4-Fuji Sankei Group unifiedCIWith the introduction, the current logo mark, "Eyeball markOfficially started to be used.
  • 1987
  • 1988-To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the openingOrient ExpressRun in Japan (Hitachi, Ltd.-East Japan RailwayJoint project with (JR East Japan).Orient Express '88).
  • August 1989, 8-First GenerationClear visionBroadcast started. And for the first time in commercial broadcasting,SonyThe 1-inch uncompressed digital HDTV VTR DVH-1000 manufactured by MHI is introduced.
  • February 1990- High definitionTrial broadcast started.
  • 1993
    • August 3- Yamagata TVLeaves the Fuji Network (on TV Asahi from April 4st the next day)Net change[Note 11]).
    • May-Start of construction of FCG building, which will be the new head office and music venue.
  • 1994
  • 1995
    • April-Fuji Sankei Group headquarters merged.
    • 9 month - Wide clear vision(EDTV-II) Main broadcasting started.
  • February 1996- TokyoMinato-kuDaiba OfFCG buildingIs completed. Relocation work from Kawada Town will be started sequentially for each department.
  • 1997
    • March 3-Broadcast from Kawada-cho ends at 10:2 am.The transfer of the head office and performance hall functions to the FCG building in Odaiba has been completed, and from 05:5 amMezamashi TVBroadcast starts from.Head office location change (2-4-8 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo).
    • August 3- Former Kawatamachi Head Office BuildingDismantling work started (completed on March 3, the following year, the site isKawadacho GardenBecame).[7]
    • August 8- Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the first section of the market.
  • 1998
  • April 1999, 4-CS channel "Fuji TV 1" (currently Fuji TV ONE) started broadcasting.
  • December 2000, 12-1:11 amBS digital broadcasting"BS Fuji" (digital BS8Ch) started.
  • December 2003, 12-1:11 am,Terrestrial digital television broadcastingStarted the main broadcast of (JOCX-DTV/Tokyo 21ch).
  • 2005
    • January 1-Nippon Radio of affiliate radio stationTakeover bid(TOB) announced. As a result, it acquired 36.47% of the shares issued by Nippon Broadcasting System.
    • August 3- SoftbankGroup ofFinancial holding companySBI HoldingsIs a subsidiary ofSoftbank InvestmentIs the lead of Fuji TelevisionShareholderBecome[8].
    • May 5-Acquired Livedoor Partners and changed the company name to "LF Holdings" (merged on July 23).
    • August 6- Industrial Revitalization LawCertified for business restructuring plan based on. Until May 2008.
    • July 7-First terrestrial key stationBroadbandVideo distribution service, "Fuji TV On Demand"Start of service.
    • September 9-Exchange shares with Nippon Broadcasting, making the company a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2006
    • August 1- Live door Securities Trading LawThe house is searched on January 1 for the violation.
    • August 3- Podcasting"FujipodStart of delivery.
    • March 3-Hie holds a press conferenceUSEN OfYasuhide UnoAnnounced a business tie-up with USEN by transferring all the shares of Fuji TV owned live doors to the president for 95 billion yen. At the same time with the tie-up with LivedoorLive door shockIt was decided to make a claim for damages of 345 billion yen for Fuji TV.
    • May 4
      • Digital Terrestrial TelevisionOne SegThe main broadcast of is started.
      • Forty-seven people, including announcers, transferred to Fuji Television from Nippon Broadcasting.
    • April 4-Become a business holding company, become the controlling company of the Fuji Sankei Group. Along with this, Nippon Broadcasting Holdings Co., Ltd. (formerly Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd., formerly known as Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd., has established "Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd." as the former radio broadcasting business and medium-wave broadcasting station license, was succeeded by the company) and merged with Fuji Broadcasting System. TV shares will be canceled after absorption,Pony canyon,DinosA company under the umbrella of Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. has moved under the umbrella of Fuji Television.
  • 2007
    • March 3-Announced that the Tokyo District Court has filed a claim for damages of 26 billion yen against Livedoor.
    • March 3-Acquired all the issued shares of Pony Canyon and Fusosha, making it a wholly owned subsidiary. At the same time, increase the investment ratio in BS Fuji.
    • September 9-start coverage in high-definition (some sports coverage has been high-definition before).
    • May 9-TokyoKoto WardQinghai OfCoastal subcenterWas built inFuji TV Wangan StudioStarted operation.
  • 2008
    • April 4-CS channel "Fuji TV CSHD" (now Fuji TV NEXT) started broadcasting. It is the first high-definition broadcast by CS broadcasting mainly by commercial key stations in Tokyo.
    • August 9- Minister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsFrom, obtained the certification of the broadcasting holding company based on the Broadcasting Act, and was allowed to succeed the television broadcasting license to the newly established company (established October 2008, 10).
    • October 10-Fuji Television Network Co., Ltd. changed its name to "Fuji Media Holdings Co., Ltd." and transferred to a certified broadcasting holding company. (New company) succeeded to broadcasting license together. The company name logo mark was not changed and the new company succeeded.
    • December 12-Integrated digital master equipment for terrestrial (analog/digital), BS wave (BS Fuji), CS wave (Fuji TV one-two next) compatible with file distribution (ToshibaMade)[9].. At the same time, operation of sub-channel number "083" for terrestrial digital television broadcasting started. 3 division broadcasting is physically possible. The master switching is performed in three stages, the first stage is ground wave, the second stage is CS broadcasting in April 3 (Fuji Television One Two Next), and the third stage is BS broadcasting in October 1 (BS Fuji ) Was switched in this order.
  • 2010
    • March 3-BS safety net based on the terrestrial digital broadcasting supplemental broadcasting for difficult-to-view areas for a limited time. Channel is BS11
    • April 4-The first of the same station on Fuji Television NEXT of CS broadcasting3DHigh definition program "Alice3D” (the same stationSound setProduced by). At this time, we are the sponsor of this programPanasonicJapan's first 3D high-definition CM by (professional golferRyo Ishikawa(Players appeared) was also broadcast[Note 12].
    • July 7-With NHKCommercial broadcastingAgreement, all programs in terrestrial analog broadcasting will be fully converted to terrestrial digital broadcastingLetterbox broadcast(View angle size 16:9)[Note 13].
  • 2011
    • June 6-With the opening of the digital broadcasting relay station in the Daito Islands of Okinawa (July 30st test broadcast, July 7 official opening), broadcasting from the Daito Islands relay station will also end at the same time, for digital broadcasting The Okinawa TV broadcasting relay station, which was originally affiliated with Okinawa Prefecture, will open.
    • July 7-End of terrestrial analog broadcasting over 24 years since opening.
    • October 10-All live broadcast news and information programsStereo broadcastingWas transformed.
  • 2012
  • May 2013, 5-31am Tokyo Sky TreeStart sending from
  • 2015
    • March 3-Completion of terrestrial digital broadcasting via BS Safety Net at noon
    • April 4-As terrestrial backbone broadcast for mobile receptionMobacasFuji TV ONE and Fuji TV TWO broadcasting started by
  • June 2016, 6-Fuji TV ONE and Fuji TV TWO broadcast by Mobacas ends with the end of Mobacas
  • 2017 May 3 -"Odaiba area broadcasting" abolished
  • June 2019, 6-Terrestrial wave (digital), BS wave (BS Fuji), CS wave (Fuji TV One Two Next) 10 wave integrated master equipment (made by Toshiba) is up and running. At the same time, the program material data is based on the "total content management system" from the VTR delivery to date.ク ラ ウ ドIt corresponds to the above network transmission. The master equipment started operation on BS wave in October and CS wave in February 6, starting with the ground wave on the morning of June 10.[12][13].

Company history/commemorative magazine

Fuji Television publishes the following eight volumes (as of March 9).

  • Fuji Television Decade History(Fuji Television, edited) 1970, 314 pages.
  • Fuji Television 15 years history(Fuji Television Public Relations Department, edited) 1974, 88 pages.
  • History from the start of broadcasting Fuji Television Company history chronology 34-60(Fuji Television General Affairs Department, edited) March 1986 issue, 3 pages.
  • History from the start of broadcasting Fuji Television Company history chronology 34-2(Fuji Television General Affairs Department, edited) March 1991 issue, 2 pages.
  • Fuji Television 35 Year History Seen from Timetable(Fuji Television Organization Bureau Research Department, ed.) Published May 1994, 5 pages[14].
  • Fuji Television 40 Year History Seen from Timetable(Fuji Television Organization Bureau Research Department, edited) July 1999, 7 pages.
  • Fuji Television 50 Year History Seen from Timetable(Fuji Television Organization Bureau, Intellectual Property Information Center, Research Department), published April 2009, 4 pages.
  • 50 Years of Fuji Television Opening 1959 --2009 (34-21)(Fuji Media Holdings, edited) Published in August 2009, 8 books and data book.
  • Fuji Television 60 Year History Seen from Timetable(Fuji TV Organization Bureau Organization Center Organization Media Promotion Office Marketing Research Department, Edition) Published March 2019, page 3.


1950 era

  • 1957 year 6 month,Ministry of PostAnnounced the "Frequency Assignment Plan for Television Broadcasting", and three new waves were assigned to the Keihin area. One of these three wavesNHK educational TVThe remaining two waves were divided into the Commercial Broadcasting Bureau and the Commercial Broadcasting Education Bureau.Among them, the competition for licenses of general stations was particularly fierce, and companies such as Central Television, Asian Television, Art Television, and Oriental Television Broadcasting applied.Of these, the integration of license applications has progressed, centering on the cooperation between Nippon Cultural Broadcasting and Nippon Broadcasting, which have already accumulated a track record as a commercial radio station, with the addition of movie companies such as Toho, Shochiku, and Daiei.[15].. The following July, a preliminary license was issued. After that, as a business entity, in November of the same year, TokyoChiyoda WardYurakucho1-7 (currently 1-9-3, Yurakucho)Sugar Industry HallWith capital of 6 million yenFujiEstablished as "Television" (changed to the current trade name in December of the following year, living with Nippon Broadcasting Corporation).
  • Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo in January 1959IchigayaAt 7 Kawatamachi (currently 3-1, Kawatamachi, Shinjuku-ku)Head office buildingWas completed (the location of the head office was changed in 1962), and it was third in Tokyo on March 3 of the same year (it is said to be the third due to the division of the General Bureau and Education Bureau, but the division of the General Bureau and Education Bureau) No matter what, it's the fourth[Note 14])ofTV stationAsbroadcast(The video output was 10 kW and the audio output was 2.5 kW at the start of broadcasting. On January 1960, 1Antenna powerWas increased to 50kW).
  • The channel originally wanted "1", but NHK Educational TV →NHK general TVWon[Note 15].. It was the 4th channel because Nippon TV acquired "6" and Radio Tokyo TV (now TBS TV) acquired "8". From opening to March 1986, 3symbol markIs a design of the channel number "8" (slightly different from Kansai TV and Okinawa TV).Logo typeThe (logo) is the standard typeface of the former Fuji Sankei Group, which is similar to the old typeface of the Sankei Shimbun (then Sankei at that time) and Nippon Broadcasting System (Yusaku KamekuraIt was).
  • Although it acquired 8 channels, it was in the dawn of JapanTV receiverHas 1956 channels until 6.tunerHowever, in order to watch the newly opened 8-channel Fuji TV, it was necessary to replace it with a 12-channel tuner TV receiver or add a tuner.
  • At the time of the opening of the station on March 1959, 3, at 1:9 the first program "At the time of opening" (the first presidentMizuo NaruoIs being aired. Then, the recorded movie "Birth of Fuji Television" was broadcast, showing the scenes up to the opening. Tonight'sStar thousand nights』Started broadcasting. The movie company at the time concludedFive company agreementIt was an era when it was difficult for movie stars to appear on TV, but instead of being in the form of "entering an entertainment program," we adopted an epoch-making method of attaching an appearance by picking it up as a social topic related to current affairs. It was
  • August 1959, 6,Watanabe ProductionA music program produced byThe Hit Parade』Started broadcasting.

1960 era

  • January 1963, 1, Japan's first domesticTelevision Animation"Astro boy』Started broadcasting. Furthermore, on October 1965, 10, Japan's first color TV animation "Jungle the Great』Started broadcasting.
  • August 1964, 1,New YearThe customary "New Year hidden arts competition』Started broadcasting. From 1965 the following dayKeizo TakahashiThe scale has expanded year by year and continued until 2010 as a year-end and New Year program.
  • August 1964, 8,Music program"ShionogiMUSIC FAIR』Started airing. As of 2020, the airing period is the longest of the weekly programs that are regularly broadcast in Japan.
  • June 1967, 2, ``Let's guess!The first color broadcast of a live-action program produced in-house by[16].
  • In 1969, a 25-year-old female employee at the Fuji Television Union.Retirement ageThe abolition of control is discussed. In protest of the system, all female employees wore red roses on their chests to protest. In the same year, a mediation application was submitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan District Labor Relations Commission.

The tower building of the Kawatamachi building was completed in 1969.

1970 era

  • 1970 May 2, Sunken cargo shipKariforunimaruA small plane chartered to cover the crash.Three people were killed, including one photographer[17].
  • In 1974, a large music program "FNS Song Festival] Started broadcasting. Initially, it was broadcast twice a year in a contest format, but since it was renewed to a concert format in 2, it has been broadcast every winter (end of the year).
  • 1976,Professional baseball news] On the casterShinya SasakiWill be broadcast again.
  • 1977 years,The DriftersIs the main variety show "Drif LOL] Has started broadcasting as a regular program per month. With a high audience rating across the board, the highest audience rating of the program was 1% on the broadcast on December 1980, 12.

