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🎥 | "Come Come Everybody" Shunsuke Kazama appears in the Osaka edition "Thoughts like returning to my mother's school"

Photo Shunsuke Kazama becomes a lawyer's egg – (C) NHK

"Come Come Everybody" Shunsuke Kazama appears in the Osaka edition "Thoughts like returning to my mother's school"

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Even if you haven't seen it yet, catch up with us during the New Year holidays, and come come everybody from the beginning of the year!

The serial TV novel "Come Come Everybody" currently being broadcast (Monday-Saturday, NHK General TV 8:1 am-and one week on Saturday ... → Continue reading

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Come Come Everybody

Continuous tv novel > Come Come Everybody
Continuous tv novel
Serial numberTitleBroadcast period
First workWelcome back Monet2021/5/17
-December 10
First workCome Come Everybody2021/11/1
-XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day[1]
First workChimudon steadily2022/4/11

"Come Come EverybodyIsJapan OfTV drama.NHK 2021/May 11(Moon)[Annotation 2]から2022/May 4"Broadcast until (Friday)"Continuous tv novel105th work[4]..Original script ・Fujimoto Yuki[5][6].

Okayama-Osaka-京都As a stageTaisho-Showa-Heisei-ReiwaFour erasradioEnglish coursejazzHistorical dramaDraws a 1925-year tragicomedy from 2025 to 100 of the mother and daughter grandchildren who lived with[7].


2007/The 77th serial TV novel "Dust and dust』WorkedFujimoto YukiIt is an original work by the script of[8].FukuiAt the time of shooting the same work that was set inNHK Fukui Broadcasting StationReijiro Horinouchi, who was the director of the movie, saw the script written by Fujimoto and dreamed of "I was shocked by how interesting it was" and "I'm sure I'll make a drama with Mr. Fujimoto someday."And, by the nomination of Horinouchi who became the executive producer in this work, it was appointed in Fujimoto's second serial TV novel.[5].

The theme, "NHK Radio English Course," was warmed up by Fujimoto, saying, "If I have the opportunity to write a second serial TV novel someday, I'm sure I'll write it."1925/(TaishoUnraveling the history of the English course that began with the start of Japanese radio broadcasting in 14) is synonymous with finding and spinning a 3-year story about it, and the idea of ​​a story of a three-generation heroine is a natural process. It is said that it has arrived.The title of the work is1946/(Showa 21) From September 21951/(Showa 26) Until February 2thNHK Radio First BroadcastNHK Radio First Broadcast"Come Come English" in charge of[Annotation 3][9]Familiar asLanguage program"English conversation"[10]Theme song "Come, Come, Everybody"[Annotation 4]Taken from[5][7][11].

This is the first time in the history of a serial television novel that three actresses play the three main characters as different heroines.[12][Annotation 5]..Also, the first main character, Yasuko Tachibana,OkayamaOriginally from Okayama prefecture, the stage of the morning drama is the 56th work "AguriThis is the second time in 24 years since[13].

At least one of the three2020/It is publicized that it will be decided after the performer audition scheduled to be held around the summer[5][6], April 12 of the same yearShang Baishi Meng Yin,Fukatsu Eri,Kawaei RinaWas announced to play the heroine in the form of a relay[14]..Kamishiraishi and Kawaei were selected by audition from all 3,061 applicants.[14]..In addition, the 98th work "Half, blue."ofMei NaganoIt's been 3 years since then[15]..Although Fukatsu is a co-star, the 48-year-old when she first appeared is the oldest heroine in the history of the morning drama.[16]

"" In the first half of 2020Ale"ButNew coronavirus infectionDue to the temporary suspension of broadcasting, the timing of the start / end of broadcasting of the subsequent works is irregular.Due to the influence of this work, the start of broadcasting was delayed, and it started in November.

The photo was taken in KyotoToei Tahata Photo StudioStarted on March 2021, 3[17].

On July 2021, 7, it was announced that broadcasting will start from November 21, 11.[4].. On September 9th, the theme song will beAIof"Aldebaran'[Annotation 6](Songwriting:Moriyama Naotaro) Was announced[18][19].

In producing the title logo of this work, the director in charge of art said, "This work is an original script and depicts 100 years from grandmother to grandson. It is a little complicated with lots of hints that revolves around radio English conversation. Story. I want to create the face (logo) of such content from scratch with someone who understands and creates the entire story. "After repeated examinations, the logo was initially decided with the image of "a feeling of familiarity like Ohisama."However, the previous work "Welcome back MonetWhen the logo was unveiled, it turned out that the elements such as round form, handwritten characters, and color tone would be almost the same.After repeated examinations, the current logo was completed under the theme of "I can find my whereabouts no matter what, so let's go to the sunny Tokoro".[20][21].

The story is composed of three heroine units, "Yasuko", "Rui", and "Hinata", and it is customary to narrate the synopsis from the birth of the heroine in the first episode of each story. ing[Annotation 7]..However, in the story, it is the timing to switch from the 15th week to the Hinata edition, but on the official homepage, only the person correlation diagram of the Hinata edition is released in advance immediately after the start of the 14th week.In addition, some media dealing with this drama recognize that the Hinata edition has already started at the same time, so in this article, the 63rd-70th synopsis in the form of a switching period is the same as the synopsis of the Harui edition. The characters who appeared in the period are treated as characters in the Hinata edition with the description that they appeared in the Rui edition.

Weekly subtitles of the era depicted in that weekYear of the yearOnly.On the contrary, in this volume, subtitles indicating the year of each scene are not included.In this regard, the chief director, Mojiri Adachi, said, "For example, a person who lived in 1962 is not conscious of the fact that it is 1962, and he is not living his daily life. I want you to do it. "[22]..In the sub-audio, the year and month are entered when the scene changes over time.

Since the subject is an English conversation program, the beginningAvan titleFor "EPISODE XXX (XXX is the serial number of the number of stories) continuous TV novel"[Annotation 8], "TO BE CONTINUED" for the ending[Annotation 9]Is displayed.

Saturday is a omnibus, the same as the main storyYu ShirotaIs in charge of reconstruction narration[Annotation 10]..At the end, the next week's notice of 25 seconds, "On the radio! Come Come Everybody] And the official SNS of the program, etc. will be announced for 5 seconds.

2022/On January 1th, at the NHK General Bureau press conference, the next work "Chimudon steadilyWas announced from April 4th, so this work will be until April 11th, including the omnibus, which is 4 weeks shorter than usual.[1].

Cranked up on February 2022, 2.spoilerThe heroine's comments and photos were not released after the final recording.[23].

Also, as of the final week of this work, the rebroadcast of the main story of the day on satellite waves (BS Premium / BS4K) and the broadcast of the 15-minute digest for Saturday will be abolished.[Annotation 11](On NHK General TV, the 15-minute digest on Saturday and Sunday will continue, and a new 4-minute digest will be rebroadcast on Monday 45:5 --00:15.[Annotation 12]..In addition, one week = 4 uncut reruns (Saturday morning) on ​​BS Premium 1K will continue)[24].

Since the subtitle of the last week is "2003-2025", the epilogue where Hinata Otsuki and Billy Lawrence reunited will be in the future from the broadcast time (April 2022) following the previous work "Okaeri Mone". Are[Annotation 13].


