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🎥 | Massive use of Death Sauce! A unique collaboration between "The Suicide Squad" and takoyaki

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Mass use of Death Source! A unique collaboration between "The Suicide Squad" and takoyaki

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The members of "The Suicide Squad", who say that the spicy takoyaki that uses only one death sauce lurks in the eight takoyaki, and that the death sauce is used twice as much as usual, is also a surprising dish. There is.

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Death source

Death source(Death Sauce)The United States of AmericaNew JerseyHighlands (ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク-Staten IslandThe Gardner Resources Company, headquartered in South), is selling under the "Blair" brand.Hot sauceSeries.

History of birth

1990 eraAt the beginning, Blair Lather, who was a bartender, applied a spicy sauce to customers who did not return even when the store was closed.Chicken wingsIt is said that it started with a game in which if you could finish "Wing of Death", you could stay in the store and play.As rumors gradually spread and customers came to the store for the "Wing of Death" complete meal challenge, Blair also created a spicy sauce and started a challenge project "Chicken is free if you finish this". became.

In 1994, Blair, convinced that spicy sauce would be a business, started a business and established a sauce factory.Released as a limited edition, "Mr. Blair's 2:XNUMX am" was so popular that it sold out in a blink of an eye."Death Source" was released in response to the demands of spicy fans who wanted mass-produced products.skull Ofkey chainIs attached as a bonus.The name comes from the fact that this source caused deaths from a heart attack.

Previously,habañero pepperIs the production area ofCosta RicaIt was manufactured at the factory in the United States, but changed to American products from around May 2020.Not only the sauce alone, but also snacks seasoned with Death Sauce are on sale.

In Japan, four types of "Original Death Sauce", "Salsa Death Sauce", "After Death Jorokia", and "Saddon Death Jorokia" are officially imported from Suzusho Ltd.

Lineup such as Death Sauce

The following are arranged in the order that is said to be spicy.

Scoville valueIs about 16,000,000.PureCapsaicinCrystals, not liquids.Suzusho, which handles imported foods including Death Sauce, keeps one in-kind, but the site says, "It's never something to eat !!".
The Scoville value is about 13,500,000.
The Scoville value is about 5,500,000.
The Scoville value is about 4,000,000.
Chili extract, Red Savina pepper, Habanero,habañero pepper,Cayenne pepper,ediblevinegarIs used, and the Scoville value is about 2,000,000.
Ultra Death Source
Red Habanero, NagaPepper, Cayenne ,, Chili natural flavor (containing soybean oil),Tomato puree,Piri PiriChili,limejuice,salt, Spices are used, and the Scoville value is about 1,173,000.
Jersey Death Sauce
New jerseyThe finest of productionTomatoIs used, and red habanero, Cayenne, and even chili extract are added to make it extremely spicy.ThatScoville valueIs about 1,100,000 and is commercially availableTabascoIt is about 2,140 times as hot as (Scoville value 550).Production will be discontinued in place of the release of the above Ultra Death Sauce.
Chili extract Red Savina species Habanero, Habanero, cayenne pepper, edible vinegar are used, and the Scoville value is about 900,000.
Megadethソ ー ス
Red Habanero, Cayenne,AnchoTo add a chili extract with a Scoville value of 3 million to the three types of chili peppers, and to increase the spiciness.Chipotle pepper(Chipotle is also used in Possible Side Effects, After Death, Muerto, and Original Death, which will be described later).With molasses as a secret ingredientguavaNectar and ginger have been added.The Scoville value is about 770,000.
Possible Side Effects
It uses plenty of red savina seeds, which is the hottest in Habanero, and is super spicy without using chili extract.Vinegar is the only one used in Death Sauce, and it is a secret ingredient.OrangeJuice is added.Therefore, unlike other Death Sauces, it has a sour taste.The Scoville value is about 283,000.
sudden deathソ ー ス
The sauce uses only red habanero and does not contain chipotle or chili extract.For a secret tasteGinsengIs included.It is the most spicy product on the market at present with Japanese labels, but because it is too spicy, the label for Japan is "spicy beyond imagination" "please use it as a diluted or seasoning material". There is a note.The Scoville value is about 100,000 (or 49,220?).Currently, "Sudden Death Sauce with Jorokia" using Naga Jorokia in addition to Habanero is on sale.
After Death Source
While the top three species (Jersey Death, Megadeth, Sudden Death) use only red habanero, this after-death sauce mixes orange habanero, which is less spicy than red habanero.Cayenne pepper and chipotle are mixed there, and lime juice is added as a secret ingredient.The Scoville value is about 3, which is said to be about 50,000 times as hot as Tabasco.As with Sudden Death, "After Death Source with Jorokia" is currently on sale.
Pure Death Sauce with Jorokia
Habanero, Nagajo Rokia, edible vinegar, and Hawaiian red salt are used, and the Scoville value is about 35,000.
Salsa Death Sauce Muerto
Using Habanero, which is about twice as much as the original Death Sauce, it is about 2 times as spicy.No pepper extract is used.The Scoville value is about 1.5.The original notation is "Salsa de la Muerte"Latin AmericaFor specificationsSpanishIt is written (muerte means death, muerto means dead man).
Original Death Sauce
A sauce that uses ripe red habanero and cayenne pepper and adds lime juice to the secret flavor.It won the top 10 sales popularity on the popular hot hot sauce website "Hot Hot Hot.com" in the United States.The Scoville value is about 10,000.
jalapeno pepperDeath source
Instead of Habanerojalapeno pepperDeath sauce made by boiling down.Jalapeno is much less spicy than Habanero, so the spiciness of this sauce is mild.tequilaIs a secret ingredient.The Scoville value is about 6,000.
Sweet death sauce
Using yellow habanero as the main ingredientDeveloped so that even people who are not good at spiciness can enjoy it[Source required]Sweet death sauce.Corn syrup-honey-mango-passion fruit-sugar caneIs used.

The following items have unknown Scoville values.

Zakk Wylde Original Berserker
yuanOzzy OsbourneBand, nowBlack Label SocietyGuitarist ofZakk WyldeDeath source produced.
Berserker / Stronger Zan Death
LikewiseZakk WyldeDeath source produced.The Scoville value is 58,450.Red habanero, yellow habanero, Naga Jorokia, Chipotle and cayenne pepper are used.


Death Sauce 4 Mini Pack
Contains original death sauce, salsa death sauce, after death sauce, and sadon death sauce, each containing 60 ml.
Previously, jalapenodes sauce was included instead of salsades sauce.

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