1980 era

  • In 1981, the "Mother and Child Fuji TV" up until then was revised,It’s not TV unless it’s fun.I put out the catchphrase. Awareness reform to create interesting programs and programs that can laugh at viewerssloganMet. From thereYokozawa AkiraProduced byTHE MANZAI''We Hyokin''You can laugh!''All Night Fuji] Many popular programs were born. This situation can be seen from the catchphrase at the timeLight char routeIt was also described as "Karucha Rosen".Entertainment showsAs a result, the central organization gained the support of viewers, and in 1982, "Annual rating 3 crowns"(Golden-Prime-All dayWon the top).After that, "Triple Crown" was achieved for 3 consecutive years until 1993.
  • In 1984, it became the top key station in terms of annual sales, both in name and reality.Japan's largest commercial TV stationIt grew to. It will also be used by NTV later.4 crowns"(Golden prime, all-day, non-prime top) was also won at the same time.From this year in the name of management rationalization (actuallyLabor unionExcept for news and sports programs, the program production that had been outsourced to an affiliated external production company in 1970 was once again under the control of the station.At this time, the employee who transferred to Fuji TV from an affiliated production company was called a Potsdam employee by the Potsdam senior soldiers, but he greatly contributed to the subsequent breakthrough of Fuji TV.The above series of movements80 years reformWas called (other detailsHaruo Shikauchi,Yokozawa AkiraSee also).
  • From April 1987 until then "Kin Don!] A new TV drama frame was set up at 21:XNUMX on Monday when the series was organized.This frame is "Due by March 9th』, And from time to timeBubble economyCoupled with timeTrendy dramaIt created a boom and boosted viewership in the golden prime band.
  • July 1987, 7, as a large-scale program of 18-hour organization since the opening of the stationFNS day-FNS Super Special 1 million TV dream islands』Broadcast.Initially, it was planned to be a one-time event, but since the average audience rating was 1% ​​and the instantaneous maximum audience rating was 19.9%, it continued from the following year onwards.FNS 27-hour TVWas continued until 2019.
In October of the same year, the first full 10 hour broadcasting started on a Japanese terrestrial television station (there was a period of suspension in the early morning on weekdays). With the aim of enhancing the software in the late-night frame,JOCX-TV2], and started many programs with experimental contents. Or later,"After all I like catsAnd 'If you can meet in a dream] And other new programs are highly evaluated.The biggest feature of these programs is that they eliminate the "sex appeal line" that was the common sense of late-night programs until then, and since then other stations have started to organize in the same way at midnight.
  • August 1988, 10,TunnelsVariety program "Thanks to everyone in Tunnels] Has started regular broadcasting. After that, "It was your thanks to the Tunnels』, And while the program name changed, it was broadcast for a total of 2018 years until 30, and it became the longest broadcast as a variety program of regular broadcasting in the golden prime band of the same station.
  • As a result, it achieved the highest all-day rating in 1987.Kanto areaAll-day audience rating in (Video researchSurvey), NHK General Television has squeezed each private key station for 1963 years from 1986 to 24, and has continuously won the 1st place.[18][Note 16], Won the first single all-day audience rating in the history of commercial broadcasting.This is the only record as of July 2020.

1990 era

  • In the early 1990s,Humiliation of canossa, Etc., popular programs centered on late-night broadcasting were born one after another. However, from around the summer of 1993, some of the three ratings of the audience werecontent, And the variety program was surrendered to Nippon TV, which was in good shape, and its momentum gradually declined. In 1994, he was robbed of the three crowns that lasted for 1982 years from 12, and then for 3 consecutive years until 2003, "The 10th crown with an annual rating" (Golden prime, all-day addition of non-prime expressions) Was achieved by Nippon Television.
  • Also, at this time,Lion's request(Ended in December 1990), a major reform to end programs that had been broadcast for many years before the 12s, regardless of whether they are regular or special programs, due to the image change of Odaiba relocation (described later) and the problem of audience rating. I do.The main ending program is on weekday morningsChildren's programFrame (The program at the end is "Ugogoruguga], [Ponki kicksMoved in the evening), "I see! The World(April 1996),FNN Super Time(March 1997), New Year's special program "Tamori/Takeshi/pacific saury BIG 3rd Century Golf Match] Etc. can be given.
  • In 1996SMAPThe crown program, "SMAP x SMAP』Started broadcasting.It has been a popular program since its broadcast, and since then it has become a variety show that represents Fuji TV, with a series of high ratings.
  • From Kawada-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo to Daiba, Minato-ku on March 1997, 3FCG buildingMoved to (commonly known as Fuji Television Headquarters Building).In the closing the day before the transition, "さ よ う な ら"Kawata Town" is displayed. The design of the new building is "Kenzo TangeUrban & Architectural Design Institute", constructionKashima construction.. Site area 21102.220m2, Total floor area 141825.438m2, 2 floors below ground, 25 floors above ground, 1st floor of pagoda. Diameter 32mThe sphere observation room is impressive. There is a visitor course where you can see the tools used for recording and the recording studio (V4 studio), and it is one of the sightseeing spots that represent the Tokyo coastal subcenter. The "appearance size" of the entire building isWide clear visionIt is said that the image is 16:9 on TV.
  • In 1999, the image character "Rough-kunHas appeared, and since 2002, "It was Fuji Television."catch copyVarious campaigns have been carried out at the event that is held every year at the head office building. He walks around the company on an irregular basis and plays around with charm.

2000 era

  • Broadcasted on May 2002, 62002 FIFA World Cup Japan-Russia] (Actual condition:Tetsuo Nagasaka) Recorded 66.1%. As a result, for the first time as a commercial broadcaster, it won the number 1 rating for the year.[Note 17].
  • October 2002, 10, trivia variety program "Trivia Fountain-Wonderful Waste Knowledge-] Started broadcasting. After that, he was promoted to Golden and had a high audience rating of around 25%. "Hee"BuzzwordBecomeSocial phenomenonCaused
  • 2003年度(2003年4月 - 2004年3月)の調査ではプライムタイムの視聴率が日本テレビを上回り、この結果、2004年には1993年以来11年ぶりに「3冠」を日本テレビから奪還し民放トップの座に返り咲いた。その後2010年まで7年連続で3冠を達成した。
  • On Fuji TV One Two Next on CS broadcast on November 2003, 11GameEntertainment shows"Game Center CX] Started broadcasting. It continues to be broadcast even today, and has become an extremely popular program on CS broadcasts.
  • Terrestrial digital broadcasting started on December 2003, 12.
  • In January 2005, a major live program from the Odaiba building (“Mezamashi TV''Tokudane!] "General news-related" etc.) will be all high-definition broadcasting.
  • On May 2008, 5, Fuji Television decided by the board of directors to shift to the “certified broadcasting holding company” system based on the revised broadcasting law that came into force in April 15.[19]..The outline is that the current Fuji Television Network Co., Ltd. has been renamed to the pure holding company "FUJI MEDIA HOLDINGS, INC.", And the terrestrial television broadcasting business has been split into a new company, including a broadcasting license. Transfer and license transfer to "Fuji Television Co., Ltd. (new company)", which will be newly established by the method.
  • On June 2008, 6, the transfer to the broadcasting holding company system was approved at the ordinary general meeting of shareholders. After the approval and legal processing of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, the new system was started on October 27, 2008.

2010 era

  • In 2010Digital contentEmbarked on strengthening the business, "Kimi Fuji" and "ImmaStart online services such as.
  • On September 2010, 9, Fuji Television updated the telop/CG system (referred to as "word processing system" in the same station) used by news and related programs for the first time in 27 years since the equipment was updated in August 1994.[Note 18].. As a result, all news telops of the station areHDIt became a compatible specification. The basic typeface isJTC WinFrom SHeisei Kaku GothicChanged to W7, but returned to JTC Win S after 3 weeks[Note 19]..In the first half of 2011, the non-reporting (production / information) word processor system was updated to the same system as the news system (however, the news system and the non-report system are basically completely different systems. Has been built).
  • From around April 2011, the chime at the time of the earthquake/news breaking telop release was "Earthquake early warningI changed the pitch because there was a complaint that "Chime with is confusing."
  • From 2011st July to 7rd July 1Sankei Telenews FNNAnd 'SazaeIn some programs such as ”, a countdown of the end of broadcasting by terrestrial analog broadcasting was displayed at the bottom left of the screenSponsor creditThe word "offer" at the top was deleted, and only the company name was displayed. This display method has already been used by BS Fuji, a similar company.
  • August 2011, 10,Monaural broadcastingAll news and information programs broadcast in (mono-stereo broadcasting) have been switched to stereo broadcasting[Note 20].. It will be the first time for a stereo sound source to be used for all days and hours in the national news frame of each station. In addition, BGM that is attached to the news video is also sent out as a stereo sound source (other stations often send out as a monaural sound source, which is rare in nationwide news).
  • In August 2011, Fuji TV's "Biased coverage","KoreanProtest against this due to "biasedness"Demonstration activitiesWill be held around Fuji Television Headquarters in Odaiba, Tokyo. This demonstration was held intermittently until the following year.
  • In 2012, as a derivative program of the large music program "FNS Song Festival"FNS Song Summer Festival] Started broadcasting. Since then, it is broadcast every summer.
  • On October 2013, 10, the end of the variety program "Laughing Itomo!"[20].
  • June 2013, 10, ``Hoko x TateInYaraseWas discovered[21][22].. At the same time, Fuji Television announced that it will refrain from broadcasting "Hoko x Tate" for the time being, but the program was officially discontinued on November 2013, 11.
  • On March 2014, 3, "Laughing is good!" was broadcast. 31 years and a half broadcasting period, leaving a record that the number of broadcasts is 31 times,Guinness World RecordsIt was certified as "the most recorded live broadcast variety program alone" and "the most recorded live broadcast variety program" (the former wasTamori, The latter is recorded as a program)[23].
  • In the financial results report on May 2014, 5, Fuji Media Holdings announced a substantial decrease in consolidated net profit of 15 million yen, a decrease of 44.8% from the previous year, and Fuji TV alone decreased 172% year on year. .. Fuji TV only reduced profits in 8200 for Fuji TV only[24].
  • On July 2014, 7, Fuji TV representative directorChihiro KameyamaAnnounced that approximately 1,500 of the approximately 1,000 Fuji TV employees have been relocated on June 6 to "revitalize the company and regain viewership."[25].
  • Started from July 2014, 79 dramas a month"HERO" 2nd seriesBut,Ministry of educationWithTie-upMoral educationPositioned as a program[26].
  • As of May 2014, 8David productionBecame a subsidiary.
  • July 2015, 7, the first commercial broadcast4KOnline distribution of programsFuji TV on demandStart with[27].
  • March 2016, 3, Internet channel "Fuji TV ONEsmart / Fuji TV TWOsmart[28].
  • On December 2016, 12, "SMAP x SMAP" will be broadcast due to the dissolution of SMAP. Begin the curtain on the history of 26 years and 20 months of broadcasting[29].
  • It will be the 2017th anniversary of the move of Fuji TV's office building to its current location in Daiba, Minato-ku on March 3, 10.
  • In March 2018, a long-life variety program that was regularly broadcast for many years in Fuji TV's golden time prime time zone ``It was thanks to everyone in Tunnels''Mecha2Cool!"Is complete and the broadcast ends. Each broadcasting period was "Thanks to everyone of Tonneluzu" (including the predecessor program) for 29 years and a half, "Mecha2Iketeru!” will kick off the history of 21 and a half years[30].
  • With the reorganization in October 2018, except for Thursday and Friday,Flying startWas abolished.
  • With the reorganization in April 2019, the flying start at 4:20 on Friday is also abolished.
  • Updated on 2019th June 6 to send master that supports cloud management[31].

Severe viewership slump and poor performance since 2011

  • Serious slump in audience ratings since 2011Has adversely affected not only Fuji Television, but also the performance and stock prices of its parent company, Fuji Media Holdings. However,This is not limited to Fuji TV, but the entire TV media marketTV awayIs in a difficult situation due toYou need to consider that.
    • In 2011, NTV won the 3rd annual audience rating for the first time in 2003 years since 8 (according to video research, Kanto area/household/real time. Below omitted). This year Fuji Television ended up with only one crown, which had the same full-time rating as Nippon Television. Even in the year 1 audience rating, NTV has been robbed of three crowns.[32].
    • In 2012, Golden Ratings, Prime and Retired to 3rd Place in All Times of Day[33].. In the 2013th week of January 1 (4th of the same month-28rd February of the same month), it dropped to 2th place in the average viewer ratings for all bands and the average viewer ratings in August 3.[34][35].
    • Long time agoCorporate valueIt is an index of evaluationMarket capitalizationAnd Nippon Television (currently listed companiesNippon Television HoldingsHowever, the market capitalization of Fuji as of November 2014 was NTV. It is only about 2015% of HD. In addition, TBS (currently listed companiesTBS Holdings, TBSHD) market capitalization has fallen below, and the stock market has fallen from the top commercial broadcasters to the third place in just a few years. Fuji's market capitalization below TBSHD (including its predecessor, Tokyo Broadcasting Age) is the first event since the listing on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on August 3, 1997.
    • Broadcast revenue from FY2014 (in terrestrial broadcastingTime CMSpot CM(Yearly year total sales) was finally overtaken by NTV, and it fell from being the top broadcast revenue commercial broadcaster that has been protecting for 30 years.[Note 21].
    • 2015年1月第1週(2014年12月29日から2015年1月4日まで)の週間平均視聴率が、ゴールデン・プライムの2部門でTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Fuji TV is currently in the NHK general/Kyoto key station with a weekly average viewer rating since Video Research started measuring viewer ratings on December 1962, 12[36]Became the lowest sole. Fuji TV lost to TV TOKYO in terms of average weekly ratings for the first time, including the predecessor of TV TOKYO, the 12-channel Tokyo era[37]It is an event of. In addition, the average daily audience rating on January 2015, 1, was defeated by TV Tokyo on all days in addition to the above-mentioned two categories.[38]..After that, the deterioration of the audience rating due to the influence of business performance and counterprograms continued to be unstoppable, and in the announcement of financial results for the second quarter of 2015 announced on October 10, 30, all profits fell into the red.[39], It was the first deficit settlement since the opening of the broadcasting in 1959. Furthermore, following the New Year's Day, the average weekly viewer rating for the fourth week of November (from November 11 to November 4) was also defeated by TV TOKYO with Golden.[40].
    • All-day average number of viewers stayed at 2015rd place in 3, but the Golden Prime 2 division was overtaken by 4th place TBS TV last year and retreated to 4th place. It is the first time in 1981 years since 34 that Fuji TV has fallen below TBS TV's average annual rating.[41].. Furthermore, in the average audience rating of the golden band since the first half of 2016The year beforeAs a result, it is possible to open water on TBS TV more than in the first half[42], 2016's annual and annual average ratings have finally been overtaken by TBS TV all day, and all categories (all day, golden prime, non-prime) have fallen to 6th place out of 5 NHK general and key stations in Tokyo.
    • In addition to each profit mentioned aboveAnnual salesThe year-to-date sales for the year ended March 3829, 2009, which was a maximum of ¥3 billion (fiscal year ended March 2016, 3), was the first in 20 years.[43]It fell below the 3000 billion yen mark. Behind that, NTV, which has a good audience rating, surpassed the 3000 billion yen mark, so it fell from being the top commercial player with annual sales that has been maintained for 1984 years since 31.[44], Even the net profit has fallen far below the net profit of TV TOKYO[45].. Furthermore, in the fiscal year ended March 2017, 3, operating profit, ordinary profit, and net profit all fell below those of TV Tokyo, making it the lowest key station in Tokyo.
  • However, information programs on weekday mornings were generally strong, and in 2014[46]And 2015[47]"Mezamashi TV, Part 2"Tokudane!''Nonstop!』3 programs have won the 1st place at the same time alongside commercial broadcast in the annual average audience rating. In addition, in the morning zone from 6:2010 to noon on weekdays, Fuji TV has been ranked No. 2015 in commercial broadcasts for six consecutive years from 6 to 1.[47].
  • On the other hand, since 2015, the official commercial broadcasting video distribution service "TVerFrom October 2016, 10Video researchIn the audience rating survey in the Kanto area, in addition to the previous real-time audience rating, a new survey of time-shifted audience rating and individual audience rating was started (the target will be expanded nationwide from 2020).Since then, the advertising transaction index has been changed from household ratings to individual ratings, and programs have been reorganized with 13-49 years old as the "key characteristic."This reorganization has been successful, and in 2020, it will be ranked second after Nippon Television in terms of individual audience rating.[48].

