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🎥 | 10 US movies of this year, new Westside edition, "Dune", etc. selected


Selected for 10 US movies this year, new Westside edition and "Dune"

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In addition, the top 10 TV shows include the comedies "Ted Lasso: Coach Going Away", "Hacks", and Marvel's "WandaVision."

[Los Angeles XNUMXth Reuters] – This year selected by the American Film Institute (AFI) ... → Continue reading


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Wonder Vision

"Wonder Vision』(WandaVision) Is based on Marvel ComicsJack schaeferIs a streaming service "Disney +The 2021 American television miniseries produced for.Schaefer is the headwriterMatt ShakmanServed as the director.Marvel StudioProduced byMarvel Cinematic UniverseIn the first TV series of (MCU), the movie "Avengers/End Game』(2019) is set in the stage[Annotation 1].

This shooting isNew coronavirusInfection spread,HollywoodMajor cities such asLockdownIt was cranking up in March 2020 just before the (city blockade)[4][5]..However, it was reported in October of the same year that it had been carried out for more than three months since July 2020 because it was necessary to take a picture again after that.[5]..As a result, at the time of the announcement in September 2020, the distribution was originally scheduled to start at the end of the same year, but in November of the same year it was announced that the distribution will be postponed to January 9 of the following year (11).[6][7].

"Avengers/Infinity War"soThanosSynthesizer (android) who was destroyed byVisionAnd that lover, a boosted manWanda MaximoffThe story is about the main character, and the trailer and key art were released in September 2020.


main character

Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch
Performance- Elizabeth Olsen, Japanese dubbing- Yarisei
Vision's wife and psychic who moved to West View.While struggling every day to blend in with normal human life and become familiar with the surroundings, he uses his abilities as a matter of course in everyday life.
As it is believed to be the cause of mysterious events in life in West View, he roughly grasped the storyline and controlled the behavior of the residents so that they could not leave West View.
Eventually, from the time of the tragedy in Sokovia, he was showing a glimpse of his abilities, and it was revealed that his power was amplified by Hydra's contact experiment with Mind Stone.
Performance- Paul Bettany, Japanese dubbing- Yasuyuki Kase
Wanda's husband and synthoid man who moved to West View.Like Wanda, he spends his time blending in with normal human life.Worked for a calculation service company.
While hoping for a "normal" life like Wanda, he wonders about the mysterious events that occur in West View and reveals an emotion that is not like AI, fearing that he has no memory before coming to West View. ..
Actually, the "vision in the hex" that appears in the play is Wanda like Tommy and Billy.Created from nothing.
Tommy Maximov
Performance --Jet Klein, Japanese dubbing --Kousei Kimura
One of the twins Wanda gave birth to just two days after her pregnancy.
Like Billy, he has adapted to the West View situation to some extent, manipulating their age on their own initiative, and has grown from a baby to childhood in no time.
Later Tommy exercised the same high-speed movement ability as his uncle Pietro.
Billy Maximov
Performance-Julian Hillyard, Japanese dubbed-Somi Matsumoto
One of the twins Wanda gave birth to just two days after her pregnancy.
They have adapted to the West View situation to some extent, manipulated their ages on their own initiative, and quickly grew from babies to childhood.
Later, he is exercising supernatural powers close to his mother.
Agnes (Agatha Harkness)
Performance- Kathryn Hahn, Japanese dubbing- Marika Hayashi
A resident of West View, a neighbor of the house where Wanda and Vision have moved.He takes good care of Wanda, who has just met him, but there are many mysterious words and actions.
The identity isReal witch..Unlike other West View residents, he intervenes after recognizing the existence of the force field "hex" that covers the site, and tries to find out the true nature of the power of Wanda that formed it and take it away.
Monica Rambo
Performance- Teyonah Parris, Japanese dubbing- Muranaka Satoshi
An agent of SWORD, the daughter of Maria Rambo.Although he was an astronaut, he disappeared due to decimation, and it became clear that he knew of his mother's death shortly after his resurrection.
Immediately after that, when he returned to work and went to West View's investigation at the request of Jimmy Woo, he was taken in by touching the hex and was a resident of West View.GeraldineThen, I made contact with Wanda and others.
Eventually, he joined SWORD, who embarked on a full-scale investigation into the turmoil, but became distrustful of his boss Tyler Hayward, who was trying to force Wanda to be killed, and began to act independently and passed through the hex.Blue auraAwakening to the paranormal power of wearing, he re-enters the hex to persuade Wanda.
Darcy Lewis
Performance- Kat Dennings, Japanese dubbing- Tamura Mushin
An astrophysicist driven to investigate West View by SWORD.
Formerly a college student majoring in political science, he now holds a PhD and is sometimes asked to correct "Miss Lewis" to "Doctor Lewis." He also has skills such as hacking a temporary base set up by SWORD.
Like Monica, she is frustrated by Hayward's domineering and tries to accompany her to find out Hayward's true aim.
James "Jimmy" E. Wu
Performance- Randall Park, Japanese dubbing- Shinobu Matsumoto
Driven by SWORD to investigate West ViewFBIInvestigator.
The witnesses who were protecting disappeared in West ViewAucklandI went to the site and asked SWORD for support after judging the situation, and joined Monica.
Keeping calm by immediately contacting SWORD even in an abnormal situation such as Monica disappearing in front of you, disagreeing with Hayward's actions, and working with Darcy and Monica who returned later to resolve the turmoil. do.
Pietro Maximov / Nisetro (Ralph Bonner)
Performance- Evan Peters[Annotation 2], Japanese dubbing- Hiroyuki Yoshino
Suddenly, a young man with super-high-speed movement ability appeared under Wanda as her twin brother.Although he was dead at the hands of Ultron, his appearance and behavior are very different from his life.
Actually, it is not Pietro himself, but a fake sent by Agnes-Agatha to search for Wanda's secret, and the husband that Agnes mentionedRalphThe person who gave the name.

