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🎥 | Queen "Flash's Theme", the theme song of the movie "Flash Gordon"


Queen "Flash's Theme", the theme song of the movie "Flash Gordon"

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The best compilation album has been certified by the Official Charts Company, which operates the UK charts, as the album of a single artist who recorded the highest sales in the UK.

On the UK charts on December 1980, 12, Adam & the Ants' "Ant music" and Jona Louis's hit ... → Continue reading


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British Album Chart

British Album Chart (UK Albums Chart)United KingdomInalbum(デ ジ タ ル(Including) sales chart.Edited by The Official Charts Company (abbreviation: OCC), the magazine publishes charts up to 75th, and the official charts company's site publishes up to 100th. Only Charts Plus has announced all the 200th place.

Albums must meet criteria in length and price to be on the UK Albums Chart.At least 5 songs or 25 minutes or more, and not a low-priced board (budget board).A low-priced board has a wholesale unit price between £ 0.5 and £ 3.75.The compilation album (which was included in the main album chart until January 1989) is now separated as a compilation chart.Detailed rules can be found on the Official Charts Company website.[1].

Album sales generate a lot of money and tend to play a big role in measuring the success of an artist, but the chart itself itselfBritish single chartNot as interested in the media as.The album is because sales are more important than the highest ranking.In fact,Digital audio playerAlbum charts have been strong for the last few years, despite threatening traditional-style albums. 2005 had sales of 1 million albums in the UK[2].

New album charts in the 1970swith the BBC It was announced on Radio 1 at 12:45 on Thursday.Then it changed during the show by Peter Powell and Bruno Brooks at 6:5 pm (later 6:1987 pm) on Wednesday. In October 10, he moved to the show on Monday at noon and was on Gary Davis. From April 1993, he moved to his Sunday 4-7 pm show, which was introduced by Lynn Parsons. From October 8, the chart will be broadcast on Sundays from 1993am to 10amUK Top 40It came to be introduced in the program.

Record holder

The most successful artists on the chart depend on which time you choose. As of 2005QueenAlbum has been on the UK album charts longer than any other artist[3]..Following thatビ ー ト ル ズ,エ ル ヴ ィ ス · プ レ ス リ ー,U2Is.However, the Beatles lead when it comes to the number one artist with the most weeks, and Elvis Presley has the most when it comes to the number of top ten albums.[4].

The album with the longest number of weeks became number one, both continuous and discontinuous, the musical movie released in 1958.South Pacific』Soundtrack[5]。1958年11月から1960年3月まで70週連続で1位になり(つまりは1959年1年間ずっと1位だった)、さらに1960年から1961年にかけても1位を取り、1位に登場した週数は合計で115週に上る[6].

The youngest person to take first place is Neil Reid from Scotland, known for his hit song "Mother of Mine".ITVHe was only 1972 years and 12 months old when he won the audition show Opportunity Knox and jumped to the top of the charts in 9.The youngest woman at the time the album reached number oneAvril LavigneSo, in 2003, "Let goWas 1 years and 17 months when he won first place.[4].

The longest number of weeks on the chartFleetwood macof"rumor].It appeared on the chart for 478 weeks. The second longestmeatloafof"Bat Out of Hell474 weeks, and Queen's "Greatest Hits] Continues.

The fastest-selling albumオ ア シ スof"Be Here Now』, And sold over 1 copies in the first week[5]..The earliest female artist's album soldDido"Life for Rent", which sold 50 million copies in 100 days, 1 copies on the first day, and 10 copies in the first week.[7].


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