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🧑‍🎨 | Overseas Review High Score "Halo Infinite" -A bold design is adopted, and it is exciting ...

Photo Overseas Review High Score "Halo Infinite" -A bold design is adopted, giving an exciting and new impression.

Overseas Review High Score "Halo Infinite" -A bold design is adopted, it is exciting ...

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"Halo Infinite" will be available for PC / XSX / Xbox One on December 12th, Japan time at 9:3 am.

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Scheduled to be released at 3 am

Xbox One

Xbox > Xbox One

Xbox One(Xbox One) isMicrosoftReleased byHome game console..In the abbreviationXONE[8],XB-ONE[9]etc.


May 2013, 5 (Japan time) in Seattle, North AmericaXbox 360Announced as a successor model.The code name isDurango..It is said to have been named Xbox One, proclaiming the next-generation all-in-one game and entertainment system.[10].

For CPUAMD JaguarAlthough the hardware is relatively orthodox, such as adopting, there are two OSs on the underlying host OS.Windows8Base virtual OS[11]Has become a unique design that operates at the same time, and a total of three OSs operate in cooperation.Since the OS has an extremely complicated structure, it is disadvantageous in terms of simply drawing out the performance of the hardware, but it has achieved high compatibility with the successor model.[12].

Initially, it was announced that Kinect would be included as standard, but it was said to be disadvantageous in terms of price compared to rival models.Handling of DRMWas also forced to change due to the backlash from users and major retailers.The blurring of such a concept became a disadvantage in terms of sales.

Released on November 13, 2013 in 11 countries including North America.In Japan, the result was that we had to wait until September 22, 9, which is a delay of more than 2014 months.In response to this situation, I became the top of the Xbox divisionPhil SpencerWas appointed[13]..It was decided to make an effort to rebuild the game business.

Made in July 2016 Electronic Entertainment ExpoXbox One S, which will be a minor change model in (E3), and the high-end version codename "Project Scorpio(Project Scorpio: later Xbox One X) announced.Kinect dedicated terminal is deleted from both[14]It was broke up with Kinect and strengthened as a pure game machine.In particular, Xbox One X was released in Japan without delay, making it the first case in the history of Xbox that Japan will join Tier 1.[15][16].



  • May 5 --Xbox One will be announced at the next-generation Xbox announcement event held at the special venue of Microsoft headquarters[17].
  • May 6 - Electronic Entertainment ExpoAt (E3), the price, release date, package contents, and game software lineup will be announced.In November 2013, Microsoft announced that it would launch the Xbox One in 11 countries around the world.
  • May 6 --The withdrawal of DRM for packaged software is announced.
  • May 8 --Microsoft localizes, responds to demand, etc.[18]Announced that it will reduce the number of countries released in November 2013 from the originally announced 11 countries to 21 countries, and postpone the release in 13 countries to 8.
  • May 11 --It will be released in 13 countries in North America, Europe and Oceania.Sold 24 million units within 100 hours of launch[19]..On the same day, an internet news site reported a malfunction of the optical drive.Microsoft has determined that this issue will affect a very small number of customers[20][21].
  • May 12 --It is announced that 18 million units have been sold in the first 200 days after launch[22].


  • May 3 --It will be announced on the Xbox official community site that it will be released in September 26 in 2014 countries including Japan[23][24].
  • May 4 --It is announced that the number of units shipped to retailers has reached 500 million units.[25].
  • May 4 --Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. announced that it will be released on September 26, 2014 in 9 countries including Japan.[26].
  • May 5 --It is announced that the Xbox One main unit set that does not include Kinect will be released on June 2014, 6[27].
  • May 9 --Launched in Chile and Colombia[28].
  • May 9 --Released in Japan[29]..The number of vehicles sold in Japan during the four days from September 9th to September 4th was 9 units (according to "Famitsu").[30].
  • May 9 --Launched in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Arab Territories[28].
  • May 9 --Launched in Israel[28].
  • May 9 --It turns out that the release date in the People's Republic of China will be postponed from September 9 to 23[31]Will be announced later on September 9th[32].
  • May 11 --It is reported that the actual sales in the UK have reached 100 million units in total (according to GfK Chart-Track).[33].