ShigaHigashiomi City
Oshiro Shrine[25] --Asaoka Shrine in Okayama, where Yasuko frequently visits.
Ieto Riverbed[25] - Osaka City University of CommerceNear the preparatory schoolYamato River.
ShigaHino Town
TenrikyoHino University Association Ground[26] --Pheasant Textile Baseball Club Match venue.
Mt. Ibukiyama foot[27] --Okayama city that became a burnt field due to air raids.
OkayamaOkayama City
Ujo Park[28] ――A place where Yu and Yasuko meet while running in the practice of the high school baseball club.
AsahikawaRiverbed[29] --A riverbed where Yasuko practiced cycling under the guidance of Minoru.The place where Rui and Isamu play catch on the day of Chikichi's farewell ceremony.
Sumoto Municipal Baseball Stadium[30] ――A baseball game scene where Isamu participates in junior high school and college.
HyogoMinamiawaji City
Ama Sports Center[30] --Yumioka Junior High School Ground.
Hyogo Prefectural Road No. 76 Sumoto Nada Collection Line(Commonly known as Minamiawaji Narcissus Line)[31][32] ――The coastal road that Rui, Lockichiro, Berry, and Tommy took when heading to the Asahi coast on a double date.
Tanonishi Park[33][34] ――A park in Osaka where Rui enjoys baseball with children.
MogawaRiverbed[33][35] ――The riverbed of Osaka where the sword ran toward the lock Ichiro.
KyotoKyoto City
Kamishichiken[36][37] --Alleys around Otsuki's house.
Kamo RiverRiverbed[36] --A river near Otsuki's house.

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A story of a family over a century (3 years), spun by Yasuko, Rui (daughter), and Hinata (grandson), who were influenced by the radio English course, for three generations.In addition, each volume and each stage are divided into "Okayama", "Osaka", and "Kyoto", and each stage is divided into "parts", but as "parts". The classification is unique to this item.

Yasuko Hen (1st-38th)

Okayama ed. "Tachibana / Pheasant Shinya" part (1925-1946)

In 1925 (Taisho 14) when radio broadcasting began in JapanOkayama City・ Asaokacho shopping streetJapanese sweetsBorn in the store "Sweet Shop Tachibana"Yasuko TachibanaIs the eldest son of a famous local familyPheasant Makoto[Annotation 14]I started studying English in a radio English course.Yasuko reminds Minoru of her,OsakaCorrespond to Minoru who returned to the university.One day Yasuko's older brotherSutaIs disowned due to debt, and Yasuko is advised to make a match.Minoru who knew it visited the Tachibana family in Okayama and proposed to her Yasuko.Minoru's motherMitosatoIs trying to harass Yasuko because there is a matchmaking story in Minoru, but Minoru's father, MinoruChikichiRecognizes Yasuko's good temper and allows the two to marry.However, Minoru goes out after a short marriage with her Yasuko.The following year, Yasuko gave birth to a girl.The song that they both like, "On the Sunny Side of the Street"Singing"ル イ · ア ー ム ス ト ロ ン グ""RuiName it.After that, Minoru's younger brotherBraveryAlso go out.After that, the war situation deteriorated, and air raids began in Okayama.In this air raid, the Tachibana family became a motherSmall,grandmother'sHisaLost and my father'sKintaIs shocked to lie down on the floor.

In 1945 (Showa 20)The end of the warFor Kinta who is still asleepohagimake.Kinta recovers with Yasuko's Ohagi, and Yasuko and Yasuko resume "Tachibana" at the burnt mark, but Kinta does.Heart diseaseSuddenly die.After that, Isamu was demobilized, and while the fleeting happiness returned to the Pheasant family, suddenly Minoru'sWar deadThe news arrives.With that shock, Mitori hits Yasuko hard.Chikichi, who couldn't see it, adopted Rui as the adopted child of the Pheasant family and recommended her Yasuko to remarriage.Isamu, who could not see the treatment of her parents, escapes Yasuko Torui to Osaka.

Osaka edition "Abiko" part (1946-1948)

Torui Yasuko, who escaped from the Pheasant family and came to Osaka, decided to rely on the landlord of "Ogura-so" where Minoru once lived and rent a storeroom to sell the pheasant, but at that time it was stillAzukiBecause it was difficult to obtain the potato candy[Annotation 15]And start a business.At first, it didn't go well and I was at a loss, but the "flowing from a private house passing in front of me"English conversation"(Camcam English) will be heard and listened to.One day the resident of the houseSumiko OgawaYasuko, who collapsed due to overwork when she was about to leave, was taken care of by Sumiko and thanked Sumiko's son, Sumiko.ToshioRepair your sweater.Knowing Yasuko's current situation, Sumiko proposes to Yasuko to live in her Ogawa family and introduces her repair work.And the potato candy that she added to her repair work became popular, and Yasuko, who soon became able to support herself by ordering potato candy and ohagi, bought a radio and the happiness of living together with Rui and listening to Kamukam English. To bite.Meanwhile, Chikichi suddenly appears, worried about her child-rearing environment, and asks her to return to her family, but Yasuko refuses.Worried about her Senkichi's words, Yasuko, who took her botamochi to deliver her babies on her bicycle, came around the corner in front of her.Auto three wheelIs late to noticeTraffic accidentEncounter[Annotation 16]..Yasuko broke her left arm and suffered a deep wound on her forehead.She then she came, she was courageously advised, and she was forced to return to Okayama.

Okayama ed. "Pheasant Shinya" part (1948-1951)

In 1948 (Showa 23), Yasuko was warmly welcomed by the Pheasant family, and when her left arm was completely healed, she became a childhood friend of her mother and daughter in order to earn medical expenses for the pheasant.Kinu OftofuStart selling Ohagi at the store with Rui.However, in the opposition of Chikichi who cares about the physical condition of her house, Rui is her maidYukikoLeave it to and continue selling.One day Yasuko is an officer of the expeditionary force on the street.Robert RosewoodIn English conversation that the lieutenant learned on the radioInterpreterAnd help.Christmas EveWhile reuniting with him and talking to him, Yasuko expresses the sadness of losing Minoru, who was the catalyst for learning English.She was taken by Robert when she heard it and she was in the military social gatheringChristmasYasuko who participated in the party mourns the deadAmericanI see them.Robert talks about his wife's beginnings and bereavement, and speculates that he wants Yasuko as well as Rui to follow the path of Hinata.The next day, Sota was demobilized and decided to rebuild "Tachibana" while staying at the Pheasant family.Soon Mitori dies.

Two years later, Chikichi recommends that his second son, Yuu, remarriage with Yasuko, ahead of Rui's entrance to elementary school.Hirakawa's English course ends and Yasuko feels lonely, but she is asked by Robert to help create teaching materials for her English class, and she takes her with him once a week. I will help you make texts.Under such circumstances, Isamu proposes to Yasuko, but Yasuko is confused and cannot reply.Yasuko decides to leave the pheasant family with Rui Yasuko, who has a plan to rebuild Sota's Tachibana. I was told that it was a large amount, and decided to leave the house alone.However, she disappears with Sota bringing the funds to rebuild the store she saved from selling Ohagi.Yasuko follows her brother to Osaka, and she searches for Suta with the help of Robert.However, she collapsed on the street due to overwork and was on the day of the entrance ceremony of the elementary school when she woke up.Robert, who couldn't see her Yasuko, was with herAmericaInvite him to return to Japan and confess his favor and hug him.She witnesses her alone from Okayama looking for her mother, and she thinks her mother has abandoned herself.Yasuko gives priority to Rui and refuses Robert's invitation, she hurries back to the Pheasant family, but she refuses her Yasuko when she comes home earlier, and she hates her in the English she just learned. Hit.Her despaired Yasuko begs her returning Robert to take her to the United States.Eleven years later, in March 11 (Showa 1962), the Yasuko edition was completed when she was 37 years old, and the story moved to the Rui edition.

