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🎥 | Movie first starring Onoe Matsuya & movie first heroine Momota Kanako (Momoiro Clover Z) "Sukutte Goran" monopoly ...


Movie first starring Onoe Matsuya & movie first heroine Momota Kanako (Momoiro Clover Z) "Sukutte Goran" monopoly ...

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In addition, Matsuya Onoe and Kanako Momota have released a comment video and trailer for the start of WATCHA exclusive distribution.

Watcha Japan Co., Ltd. is a new monthly video distribution service for movie lovers, "WATCHA". → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Momoko Natsuko

Momota Kanako(Momota Kanako,1994 May 7 -) isJapan Ofsinger-actress.Momoiro Clover ZThe leader of the image colorred.

In 2016NHK serial TV novel"beautiful girlPlayed the main cast of NHK in 2018Plastic smile』First starring in the drama.Anime"Kaiketsu ZororiAnd the Disney-distributed movie "Black pantherI was also in charge of the Japanese version of the voice actor.

ShizuokaI'm fromRugby World Cup 2019Was the host city special supporter, Shizuoka representative.In addition, by the prefecture's selection, he was appointed as "Fuji no Kuni Tourism Ambassador" and "Fuji no Kuni Sports Supporter".2020 Tokyo Olympics[Note 1]Torchbearer[2]Also served.


The catchphrase is likened to Shizuoka, where he was born.Cinderella in the tea plantation". A 125-page book featuring peopleQuick Japan(Vol. 109) ”says the writer that he has the ability to make everyone who sees happy with an innocent smile that overflows from his heart.Kazuhiro KojimaCommented.

In a survey of fans, staff, and co-stars according to the book, there were multiple answers that compared personality to the "sun."[3].. Of a psychiatristSaito Tamaki(University of TsukubaAn appraisal by the professor) was also conducted, and it was said that he had a strong will and high energy, and was open, bright, and very active.[3].

On the other hand, he doesn't like to stand out by himself, he tends to be humble, respect his colleagues, and don't want to go forward.Kazuhiro Kojima"Has a" normal feeling "that is rare in the entertainment world of weak meat and strong food."[3].

belong toMomoiro Clover ZEven in the beginning, he continued to dislike the position of a nominated leader.[4]..After that, by removing the stereotype that "leaders must be solid", it became possible to perform missions naturally.[4].

Expression style

Characterized by emotional singing.The staff in charge of the group to which they belong from the beginning evaluate the "taste" that cannot be expressed by good or bad, and instead of singing ability that means that they can sing according to the melody line, they treat the other person as if they were "composing" themselves. It is said that the expressive power to convey is high[5]..It is the place to listen as a solo partFallen rustOften assigned[3].

Although he is a character called "stupid" and "natural" because he can't read kanji on a daily basis and his actions and ideas are childish, he makes an impression on the audience's hearts in important situations such as live performances. Often grabbed and sometimes referred to by fans and stakeholders as a "genius"[3].

When Momoiro Clover Z achieved his long-cherished live performance at the National Stadium, he said about his goals after that.

Live in the national stadium is not just about wanting to live in the national stadium, but also because I want a lot of people to see our live and smile, and I want to do it in a big venue. I will.We don't do it because we want to do it in a big venue.If you set the venue as a goal, if you do it in a big venue, it will be like the end, but we want to see everyone's smiles, stick to it, and want to do it in a big venue ... 

I don't think there is a goal in bringing smiles to everyone.Therefore, we will continue to do various things to bring smiles to everyone.

We came to get the world.But it is neither the idol world nor the entertainment world.I want to take the world by delivering smiles to everyone.I think so.I want you to see us and laugh all the time, even if you have something you don't like.[6]

Biography / Episode

The name comes from the meaning of "being born in the summer and becoming a strong child like a green leaf"[7].. I have an older brother three and a younger brother six[4].

Since the age of 3Rhythmic gymnasticsStarted[4]..The body is soft, and techniques such as open legs, cartwheels, and forward inverted rotation will be utilized in later careers.

When you become an elementary school studentJazz danceBegin to learn,basketballWill also be typed in[4]..The first concert I went to around this timeMorning Musume.The first CD I bought was from the same group.Romance Revolution 21Is[4].

In 2005 (when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school), his mother published the magazine "De ☆ View"soStardust promotionI applied after seeing the audition article of (current office) and passed[4]..When I was in elementary schoolKou Shibasaki[4]..Through the lessons at that time, he realized the joy of acting, and he also played by imitating the characters in the drama and saying lines.[4].

"Momokuro" formed ~

March 2008, Momoiro Clover (laterMomoiro Clover Z) Became a member at the time of launch.The first song "To that sky』Think about the song title[8], Mother devised the group name "Momoiro Clover" and the mascot character "Momotan"[7].

Around the fall of the same year,To TakagiTake over the leader from[4].