  • May 6(13th local time) --At E3, it was announced that a new model "Xbox One S" and a high-end version codename "Project Scorpio" are under development.
  • May 9 --A limited number of "Xbox One main unit sale campaign" will be held in Japan[34]..The price is 500 yen (29,980% consumption tax included) for the Xbox One 8GB model, and 1 yen discount for the Xbox One 10,000TB model and Xbox One Elite.
  • May 11 --"Xbox One S" released in Japan[35](Launched on August 25 in 8 countries including North America[36]).


  • June 6st (local time)- Xbox Game PassStarted the service.
  • May 6(12th local time) --At E3, announced that the official name of "Project Scorpio" is "Xbox One X".
  • May 7 --Xbox One S 500GB in Japan (MinecraftRevised the price of the bundled version).The reference price has been revised from 29,980 yen (tax excluded) to 27,759 yen (tax excluded).
  • May 11 --"Xbox One X" released.


  • May 2 --In Japan, the Xbox One S 1 TB software bundled version (Forza Horizon 3 and Halo Collection) and the Xbox One S 1 TB Minecraft Limited Edition have been reduced by 29,980 yen to 34,980 yen (excluding tax) and 5,000 yen (excluding tax), respectively.[37]


  • May 5 --"Xbox One S All Digital Edition" released. An inexpensive model that eliminates the optical disk drive from the Xbox One S.


  • May 4 - In JapanXbox Game PassService started.
  • July-Announced discontinuation of production for Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-digital Edition[38].
  • May 11 --Next-generation machine "Xbox Series X / SReleased.
  • End of December-End of production for Xbox One[39].


Xbox One has the maximum video output1080p, Xbox One S, Xbox One X up to2160p(4K UHD 3840 x 2160) resolution[40][41],Dolby Atmos[42][43],DTS: X[44], Compatible with Auro-3D[45].

Xbox One S has 11% better performance[46].

There is no game dedicated to Xbox One X, but extensions other than dedicated assets and graphics are allowed (as a logo, Xbox One X compatible "Xbox One X Enhanced", 4K compatible "4K ULTRA HD", HDR 10 compatible "HDR" There is)[47].

Xbox One Family Spec Sheet[48]
  • AMD Jaguar APU 8 cores (4 cores x 2 clusters), 1.75GHz[49]
  • AMD GCN (Graphics Core Next) Architecture-based[49], 12 arithmetic units (768 cores in total)
  • Capacity 32My bEquipped with ESRAM[49]
  • Equipped with 4 Move Engines[49]
  • Hardware video encoding / decoding function[49]
  • HDMI in / out function[49]
  • DDR3Memory 8GB (shared with system graphics)BandwidthWill be able to use 68.3GB / s and 5GB for games[50])

The Xbox One X has improved specs.The main points are as follows.

  • AMD Jaguar Evolved APU 8 cores, 2.3GHz
  • AMD GCN architecture-based, 40 arithmetic units (2560 cores in total)
  • GDDR5Memory 12GB, bandwidth 326GB / s[51]


500GB or 1TBHDDIs installed as standard.It is built into the main unit and cannot be replaced by the user, but if additional capacity is required, it can be used by connecting an external HDD compatible with USB 256 with 3.0GB or more.[52]..With the update, it is possible to connect up to 16 data storage devices up to 2TB in total.

Data including save data is saved in both HDD and cloud at the same time (even free members are synchronized with the cloud)[53].


The Xbox One Kinect sensor is equipped with multiple video cameras and microphones.gesture-voice recognition,Face recognitionAlso track finger movements and skin condition[54].. Kinect's system constantly collects data and improves algorithms[55].