West view inhabitants

Arthur Hart (Todd Davis)
Performance- Fred Melamed, Japanese dubbing- Takaoka bottles
The boss of the company that Vision serves.Take a high-pressure attitude toward his subordinates.
Mrs. Hart (Sharon Davis)
Performance- Debra Jo Rupp, Japanese dubbing- Sayuri Sadaoka
Arthur Hart's companion.Invited to Wanda and Vision's house with her husband.
Herbs (John Collins)
Performance-David Paton, dubbed in Japanese- Taichi Takeda
Neighbors of Wanda and Vision.I meet Vision at a neighborhood association.
Gnome (Avilus Tandon)
Performance-Asif Ali, dubbed in Japanese- Daisuke Fujita
A colleague of Vision's company, he sits at the desk next to him and works.He is also one of Wanda and Vision's neighbors.
Phil Jones (Harold Copter)
Performance- David Rengel, Japanese dubbing- Echigoya Kosuke
A colleague of Vision's company and one of Wanda and Vision's neighbors.
Dotty Jones (Sara Proctor)
Performance- Emma Caulfield Ford, Japanese dubbing- Miho Yamada
One of Wanda and Vision's neighbors.Phil's spouse.
He behaves like a high-ranking car at the women's association that he hosts, but he praises the two who are active in the magic show.
Beverly (Isabel Matsueda)
Performance- Jolene Purdy, Japanese dubbing- Reimi
A lady who lives in the neighborhood of Wanda and Vision's house.
She has been treated unequally by Dotti at the Women's Association.
Performance-Amos Glick, dubbed in Japanese- Yamagishi Haruo
A deliveryman passing by in places in the story.
Stan Nielsen
Performance-Randy Oglesby
An obstetrician and gynecologist in the city.Suddenly get pregnant Wanda is examined.
Mrs. Nielsen
Performance-Rose Bianco
Dr. Nielsen's companion.


