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🎥 | Tomoyo Harada decides to hold a national tour to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his debut

Photo © Takahiro Otsuji

Tomoyo Harada decides to hold a national tour to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his debut

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, Jenny High and other activities known for various activities, Enon Kawatani is in charge of songwriting, composition and sound production.

Tomoyo Harada announces that he will hold a national tour to commemorate the 6th anniversary of his debut in June next year.The tour will be in 40 ... → Continue reading

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Jenny High and many others

Kawane Eon

Kawatani Enon (Kawatani Enon,1988 May 12[2] -) isJapan Ofvocalist,ギ タ リ ス ト,Keyboardist,Lyricist,作曲家,Music producer.NagasakiI'm from "indigo la End""Guess's ultimate maiden.""Jenny high""ichikoro"""ofBandWhile holding 5 groupsSolo project"" "",Holiday managerThe band ledDADARAY OfProduce,ArtistsProviding music toDrama OfAccompanimentDoing projects such as[3].


1988 ,NagasakiMatsuuraBorn in[4]..My father is a high school teacher[5]Mother is a Christian[4].. 7 years older brother and 6 years older sister[4](Former announcerIyo Kawatani) Is there.

SaseboThroughNagasakiMoved with family[5].Nagasaki Prefectural Nagasaki Higashi High SchoolGraduated from[6],Tokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologyGot to[7].


When I was a high school student, two friends from middle school said, "Guitar,BaseI got a message saying "I started."FurthermoreDrumInvited boys of the same class who could play and had hardly spoken, and formed a band.Kawatani was in charge of vocals because he couldn't play an instrument at that time.Mobile phoneI also composed the song by injecting a song into the voice memo of.Appeared in an event hosted by a live house in Nagasaki[8]Kawatani withdrew from the band when the band activity hidden in the surroundings was discovered.[8].

After entering universitylight music clubEnter and start writing guitar and songs.The holiday manager, who later becomes the same band member, is a two-year senior in the light music club.Only in the first grade of the light music clubACIDMANFormed a copy band.afterwardsmixibassist,ギ タ リ ス ト,drummerA full-fledged band was formed by recruiting, but due to the fact that the band was formed outside, the members rebuked him and retired, and the band disappeared naturally.[9].. afterwardsComedianWith the goalProduction rickshawTraining center run bySchool jcaTo save the entrance feePart-time jobWhile starting a new bandindigo la EndHowever, shortly afterwards, members other than Kawatani quit due to various reasons, and the band was forced into a dormant state.Therefore, Kawatani recruits members at mixi, and Yusuke Ota and Curtis Nagata join.In addition, a non-pictured section chief (currently a holiday section chief) joined and resumed activities.[9]..The section chief withdrew because he got a job and it became difficult to balance with office workers.

In 2012, "Goodbye, Wonderful World" was released nationwide for the first time in indigo la End.

May 2012,Guess's ultimate maiden.』Formed.

In April 2014, indigo la End and "Gesu no Kiwami Maiden. ] Is a major debut at the same time.

January 2016, with KawataniBeckyCheating is "Weekly Bunshun』Scooped.It was first announced at this time that Kawatani was married at the time.[10]).

May 2016, 5, announced on blog that divorced[11].

Talent in some weekly magazines on September 2016, 9Honoka RinIt was reported that he was dating with him and that he was drinking alcohol when he was a minor.[12]..As a result, at the live performance held on October 10, he acknowledged the facts and apologized to the audience, and at the same time, "indigo la End" and "Gesu no Kiwami Maiden. 』Announced to refrain from activities at the end of each announced live[13].

June 2017, 1, ``Guess's ultimate maiden.Is a new unit of the bassist holiday section manager.DADARAYIt becomes clear that he will be in charge of music production[14].

March 2017, 3, "Gesu no Kiwami Maiden. 』Announced the resumption of activities.

