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🤖 | "Detective Conan", Toru Amuro, Shuichi Akai, Vermouth, Kaito Kid and others participate in the war !? Mobile game "Ide ...

Photo "Identity V" x "Detective Conan" collaboration event 2nd "Fifth Survivor (Part 5)"

"Detective Conan", Toru Amuro, Shuichi Akai, Vermouth, Kaito Kid and others participate in the war !? Mobile game "Ide ...

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In addition, the detective Orpheus UR costumes "Shinichi Kudo" and "Conan Edogawa", which are the essence of the first collaboration, will reappear and can only be obtained by purchasing by Echo.

The second collaboration event between "Detective Conan" and the mobile game "Identity V" "The 2th Survivor (... → Continue reading

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Conan Edogawa

Conan Edogawa(Edogawa Conan) said, "Weekly Shonen SundayIs serialized inGosho AoyamaOriginalComicthe work"Detective Conan], And based on itTelevision AnimationSuch asMedia mixA fictional character who appears in the work,hero.. My real name isShinichi Kudo(Shinichi Kudou).

In animeVoice actorConan Edogawa and Shinichi Kudo in his childhoodTakayama Minami[Note 1], Shinichi Kudo (after junior high school students) as the original figureKappei YamaguchiIs in charge.In the Japanese version, Takayama, who plays Conan, is in charge of the monologue by Conan (when thinking in his head, etc.), but in the overseas version, Jewel, who plays Shinichi, is in charge, and Conan and Shinichi are the same person. It is emphasized that there is.

DramaAtAn actorConan EdogawaNao Fujisaki(Voice-Minami Takayama), Shinichi KudoShun Oguri(Single 1st and 2nd works),Junpei Mizobata(Single 3rd and 4th works, serial drama) is in charge.


Originally, he was a second year student at Tetan High School.When my parents lived in my first year of high schoolLos AngelesAfter resolving the murder case that occurred on the plane heading for[2]..After that, solved a number of cases[Note 2], "Japanese police savior" and "HeiseiSherlock HolmesIt was called "East high school detective" and made a name for himself.However, a childhood friend in Tropical LandRan MoriDate with[Note 3]On the way back fromBlack tissueBecause I witnessed the trading site of "ginPoisonous drug at the trial stageAPTX4869[Note 4]And become an infant due to side effects that the organization does not know[5]..Although there was no difference in life, when it was known that he was alive in the organization, he was aimed at life again and the people around him would be involved with his neighbor.Dr. AgasaBecause I received advice from[6], 1st grade of Tetan Elementary SchoolConan EdogawaHer father, who is doing a detective with Ran in order to get information on the "Black Organization"Kogoro MohriTo live in the house where[Note 5]..While solving various cases to return to the original appearance, Agasa and Nishi's high school detectiveHeiji HattoriBetrayed the "Black Organization"Ai HaibaraWith their cooperation, they are pursuing the plot of the "Black Organization".

With a coldChinese sake-BaijiuDrink (Pical)[7][Note 6]Or, take a prototype of an antidote created by Haibara with reference to the ingredients of Baijiu (effect is reduced to 24 hours, 12 hours if taken continuously).[10]By doing so, you can temporarily return to the original shape[Note 7]..However, as the time limit for the antidote to expire and return to Conan's appearance approaches, breathing becomes rough, dull, and intense.PalpitationThe burden on the body is great due to the rapid growth and retreat of unnatural cells, such as being attacked by a cell and holding down the chest.

Currently, he is ostensibly enrolled in Group B of Tetan Elementary School as Conan Edogawa.I decided to be a child of a distant relative of Agasa[Note 8]Currently living in the Mori family.The height of the infant is unknown, but the weight is 18 kilograms.[13]..Blood type is unknown, but it is the same as orchid[14].

Shinichi Kudo is enrolled in Group B of Tetan High School 2nd grade.Age is 17 years old[Note 9], BirthdayMay 5[Note 10]..Height is 174 cm[Note 11]..addressTokyo2-21 Beika-cho, Beika-ku, Yonehana-shi[Note 12]..His father is a world-famous detective novelistKudo YusakuAnd my mother is a former actressYukiko Kudo.

In the official visual book, it is introduced as "a well-organized face inherited from the mother" and "beautiful". kid the Phantom thiefIs the true identity ofKaito KurobaThere is an official setting that the face is two melons.