Due to the wide forehead, he devised a standard self-introduction pattern with the members, including the phrase "Hachi, Hachi, Hachi, Hachi, Dekoppachi!".In this last part, Momota asked, "What is Cinderella in the tea plantation?" And the fans asked, "What is Cinderella in the tea plantation?"Kanako ↑↑It has become a standard to return with a unique intonation."" Reflecting charm pointsDimplesI also started using the catchphrase "Pit Pit of Love".

Taking advantage of high physical ability, "Kaito GirlAs a performance in the song, "Shrimp Warp Jump" was devised with the staff, and it came to attract attention. In 2012, Nippon Television's "Feeling of meringueWas selected as a regular MC.

5th anniversary of the formation of "Momokuro"

In 2014,ShofuiteiWill improvise with guests "Theater Sujinashi』Solo appearance.At the end, there was a scene where Hyakuta shed tears, and Tsurubin commented, "In the play, it is important how much emotion you can put in. It's amazing because the emotions are the basis."[9]..Hyakuta recalled, "It's strange to me. I don't usually cry, at all. I was surprised."[9].

In the same year, he was invited to the Prime Minister's Office with his manager and became a Special Advisor to the Cabinet.Iijima IsaoHave a conversation with[10].

In 2015, the youth movie "Momoiro Clover Z starring"Curtain goes upBy appearing in70 timesEvery day movie contestSponichi Grand Prix New Face Award (female)Nominated for (40th)Hochi Film AwardThen, the performance of all the members was recognized and a special prize was given)[11].

The music program "Konosuke Sakazaki's Momoiro Folk Village NEXT], Start working on guitar playing with other members.Only in the groupleft handedI didn't use my right hand mainly except when playing sports.[12], The program staff mistakenly prepared a right-handed guitar.Then, after practicing, I was able to play with my right hand (the drama ""Promising Stage-Two Songs Running Through Time-], I also challenged the role of playing the guitar).

In 2016, NHK in which all members participatedContinuous tv novel"beautiful girl』Remains until the final selection in the heroine audition[13]Was selected as the main cast[14]..Some viewers evaluated their ability, such as "acting eyes".[15]..In the sewing scene, it is necessary to sew with the right hand, which is not the dominant hand, and this is also overcome by practice.

In the groupShiori TamaiBecause of their close relationship with Momotamai, they have formed a unit called "Momotamai" and held a concert titled "Momotamai Marriage" in the same year with the setting that the two will get married.[16].

In 2017, the anime movie "The secret of Kaiketsu Zorori ZZ] For the first time to challenge a full-fledged voice actor.Acting as the heroine's mother, the original authorYutaka HaraHe said, "Motherhood came out within a few hours. I saw a miracle."[17].

Saitama Seibu LionsAlso appointed as a support ambassador for "Lions Festival 2017".During the period, in order to wear a uniform with the concept of passion flame, in addition to the image color of Momota, it was appointed because it matches the energy and freshness.[18]..At the opening ceremony, two consecutive strike throws with no bounds were shown.[19], The inaugurated team achieved good results with 13 wins and 20 losses, including 4 consecutive wins.[20].

In the same yearSapporo Medical UniversityInvited to the school festival as a special lecturer for the lecture.For medical students "I can't save people's lives, I can't do it even if I want to do it ... So, on the contrary, I want to be able to save the hearts of those who save those lives."[Note 2].

10th anniversary of the formation of "Momokuro"

In 2018, the Disney-distributed movie ``Black pantherIn the Japanese dubbed version, he is in charge of the voice actor of the main character's younger sister.Furthermore, NHK "Plastic smile』, Played the drama first starring[21].

In 2019, the Golden Time broadcast ``Promising Stage-Two Songs Running Through Time-』(Nippon TV system), starringTaiho TsuchiyaAppeared as the main cast next to.Of the directorKiyoshi SasabeRegarding his acting, he commented, "It seems natural to be able to perform the emotions of the moment in a natural way."[22].

"Rugby World Cup 2019As a special supporter of the host city, Shizuoka representative, "Fuji no Kuni Sports Supporter" and "Fuji no Kuni Sports Supporter" selected by Shizuoka Prefecture2020 Tokyo Olympics[Note 1]In charge of the torchbearer[2].

In 2020, animeOjamajo DoremiThe movie "Looking for a witch apprentice』In charge of voice actors.At the same timeNiziUCovering "Make you happy" and showing it on YouTube[23],Kami HiroseHe also participated in the album "Singing and Singing" and expanded his activities as a solo vocalist.

In 2021, he was appointed as a new visual for the Parisian fashion brand "REDValentino" and was introduced as "a person with multifaceted talent and charisma".[24].