Audience rating

Until the 1980s

Fuji TV, which had been sluggish except for some programs other than animation, was staffed by Akira Yokozawa in the early 1980s.It’s not TV unless it’s fun.”, and with “THE MANZAI” as the lead, the transition from “Mother and child Fuji TV” to “Light char route”, “Oreta Hyokinzoku”, “Laughing tomo!” and “I see! The World” All Night Fuji” “Sunset''Kin Don! Good child Bad child Normal child"Thanks to everyone in Tunnels."Neruton Red Whale Team''Ken Shimura is okay.] Mass produced popular programs representing the 80's. In 1982, he overtook TBS TV, which was said to be a "commercial male" in terms of viewer ratings, and kept the three crowns until 1993. Furthermore, it was made into a series in the drama and continued until 3.From the northern country, And in the late 80sI want to hug you!''Do you love each other!''classmateMany trendy dramas were made. In the animeDr. Slump Arale''Urusei Yatsura''Fist of the North Star''High school!, Etc. became popular. Also in 1987Charity programs from other stationsBroadcasted with the hint of "FNS Super Special XNUMX Million TV Dream Islands』Recorded an average audience rating of 19.9% ​​and an instantaneous maximum audience rating of 38.1%, and since then it has been broadcast every year as a summer tradition.

1990 era

In addition to popular programs from the 80s, such as "Thanks to everyone for Tonneluzu," "Nelton Red Whale Troupe," "I see! The World," and "Laughing Tomo!"If you can meet in a dream''Utchan Nanchan must do it!''Feeling like a mess of downtown''HEY! HEY! HEY!, Etc.) A program centered around the 3rd generation, with a focus on downtown, gained popularity from the younger generation and recorded a high audience rating. In 1994Nippon TVThe audience rating was reversed by, and it fell from the top position, but in the latter half of the 90's "SMAP × SMAP" "Mecha2It's cool!Excavation! A certain large dictionary''Two people who love''Dog laughing] The series started, both became high-profile viewers of Fuji TV with a high audience rating. The drama is doing well,Tokyo love storyStarting with', 30 dramas were produced over the 1999 years until 10 with a viewer rating of more than 12%. further"Dancing Great Investigation Line] The series was popular, such as being made into a movie.Also, in the anime, "Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward''Yu Yu White Paper''ONE PIECE''Digimon Adventure''Initial DIs popular.

2000 era

"HERO" "Friendly to people''XNUMX million stars falling from the sky""I" seriesAll the dramas in which SMAP members appeared, etc. recorded high audience ratings, and the variety was relatively strong,巨人The wall of NTV with battles and powerful contents was thick and was the second place for commercial broadcasting, but in 2Nippon Television Rating Acquisition CaseThe situation reversed due to a drop in viewer ratings. In 2004, it surpassed Nippon Television and returned to the top after an interval of 10 years. In addition to popular programs so far, "Trivia Fountain" "Quiz! Hexagon II''Splashing door''LOL red carpet''Enthusiasm! Heisei Education Academy''Nep League』Started and won a high audience rating. In addition, the dramatrain man''Nodame Cantabile''Proposal Daisakusen''Last Friends''To you who are in full bloom''BOSS, Etc., recorded a high audience rating, and in the drama category, it remained the top commercial broadcaster until 2012.

However, contrary to his successful achievement, in 2003King Shlet Case, In 2007"Excavation! A Certain Encyclopedia II" Natto Fabrication CaseIn response to these serious troubles, the upper management instructed us to thoroughly inform the site of the rules of program production by revising the broadcasting standard guidelines and holding study sessions.Therefore, as Fuji TV became a "first-class company", I felt that the management principle was gradually strengthened within the company, and it is certain that the air inside the company was not as free as before, and that tendency was in the latter half of the 2000s. It is said that it became noticeable from around.In fact, a former Fuji TV announcerYu Hasegawa"Fuji TV was completely out of touch between 2007 and 2008," he said.YouTubeIt is explained on the channel.

From 2010 to the present

We kept the top commercial broadcasting in 2010, butQuiz! Hexagon II''Splashing door''LOL red carpet''Enthusiasm! Heisei Education AcademyThe audience rating of major programs such as ”is sluggish across the board. In 2011, the audience rating was reversed by NTV in the golden band and the prime band, and it fell to the top with the same rate in all days.More powerful counterprograms of other stations and repeated scandals,Sousuke Takaoka's tweet criticism of Fuji TVThe audience rating continued to decline due to the bashing caused by.During this period, "HEY! HEY! HEY!", "Haneru no Tobira", "You can laugh!", "Thanks to everyone at Tonneruzu", "Mecha"2Iketeru!'', or on Sunday nightFurutachi』I made a regular broadcast of a two-hour program, but no results were obtained.In addition, we will actively introduce programs that are easily accepted by a wide range of people, which is on the rise at other stations, and mass-produce programs that imitate the programs of other stations in order to reduce costs.As a result, the original art of "laughter and inner circles created by the performers and staff working together over time" faded away, and the slogan of the 2s was "If it's not fun, it's not TV." Will disappear completely, or even more friction will occur in the attitude of making programs in the opposite direction, and even conventional fans will criticize Fuji TV.Furthermore, in the midst of the slump, some employees retired from Fuji TV, which had the ironic result of succeeding in content for online distribution.

In the dramaLegal High''family game''locked room''Daytime''Nobunaga Concerto] Recorded a high audience rating. Until 2014, it produced more than 10 double-digit dramas with an average audience rating every year, and although it was a good fight compared to variety shows, in 2 the average double-digit dramas dropped sharply to 2015 dramas.[49]..Furthermore, in 2016, the average audience rating of all dramas, including those produced by Kansai Telecasting Corporation, reached a single digit, and the situation was extremely sluggish.After that, the drama was released in 1.Code Blue -Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving-], The variety programs have been reorganized one after another on the premise of the renewal of the audience rating survey mentioned above, and a demodulation tendency is seen.

The highest ratings program for each year from 1978 to 2020 is posted (numbers areVideo researchExamine the things in the Kanto area).

YearsHighest ratings programHighest rated drama/movie
1978'78 New Year Star Hidden Performing Arts CompetitionMay 1


43.3%Golden movie theater-

Human proof

May 10


1979SazaeMay 9


39.4%Golden Movie Theater Special Project

Kita Fox Tale

May 8


1980'80 Star hidden art competitionMay 1


1981'81 Star hidden art competitionMay 1


38.5%Meaning grandmaMay 11


1982Kin Don! Good child Bad child Normal childMay 7


38.8%From the northern country Final episodeMay 3


1983I see! The WorldMay 12


36.4%Golden movie theater
Miracle World Bushman
May 4


1984I see! The World
New Year Special
May 1


36.2%Love and excitement specials
Antarctic story
Special Edition (Part XNUMX)
May 10


1985I see! The World SpecialMay 3


32.7%Special movie memorial serviceMasako Natsume
The life of Hanako Kiryuin
May 9


198623 times

'86 New Year Star Hidden Performing Arts Competition Part 1

May 1


32.3%Golden Movie Theater Special Project
May 4


Hiromi Go/Yurie Futani wedding reception
May 6


1988Night hit studioDELUXE

Broadcast 1000th anniversary special

May 2


36.0%Teacher binbin story Episode 1May 4


1989The 6th LOL! Star Mocking Championship MatchMay 12


33.2%Drama Special Homecoming from Kita no Kuni '89May 3


1990Chibi Maruko-chan10 month 28 day broadcast39.9%Unknown
1991The 10th LOL! Star Mocking Championship MatchMay 12


34.1%101st proposal Final episodeMay 9


1992The 11th LOL! Star Mocking Championship MatchMay 3


31.9%Thursday Theater In the name of love Final episodeMay 3


1993Quiz! What a year difference
Ambiva Special
May 1


28.4%Under one roof Episode 11May 6


1994Night game relay Chunichi ×巨人(10.8 decisive battle)May 10


48.8%Sister Final episodeMay 12


1995Heisei Board of EducationMay 3


35.6%Drama Special From the Northern Country '95 SecretMay 6


1996SMAP x SMAPMay 6


29.5%Long vacation Final episodeMay 6


Special 15-minute expansion that can't wait until autumn
May 9


29.4%2 under one roof Final episodeMay 6


1998Night game relay Yakult×巨人May 4


30.1%GTO 1st series finalMay 9


1999SMAP x SMAPMay 7


33.5%New Year drama special
Renzabu Furuhata vs SMAP
May 1


2000SMAP x SMAPMay 11


30.0%Yamato Nadeshiko Final episodeMay 12


2001SMAP x SMAPMay 3


29.6%HERO 1st period last roundMay 3


20022002 FIFA World Cup Group League
Japan x Russia
May 6


66.1%Drama Special From Kita no Kuni '02 Will, Part XNUMXMay 9


2003Trivia Fountain-Wonderful Waste Knowledge-May 8


27.7%Thursday Theater Dr. Cotto clinic Final episodeMay 9


All-Star Dream Clash
8th Anniversary Great Thanksgiving Special!!
May 10


33.2%Fuji TV 45th anniversary commemorative drama
Thursday Theater White tower Final episode
May 3


2005A miracle experience!May 5


24.8%Thursday Theater train man Final episodeMay 9


2006SMAP x SMAPMay 3


26.6%HERO special editionMay 7


2007SMAP x SMAPMay 1


23.5%Galileo 1st season episode 1May 10


2008Splashing doorMay 1


24.1%CHANGE Final episodeMay 7


2009Nep LeagueMay 10


24.5%Code Blue -Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving-
New Year Special
May 1


2010Nep LeagueMay 1


22.4%Moon Lovers Episode 1May 5


2011SazaeMay 1


24.3%Marmo's command Final episodeMay 7


Don't say fat devil anymore


May 1


22.3%Saturday Premium
Dancing Daisousen Line THE LAST TV
Criminal office worker and the last difficult case
May 9


YabeSuddenly got married

Two and a half hours special this week too!

May 4


20.9%Galileo Second Season Episode 2May 4


2014You can laugh!
Grand finale thank you
May 3


28.1%HERO Phase 2 Episode 1May 7


2015All Japan Figure Skating Championship 2015Women's freeMay 12


20.6%Money war Final episodeMay 3


2016SMAP x SMAPMay 1


31.2%Someday I will remember this love and I'll surely cry Episode 1May 1


2017WBAMiddleweight title match
Yuta Murata×Endham assam
May 10


20.5%Saturday Premium
May 3


20182018 FIFA World Cup Group League
Japan x Poland
May 6


44.2%SUITS/suit Episode 1May 10


2019World Figure Skating Championship 2019

Men's free

May 3


24.3%Radiation House-Radiology diagnosis report-

"Special Edition"-Departure-

May 6


2020Ken ShimuraMourning special program

Thank you for laughing for 46 years

May 4


21.9%Saturday Premium
To fly Saitama
May 2


2021Tokyo Olympics

Table tennis Mixed doubles final

May 7


24.6%Saturday Premium
Movie version Devilish Blade: Infinite Train
May 9



History of Odaiba relocation

The previous "Fuji TV of mother and childIn 1980Light charThe route finally set in motion, and in 1984, annual sales jumped to the top of key stations in Tokyo for the first time since its opening. It was around this time that the idea of ​​relocating the station building to Daiba came up.

Haruo Shikauchi, chairman of the Fuji Sankei Group at the time, visited Odaiba, which was still a vacant lot at the time, and said, "If you run a TV station,buildingIt is better to have a place like Odaiba, where you can look out over the city center, rather than the forested city center." At the timeShunichi Suzuki, Governor of TokyoThinks that "people gather in places where information gathers", and "To make the seaside subcenter plan a success,EntertainmentAlso needed". Under such circumstances, it was thought that the idea of ​​relocation was brought about by actively attracting Fuji TV to Haruo Kauchi, who had been deeply intimate for some time. Kenzo Tange, who had a deep connection with Suzuki and Shikauchi, was selected for the FCG building design.[50]..Daiba was an undeveloped land at that time, and the land price was cheaper than in the city center, and the fact that the land was lent at a low price from the city also had a big impact (later in April 2018, about 4 billion from Tokyo). Acquired in yen).

Back thenRainbow Bridge,Yurikamome lineLet aloneRinkai lineMost executives were reluctant to move to Daiba due to the fact that it was not open to the public and it was far from the city center, but as mentioned above, participation in the commercial satellite broadcasting in the future and the accompanying studio All officers understood that the construction of a new station building was necessary because there was a limit in the station building in Kawatamachi at that time due to expansion, change to digital lines in the station, etc. Therefore, after repeated discussions,

  1. A plan to rebuild a new station building on the site after dismantling the station building in Kawada Town (relocation unnecessary plan)
  2. There is a vast land near the city centerShinagawaOsaki(CurrentOsaki New City,Gate City OsakiThere is a JROsaki StationRelocation plan to the east exit area)
  3. Odaiba relocation plan

It was narrowed down to three. The site side of Fuji TV also had the purpose of making the station itself a tourist attraction and creating a new profit structure from it.Residential areasIn Kawada-cho surrounded by, there is a limit to the ability to attract customers geographically, and it was rejected that the transfer unnecessary plan of 1. was rejected because this purpose could not be achieved. In addition, comparing 2 and 3, Odaiba has a good view by the sea, it is undeveloped and has a great future in terms of attracting customers as well as the developed Osaki area. In terms of terms, it also moved in a great advantage. In addition to this, with the cooperation of Governor Suzuki, the plan to move Odaiba in Section 3 became definitive.

In response to this, I was the director of the director organization at that timeHisae HieWas established as the first general manager. In preparation for the construction plan of the new Daiba station in the future, land acquisition, and the start of satellite broadcasting, we carried out a major project over 10 years and built "Fuji TV in Odaiba". In addition, the cost spent on these projects has reached hundreds of billions of yen in 10 years.

As of October 2020, the programs that have been regularly broadcast since the Kawadacho era are "MUSIC FAIR" and "Sazae], [Chibi Maruko-chan, "Mezamashi TV", "Good luck!], [Imperial family"and so on. In March 2018, "Thanks to everyone at Tonneruzu" and "Mecha2"Iketeru!" has ended, so all the variety programs of regular broadcasting that started broadcasting from the Kawatamachi period have ended.

The site of the station building is the Urban Infrastructure Development Public Corporation (currentUrban regeneration mechanism) Enables high-rise housingKawadacho GardenIs maintained.


Used in news and information programstelop OffontOf the font production companyNiceIt was jointly developed with, and became a pioneer, and this font came to be used for other stations and various printed materials.

The main bankMizuho Bank(OldFuji Bank→ OldMizuho Corporate Bank), the transfer destination of Fuji TV in the FNS charity campaign is Mizuho Bank Tokyo Central Branch (former Fuji Bank head office).Fuyo GroupThe provided programs "Kando Express" and "Satisfaction! Lost Journey" were being broadcast.In addition, an advertising company that merged with three advertising companies under the Fujisankei Group.QuorusThere is. Also,Mitsubishi GroupHas a deep relationship withMitsubishi ElectricProvided by one companyof"Mentole G”Was also broadcasted every May in FNS affiliated stations.Diamond cup golf』(Kansai TV production) isMitsubishi MotorsSeveral companies from the Mitsubishi group are co-sponsoring. Former managing director of Fuji TelevisionKazunobu Iijima(CurrentSankei Building(President)Mitsubishi CorporationI'm from.Also,Sanwa GroupMember ofTohoIt is a capital tie-up with.For this reason, Mizuho Bank (former Fuji Bank → former Mizuho Corporate Bank) was established within the Fuji TV headquarters.Mitsubishi UFJ Bank(OldBank of Mitsubishi→ OldTokyo Mitsubishi Bank→ OldBank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) (OldSanwa Bank→ OldUFJ Bank→ OldBank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ)ofTMJAre installed in 2 places[Note 22].