Origin of Conan Edogawa

Conan EdogawaThe name is a novelistRanpo Edogawa[Note 13]とArthur Conan DoyleDerived from.In the work, the names of these two people who happened to see it were combined and "Conan EdogawaIt is supposed to have been born from the name[Note 14].

Kudo ShinichiThe surname is the TV drama "Detective storyDerived from Shunsaku Kudo, the main character of[15][Note 15].. "Shinichi" is a writerShinichi HoshiIt is said that it was one of the author's favorite names.TV historical drama "Deadly seriesInEiichi KudoIt is said that the fact that I liked the production of[16].

A person who knows his true identity

A person who reveals himself

Main story
Dr. Agasa
Conan was the first person to reveal his identity to explain the situation.[6][Note 16]..We are cooperating in inventions.
Kudo Yusaku-Yukiko Kudo
I learned the true identity from the explanation by the doctor[17][Note 17]..Yusaku cooperates in reasoning, and Yukiko cooperates in disguise.
Heiji Hattori
I was able to see through with my own reasoning power, but when I was put to sleep instead of Kogoro, I learned the secret of "Sleeping Kogoro" because the anesthesia was cut off on the way.Conan also thought and explained the situation himself[18]..We are cooperating by making inferences together.
Ai Haibara / Shiho Miyano
I found out in the middle of the investigation when I was in the Black Organization[Note 18], I learned about the circumstances of calling myself "Edogawa Conan" from the explanation given by the doctor.[19]..I am cooperating as a scientist.
Kaito Kid (2nd generation) / Kaito Kuroba
The reason why I learned the identity is due to the wiretapping of the phone.[Note 19]..Although he has a rivalry with Conan, he also exchanges information such as sharing information about his mother with each other.[21].
vermouth / Sharon Vineyard / Chris Vineyard
I learned the true identity through my own research[22]..Although the details are unknown, my own speculation (Relationship with Conan) Also[23], Has not reported to the Black Organization that Conan is Shinichi.
Eisuke Hondou
In order to prevent confession to Ran, Conan is forced to reveal his identity.[Note 20], Eisuke's own investigation was also half-seen[24]..Immediately after learning what he was, he left in front of Conan to travel to the United States and aim for the CIA.
Akemi Miyano / Masami Hirota
Conan reveals himself by judging the situation of the case, but he died in front of Conan because he was shot by Jin with a pistol just before that.[25][26][Note 21].
Movie version
Noah's Ark
Hijacked the virtual experience game machine "Cocoon"Artificial brainTherefore, he is reading the memory information from Conan who is playing, and is talking about his identity and real name just before clearing the game where he met alone while isolated from the real world.At the end of the story, he disappeared himself, considering the concern that greedy adults would abuse his function.[27].
I knew the identity from my own investigation, but before I told anyone the facts, I got ConanEaves(Hippopotamus)Died[28].
Crossover works
Lupin III
It is unknown how he knew what he was, but it is suggested that he knew it not by observing but by collecting information.[Note 22].
Fujiko Mine
It is unknown how he knew what he was, but it is suggested that he knew it by making full use of his information gathering power like Lupine.[Note 23].
Dimension Daisuke-Ishikawa Goemon
I learned the true identity from the explanation of the situation by Lupine[Note 24]..After being told about Conan's identity, Dimension is investigating more detailed information, and also grasps Conan's habits ("Barlow" and "Edogawa Conan, detective").[30].
Alan Smithee
At the time of the incident, Conan reveals himself by judging the situation, but Alain is dying at this time, and like Akemi Miyano mentioned above, he died immediately after knowing his identity.[30].

A person who has not revealed his identity

Main story
Shuichi Akai / Subaru Okiya
I realized what I was by witnessing Conan calling Ran in Shinichi's voice.[31].. Cooperating as FBI Akai, but not telling Conan that he knows what he is[Note 25].
Masumi Sera
When Conan went to England right after her mother Mary was made into an infant[33]After seeing what happened on TV, I found out halfway through, and returned to Japan to find out the truth and find a way to restore Mary's body.[34]However, it is unknown when and how he was completely convinced of his identity after that because there was no explanation in the work.I kept it in my heart for a while[Note 26], Conan began to confirm his identity directly with Conan after he temporarily returned to Shinichi's appearance on a school trip, and Conan continues to desperately deceive.[Note 27].
Mary Sera / Sister outside the realm
Conan went to England as well as innocent[33]When I saw the appearance that happened to be reflected on the TV broadcast, I saw it in the middle[34]After returning to Japan, I was convinced by the information from Shinjun.[Note 28]However, Masumi said, "Don't forgive Conan Edogawa ... Bowya I met 10 years ago.[Note 29]He said, "It's like a different person," and called Conan "a younger sister outside the realm," and is wary of him.[37].
Movie version
Konosuke Jii
It is unknown how he knew his identity[Note 30]However, the 19th movie version "Sunflower on fireAt the beginning of the movie, he was with Kid as "a person who knows Conan's true identity."

