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📺 | "Radiha" is made into a movie! Published in April 2022! "I couldn't see the farewell." ...! ??


"Radiha" is made into a movie! Published in April 2022! "I couldn't see the farewell." ...! ??

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In addition, Sayaka Yamaguchi, Kenichi Endo, Kenta Hamano, Tomomi Maruyama, Masato Yano, Norito Yashima, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Masahiro Takashima, Kazuyuki Asano, and Emi Wakui are all familiar.

The drama "Radiation House II-Diagnosis Report of Radiology-" currently being broadcast is "Radiation House the Movie ..." → Continue reading

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Nobuyuki Suzuki

Nobuyuki Suzuki(Suzuki Nobuyuki,1992 May 10 -)[1]It is,Japan OfAn actor.Troupe EXILEMembers.

KanagawaI'm fromLDH JAPANBelongs.


"" Started in February 2010VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 2Participate in[2].. Although he was rejected in the second screening, he was contacted by the office after that.EXPGI was invited to go to Tokyo school[2].. Passed the "8rd Theater Company EXILE Audition" held in August of the same year and started acting as an actor[3].


  • I have two brothers[4].
  • I played baseball from the first grade of elementary school to the second grade of junior high school[5].
  • Former professional baseball playerMasumi KuwataIs the son ofMaki Kuwataと[6]MattWas the same nursery school[7].
  • The ones who are especially close to the theater company EXILE are the sameKeita Machida[8].
  • January 2019, 1, of the theater company EXILEMasayasu YagiAnd paired with "the most number of times you caught marshmallows with chopsticks in one minute"Guinness World RecordsUpdated[9][10]..In June of the same year, paired with Yagi, he broke the Guinness World Records for "the most number of marshmallows caught by mouth in one minute."[11].


TV drama


Short film


  • Theatrical company EXILE Hana-gumi × Wind union performanceBastard BLUES(December 2010) --Sakamoto / Yone Sawamura
  • "12" ~ From 12 angry men ~(November 2011)
  • Theatrical company EXILE W-IMPACT "Red cliff -Love- "(August 2011)
  • Reading drama "If you(September 2011)-Yuki
  • Fern Flock Junjou Pilgrimage Edition (May 2012)
  • Theatrical company EXILE performance "Attack No.1" (August-September 2013) --Hajime Nihonyanagi First Class
  • Ten Sanada(January-February 2014)-Izo Miyoshi
  • Theatrical company EXILE performance "Diva" (March 2014) --Jinguji Temple
  • Theatrical company EXILE Ataku No.1 spin-off reading drama "The Conspiracy of the Eyebrows Clan" (April 2014)
  • Honan Gumi Planning Performance Recitation Drama "I Want to Meet ..." (May 2016)
  • The bell rings for the brave (January-February 2020)-JACK[34][35]
  • Book Reading ACT “Entertainer Exchange Diary” (February 2020)[36]

Delivery drama

TV program



  • The secret of the young lady, Miyu Ayakoji (2014,Angel paperback)-Cover model
  • Liberta "Dentis" (2018)[47]

Music video




Photo album


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外部 リンク

Kenta Hamano

Kenta Hamano(Kenta Hamano,1981 May 8 -) isJapan Ofミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン,作曲家,An actor. Nickname isHamaken..Instrumental bandSAKEROCK(2015 As a member of), he was in charge of trombone and scat.In addition, the band that he is the leader ofFunk in JapanIn charge of vocals and leader, and in Newday, he is in charge of trombone.Other,GENTLE FOREST JAZZ BAND, ASA-CHANG & Blue Huts, KILLING FLOOR,HashikenHe is also a former member of Hamaken and others.Nakashima MikaRecording participation,EGO-WRAPPIN'And 2008Summer sonicFormed at the time of appearanceKyoko KoizumiThere is also a lot of live support for SPECIAL BAND.In recent years, he has also been engaged in actor and talent businesses in parallel.KakubarismBelongs.My wife is a fashion modelAgatha.