August 2017, 5,Fuji Television Network, IncWide show variety show "Widena Show』Appeared.It will be the first TV appearance since the activity resumed[15].

August 2017, 5,Fuji TV on demandDelivery drama "I am Mari』It is decided to be in charge of the accompanying music[16]..It was also announced that the opening theme would be handled by the band indigo la End.

May 2017, 5, "Gesu no Kiwami Maiden. Vocaloid P unit "Bokaro P unit" by two people with the holiday section manager who is a member ofStudent moodIt was announced that "Gesu no Kiwami Maiden." Album "Daruma RingoVOCALOID version PV of the song "I want to be you like a novelist"Nico Nico DougaPublished in[17].

February 2017, 7, variety program "BAZOOKA !!!''(BS SKY PerfecTV!), The performerChitoyo Kowata,Kukki (Wild bomb), Ikkyu Nakajima (Knitwear),Contemporary musicOf composer / pianistTakashi AragakiIt becomes clear that he will be in charge of producing and producing music for the band "Jenny High" formed by[18] (Later joined as a lead guitar member)[19].

An instrumental band launched by guitarist ichika on March 2018, 3.ichikoro Joined as a member with the holiday manager, Chan MARI, and Eitaro Sato. I am in charge of the guitar under the name of "Think"[20].

June 2018, 6-New label "TACO RECORDS" launched in Warner Music Japan[21]..Each artist belongs to Gesu no Kiwami Maiden. , Indigo la End, DADARAY[22].

Broadcast from July 2018, 7, July 14, 7Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Drama seriesLove of loveAppeared in the role of movie director Hidden Okihara.Make an actor debut[23].

In addition to band activities, we also provide music to other artists (for the provided music, see "Provide musicSee)[24].

August 2019, 1,Sagami Rubber IndustryFor the 20th anniversary project of the "sagami original" seriesKorezawa (Vo),ROLLY (Gt),Uenokouji (Ba),Kato tea Written and composed the project song "Achu Maya Nen Seimei" performed by the band "originals" formed by (Dr).[25].

On August 2019, 8, a solo project "Kawatani himself wrote and composed songs for various vocalists to sing."Aesthetic plan] Is started.The vocalist who was adopted in the narration project held on Kawatani's own Twitter account in March of the same year as the first on August 8th of the same year.Nishina"KISS no Tabi Gutto Gutto", which was in charge of singing, was released for distribution.

On April 2021, 4, Kawatani will conduct the creative group "LATENCY] Is started.It was announced on Twitter etc. that not only musicians but also fashion models, photographers, artists, etc. will participate in the members.[26].

December 2021, comedy duo,LalandeSaya participates as a member of the band / praise in charge of songwriting / composition and vocals under the name of CLR (under the name of "dinner")[27].

Participating group project

indigo la End

By Enon Kawatani, Curtis Nagata, Ryosuke Gotori, and Eitaro SatoJapan Ofrock band..A rock band that creates highly complete "songs" centered on beautiful melodies, Kawatani's strengths are the songs and Nagata's guitar.[28]..In particular, I don't think there are many other Nagata "singing" guitars.[28]..Gesu no Kiwami Maiden because Kawatani's personality and taste are expressed in the lyrics that she likes scene-like lyrics rather than straight ones.It is designed to draw a more romantic mental landscape compared to[29]..The ultimate goal isCurly,ClambonAfter passing through the live-centered band scene once, in the end it's pop, but doing what we want to do and becoming the only position[28][30]..Spitz is the most ideal in terms of creating universal pop music in the form of a band.[28][30].

Guess's ultimate maiden.