A person searching for his identity

Amuro Toru / Rei Furuya
After discovering the trick of "Sleeping Kogoro"[38]Recognize Conan as a "horrible man"[39]Of the black organization who suspected his identity and realized that Shinichi could surviveLambIs also investigating after issuing a directive to request information.[40], It is not enough to know the identity of Conan.
Rumi Wakasa
I have been paying attention to Conan since I was assigned to Tetan Elementary School as a deputy homeroom teacher for Group B in the first year.[41], To intentionally involve Conan in the case[42], Give hints for case resolution[Note 31]In addition, when Shinichi's news appears on the net[Note 32], There are many mysterious behaviors such as implicitly exploring Haibara, who lives next to the Kudo family in the elementary school.[36][40]..However, there is no pretense to think about Conan's identity in connection with Shinichi.

Ability and reasoning style

Ability as a detective

Clear mind(Zunoumeiseki)He has a wealth of knowledge and flexible thinking, and is excellent in observing eyes.Furthermore, it has both the reasoning power inherited from the father and the acting ability inherited from the mother.Even after his body became a child, his personality, habits, brains and skills have not changed, so he uses his brains to solve a number of difficult cases.However, the physical strength etc. has fallen to the level of a suitable child, and the behavior as a detective is restricted, soMecha made by Dr. Agasa("Watch type tranquilizer gun", "Bow tie type voice changer", "Criminal tracking glasses"[Note 33]"Earring type mobile phone[Note 34]"Skateboard with turbo engine," "Kick-strengthening shoes," etc.)[Note 35].

Metropolitan Police Department,FBIA veteran FBI agent, who has a great deal of trust from investigators such as, and is willing to accept sudden calls during work.James BlackSays, "I want to scout for the FBI."

Both are more capable than contemporary high school detectives such as the famous white horse, and have the ability to correct misinterpretations.[46].. Shinichi (Conan) finds out that Heiji overlooks the blind spot when he first meets with his best friend Heiji, who is also called "Hattori in the west and Kudo in the east".[7]After that, Conan (Shinichi) sometimes went one step ahead of Heiji, but on the contrary, Heiji sometimes found out the point that Conan did not notice, so when he consciously played a deduction game several times. All are drawn.Female friends of the same generation, such as Ran, Sera, Waba, and Haibara (Shiho Miyano), recognize that "Shinichi and Heiji are on par with each other."Conan makes a joint deduction with Sera, a high school girl detective, but Conan (Shinichi) has a higher ability.

It is sometimes pointed out by my father, Yusaku that I did not notice the discomfort, and it is said that my observing ability is still insufficient.[11][Note 36]..In addition, "I'm smart, but I can't act calmly because the ball is scratched" (Agasa talk)[Note 37]However, there is also a mentally immature aspect because of youth.

Detective / investigation style

Due to the smaller body, the voice quality has returned to the voice when it was small.[Note 38]..In the appearance of Conan, even if you tell the truth of the case, you will not be dealt with[Note 39], So you must not know your identity, so if you do not know the circumstances, put it to sleep with a tranquilizer gun, and if you know your identity, ask yourselfMouthAnd use a voice changer to hear the voice of othersImitation(Mimic)To tell the truth[Note 40]..Basically, since the incident occurs at Kogoro's lead, there are many patterns that use Kogoro's voice.If Kogoro isn't thereSuzuki Sonoko,Dr. Agasa,Inspector YamamuraI sometimes borrow the voice of.Also,Heiji HattoriI've put him to sleep and spoke reasoning in his voice[Note 41].. The second movie version "Silver-winged illusionist], When I tried to put Kogoro to sleep, I accidentally put it to sleep.Fei YingliI stabbed the needle of the tranquilizer gun, so I made a deduction for the first time in her voice[Note 42].

