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🎥 | "Kingsman" latest world premiere held Matthew Vaughn message "Thank you, Japan!"

Photo at the world premiere of the movie "Kingsman: First Agent" (C) 2021 20th Century Studios. All Rights Reserved.

"Kingsman" latest world premiere held Matthew Vaughn message "Thank you, Japan!"

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At the same time, the special video "Extreme Christmas Gifts" narrated by Subaru Kimura, who was in charge of dubbing the main character Eggie in Japanese in the past two works of the series, has been unveiled.

The world premiere of "Kingsman: First Agent", the latest work in the "Kingsman" series, is in the UK and Russia ... → Continue reading

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Christmas gift

Christmas giftIsYear-end OfChristmasPresented to close friends during the season贈 り 物.

History in Western Europe

In Christianity, it is common for families to celebrate Christmas, which is a fusion of the festival celebrating the birth of Christ and the winter solstice festival celebrating the new birth of the sun.At Christmas, it is customary for relatives who usually live apart to gather at their parents' homes to hold Christmas parties and exchange Christmas gifts.[1].

The custom of exchanging gifts was originallySt. NicholasIt was a traditional event on December 12th, which was called the day of[1].. But in 1535Martin LutherAdvocated that this should be done at Christmas, and it became a custom to be done at Christmas.[1].

History in Japan

Meiji Era

JapanThe custom of Christmas gifts isMeiji EraBegins with.1906 (Meiji39 years)May 12AttachedYomiuri ShimbunIt is,Salvation ArmyReported on "Christmas gifts for the poor" by.籠にIn a basketfruit,Bread-Confectionery-toyIt was handed over to more than 3 poor people.The newspaper states, "This is the first time we have in Japan."at that time,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クThe goal was a large-scale gift operation for the poor, such as that carried out in.

Taisho era

Taisho eraWhen it came to, the habit of Christmas gifts had taken root in people's lives.1923 (Taisho12 years)May 12 OfTokyo Nichini ShimbunReported in an article titled "Approaching X-mass" that "Christmas gifts welcomed by Miss Bochan are becoming more and more popular year by year."At that time, the Christmas presents that were actively exchanged were as follows.

Showa period

Around 1960, stuffed with sweets as a style unique to JapanChristmas bootsHas appeared.これはthis isChristmas treeAs an extension of the decorationBootsIt is said that it started with designing a mold confectionery casePaper,wrapping paperIt is unique to Japan that is particular about[2].

Famous Christmas gifts


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