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🎥 | Parent-child reunion for the first time in 14 years since the kidnapping, a model of the Chinese movie "Dearest Child" depicting child kidnapping


Parent-child reunion for the first time in 14 years since the kidnapping of a model of the Chinese movie "Dearest Child" depicting the kidnapping of children

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"When I first met Mr. Son, his suffering was indescribable," he wrote, rejoicing at the reunion of his parents and children, and "I pray that such a kidnapping case will never happen again." There is.

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Kidnapping(Yukai,English: kidnapping) is to trick others into kidnapping and taking them away.[1].. "Kadowakashi"[2]Also say.

Japanese legal term

"Kidnapping" as a Japanese legal term is an act of deception誘惑It means to transfer the personality of another person into the control of one's own ability by means of.It is originally wrong to call abduction using assault threats "kidnapping" (no compulsory nuances can be seen in "kidnapping" in any Japanese dictionary), but in the media, forcibly abducting (abduction) against intention. The word "kidnapping" is also used for "kidnapping", and such a tendency can be seen in everyday terms.

In criminal law, the concept of combining what is due to assault and what is due to assault threat is "Kittori"(Kaishu)[3].[Note 1]

Kidnapping case

Abduction in the world

Abduction in Japan

National Police Agencyaccording to,After World War IIHappened toRansomThe purpose kidnapping case is2006 (18) 6 cases as of June.this house,victim killThere were 34 cases.Suspect(Suspect)ArrestEight cases have not been resolved and all others have been resolved.In addition, there is no case in which the criminal succeeded in exploiting the ransom even in the eight unsolved cases.8 of theminvestigationWith the authoritiesNews agencyBetweenPress agreementWas signed.

Purpose of kidnapping

Securing the labor force

2010'sPeople's Republic of ChinaIt is estimated that 20 children go missing each year, but many are kidnapped by criminal organizations and often sold to rural areas as laborers or successors.[12].

Activities of drug organizations

2013 ToMexico10 people were kidnapped in Japan.Many,Mexican drug warConflict bydrugMostly due to organizational activities[13].


エチオピアThen.KidnappingThere are general states, although the survey was conducted before 2004.OromiaAt 80%,Southern ethnic statesThere are statistics that 92% of marriages are kidnapped and 69% of the country averages marriages by kidnapping.[14].. Also,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euBut I abduct a woman who is decided to be a bride and get married,Ala kachuuThe kidnapping marriage called is left as a custom.


2014 ToEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThere were 2,898 kidnapping cases in Japan, including attempts.homehospitalからNewbornWas kidnapped in 236 cases, mainly to Godoffering,Devil dispellingHas been kidnapped for the purpose of using[15].


Cars that are supposed to be used
  • Toyota Hiace --Since it was often used in cultural works such as anime and manga, Hiace was also used as a verb.Hiace itselfJapan General Insurance AssociationAccording to the theft damage investigation of, it has been the first place in a row since 2007, and after that it has been deprived of the top position, but the theft rate is stable and high.[16].
  • (English edition)(Polish: czarna wołga) --Russian car makers in Russia and Eastern Europe since the 1960sGAZMade by black(English edition)Witnessing that there will be no nearby peopleurban legendWas rumored.
  • (English edition) --It was rumored in Romania as an ambulance version of Black Volga.
  • White taku --A car that operates a taxi without permission.

About self-defense

·run away.Always check the places where you can run, such as convenience stores, and remember to run.

  • If you go somewhere, tell who you are going with.In many cases, it is the parents and acquaintances who kidnap, and the percentage of strangers is 25%.[17].
  • Don't easily put your photo online.Not only can the kidnapper be noticed, but the range of activities can be grasped and used for planning the place to be kidnapped.
  • Do not leave children alone.
  • Shout to draw attention to the situation.Even if a passerby who notices it pulls the license plate, it will help the rescue.
  • Observe.Settle down, grasp the situation, and ask for an opportunity to escape.


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