It's not compatible with Kinect for Xbox 360, you can't use Kinect for Xbox 360 on Xbox One, and you can't use the Xbox One Kinect sensor on Xbox 360.[56]

It is equipped with a function to irradiate the human body with an infrared pattern and take a picture with an infrared camera, and by combining it with the information of a normal camera, the human bodyHeart rateCan now be measured.It has become possible to recognize even in the dark, and it has become possible to recognize the depth with high accuracy.Depth recognition is a Time of Flight method that utilizes the time difference between when modulated infrared rays are irradiated and reflected by an object before being photographed, and is different from conventional dot pattern infrared rays.Normal camera also has resolution1080pThe performance has improved, and the wide-angle lens has increased by 6% compared to the conventional model, enabling simultaneous recognition of up to 6 people.It recognizes conversations 24 hours a day even in standby mode, and you can start the main unit just by talking.[17][57].

Initially, resources were forcibly allocated to Kinect, but now it is possible to allocate those resources to game development, improving the performance of game titles that do not require the full functionality of Kinect.In this case as well, voice recognition and the like can be used.

In Xbox One S and Xbox One X, the terminal dedicated to Kinect is omitted, but connection is possible by using "Kinect adapter"[14].

Xbox wireless controller

First Generation "Xbox One Wireless Controller"

Over 360 improvements from the Xbox 40 controller[58].. By adopting the communication method by Wi-Fi Direct, the communication speed with the main unit has been greatly increased.In addition to the left and right grips, vibration motors have been added near the trigger so that vibration can be transmitted to each of the left and right fingertips that touch the trigger, for a total of four.The edges of the analog stick have become mesh-like, making it easier to operate.Powered by two AA batteries.Battery storage is from vertical to horizontal, and the back is flat.the cross keyHas been changed to a shape in which the cross pad is exposed directly from the groove. Kinect detects which controller is being operated at which position.This is because there is an infrared LED on the front of the controller and it is taken with an infrared camera.[59]..Equipped with a micro USB terminal (B), it can also be used as a wired controller by turning off wireless by connecting to the main unit with a USB cable. A driver for Windows is also provided and can be used on a PC.

It is a controller included in the Xbox One early model main unit.

Second Generation "Xbox One Wireless Controller"

A 3.5mm headset terminal has been added, making it possible to use commercially available headsets without relying on a headset adapter.Fixed the LB and RB button stiffness that was a problem in the first generation.

Third Generation "Xbox Wireless Controller"This controller, which comes standard with Xbox One S and Xbox One X,BluetoothSupports connection(You can order the original model at the Xbox Design Lab when it is released separately)[60]..In Japan, "Xbox controller (with Windows USB cable)" appeared on January 2017, 1[61]..The product name of the third generation has changed from "Xbox One ~" to "Xbox ~".

With the controller update, it is now possible to switch between Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth as well as the XNUMXth generation Xbox wireless controller, and it also supports.[62]

XNUMXth Generation "Xbox Wireless Controller"

A controller released at the same time as the Xbox Series X / S.Bluetooth compatible.It's compatible with Xbox One and can be used.It's basically the same as the XNUMXst to XNUMXth generation controllers, and it's only a small improvement in terms of changes from the previous model.New share buttonIt has become possible to easily share screenshots and videos with the community.Also, on the cross key, "Hybrid directional pad"Is adopted, making it easier to input diagonally.[63]USB connection terminalUSB Type-Cbecome,Matte finish that prevents the trigger and bumper from slippingTo.In addition, a tactile dot pattern has been added to make it easier to grip.Also, by optimizing for the hand size of an average 8-year-old childSlightly smaller in size and easier to holdBecomeBluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), Supported.[64]Overall, the specifications are similar to the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Original (unbranded, first generation)

The "Xbox Elite Wireless Controller" pursues a professional level, and parts replacement and customization functions have been added.[65][66]

Series 2

"Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2" is the second generation of Elite controllers released on November 2019, 11.[67]