Tyler Hayward
Performance- Josh Stamberg, Japanese dubbing- Masaki Aizawa
SWORD's current interim secretary.He was an old friend of Rambo's mother and daughter.
"The cause of the West View incident is Wanda, who robbed and disappeared Vision's body."Maximoff IncidentHe responded to the situation with a thorough and tough stance, such as ordering him to attack Wanda, but behind the scenes, he repaired the corpse of the vision recovered to achieve "Operation White Eyes" into a perceptual weapon. As part of the concealment of this operation, which violates the Sokovia Agreement, Wanda is falsely accused of trying to get rid of it.
Performance-Alan Heckner
SWORD agent.He responded to Darcy when he came to the camp, but called her Miss instead of a doctor.
Performance-Selena Anduse, dubbed in Japanese- Hitomi Shogawa
SWORD agent.Acting as one arm of Hayward.
Performance-Zack Henry
SWORD agent.Attempt an underground invasion to investigate the West View situation.
Performance-Rachel Thompson
SWORD's agent, the rank is Major.At the request of Monica, he took up the transportation business of the space exploration vehicle and entrusted it to Monica.
The Vision
Performance-Paul Bettany, dubbed in Japanese-Yasuyuki Kase
A combat synthoid completed by SWORD's White Eye Operation.
Maria Rambeau
Performance- Lashana Lynch(Photo only)
A founding member of SWORD, a former US Air Force pilot.Former colleague and best friend of Carol Danvers.
He worked at SWORD with his daughter Monica, but died three years before Monica, who had died of decimation after being hospitalized with cancer, returned.


Evanora Harkness
Performance-Kate Forbes, dubbed in Japanese- Maki Isonishi
A witch who was Agatha's mother.
Oleg Maximov
Performance-Daniyal, Japanese dubbing- Michitake Kikuchi
The father of Maximov brothers and sisters.Appears in the scene of Wanda's memory that Agatha followed by magic.
Irina Maximov
Performance-Ilana Kohanchi, dubbed in Japanese- Hirano Natsuko
Maximov brother and sister's mother.Appears in the scene of Wanda's memory that Agatha followed by magic.
Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel
Performance- Brie larson(Serial lines only, non-credit), Japanese dubbing- Mizuki Nana


Number of stories
titledirected byscriptrelease date
1"I will send it in public recording"
"Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience"
Matt ShakmanJac Schaeffer2021/1/15 (‭2021-01-15)
2"Channel as it is"
"Don't Touch That Dial"
Matt ShakmanGrecchan Enders2021/1/15 (‭2021-01-15)
3"Color broadcast"
"Now in Color"
Matt ShakmanMegan McDonnell2021/1/22 (‭2021-01-22)
4"Interrupt the program"
"We Interrupt This Program"
Matt ShakmanBobak Esfarjani
Megan McDonnell
2021/1/29 (‭2021-01-29)
"On a Very Special Episode ..."
Matt ShakmanPeter Cameron
Mackenzie Doll
2021/2/5 (‭2021-02-05)
6"On the spooky night of Halloween"
"All-New Halloween Spooktacular"
Matt ShakmanChuck Hayward
Peter Cameron
2021/2/12 (‭2021-02-12)
7"Breaking the fourth wall"
"Breaking the Fourth Wall"
Matt ShakmanCameron Squishy2021/2/19 (‭2021-02-19)
8"Until last time"
"Previously On"
Matt ShakmanCameron Squishy2021/2/26 (‭2021-02-26)
9"Final episode of the series"
"The Series Finale"
Matt ShakmanJac Schaeffer2021/3/5 (‭2021-03-05)


Magic / phenomenon related

Chaos magic
Wanda's vision was lost as a starting pointAbility to create something out of nothing..With this power, a lot of turmoil of this work will occur.
A phenomenon in which the lives of Wanda and Vision (Chaos Magic) are broadcast to the outside like a TV drama. Beginning in the 1960s, the background of the times gradually changed from the 70s to the 80s, and the image changed from black and white to color, and the aspect ratio of the screen also changed accordingly.
A common name for the invisible energy field that surrounds West View, the name is Darcy.It was attached because it is surrounded by a hexagon when viewed from the sky.What goes inside after passing through the energy field changes from the shape to the purpose when it was outside due to reality modification, and the person etc. is rewritten to the memory.
It was later discovered that Wanda, who was deeply saddened by the loss of vision, created that power in a semi-runaway form.
Reality modification
A paranormal phenomenon occurring in West View discovered by Monica.Objects and people who enter the West View where the hex is deployed will be remade according to the age assumed as the background of "Sitcom".
“Agatha owned”Forbidden bookThe dark magic book, also known as ". Agatha learned of the existence of" Scarlet Witch "through this book. The magic book of the same name is the MCU drama series"Agent of Shield''Marvel's Runaways』Although it has appeared, it is a work produced by the former Marvel Television, not Marvel Studios, so the relevance to this work is unknown[8].


