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🎭 | ABC-Z starring & first stage opening! "You've evolved, you've powered up," to Johnny ...


ABC-Z starring & first production stage opening! "You've evolved, you've powered up," to Johnny ...

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This time, ABC-Z will be directing for the first time in addition to starring under the nomination of Hideaki Takizawa.

December 12th (Tuesday), "ABC Johnny's Legend 7 at Imperial Theater" ... → Continue reading

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Hideaki Takizawa

Hideaki Takizawa(Takizawa Hideki[1],1982 (57)May 3[1] -) isJapan OfDirector,Company executiveAndJohnny's OfficeVice President, under the umbrellaJohnny's IslandServe as president[7].. Nickname is "Tucky'[8][Annotation 1].

Tokyo[1]Hachioji CityBackground[2].

2018 May 12Previously in the entertainment worldsinger,An actor,talentActing asMale idol duo-Tackey & TsubasaAll activity periods (2002 - 2018 )ofMembers[6].


Partly due to the influence of my sister who was a fan earlier[10],Koichi DomotoLonging for[11]Send your resume yourself[2]After audition[12]1995 At the age of 13Johnny's OfficeAdmission to[8][13].Tsubasa Imai,Yara AsayukiThe date of admission is the same as[8]..Enter the training camp of the officeAiba Masaki,Ninomiya Kazuya,Matsumoto JunI used to live with them[14]..About half a year after joining[15]Fuji Television Network, IncOf the systemThursday ghost story』First starring[16],1998 ,Honami SuzukiCo-starred with "News woman』It gained popularity.

1999 ,TBSDrama seriesWitch conditions"soNanako MatsushimaPlaying the role of a student who falls in forbidden love with a high school teacher who plays the role of W starring, it becomes a hot topic[16][17].

2002 In September, singer debuted as Tackey & Tsubasa with Imai[12]..After that, he continued to work on actors and variety shows in parallel.

2005 ToNHK OfTaiga drama"Yoshitsune"[18] The leading role ofYoshitsune MinamotoWas selected as the youngest at that time[19], December 5 of the same yearFujiwara FestivalParticipated in the role of Yoshitsune in the "Minamoto no Yoshitsune Eastbound Procession"[20]..The performance of this taiga drama was highly evaluated, and the 14thHashida PrizeAward[21]..Also around this time, the office presidentJanie KitagawaAsked Takizawa, "I want to create a stage that specializes in Japanese music," and since 2006, "I want to create a stage that specializes in Japanese music."Takizawa Enjo Castle] Started[22].

2009 October 1, single "Love / revolution』Solo debut,OriconRecorded first appearance in the weekly ranking[23].

2010 Debuted as a stage director at the stage "Takizawa Enbujo" in April[24].

2012 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,ミクロネシア 連邦Inaugurated as Goodwill Ambassador[25].

2014 The stage "Takizawa Enbujo" realized the Hakataza performance in Fukuoka for the first time.[26],2015 In August, the first overseas performance of Johnny's production was held in Singapore.[27][28][29].

2017 May 6Published “ChildhoodThe first movie starring in[30].

2017 May 8,United Arab EmiratesAppointed Goodwill Ambassador[31].

2018 May 4,Ken MiyakeAnd a new duo "KEN ☆ TackeyWas formed.

2018 May 9Announced that he retired from performing arts activities in December of the same year, and after that he will concentrate on teaching younger generations as a staff member of Johnny's office.[6]..At the same time, activities as Tackey & TsubasaMay 9It was also revealed that it ended with[6][3].

January 2019, 1 (midnight 1st),Johnny's Countdown LiveSinging as Tackey & Tsubasa, retired from talent activities with the words "Thank you. It was a lot of fun for 23 years."[32].. In the morning edition of the Sankei Shimbun on the 31st, the funds collected by the fan volunteer "Tacky Thank You Party" by crowdfundingSankei ShimbunIn the morning edition, I posted the message "Thank you Tucky, I will never forget your smile! I will continue to support you!"[5].

Affiliated company newly established under Johnny & Associates from 2019Johnny's IslandAppointed president, will work on producing Johnny's Jr. and finding newcomers[7].

It was announced that Johnny & Associates will be appointed Vice President on September 2019, 9.[33].


LargewrestlingI like it, when I was a boy大仁 田 厚I used to have a chance[34].2000 IsRikidozanAt "Memorial"ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木ExhibitionFought in a match[35].

carpenterGood at work[15],Ariyoshi seminar"[36]And "24-hour TV 41, the person who changed my life"[37]In addition to appearing frequently in remodeling projects such asGreat East Japan EarthquakeThen I participated in volunteer work by stealth[15].

