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🎥 | "Come Come Everybody" Repeated complicated thoughts ... 28th Synopsis

Photo "Come Come Everybody" from the 28th – (C) NHK

"Come Come Everybody" Repeated Complex Thoughts ... 28th Synopsis

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One day, Yasuko (Kamishiraishi) saw a US military officer (Tatsumasa Murasame) who was having trouble understanding English.

The 105th NHK serial TV novel "Come Come Everybody" in which Mone Kamishiraishi plays the first heroine.Week 6 "19 ... → Continue reading

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Tatsumasa Murasame

Tatsumasa Murasame(Murasame Tatsumasa,1988 May 7[1] -) isJapan OfMaleGardener,talent.Sweden-RöstångaOrkel Yunga (Örkelljunga) From[2],Year 2015[3](At the age of 26)JapanToNaturalization official[1]..The name before naturalization isJacob Sebastian Beyoke(Code: Jakob Sebastian Björk)[4]. My office isYM N[1].. blood typeO.


From birth to immigration to Japan

1988/7/25[2]Was born in Sweden.My real parents broke up when I was young, and my real motherSwedish Air ForcepilotBy stepfather in southern SwedenSkane(Skåne) LocalSuburbで[5]raised[6].

Under the influence of my stepfatherSwedish Army OfRangerWhile thinking about joining the unit,Junior high school OfWorld historyInterested in Japan in class[5],Yahoo! ChatでJapaneseFind outチ ャ ッ トでJapaneseWas studying[5][1]..Invited by a Japanese person I met through chat[4], 16 years oldSummer VacationI visited Japan for the first time at that timeZushiとYokosukaFor 3 monthsHome stayexperienced[7][4]..Homestay will continue for generationsOld houseAnd experienced a traditional life[8]..During my stay in JapanKamakuraSuch asShrineBuddhist templeSaid to have visited[8]..Although he passed the ranger unit's enlistment test, he declined to enlist andhigh schoolMoved to Japan after graduation[9].

After immigrating to Japan

After moving to JapanAichiNagoya cityで[5],Swedish,EnglishMade a living as a language teacher[1].

However, on January 2011, 3Great East Japan EarthquakeWas worried by my Swedish family, and it was just the time when my language teacher's contract expired, so I returned to Sweden once.[10].

August 2011, 8 after returning to Japan[2](At the age of 23), from the desire to be involved in ancient Japanese cultureLandscapingDive into the world of[1], At a landscaping company called Yamamoto Garden in Nagoya CityPart-time jobWorked as[5][2].

Murasame was originally "Apprenticeship systemI had a longing for[3][11]However, at Yamamoto-tei, there were already siblings, and there was no room for more disciples.[12].

After being turned down by dozens of companies[10], Aichi PrefectureNishioAdopted by a landscaping company called Kato Landscaping, June 2012, 6[2]From the gardener'sapprenticeAnd worked for 5 years[5][2][12].

2015 [3]Acquired Japanese nationality (at the age of 26)[1]..The Japanese name "Murame" is the name of the father of the master.[4],作家 OfTaijiro MurasameDerived from[12],Nanso Satomi HakkendenFictionalJapanese swordThe name is "Village rainIt also comes from being[4]..Also, "Tatsu" of "Tatsumasa" isYear of the dragonDerived from being born, "Tsuyoshi" comes from the name of the master[4]..When naturalizing to Japan, a Swedish parent said, "戦 争Will he fight for Japan and die? ", But Murasame told him his resolution and asked him to forgive him.[11].

2016/1/2[2]からYMN CorporationBelonging to the TV as a talent, along with the work of a gardener, manyTV program,Radio program,CMAppearing in[1].

At Kato Landscaping, I learned the techniques of garden care and management, but I didn't have much work in "designing" to build a garden from scratch, so after completing five years of training,masterTalk toTokyoI changed my job to a contractor[12].


heightIs 182 cm,chestIs 101 cm,WestIs 78 cm,(I.e.Is 96 cm.Hobby,Muscle training,Body modification,bonsai..Trilingual who speaks Japanese, English and Swedish[1].

Railroad crossingWas crying nearkittenProtected and named it "Sprout" ("Me"),Rearingdoing[13].

"Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularIt was decided to go toCurriculumThere are some things you can't learn just by doingApprenticeship systemAffirming[3].

marriageHe has a history and returned to Sweden with his wife at the time after the Great East Japan Earthquake.After that, when I was working at Kato Landscapingdivorce.DaughterThere is[14].

Appearance history

TV drama

Other TV programs

Radio program

TV commercial

  • kagomeVegetable juice English conversation teacher[1]



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