A public institution in the United States founded by Maria Rambo and others, the official name is "Sentient Weapon Observation and Rsponse D"ivision" (Department of Perceptual Weapons Observation). Originally, the activity was "observation" as its name suggests, but now it is necessary to develop weapons and paranormal cases in order to deal with various threats from space. Became the main task of the investigation, and set out to investigate the incident of West View.


SWORD's headquarters facility set up in the United States.He also housed and dissected the body of Vision.
Temporary base
A base camp set up in a corner beside the hex that covers the West View.
Temporary shelter
A new base camp located 13 kilometers away from West View.


  • Hand gun
  • Glock 17 --The main armament of SWORD's agent.He also possesses police officers who appear in various places in Wu and the story.
  • rifle
  • Machine gun

Imaging drone

New model
A drone shaped like a helicopter model.It is operated by Monica who went to West View and is flown toward the local town.
Old model
Stark drone made with 80's technology.At Monica's suggestion, she is blown inside West View.


Space exploration vehicle
Boasting a shelter-class altitude developed by SWORDRover..Operated by Monica, who wants to re-enter West View.
  • vehicle
  • M1025
  • M1035
  • M1038

In addition to SWORD, the vision (chaos magic) that has just begun a newlywed lifeBuick Century (2nd generation)Drive to Vision House laterBuick LeSabre (4th generation)Is parked and as Wanda's favorite carBuick Verano (first generation)Has appeared.

Operation White Eyes

SWORD's plan to remodel the recovered Vision's body and deploy it as an organization's combat synthoid.But this plan is "Sokovia AgreementIt violates B in verse 36 of ".
The Vision

Nation / region

West view

The stage of this work,The United States of AmericaNew JerseyA small town in the suburbs.The population is 3892 as shown on the signboard.Wanda and Vision (Chaos Magic), who became a married couple, move in for a new life, but initially it started in the 1950s, and the structure such as landscape and culture changes as the number of stories goes on.

The atmosphere of the town is bright, and many of the inhabitants are kind to Wanda and Vision (Chaos Magic), but there is no sign that they will be affected by unnatural situations or changes in the environment. ing.

This real town is surrounded by the aforementioned "hexes", and the inside is governed by the laws of physics based on "sitcom", and even if it invades from the outside, it becomes a part of it, and Wanda's psychological state. The situation in the town may change depending on[Annotation 3].

The FBI was protecting the witnesses, but when Wu suddenly realized that the witnesses "did not exist", Wu sensed the anomaly and was blocked by SWORD when Monica, who came to support him, was taken in.

It seemed to flourish inside the hex, but the actual West View was a very quiet and lonely town.[Annotation 4].

However, Wanda was converted in the face of Monica's persuasion and the fact that her power was afflicting the inhabitants in the battle with Agnes (Agatha), and eventually extinguished this hex and restored the landscape of the entire town. Return to, and solve the brainwashing of the inhabitants.

Vision House[Annotation 5]
A mansion where Wanda and Vision (Chaos Magic) live at 2800 West View.The interior of this mansion also changes with the passage of time according to the background of the times, and it was a one-story building at first, but from the second episode it will be a two-story building.The reality is that Wanda built it with Chaos Magic on a land that was purchased by Vision (original) that envisioned the future of living with Wanda, but was vacant due to the turmoil after the decimation.Home.
Calculation service company
A company with an office in a corner of West View.Vision (Chaos Magic) and gnomes work under the heart.
West View Municipal Library
A facility where a men's meeting was held on a tour of the neighborhood attended by Vision (Chaos Magic).Here, the vision (chaos magic) was given by a man who was able to understand.GumI swallowed it, causing a malfunction and becoming drunk.The battle between Vision (Chaos Magic) and The Vision will also be settled here.
Agnes home
The mansion where Agnes lives at 2804 in West View.In the basement, a space like a fantasy dungeon spreads out, and many items used for magic and rituals are placed.The reality is that Agatha occupied Bonner's mansion.
Tannhäuser Gate
A movie theater in a corner of the town.Monica meets a Skrull female agent here after Wanda flies away.