In the 1980s, female announcers of the same station centered on variety programstalentIt has come to be seen that it is treated as if it were.The same tendency can be seen in other commercial broadcasters, but this is remarkable in Fuji TV, and there are many announcers who have experienced some kind of entertainment activity before joining the company (Japanese announcer # Female announcer and its backgroundIn addition, we have been quick to develop a business that can be called "talenting", such as planning a recitation drama by the announcer of the same station entitled "Love Scene".

"NONFIXAnd 'The NonfictionHas worked on many high-quality documentary programs, and has received numerous awards related to broadcasting.

During the key station in Tokyo,UnionIs said to have the weakest activity status and influence on the management side (Commercial unionFrom the newsletter / member comments).This is probably due to the influence of Mr. Nobutaka Shikanai from Nikkeiren.

At the entertainment agency, Watanabe Productions and its affiliatesIzawa officeThe connection with "The Hit Parade", "Shinshun Kakushigei Taikai", "Dorifu Daibakyou" andKen ShimuraLabel program, Sunday program at 12:XNUMX noon ("Quiz Doremifadon!''Uchi kuru⁉''Nariyuki highway trip] Etc.) is known for producing for a long time.The planning and production sources of these program end rolls are not "Fuji TV" but "Watanabe Productions" and "Izawa Office", respectively.Also, of affiliated stationsTV West JapanSimilarly, Watanabe Productions has a strong connection with the Kyushu branch office, especially "Goripara memoirsIs broadcast on FNS affiliated stations nationwide and CS on Fuji TV, and is gaining popularity.Talent aloneAkashi familySince 1978, regular programs on the same station have never been interrupted.[51].

Production program

For information on Fuji TV production programs, seeFuji TV program list"checking.

The production section is located in the Production Center of the Organization Production Bureau and the General News Bureau, and the Production Center of the Organization Production Bureau is divided into the second production department.1st Production Department (former Drama Production Center → Organization Production Bureau Production Center XNUMXst Production Room, in EnglishDivision 1) Is the drama, the second production department ((former variety production center → variety production department → production bureau second production center → organization bureau production center second production room → organization production bureau production center second production room)) is variety and music I'm making programs.The name has changed several times due to the organizational restructuring, and it is now the name of "First Production Department" and "Second Production Department" due to the organizational reorganization on March 2, 2.The general news department is divided into a news department, an information production department, and a sports department.The Information Program Center (formerly the 2021rd Production Department → Living Information Bureau → Information Program Center) used to be a department of the Organization Production Bureau, which produces documentaries and information programs, but now it is a department of the Directorate General of News and Information Production Bureau. Has been transferred to.Also, regarding the special news programFNN news special programSee.

Credits for production works

Basically, for in-house production (XNUMXst production department, XNUMXnd production department, information program center), "Production work / Fuji TV"[Note 23]Is credited with.

Fuji TV production productionJoint television,Fuji Media Technology(Former company name:Happo TV),FCCIn the case of co-production with an external production that includes, until September 2010, it was credited with "Production/Fuji TV, (Production company name)", and the production and Fuji TV share the copyright. However, since October of the same year, Fuji TV only credits "production" and external production is displayed as "production work".[Note 24].

However, in some cases, "Production work: Fuji TV, production cooperation: (external production)", and in addition to the joint production with Fuji TV production companies (including those handled by the production side as production cooperation) In some cases, two companies may be written in parallel while sharing one.

News and information programs

The Directorate General of News is in charge of everything,FNN news], [FNN Live News days], [Live News It!], [FNN Live News α], [Sunday coverage THE PRIME"such asNews programIs produced by the news station in the same station. "Mezamashi TV], [Mezamashi 8], [Mr. Sunday(Co-produced with Kansai Television)”, “Nonstop!], [Viking MORE"such asInformation program,Wide showPrograms andTell me Mr. NewsFrom the currentAkira Ikegami Emergency Special!]Akira IkegamiModeratorNEWSVariety programs are produced by the Information Production Center (formerly the Third Production Department) of the Information Production Bureau.

Video of affiliated stations other than Fuji TV contained a telop of the affiliated station name, but was abolished in April 2005. Currently, "FNN NEWS" is entered at the bottom left of the screen, and next to it, the newsCoveragePlaces are displayed. This is displayed regardless of coverage of Fuji TV and other affiliated stations. In addition, in programs at information production centers such as "Tokudane!", credits are displayed in the images interviewed by affiliated stations.

1965 May 5, NET (now: TV Asahi) series wide morning show,Morning showWas a NHK signboard announcerHiroshi OgawaInvitingHiroshi Ogawa Show』Start. The first moderators are Hiroshi Ogawa and formerTBSAnnouncerKimoto NorikoWas the announcer at the same timeShigeru TsukiOf two. On April 1968, 4, a wide show that pioneered a barren time zone at 1pm on weekdaysYou at 3 o'clock] Started broadcasting. "FNN Super Time" started in October 1984. The evening news war has begun.

1985 May 8 OfJapan Airlines Flight 123 crashThen, from the mountains where it was difficult to identify the scene, the video of the accident scene was relayed via the helicopter over the satellite relay the earliest on TV the next day.2003 May 12 OfPresident of IraqSaddam HusseinThe news bulletin of the detention was transmitted to other stations ahead of other stations, and it was the only commercial broadcaster to set a special news number.

2008 From every yearNew Year's EveIn the morningOmisoka Archipelago LIVE LIVE Full bloom TV] Is being broadcast.


"S-PARK"(in the past"Sport!], [Sports LIFE HERO'SSuch as)Sports newsAll programs and broadcast programs are produced by the Sports Bureau, Directorate General of News.

In professional baseball, parent company Fuji Media Holdings has investedTokyo Yakult SwallowsHas acquired the broadcasting rights of, and since 2005, has been on the CS channel.Fuji TV ONEYakult sponsored matchAll games are broadcast live. From 2016 onwards, due to the organization policy that prioritizes the broadcasting of regular programs of golden time and the international competition described later, terrestrial nationwide online broadcasting will be against Yakult.巨人BattleJapan series[52][53]Limited to only.

1961 May 4,Professional baseball"From today's professional baseball," which is a sports news bulletin specialized in, has started airing. The following year in 1962Professional baseball news(At that time, both were broadcast only during the professional baseball season).After that, it was revived as the second term in 1976.The second period was an epoch-making style for the time to explain all the professional baseball games that were held on that day with images, and it was a counterprogram at midnight at that time.11PM』And gained equal popularity.

He has been active in acquiring broadcasting rights for international competitions for a long time, and has been the pinnacle of motor sports since 1987.F1Broadcast of World Championship started. It was the first revival in 10 years from the same year.Japan Grand Prix"ofCrown sponsor(Until 2009) and international video production (until 2011). In addition,Volleyball world cup], [World Judo Championship(2003, after the Osaka Games),Gymnastics world championship』(2009-2016) was also a terrestrial monopoly of Fuji TV series. Also, from the 2003-2004 season, "All Japan Speed ​​Skating Championship], [World Speed ​​Skating Championship], [All Japan Figure Skating Championship], [World Figure Skating ChampionshipWas the exclusive broadcast of Fuji TV (until 2003,TBS TV seriesWas a monopoly). From 1992 to 2004,Tour de France] Was also broadcast.

"FIFA Confederations Cup"SuchInternational Football Federation (FIFA) International competition between officially recognized national teams (“W cup』Except Fuji TV series and TBS TV series co-produced (2004 "Athens Olympics] The subsequent qualifying for volleyball was also a joint production of Fuji TV and TBS TV). The tournament after 2007 will be the exclusive broadcasting of Fuji TV. Long time ago"J League broadcastIsShimizu S-Pulse,Kashima AntlersAlthough it was relaying home games such asYBC Levan Cup (formerly Yamazaki Nabisco Cup)] Only the final is broadcast (from the group stage of "YBC Levin Cup" to the semi-final, it is broadcast live or recorded on Fuji TV ONE NEXT). Live broadcast on June 2002, 6, "2002 FIFA World Cup Japan ×Russia』, has gained 66.1%, which is the highest commercial rating ever.

Since its opening in 1959Japan Central Horse Racing(JRA) sponsored "Central horse racing] SundayTokyo-中山And broadcast the main race held locally in summer (currently "Everyone's KEIBA]). Also, "Fuji Television AwardSpring stakesIs also the crown sponsor. In addition, in 2005ChrysanthemumFor the first time, it was broadcast in collaboration with Kansai Television (conventional京都-HanshinIs broadcast by Kansai Television).

Martial arts, including the exclusive relay of the aforementioned World Judo Championship,Japan Sumo Tournament] Is being sponsored and broadcast.boxingIn the relayFighting Harada,Kojima WajimaThese national stars were produced, and now "Diamond gloveIn addition to once a month broadcast from 1, amateur 2013 crowns since 7Naoya InoueAnd London Olympic gold medalistYuta MurataThe game was revived as "FUJI BOXING" in Golden Time (The promoter acting as a window isSansako Promotion). In professional wrestling in the pastAll Japan Women's Wrestling Broadcast],WWEHas been broadcast in Japanese.

総 合格 闘 技We are focusing on relaying, and oncePRIDE,K-1Also broadcast,New Year's Eve entertainmentIsNHK Red and White Singing BattleThe former boasted a high audience rating as a counterprogram, but the former was discontinued in June 2006 because the organizer violated the contract, and the latter also had a problem of unpaid fight money on the organizer in 6. Has been done. I have been involved with PRIDE since 2010ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木Sponsored byIGF] Is being broadcast. In addition, from 2015RIZIN FIGHTING FEDERATIONIs also being broadcast, and is currently the only martial arts show that will be broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting on New Year's Eve.

Golf in 1973SaitamaHigashimatsuyama OfTakasaka Country ClubAt the first "BVDSince it was held as ``Fuji Fuji Sankei Tournament'',Fuji Sankei ClassicIs held once a year.Sankei Shimbun・Composed of Fuji TVFuji Sankei GroupSponsored by.

In volleyballNational high school volleyball selection championshipInvolved in the launch ofAll Japan Volleyball High School ChampionshipDuring the tournament, including the exclusive broadcast.Also,"Professional baseball rare play, good play grand prix], [Junk sports], [World Baseball Entertainment Tamacchi!], [Shingo Murakami's Sports Miracle Moment Award] And other sports variety shows.


Entertainment showsIs in charge of the second production department of the organization production bureau production center (former variety production center → variety production department → production bureau second production center → organization bureau production center second production room).

mainly"Really!? TV], [A miracle experience!], [VS soul], [Nep LeagueSuch asQuiz showIs producing.Information program "Widena Show] Is also in charge of the second production department, not the general news bureau.in the past,"Morita Kazuyoshi Hour I can laugh!], [Happy lion], [VikingSuch asTalk showWas also produced at the Variety Production Center.

The biggest feature of variety shows is the regionEntertainment officeYoung talented peoplecomedian5 to 6 groups are assembled to produce a program,Kanto local OfMidnight programFrom goldenPrime time OfNationwide netIt is to take a method of growing the program.It gained a high audience rating across the board, centering on programs that adopted this method, and produced many popular programs.As a unique program, it will be broadcast every 8 years to discover young comedians."New Wave" seriesThere is.In addition, he is also active in having behind-the-scenes staff such as directors and producers appear on the program, such as Hyokin Directors.Wild monkeyIn addition to some who made their debut as a singer, characters with staff motifs often appear in the program.

Compared to other TV stationsJohnny's-Idol groupIs most often used in regular programs, and as of 2021, "VS Soul" in the golden time and prime time zone, and "VS Soul" in the midnight zone.TOKIO Kakeru], [Kismai Super BUSAIKU!?2 programs, in the morningKinKi Kids Boom Boom], [Kanjani Eight Chronicle], [You high jump』3 programs, a total of 6 regular programs are being broadcast. In addition, each regular program is also broadcast individually. In the past, "SMAP x SMAP", "Mentole G], [VivaVivaV6] And other programs were being broadcast.Also, "Yuyake Nyan Nyan" andOnyanko ClubからAkimoto YasushiIt has a deep relationship withAKB482012'sAKB48 4th General ElectionToAKB48 selection general electionHas the right to broadcast the exclusive terrestrial broadcast ofMirai☆MonsterIn many programs such asAKB48 GroupThe members of are appearing in many programs on Fuji TV. AKB48 group produced by AkimotoSlope seriesHas produced many programs in which.

On the contrary, late-night and early-morning slots with low sponsor fees were interpreted as "you don't have to earn viewership," and many experimental programs were created. "1987-hour broadcast" was officially started with the reorganization in October 10, and in the midnight frame after the end of "Professional Baseball News"JOCX-TV2"Zone title" was added, and a team in charge of late-night organization was formed within the organization station as a "late-night organization unit". From these frames, popular programs such as "Humiliation of Canossa", "Ugougoruga", "Flyer TV] Etc.After that, the "Zone Title" and "Midnight Organization Department" were abolished due to the change in the organization policy, but there is still a frame for producing experimental programs at midnight.

Not limited to regular programs, "FNS27 Hours TV", "Akashiya Santa's biggest Christmas present show in history], [The moment of arrest!"(Old: "Crime panic 24:100!! XNUMX barrages at the moment of arrest], [Dance! The big police 24 o'clock)), ``R-1 Grand Prix(Co-produced with Kansai Television)”, “San taku], [Hitoshi Matsumoto's non-slip story], [IPPON Grand Prix], [Entertainment world special skill king deciding match TEPPEN], [NISSIN FOODS THE MANZAI→ →Cygames THE MANZAI Masters], [ENGEI Grand Slam] And many other single-shot specials.New YearEvery year,Hatsumode! Bakusho Hit ParadeWas broadcast from morning till noon, and until 2010, "Shinshun Kakushigei Taikai" was broadcast as a New Year's program every year.In addition, some programs that have ended regular broadcasting continue as special programs that are broadcast irregularly.

From the 1970s onwards,TournamentThe program structure to compete forImitation Four Tenno"Imitation of the Throne Championship" has been continuously hit by high audience ratings due to the Issei styleImitation programAlso gained unwavering popularity, and the "Mono-mimicking Championship" was broadcast four times a year.After that, major talents such as croquette, one of the four heavenly kings,Imitation programs of other stationsThe momentum diminished due to the influence of the transfer to, and the "Mono-mimicking Championship" once ended broadcasting, and from the 2000s, "Bakusho mimicry mimicry Kouhaku Uta Gassen SpecialWill be broadcast three times a year.Then, in 3, the "Mono-mimicking Championship Battle" resumed broadcasting for the first time in 2012 years, and continues to be broadcast in parallel with the "Laughter-like Monomi-Red and White Song Battle Special".In addition, the brother program "Singing is a good title deciding match special" is also broadcast irregularly.When the four impersonators were in their heyday, as a regular program that was unusual for impersonation programs,Imitation clubAnd 'Imitation JinboWas being broadcast.

