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📺 | Kanagawa Prefecture "promotes a tour" to open a special tourism PR site, triggered by the taiga drama "The 13 Lords of the Kamakura"

Photo Otorii of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu = Kamakura City

Kanagawa Prefecture "promotes a tour" to open a special tourism PR site, triggered by the taiga drama "The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden"

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We have excavated about 100 tourist resources in order to connect to the prefecture tour.

In connection with next year's NHK Taiga drama "The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden", Governor Yuji Kuroiwa of Kanagawa Prefecture will be on the 7th, a special event for the taiga drama ... → Continue reading

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Tourism resources

Tourism resources(Kankou Shigen)Tourism,leisure such asLeisure timeEnjoyneedIt is an element that can comply with.Regional revitalizationAs one of the methods ofTourism industryAn element or phenomenon that is the basis for creating an event.


Regarding the concept of tourism resources, it is said that the Board of Tourist Industry of the Ministry of Railways applied tourism resources as a translation of resources for tourist. The old Tourism Basic Law was the first law to use tourism resources, and until then it was used as a cultural tourism resource in combination with culture.[1].. As for “Culture and Tourism City”, what does “Culture and Tourism City” mean? Originally, culture and tourism are two contradictory concepts. It's almost always a collapse of culture. What kind of city should we build by putting together such contradictory concepts?"[2]There was a harsh opinion at that time.

Even in the search results by the Asahi Shimbun database, the tourism resource as a lexical word has a high appearance rate after the enactment of the Basic Tourism Law, and there is only one use case before that. Old Tourism Basic Law and succeed itTourism Nation Promotion Basic ActThe tourist resources that are regulated by are listed as representative examples of historic sites, scenic spots, cultural assets such as natural monuments, excellent natural scenery, and hot springs. , Everything is regarded as a tourism resource. It should be noted that the fact that hot springs are listed as a specific example apart from nature and culture is an extremely Japanese rule.

Tourism resources are used for tourism and leisureFacilityOr, or to be scenic and entertain your eyesScenic spotAnd entertains the tonguelocal cuisineからTraditionBased on regionalcultureIn the areaAsset,resourceThe term is used when considering how many such assets/resources exist in a given area.

Tourism is, in itself, a human activity that enjoys extraordinary life, but as long as humans live wherever they go, in the society of people who live at their destination,日常Is. However, the daily life of a visitor is sometimes different from the daily life of a visitor due to differences in regional characteristics. Therefore, the daily life of a certain area is different from other areas. In some cases it can be a tourism resource. On the other hand, the localSpecialty(Specialty goods-Event-EventsRegion-specificindustryAnd culture are treated as tourism resources due to their "speciality".

The things that are treated as such tourism resources areHistory,ClimateAlthough there have been continuous efforts against the background of the situation, on the other hand, there are cases where it is newly established to boost the local tourism industry.mineralNo(I.e.According toExcavationSometimes it is said. In this "excavation", things that the local people did not even look at were highlighted, and events were held around them, and facilities were expanded. For exampleFishing portSo, in addition to merely functioning as an industrial facility, events such as "cooking using fresh seafood" and directing some of the market functions to general tourists and directly purchasing fresh seafood from the market It is also held.

However, it is subtle whether or not these things regarded as tourism resources are useful for regional promotion as an objective result. To that tourism resourcevalueTo find a localPlanningEven on the side, it is the tourists from the outside who do not really value the value, and if the tourists do not show an interest in the tourism resources, the actual value cannot be created. .. For this reason, activities such as inviting outside people as advisors can be seen.

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