Johnny's Jr. leader

From the age of 14 to 15 years oldJanie KitagawaBought the qualities as a leader[38],Johnny's Jr.As a leader of[39]Laterstorm,Kanjani EightMembers[38],Tomohisa Yamashita,Ikuta Toma,Shunsuke KazamaEt al.[40]Jr. 120 people including[2],Shibuya SubaruAlso known as "Tacky in the East, Subaru in the West"[41]Jr. led the golden age[2].Janie KitagawaI have also been an audition interviewer for Johnny's Jr. since the first year of admission at the request ofHiroshi YokoyamaI was also present at the times when they participated[10]..Served as a center position in a magazine[42], Drama starring, concert at the dome, MC of Johnny's Jr.'s crown program, etc.[15]Because it was extremely popular and was treated as a special case[43]It was also called "Small Johnny"[38].

However, he is also responsible for going to apologize on behalf of Jr. members, including private ones, and he said that he could not bear the size and thought about retiring once when he was 16 years old. However, the mother's words, "Come back," discouraged me.[42]..Even after graduating from Jr. after making his debut, there are many opportunities to spend time with junior Jr. on the stage etc.[14], With the desire to somehow find and raise the qualities of the children that Johnny Kitagawa picked up[38], Do not get angry with juniors without thinking, kiss and make up when fighting, etc. With his own educational theory, he continues to devote himself as a "educator" of Jr.[44]..As a result, he made his debutKis-My-Ft2,ABC-ZIs[38].

Volcano explorer

2013 TBS special program "Television future heritage Miraculous view mystery 46 billion years on earth! The mystery of nature was created like this ”Australian continentNortheastVanuatuAmbrymI have been fascinated by the volcano since I sneaked into the crater of Malm volcano in Tokyo and took a picture of the lava lake.[45]Since then, he has visited four of the five volcanoes that are allowed to explore around the world, even in private.AfricanCongo OfMount Nyiragongo,エチオピア OfErta AleVisit such as and start exploring volcanoes[46]..With his own network, he gathered volcanic exploration professionals and doctors to form "Team Takizawa" and once again challenged the lava lake of Benbow volcano in the same caldera on the same island as the last time in the Republic of Vanuatu.2018 April "Crazy Journey New Year SP』Broadcast, one side as a volcanic adventurer who can be said to be the opposite of idols evoked a reaction[47][48].

The scope of its volcanic exploration extends to the area of ​​academic research.Kobe UniversitySeafloor spreading centerOnikai CalderaA co-authored treatise for contributing to rock collection in the Lava Dome Survey in Japan is published in the academic journal "NatureThe online scientific magazine "Nature Publishing Group" published by the British Nature Publishing Group.Scientific ReportsBy the time it is published in[49][50]..Also, this situationNHKWas interviewed by the company, and was broadcast on May 2018, 5 as a documentary program "Hideaki Takizawa's Volcano Exploration Journey Approaching the Mystery of the Giant Caldera".[51].


From the Johnny's Jr. eraJanie KitagawaIt is said that he has seen the production of[52], I have been directing concerts and theatrical performances since I was young.[53][24].2018 Announced that he will retire from the entertainment world and take over the will of Johnny Kitagawa and concentrate mainly on the work of training Johnny's Jr. and producing entertainment such as stage performances and concerts.[54]..I was told that there is a way to live as a playing manager[55], "I can't handle human life halfway[56]"I definitely don't want to do it with half-hearted feelings[57]He said that he made the decision because he had a strong desire to give back to his teacher.[58].

The official video distribution site ``Johnny's Jr. ChannelAs Takizawa's first produced MV, Johnny's Jr.'s unitSixtonsPromotional video "JAPONICA STYLEIs released,TwitterThen "tacky" has entered the trend[59], The number of views exceeds 1 million in one day, and it becomes a hot topic[60]..After retiring, the new work of the stage "Takizawa Enbujo" series, which he has starred and directed, "Takizawa Kabuki ZEROIt was announced that he will make his debut as a director in February 2019.[61]..The title was decided through discussions between Takizawa and the staff, and it also has a strong will to restart from scratch as a director.[61].


  • 1st Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Best New Face Award (April 1998, "News no Onna")[62]
  • The 5th 01 Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Best Actor Award / Best Picture Award (April 2002, "Antique-Western Antique Confectionery Store-")[63]
  • Hashida Prize(April 2006, 4, "Yoshitsune")[64]



  1. Love / revolution(2009 1 年 月 日 7)
  2. Sha la la / infinite wings(2009 5 年 月 日 6)
  3. One light(2009 9 年 月 日 23)

Limited distribution

  1. This poem that I sing only for you (January 2014, 1)[65]
  2. "New Year LINE Omikuji" will be sent to your dear ones (December 2018, 12)[66]

CD not included

Listed the songs listed in the work database search service of "JASRAC".Described based on the search results of songs that include "Hideaki Takizawa" in the artist name.