Kanagawa横 浜 市Totsuka kuBackground[1].Jiyunomori Gakuen High School,Wako Universitygraduate.Leo, O type.After graduating from high school, I was a senior at the same high schoolHoshino GenIs the leaderSAKEROCKJoined.Initially not an official member, but a member of the keyboard, Takushi Nomura (Good Luck Heiwa) After withdrawal, became a frontman as a new melody manager.

In 2005Space shower tvSince he made a regular appearance on "STUDIO GROWN", his name has risen, and he became the main VJ of "Special Boys", which will start broadcasting on the same station in 2006. In the two-year appearance that continued until "Special Boys Japan", "The secondYusuke Santa MariaWill be called[2].

The movie "The character was bought and appeared in 2005Honey and clover, And appeared in various dramas, movies and commercials as an actor.

In April 2011, the movie "Pre-marriage limited express』Starring in the promotionYuriko Yoshitakaと と も にFuji Television Network, IncOf the seriesYou can laugh!』First appearance. "Mezamashi TV], And since then, there have been many opportunities to appear on terrestrial variety shows.

Model in 2012AgathaMarried. The first boy on May 2013, 5[3], The second child girl was born on June 2014, 6[4].

Broadcasted on May 2013, 10Mecha x 2 cool!(Fuji TV series)Takashi Okamura(Nine Tine) Appeared as a rival in the body modification project.The weight was reduced from 57.6kg before the project to 46.2kg, and the body fat was reduced from 26.4% to 12.2%, which was an overwhelming victory.However, after that, the manager revealed on Twitter that the weight rebounded.[5].

August 2020, 8,Vertebral arteryAnnounced that he had been hospitalized for about 2 weeks due to dissociation[6][7][8].


Entertainment shows

TV drama

Delivery drama


original video

Television Animation

Theater animation


  • (2017) --Uncle Death




  • Nissen"06 Spring Catalog / Party Edition" (2006)
  • Yomiuri Shimbun"Household Wisdom" (2011)
  • BIG"Delusion" (2012)
  • PARK"2013 Summer Grand Bazaar" (2013) * Singing only
  • Recruitment SUUMO"Sudo-san, Searching for a Home in SUMO, Transfer Edition" (2014) --Kenta Sudo
  • Bass clean Incent Scalp Gnocchi "The Unconscious Gnocchi Can't Be Forbidden" (2014)
  • "I can speak Japanese" (2016)
  • Giraffe
  • Tree of Savior"Sudden Goddess" (2017)
    • "Let's live in a room wear. UNIQLO room wear" (September 2017, 9-) * Appeared with family[34]
    • "Fleece set" (November 2017, 11-) * Appeared with family[35]
  • Mixi"Monster strikeSpring campaign "Shall we Mons?"[36]
    • "Keeper Edition" (March 2018, 3-)
    • "Ohanami Hen" (April 2018, 4-)
  • "Large-scale repair people" series (April 2018, 4-)[37]
  • Zwei"I'm not alone." (May 2018, 5-)[38]
  • Pococha"First time" version, "Cat" version (December 2019, 12-)[39]
  • Bacardi Japan "Dewar's" (April 2020, 4-) * Appearance in Zainichi Funk[40]
  • Noritz"Furomo sterilization" version (April 2021, 4-)[41]
  • Technics Complete wireless earphone "EAH-AZ60" (September 2021, 9-)[42]


  • Naoto and Kuramochi no Kai Vol.1 "Women who stay up late" (December 2013, 12-January 13, 2014)
  • Delusional song drama "Gilletta from top to bottom(April 2017, 5-July 7, 6)




  • 東京 03 The 12th solo additional performance "Dry, swear, uncover, dry again" (August 2011th and 8th, 27)
  • Tokyo 03 13th solo performance "Zusei in Zusei" special performance (March 2012th and 3th, 24)
  • Tokyo 03 14th Independent Additional Performance "Afterwards" (October 2012, 10)
  • Tokyo 03 10th Anniversary Prank Performance "Tachi's Bad Flow" (September 2013-9, 19)
  • Tokyo 03 FROLIC A HOLIC Love Story "Irreparable Figure" (June 2015-6, 4)
  • Tokyo 03 FROLIC A HOLIC "I still don't know what's cool." (February 2018-2, 22)[44]


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