"Kazuyoshi Morita Hour, You Can Smile!", "Goodbye to the Lion" (formerly: "The Lion asks"), "Thanks to everyone in the tunnel" (former: "Thanks to everyone in the tunnel"), "SMAP" ×SMAP”, “Mecha2"Iketeru!" is a signboard that once represented Fuji Television.Longevity programHas been broadcast as, and all programs have been broadcast for more than 20 years. In March 2019,Fuji TV 60th Anniversary Plan Greatest TV Show-Stars from CRT-"But,Media mix αIt was broadcast live by changing MC every day in the frame.

Music program

Music programIs in charge of the second production department of the production center of the organization production bureau (former variety production center → variety production department → second production center of the production bureau → second production room of the production center of the organization bureau).

"Love music, Etc., music programs are currently mainlyJun MiuraChief producer is in charge. Until 2014Kikuchi ShinThe sound group led by the chief producer was in charge of all music programs. In addition, "MUSIC FAIR", which is the longest-lived program among all weekly programs regularly broadcast in Japan with a history of over 50 years,Hiroshi Ishida(Currently treated as an executive producer officer) has been in charge for a long time (from 2007 to 2014, he was involved in the program as a chief producer), and from the beginningShionogi Pharmaceutical(Shionogi Healthcare) Is a program provided by one company and is still being broadcast.

November 1968, 11, a new sense of popular song programNight hit studio』Broadcast start.The program structure of projecting the true faces of a wide range of performers and singers permeated the viewers, and was later evaluated as a superior music program. In July 1974, the first "FNS Kayosai" was broadcast.The first moderator was Hiroshi OgawaSayuri Yoshinaga..Initially it was an award race program, but since the 1991th in 20, it has been changed to a concert-style program, and collaboration (co-starring) between performing artists continues as the main.The song festival has been broadcast live twice since 2015, the first night and the second night, and after 1, "FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri" in the summer and "FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri" in the spring.FNS Uta no Spring Festival』The same special number is broadcast three times a year.

Compared to other TV stations, Johnny's Idol was most often featured in programs, and once belonged to Johnny's officeHiromi GoIs mainly appointed in music programs as a talent that symbolizes Fuji TV. All the artists belonging to Johnny & Associates, which has been held since 1996, will appear in "Johnny's Countdown Live』, from 1998 on Fuji TVNew Year's programHas been regularly broadcast annually as (not broadcast in 2014).

In 1993,DowntownIs hosted byHEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP』Started broadcasting.It was an unusual casting for a comedian as a music program MC at the time, but it had a great influence on the revival of a popular and sluggish music program at commercial broadcasters.In addition, KinKi Kids will be the moderator at midnight.LOVE LOVE I love youAnd 'Domoto BrothersWas being broadcast. Both programs have grown to become popular programs with high audience ratings and many fans.

In addition, compared to other stations, we often appoint a big artist as a moderator to produce music programs, and in the past example,Tetsuya KomuroBut"TK MUSIC CLAMP],Tsunku♂But"Tunk Town],DREAMS COME TRUEBut"I love being happy],Keisuke KuwataBut"Keisuke Kuwata's Music Tora-MUSIC TIGER-],Ayumi HamasakiBut"ayu ready?], and was regularly broadcast mainly at midnight. As a unique music program,Vocaloid song festivalAnd anime songsOdaiba !! Super Dimensional Music FestivalThere is

In addition, many overseas artists will appear in music programs such as "FNS Kayosai," "Yoru no Hit Studio," and "HEY! HEY! HEY!", Starting with the music corner "S-Live" of "SMAP x SMAP." In 1985,Live aid』Broadcast rights have been acquired, and a long-time satellite broadcast, which is rare at that time, has been realized.Ozaki Yutaka,Michael jacksonOne of the characteristics of this station is that some artists do not appear on other stations but only appear on Fuji TV programs.

On Fuji TV, various music units and singers have been born due to the planning of variety programs and music programs mentioned above. The born music unit and singerPotato Kin Trio, Onyanko Club,Wink like never before,Wild monkey,Happa Corps,Waste,shame,Yajima beauty salon,Feeling of sadness,Dance festivalHe has also appeared in music programs of NHK and other commercial broadcasters.

Fuji TV, including the drama theme song,Avex Group,Pony canyonIt has a strong connection with thesoundtrackIs often released by both companies.


It is produced by the XNUMXst Production Department (former Drama Production Center) of the Production Center of the Organization Production Bureau.

TV dramaBroadcasting hours (belowJST) Is at 9pm on Monday,Monday 10 pm,Thursday 10pm,Saturday 11:40Frame (from October 2021).Of these, the 10 pm frame on Monday is Kansai TV, and the 10:11 frame on Saturday isTokai TVAre in charge of production respectively.

In October 1981, the series was later serialized as a one-off special program.From the northern country] Started. The script isSatoshi Kuramoto, StarringKunie Tanaka..Initially, it was a serial drama with a low audience rating, but it became popular after it became a single-shot drama, and became a long-term hit for over 20 years.

Continued from April 1987, April 4Kinichi HagimotoIn place of the "Kin Don!" series by, a new drama frame (commonly known as "Month 9") is newly established. 『Announcer puttsun storyFirst, thenRadio bottle story], "Tokyo Love Story", "101st proposal], [Long vacation』, Produced a blockbuster work, and became a spark of the industry drama and trendy drama boom.Along with that, "Moon 9" has gained a high degree of popularity as a TV drama frame representing Japan. In October 2003, in 10, as a program commemorating the 45th anniversary of the opening of Fuji TV.Jiro TamiyaYamamoto ManabuA social drama that starred inWhite tower"ofRemake version(Toshiaki KarasawaStarring) was broadcast for half a year (2 courses).Some dramas have been produced as sequels as movie works in response to the response after the broadcast.

Not limited to serial dramas and special programs,A strange storyAnd 'Scary story that was really"such asOmnibusFormat TV dramas are also broadcast irregularly.in the past"Monday drama landAnd 'Our drama series], Etc., there was a frame for teens.In addition, as a work that follows this trend, "Odaiba Detective Shame Hexagon Murder CaseAnd 'Funassie detective], And other unique drama works are also being broadcast.


Japan's first full-scale continuationTelevision AnimationIsAstro boy』Broadcast. Since the 1970s, "World Masterpiece TheaterAnd 'Time Bokan SeriesSuch asTatsunoko ProHe was producing and broadcasting the production work.

Started in 1981, "Dr. Slump Arale』Has become explosively popular and joined hands with this workShueisha(Weekly Shonen Jump)·Fuji Television Network, Inc·Toei animationThe relationship is "ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル"Dragon ball z"Dragon ball gt"Dragon ball breaks"Dragon ball super"such as"ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ル"series,"ONE PIECE] It continues without interruption like the series.The parent company Fuji Media Holdings and Toei Animation have a capital relationship, such as holding shares in each other.Digimon AdventureSeries and "Gegege no Kitaro』Series and so on.In addition, these anime works are broadcast several times a year in theater works and special editions in single-shot program frames such as "Saturday Premium".

Late night anime will be released on April 2005, 4.Noitamina』Set up a frame, produced many topical works and popular works, and celebrated its 2020th anniversary in 15.In addition, in 2020, "Demon Blade』Broadcast rights acquired.In addition to the terrestrial broadcasting of the theatrical works in the above-mentioned single-shot frame, the TV series is broadcast in the local frame and at 23:XNUMX.

Since June 2013, the interlocking data broadcasting of the station will be an overseas production animation "Chuggington』For the first time (Fuji TV only). Conducted for the first time in the domestically produced animation "Chibi Maruko-chan" from August 2014.As a result, TV animation has a track record of implementing linked data broadcasting at all Kanto key stations.

Successive generationsTelevision AnimationFuji Television's animation monopolizes the 3 best ratings, and the 1st place is still broadcasting as of 2018 ``Chibi Maruko-chan』39.9%, 2nd place is the Guinness world record as "the longest televised TV animation program in the world"[54]39.4% of "Sazae-san" who areAkira ToriyamaIs a manga based on the original 36.9% of "Dr. Slump Arale-chan" which became extremely popular.[55].. Tokai TV has recorded over 40%.

Program for children

As it used to be the catchphrase "Fuji TV for mother and child", we have been focusing on children's programs since the early days. mainly,"Play with Mom! Ping Pong BreadAnd 'Hirake! Ponkikki-> "Ponki Kies" and other programs have been produced, and both programs have received high support for many years.

On October 1966, 10, a variety program for children, "Mama to Asobi! Ping Pong Bread", started broadcasting. The role of the first sisterNaoko Watanabeannouncer. Since then, a young female announcer acted as an older sister and was also the gateway to the idol announcer. April 1973, 4, "Hirake! Ponkikki", an early childhood educational program for children, started broadcasting However, due to the declining birthrate and behind-the-scenes programs, the audience rating has become sluggish, and the program broadcasting slots for children on weekday mornings disappeared with each reorganization in the spring of 2 and the spring of 1994.PonkikkiSince the end of the program, regular children's programs on terrestrial broadcasting have repeatedly disappeared and revived, and as of April 2021, "Charadachi Museum ~ MoCA ~Is being broadcast.Also, at BS FujiPonkicchi seriesAs of 2021, "Gachamuk] Is being broadcast.

BS / CS / Distribution program

Among the key stations in Tokyo, they are also active in producing original programs other than terrestrial broadcasting, and many of them are unusually long-lived programs on satellite broadcasting. "Tokoro's Setagaya base"(BS Fuji) and"Game Center CX』(CS program) is especially known.These programs may be broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting in formats such as special programs and Kanto locals.There are also programs such as "Professional Baseball News" that have been transferred from terrestrial broadcasting to satellite broadcasting.


Organization chart

  • General meeting of shareholders
  • board of directors
  • Chairman and CEO
  • President and COO
  • Statutory Auditor
  • Program Council
  • General Media Promotion Headquarters
  • Secretary's office
  • Program deliberation room
  • Special Zone Business Office
  • General Affairs Bureau
  • Personnel Bureau
  • Management Planning Bureau
  • Production Bureau
  • General Business Bureau
  • Public Relations Bureau
  • Art Production Bureau
  • News Directorate
    • News agency
    • Information Production Bureau
    • Sports bureau
    • News integrated operation room
  • International Development Bureau
  • Sales office
  • Network station
  • Finance Bureau
  • Technology Bureau

ス タ ジ オ

Coastal subcenter

Daiba/FCG Building Fuji Television Headquarters Building
Aomi Fuji TV Wangan Studio


  • Studio Alta(Shinjuku ward)
    DaibiruOwned rental studio. Fuji TV said, "Kazuyoshi Morita Hour, You Can Smile!" ("Special edition』) I was borrowing for recording.
  • Otemachi coverage center(Chiyoda WardOtemachi
    As a head office in central Tokyo, where access is not good because the head office is in Daiba,Tokyo Sankei Building(Sankei Shimbun Tokyo Head Office) Is installed inside. Economic news gathering base. There is a simple studio for broadcasting.
  • National Diet Press House(Chiyoda WardNagata Town
    It is a base for collecting political news, and around the hallPrime minister's residenceImportant facilities such as are concentrated. There is a simple studio for broadcasting in the office.
  • TSE Arrows(Tokyo Stock Exchange, Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Stock Exchange Arrows Media Center)
    A mini-studio located in the media center in the corner of TSE Arrows, where you can broadcast from the Fuji TV booth. You can see the whole glass cylinder section of the market center that manages the market.

The studio that once existed

Transmitting station

Overview of digital broadcasting

  • callsign:JOCX-DTV
  • Call name:Fuji Digital Television
  • Channel: 21ch[Note 1]
  • output10kW[57]
  • Remote control key ID:8
  • 3 digits: 081, 082, 083, 085 (for temporary use), 681 (for XNUMXSeg).
Main relay station (digital)
  • Niijima-21ch
  • Izu Oshima-37ch
  • Hachijo-34ch
  • Omezawai-21ch
  • Hachioji-21ch
  • Niijima Honmura-21ch
  • Hachioji Kamigakata-37ch
  • Tsurukawa-37ch
  • Kobutsu Castle Mountain-41ch
  • Mito-19ch
  • Hitachi-19ch
  • Juou-35ch
  • Yamagata-21ch
  • Hitachi Kashima-21ch
  • Hitachi Kamiho-21ch
  • Ryujindaira-21ch
  • Kitaibaraki-19ch
  • Okuhuji Man Body-21ch
  • Daigo-19ch
  • Satomi-19ch
  • Mt. Gozenyama-21ch
  • Sufu-19ch
  • Kasama-35ch
  • Iwase-21ch
  • Nakaminato-21ch
  • Utsunomiya-35ch
  • Sheet pile-31ch
  • Ashikaga-21ch
  • Imaichi-21ch
  • Horse head-21ch
  • Nikko Kiyotaki-40ch
  • Kanuma-19ch
  • Ashio-41ch
  • Nasu Iouno-21ch
  • Nikko Hirokubo-19ch
  • Kurobane Nakanouchi-21ch
  • Karasuyama Shrine-21ch
  • Minami Nasu Shitori-21ch
  • Kurobane Kawakami-40ch
  • Maebashi-42ch
  • Numata-21ch
  • Tone-21ch
  • Azuma-21ch
  • Shimonita-21ch
  • Kiryu-21ch
  • Kusatsu-29ch
  • Piece-16ch
  • Kawaba-21ch
  • Numata Detected-15ch
  • Kiryu Umeda-38ch
  • Tsumagoi Tashiro-32ch
  • Numata Numasu-44ch
  • Kurabuchi-29ch
  • Myogi-29ch
  • Yokogawa-21ch
  • Tsumagoi Anomata-32ch
  • Katashina Higashi Ogawa-21ch
  • Komochi Ogawara-16ch
  • Tone Ohara-21ch
  • Shirasawa-41ch
  • Matsuida Kamimasuda-16ch
  • Chichibu-21ch
  • Ogano-51ch
  • Kodama-21ch
  • Oniishi-31ch
  • Chichibu Sadaho-51ch
  • Chichibu Tochiya-51ch
  • Fuse-21ch
  • Hanno Kamiko-42ch
  • Yokosene Furuya-42ch
  • Hannohara Market-42ch
  • Choshi-21ch
  • Togane-21ch
  • Otaki-21ch
  • Kimitsu-21ch
  • Chonan-19ch
  • Kamo Ichihara-35ch
  • Katsuura-21ch
  • Tateyama-21ch
  • Omigawa-21ch
  • Sahara-21ch
  • Shimosou Hikari-21ch
  • Maruyama-35ch
  • Katsuura Sono-35ch
  • Kamogawa-38ch
  • Hiratsuka-21ch
  • Odawara-38ch
  • Minami Ashigara-38ch
  • Yugawara-38ch
  • Aikawa-48ch
  • Hakone Yumoto-38ch
  • Takeshi Yokosuka-38ch
  • Lake Sagami-21ch
  • Sengokuhara-37ch
  • Yamakita-21ch
  • Tsukui-38ch
  • Kurihama-38ch
  • Zushi-38ch
  • Hadano-38ch
  • Yokosuka Kamoi-38ch
  • Yunosawa-16ch
  • Sasashita-21ch
  • Kamariya-35ch
  • Hadano Bodhi-37ch
  • Nakai-38ch
  • Totsuka-21ch
  • Kamakura-38ch
  • Kinugasa-38ch
  • Ofuna-38ch
  • Hakone Gora-37ch
  • Odawara East-37ch
  • Minatomirai-48ch
  • Fujino-38ch

Analog broadcasting overview

Closed on July 2011, 7. Until June 24Broadcast areaOriginally included the Daito Islands, which is the broadcasting area of ​​Okinawa Prefecture, but moved to that area with the introduction of the safety net. This is because Okinawa TV, an affiliated station, did not have a relay station in the Daito Islands. The same applies to other stations in Okinawa Prefecture.