America'sMassachusettsEssex CountyLocated in, a village called "Danvers" in modern times. In 1693, Agatha broke the rules and was accused of using powerful black magic by witches of the same family, including his mother, and was about to be executed, but at that time he absorbed the lives of the witches and awakened his power. Let me.
Avengers compound
OnceNew York StateA base facility that is the base of the Avengers in the north.In this work, it appears in the scene where Agatha traces Wanda's memory with magic.
A small country in Eastern Europe, the home country of the Maximov family.Appears in the scene of Wanda's memory.


Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the MCU work was not released at all in 2020, so it was said that it would be a Marvel production work after a long time, and it was attracting a lot of attention even before distribution.[9]..Therefore, as a result of a demand survey by Parrot Analytics after the start of distribution, it was announced that it is "the most popular drama series in the world now".[10].

As a result of fans accessing Disney + immediately after the start of distribution in order to watch the latest story of this work as soon as possible, it will be distributedserverIs occurring in a state of instability, and in the United States immediately after the distribution of the final episode startedWest coast areaThe Disney + service was temporarily unavailable.[11][12].JapanHowever, the same trouble occurred immediately after the first release, and it continued until midnight, so it is an operating company.Walt Disney JapanとNTT DoCoMoWas in a situation to issue an apology[11][13][14].

August 2021, 3,Walt Disney CompanyChief executive officer(CEO)Bob ChapekWas held on the same dayGeneral meeting of shareholdersWith this workStar wars seriesSpin-off work of "MandalorianBecame the killer content of Disney +, and revealed that it greatly contributed to the increase in the number of members.[15].


On February 2021, 2, Marvel Studios announced a documentary show, "The cast of movies and dramas, and the staff behind the scenes of the production.Marvel Studios Assemble"announced.The first episode, "The Behind the Scenes of Marvel Studios Assemble WandaVision," was delivered on Disney + on March 2021, 3.[16].


注 釈

  1. ^ at first"Falcon & Winter SoldierWas the first in the Disney + original MCU TV drama series, and was scheduled to be distributed in August 1, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was outside the United States.Location shootingWas temporarily suspended, so the delivery time was postponed until March 2021.For this reason, this work has been changed to the first in the MCU TV drama series.[1][2][3].
  2. ^ 20th Century FoxThe movie "X-MENIn the series, he played Peter Maximov / Quick Silver, who corresponds to the same person in the original comic.
  3. ^ For example,HalloweenThe next day, when Vision (Chaos Magic) was suspiciously trying to return to Wanda, at the crossroadstraffic lightsWanda, who was confused while hoping to maintain the status quo, was portrayed as refusing to return home, blocked by a procession of repairers and walking school children.
  4. ^ It is unknown whether this is the original or the effect of decimation.
  5. ^ When Wanda answers the phone, she calls herself "Vision."


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外部 リンク

Network (broadcast)

broadcastInnetworkIsBroadcasterTo openBroadcasterIt is a connection between each other. Also called "broadcast series".

In the networkBroadcast programExchanges, news materials and news programs are exchanged.For programs that are flexible within the series,Line netとTape netThere are two types.Also, apart from thisProgram salesSome programs are broadcast by (rebroadcast, purchase from other series, etc.).

Each company in the network may have an agreement to jointly operate a news helicopter and share expenses for overseas coverage ("News Network").[1].

Full net and cross net

Broadcasting stations that are members of a single network agreementFull net station", Broadcasting stations that are members of multiple network agreements"Cross net station"[2]..In addition, the state in which programs are supplied from multiple key stations is called "cross net".[3][4].. Abbreviation for "cross network".