Work code
Collection workRemarks
HERE I AMMichael Clause, Clause WrigsellMichael Clause, Clause Wrigsell0L5-8037-7
GIRL FRIENDMasato NagaiMasato Nagai‭079-0034-1
GENTLY RAINShinichi AsadaArata Tanimoto‭084-7739-6
Summer constellationShinichi AsadaTSUKASA‭089-5054-7
UnderworldTakeshi AidaSasumi Shiraishi‭089-5072-5DVD "" Hatachi "de debut Giants Hits Concert with all Johnny's Jr."
EVERLASTING LOVE Endless feelingsHideaki Takizawa, MAIKOHideaki Takizawa‭089-5070-9
Trouble MountainTakeshi AidaAyumu Miyazaki‭089-5069-5DVD "" Hatachi "de debut Giants Hits Concert with all Johnny's Jr."
Take good care of yourselfMasato NagaiMasato Nagai‭089-5074-1
BELIEVEMasato NagaiMasato Nagai‭092-7630-1
circleSasumi ShiraishiSasumi Shiraishi‭092-7633-5DVD "" Hatachi "de debut Giants Hits Concert with all Johnny's Jr."
TELL ME IT'S LOVETEKESHITakehiko Iida‭092-7598-3
894 ... Hakushi ...Hideaki TakizawaHideaki Takizawa‭106-0718-8
Even though there is no mapTakeshi AidaIchiro Terada‭104-5686-4
I was definitely in love at that timeLaVenDerLaVenDer‭109-9435-1
DA / KE / DOMakoto KoshinakaLaVenDer‭500-0497-2DVD "Hideaki Takizawa 2005 concert-Thank you, goodbye 2005-"
Shadow of dead leavesYusuke KatoYusuke Kato‭166-6059-5DVD "Imperial Theater 100th Anniversary Performance New Year Takizawa Revolution"
SHOWHideaki TakizawaHideaki Takizawa‭176-1234-9DVD "Imperial Theater 100th Anniversary Performance New Year Takizawa Revolution"
DetroitNatsuko KondoHIKARI‭188-6028-1DVD "TACKEY SUMMER" LOVE "CONCERT2012"
This poem to sing only to you nowats-ats-‭709-2025-7Delivery single[65]
My first lovecanecane‭224-5823-9

Video work

  1. DREAM BOY (August 2004, 8)
  2. Hideaki Takizawa 2005 concert ~ Thank you Goodbye 2005 ~ (August 2006, 8)
  3. Takizawa Enjo Castle (July 2007, 7)
  4. One! -The history of Tackey- (January 2008, 1)
  5. Takizawa Enbujo '08 (February 2009, 2)
  6. New Year Takizawa Revolution (March 2010, 3)
  7. Kabuki Takizawa (September 2010, 9)
  8. Imperial Theater 100th Anniversary Performance New Year Takizawa Revolution (June 2011, 6)
  9. Takizawa Kabuki 2012 (February 2013, 2)
  10. Hideaki Takizawa Longitudinal section of South America 4800Km DVDBOX & Blu-rayBOX (June 2013, 6)
  11. TACKEY SUMMER “LOVE” CONCERT2012 (July 2013, 7)[67]
  12. Takizawa Kabuki 2014 (February 2014, 7)
  13. Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary (February 2016, 2)
  14. Takizawa Kabuki 2016 (September 2016, 9)[68]
  15. Takizawa Kabuki 2018 (September 2018, 11)[69]


Tackey & Tsubasa> Hideaki Takizawa
Song titleTie-up
JOURNEYFuji TV drama "The sun does not set"Insert song
Girl FriendTBS systemGakibara Empire 2000!"Ending theme
BELIEVECM: Lotte "Sou"
Ki se kiTBS drama "Sun season] Theme song
As it isImage song of Nippon TV anime "Inuyasha"
I want to call your nameTBS series "I'll tell you!" Ending theme
Love / revolutionStage "New Year Takizawa Revolution" theme song
Sha la laCM:Takara Shuzo"Takara Can Chu-Hi Direct Squeezing"
One lightTBS drama "Orthoros dog] Theme song
This poem to sing only to you nowFuji TV drama "" ending theme
Fragment of memoryFuji TV drama "Family Journey-The Man Who Slaughtered the Family and the Man Who Slaughtered-] Theme song


TaiziThe role of the notation is the one starring Hideaki Takizawa.