In addition to the above, Kogoro andInspector MeguiGive hints to him and let him solve it by himself, teach Ran and Yukiko to tell the truth, and tell the truth in combination with Heiji.[Note 43]Sometimes.Sometimes I tell the truth myself, in this case I often face the criminal one-on-one.[Note 44].Boy DetectivesTo them when there istrickAsk them to cooperate, such as by letting them say a demonstration or a keyword that will be a hint.

When I talk about my reasoning to the people around me, if I show my reasoning in its original state (as Shinichi), adults who are not accustomed to it will be suspicious, so I pretend to be a child and say, "That's funny!" Speak in a young tone like[Note 45]..In addition, I sometimes talk about knowledge that even adults do not know, and after noticing it, "I heard from Shinichi brother (who pretends to be a relative)" "From Kogoro's uncle (where I live)" "I heard it," "I was doing it on TV," he added in a hurry and cheated.[Note 46].

In the first episode, the thrill and pleasure of chasing the criminal for the reason of solving the case with a person who wants to stand out more than others, saying that the popularity and name recognition have risen, and continuing the detective is irresistible. I had[5]..However, after my body gets smaller, I try not to leak my success so that people around me don't doubt my identity.

Since it may take the style of "Conan moved according to the instructions from Shinichi", there are also scenes that may be interpreted by the person in the play as "Shinichi is an insane person who may involve children in danger". Many[53].

Soccer ability

In the first grade when I belonged to the soccer club of Tetan Junior High SchoolMidfielderAs regularSelection(Coming)Being done laterJ LeagueHe has the skills to be scouted by Ran, saying, "If you continueNationalWas a hero of the world. "It seems that he went only to cultivate the motor nerves necessary for a detective, and since he was asked to be a detective when he was in the first year of high school, club activities have retired.But,ReflexesIs excellent[Note 47], Leg strength is more than average adult, to prevent escape by hitting something that happens to be at your feet against the criminal like kicking a soccer ball, to confront the criminal with the physical strength trained in the soccer club era at the dangerous incident scene It was used in the detective industry as a combat power.His dominant foot is right, but he often kicks balls and objects with his left foot.

After becoming Conan, his physical strength returned to that of an elementary school student,[Note 48], Reflexes are not weakened,Kick enhancement shoes,Ball injection belt everywhereIs used when the criminal is arrested.When using kick-enhancing shoes to kick an object against a criminal and stun, aim at the face and back of the head for men and the torso and back for women (however, even for women, in the case of an extremely vicious criminal) May mercilessly aim at the face[54]).

The dominant foot is basically ambidextrous, but it can be kicked even on the left, and since it has the speed to run through a suspension bridge that seems to burn down at once, the writer wants to be appointed as a side attacker from the leader, but the case was resolved before the police. I think that it is suitable for forward because of the character of Shinichi[55].

Other abilities

English Theネ イ テ ィ ブI am fluent enough to talk to other people normally[Note 49]But,Italian,RussianI can't understand, so I look it up in a dictionary[56], Translated[57]Sometimes.Kansai dialectIt is also difficult, and it often makes people feel uncomfortable.[Note 50].BrailleI also understand.

In addition, he has a wealth of knowledge in various fields and is useful in making inferences.On the other hand, the music knowledge and trendy video games described below,Koshien Stadium(In the anime, "Koshien Baseball Stadium")Silver umbrella(Ginsan)That[59]Often I don't know about things that I'm not interested in.

In the movie versionHandgunAnd many vehicles (AutomobileからParagliding,helicopter,Jumbo jetUp to) is handled freely, and the person himself is "HawaiiI was taught by my father. "[Note 51].Lip readingHave also shown[30].

In animedogTo reminisce aboutlong(It was)He has trained several dogs in a pet store in a department store in a short time and then attacked a man who is a member of the criminal group.[60].


Shinichi Kudo's fame didn't make sense since he became small, and the case resolution was also credited to "Sleeping Kogoro."However, the newspaper that posted the first confrontation with Kaito Kid with a photo of his face made the world crowded for the first time under the name of Conan Edogawa.

After that, the fact that he was active as a detective boys and controlled the thugs one after another with only the power of children spread the topic, and he came across the scene of the incident together with Kogoro Mouri, Heiji Hattori, and sometimes the idol Yoko Okino. It will be a priming water that sells well.