In Japan, after the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications started allocating radio waves in the UHF band, around the time when many UHF stations were established from 1968 to 1970, JNN series (1959), NNN series (1966), FNN Series (1966), ANN series (1970) established[3]..At this time, the series was not very advanced, and there were many local stations in a cross-net state.[3].. Since 1974, the number of cross-net stations has decreased and the series has become stronger.[3].


In this sectionTelevision broadcastingDescribes the network in.The network in radio broadcasting isRadio networkSee.

Intervention in broadcasting by the prewar governmentTokyo extreme concentrationIt was enacted in 1950 (Showa 25) from the reflection onBroadcasting lawso,General broadcaster(Currently private sectorTerrestrial broadcaster) That isPrivate broadcastingThe station isPrefecturesOr an area that combines some of themBroadcast target areaage,Nationwide broadcastingIt was decided that it could not be done.For this reason,Nippon TVWas envisioningNational broadcast planWas to fail.

In addition,Mass media concentration exclusion principleByJapan Broadcasting CorporationMultiple except (NHK)BroadcasterIs not allowed in principle[Note 1]..Under such circumstancesNews series(Distribution and mutual use of news videos) was first formed, and from there a network for distribution and supply of broadcast programs was born.

In particularTokyo Broadcasting(TBS, nowTBS TV)But,JNNWas formed, and TBS sponsored programs other than news to the affiliated businesses (member stations) (even now, in the TBS system, sales to member stations of general programs are ancillary business of JNN. Has been done).This has saved local stations the trouble of sales, and for TBS, it has become possible to spend a large amount of money on program production due to the expansion of the program budget.

Other stations that noticed this merit began to adopt the same system.Even so, at the beginning, the number of local stations was absolutely small, and even local stations had a relatively large choice in deciding which station's program to broadcast and inserting in-house produced programs, but since 1968 (Showa 43), the local area As the number of stations increased, the power of the network increased.Thus the two are almost virtually one.However, some series are formally divided.In addition, the broadcasting network in Japan has a strong relationship with newspaper companies, which was mass-opened during the time of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.Kakuei TanakaHas taken the route of granting a broadcasting license to newspaper companies.[5].

Regarding the supply of broadcast programsBroadcasting lawArticle 110 stipulates that a terrestrial core broadcaster "must not conclude an agreement on the supply of broadcast programs, including provisions that require the supply of broadcast programs only from specific persons." It is a mechanism that forcibly broadcasts network programs in many time zones (By interweaving programs from not only key stations in Tokyo but also quasi-key stations, etc. into network programs, Article 110 is added. I'm running away).In particular"Prime timeIn the time zone called ", under the premise of broadcasting on affiliated stations,sponsorThis is because the key stations collectively make contracts with (see the network sales frame).Programs without this contract do not have to be broadcast by affiliated stations and can be replaced with in-house produced programs (or purchased programs), but in-house produced programs are affiliated stations (for program production, searching for sponsors, etc.). Since the burden is placed on the side itself, it is possible to broadcast the program broadcast by the key station as it is.This trend is particularly strong in recent years.


Radio broadcast

Television broadcasting

Work name
Key station nameNumber of operators (including key stations)
Of which cross net
NTV seriesNNNNippon TV(NTV)30273[Note 2]
NNS29[Note 3]2[Note 2][Note 3]
TV Asahi seriesANNTV Asahi(EX)26242
TBS seriesJNNTBS TV(TBS)2828Exclusive agreementBanned by[Note 4]
TV Tokyo seriesTXNTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.(TX)660
Fuji TV seriesFNNFuji Television Network, Inc(CX)28262

Of these, the networks other than TXN are called the four major networks.Each network is called a key stationTokyoMainly on the broadcasting stations ofPrefectureWe have a network with a broadcasting station in.OsakaBroadcasting stationQuasi-key stationIt is called, and is entrusted with the production of a certain number of national online programs. The four major networks cover almost the whole country, but there is no network that covers all 4 prefectures.

