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🎥 | Yo Oizumi, Gekidan Hitori "looks fun only when I'm there" Yuya Yagira & Mugi Kadowaki also testify


Yo Oizumi, Gekidan Hitori "looks fun only when I'm there" Yuya Yagira & Mugi Kadowaki also testify

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Even if you hate Gekidan Hitori, don't hate "Asakusa Kid"!

Actor Yo Oizumi performed the Netflix movie "Asakusa Kid" in Taito-ku, Tokyo on December 12th (delivered on December 7th) ... → Continue reading

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Asakusa Kid

Asakusa Kid(Asakusa Kid)

Title of work

group name

One theater company

One theater company(Gekidan Hitori, real name: Shogo Kawashima <Kawashima Shogo>,1977 Showa52 years>May 2[1] -) isJapan Ofcomedian,chairperson,An actor,Voice actor,作家,Film director.

Chiba[1]ChibaHanami River WardI'm fromOta ProductionsAffiliation[1]..My wife is a talentAkane Osawa.


Chiba Prefectural Keiyo Technical High SchoolI entered the mechanical department, but after dropping out in less than a year,Chiba Prefectural Funabashi High SchoolGraduated from a part-time regular course.In 1, a first year high school student,A TV that gives you the energy of a genius Takeshi!In the corner "Comedy Koshien", "VertexI participated in a combination called ".Ota ProductionsBelongs to and debuts.For office synchronizationHiroyuki AriyoshiThere is.Since joining Ota Pro, he has a history of playing an active role as a child actor for a period of time.Troupe japanese childrenComedy combination with Kazuhiko Akinaga fromSuplex, But disbanded in April 2000.

2000 After becoming a pin entertainer "Gekidan Hitori"[1]In addition to appearing on TV variety shows, he has been active as a multi-talent, such as making his debut as a novelist.

2008 From JuneLearn!! News Show!』, But finished in one year.After reviving with a special program, "Is that so! News that Akira Ikegami can learnBecause it was renewed to "Akira IkegamiI was hijacked by my program. "[2].

Since then, he has played a comedy style that excites other performers on the terrestrial golden TV program, but in "Godtan"Nobuyuki SakumaProducers appreciate Kawashima, who can do both kinky art and living room talent.[3].

Stage name / name

When the original combination was disbanded and became a pin entertainer, the stage name was solicited online and the stage name "Katsu Curry" was selected, but the office rejected it as "I can't see the future."Then he chose the stage name "Namiuchigiwa Tachio" but rejected it for the same reason.Dangerous OfKazuhiro YasudaWhen I consulted with him, he asked me, "Do you have a favorite actor?"Robert De NiroWhen he answered that he liked it, he was named "Robata de Niro".This was also rejected, and eventually I said "One theater companyI decided on the stage name.

Often called "one person" or "one person",TamoriFrom "Gekidan" and "Gegezozo" (however, this name is a story)Creamy ChuAnd juniorSpeed ​​wagonFrom now on, he will co-star with his real names "Kawashima," "Kawashima-san," and "Godtan."YahagiFrom now on, it is sometimes called "drama pin" or "pin-chan".

"SMAP x SMAP"I want to be called" Shogo "", "You can laugh!"Please call me" Drama Pee "" (Tomohisa YamashitaDerived from the nickname of Yamashita P).It is said that he is called "Shogotan" by his wife Akane Osawa.[4].


  • GOING UNDER GROUNDAppeared on the PV of the single "Let's go home together"[5].
  • The daily routine isbonsaiWateringNihon LabUnravel the junior high school exam drill.From the past when I failed to take the junior high school exam, I would like to get a score higher than the passing line of junior high school that I failed someday.
  • Rubik's CubeI am good at, and I can match 6 sides in 42 seconds. Although he participated in the "Rubik's Cube Tokyo Tournament 2006" held on July 7, 30, he failed to qualify for 2006th place out of 133 people, and declared his retirement "I will put the Rubik's Cube today."
  • Christel TakigawaProfessed to be a fan of[6].
  • pizzaIs a favorite and when he appears on TV, he is asked what he wants to eat for the Last Supper.Domino's pizzaReplyed that he wanted to eat, so Domino's Pizza consulted and led to appearing in the advertisement[7].
  • Female idol groupKARAFans. Broadcast on December 2009, 12, "Arashi's Homework』Speaking with big fans on various TV programs such as guest appearances[8]..I was deeply moved by a video message from KARA during Arashi no Shukudai-kun's broadcast. I took a vacation and went to see KARA's first live performance in Japan on February 2010, 2.He also responded to Korean media interviews from inside the audience.
  • When I was a studentDowntownIs a big fan ofHitoshi MatsumotoI had a hairstyle that was conscious of[9].
  • Camper vanIs my car[10][11].
  • HaraichiRadio program ofHaraichi's turn!』(TBS Radio) Listener.When co-starring with Iwai, Sawabe and others on a TV program, they often talk about topics that only listeners can understand.