  • Callsign: JOCX-TV
  • Channel: 8ch (Tokyo)
  • In the Fuji TV series, the main station, Kansai TV broadcasting, and Okinawa TV broadcasting used 8 channels for the parent station.
    • Video output: 50 kW
    • Audio output: 12.5 kW
    • As for broadcasting equipment, the master room was made by Toshiba, while the Tokyo Tower transmitting station was made by NEC.
Main relay station (analog)
  • Hachioji-31ch
  • Tama-55ch
  • Niijima-58ch
  • Chichijima-57ch
  • Hahajima-58ch
  • Oimachi*-74ch
  • Mito-38ch
  • Hitachi-58ch
  • Hitachi Kashima-41ch
  • Utsunomiya-57ch
  • Maebashi-58ch
  • Kiryu-35ch
  • Tone-57ch


  • Chichibu-29ch
  • Kodama-57ch
  • Choshi-57ch
  • Narita-57ch
  • Tateyama-58ch
  • Yokohama Minato-58ch
  • Yokosuka Kurihama-37ch
  • Hiratsuka-39ch
  • Odawara-58ch
  • Yamashita Town *-75ch
  • Kitadaito-46ch
  • Minamidaito-58ch

All 96 relay stations

Rebroadcast outside the area

Only for CATV operators in Yamanashi prefecture that are adjacent to the Kanto wide area and have no affiliated station, no deadline is set even after the transition to digital broadcasting.Rebroadcast outside the areaAdmits. Since Yamanashi Prefecture's CATV/co-listening equipment subscription rate exceeds 9%, Yamanashi Prefecture is also a virtual viewing area.

CATV operators in some areas of Nagano and Shizuoka prefectures have affiliated stations in each prefecture, but as a measure to mitigate the drastic change, rebroadcast outside the area is limited to three years (until July 3, 2014) after the end of analog broadcasting. Was carried out as. After the expiration of the period of mitigation measures, individual consultations were conducted as follows.


Information camera installation point



Time font

From early dawn in 1979 to June 1997, 3, I had been using phototype Marl for a long time, but it was often subjected to minor changes. Since the transfer to Odaiba in March 9, it has been changed to a font based on JTC Win.

  • 1979st generation: Dawn of 1985-Mid period of XNUMX: Early type phototype Marl (number range was large)
  • 2nd generation: Mid 1985-September 1991, 9: The width was slightly reduced, and it became a perfect Marl body. (Until this time the border was a shadow)
  • 3rd generation: September 1991, 9-September 30, 1994: Borders have been added.
  • 4代目:1994年9月12日〜1996年6月30日、1996年12月30日〜1997年3月9日:3代目と同じであるが、テロップマスターをJTCウインに統一したのを機に字体もほんの少し以前より大きくなり、表示位置も以前より左上に少しだけ斜め移動した。
  • Fifth generation: July 5, 1996-December 7, 1: From this time, the standard Kowa font was provisionally used with the relocation of Daiba the following year.
  • 6th generation: March 1997, 3-November 10, 2008: With the relocation of Odaiba, the time font has been renewed based on JTC Win.
  • 7th generation: December 2008, 12-Current

Minor changes were made with the operation of the new Odaiba master, making it a little closer to the Marl body.

1994 year 4 month 1 dayMezamashi TVCustom fonts were also introduced with the start, but minor changes were made with the update of the telop master on September 1994, 9, and minor changes were also made after the relocation of Odaiba in March 10.

From July 1996, 7 to December 1, 12, the Kowa font was temporarily used, and the Mar body time font that had been used in the past was suspended, but from December 29, 1996, Kawadacho It was used again by the last day.

Successive catchphrases

Even at each FNS affiliated station, "Fuji TV" and "8 channels" were replaced with their own station names. However, some stations such as Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting and Kansai TV did not use it because it used its own copy.
  • Fun TV for a bright home (when the station opened in 1959)
  • Fuji TV for mother and child (around 1960)
  • Channel Eight (around 1978-1986) [Note 25]
  • Spring Channel Plaza (Spring 1979)
  • Youth is 8 beats Fuji TV in autumn (Autumn 1979)
  • 80 channels in the 8s (January 1980)
  • Good luck TV party (Summer 1980)
  • Unintentionally smiling Fuji TV in autumn (autumn 1980)
  • Meeting refreshing (January 1981)
  • TV Cal Summer 8 Channel (Summer 1981)
  • Lun Lun is interesting (Summer 1982)
  • National fun (autumn 1982)
  • This spring is also an interesting Kingdom Fuji Television (Spring 1983)[Note 26]
  • This summer is interesting ~ Tomo Fuji TV (Summer 1983)
  • This Fall Interesting Romantic Fuji Television (Autumn 1983)
  • Romantic and Fuji Television TV at the end of the year (year-end and New Year 1984)
  • It looks like a light char. Spring 8 Channel (Spring 1984)
  • I like people who look like Imagineers. Fuji Television Network (Autumn 1984)
  • Mood is ○ Yu (Maruyu) Heart is ○ Multi (spring) 8 channels (Spring 1985)
  • Supple Thought Autumn Fuji Television (Autumn 1985)
  • Fuji TV in supple spring (spring 1986)[Note 27]
  • Nyan and supple. Fuji TV during summer vacation (Summer 1986)[Note 28]
  • Channel 8 is TV Adventure King (Autumn 1986)
  • Yumesaki guide. Fuji TV in spring. (Spring 1987)[Note 29]
  • Dream Sawagi Summer Fuji Television (Summer 1987)[Note 30]
  • Super TV Declaration Fuji Television (Autumn 1987-Spring 1988)
    • TV becomes interesting when it exceeds TV (autumn 1987)
    • If you get tired of New Year's and TV, Fuji Television (1987)
    • Fuji TV (January 1988) when you get tired of TV in early spring
    • This is Jarune! Who does it, not Fuji TV (January 1988)
    • You can live without watching Fuji TV. 30 years of fun (Spring 1988)[Note 31]
  • If you watch only Fuji TV, it will be a horse. (Summer 1988)
  • August 8thFuji tv day(Summer 1988)
  • Yumejozu Autumn Fuji Television (Autumn 1988)
  • Fuji TV to that person who took care of me. (End of 1988)
  • Fuji TV for unexpected customers. (January 1989)
  • Fuji Television will not age (March 1989, 3th anniversary of the start of broadcasting)
  • Watch out for Fuji TV from April. (Spring reorganization in 4)
  • If possible, I want to live like Fuji Television (Spring 1989)
  • The princess summer of TV country. Fuji Television in the summer (Summer 1989)
  • One hand towel. Fuji Television (Summer 1989)
  • Somehow change. (Late 1989)
  • Changes that come and go. (End of 1989)
  • Change new year. (January 1990)
  • Is it moving in the world? (First half of 1990)
  • Fuji Television began to call LOVE (late 1990)
  • Let's join the new rules (1991)
  • Everyone, it's about time. (Early 1992)
  • "Philosophy" (late 1992)
  • What is a service? (1993)
  • Fuji TV is under construction. (Autumn 1993)
  • TV is []. (First half of 1994)[Note 32]
  • PUSH (late 1994)
  • There is Fuji Television. (1995)
  • Singing Fuji Television song (1996)
  • Odaiba Channel Fuji Television (1997)
  • We met again (1997)
  • LAUGH AT ME Make me laugh. new entertainment co. Fuji Television (1998)
  • Seriously Fuji (1999)
  • Fuji Television Network, IncGin(2000)
  • Gatcha! Fuji TV! (2001)
  • The motivation was Fuji Television (2002-2005, 2008)
Some affiliated stations use it as a trigger for XX (station name).
  • A little happy → Chopi Happi was triggered by Fuji Television (2006)
  • HAVE YOUR MEASURE was inspired by Fuji Television (2007)
  • 50s!!!!! (2009, 50th anniversary limited)
  • Produce. (Autumn 2010)
  • Mitkanite Fuji! (Spring 2011)
Used as "Mitka Night!" at affiliated stations.
  • Shining Fuji TV (Spring 2012)
  • Drama x Variety Festival Dobadova! Fuji TV (Summer 2012)
  • Popular ☆ Fuji TV (Autumn 2012)
  • Fuji Television Definition (Fall 2012)
  • Fuji TV is ____________. (2013)
  • 5539 (Go Go Thank You) For the 55th year, change the color of the eyes. Fuji TV (2013, 55th anniversary)
  • Henshin! New Fuji Television (Spring 2014)
  • A little better tomorrow than today. Plus Fuji Television (Autumn 2014)
  • LIFE !S LIVE (Spring 2015)
  • Fufufu. LIVE! Fuji Television (Autumn 2015)
  • PLAY! (Spring 2016)
  • Fujitele be with you. (Autumn 2016-Spring 2017)
  • reboot (Fall 2017)
  • Change, Fuji Change, TV (Spring 2018)
  • Fall of competition, Fall of evolution (Fall 2018)
  • Let's start TV of the future ♪ (Spring 2019)
  • A total challenge! (Autumn 2019)
  • Reorganization to pursue. (Spring 2020)
  • Plus reorganization (Autumn 2020)
  • Starting from 8 (Spring 2021)
  • Fuji TV-DEEP TV experience for the whole family! (Autumn 2021)

Corporate slogan

  • Fuji TV for Mother and Child (-1980)
  • It's not TV unless it's fun (1981 -)[Note 33]
  • ・Dream・・・・・・・・・・・・ (1986 -)

Movie production, etc.

Movie Business Center

Fuji TVBroadcasterAnd at the same time one of the largest in JapanmoviesAs a production group, the Filmmaking Business Center of the organization station produces films and broadcasts them on TV. Independent from the formation department in July 2003Movie Business Bureau(As of January 2004, 2Archive), but the organization was reorganized in July 2017, and it came to be under the umbrella of the Organization Bureau again.

The movie business center produces movie for theaterMovie production department," and "Movie Coordination Department," which negotiates and promotes acquisition of movie broadcasting rights to be broadcast on TV such as "Saturday Premium." In terms of scale, it surpasses existing film production companies and is one of the largest in Japan. Most of the movies produced are mainly made by the movie production department. In the movie business era,Chihiro Kameyama,Takashi IshiharaThe station was in charge of everything from planning to production, distribution contracts, promotion, DVD conversion, TV broadcasting, and overseas sales.Distribution is Toho andHankyu Hanshin HoldingsRespectivelyFuji Media Holdings,Kansai TV broadcastingBecause it is a major shareholder of Toho, there are many cases where it is held in Toho.

Works that can be expected to have high box office income such as "Dancing Daisousen" are thoroughly used for movie promotion, such as the appearance of movie casts on regular programs and broadcasting of related special programs, Pioneered a business model that leads viewers to movie theaters and leads to high box office income. It became an opportunity to produce many television station movies in the 2000s.

Currently, Fuji Television Co., Ltd.Gdh(I am an animation production companyGonzoHolds 10% of the shares of the holding company ofAnime movieCo-production of (first workMiyuki MiyabeThe original, released in the summer of 2006Brave Story")It is carried out. On the other hand,ghost in the Shell] An animation and CG production studio famous for the seriesProduction IGLimited liability business association Fuji IG Lab for Movies (FILM. FILM limited liability partnership) Established. Launched FIX STUDIO, a digital studio exclusively for the union, and produced music production in the studio and the United States.Skywalker soundLarge-capacity network line between studiosSky link”And established a system that enables simultaneous parallel work in Japan and the United States.

In addition, from April 2008, movies produced by Fuji TVWOWOWHas been aired in advance.

Fuji tv production movie



  • Akatsuki's challenge




A publicity and media mix was held with all the power of the Fuji Sankei Group. Actors and dogs appeared one after another on Fuji TV programs and featured daily on variety programs, and a large campaign was held on Fuji TV and Nippon Broadcasting, and criticism that it was a privatization of public radio waves also occurred.[58].








































Series (2001 -)

General Business Bureau Event Business Bureau


The event is currently sponsored by the General Business Bureau Event Business Bureau.

General event
In addition, during the Kawata-cho era, "" was held every August 8 "Fuji Television Day" at a part of the Kawada-cho head office and a parking lot. Contents are tour tour inside the head office, booths of programs at the time are set up in the parking lot, product sales are sold, quiz competitions by the announcer's progress on the temporary stage of the parking lot, stage where young entertainers / talents participate Such. On this day, ordinary people could also eat at the restaurant in the basement of the headquarters.
Cirque du Soleil Japan performance

It has been co-sponsored with FNS affiliates since 1992.Tokyo-HarajukuIt is held in each city nationwide, including the Big Top.

In addition, in 2008-2011Tokyo Disney Resort(ChibaUrayasu city) Cirque du Soleil Theater Tokyo (currentlyMaihama Amphitheater) And a permanent performance held at the theater "ZED"Oriental Land (OLC) Is Cirque du Soleil,Disney companyIt is sponsored by a business alliance with Fuji Television and is not directly involved.

Main person

Successive presidents

  1. Mizuo Naruo(Established in 1957-1964)
  2. Nobutaka Shikauchi(1964-1968)
  3. Kensumi Asano(1968-1982)
  4. Tatsuro Ishida(1982-1985)
  5. Shigeaki Hasama(1985-1988)
  6. Hisae Hie(1988-2001)
  7. Koichi Murakami(2001-2007)
  8. Akira Toyota(2007-2013)
  9. Chihiro Kameyama(2013-2017)
  10. Masayoshi Miyauchi(2017-2019)[59]
  11. Ryunosuke Endo(2019-2021)
  12. (2021 -)[60]


* See the link for a detailed profile.



Affiliated stations

Regarding affiliated broadcasting companiesFNN"and"FNSSee section.

Related satellite broadcasting

Multimedia broadcasting

  • mmbi -At the time of establishment, 40% together with Nippon Broadcasting was invested and the head office was located in Fuji Television. 2009Third-party allotmentbyNTT DoCoMoInvested in 10% together with Nippon Broadcasting when making it a subsidiary[61]And Fuji Media Holdings and Nippon Broadcasting combined a total of 2011% due to a third-party allotment in 6.35[62]I was trying. Sold by NTT Docomo by the end of March 2016, mmbiWholly owned subsidiary[63]It became.