TV drama


Television Animation

  • Inuyasha(April 2004, 4, Yomiuri TV) -As Shako



  • It's summer!It's a festival!Children's Carnival Johnny's Jr. Mini Live (July 1995, 7,New Takanawa Prince Hotel[70]
  • Johnny's Jr. 1st Concert (February 1998, 2-February 1, 2,Nagoya Century Hall・ Yokohama Arena / Osaka Castle Hall)[62]
  • Johnny's Summer Concert (July 1998, 7-August 29, Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle Hall,Nagoya Rainbow Hall[62]
  • Johnny's Winter Concert (December 1998, 12-January 27, 1999, Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle Hall)[62]
  • Johnny's Jr. Limited Express <10/9> Pitching <10/9> Concert October 10th, gathered at Tokyo Dome !! (October 9, 1999, Tokyo Dome)[73]
  • Johnny's Jr. Spring Concert 2000 (April 2000, 4-May 3, Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Rainbow Hall)[74]
  • Johnny's Jr. <East, Osaka, Name> 3 major dome concerts (September 2000, 9-October 3, Tokyo Dome, Osaka Dome, Nagoya Dome)[74]
  • J Rock Dream MATCHY '09 (February 2009, 2, Nippon Budokan)[85] -Guest appearance

Solo concert

Dinner show

  • Tackey ~ with you and me ~ X'mas show 2016 (December 2016, 12, 22,Imperial Hotel Osaka / December 12th and 25th, ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo)[102][103]
  • Tackey X'mas Show 2017 ~ with you and me ~ (December 2017, 12, Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji Shoou / December 6, Westin Nagoya Castle Tower Room / December 12-18, Grand Prince Hotel New Hiten Takanawa / December 12th and 20th, Hotel Okura Kobe Heian Room / December 21th, Hilton Fukuoka Seahawk Argos)[104][105]
  • Tackey X'mas Show 2018 ~ with you and me ~ (December 2018th and 12th, 5, Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji Shoou / December 6th, Hotel Nagoya Castle Tower Room / December 12th and 17st, Grand Prince Hotel Shin Takanawa Hiten / December 12th and 20th, Hotel Okura Kobe Heian no Ma / December 21th, RIHGA Royal Hotel Hiroshima Royal Hall)[106]
  • THANK YOU SHOW ~ epiloque ~ (December 2018, 12, Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa Hiten)[107][108]


  • 80th National High School Baseball Championship Memorial Tournament Pre-Event (August 1998, 8,Hanshin Koshien Stadium[62]
  • 2nd Memorial Arca Michiyama Opening Ceremony National Anthem Exhibition Match Hideaki Takizawa VS Antonio Inoki[74]
  • Naritasan Setsubun "Special Nuo Folk Religion Ceremony" (February 2005, 2,NaritasanShinshoji Temple) --Participation as a special year man[98]
  • Fan Appreciation DAY 2009 Johnny's Selection Athletic Meet (December 2009, 12, Tokyo Dome)[85]
  • 2011 Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival(December 2011, 8, TokyoNational Stadium[109]
  • 2012 Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival (August 2012, 8, Tokyo National Stadium)[110][111]
  • 2013 Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival (August 2013, 8, Tokyo National Stadium)[112]
  • J Series Festival (November 2014, 11, Siam Powerley Royal Grand Theater)[113]


  • Johnny's Jr. After School (Nippon Broadcasting System)
    • Johnny's Jr. After School High School Girl Psycho Trial SHOW! (September 1996, 9-April 16, 1997)[71]
    • Johnny's Jr. DOKIDOKI After School (April 1997, 4-October 12)[72]
    • Johnny's Jr. After School Koi no Seishun Hanafubuki (October 1997, 10-March 6, 1998)[72]
    • Johnny's Jr. DOKI2 After School (April 1998, 4-March 6, 2002)[62]
  • All Night Nippon(Nippon Broadcasting)
    • Hideaki Takizawa's All Night Nippon Super (April 2000, 4)[74]
    • Hideaki Takizawa's All Night Nippon (April 2007, 4)[114]・ August 8th ・ October 24th)
  • Nankai Candy's Ryota Yamasato's Yanpeace Friday Special(Ryota Yamasato's natural enemy, semi-regular)
  • Tacky Takizawa Denpajo(September 2007, 10[115] -XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[116], Nippon Broadcasting)[117]




  • Serial
    • Tokyo Walker (October 2005, 10-February 6, 2010, Kadokawa Marketing)[64]
    • Top Stage (June 2007, 6-June 27, 2008, Tokyo News Service)[96]
  • Photobook "TACKEY TRIP 29" "TACKEY TRIP 30" (March 2013, 3,Kodansha[131]



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