Actually showing off his name in the form of Conan and gaining the trust of the police, he stood in front of the TV camera himself and his name and face flowed all over the country, so one day he was a "boy detective" or "kid killer". Or, with the title of "Holmes's disciple" who called himself, fans have been established even outside the city.

Preference and feat

Describe your preferences and feats that are not directly related to reasoning or investigation as a detective.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock HolmesHe is a big fan of the world and describes him as "the best detective in the world". My favorite work is "Four signatures"[18]So, Holmes states in the same work "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."(Translation: Erasing all the impossible, no matter how strange the last thing left, it will be true)" is cited as a favorite word.[61].

When it comes to my favorite topic (especially Holmes-related), I unilaterally continue the story.Even in the first episode, even though I came to the amusement park with much effort, I was surprised by Ran that all the talk was about Holmes.[5]..Therefore, it is sometimes called "Detective nerd" or "Big idiot Detective Nosuke" by Ran.Also, when I learned that Subaru Okiya, who was in trouble because the apartment he had rented burned in an arson attack and had no house to live in, was a Holmes fan, he let him live in Kudo's house because "There is no bad person for Holmes fans". Are[62].

"Holmes ApocalypseIn, the younger brother of Queen of Sheba Minerva Glassア ポ ロ(Voice- Kumai Motoko) Self-proclaimed "Holmes' disciple" to trust his reasoning ability[33][Note 52].


When I was in Tetan Junior High School, I belonged to the soccer club, and at first I was only doing it to acquire the motor nerves necessary for detectives, but as I was doing it, I really became a soccer lover.[Note 53]..My favorite soccer playerRay Curtis(Ray Curtis, Voice- Charles Glover), I tried to take an act contrary to the above words that he could not believe that he was the culprit of the murder and was driven by personality to deny it.[63].

Boy DetectivesI often play baseball when I play with[Note 54], He is dissatisfied because he wants to play soccer.


PrettyTone deaf[Note 55]So, I'm not very good at music classes[Note 56].. furtherAccidental・ The meaning of ・Air on the G stringI don't know[64]Lack of basic knowledge of music[Note 57]..But when it comes to listeningAbsolute pitchhave[66][Note 58][Note 59]..Also, because Holmes can playViolinHe has a wealth of knowledge about and can play, but according to Ran, he has a characteristic playing habit.[66].

Director of Japan Acoustic Research InstituteMatsumi SuzukiFrom the viewpoint of voice science and psychoacoustics, it is not a contradiction that the ears are good even though they are deaf, and it seems that they are the type who can hear the correct pitch but cannot control the vocal cords properly, and even though they are not good at musical instruments, they have perfect pitch. It is analyzed that it is because even if the sound is picked up correctly, the hand cannot be moved as an operation.[67]..I was able to decipher the code hidden in the score because the simple one with the alphabet applied to the white and black keys became dissonant and difficult to hear as music, and the music was not suitable for code. is there[68]..Conan's thought circuit sees music as a personality that cannot enjoy music that connects it to intelligent things like cryptography and mathematics rather than as emotional emotions.[68].

It seems that he is not very interested in the entertainment world, but he got to know him in the wake of a certain incident.TWO-MIXAfter receiving the CD from Minami Takayama, he says he always sings the song when he goes to the karaoke box.

Food and cooking

Foods I don't likeRaisins[Note 60]So, according to my senior in junior high school, I like lemon pie.[69][Note 61].cucumberCan not be cut well and connected[70]Such,CuisineLooks bad[Note 62].

Video games

When it comes to video games, I don't hate it, but I lose to the Mototas[72], Mitsuhiko pointed out that there are aspects that only Conan could not clear, and it seems that he is not very good at it[27]..I don't even know the existence of popular games[73].

Human relations

Relationship with orchids

What is an orchid 13 years agoNurseryIt ’s been a relationship since I moved to[48]I couldn't be honest, but I had both feelings, and I was able to confess to Ran in the form of telling Ran that he was a "favorite woman" in the wake of a certain incident.[33][Note 63], Visited on a school tripKiyomizu TempleIn response to the confession, Ran kissed her cheek and became a lover.[36]..In addition, Ran asked me by e-mail, "Isn't it okay that we're dating?"[36][40].

As for Ran's love for himself, he is so insensitive that he is exhausted.[74]However, because she is sensitive to other people's love affairs due to the influence of her mother, Yukiko, who is infused with trivia about "woman", there is no inconvenience in inferring cases involving love feelings.When a corpse is found in a mixed bathing or a bathroom, seeing the orchid naked and getting a nosebleed, etc.[75][Note 64]There is also.

