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🎥 | Kou Shibasaki, 40cm hair!The state of the cut is released

Just cut the photo!

Kou Shibasaki, 40 cm of hair!The state of the cut is released

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The 13 bundles of hair that were cut were donated to the NPO "Japan Hair Donation & Charity", which provides free medical wigs made only from hair donated to children under the age of 18 who have problems with their hair. rice field.

A video of actress Kou Shibasaki cutting her hair 40 cm and making it short is on YouTube ... → Continue reading

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Wig (accessories)

wig(Wig) IsPeople OfheadIt's originally therehairOr anotherHairstyleHuman hair or artificial hair used to make it look like.In the olden days, it was called "kazura" and refers to things such as wigs and headbands that are made like hair and worn on the head.[1][2]..現代でもEven todayNohThen call it "chasuble"[1].


The history of wigs is longEgypt,Greece,Rome,Assyriaな どAncient civilizationFrom the age ofFashionHas been used as, or to hide hair loss.JapanHowever, as an ancient headdress, there is a custom of wearing vines on the head, and decorations such as flowers, leaves, and beads have come to be called flower vines, willow vines, and ball vines. It is said that the word was derived[3]..The wig as a hairstyle appearedAshikaga eraIt was said that it was used for dressing up with a face in Nogaku.[3]. afterwards,kabukiDeveloped for theater use, and haircuts have increased.Meiji EraLater,Japanese hairAnd became widely used for curly hair[3].

Types and uses

Those made using actual human hair (human hair),polyethyleneな どChemical fiberThere are various types of wigs, such as those made using (artificial hair) and wigs that mix the two and try to make the best use of their respective characteristics.

WigsCosmeticsHowever, it is not a quasi-drug, but it is a miscellaneous item closely related to hair.Wigs can be broadly divided into whole heads and partial wigs.As the word says, the whole head is covered with a wig and is called a full wig.It is used by people with thin hair on the whole or patients with alopecia areata multiplex who have spread extensively.On the other hand, for partial use, people with partially thin hair (AGA), wounds limited in range due to surgery or burns, and people with hair loss are limited to that part, and they come in various sizes. There is also one for children.

The wigs are "all-headed wigs worn as a disguise to change hairstyles and hair colors (whether thin or not)" and "all aimed at freeing from social prejudice." It can be divided into "head wigs".In actual social life (QOL), only wigs with integrated scalp or partial wigs can be worn that look natural in person and face-to-face.

ポ ニ ー テ ー ルTo make hairstyles such asShinyonThere is a great demand for hair that is used in combination with own hair, such as tied to a hair, from a global perspective.Because this is "hair for the purpose of extending hair"extensionOrHair attachmentIt is a more subdivided concept in the partial wig.

Benefits for thinning hair

Various wigs on the headAlopeciaThis is the easiest and most realistic way to deal with. "Baldness (thin hair)" is often a cause of discrimination and extremely stressful for human beings these days.As a result, they become reluctant and may interfere with their social life, such as staying at home depending on the person.By covering this with a wig, your personality will become brighter, you will be more confident, and you will be more active.Quality of life) Is also an extremely important means.Also, a wide range that was intractableAlopecia areataHowever, there are many cases in which the wig has improved rapidly after being used.

As a western formal wear

16st centuryIn the WestChisel,LouseDue to the prevalence of wigs, it has become common to shave short hair and use braided wigs to maintain hygiene.18st centuryEven after the living environment has improved, the habit remains,1800 Until aboutFormal wearA wig was worn as part of.

Classical music Of作曲家Etc. of the person at that time肖像画Is drawn with a similar hairstyle because they all wear wigs.

United Kingdom OftrialAnd (excluding civil courts)judge,Prosecutor,LawyerIt is this custom to wear a wig.

Orthodox Judaism prevents married women from showing their hair to men other than their husbands(English edition)It is stipulated by the dress code,(English edition)It is supposed to wear a wig, a hat and a hood.

Other demand

For TV programs, plays, theatrical performances, etc.entertainerEtc. may wear a wig to fulfill that role.It is said that the way the person is reflected when watching through TV is effective for maintaining popularity.

使用 方法

The wig does not interfere with the growth of new hair.However,HatThe skin temperature of the wearing part becomes high, and sweat is suppressed from evaporation and accumulates.Since the head is a part with abundant indigenous bacteria, they proliferate and are prone to inflammation.After wearing the wig, you should remove the wig and wash your scalp every day.It is necessary to keep in mind to clean the wig body regularly (about one week).Many people do not know that the wig can be washed or set, and if it is recommended to use it (even when consulted), we may give appropriate advice including these.

Wig modernization

Previously it was thought of as a stage or fashionable for women, but in recent years, due to the remarkable development of technology, the number of male and female users is small.2009 It has been increasing since then.

The main reason for the increase in the number of users is that the wig manufacturing technology is excellent.Also, for men only, there is less prejudice against wig users than before.2000 The spread of "thin wigs with integrated scalp" developed in Europe and the United States for the purpose of keeping people's eyes away from the social prejudice caused by androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), which appeared around that time, is remarkable. be.Commonly known as "paste type" wigs.

In addition, as one of the factors that have become widespread, it has been said that it is so expensive that it is said that "a wig is for one car" or "you can see the annual income with a wig", so it overturns the concept that only a few people have used it. It is at the point where it was done.

The conventional wig refers to a wig with a relatively thick fabric, and the short life of the product makes it difficult to come to terms with the price, and production is decreasing year by year.


Cosplay,Halloween such asDisguiseOrdisguiseThe price of wigs intended for use has already bottomed out closer to the purchase price than before, and the relatively cheap ones are 2 yen and the expensive ones are 1 yen.

Partial wigs for older women, called hairpieces, have a large difference in product prices, ranging from 5 yen to 30 yen.Factors that make a difference are advertising costs based on corporate strategy and differences due to artificial hair and fabrics that were originally developed for comfortable use by consumers.

The price of a scalp-integrated wig is significantly different because it is important that it is not unnatural for businessmen to wear it during normal work.Generally, the market price is for large companies (4 sheets 50 yen-70 yen) and for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses (1 sheet 2 yen-10 yen).

Demand for wigs with relatively thick fabrics, called conventional wigs, is decreasing year by year because they are expensive as consumables until the product oxidizes and becomes unusable.

Today, most large companies manufacture and sell modernized wigs as their main product.

Manufacturing / Production

Now mainlyChugoku[4],Thailand,Indonesia,north koreaManufactured in such countries.This is also because the craftsmanship of hand-planting is essential for pursuing the naturalness of the product.The only products that can be machine-planted are relatively inexpensive wigs for disguise purposes and some modernized thin wigs.

Major manufacturers

Place of origin

Human hair has been bought and sold since ancient times.
Because long and beautiful hair is expensive(English edition)There was also a crime.
As a donation for people who have lost their hair due to illness etc.Hair donationThere is an initiative.


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