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🎥 | The latest work of the robbery series "High School Teacher" 4 nights in a row at the end of the year!Alisa Mizuki starring

Photo "Stolen Love, High School Teacher" Broadcast for 4 consecutive nights at the end of the year – (C) AbemaTV, Inc./TV Asahi

The latest work of the robbery series "High School Teacher" 4 nights in a row at the end of the year!Alisa Mizuki starring

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So far, Osamu Suzuki, who wrote the script for all the "Stolen Love" series, continues to cast.

The latest work in the drama "Take Ai" series, co-produced by ABEMA and TV Asahi, "Take Ai, High School Teacher" will be released in December ... → Continue reading

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Suzuki Osamu

Suzuki Osamu(Suzuki,1972 May 4 -) is JapaneseTV writer,Businessman.

Writer-Lyricist-Radio personality-talent-Film directorAlso active as.Real name, Osamu Suzuki (same reading).The pen name is Susumu Suzuki.

ChibaAwa-gunChikura TownI'm fromSmile CompanyBelongs. WifeMiyuki Oshima[1].


Chiba Prefectural Awa High Schoolgraduate,Meiji Gakuin UniversityFaculty of Economics dropped out (2nd year)[2].

"If you can meet in a dream", and aspiring to be a broadcast writer.Ota ProductionsReceived an audition for the entertainer of, and caught up with the eyes of the broadcast writer who was participating as one of the judges, and studied under Maeda. Maeda told me, "You can't understand the feelings of an entertainer, so you should audition and go out to the live." When showing the material of the office,Akiyuki TsuchidaHad the same audition as.

Immediately after the formation,YokoLive is the first job. Producer, commander, and producer of the movie "Tuna Town's Tail Osamu Daisakusen" in Tsunku Town. He is a broadcast writer who works on TV and radio programs, on stage, on screenplays and screenplays, and on lyrics.

In the past, there were few opportunities to appear on the front stage, but in recent years, couples have more opportunities to be exposed on TV, commercials, etc. and are also performing talent activities.

SMAP-Hey-CocoricoNot only as a brain for multiple entertainers, but also as a screenwriter, he has made numerous hits. On Fuji TVAkihiro AraiWe have created various projects and controls.

"Mecha² coolIn “SMAP x SMAPSince I was groped that I was putting too much effort intoSumasuma/SuzukiI am using the pen name.

2002 New Year's Day broadcast "65thKin-chan & Shingo Katori's new! Costume Grand Prize]Takeshi KusagiAppeared as a food feeder in the dressed "Ikoi Koi".Shingo KatoriIt was brilliant even if it interfered with and scored 20 points.

I got married in October 2002 with "10 days of dating"[3]A book that describes the beginning of acquaintance with his wife, Miyuki OshimaI'm in love with Busu's eyes』Published. From April 2006,Inagaki GoroとTomoko MurakamiWas made into a drama.

Opened Chankoya Suzuki-chan on September 2012, 9 (then closed on April 3, 2018).

On July 2015, 7, I announced on my blog that I will take a year off for some childcare leave (according to my father's study).[4](For that reason, I was temporarily dismissing all programs in charge except "Mecha x 2 Iketeru", which was in charge of Susuma/Suzuki for a while).

A movie released in March 2018Love x Doc"so,Film directorMade a debut[5].

In August 2018, opened Meshi Bar Suzuki.


Radio showTHE Broadcast SoccerAnd took half a year to recruit disciples,Tomoko Nakajima and Osami Suzuki Entertaining SundayI was hired as a Nogala writer.

White PengI have a friendship with. The day after Hakuho had won the 30th Makuuchi title, he was called to the victory celebration, and at this time the wrestlers found it interesting, and since then Suzuki has appointed the wrestler to variety shows. For this reason, there is an analysis that Suzuki became the trigger of the wrestler boom centering on Endo and Ito Castle.[6].

Daiei dramaProfessing fans,2017 OfTV drama"Robbing love, winterAfter writing a screenplay incorporating the elements of Daiei drama,2020 Broadcast of "M there are people to loveIs a cool TV production by Daiei TVTheseus ShipWas also broadcast, and it was decided to attract the attention of broadcast critics as a "Reiwa version/Daiei drama".[7][Annotation 1].

Current program


Fuji Television Network, Inc

TV Asahi


Past program



Masahiro Nakai

Kimura Takuya

Inagaki Goro

Takeshi Kusagi

Shingo Katori



Naoki Tanaka

LOL problem

Ota Hikaru

Taka and Toshi


Taisuke fujigaya

Other TV programs

Nippon TV


Fuji Television Network, Inc

TV Asahi

Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.


Radio program



And many others




  • SunSet Swish"Asunaro" In addition to appearing with his wife Oshima, the couple also took pictures of the couple appearing in the main story.

TV program



TV drama

Web drama

Television Animation


Anime movie


  • Entertainer Exchange Diary-The Story of Yellow Hearts- (2011) --In charge of directing
  • Miyuki-Unconditional Love-(2012, 2013, 2015)-Directing[12]
  • I also wanted to be a hero (2017) --I was also in charge of directing
  • Callefon (2018)-Director
  • If you can draw your life (2021) – Also in charge of directing
  • Callefon (2018)-Director
    • BOOK ACT “Entertainer Exchange Diary” (January 2020) – In charge of production


directed by





  • "Jarajara Japan ~ for the Japanese ~" (album "S map ~ SMAP 014(In)
  • "FIVE RESPECT" (album "SMAP 015 / Drink! Smap!"In collaboration with N. Mappy, Masahiro Nakai)
  • "Time yotomare" (Goro Inagaki solo/SMAP album "Drink!Smap!")
  • "SMAP's Positive Dance" (album "We are SMAP!(In)


  1. I love you so much that I die
  2. May I cry once in a while?
  3. Sashiro
  1. Thank you!
  2. Friend + emotion, stick together (album "Yummy !!(In)
  1. God connection
  2. Daikichi Nakakichi Kokichi
  3. There is no obvious
  1. Illusion Wink
  2. Flying baby



In addition to the above-mentioned Yoko and Kayin Live, he has also been involved in the composition and production of live performances, and at the theater group "The Osamu Show", which was formed with a young entertainer from Yoshimoto Kogyo, he is also the chair and composition and production.

  • THE SECRET LIVE (July 1999st-7th, 1, Shinjuku Kinokuniya Southern Theater. Starring: Masahiro Nakai, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori)
  • Theatrical company "The Osamu Show" (June 2003)
    • The Osam Show "A Transsexual vs. Yakuza Story" (April 2004-4, 3)
    • Theater company "The Osam Show" (December 2004-12, 21)
  • Damenzu, wowStage production (May 2006, 5, May 16, 5 Kinokuniya Southern Theater)
  • Composition and production of a piece of thin leather (September 2006-9, 8, Shimokitazawa Honda Theater)
  • Ryoichi Tamura start-up performance "Rumorous Hospital-Sun's Komachi, Angel-" (November 2007, 11, December 30, LAFORET MUSEUM Harajuku)
  • Zero ordinary human (March 2008th-March 3, 28, Shimokitazawa Honda Theater) Composition/Direction
  • Haruko Book Center (June 2008)
  • Talk live "Broadcasting writer Suzuki Sasam's entertainer matchmaking-get along well SHOW ~" (from July 2008, 7 onwards, irregularly,Tokyo culture culture)




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