When I was in the first grade of elementary school, I was shy (at least at school) when I was trying to call Ran the surname "Mori" and myself as "Kudo-kun". I hated that, but in the wake of a trivial mystery-solving incident, I started calling each other again by the name below.[49]There is also.

When I was in junior high school when I was Shinichi, I was confessed by senior Asami, a third-year student who was the student council president at that time and was the focus of attention of boys, and who was also a Miss Toto in the first year of Toto University, but to Ran. I refuse it because of my feelings[69].

Ran says, "I'm involved in a troublesome case, so I can't go home until it's resolved."[Note 65]But sometimes I'm calling with Shinichi's voice (using a bow tie type voice changer) so that Ran doesn't worry[Note 66].

In addition, the trauma often scolded by Ran's mother Eva Kaden in her childhood makes her instinctively scared.[80].

Ran has been spotted several times as "Conan and Shinichi are the same person"[11]But every time Conan and othersThose who know their true identityHowever, it seems that Ran is misunderstood or over-thought, and continues to recognize that "the two are different people".[Note 67]..On the contrary, Conan tried to reveal himself to Ran.[Note 68][Note 69]There are times, but I haven't been able to fulfill this due to various circumstances.[Note 70][Note 71].

Confrontation with Kaito Kid

The phantom thief Kid who is bustling the worldKaito KurobaSince I was Shinichi Kudo[Note 72], Has been confronting many times over various treasures.His father, Yusaku Kudo, had a fateful rivalry with the first phantom thief, Toichi Kuroba, after being aware of his identity, and had faced off many times, but stopped the crime. I did, but I couldn't catch it to the end[49].

At first, his son Shinichi (Conan) was almost indifferent to the modern kid, the son of Toichi Kuroba, saying, "I'm not interested in thieves," but in the first confrontation after becoming Conan, he provoked. Being escaped after being done[85]After that confrontation (Taiji), I started to burn my obsession.Currently, it is a rivalry that transcends generations, and the results of the confrontation have been equal so far.In the episode of Mystery Train (Bell Tree Express)Black tissueIn exchange for missing Kid and his minions who were coming to preview, he is seeking help to help Haibara being targeted.[86].

After Conan's involvement with Kid, Conan is often treated as a hero who protected the treasure from Kid, and appears in newspaper articles in the form of "Case Closed Elementary School" and "Kid Killer."[87].. The second movie version "Sunflower on fire], The popular name of the kid killer is officially recognized.

According to the author, the confrontation between Conan and Kid is "Sherlock Holmes vs Arsène Lupine』Imagine drawing[Note 73], I don't want to win both.

Relationship with the Boy Detectives

From the 4th volume of the comic (Episode 4 in the anime), he was invited by Ayumi Yoshida, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, and George Kojima, who are classmates of Tetan Elementary School, and was inevitably incorporated into the members of the Detective Boys.At first, he spoke in an age-appropriate tone, and he was often dismayed by those who took a proactive action because he was impatient with his credit, and he often treated him inwardly.Also, in the case of a life-threatening situation, it may yell at you.However, in addition to solving a number of cases together, there is also a depiction that Haibara and Haibara who know their true identity are moved by the purity of the three people, and gradually they have come to put full trust in each other as "companies". Before, I started to speak in the usual tone.However, when I thought that I was able to return to Shinichi, I said that I had transferred to Dr. Agasa and threw an alibi in a circle and thought that I would disappear without saying goodbye.

There are many depictions of five people going to and from school, and it is not uncommon to go out on holidays under the guidance of Agasa and Ran.Ayumi has a clear favor with Conan as the opposite sex.Sometimes I kissed a sword when I was helped, and sometimes I was jealous of Mitsuhiko and George Kojima.[56][88].

Relationship with FBI / CIA

FBIJames Black,Jody Sterling,Andre camelAnd the CIARena Mizunashi (Emi Hondo)Although they do not know the true identity of Conan, they recognize them as "detectives" who have the common purpose of "destroying the Black Organization" even though they are children.


Blue for Conan EdogawaJacketsGrayShorts,whiteshirtThere were many clothes called bow tie type voice changers, but as the story progressed, they began to wear various clothes.According to a survey by Shiho Miyano (Ai Haibara), Shinichi's childhood clothes have been taken away with the childhood.[19]..Many of the key visuals of each work are still in the jackets mentioned above.