Rui (39th-70th)

Osaka edition "Shinsaibashi" part (1962-1964)

Yasuko RuiIn 1962 (Showa 37)ChikichiDied.A maid at the Pheasant familyYukiko BraveryMarried to my sonWas born.17-year-old Rui, who refuses to heal her forehead wounds because she doesn't want to be tied to the Pheasant family and keeps hiding her scars with her bangs, courageously sends Okayama to Chikichi's funeral day. He talks about his determination to live alone.

Rui attends a hotel recruitment interview in Osaka, but fails due to a scratch on her forehead.She dealt with an accident while heading to the interview siteHeisuke TakemuraAnd wifeKazukoBecame a resident clerk at the Takemura Cleaning Shop run by.

One day shortly after getting a job, a young man who brought a large amount of laundry to the store by himself came to the store.If he is dismayed and forgets to hear his name, he tentatively calls him an "alien."After that, while Morui missed his name, he was a newcomer.LawyerRegular customers at the storeHaruhiko KatagiriInvited to go on a movie date.However, she happens to see a scar on her forehead and feels awkward, so she rounds up the date and leaves.And she entered with depressionJazz cafeAnd the customer who was secretly calling him an alienTrumpetI see him playing. From him called "Joe" "Satchmo"[Annotation 17]Rui, who is called "chan" and talks casually, receives a request for a large job from the owner of a jazz cafe.Since then, he has become friends with Joe, and his real name is "Otsuki LockichiroI know that.At the same time, a special song for him, "ル イ · ア ー ム ス ト ロ ン グ"of"On the Sunny Side of the StreetWhen I started to hear, the memories of my childhood spent with my mother revived and I began to have mixed feelings.After confessing such troubles to Lockichiro and melting his feelings for his mother, he is attracted to him and eventually proposes to him.At first, Rui refuses with an appropriate lie because he fears that he will be catastrophic due to a wound on his forehead, but Kakuichiro who sees the wound gently embraces Rui.

Won the jazz trumpet contestTokyoLockichiro, who signed a contract with the entertainment production Sasapro, went to Tokyo for recording after making a promise to live in Tokyo after his debut.He cheered, believed and waited, but his debut concert was postponed, and Lockichiro and his president's daughterNana SasakawaI hear rumors that he was dating and made the president angry.At that time, Lockichiro gradually became unable to play the trumpet, but the cause could not be identified, and the situation did not improve at all no matter how many doctors he consulted, so the president was told to cancel his debut.Lockichiro, who reunited with her in a hurry to return to Osaka, lied that she loved her Nana, hoping for her happiness, and unilaterally said goodbye to her.Rui is terribly depressed, but knows her truth and she tries to snuggle up to him.Lockichiro, who keeps rejecting her, goes to the sea of ​​memories of the two.Suicide by drowningI was stopped by trying to do something, and I couldn't see the Hinata (Sunny Side) for myself, and I was pessimistic about the dark situation and broke down.Rui soothes her lock Ichiro, and she vows to protect herself from now on.

Kyoto edition "Otsuki opening" part (1964-1965)

The two who got married soon changed their minds in consideration of the mind and body of Lockichiro.京都Moved to.I stopped by by chancefairSo, RuihaRotating grill [Annotation 18]Come up with the opening of a shop.At the beginning of the store, I was worried that it couldn't sell, but my two common friends living in Kyoto,Kazuko Noda (Berry)We will gradually increase sales with the diffusion power and cooperation of.Even after that, Kakuichiro was clumsy in various aspects and lacked a sense of money, so Rui was almost alone in doing housework and work.Meanwhile, it turns out that she is pregnant. She has a baby girl in 1965 (Showa 40).

Kyoto edition "Hinata edition pre-start" part (1965-1976)

Ruito Lockichiro's favorite song "On the Sunny Side of the StreetFrom the Japanese translation of the title "Hinata no Michi" to "HinataThe daughter named "" was 10 years later in 1975 (Showa 50).Historical dramaLikesamuraiGrowing up to be a kind-hearted girl who longs for.Although Rui was puzzled by her first child-rearing, she had a humble and happy family with Lockichiro.

Close to homeUzumasaToMovie villageShortly after opening, Rui's second pregnancy was discovered, but she was still clumsy in everything, and her daughter was a sweet husband, and she was swept away by fun.Other power applicationRui feels uneasy about her daughter.However, Hinata was delighted to find out that she could have a younger brother or sister, and was a historical drama actor who was a big fan of her.Second generation Kennosuke MomoyamaThe admission fee for the autograph session held at Toei Kyoto Studio Park will change until you make it yourself. After the autograph session in 1976, Hinata met a foreign boy in the movie village and fell in love at first sight, but he couldn't speak English and broke up.This experience made me want to attend an English class, but I can't afford to pay a monthly fee to my family.So in the shopping districtlotteryAtamiHe plans to get a trip and cash it in to make money, but he gets an old radio."Flowing from there"Shojoji's Tanuki MusicWhen I was young, I heard that "" was my mother.English conversation"(Come Come English) in the newspaperA TV scheduleI found out that the program was still being broadcast on the radio, and recommended Hinata to attend.Hinata, who is not good at morning, struggled to attend from 6:45 am when the broadcast started, but her mother bought the textbook, her father made the attendance card, and a foreign boy.BillyThe reunion with him encouraged me to continue taking classes for 6 days, but I was absorbed in TV and manga and stopped taking classes.A few days after she stopped listening to English conversation, Billy came to the store while Hinata was alone, but she couldn't remember the words she learned and the conversation didn't come true.Billy returns home as it is, and Hinata feels uncomfortable with herself, who is always unwilling to lose the temptation.Such Hinata Nirui snuggles up and gives words of encouragement.

Later, Rui started labor pains during work and was taken to the hospital with the cooperation of Momoyama, who had visited the store once in a while, and gave birth to a boy safely.

Hinata Hen (71st-112th)

Kyoto Edition "Movie Village / Struggle" Part (1983-1993)

RuiLock IchiroEldest son ofMomotaroIn early April 7 (Showa 1983), seven years after the birth of the child, he became a third-year high school student.HinataWhile his classmates decided to go on to higher education with an eye on the future, he gave up going on to higher education due to the financial situation of his family, but he could not decide his course.One day, when she was alone in the store, an "unfriendly man" came to the store and left with a bad impression, such as ridiculing Hinata who couldn't bake Imagawayaki.At a later date, of her classmateSayoko FujiiHinata, who thought about helping the family business with her proposal, made a big failure for the first time after being taught by Rui, but was pessimistic about the future and depressed.When I noticed, Hinata arrived at the movie village, which is a healing place, and said, "Miss Joei.Contests' [Annotation 19]Find a poster for recruiting participants, inspire them, and apply.