Criticism of program production

Below, the order is the order of occurrence.Unless otherwise specified, the affiliation and job title are those at the time of occurrence.In addition, if criticisms of the details of the program such as the timing and direction of commercials such as sports broadcasts and the cases that temporarily burned on SNS sites etc. are included, the amount will be extremely huge, so it became a public problem here. Only examples are shown.

News report

  • August 2003, 8-Commercial Broadcasting Regulation says it is not handledMarriage agency OfcommercialTurned out to be broadcasting[Note 36].. Fuji Television's public relations department commented, "It is a judgment that follows the trend of the times."[64].
  • July 2009, 7-In the "FNN Super News," I introduced how the innkeepers struggle in a recession.MiyagiThe onsen ryokan general asked for an apology, saying, "It is contrary to the fact that the viewer has a negative image that the sales do not grow and the hot spring town is only edited in dark scenes." In response, Fuji Television claimed to have "delivered facts based on the interview",Broadcast Human Rights CommissionAfter the reconciliation arrangement by the company, he handed over to the landlady a document stating, "Apologize for expressions that may give misunderstandings and work on the report by valuing the relationship of trust with the interviewee in the future."[65].
  • October 2011, 3- Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) On the broadcast of the Prime Minister's press conferenceNuclear power plantI heard the voice saying "No matter what," "I'm laughing," "It's a shit". On March 9st, nine days after the broadcast, "I'm sorry for the misleading remarks coming out," in the "due to audio device troubles," the public relations department commented.[66].. The speaker was not announced.
  • August 2011, 8-Performers of "Information Presenter Tokudane!"Tomoaki OguraSaid in a comment related to the retirement report of Shinsuke Shimada,GangsterbyCivil intervention violenceReceived as shown to show the attitude of acceptingOnline bulletin boardMany criticisms were received for[67].. On August 8, I apologized on the same program that I was sorry for making a misunderstanding after explaining[68].
  • July 2012, 7-In the previous year in "Information Presenter Tokudane!"A junior high school student who committed suicide in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, committed suicideA part of the court's materials was displayed in the program with personal names etc. painted with magic, but since the personal names of the students who were the perpetrators were not so clear, it was possible to see in the broadcast on the 9th. When I saw a still image on a large TV, I found that part of my real name could be seen through.''[69].. On the internet, based on the recorded video, there are images that have been processed so that the inscription can be read more clearly.[70][71].. Regarding this, let alone criticism of Fuji TV and programs, there were also praised and affirmed voices for "spreading the real name of the perpetrators".
  • September 2012, 9-In the "Information Presenter Tokudane!"Masako TanakaBut,Shinzo AbeAbe's comments on 2007 election of new LDP presidentUlcerative colitisTaking up the fact that he resigned from the prime minister due to the worsening of the intractable disease designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, he was scolded as "like a child" and discriminated against and slandered the patients suffering from the illness in the world, including patients with ulcerative colitis Criticism was heard on the viewers and on the Internet, and Ogura apologized in the program on October 4, four days later. Although Tanaka side made an apology for uncomfortable remarks on the blog and the top page of the official website, he did not apologize to Abe himself.[72].
  • January 2012, 10-``Kuroko's BasketballWhen reporting the case where a threatening sentence arrived at the fan event of ”, without obtaining permission to cover the inside of the event venueUnauthorized shootingI used the video. Event organizerStudio YOUIn response to the protest from Fuji TV, there was no problem because it was taken from outside the venue grounds, and from the view that "it is taking a step in the news", we also refused the request to delete the image from the Fuji TV website. .. Due to these problems, the organizer has decided to consult with a lawyer. In addition, “Studio YOU” will shoot without permission because it is necessary to report the event that ended successfully with a threatening sentence and Fuji TV will not delete the image of the event participant from the website and will not reveal the reason. At the same time, I also see it as a problem from the viewpoint of privacy protection, so I consulted with a lawyer. "Studio YOU" will focus on the issue of how to collect data and how to report on privacy, and will continue to improve quality on the Fuji side.[73][74].
  • February 2013-At the representative announcement press conference after the 2 London Olympics Judo Japan Selection Tournament, it was regarded as a problem that the substitute athlete was present with the athlete selected as a representative because of respect and dignity for the loser. It was However, in the subsequent talks by the director in charge of strengthening Yoshimura, he negotiated that "the player who became the representative is good, but I do not want substitutes", but it became clear that Fuji Television decided that "it is absolutely necessary".[75].
  • July 2013, 7-At "Information Presenter Tokudane!"Estate 24 Holdings”The president said of his horror experience on the Internet as being slandered by “scammers” and “arrests”. However, on October 10, it was actually arrested on suspicion of fraud for deceiving a loan from Mizuho Bank, so it became a suspicious case as if it was really "rootless"[76].
  • June 2015, 6-"Akira Ikegami Emergency Special!" In an interview with a Korean, he apologized on June 5 for using a dubbing different from the video. In the video that the man says "do not reflect on past history", "Some Japanese people are good, but I hate it as a country", and women say "Korea has many cultures" In the video, he said, "I hate (Japan). It's been distressing Korea." In addition to editing mistakes, I apologized that the final check was insufficient[77][78].
  • December 2016, 12-of a singer arrested (later not prosecuted) for drug use on November 12, 2016ASKAIt was installed in the taxi that ASKA got on.drive recorderWas broadcast on a news program and a wide show.Checker cab radioFuji Television said that it had dispatched the vehicle of Sanyo Motor Co., Ltd., which was a member of the company, and continued to use it for nine and a half hours for on-site interviews and employee pick-ups, etc. Reported[79].. Fuji Television said, "We obtained the video within the scope of legitimate coverage activities. It was the video just before the arrest of the suspect who was suspended, and was judged to have public and public interest." However, on the Internet, when it violates privacy, criticism is raised immediately after broadcasting,Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismAlso issued a notice to the industry group to instruct the drive recorder video handling to be thoroughly managed.[80].
  • August 2017, 8-Due to Typhoon No. 8 uploaded on Twitter in "Information Presenter Tokudane!"AnekawaWhen the information gathering account of the program asked the user who shot and uploaded the video for permission to use the video that seems to be flooded, the purpose is "If you do not get an answer by 8 am, use it" Reply to the user, and then the video was broadcast, so on Twitter "Copyright infringementCriticisms such as "Is it?" and one after another, the accounts burned. However, it is clear that the program was actually broadcast with the consent of the user.[81].
  • January 2020, 5-``Viking],New coronavirus (COVID-19)When dealing with the topic of refraining from going out in the spread of infection in Tokyo, the number of people will increase as "photographed on May 5" in TokyoHarajuku OfTakeshita StreetAt that time, the clothes of the video andMcDonald'sIt was discovered from an advertisement for "Teritama Burger" (released only in March of the same year) at the store that the video was actually taken in March, and suspicion of fabrication emerged.On the next day's broadcast, the moderatorEnoki DaijiroThe announcer apologized, "It was taken in March. I apologize for the correction."[82].
  • January 2020, 10-``Viking MORE],Science Council of JapanWhile dealing with the topic of refusal to appoint, Fuji TV News Bureau commentary committee senior commentatorFumio Hirai"After working here (Science Council of Japan) for 6 years, after thatBachelorAt that point, you can get an annual pension of 250 million yen.until death.From your taxes.That's the rule, "he said, but it was pointed out on the Internet and in the Diet that the actual recommendation system of the Science Council of Japan and the Japan Academy is different, and the next day's broadcast, Toshihiro Ito, the moderator. Announcer Hiroshi apologized after supplementing the actual mechanism[83].


  • January 2011, 9-``Still, Life Goes On,” criticized the internet for the fictional magazine with the notation “JAP18” appearing on the screen. Some commented, "It's a pity that "I'm still living" is a good drama."[85].
  • February 2012-Serial drama ``April''Family songWas broadcast on TBS in 1987.Daddy is a newscasterIt was pointed out by some reports that the settings are similar. Fuji Television's president, Akira Toyoda, at the regular interview on the same month 24th, the director and producer of the drama of the Fuji TV organization production station wrote the script of "Papa is a newscaster" on February 2.Kazuhiko BanAnd producerYagio YagiHe said he had a direct meeting with him and said, "It is not my intention to say that it is imitation or plagiarism. I am currently considering such things as arranging and fixing the points you pointed out." The film was broadcast in the April term of the same year as scheduled.
  • January 2012, 10-``Sea monkey] Of the original authorHideto SatoBut,The same work made into a movie and drama by Fuji TV production"Related books were sold without permission by Fuji Television without a contract with the copyright holder (ie Sato)," he said on Twitter. In addition, it was also revealed that there was a case in which Fuji TV had previously reportedly interviewed Sato's office and acted unmannedly, but had been apologized because of an apology. Fuji TV wanted to meet Sato directly and apologize, but in response, Sato said, "Since Fuji TV is an unreliable company, I have no intention to meet anymore, I will not be involved anymore" It has shown a stance of virtually rejecting the contract for the new production of.[86][Note 37]However, after that, the settlement was settled on June 2015, 6, because the apology document was sent from the news director Kenji Nishibuchi.[87].. About one year after the settlement, "THE LAST MESSAGE Kaizaru" was broadcast as the first terrestrial broadcast of the movie work after the settlement on "Saturday Premium" on July 1, 2016. However, the contract for the movie work ended in October 7 with no new work being produced thereafter. Then, on November 30, Sato posted on his Twitter, "At the end of October of the same year, all contracts for the live-action version of this work ended,It will never be broadcast or distributed on TV or the Internet in the future.It was reported that[88].
  • March 2013, 3-The theme of the Great East Japan Earthquakethe best divorce"so,Minor role OfBusiness cardE-mail address is "tsunami-lucky", and when "Tatsuya" in the name "Tatsuya Tatsuya" is read backward, it can be read as "tsunami done" and the broadcast date was close to the earthquake occurrence date. There was a voice saying that the reason was unscrupulous[89].
  • January 2016, 1-``Someday I will remember this love and I'll surely cry]”RadiologyThere was a room name tag written as "Radioactive" department.
  • January 2016, 4-``Sayako, is it true to get married?], the "4" part of the April calendar for propspublic holiday(Showa Day) That it was in black instead of redAsahi Entertainment TwitterPointed out, "Emperor ShowaIt's a birthday, and it's a special day for Japanese people."


  • October 1991, 10-In ``Thanks to all the Tunnels,''CecumWas hospitalized inNoritake KinashiHe directed him like he died and flooded him with protest calls.
  • August 2003, 8-At the control "Japanet Hakata" in "Wannai R & R"Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (now Fukuoka Softbank Hawks)directed by·Sadaharu OhWe broadcasted the contents that we will sell a toilet bowl "Oh Shret" that imitates the face of On the other hand, the team and Sadaharu Oji became angry and the local station, TV West Japan (TNC, head office location,FukuokaFukuoka CitySawara Ward), and refused to cover Fuji Television. Later, Fuji Television apologized on the broadcast, but in the same yearJapan seriesHas been stripped of broadcasting rights in theJapan net,WashletIs manufacturingTOTOIt was also protested that "it is too much of a good sense." Also on this day's broadcast,WakodoWe also broadcast a control that casts the powdered milk "Gungun" to a performer dressed as a pregnant woman, and the viewers are also complaining about "What is the imprudent treatment of powdered milk essential for childcare?" However, Wakodo also protested that it "damaged the corporate image."
  • May 2011-"FNS 27-hour TVVolunteers who visited the disaster-stricken area at their own expense to recover from the Great East Japan Earthquake were mobilized to set up the venue at the instruction of Fuji TV staff during the "Reconstruction Smile Live" program in the program[90].. Participants asked, "Why do you help with the work of a TV station?"[90].. Fuji Television argues that it's not part of the show, but part of a locally sponsored "Reconstruction City" held there.
  • February 2013, 2-In "Kazuyoshi Morita Hour Laughing to Laugh!", "Day of the Day Itomo CUP", a game was played in which a panel shaped like a doll was hit with a fan to defeat it. Opinions and protests such as "I am insulting traditional crafts and being unscrupulous" and "Insulting the Emperor and Empress to defeat "Ouchiura-sama" and "Ohina-sama" are insults to the Emperor" were flooded. .. Some broadcasters are streaming video of the protest[91].. In response to this, I changed to the score panel from 28th. Also, after the corner on March 3st, the announcer Ryusei Ikuta apologized, "I didn't take care of the production of making the dolls that everyone loves".[92].
  • July 2013, 7-Performed VTR on ""An actor OfHiroshi Fujioka,However, he announced on the official blog, "There was a broadcast different from the fact, which could be taken as defamation." In response to this announcement, Fuji Television posted an apology on the official site on August 8, entitled "Correction and apology for the variety program "Dragon Lady" Hiroshi Fujioka, VTR starring Mr. Hiroshi Fujioka".[93].
  • January 2017, 11-``Love god app』, in the locationPalauDespite being able to drink from 21 years old, it was announced that there will be a situation where a 20-year-old performer will drink alcohol, and that it will cancel broadcasting in the future, and then it was discontinued.[94].
  • October 2020-Variety show "Denjiro's THE experimentInjured accident (See below) Occurred the experiment, the science producer who is the crown of the programYonemura DenjiroWas criticized for not being supervised.[95]

South Korea bias

  • December 2008th, 12-"Information Presenter Tokudane!", "Mao Asada Inversion V is also... Kim Yoona "Difference in ability""Mao AsadathanKim YonaThe content that makes you feel that "is more powerful" is broadcast. Due to a big backlash, I corrected and apologized that there was an error in the information on the 18th on the same program.[96].
  • October 2010th, 10th, 4-In "Sporteto!", we broadcasted "Korean-Japanese battle" for the second consecutive day on the soccer friendly match between Japan and Korea, which was held in Seoul, South Korea on the 5th of the same month. .. Criticized by viewers and online. According to the public relations department, based on the official notation of FIFA, the home team was previously described before to clarify the home and the away.[97][98].. From the 6th, it was changed to "Korean match", and since then, both have been considered as Korean match at home, and in August 2011, Japan also played Korean match against Korea at home.
  • August 2011-It was sometimes said that the attitude of the press was biased to South Korea due to the above broadcast, etc.Takaoka SosukeWas influenced by the fact that he said on Twitter, "I do not really watch 8 now. I often think that it is a Korean TV station."GroupHowever, it was decided that demonstrations would be held around Fuji TV headquarters twice on August 8th and 7st. However, Takaoka expressed negative views on these demonstration activities.[99].. Also, on the 7th, it was called "walking" or "meeting for the 21st" because the police did not give permission for demonstration. This demonstration was reported in foreign media such as South Korea, but it was not reported in domestic media let alone Fuji Television.[100].