By Enon Kawatani, Holiday Manager, Chan MARI, Hona IkokaJapan OfBand.Progress,hip hopWhile based onDance musicKawatani himself is not very interested in dance music, and basically it feels like he is doing only what he wants to do.[28][29].ElectroI liked and listened toTechno musicI hateFunkI really like the black glue of the band influenced by it, but I didn't like the muddy things like "dofunk"[29]..Therefore, I am careful not to make it muddy by adding mellow parts and listening music elements.[29]..The direction of the words in the lyrics is centered around prose criticism and humor, but it was written by the band name and was not aimed at from the beginning.[29]..The song was first accepted by the band scene with a fast tempo, so I dared to slow down the tempo in the middle to get out of it and get more people to listen to it.J-POPChanged direction to be accepted by[29].

Jenny high

Kawatani Enon,Chitoyo Kowata,Kukki,Ikkyu Nakajima,Takashi AragakiBy 5 peopleJapan OfBand..At the beginning of the formation, he participated as a producer, but later joined as an official member as a lead guitar.Jenny High was invited by Koyabu to enter, so he didn't decide on his own as in other groups.[31].


By 6 people, One (Gt), Think (Gt), Holy (Ba), M (key), Vista (Gt), Suger (Dr)Japan OfInstrumentBand..Kawatani is in charge of the guitar under the name of "Think".In addition, Gesu no Kiwami Maiden.Holiday manager (in the name of "Holy") Tochan MARI (in the name of "M") and Eitaro Sato of indigo la End (in the name of "Suger") also belong to this group.Kawatani, who was making a drama accompaniment for Fuji TV, thought that if a guitarist joined, he would become a band with the production members.InstagramA guitarist whose performance video has attracted a great deal of attention both at home and abroad.ichikaWas formed by calling out to[31][32].

Unique person

Gesu no Kiwami Maiden performed in 2018.Solo project announced at the final performance of the tour "Guess or Octopus" without any explanation in detail[3]..Since it is not a project related to music, which is my main business, I did not announce the contents of the performance at all.[3]..Appearing on the stage himself and challenging the control related to music[31].

Aesthetic plan

Kawatani's solo project aims to appoint a different vocalist for each song, write down the songs that suit the vocalist, and finish them as one album.[33]..The release form of the song is mainly distribution, and the jacket is illustrator'sMayu under the snowIs in charge.


A Japanese band consisting of five members: Supper (G), foot vinegar (Dr), CLR (Vo), 簸 (G), and Kasugayama (B).Kawatani is in charge of the guitar under the name of "Supper".Kawatani is not involved in the songwriting and songwriting, but CLR, Lalande Saya.

About music


Since I was in the second grade of elementary school, with my fatherTSUTAYA"For that weekOricon chartI borrowed and listened to the songs from 1st to 10th place[5].Morning Musume.,Mr. Children,TMRevolutionI was addicted to it and listened to what my brother and sister asked me to record on a cassette tape.My first favorite, TM Revolution, was my favorite, "HIGH PRESSUREBecame one of the reasons for becoming a singer[5][34]..I listened to music even after I became a junior high school student, but my brother and sister became college students and became less involved, and I started to develop my own music hobbies, so I didn't get music from them anymore.[6]..When I became a high school student, I started listening to rock bands and Western music that I hadn't listened to before due to the influence of people involved in the live house who became friends with my classmates.[8]..at Universitylight music clubI went in and learned about various kinds of music, and something like a desire for music came out.[29]..From seniorsUK,Shoegazer,AmbientThe music that I listened to by learning various music became deeper[9].

Longing personSpitz OfKusano Masamune[35].. The band name of indigo la End is also Spitz's album "Indigo HorizonI like it as much as I take it from, and says that Spitz may be the most ideal.[30].

Affectedギ タ リ ス ト TheJack white (OriginalThe White Stripes),Jonny Greenwood (Radio head), Shintaro Sakamoto (former)Yurayura Empire),Ryosuke Nagaoka (Petrols,Tokyo Incidents) Such[29][36]..I was impressed by Jonny Greenwood's remark that "it doesn't have to be a guitar", and when I was in college, I listened to the music that Shintaro Sakamoto was listening to, and gradually moved away from general guitar music. Is completely unknown to the JapaneseNoise musicI was listening to only dark things[29].