Hinata, who passed the document screening and proceeded to the final screening, will play "the daughter of the teahouse confessed to the samurai" in the acting examination, but the other performer'sBunshiro IgarashiRealizes that he is an "unfriendly man", forgets that he is acting, steals his sword, and plays a play that kills his opponent.As a result, he loses the contest, but at a later date he is a veteran large room actor.Banku MuzoInvited to a part-time job in the movie village. Hinata, who felt the seriousness of her responsibility, declined at first when she begged for the actress's words, "I want you to save the historical drama that will perish as it is." Start a part-time job at the actor's hall rest area[Annotation 20].

One day, working while feeling the environment where people involved in historical drama gather as a "paradise", a regular actress of the historical drama "Jujube Millet Series", which has been a fan since childhood.Misaki SumireVisits the movie village.Hinata, who saw the scene of the historical drama shooting, was impressed by misunderstanding the selfishness of Sumire, who requested the director to change the script, as an enthusiasm for improving the work.Then, pointing out a mistake in the manners of the tea ceremony with the intention of cooperating was annoying to Violet, and the shooting was interrupted.Igarashi, who was waiting for his turn at the scene, was frustrated, and while he argued with Hinata about the reality of shooting a historical drama, the story spread to the famous scene where Sumire appeared in the "Jujube Millet Series", and he got excited. ..The two are expelled from the scene, but remembering that time, a chat begins between the nostalgic Sumire and the staff, and the scene that was being killed turns into a peaceful atmosphere.After the shooting was completed successfully, Sumire, who remembered her original intention and abandoned her obsession with drama appearance, signed the script of her drama and handed it to Hinata, leaving the scene as a samurai.

In the spring of the following year, Hinata, who graduated from high school, got a job at Movie Village.He was assigned to the business department and had a fulfilling life while skirmishing with Igarashi.One day, Kennosuke Momoyama, the second generation, announced that he will re-movie the movie "Duel of the Seven Changes in Hidden Village," which was described as a bad work by his father, Kennosuke Momoyama. do.Igarashi, who learned at a press conference about the role of the enemy Sakon Onodera by audition, decided to apply and begged for training with the person who played this role at that time, but was refused.On the other hand, Hinata has a disagreement between Momoyama's parents and children from Sumire's mouth.[Annotation 21]And the production process of "Seven Changes in Witchcraft"[Annotation 19]Listen to rumors.Later, with a ticket given by a mysterious choreographer, I went to see the revival screening of "Seven Changes in Witchcraft" with Igarashi, and for some reason, Hinata, who had a meal with him in a family-friendly manner, strives to become a historical drama actor. I knew him and when I noticed he was cheering.Igarashi bows again with him, and Hinata also cooperates in persuading him.However, he was refused again, and with his companion auditioning, the truth behind the production of "Seven Changes in Witchcraft"[Annotation 19]I hear the regret that my first line work was bad because I was not good at turning my lines.Igarashi and Ban pass the examination smoothly, and in the final examination where the participants show off their sword fight in pairs, it is decided that they will match their swords.The day before, Hinata secretly made the Imagawayaki that she had practiced and handed it to him to support him.

Hinata, who was peeking into the situation on the day of the final examination, hears the intention of this audition, which the second generation Kennosuke talks about, and the true intention that the first generation Kennosuke chose his companion at that time.Then, after the examination was over, he was stopped by the second generation Kennosuke, and while he was at a loss to play Jujube Kokushi, he was asked by Hinata at the autograph session and he ate the roasted roast that he received at that time. It is confessed that he noticed that it led to the re-movie of "Seven Changes in Witchcraft".Igarashi loses the role of Sakon, but receives a bit part with a name and lines and devotes himself to training.Meanwhile, at that time, Hinata was overwhelmed by work, and the days of passing each other continued.When loneliness is the limit, Hinata finally meets Igarashi and is embraced by him who has the same feelings.Later, Hinata is confessed to Igarashi and becomes a mutual love.

Although the re-movie of "Seven Changes in Witchcraft" was successful, the historical drama ended one after another due to the departure of sponsors, etc., and in proportion to that, Joei opened to raise the production cost of the company's movie.[47]The number of visitors to the movie village was also declining. In 1992, Hinata, who continued to work in the movie village while encouraging Igarashi, came up with the idea of ​​opening a haunted house in the movie village in order to give a place for large room actors with increased visitors and fewer jobs. The project shows a good start.At that time, Igarashi was frustrated for eight years without being able to prosper from the large room actor who was slashed.One day, he was drunk with a liquor and was a popular historical drama actor who happened to be there.Rintaro HoshikawaHe utters abusive words, and is banned from appearing in "Shogun Hatenara" for one year.Of the directorTodorokiDespaired after being told by Hoshikawa that he might not let other directors appear, Igarashi decides to work at his parents' house in Tokyo and asks Hinata to accompany him on the premise of getting married.However, he is opposed to giving up her dream by her and is cheerfully encouraged and painful, saying goodbye to her.Lockichiro, who overlaps with his past, tells Igarashi that the path he chooses will surely be Hinata's path, and sends it out gently.On the other hand, Hinata is very depressed, but Rui sings "On the Sunny Side of the StreetI heard the origin of my name and regained my smile.

In April 1993, the haunted house was well received, but the historical drama did not stop, and the number of visitors to the movie village decreased further.Hinata proposes a tour for foreigners as a further breakthrough, but it is rejected because of the high labor cost of the English-speaking guide.After that, I remembered the experience I learned in the radio English course when I was in elementary school, and decided to guide myself, so it was a marriage fund with Igarashi.Time depositI tried various techniques such as going to an English conversation class for 3 months or buying a book, but I couldn't learn practical conversation.Meanwhile, Momotaro, who lost his love for many years, abandoned himself and shoplifted the CD player that Hinata wanted.Hinata develops into a sibling quarrel after leaving it to her anger at Momotaro and revealing her current situation, and the two who cannot see them enter into arbitration.Lockichiro, who had a trumpet in his hand, appeared there, revealing his past as a jazz trumpeter to children for the first time, and told that he had secretly hoped for a resurrection for 10 years after the setback, but his life would continue. admonish.

Kyoto / Okayama ed. "Rui ed. Later talk / homecoming" part (1993-1994)

On Christmas Eve of the same year, Suta suddenly appears in front of Rui.Despite his mixed feelings, Rui, who stayed overnight at the Otsuki family, asks the reason for his disappearance and the true intention of Yasuko's search for Osaka, but she is confused that she has forgotten.The next day, Sota, who helps Fukubiki in the shopping district, dances at the request of Yasuko, who appeared in a phantom childhood.Then, when he remembered his family and when he lived in Okayama, he fell down on the street and went to bed as it was, apologizing to Rui and possessing it when he disappeared.passbookHe passed the passbook, which he started saving 10 years before he met Hinata, and died.