  • 1999-『Two people who love』Performers confess the harassment with a will,suicidedid.sponsorWas discontinued because he offered to give up.
  • September 2005-"Mezamashi TV" corner in the "Mezamashi research team", it was discovered that there was a rush. The contract with the free director who harassed him was cut off, and the corner was cut off. Also, due to management responsibilities, the director of the Information Production Bureau was reduced and the manager of the Information Production Center was reduced in salary.
  • October 2008, 1- "FNS 2007-hour TV" broadcast in 27A psychic in an internal projectHiroyuki EharaReceived a protest from the person who received the spiritual vision about the result of the spiritual vision and the edited broadcast content, and received improvement opinions from the BPO as "unscientific" "lacking consideration for the performers". Fuji TV apologizes to the cast and broadcasts a program to follow at a later date. At the same time, the letter that contributed to the coverage of the program was Yarase, and the majority of the audience at the spirit viewing venue wasCherry blossomIt was also discovered.
  • January 2010-The mother of a large family who appeared on the blog accused her of being harassed in "The World Surprised Human! Nippon (Rare) Stay Record" broadcast on June 1, 2007.Fuji TV virtually apologized, "There was no problem with the interview and the content (...) As a result, the consideration was not enough."
  • October 2010, 3- Friday Prestige"Negligent Teacher Special Night 1 "Please give me a place to stay-1000 days between love and tears"”, a time series contradiction was pointed out in the video introducing the 15-year-old boy, and a comment “Is it a yarase?[101].. On the 19th, Amamiya revealed on the blog that he protested and inquired Fuji Television,New Weekly Fuji Television Criticism』(Broadcast March 2010, 3), it was announced that this matter will be dealt with[102].
  • In the “All Japan Onsen Inn Award 2013” ​​broadcast on February 2, 5, it was discovered that the number 2013 hot spring inn was voted by a live televiewer's telephone vote.[103]
  • It was the content of the program that "Sniper Corps vs Radio Control Corps" in "Hoko × Tate 2013 Hour Special" broadcast on October 10, 20, was that Sniper hit a bullet and won, but the order of the confrontation There was a "manufacturing" that the editorial side intentionally modified the contents such as was changed, and it was discovered by the protest text posted by the radio control operator who appeared. Fuji Television acknowledged that there was an inappropriate production, and announced that it will refrain from broadcasting for the time being as confirmation of the content of all broadcast times.[104].. Furthermore, even in the radio control car that can never be caught vs the monkey corps that can catch any thing, which was broadcasted on October 2012, 10, by connecting the monkey with a thread, it looks as if the monkey is chasing the radio control car It was discovered that the staff pointed out that the staff was forced to do the work[105].. After that, the program discontinuation was announced on November 11. Chihiro Kameyama, president of Fuji Television, apologized at a regular press conference on November 1 of the same year, "It was an excessive "directing" and an act that should not be done", but "Because the victory or defeat was not decided before the shooting. It doesn't hit "Yarase.""[106].
    • As an alternative to "Hoko x Tate", which was postponed due to the above problems, I went to "Mikawa Haruna Ai no Burari Tabi Nagatoro" on October 2013, 10 by SL train. Even in ``Yo SP with Matsutake,'' the screen is flipped left and right and the car is driving to the right on the road even though it is in Japan, ``The production side scored as'No if there is no picture like this' The comment from a person related to the anonymous TV industry was pointed out in the media, which pointed out that "there is no flexibility" is the same as "Hoko x Tate".[107].
  • On the quiz corner "Monozono Janken" in "Mezamashi TV" broadcasted on November 2016, 11, the Yankees and Masaru Tanaka pitcher's whereabouts were completely different from the facts and were broadcast as the correct answer. Has protested to the people concerned that the person denied him on Twitter and was taken up by Fuji TV without any consultation. Fuji TV officials apologized during a protest against Masahiro Tanaka, but "I did not know that it was in a quiz format. If I knew it, I confirmed it on the phone side with the person himself." I explained. In addition, on the 10th, the content of the program was changed and the main casterShoji MiyakeAn apology broadcast was held and all the options were treated as correct answers for the problem[108][Note 38].
  • January 2020, 4-``Super Adversity Quiz Battle!! 99 people's wallOne of the extras who appeared on the program in February of the same yearBroadcast Ethics and Program Improvement OrganizationAs a result of the investigation that (BPO) was accused of "being done", it was clear that 100 participants were originally gathered and recorded as extras without the right to answer due to lack of people. Became[109]..As a result of the survey, 3 special programs before the start of regular broadcasting, 2019 times from the start of regular broadcasting to October 10, and 26 extras at most were participated.After that, after announcing the facts, it was announced that if the number of participants is insufficient for some reason, it will be announced in advance and then broadcast.[110][111]..After that, due to the influence of the prevention of infection with the new coronavirus infection, the broadcast was suspended for a while, and when the broadcast resumed on June 6, the same year, an apology was given at the beginning.In addition, on May 6, the same year, BPO said that it was suspected of violating broadcasting ethics and decided to enter into deliberation.[112],following year2021 OfMay 1"A thing that betrays the promise with many viewers who trusted the concept of" 1 person vs. 99 people "that the program is aiming for." "The creators do not fully share the important part of the production process. In that respect, it should be said that the process was not properly maintained. ”It was confirmed that there was a violation of broadcasting ethics.[113].
  • May 2020, 5-Selling "no script"Reality show"Terraced HouseIs appearing on the programProfessional wrestlerKimura flowerWas discontinued in response to his sudden death (23rd of the same month).It is believed that he committed suicide because he suffered from slanderous defamation of his words and actions on the program, but Kimura's mother said that he only played the role of heel at the direction of the program production side.Kyoko KimuraClaims.On July 7, the same year, Fuji TV signed a pledge with the performers at a regular press conference stating, "We will follow all instructions and decisions regarding the schedule and shooting policy, and will be liable for damages if we violate it" (summary). Although he announced that he was doing it, he said, "There is no such thing as being forced" and "I have not given instructions to twist emotional expressions." "Direction is a setup, etc., and you have to listen to everything the staff says. It ’s not that. ”[114][115].
  • June 2020-Fuji TV (FNN) ・Sankei ShimbunIn an opinion poll conducted jointly by the two companies, it was announced that they had been cheating by entering a fictitious answer."" Was subcontracted by "", which was entrusted with research work by Fuji TV.Nippon TelenetIt was revealed that the managerial staff of "" did not actually investigate and was inducing fraudulent input of fictitious answers.In addition, as a result of a survey conducted by Fuji TV, when a total of 2019 polls were conducted from April to May 4, 5 cases, which is 14% of the total, were fraudulent, and Adams. He did not report to Fuji TV the fact that Communications had subcontracted to Nippon Telenet.Fuji TV and Sankei Shimbun withdrew reports and articles based on fraudulent data broadcast and posted from May 12, 1,886 to June 2019, 5, and at the same time, polled until recurrence prevention measures were formulated. Was paused.The following year, in January 19, the consignment to Adams Communications was discontinued, a new consignment was made, and the person in charge of Fuji TV / Sankei Shimbun witnessed the re-consignment in principle to prevent recurrence. Opinion polls resumed after formulating measures[116]. Also,Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement OrganizationThe (BPO) Broadcasting Ethics Verification Committee also deliberated, and on February 2021, 2, it was regarded as a problem that it was left to the outsourced research company, and "a big betrayal of public trust, other It is undeniable that it affected the credibility of the polls by the media, "and it was confirmed that there was a serious violation of broadcasting ethics.[117].

Conflict of interest/Personalization of radio waves

  • Separately from time and spot commercials, movies produced in-house in the program[58]And the events/products of the company, songs owned by affiliated companies[Note 39]Etc. are taken up in a big way, and frequently in other programsPropagandaThere is also a criticism that it is a privatization of public radio waves.[118].


Order of occurrence. Affiliation is as of the time of occurrence unless otherwise specified.

False news/misrepresentation

Accident during program appearance

  • June 1993, 6-A rock band in Hong Kong during the recording of the variety program "Utchan Nanchan's Do It!"BEYOND OfYellow familyFell from the set, struck his head severely (acute subdural hemorrhage, skull fracture, brain contusion) and died 6 days later. In addition, in this accidentMitsuyoshi UchimuraFell and suffered a bruise for two weeks. The program was discontinued due to the death of Huang Zakoma.
  • September 1998, 9-Fuji TV announcer performing an experience report of evacuation equipment that escapes from high places during a disaster during live broadcasting of "Mezamashi TV"Chikuma KikumaFell through a window on the 5th floor of the condominium (approximately 13m above the ground), causing a serious injury for 3 months.Lumbar spineCompression fracture).
  • 2003-March 2012, 3 issueWeekly BunshunAt "Midnight Program"Bored aristocratAn elderly man who appeared in the movie was firewalked and died of renal failure due to burns. "[123]..The truth is unknown because there are no reports other than Shukan Bunshun to support the fact.
  • Also broadcast from 2003th to 6th June 28FNS 27-hour TV Minna no Uta"ofI can't sleep tonight in pacific saury/NakaiIn the live broadcast ofShofuiteiIs ownMale genitaliaExposed.
  • July 2010, 7-Variety show "Olewan], a comedy trio during the recording of a competition that uses a sled to land on Styrofoam on the poolMy home OfHiroyuki SugiyamaHas a dislocation fracture of his left shoulder jointHiking walkingHiromasa Matsuda injured his left rib[124].. Five days later, during the recording of the competition where a lotion was applied to the whole body for the planning of the program, a comedianJinnai TomonoriHas cracked ribs and is injured[125].. In response to this, the broadcasting of "Olewan SP" scheduled for August 8 of the same year was canceled.
  • February 2012, 2-A comedy duo while recording the variety show "Thanks to everyone for Tonneluzu"Zun OfEaseRuns on the ski slope in Niigata prefecture with a rubber boat for water skiing, and because it was too fast, I could not stop at the stop point made of snow, so I hit the galvanized galvanized iron ahead and injured my hip bone. Bear[126].
  • May 2014, 5-Variety program "Mecha2Iketeru!” cornerMecha Japan Wrestling] During the rehearsal of idol group AKB48 membersYuria KizakiSuffers from a broken left wrist. In addition, about this time他 の メ ン バ ーWas used as a substitute and was broadcast as scheduled.[Note 40][127].
  • February 2015, 2-During the recording of the variety show "VS Arashi", in the game "Jungle Bingo" in the programMari SekineStepped off the support and was injured above his right eye.
  • July 2020, 10-Variety show "Denjiro's THE experiment』During recording, comedy combinationTrendy angel OfTsukasa SaitoIs Gunma prefectureMinakami TownWhen an experiment was conducted to see if an airbag laid on the hips was exploded and floated in the air at the location site, it fell from the right hand and smashed the waist. Injured for 3 months[128].

Scandals of concerned parties

  • 1999-A show that lets hairdressers competeScissors leagueIt was discovered that the "charismatic hairdresser" who appeared in "is unlicensed. The producer of the program left the company because he was found to have received a kickback of production costs from the production company. After that, he was extorted and arrested for a financial company, an unlicensed hairdresser, and a beauty salon.
  • February 2001-I was an announcer at the timeKenichiro SakuraiWhile driving in a private car, he collided with a motorcycle on Yamate-dori and caused an accident that killed the motorcycle driver. After that, Sakurai was arrested for a current negligent criminal offense, and after being disposed of, he was demoted to another department.
  • October 2001-In Fuji TV headquarters, "Mecha2It's cool』\ Art company employee weighs 100 while preparing for recordingkgThere is a fatal accident that hits the head strongly as the underlay of the set. Due to that, the contents scheduled to be broadcast on October 10 of the same year were suddenly canceled and "Terminator 2] A special edition was broadcast.
  • July 2005, 7-Johnny's office idol groupNEWSUnderage membersSendai cityI got drunk inside, had trouble and was guided. After that, it was discovered that Fuji TV announcer Chino Kikuma had called to the liquor table, knowing that the guided member was a minor. Johnny's office removed the member from the NEWS members as an indefinite sanction and demoted them to trainees. On the other hand, Fuji TV gave the Ana a one-week discretionary sanction, and reduced the salary and salary to a total of 1 employees, including the Anna, who also participated in the tavern.[129].
  • August 2011-A person who claims to work for "Gulf TV Station" uses the account name of "tss8" to sell F3116 related products not for sale.Yahoo auctionIt became clear that a large number of items had been put up for sale, and suspected embezzlement emerged. It is clear from the blog of the account that "the Gulf TV station" refers to Fuji Television, but Fuji Television has not made any comments.[100].
  • 2012 isToshihiro Ito[130]Traffic accidents and drunk driver drunk driving[131], Employee assault on taxi driver[132]Ignores Fuji TV's "Super News" signal[133]There were many traffic related problems.
  • June 2012-Working at the New York office in the United StatesYu HasegawaHowever, it was discovered that he was misusing his stay-related expenses.Fuji TV has dismissed Hasegawa for violating the business rules, but has already returned the full amount, so he will not file a criminal complaint.However, in his blog, Hasegawa complained that "the IP address that sent a large amount of slanderous messages to this blog was'FUJI TELEVISION NETWORK INC'" and ironically that "Please come back from the company". Is stating[134], Not to mention the solution[135]Is continuing. On the Fuji TV side, President Toyota himself "don't say anything"[136]He showed the policy without knowing.
  • March 2014, 3-At that time was a Fuji Television employeeAtsuhiro SugioIt was discovered that (former drama producer) had embezzled the company's working capital of about 2011 million yen several times since the fall of 1 at its affiliated company, "Storia". The president of the company, Sugio, was in charge of managing the company's funds, and it was not discovered because it was initially filling up at the end of each fiscal year, but at the end, the fund to fill up hit the bottom, so Sugio himselfStatutory AuditorI confessed to me and discovered it. Sugio was dislocated to the company on March 2014, 3, and after interviewing Fuji TV on March 20Disciplinary dismissalBecame. Storia is considering criminal charges for Sugio[137][138].
  • October 2016, 12- News agencySocial departmentA few years agoMetropolitan Police DepartmentA male reporter in his 30s who was in charge was expensive from a gangster person I met during the interview process.ReceptionAfter repeatedly receiving the above, it was revealed that there was a suspicion that the concerned person provided a profit by lending the name to purchase the passenger car. Fuji Television has removed the reporter from his position as a journalist when he was discovered in early November, and plans to take a strict disposition after proceeding with an investigation.[139][140].. On March 2017, 3, a male reporter and gangster officials allegedly misrepresented the original electromagnetic notarized documentDocument inspectionWas done[141].
  • April 2021 --Several female announcers from Fuji TV will get haircuts for free at a beauty salon in Tokyo instead of posting photos after the treatment on the store's SNS.Stealth marketingIt was reported by some weekly magazines that they were doing (Stema)[142]..After that, in May of the same year, Fuji TV apologized as a result of conducting a hearing investigation with an outside lawyer, saying, "Although there was no undercover act, an act that violated the employee work rules was found."[143][144].

Computer games involving Fuji TV

Fuji TV had a period of selling computer games by itself, and it is also characterized by the fact that many games are based on its own programs.

A video game sold by Fuji TV in-house.

The following are video games that were sold by manufacturers other than Fuji and featured their own variety and sports programs.

The following are computer games planned or developed by the Fuji Television Game Division.

* Fuji TV anime game works, Pony Canyon andFuji & gumi Games,Fuji GamesGames sold by affiliated companies (established in April 2016) are omitted.



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