ParentsJapan AirlinesWork (father is an international flightpilot, Mother is exFlight attendant) At work marriage.I have an older brother and a younger sister.My mother has a history of being elected to Miss Sapporo and presides over a manners class.From 2nd grade to 5th grade due to the work of parentsAmericaア ラ ス カ 州AnchorageLived in.At that time, a figure skater whose father was a pilot of Japan AirlinesAkimura MuraseLived in the neighborhood and had an exchange.HoweverEnglish ClassesHe admits that his ability is about daily conversation.

Sci-fi writer Yuzo Kawashima is an uncle.

My big uncle is an inventorcassette tapeInvented the auto-reverse function of the player[12].

There are one son and two daughters with his wife Akane Osawa.My grandfather (Akane Osawa's grandfather)Baseball critic OfKeiji Osawa.

Great-grandfather in the early Showa periodKochiServed as chiefMasashima Kawashima[13].Tosa DomainSamuraiShintaro NakaokaMarried to SewingAki DistrictIwasa BanshiSouji KawashimaIs an ancestor[14].


Art style

As you can see in the stage name, he plays a solo play-style tale that plays various characters. "Poets』Also called.Shogo Kawashima "ChairMany characters played by Kawashima as ""MemberIs called.Many of the characters who perform with a strangely vivid performance with little exaggeration are maniac characters.Recently, attention has been paid to acting ability, and probably because he has a strong image as an actor, the number of showing stories has decreased sharply.Yaguchi alone], He continued to appear in Haruki Yamaoka.Opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics(July 2021, 7) also appeared in a Tale-style video that makes use of the artistic style.[16].

He is good at crying and has a senior in the office who also has crying.Ryuhei UeshimaFrom cryingplease stopIs said to be.Crying artMentermIt is necessary to apply the lip balm directly to the eyes, but since I don't carry it with me all the time, I may not be able to cry if I'm on location for a long time.He was called to many variety shows by crying, but his eyes got sick and he was called by a doctor.Doctor stopThe crying art was sealed because it took[17].

Member list

  • Takeshi Bito (Beat takeshiMen who yearn for)
  • Tsudanuma Tsudanuma
  • Wong Turen (Chinese[Note 1]
  • Mr. Kitahachi (teacher from Beijing)
  • Haruki Yamaoka (Yankee in Ibaraki)
  • Tangoro Mitsuda (Takizawa Tsubasa's real name)
  • Susumu Horiguchi (Hammer Horiguchi)
  • Peanut Raita (old-fashioned entertainer)
  • Pepe (foreigner) ※movies"Blue sky'Also appeared in
  • Miracle Hayama (magician)
  • Kawashima Manager
  • Ryuo Shironami (enka singer)
  • Omar (singer)
  • Takizawa Tsubasa (Johnny's Jr.Aspiring man)





  • The knob is the door of the heart (March 2008,文藝 春秋/ June 2010,Bunshun library
  • Theatrical company alone drinking cappuccino (December 2010,Ota Publishing
  • The knob is a door (October 2012, Bungei Shunju)


  • Blooming in the Shadows (2008) --Original
  • A Bolt from the Blue (2014) --Original / Director / Screenplay[1]
  • Crayon Shin-chan sleeps!Yumemy World Great Assault (2016) --Screenplay[18]
  • Asakusa Kid(2021)-Director/Screenplay[19]

TV drama

  • Life(2019, TV Asahi) --Direction[1]


TV program


Current regular
Semi-regular (or irregular appearance)
Past regular, semi-regular



  • Ponkikki"Bean World" (2006, Fuji TV / Fuji TV 721) -In charge of all voices

Radio program




Theater animation





  • Atami Murder Case(July 2005, 7, Hakuhinkan Theater)
  • One thin skin (September 2006-9, 8,Honda Theater
  • Stage / Urero ☆ Unreleased Girl (March 2013-3, 2 Roppongi Blue Theater)
  • 東京 03 FROLIC A HOLIC Love Story "Irreparable Figure" (June 2015, 6,Akasaka ACT Theater) --Appeared as a guest in a comedy comedy live. It is on sale on DVD.


promotion video



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