By updating the controller, it became possible to switch the connection method between Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth, and it also supports.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Simple Comparison Chart(November 2019, 11, as of Series 5 release)
Series 2オ リ ジ ナ ル
(Unbranded, first generation)
电源Dedicated specifications様 仕 様[68]
Built-in batteryAA batteries x3
Detachable battery pack
USB connection terminalType-CMicro B
Bluetooth connection対 応incompatible
Profile slot3 + "default" 1 [69]2
Trigger lock function
Operating area setting
Profile interlocking[70]
Three stages
Maximum / half / none
Three stages
Maximum / half
InterlockNot linked
Paddle sizeSmallー
Paddle lock function
(Invalidation / malfunction prevention)
Press and hold the profile button[72]Press the connect button twice
Attached thumb stick[73]Standard x2
Classic x2
Thor x1
Wide dome x1
Standard x2
Dome x2
Thor x2
Allocation functionShift allocation
Action assignment
Thumbstick direction assignment
Other functions, etc.Thumbstick tension adjustmentー
Charging dock that can be attached to and detached from the carrying case
Rubber grip that covers a wider area
Color schemeBlack keynote
Dark silver
Black keynote
Bright silver
Fluorescent green
[Limited White]
White keynote
Bright silver
Fluorescent green

Xbox Adaptive Controller

A game controller designed to assist users with physical disabilities and operate the game freely[74]..Compatible hardware is Xbox One andMicrosoft Windows 10On-board PC.In Japan, it was released in limited quantities from January 2020, 1 at Microsoft's online store.[75]..Developed by Microsoft to promote accessible gaming[76]..Two huge black buttons are arranged as main keys and react with a little pressure[77].. Equipped with 19 3.5mm jacks, external switches / buttons / mounts / joysticks, etc. sold separately[78]Connect the device that suits your user and expand the function[77]..There is no need for the conventional "holding the controller" action, and it is possible to play regardless of the player's posture.You can also mount the device and secure it to your bed or wall[79]..On the bottomwheelchairThere are three screw holes that are standard specifications for attachments for[80].


Wireless controller
Elite wireless controller
#Xbox wireless controller See
Play & Charge Kit
Wireless controller[81]A dedicated battery pack that can be used in place of two AA batteries.
Includes charging cable.
Media remote control
Kinect sensor
#Kinect See
Voice chat headset
One ear type headset.Equipped with buttons that can adjust the volume and mute the microphone.
Can also be used with first-generation Xbox One wireless controllers that don't have a 3.5mm headset jack.
Xbox One Stereo Headset (2014)
Binaural headset.
The following headset adapter is included.
Headset adapter
Equipped with buttons that can adjust the volume, mute the microphone, and control the volume balance.
Required to connect a commercial headset to a first-generation Xbox One wireless controller that doesn't have a 3.5mm headset jack.
Xbox Wireless Headset (2021)
Binaural type wireless headset.
Wireless connection is possible without options for various Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, and it also supports Bluetooth connection.Both can be input at the same time.
Windows Sonic on all Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Windows PCsDolby Atmos,DTSHeadphone:X Supports XNUMXD sound technology such as. Dolby Atmos, DTS Headphone: X If you want to use it, you need to purchase a paid app sold in the Microsoft Store.
Xbox Stereo Headset (2021)
Binaural headset.
It has the same functionality as the Xbox Wireless Headset (2021) with the wireless functionality removed.
Vertical stand
Dedicated stand for placing Xbox One S and Xbox One X vertically respectively.Because the shapes aren't compatible, the Xbox One S vertical stand can't be used for the Xbox One X, and vice versa.
Wireless Adapter for Windows 10[82]
Connect to the USB terminal of a Windows PC and up to 8 at the same timeXbox wireless controllerYou can use the adapter.
Various accessories that connect to the controller when the Xbox wireless controller is connected via Bluetooth[83]Is not supported[84], These accessories can also be used by going through here.


