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🤖 | "BanG Dream! 』Morfonica talk event" Welcome to Monikai ♪ "held


"BanG Dream! 』Morfonica talk event" Welcome to Monikai ♪ "held

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At the event, as a project devised by Morfonica members, the radio "BanG Dream!" Will be personalized by Hina Suguta, who plays Toko Kirigaya, and Yuka Nishio, who plays Nanafuka Hiromachi, in both Part 1 and Part 2.

"BanG Dream! From the project, Morfonica's talk event "Welcome to the Monikai ♪" will be held on December 12th ... → Continue reading

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Naona Himena

Hina Suguta(Soon Hina,1995 May 4[2] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor.HyogoBackground[1][2].Animo ProduceAffiliation[1][2].


Before working as a voice actor, I worked as a childcare worker, but I aspire to become a voice actor because I want to participate in the production side of animation.[1].. Joined "Animo Actors Source" as a 2017st gen member in the spring of 1[3].

Released in 2018[2]App gameDisappearing city 2Played the role of Haruka and made her debut as a voice actor.[1]..He is also active in music as a member of the voice actor unit SPR5, and held the first event for the unit in June 2018.[1].

From 2020, "BanG Dream!] In charge of the role of Toko Kirigaya of the band unit "Morfonica" of the project.Naoda will be in charge of the guitar as he will actually perform band activities.[4].

Delivered on SHOWROOM every other Thursday from February 2019[5]However, from June 2021, it will be distributed on Niconico Channel as "Hina Suguta's #Hinamarumu", which will be the crowning program.[6].


In aspiring to be a voice actor, the work "Gintama』Influenced, especially of the characters that appearedGintoki SakataHe said he wanted to have a conversation with[1]..When he was working as a nursery teacher, he learned about children's high interest in anime works and aims to participate in the recording of children's works as a voice actor.[1].

According to his profile, his hobby is hair arrangement and his special skill is guitar.[1]It is said to be a fair.For your favorite foodStrawberryAnd spicy things[1].Blood Type TheO[1][2].

yuan22/7Leader'sChiharu HofuIs a friend from the days of childcare[7].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation

Web anime




  • Frozen 2(2019)
  • Mira, Royal Detective Mira (2020) as Mina



* IsInternet distribution.

Internet show



  • Animelo Summer Live 2018 "OK!" DAM Artist Live Stage (August 2018, 8)[21]
  • supreme Revolution (March 2019, 3)[2]
  • AnimeJapan2019 (March 2019, 3)[2]
  • Hina Suguta Birthday Event (April 2019, 4)[2]


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2018/8/17Incomplete NotesSPR5[Member 1]"Incomplete Notes"
"Goodday Sunshine!"
"The magic of love"
game"Disappearing city 2] Related songs
2018/12/2Five!Suspects![22]"Five! Suspects!"
2019/1/9Supreme Revolution"Five! Suspects!"
"Feelings are White Xmas"
"In the night sky where thousands of stars shine"
Haruka (Naona Himena), Homura (Haruka Shamoto"The season when you were"
Haruka (Naona Himena"Until someday satisfy loneliness"
2019/4/24With Your BreathSPR5[Member 1]"With Your Breath"Television Animation"Disappearing city"Ending theme
"To the other side of the dream"Game "" related songs


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Unit member

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The role of Toko Kirigaya


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