In August of the following year, with the remains of Sota, Rui returned to Okayama for the first time in 8 years with his family.She hears about Yukiko and finds out the reason for her disappearance, but Yukiko doesn't know the relationship between Yasuko and Robert, and her doubts remain unanswered.On the anniversary of the end of the war, Hinata was working as a program instructor at that time when she found and read the text of "English conversation" used by Torui Yasuko at the Pheasant family.Hirakawa onlyHear the story of the start of the broadcast and how to learn English conversation.At the same time, when Rui is worshiping at the shrine where Yasuko was attending, she encounters the illusion of Minoru and is pleased that she lives in a free world, as entrusted to her name.Rui tells Lockichiro, who accompanied her, that she wants to go to America in search of Yasuko.Even if you fold it, you can play the basicsPianoLockichiro, who was thinking of honing his skills and returning to the world of music, listens to Rui's wishes and decides to take her to the United States on his own.

Kyoto / Okayama ed. "Movie Village & Rui ed. Later talk / turning point" part (1994-2025)

Hinata returned to Kyoto every morning on the radio "Introduction to English conversationAt your own pace, study English at night and during work breaks.Lockichiro is his friend who became his famous jazz trumpeter.Tommy KitazawaWith the cooperation of Nana, who became his wife, he devotes himself to practicing the piano.

Five years later, in 5, Lockichiro became a member of Tommy's performance in the United States and traveled to the United States with Rui.They were able to fulfill their dreams, but returned home without getting information about Yasuko.on the other hand,HollywoodThe film crew will come to visit the movie village for filming, and Hinata, who has improved her English by the time she can have daily conversations with foreigners, will be assigned a guide in English and will play an important role safely.After that, of this movieJapaneseHinata is a Japanese-American woman who is the casting director of this movie while she is involved in English translation and chores of the audition entry sheet that selects the cast.Annie HirakawaReunited with Igarashi, who moved to Hollywood as an assistant director of action.On the other hand, Ban, who kept refusing the offer from Annie, reluctantly appears in the movie after being persuaded by Igarashi.

When the resulting movie "Samurai Baseball" gave hope to the historical drama industry in the sunshine, Rui was informed of the hospitalization of Yukiko.Yukio told Rui who came to the visit that he had been jealous of Yasuko when he was a maid, and that he had a story that would damage his mother's trust when he was young. He said that he realized that his wife had only Yasuko, and apologized in tears.A few days later, Yukiko died.Recalling that he shut out Yasuko when he was young, he wanted to apologize for saying "On the Sunny Side" to Yasuko at a Christmas concert held at Kaikosha, which was once a social gathering place for the expeditionary forces. He was encouraged to sing "of the Street" and decided to perform.

After that, Annie's assistant was her nephew.GeorgeHinata finds out that Annie has no plans to come to the movie village and asks her to give her a ticket for the Christmas concert.On the day of the Christmas concert, Hinata, who was impressed by the audience and was impressed by the tension and restlessness, turned on the radio in the waiting room and Annie appeared as a guest on the program. Was.She was initially Annie responding to the interview in English, but when she talked about the Jujube Millet series, she was impressed by what she saw with Minoru, and she went to the dead Minoru. With tears of apology for my thoughtsJapaneseTalk in.Hearing that, I was convinced that Annie and Yasuko were the same person.[48]Hinata checks her schedule and finds out that she will return to Japan on the same day.Kansai airportHead to.However, she knew that she had already left for the United States, and when she returned to the concert venue with disappointment, Hinata found Yasuko standing at the entrance. When she notices Hinata screaming "grandma," Yasuko runs away in a hurry, but when she reaches the shrine she attended when she was young, she runs out.Her Hinata carries her on her back and sends her to the concert venue.Just singing on her stage, Rui rushes to her when she sees her white-haired woman and hugs her, telling her heartfelt love for her mother in her many years of cultivated English.Her mother and daughter then talked to each other and resolved each other's stalemate, Yasuko married Robert after coming to the United States, she was warmly welcomed by his family and she confessed that she had a happy life.And while staying at the Otsuki family and meeting and talking with her nostalgic people and people who are related to her, Yasuko regains her many years in Japan where she was lost.On the other hand, Hinata goes to an American university to study languages ​​and movies at the recommendation of Yasuko.

In 2022, Hinata, who became an active casting director in the United States, was willing to accept the request of a lecturer in an English conversation course on Japanese radio. In 2025, Rui entrusted her revolving ware shop to the Momotaro couple, took over the management of a jazz cafe in Okayama, which is a place of memories of her childhood with Yasuko, and spends calm days with Lockichiro.Yasuko is 100 years old and is living a quiet old age in the United States.One day, when Hinata went to the movie village, she was a partner of an English conversation course.William LawrenceBy chance, he finds out that he is his first love partner, Billy.Hinata, who talks to him with a smile, invites him to his parents' house, Imagawayaki, in fluent English, and the two of them walk the path of Hinata.