Xbox One console type(As of 2020 year 8 month 26 day)
NameOverviewRelease time
() Indicates Japan
Xbox One
(Initial type)
Initial type

【End of sale】

Xbox One SMiniaturized from popular type and initial type and partially improved performance

【End of sale】

Xbox One XHigh-performance type, top model
【End of sale】
Xbox One S
All Digital Edition
The low-priced Xbox One S has abolished the optical disk drive.
【End of sale】

13 countries in the Americas, Europe and Oceania[Supplement 1][85]Then.2013 May 11It was released in.in Japan2014 May 9Was released in[29].

TraditionalKinectNewly redesigned from the system "Xbox One Kinect sensorWas included[86], From June 2014, sales of the main body set that is not included will also start[27]After that, the Kinect sensor was discontinued.2020 May 8At the time, the initial typeXbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S All Digital EditionDiscontinued, miniaturized, built-in power supply, 4K / HDR video and "Ultra HD Blu-raySupports playback and HDR gamesXbox One S[87][88][89]Only production continues. The explanation of XBOX one x and XBOX one S All Digital Edition is as follows.4K resolutionSupports generation (True 4K) gamesXbox One X[90][47][91], From Xbox One SOptical discAbolished the driveXbox One S All Digital Edition[92]Existed.

A simple comparison table for the Xbox One console(December 2020, 8)
Xbox One X
(end of production)
Xbox One S
(end of production)
Xbox One S
All Digital Edition
(end of production)
Xbox One
(end of production)
Built-in power supply and miniaturization
(Initial type ratio)
蔵 内 蔵
蔵 内 蔵
蔵 内 蔵
Separate power supply
Initial type
HDR game,
4K / HDR video playback
Ultra HD Blu-ray playback○○××
Disc version game,
Blu-ray Disc
/ DVD / CD playback
4K resolution game,
Xbox One X Enhanced
Xbox One + Kinect
Released on November 2013, 11.Released in Japan on September 22, 2014[93].
"Day One Edition" will be released as a special edition on November 2013, 11. Includes a limited edition wireless controller printed with "Day One", a Day One decal, and a "Day One Achievement" unlock code[94]..In Japan, it was released on September 2014, 9, and in addition to the accessories of Day One Edition in the pre-sale area, the usage code of "Titanfall" and "Kinect Sports Rivals" was included.[95].
"Xbox One 500GB + Kinect" will be released on January 2016, 1 and September 28, 2016. Kinect, "Kinect Sports Rivals" and "Zoo Tycoon" usage codes are included in the Xbox One 9GB main unit[96].
Xbox One
Released on June 2014, 6[27][97]..Released in Japan on September 2014, 9[93].
The "Xbox One Elite" comes with a 1TB built-in SSHD and an "Elite Wireless Controller" and was released on November 2015, 11.
Xbox One S
Released in 2016.Miniaturization of 40% by volume.At the same time, an external power supply was also built in.
November 2016, 11 "Xbox One S 24TB (included with" Halo Collection ")"[98], January 2017, 1 "Xbox One S 26 GB (" Minecraft "bundled version)"[99], February 2017, 2 "Xbox One S 23 TB (included with" Forza Horizon 1 ")"[100], February 2018, 2 "Xbox One S 20TB (included with" PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ")"[101].
Xbox One X
Released worldwide on November 2017, 11, including Japan[15]..In Japan, due to the time difference, it will be released fastest in the world.This is the first in the Xbox series of all time[16]..Apart from this, the controller with the "Project Scorpio" logo, which is the code name at the time of development, and the specially designed main body with the gradation by the dot pattern, also has the "Project Scorpio" logo, and is placed vertically. The initial limited model "Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition" with a stand will also be released on the same day.[102]..In addition, on November 2018, 11, a limited number of `` Xbox One X White Special Edition'' with the upper part of the main body off-white will be released[103]..On the same day, the "Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (White Special Edition)", which has the same off-white color as the White Special Edition, will also be released in limited quantities.
Xbox One S All Digital Edition
2019 year 5month 7 Date released[104].. The Xbox One S without the optical drive and equipped with a 1TB HDD. Includes download code for Forza Horizon 3 and Minecraft.

