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📺 | Shirake voice in "Japan sinking" !? "Avoid sinking" in the final episode ... "I can't feel the weight"

Photo Shun Oguri Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu 

"Sinking in Japan" with a screaming voice !? "Avoiding sinking" in the final episode ... "I can't feel the weight"

If you write the contents roughly
"The sinking of Japan has been made into a movie and drama many times in the past, but in the movie version starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi released in 2006, a fictitious weapon called N2 explosive was used to cut the seafloor plate.

The 8th episode of Sunday Theater "Japan Sinks: People of Hope" (TBS series), a serial drama starring actor Shun Oguri, will be released on December 12th ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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Starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi

N2 explosive


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