Yasuko Tachibana → Yasuko Kijima → Yasuko Rosewood (color of teletext dialogue =黄色
Performance- Shang Baishi Meng Yin[49](Infancy :, Childhood:[50], Old age:Ryoko Moriyama[51][52]
The heroine edited by Yasuko.She sometimes appears in Rui's recollections after the Yasuko edition, and in the Hinata edition she appears as an important person named "Annie Hirakawa".
Radio broadcasting started in Japan1925/(Taisho 14)May 3Born at 9:30 am on Wednesday.She is the signboard girl of "Tachibana", a sweets maker in the Asaokacho shopping district in Okayama City, and she grows up as an ordinary girl who loves Anko and fashion.
Higher elementary schoolAfter graduating, he didn't go on to school and helped the house. One day in 1939 she meets Minoru who happens to buy "Tachibana" sweets.One day she was confused when a foreigner asked her how to do it in English in front of Minoru's house, but she was attracted to English because he answered fluently.She is introduced to the radio course "English English Conversation" that will be broadcast from Minoru at 6:30 am, and she listens to it and begins to learn.End of program[Annotation 22]After that, I continued studying by listening to the "Basic English Course" that was also introduced by Minoru, but the program was discontinued due to the start of the Pacific War.[Annotation 23]Study is also interrupted.
After a twist with the parents of both families, he married Minoru in 1943, but Minoru was about a month later.Go out..She was found to be pregnant two months after her departure, and she gave birth to a girl (Rui) on September 2, 1944, the following year, but in 9, when the war ended, she was fertile. You will be informed of the death of the war.With the shock of Minoru's death, the eight hits from Mitori, who couldn't recover, became terrible, and Chikichi recommended that he remarriage after leaving Rui in the Hakushin family. Leaving the Shinya, Minoru's former boarding house with Rui (Osaka City, Osaka City)Abiko).In Osaka, he spends his days making and selling potato candy, buns, and buns, where he meets "English conversation" (Kamkamu English). In 1948, he began to receive large orders, and the business got off to a good start, but just before that, Chikichi, who was secretly looking for a place to stay with his family, visited him and returned to the Pheasant family in Okayama. Persuaded to come.In the end, he resigned his strong determination to raise Rui alone, and Chikichi accepted it, but unfortunately he said that he wanted to receive an education suitable for Rui when he left, but it would be impossible here. After listening to the words, in order to earn enough funds to receive Chikichi's "education suitable for Rui" with his own power, he devoted himself to his work with the aim of further expanding his business, and Rui and "Come Come English". I'm so busy that I can't afford to listen to.During that time, a traffic accident with an auto three-wheeler broke her left hand, and the rearcar-riding squirrel fell onto the road and hit a large stone, causing a serious injury to her forehead.Embracing her and looking for her doctor in a vague consciousness, she faints and she is taken to the hospital with her.She is persuaded to return to Okayama by the courage to meet again at the hospital when she wakes up, but not only does she not listen, but at the end of the story she screams with courage.However, when Chikichi was told by the doctor that the wound on his forehead would not heal for the rest of his life, he hugged him while crying, accepted the persuasion of courage, and returned to the Pheasant family.She was warmly welcomed by Mitori, who once hit herself eight times, and then tried to make a living by selling her hag to earn money for the treatment of the wounds of the reconstruction of Tachibana in Okayama.In addition, on December 1948, 12, he reunited with his older brother, Suta, who had been on the road, and began to do business with Suta.
At one point, he translated to help Lieutenant Robert Rosewood, a occupying army who was having trouble shopping in the city, and that was the beginning of his interaction with Robert.At first, she had a relationship as a friend, but when she was asked to be a text-making partner in an English conversation class, she was attracted to him without even realizing it, and gradually became a relationship beyond that.He was proposed to courage, but without responding, when he was courageously seen meeting Robert and was questioned, he was violently upset and tried to explain nothing, but it was muddy and could not be explained at all. I guessed the relationship with Robert from the brawl at the bar of courage (described later), the relationship between him and Yukiko after that, and the avalanche of Sota's "Tachibana" reconstruction fund that witnessed it and disappeared. The situation gets worse. In April 1951, he went to Osaka to look for Senta, but he was found exhausted and collapsed by Robert, and he was taken care of in his former residence, but he requested that he go to the United States with him. I thank Robert who hugged me while saying "I love you", but I remembered Rui.[Annotation 24]Disagree with Robert's request.However, to make matters worse, as soon as Rui, who chased Yasuko and came to a former boarding house in Osaka, was hugged by Robert and thanked him, he ran away with anger and despair without asking any more. rice field.She returns to Okayama, sees her slack back, and she hugs her with confidence, not knowing she was watching her interaction with Robert in Osaka, but her maid Yukio's remarks.[Annotation 25]After being more suspicious for a long time, Robert's hug was stopped and he even hated her, and he refused her hug and entered the house.She still asks her to listen, but she shows off the scar on her forehead and she says "I hate you."The betrayal of his brother Sota and the loss of funds for the reconstruction of "Tachibana" continued, and the refusal from the daughter who was devoting himself to everything became a mental end, and he was completely despaired. I didn't even have the energy to resolve the misunderstanding, and I begged Robert, who came to Okayama after Yasuko, to take me to the United States, crying in the rain, and at that point the Yasuko edition was virtually over.[Annotation 26]..The Rui edition will start in earnest.
After traveling to the United States with Robert, he moved to his hometown of Seattle and then remarried.She had a tough time in Seattle, while she was warmly welcomed by Robert and his family, and she had calm and happy days.
In 1999, the casting director of the Hollywood movie "Annie Hirakawa'[Annotation 27]As a result, he visited Toei Kyoto Studio Park with the staff, got acquainted with Hinata who was a guide, and became familiar with him without knowing that he was a grandson.At that time, he said that he was the first to come to Japan, and although he had all conversations with Japanese people, including Hinata, in English, he made remarks suggesting that he had something to do with Japan in some places.He also had a feeling for Hinata that was reminiscent of himself when he was young.
In 2001, he returned to Japan with his nephew George to witness an audition to decide on a Japanese performer for the Hollywood movie "Samurai Baseball."I care about Hinata who is upset by an unexpected reunion with Igarashi who turned into an action director's assistant with her ex-girlfriend.She advises Hinata to choose a path that she will not regret when she confesses the circumstances.Also, at this time, you will receive a roasted "Otsuki".
I used to watch "Jujube Noboru" at a movie theater with Minoru, and I have been watching the series for many years even after I came to the United States. Consulted the appearance many times.At last, Kyokuzo is moved by her appearance asking for her ceremonies and accepts her appearance.
He will visit Japan for the third time in 2003.At that time, I thanked Hinata for the roasted "Otsuki" that I received from Hinata two years ago, but when I heard the story of "Anko no Majinai" from Hinata, Hinata was her grandson. , Realizing that Hinata's mother is sick, she is upset and leaves to escape.
A ticket for a jazz concert in Okayama on Christmas of the same year is given to Hinata via George, but he tells George that he will not return to Japan anymore.On the day of the concert, she appeared on a radio program with Gin Isomura as a personality.She spoke in English through an interpreter halfway through, but she said from Isomura, "Jujube Millet Hitoshiken".[Annotation 28]When asked if he saw it, he was stuffed with words and spoke in Japanese (Okayama dialect) after a little silence.And she confessed in Japanese that she was raised in Japan, that she broke up with Rui, and became aware of Hinata, who was listening to the radio before her concert.[Annotation 29]..He says that the reason he left Rui and went to the United States was that it was the only way to apologize and pray for Rui.[Annotation 30].
Before leaving Japan after appearing on the radio, he came to the venue, although he couldn't enter, and was found by Hinata who was looking for her.When she was called out, she ran away in a hurry, and with her running ability and endurance that I could not think of in her 70s, she succeeded in winding Hinata in her late 30s at one point.[Annotation 31]When I arrived at the shrine of memories with Minoru, I fell down with peace of mind.