Built-in software services


3 つ のOSIs available, Xbox OS for games, Windows custom kernel (not compatible with standard Windows applications)[105][106]But,Universal Windows platformCompatible with[107]), And the OS for switching between them (Hypervisor) Works[17].

Xbox Live / Xbox Play Anywhere

Microsoft AzureWill be integrated with and 30 servers will be prepared[86]..You can download by segment and update in the background[86]..You can also let the cloud take part in the processing[55].

With Xbox One versionWindows 10Aiming for a future without plate boundaries[108][109], In "Xbox Play Anywhere" eitherdownload versionIt is a service that can be played on either platform if you purchase (close to cross-by / cross-save).[110].

Smart Match
A matchmaking system that searches for opponents while performing other operations.[86].. "Auto resume" function allows you to move to another game while interrupting the game[111].
Game DVR
Gameplay can be recorded and published[86].Live streamingAnd can be edited by "UPLOAD STUDIO"[111]..Video for 30 seconds to 5 minutes720pCan record at / 30 frames.It can be saved in the cloud and made public to users. Xbox Smart Glass is required for viewing on a PC or smartphone. Can be published on SNS[112].
Living Games
AI learns play style and plays battles instead[86]..Also, the actual result is reflected in the game even if the player is absent.[113].
Record important moments with the "Extended Achievement" system[86]..Also display the achievements of the process[113]..There is also a "challenge" that can be unlocked by the community across multiple games.[114].
Xbox SmartGlass
Xbox 360The mechanism has changed from the version, and direct connect has become the basis.[115]..You can connect multiple devices at the same time and use it as a sub screen.[115].
EA Access[116]
Electronic ArtsFlat-rate service for Xbox One.

Backward compatible

Xbox 360Hardware withBackward compatibleAt the time of release, it was not possible to use the Xbox 360 game disc as it is, but you can carry over avatars and achievements.[52].

2015 With the update of, by realizing backward compatibility via the Xbox 360 emulator, it corresponds to the operation of the game for Xbox 360.However, not all games will work, and only some games, mainly popular games, will be supported, but compatible games will be added at any time.[117][118]..Most games also support the Xbox One Game DVR feature and Mixer delivery. The Xbox 360 Guide on the Xbox 360 dashboard can also be launched on Xbox One.

  • If you insert a backwards compatible Xbox 360 game disc into the disc slot, the title will be downloaded and the game will only start when you insert the disc. There is no need to replace the disc even if the title requires a disc replacement on the actual Xbox 360 console.
  • download version(Game on demand,XBLA) Will be added to My Collection and can be started after downloading.
  • Saved data is saved only on the user's cloud storage. Xbox Live Gold account qualification is required to move the save data of the actual Xbox 360 device to the cloud storage.
  • Online play requires Xbox Live Gold account qualifications, just like the actual Xbox 360 console.

In addition,2017 ToThe original XboxSupports booting of game discs.At the moment, only some games are supported. The Xbox One X main unit operates with a high resolution of up to 16 times, and the other main units have a maximum resolution of 4 times.[119]The following describes only the parts that are different from the Xbox 360.

  • The original XboxXbox LiveThe service ended in 2010, and online functions cannot be used.
  • Saved data is saved on the user's cloud storage, but save data migration from the original Xbox, Xbox 360 main unit is not supported.

TV broadcast

In the United States, it is connected to a cable TV tuner → TV, but by connecting this to a cable TV tuner → Xbox One → TV, information related to TV broadcasting can be displayed as an overlay.is thisNFLIt is expected to be used in a service that can provide match information and play linked games by relaying.In addition, you can operate everything from the power supply of the TV to the switching of the cable TV channel by voice.A dedicated TV Guide (EPG) service is also available to change channels[120].. Xbox One in parallel with the gameSkypeBetween multipleVideo chatThere is a "Snap" function that allows you to enjoy TV broadcasting and games at the same time with this connection method.[86].