I buy about 40 CDs every month[37].


He wants music to have a melody for everything, and he says he can't give up on the melody.[38].


I was a high school student and admitted that I was good at singing[39]..Singing using high-pitched falsetto can also be seen[40].

"WHAT's IN?Nobuaki Konuki evaluates Kawatani's voice quality as "both male and female minds can come and go freely."[41].. 『ROCKIN'ON JAPAN』Yuki Wakataindigo la EndThe third album of "When happiness overflows』, Points out that Kawatani's" voice with a thin line "has evolved into a" rich and core song ".[42].

Independent label

I belonged to it until then because I had many projects and the range of activities expanded.Warner Music JapanUnder the umbrellaunBORDEIn June 2018, he launched his new label, TACO RECORDS, in the same Warner.[43][44]..Since then, this label is generally not done by artists, such as finding newcomers and producing them in total, producing songs by artists, deciding promotion methods and schedules, etc.A & RBecome a base for Kawatani's activities[44].


Participating songs

Release dateSong titleThe recorded works
2015 May 12Fire of Life feat. Enon Kawatani"YARN" / THE BED ROOM TAPE
2018 May 3Mayonaka Yuenchi"CATMONCHY Tribute ~ MY CATMONCHY ~" / Various Artists
2019 May 4I"I" / ichika

Provide music

YearsArtistsSong titleSource
2014Tomohisa YamashitaI can't go back[24]
I like it
Team ShachihokoShampoo hat
2015SMAPUntil love stops[45]
2016Dreaming Adolescence[46]
Inagaki GoroSUZUNARI[48]
Farewell youth light(Kawatani Enon singing)[49]
Private Ebisu Junior High SchoolTrendy girl[51]
Megumi Wata[52]
Sense of selection[53]
Hamburger Master feat.OZAWA[54]
Sakamoto MaayaYuran Goblet[55]
Cover it finely
Kizuna AI×KafLovely[57]
Farewell youth light(Kawatani Enon singing)[58]
Takumi Kitamura(DISH //
Haruko Nagaya(Green yellow society
Hollier Tsushi(Straightener
Kenji Mihara(Frederick
Spring melts[60]
Little Black Dress[61]
Hiromi GoFox fire(Lyrics)[62]
Miyagawa Daisho(Composition)[63]
Kanjani EightLet Me Down Easy[64]
yamaSmoky heroine[65]
Tomoyo Harada[66]

Aesthetic plan

 Release datetitlevocalistspecificationrecorded musicRemarksRecording album
1st2019 May 8Every time I kissNishina配 信
All 1 songs
  1. Every time I kiss
2nd2020 May 3I'm sucked into my eyes配 信
All 1 songs
  1. I'm sucked into my eyes feat. Mysterious woman
A cover of a song that was previously provided to the Tokyo Girls Collection.
3rd2020 May 6About love / I read sentencesNishina / Mysterious Woman配 信
All 2 songs
  1. About love
  2. Fumiyomu Watashi feat. Mysterious Woman
The first song was originally a GUMI singing song.
The second song was provided for the TikTok "#Spring Song" Challenge.
4th2020 May 10So love[68]&配 信
All 1 songs
  1. That's why love feat. Aizawa & Seishu.
5th2021 May 3Heart is mine for hot spring beautyMysterious woman配 信
All 1 songs
  1. Heart is mine for hot spring beauty
6th2021 May 5Peanut butter secret (feat. CLR)CLR配 信
All 1 songs
  1. Peanut butter secret (feat. CLR)
Comedy duo,LalandeSaya sings under the name of CLR (Claire).The name is the rapperBIM.

Major media appearances

TV drama

Online distribution drama

  • (English edition(December 2020, 2,Netflix) Episode 3
  • GOSSIP BOX (October 2021, 10, Youtube) Episode 8-As Noh Nakatani

Internet tv





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