After that, Hinata finally caught up and entered the venue, reunited with Rui who was singing, hugged Rui who ran up after singing, and received the word "I love you" which was the opposite of "I hate you" which was once bathed. , Reunited and reconciled after 52 years.After that, I talked with Ruitorui's husband, Lockichiro, and her grandson Hinata and Momotaro until late at night.
After the concert, he returned to the United States and returned to Japan in 2004, the new year.She visits a shrine of memories with Minoru with courage and talks about her days since she came to the United States. In "Dippermouth Blues," her granddaughter Hanana told her that her best friend, Kinu Mizuta, was hospitalized in a hospital in Mimasaka, and she promised to go see her.After that, she visits "Otsuki" in Kyoto and reunites with Yoshiemon, who called herself "Yasuko-neechan", for the first time in about 60 years.At a later date, she encouraged her Hinata to study in the United States, creating an opportunity for her to succeed herself as a casting director in Hollywood.
Hinata says that she is still alive in the final round of 2025 and has reached her 100th birthday.
In the Hinata edition, in addition to appearing as "Annie Hirakawa", as a phantom that his brother, Sota, saw in his later years.[Annotation 32], A scene of a new recording in which Yasuko of childhood played by Amimoto appears, and in episode 111, two scenes of a new recording by Kamishiraishi appear. One is a recollection scene depicting the days after coming to the United States, which appeared in a conversation with Isamu in 2, and the second is that the smiling Rui who opened the door walked up to Yasuko's side and hugged each other. In the image scene, it was newly recorded by Kamishiraishi and Furukawa who played 1-year-old Rui, and was inserted in the scene where Fukatsu and Moriyama played Hugging and reconciling after finishing the singing on the stage.Kamishiraishi himself had a crank-up in December 2004, but he is participating in the recording again for this scene.[53]..It is said that this was the "device" originally in the script written by Fujimoto.
Executive Producer Horinouchi had no option to appoint Kamishiraishi until his later years, and he needed Moriyama for Yasuko in his later years because he needed a sense of exoticism and the charm and human strength to inherit the heroine loved by viewers. Talking about the appointment[52].
Rui Kijima → Rui Otsuki (color of teletext dialogue =blue
Performance- Fukatsu Eri[54](0-year-old:,,[55],[55],[56], 1 years old:[56],[56], 3-6 years old:[57], 7 years old:Rin Furukawa[58]
The heroine of Rui.She is the only of the three heroines, she appears throughout the story[Annotation 33]From the latter half of the Hinata edition, which became one of the supporting characters, it will become a heroine again in the form of a double heroine with Hinata.[Annotation 34].
Daughter of Yasuko and Minoru.1944/(19)May 9Born (Thursday).She is the mother of Hinata and Momotaro.Personality and ability to act once decided[Annotation 35]Is inherited from her mother, Yasuko. "On the Sunny Side of the StreetWith a wish to live a life like the lyrics of "", and (a child born)[Annotation 36](Because I don't know the gender of the song yet) I sing because it's a name that can be used by both men and women, both in Japan and abroad.ル イ · ア ー ム ス ト ロ ン グMinoru named it "Rui"[Annotation 37]..With Yasuko "Come Come EnglishI spend my childhood listening to it.The first word she spoke was "Come come everybody".When she was three years old, her mother and daughter, who left her Huma family and lived in Osaka, her Yasuko was with an auto three-wheeler who came around the front corner of her while carrying a hag on her bicycle. Due to a traffic accident[Annotation 38], I fell down on the street and suffered a deep wound on my forehead.
Even after returning to the Pheasant family, Yasuko was initially sold as a rice cake, but Chikichi's side spear to Yasuko, who cares about the world, made it impossible to do so, and suddenly follow Yasuko without knowing anything. I'm dissatisfied with the fact that it's gone.In addition, while Yasuko is away, she is taken care of by her maid, Yukiko, but Yukiko's remarks make her even more suspicious of Yasuko.
In 1951, the day before the entrance ceremony of the elementary school, Robert went to his former residence in Osaka alone, following his mother who left for Osaka to search for Sata who disappeared from the above-mentioned action power, but here Robert told Yasuko his own thoughts. I witnessed the scene of confessing and hugging, and ran away from the place because of shock.As mentioned above, Yasuko refused Robert's confession at that time, but when he saw this scene, he was convinced that "my mother had abandoned me" and did not know that it was my misunderstanding. Yasuko who returned from Osaka shows a wound on her forehead and announces her intention to cut off her mother and daughter.She then lives in the Pheasant family[Annotation 39]Dropped out of high school in October 17, shortly after turning 1961[Annotation 40], The morning of March 1962, 3, the year after the funeral of my grandfather Chikichi[Annotation 41], Talking about his determination to leave Okayama and live alone while playing catch with Isamu, it is said that Yu will hand over the savings he had saved for her, but he himself secretly worked part-time at a second-hand bookstore and saved money. After telling him what he was doing, he refused and moved to Osaka, where he spent his childhood after the funeral.Chikichi was advised to surgically remove the wound on her forehead, but she kept refusing until the end because she didn't want to be tied to the Pheasant family.
Immediately after arriving in Osaka, the joy of being finally released from the Pheasant family, and the sight of Osaka, which has transformed from a childhood memory into a big city, suddenly raises the tension and brightens, interacting with people on the road and shopping. Enjoy[Annotation 42]However, at the end of that, he collides with the bicycle on which Heisuke Takemura rides and stains his clothes.Heisuke was brought to the "Takemura Cleaning Shop" run by the couple, and was given the clothes that her wife, Kazuko, wore when she was young, and went to the interview wearing them.I went to a hiring interview aiming to get a job at a major hotel in the city, and I felt good and decided to hire, but since I had my bangs down to the extent that I could see the scar on my forehead, one of the interviewers The expression is difficult to understand, so I was told to raise my bangs and walked away to escape.After that, I visited the "Takemura Cleaning Shop" that I stopped by before the interview to return the clothes I borrowed, and in the talk I found out that I was looking for an employee and asked "Can you work here?" It was decided to live and work[Annotation 43]..After that, she did the job of the store and became her signboard girl, and although she had no blood connection with Mr. and Mrs. Takemura, she had a strong bond like her real parent and child.[Annotation 44].
After starting to work at a dry cleaner, he secretly names a mysterious man who always comes to the store as an "alien", but later learns that he is a jazz cafe trumpeter, Otsuki Lockichiro.One day, when I heard Lockichiro playing "On the Sunny Side of the Street" on the second floor of a jazz cafe with a trumpet, he was struck by the nostalgic feeling that he had heard it somewhere.He was invited to a jazz festival by Lockichiro, and listening to this song played by his band reminded him of his memories of Yasuko and Okayama, and he didn't meet him for a while.However, Lockichiro accidentally put it on his clothes.TakoyakiThe exchange resumes when the stain is removed.At this time, I talked to Lockichiro about the events in Okayama and his complicated feelings for Yasuko.[Annotation 45], Become a friend to call "Joe-san and Satchmo-chan".
After winning the jazz trumpeter contest and sending out Lockichiro heading to Tokyo for his record debut with a smile, Tommy's mouth tells him that his debut has been postponed.In addition, I hear rumors that Nana, the daughter of Mitsuomi Sasakawa, who is the president of entertainment production in Tokyo, and Lockichiro have a close relationship and infuriated Sasakawa.After that, she reunites with Lockichiro, who had returned to Osaka, but also encounters Nana, who was worried about him and chased after him.Lockichiro's mouth tells her that she wants to break up with her favor for Nana, and she sinks into her disappointment.However, Tommy tells us that all his remarks were a lie that he didn't want to make Rui unhappy.At the same time, he learned that he was unable to play the trumpet due to an unexplained illness at that time and returned to Osaka in disappointment. rice field.Tommy's car in search of the lost lock Ichiro (Karmann gear), He rushed to the beach and found him who was about to commit suicide by drowning.She confesses that she wants to walk along the sunny road (bright front street) with him, and finally the two of them can understand.
After that, he left Osaka when he married Lockichiro and moved to Kyoto.She proposed to open an Imagawayaki restaurant in the wake of her accidental visit.[Annotation 46], Set up a store in Akane-dori shopping street.At the beginning of the store, it didn't sell at all, but after the tasting of the child who had returned to his parents' house in Kyoto, the endorsement spread to the surrounding area, and the taste gradually became recognized by the people of the city.[Annotation 47].. On Sunday, April 1965, 4, she gave birth to her eldest daughter, Hinata, and the Hinata edition started pre-starting without closing the curtain.