In Japan, it is announced that it will not be supported at the time of release and will be realized in the future.[121]..As a solutionPixeraThere is PIX-BR310W / PIX-BR310W-X[122].

ID @ Xbox

In July 2013, MicrosoftIndiesAnnounced a plan to use a commercially available Xbox One main unit as a development device and publish the created work (self-publishing)[123][124][125], Xbox Live, Kinect, cloud, achievements[124].. It was part of Microsoft's vision of "everyone becomes a creator"[124]..About a year later, in July 1, a Microsoft technical department official said that the plan to make the commercially available Xbox One main unit available as a development device was reported to be withdrawn.[126], A Microsoft spokeswoman denied this[127]..When supplying the same title to the game console version of another company (Xbox One ・PS4-Wii UEdition etc.Cross platformThere is a restriction (simultaneous release clause) that "Xbox One version should not be postponed", and indie developers are calling for the removal of the restriction.[128][129].

For game apps, you need to join ID @ Xbox, but for other appsUWP appSimilar to, it is possible for general individual developers to distribute[130][131].


Xbox One DRM (Digital rights management) Has been changed from the beginning of the announcement due to a series of repulsions, but originally it was planned to proceed as follows.[132].

  • Game softwareIs with HDDク ラ ウ ドBecause it is saved in the library ofBoxed editionBut you need to install and authenticate online (diskless)[132].
  • You can play offline for up to 24 hours, but if you stay offline for 24 hours, you will not be able to start the game, so you will need to authenticate once a day.[133].
  • If you want to access the library from another main unit, you need to authenticate once an hour, but you can also access the "family" that can specify up to 1 people.[132].
  • Software can only be transferred to "friends" for 30 days or more with software approved by the publisher.[132].

However, after the specifications were announced, complaints from users and the industry continued, andPlayStation 4At the time of the announcement of the specifications of, not only did the announcement that "the game can be played as before" caused a big cheer, but also the video "How to lend and borrow the game on PlayStation 4" was made to emphasize the difference from Xbox One. In response to that, it is revealed in the Xbox One official blog "Xbox Wire" dated June 6 that some of the specifications will be changed to the following[134].

  • After the system setup at the first startup, online authentication is not required after that, but the package version needs to have a disk inserted for authentication.[134].
  • No certification of software transfer or restrictions on second-hand sales[134].
  • Purchased libraries in the cloud no longer include the packaged version and are no longer shared by families of up to 10.
  • download version TheXbox 360It is the same mechanism as.

In addition,Region codeSince there are no restrictions due to, it is possible to play overseas version software on hardware in Japan, and if there is a Japanese version, you can install the Japanese environment by online update.The reverse is also possible, you can install a Japanese environment on overseas hardware, and you can play all Japanese software without any problems.The software has no region code, but it remains on DVDs and Blu-rays, so there are restrictions when watching overseas DVDs on hardware in Japan.


Detail is"Xbox One game title listSee.Also,Backward compatible titles for Xbox 360 and the original XboxAlso works.

Furthermore, Xbox One is the next generation machineXbox Series X / S, Xbox OneRegion freeTherefore, if you change the regional settings, you can easily enter the overseas store and buy the overseas version.[135]

Release date in each country and region

Release datecountry or region
2013 May 11
2014 May 9
2014 May 9[136]
Japanese flag Japan
2014 May 9
2014 May 9
Israeli flag Israel
2014 May 9
2014 May 9
Russian flag Russia
2014 May 9
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku


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  1. ^ The countries released on Day One (November 2013) are the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Australia, and New Zealand, for a total of 11 countries.Japan belongs to Tier 13 (second team) and was a latecomer.


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