The musical movie "Sukutte Goran』, Experienced his first heroine (supporting actress)[25]..Above "beautiful girl], Following the Kansai dialect in this work, he learned and played the Nara dialect.In the theme song and the song in the play that I was in charge of, in order to sing "as a role", I dared to do what I have done so far, such as "I would not sing this way if I sing and make a voice" I also did the work of scraping it off. "[26]..In addition, he challenged to play the piano for the first time in the play.The piano sound used in the main part of the movie was planned to be replaced with the one played by a professional, but the performance at the time of shooting was popular, so I decided to record it myself.[27]..Taking advantage of this experience, he performed a keyboard performance at "Aso Rock Festival 2019", which he performed as a group after shooting the movie. At the end of 2020,Momoiro Uta Gassen], As a big bird, he succeeded in playing the piano.Momota describes the practice process and its results as follows.[28].

"I didn't want to finish by remembering all the songs because it was an opportunity to face the piano.I want to know not only the performance but also what kind of instrument the piano is.I was taught from there, so I think I was able to play even in the song battle, which was a long time since the shooting.'

Taking advantage of his experience of facing music, in 2021 he will hold his first solo concert "Talk With Me ~ Cinderella Time ~".Saitama Super ArenaHeld for 2 days.He performed the song he wrote by playing the piano.[29].

In 2021,New coronavirusThere was also a period of rest due to[Note 3].

Solo activity


Theater animation



  • Theater Sujinashi(July 2014) --Released as DVD "Theater Sujinashi in Nagoya Second Night Kanako Momota Complete Preservation Version"

tv set


Variety MC

Posted the program that appeared as MC (moderator)


  • Japan travelogue"21-year-old Fukushima's" best peach "-Okayama Soja-" (May 2013, 5,NHK General)
  • Last Lecture-Message for the Future- (July 2017, 7,NHK BS1)
  • I like sports! ~ The source of my power ~ (May 2016, 5-September 19, 2019,TBS)-Regular
  • Promise to the World The Power of Encounter-Runner Ayuko Suzuki (December 2018, 12,Tokai TV)- FNS Documentary AwardAward
  • NNN document"We ... JK Division-What Imadoki Girls Can Do-" (June 2020, 6, NTV)[38]
  • Hirameki! From the region (March 2021, 3, December 19, 12, NHK General TV)
  • Strange and mysterious!Superstition Detective File-Chasing the Mystery of Haunting and Curse- (July 2021, 7, Fuji TV)


  • The cause of Momota Kanako and the radio drama (September 2020, 9-,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) --A radio drama performed one-on-one with a guest guest.At the beginning, "Mucomi PlusIt was one corner in the program, but it was made into a single program


  • Tokyo·Kodaira Police Station One-day police chief (December 2015, 10)
  • 8th Iekoraku City 2015 Autumn Team
  • 25th Film Festival TAMA CINEMA FORUM (2015)
  • Kaikyo Film Festival 2016
  • 67 times Sapporo Medical UniversityUniversity Festival Memorial Lecture (2017) -Lecturer as a guest lecturer
  • Lions Festivals 2017 --Supporting Ambassador
  • Pink ribbonFestival (2017)
  • 5th Live Entertainment EXPO (2017)
  • movies"Black panther』Korea premiere screening (2018, Korea, KoreaSeoul)
  • TokyoTalk event "Future of Culture and Arts City TOKYO" (2018)
  • Japan Shrimp AssociationOrganized by the 5th Best Senior Award Ceremony (2018) --Won the Best Shrimp Award
  • Rugby World Cup 20191 year before the tournament Commemorative event IN ECOPA
  • Rugby World Cup 2019 100 days before commemorative talk show
  • 74 timesUnazuki OnsenSnow Carnival (2020)
  • 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival (2020)



Solo song

Unit song

Momotamai - Shiori TamaiUnit with (Momoiro Clover Z)

  • The single bed is small(2012)
  • Ring the Bell (2016, limited delivery) --Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement:Tsukidatadashi
  • Amore at night (2016, limited delivery) --Lyrics:zopp / Composition:Shusui・ Atsushi Kimura / Arrangement: Atsushi Kimura ・ Alan de boo
  • Fugue of love(2016) - The PeanutCovers the song.Included in the album "The Peanuts Tribute Songs"

Collaboration song

  • Dream is the Tsubasa of the Heart (2017)-The name is "Zororeene (CV: Momota Kanako from Momoiro Clover Z) with Zorori (CV:)Koichi Yamadera)
  • God of romance(2021) - Kami HiroseIncludes a duet in the album "Singing I tried to sing"

Video work

  • Momotamai Marriage(Blu-ray & DVD) --The original title was "Momotamai Con", but since fans were excited about "Momotamai Marriage" on SNS, the theme was a wedding reception. It was decided to do it.On the day of Da'an, many fans also came in formal wear and were given cups for "air" toasts and gift plates.

Related item

Same high school classmate
  • Nao Asahi-Matsuoka Mayu ――I was particularly close and formed a group to go to and play at the family restaurant on my way home from school.[Note 4]..When Matsuoka made a guest appearance on a radio program and co-starred, "Hyakuta was a bright person like the sun, with no front and back in the school class."
  • Leo Ieiri-Airi Suzuki ――The song of the housekeeper, "Our futureHas been sung in collaboration with Hyakuta on a music program[Note 5]


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