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🎥 | "Anaban" SP drama, Shota and Hosokawa fight !?

Photo Kei Tanaka's arm blood vessels ...! – (C) 2021 “Your Turn to Kill Theatrical Version” Production Committee

"Anaban" SP drama, Shota and Hosokawa fight !?

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) A hand-tied shot of Sawa Kuroshima (Nanase Nishino) and Shinobu Nikaido (Yokohama Ryusei), who have fallen in love with each other in the scene cuts and dramas, but the relationship has not been revealed in the movie version. , Junichiro Tamiya (Katsuhisa Namase) and Kuroshima approaching each other, etc.

A special drawing of the day before the movie "Your Turn to Kill", which will be broadcast on the Friday Road Show on NTV on the 10th. → Continue reading

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