As for Shinichi Kudo, there is no particular preference for clothing.

First person / habit

The first person as Conan Edogawa is "I" and speaks in a childish tone.However, someone who knows who you are[Note 74],Boy DetectivesIn front of, "I" as well as the first person as the original Shinichi Kudo[Note 75]The tone is almost the same as Shinichi.However, in rare cases, even an unidentified person may unknowingly speak in Shinichi's original tone, and may be suspicious of Ran or another person.Also, the tone will be cool and serious during the reasoning.From this gap, Ran, Kogoro, Ayumi and others may feel uncomfortable.

Basically, he speaks standard language, but in everyday conversations with close friends, he often speaks in a tone peculiar to Edokko.The habit is "Barro, isn't it?"[Note 76]And "I'm a little toilet", about these two, "Lupine the XNUMXrd VS Detective Conan THE MOVIE"soDimension DaisukeHas been pointed out in.Besides, "that" etc.

Decisive dialogue

The usual deciding line is "Conan Edogawa (Shinichi Kudo) ... Detective ...[Note 77][Note 78]".The decisive line in the movie version is "The truth is always one!", And even in the TV animation, at the end of the 19:00 frameCross programWas used in.At the beginning of the broadcast, this cross program and the first movie version "Clockwork skyscraperThe catch phrase "The criminal is you!" Was also used in TV spot commercials, but it soon became obsolete.In the main part of the TV animation, for example, similar words have been used in "the murder of a diplomat".[7]However, it has not been used extensively.The wording is different each time, and the exact same line is not used word for word.In addition, in the first episode of the TV anime "Roller Coaster Murder Case", you can see how Shinichi is uttering this phrase in a scene that is not in the original.

In addition, there is a narracion every time at the opening of the TV animation, and from the middle of the series, it is customary to "see through only one truth, look like a child, have an adult brain, and the name is [Detective Conan]!".

Furthermore, in the opening narracion of the movie version, "The brain is the same even if it gets smaller, the detective without a labyrinth, the truth is always one!" The phrase has been used.