Terrestrial core broadcasters that do not belong to the 5 seriesCapital Area,Kinki,Tokai regionIt exists in the prefectures of.They areIndependent broadcasting stationAs the name suggests, it has been organized with a strong originality, but it also has a considerable amount of mutual distribution of programs, and in fact it functions as the sixth series.In recent years, some of themTomeisaka Net 6-Metropolitan area triangle-5 together 3 channelHas formed a role similar to that of a network, such as co-producing programs.In addition, although it is different from a general networkEducational programAs forPrivate Broadcast Education AssociationThere is.


Currently, there are a total of five networks, three old networks (so-called "three major networks") and two emerging networks.

In addition, NBC, CBS, ABC will be the 3 major nets, Fox will be added to make the "4 major nets", and 4 major nets + CW will be the "5 major nets".

There was a network reorganization in September 2006,Time warnerSystem WB,CBS CorporationUPN (United Paramount Network) of the system is integrated and CW (C is CBS, W is an acronym for Warner) is formed. Former WB / UPN member stations that are out of CWNews CorpFormed a second network, MyNetworkTV, but has not organized an original program since September 2.

On the other hand, public broadcasting networks in a different format from thesePBSAndSpanishBroadcast networkUnivision,Telemundo,Furthermoreキ リ ス ト 教There are also networks that have a religious color such as ancestry.


The network in the American broadcasting industry is a little different from that in Japan.There is no key station in the American network system like the Tokyo broadcasting station, which is responsible for most of the sales of online programs in program production and commercial broadcasting in Japan.

The main body of the network (≒ parent) arranges the program organization.Many of the programs are owned by each network and movie companyTV production companyProduced by.News programs and sports broadcasts are also produced by production companies within the group.[Note 5]..It is to be distributed to affiliated stations in each region.

In some cases, existing programs are broadcast on other networks as they are due to the separate production and organization.For example, the drama "Buffy-The Cross in Love-Is produced20th Century Fox TelevisionHowever, it was not broadcast on Fox, it was broadcast on WB from 1997 to 2001, and transferred to UPN in the middle of 2001.

Directly managed stations and affiliated stations

Broadcasting is actually done by "broadcasting stations" all over the country, covering almost all areas.However, it is sufficient for broadcasting stations to install only one transmission station, and in most major cities, it is generally possible to watch.Cable TVThere are many areas that can only be viewed via.Including it, it is as close to 100% as possible.

Broadcasting stations directly owned by the network are called "Owned-and-operated stations" (O & O), and broadcasting stations owned by other companies are called "Affiliated stations".

Directly managed stations are owned mainly in large cities, for example.New York Stateニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfWABC TV,CaliforniaLos AngelesKABC-TV,PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia OfWPVIIs a directly managed station of ABC.As for the number of possessions, it is possible to own as many as you like unless the total number of viewers is above a certain level.2004 As of January, it accounts for 1% of all households in the United States.[6]..Besides, the channel of the broadcasting stationUHFIf it is a channel, the expected number of viewers is calculated in half, and many people who have UHF channels can own directly managed stations.[Note 6]..Most of Fox's directly managed stations, which currently own the most directly managed stations, are UHF channel broadcasters.[Note 7].

On the other hand, in areas where there are no directly managed stations, by concluding a contract with each broadcasting station, it becomes a "member station" in that area.For exampleMassachusettsDuffel BagWBTS-LD has a contract with NBC.The network pays a contract fee to the member stations, and it can be said that the directly managed stations that do not have to pay this contract fee are more profitable.

In addition, between TV stations in the same areaNet changeIs not uncommon[Note 8]..Also, the same company can have multiple broadcasting stations in the same area.[Note 9]..The broadcasting station itself is bought and sold, and the owner may change.[Note 10]..Although it has decreased since the beginning of television broadcasting, there are stations that have cross-nets belonging to multiple networks.But cable TVDigital broadcastingAs the spread of TV broadcasts progresses, there are many cases in which broadcasting of emerging networks is started on cable TV and digital broadcasting sub-channels.