  • Conan ranked first (1 votes) and Shinichi ranked second (1 votes) in the first character popularity poll. In the 1028 TV & Theatrical Version 2th Anniversary Character Popularity Vote, Conan and Shinichi combined to rank first. Conan ranked first and Shinichi ranked fourth in the 646 2011th anniversary character popularity poll. "Da VinciConan is No. 2014 and Shinichi is No. 5 in the favorite character ranking in the May 1 issue.2020 May 5Release magazine "Da VinciConan won 2020th place and Shinichi 6th place in the "Characters that gave happiness to readers" ranking in the June 7 issue.[90].
  • The name from the surroundings as Conan is usually "Conan-kun.[Note 79]"George KojimaFrom "Conan",SonokoFrom "Gakincho (of glasses)[Note 80]"HaibaraFrom "Edogawa-kun",(I.e.From "Bow's", "Conan-kun", "Gaki", etc.[Note 81]"AkaiFrom "Boya[Note 82]"KogoroFrom "(glasses) kid", "(glasses) bows", "kid", etc.[Note 83],YukikoFrom "Conan-chan" or "Conan",Inspector YamatoIt is often called "bows" from the beginning.
  • The name from the surroundings as Shinichi is Ran[Note 84]-Excellent work"Shinichi" from, "Shinichi-kun" or "Shinichi" from the doctor[Note 85], "Shinichi-kun" or "Kudo-kun" from Sonoko[Note 86]HaibaraKazuha[Note 87]・ "Kudo-kun" from police, "Kudo" from Hattori, "Detective Bows" from Kogoro[Note 88],YukikoFrom "Shin-chan" or "Shinichi".
  • When you give the name of Shinichi in front of Ran and police officials as Conan, you call it "Shinichi brother", and conversely, when you give the name of Conan as Shinichi, "Conan" or "Conan is a kid" I call it.
  • Author'sGosho Aoyamaaccording to"Conan does not cryThe rule is decided from the beginning[91][92], Sharing it with anime staff[93]..In the movie version, there is a depiction of liquid flowing on the cheek when the rescue of an orchid dropped into the sea by fighting a spy becomes a desperate situation.[94]However, the author says, "I'm not crying."[92]..The degree of yawning when waking up is within the permissible range[91], There are many scenes that show tears due to physical pain such as when hit by Kogoro.Also, the anime versionproducer OfMichihiko Suwaaccording to"Conan does not sympathize with the criminalThere is a promise[93].
  • Appearance as "Shinichi Kudo" in the movie version is when it temporarily returns to its original form with an antidote[8]Except for the preamble, recollection, conversation by voice changer, and monologue at the beginning,Kaito Kuroba (Kaito Kid)It has appeared multiple times in disguise.Kappei Yamaguchi, the voice actor who is in charge of Shinichi's voice, also tells in the pamphlet that Shinichi's turn is rare.
  • As Edogawa ConanpassportI don't have it (to be exact, Conan EdogawaUnregistered personCan't make for[Note 89]) Therefore, the stage of the case is limited to Japan.The exception in the long series was Shinichi Kudo, who solved the case.NYHe achieved immigration by temporarily returning to Shinichi Kudo with an antidote.UKThere are only two examples of the edition.In the anime and theatrical version, in the real worldSingapore[95][Note 90], London in virtual game[27]And a fictional nation (Kingdom of Vespania)[29][Note 91]Has been the stage.Shogakukan learning magazines by gradeIn the special edition of the series, due to the circumstances of the subject matter, I have traveled abroad several times with Ran and others in the form of Conan, but these are considered to be parallel worlds with the original and animation. ..
  • Although he entered Tetan Elementary School in the form of a transfer at the arrangement of Dr. Agasa, Kogoro will continue to be the guardian of attending elementary school without a family registration ("Edogawa Conan's mother" is Conan's true identity, Shinichi Kudo's mother, Yukiko's disguise, and the childcare expenses are also entrusted to the Mouri family as "Edogawa Fumiyo") There is no progress description of the administrative continuation process in the work, the details are Unknown[Note 92].
  • Only among all characters, appearing in all episodes of the anime series because of the main character[96]..However, Conan in the anime episode 782 "Scarlet Return" appeared only in appearance, and did not speak a word except for the main story explanation of the opening and the next notice.In addition, the 23rd movie version "Navy blue fist"ofSpin-offIn the anime episode 936 "Food Court Conspiracy"Boy DetectivesConan himself has not appeared completely directly, and has nothing to do with the incident that occurred at that time, and Conan's narration that shows the connection with the movie version at the last is one. Only words were included.In addition, in the OVA work, "secret from London" before this[Note 93]Command! "[97]And "Shinichi Kudo Mysterious Wall and Black Love Case"[98][Note 94]Like, there is an episode in which Conan has almost not appeared in the main story except for the beginning and the last monologue.In the anime, as mentioned above, there are times when Conan has no dialogue in the main story or does not show up directly, but the voice actor in chargeTakayama MinamiHas appeared in all episodes.On the other hand, in the original story, there are rare times when it does not appear as "Edogawa Conan" in the middle of the episode because it returns to Shinichi or recollects as Shinichi.
  • Kaito KurobaThe reason why the face looks exactly likeStar systemAlthough it is a big point that it adopts, Kaito and Shinichi are both similar to their fathers.
  • The patterns and features that were referred to when creating the character are talked about in various places, and the thinness of the mouth and ankles when laughing is mentioned.Lupin IIIBeing influenced byLupin III』\ Original author'sMonkey punchTalked in a dialogue with[99]As a feature that can identify someone by silhouette even if it is small[100], Something like a headache is "Nijiiro TogarashiFrom "Shichimi" of "", the back hair is "Wizard SallyFrom the "Turnip" of ", the eyes are"Adachi MitsuruFrom the work, the mouth is from the "Monkey Punch" work, as mentioned above, and the nose is "Chiba TetsuyaThere was an influence from the work[101]..In addition, the same thingKazuhiko ShimamotoWhen I talked to him, he said that he was denied, "Now! Don't tell me!"[101].


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  23. ^ "Lupin III』\ As depicted in the numerous dark moves in the main story, it has advanced information gathering means and infiltration investigation ability equal to or higher than Lupine.I couldn't help but be surprised that Conan, who had been chasing me on a skateboard, read my movements when I first met him, who didn't know what Conan was.[29]..However, the later movie version "Lupine the XNUMXrd VS Detective Conan THE MOVIE], Even before he knew the identity of Conan, such as having already known Haibara (Shiho Miyano) when he was enrolled in the organization and calling it by code name.Black tissueIt turned out that he was aware of the existence of.
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