The links below are a list of broadcasting stations (directly managed stations + member stations) of each network.


The networks are similar to each of the three major networks and the four emerging stations.

3 major networks

Emerging network

  • Prime time is set at 20:21 and XNUMX:XNUMX on weekdays.
  • In metropolitan areas, there is a remnant of broadcasting local news at 1960:22 from the XNUMXs when it was an independent station, and local news became established at other times (Good Day LAEtc.), and news programs for the whole country are not broadcast.Also, no soap opera or late-night talk has been organized (there was a time when I tried it).
  • Many stations outsource local news programs (mainly weekdays at 18:22 and 3:XNUMX) to affiliated stations of the three major networks. At CW, only tribune-owned stations produce their own local news.In small and medium-sized cities, some stations do not have local news itself.On the other hand, since the time zone restricted by the network is loose, many stations broadcast games of local professional sports and university sports mainly on weekends.
  • Fox organizes sports content such as NFL broadcasts, but not CW.Fox also organizes debate programs and news specials, but does not do any CW.Meanwhile, CW organizes talk shows and drama reruns nationwide during the day, but Fox doesn't.

Program sales

On the other hand, during times when there is no network distribution and no in-house production is done.Program salesWe are purchasing the program by.Mainly talk shows during the day, but there are various types such as morning news programs, entertainment news programs, and reruns of past dramas.Newly produced programs for program sales are broadly distinguished from "first run" and drama production companies selling rebroadcast rights to "off-network".As a first run program, "The Oprah Winfrey ShowAnd 'Jeopardy!], [Entertainment Tonight] Is famous.


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注 釈

  1. ^ About NHKBroadcasting lawArticle 9 (5) states that "measures must be taken so that it can be received nationwide," and it is obligatory to cover the whole country as a single terrestrial backbone broadcasting company.
  2. ^ a b Fukui Broadcasting(FBC) is also a member of ANN, so in this table we will refer to FBC.Cross net station(The same applies to the ANN part).However, NTV, which is the key station of NNN, is NTV because all the programs specified by NTV are netted to FBC without omission.Website(See external link) does not use FBC as a cross-net station.
  3. ^ a b Member of NNNTV Miyazaki(UMK) is not a member of NNS.
  4. ^ However, in the past, there was a cross-net station between the JNN series and other series (FNS / NET line network → TV Asahi network), with the exception of general program supply, and NTV / NET in areas where there are no official affiliated stations. A considerable number of general programs in affiliated stations (in some stations, "JNN New ScopeThere was an example of sponsored nets (including JNN news such as ”) to provide internet security comparable to that of affiliated stations.
  5. ^ Even in Japan, newspaper companies produced news programs until the network system was established in the 1970s.
  6. ^ In the United States, there are 2 to 13 VHF broadcasting stations. Broadcasters in the UHF band have channels 14 to 69.
  7. ^ Among the top 10 metropolitan areas with a viewable population, Chicago (WFLD / 32 channels), Philadelphia (WTXF / 29 channels), Boston (WFXT / 25 channels), Houston (KRIV / 26 channels) are UHF band broadcasters. is there.The parent company, News Corporation, sold 2008 directly managed stations in medium-sized cities such as Cleveland in July 7.
  8. ^ The standards of broadcasting regulations in the United States are loose, and there are more than 10 broadcasting stations by terrestrial broadcasting alone in areas that can be called metropolitan areas, and there is little adverse effect that programs on a specific network cannot be viewed due to a net change like Japan.
  9. ^ Taking advantage of this rule, there are examples of providing local news produced by local stations directly managed and affiliated with the three major nets to emerging net stations and independent stations of the same owner.It is mainly aired at 7:8 am and 22:XNUMX pm, which is the time behind the time when the three major networks produce programs.
  10. ^ Requires Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approval.However, it is unlikely that a network will have multiple stations in a metropolitan area. This is not the case for the same capital line, such as FOX and MNTV, CBS and CW, and NBC and Telemundo.
  11. ^ For the three major network stations, it is common to have 3 or 5 in the morning, after noon, 6 or 17 in the evening, and 18:23 in the evening.


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