After the birth of Hinata, she has the "strength" of being a mother while burning her hands on the free-spirited Hinata.Hinata is depressed because she can't continue no matter what she does in the 70th session, but when she jumps out of the house after being frustrated, she chases after her, understands her childhood worries, and one day it will clear up. And gently hug Hinata.She also struck a scar on her foreheadHatamoto bored man[Annotation 48]When I was told that it was cool, I was smiling as if I was saved by that word.[Annotation 49].
On August 1976, 8, Kennosuke Momoyama, the second generation, suddenly visited "Otsuki" and ordered "21 pieces" of Imagawayaki for the time being.At that time, labor pains began suddenly, so he was sent to the hospital by the car that Kennosuke got on, and when he gave birth to his second son, Momotaro, the story was completely closed and the story was in full swing. Move on to the Hinata edition.
After the full-scale start of the Hinata edition, she became one of the supporting characters, but after her uncle Sota visited "Otsuki" on Christmas Eve in 1993, she became the center of the story again and made a ponderous expression. There are many things.She is confused but welcomes Suta[Annotation 50]Asks why he disappeared suddenly 42 years ago and why Yasuko hurried to Osaka, but Sota, who was nearing death due to illness, said, "Yasuko is not bad at all. I apologize and die, saying, "I'm all bad."As Christmas gifts, Sota will receive a passbook for the account containing the "Tachibana" reconstruction funds that he took away 42 years ago, and a passbook for the account that he has been depositing monthly since opening in 1984.The following summer, in the summer of 1994, at the suggestion of Lockichiro, his family of four returned to Okayama and reunited with his uncle and his wife (Yu and Yui) for the first time in 4 years.Yukiko asks why Sota disappeared and why Yasuko went to Osaka, but she couldn't get a clear answer about Yasuko's relationship with Robert.[Annotation 51], Questions about Yasuko's actions only deepened[Annotation 52]..On August 8th, the day of the end of the war, we head to the shrine where Yasuko and Minoru used to go with Lockichiro.Here, the illusion of his father, Minoru, who died without seeing his face, appears and is called out.Encouraged by Minoru's words, he told Lockichiro his determination to go to America to meet Yasuko.
Since 1995, he has been the manager of Lockichiro, who made his debut as a pianist.[Annotation 53], I often went to the United States in the form of following the work of Lockichiro, and at that time I also visited Yasuko's whereabouts. In the winter of 2003, Yukio, who was ill and hospitalized, told me about his atonement for Yasuko, his long-standing regrets, and the true intention and apology of what he said to himself when he was young. I made a mistake, "he accepted the apology and forgave Yukio, and at the same time, he clearly remembered that Yasuko disappeared from her front because she had been kicked out, and that was her crime. Realizing that it was a mistake, he decided to apologize by cutting off the stubbornness he had held with Yasuko until then.[Annotation 54]..And she decides to participate as a singer at the Christmas Festival, which has long been recommended by Lockichiro and Tommy, in order to convey her thoughts to her Yasuko.
On the day of the festival, while waiting for his turn in the waiting room, while listening to an interview with Annie Hirakawa, who made a guest appearance on Isomura Gin's radio program, she learned that Annie was her mother, Yasuko.Through her radio, she heard all of her confession and apologies from her Yasuko to her and her feelings of "I wanted to disappear", and her breathing became rough. I lose her composure.And she was pointed out that the word "I hate you" that she misunderstood when she was young was pointed out that she continued to afflict Yasuko even after 52 years, and she violently After being upset, she cries and gets upset[Annotation 55]..I couldn't stay even if I was there, and I tried to jump out of the waiting room to meet Yasuko, but Lockichiro and Momotaro controlled this, and I entrusted the role of holding Yasuko to the acquainted Hinata, and I myself was in the waiting room. Wait at.When he was told by phone that he couldn't stop Yasuko, he worked hard as if he had given up on reuniting.[Annotation 56]..After that, when I confessed to Ichiko who visited the waiting room, "Is it meaningful to sing even though my mother has decided not to meet me?", Ichiko said, "I just think for someone. Isn't it okay? "
On the stage, the sound source of the trumpet performance of Lockichiro[Annotation 57]Enthusiastically sang "On the Sunny Side of the Street".After singing, when I saw Yasuko carrying her on her back, she rushed out at a glance, tearfully expressing her thoughts as "I love you", reunited and reconciled for 52 years, and after the concert, the whole family was at night. We talked until late.A few years later, he returned to Okayama and took over the role of Shinichi, who became Tommy Kitazawa's uchideshi. It became a thing.
Fukatsu talks about Rui's feelings.
The hair was long halfway through the Rui edition, but after the Hinata edition started, it was cut short and became shorter and shorter as the age increased. As of 1999, it was a shortcut, and her bangs were shortened so that some scars on her forehead were visible.She is 2025 years old as of the last episode of 80, and she has a good relationship with Lockichiro.Her hair turned gray, with her long hair turned into a pigtail style behind her, and she didn't seem to care about the scars on her forehead, showing her forehead perfectly. ..Fukatsu doesn't use a wig except when he plays Rui, who is 80 years old, and actually cuts her own hair in her role.
Fukatsu was appointed by an offer from NHK, and Mr. Horinouchi, the executive producer, said, "In order to make it easier to understand the parent-child relationship with my daughter Hinata, I wanted people in their 30s to 40s." He said that he made an offer to Fukatsu for three reasons: "I can play attractively even when I was in my 18s" and "I haven't appeared in a serial drama since 70, so you can watch it without prejudice."[59].
Hinata Otsuki (Hinata Otsuki) (Color of teletext dialogue =green
Performance- Kawaei Rina[60](Infancy :, Childhood :, Girlhood:Chitose Niitsu[60]
The heroine of the Hinata edition.She also appears in the Rui edition (Kyoto edition), which is the day before the Hinata edition in the form of a double heroine with Rui.[Annotation 58].
The grandson of Yasuko and Minoru, the daughter of Ruito Lockichiro.She is Momotaro's older sister. Born April 1965, 40 (Showa 4).Ruito Lockichiro's favorite song "On the Sunny Side of the StreetJapanese title "Hinata no Michi"[Annotation 59]Named "Hinata".She has a strong sense of justice, and her responsibility is to help the weak and to defeat the strong, and as of 1975, she grew up as a historical drama-loving girl under the influence of her father, Lockichiro.On the other hand, she has a low-flying side, such as she is not good at steady efforts and always serious, but ends up with a three-day shaved head.
I was so absorbed in the historical drama that I tended to be absent from studying, and by the end of the summer vacation I was lamenting the situation where my homework was not finished, but with the assistance of my best friends Ichie and Sayoko, I ended it safely. I was able to.When I first went to a movie village that opened in the neighborhood with Lockichiro, I learned that there was an autograph session for the second generation Kennosuke Momoyama next spring, and asked Rui for 1500 yen as an admission fee, but two people After confessing that he was pregnant with his eyes, he picked up an empty bottle and earned some pocket money.After meeting the second generation Kennosuke Momoyama for the first time at the autograph session, he fell in love with Billy, a foreigner, and wanted to attend an English class to communicate with him, so he resumed making pocket money, but an empty bottle. He was injured in his leg when he fought with Yoshinosuke over the issue, and received 2 lucky tickets as an apology from Yoshiemon.By hitting the old radio with this Fukubiki Rui, she has the opportunity to listen to an English course.At first she was actively listening to English courses, but she was fooled by the temptations of comics and television and didn't last long.As a result, she can't remember the English she remembered, she breaks up with Billy, she always doesn't keep up with her temptation, and she feels uncomfortable with herself. But she is encouraged by her English.Reunited with Momoyama who came to "Otsuki" by stealth, the curtain was closed when Rui noticed the birth and his younger brother Momotaro was born.[Annotation 60].
In the third year of high school, while my classmates decided to go on to school, I couldn't find any hope, but when I went to the movie village, which was a healing place, I participated in the "Miss Joei Contest". You will find a recruitment poster.
The contest itself was unsuccessful, but I was very upset because Bunshiro Igarashi, who will be described later, was the opponent of the acting, and as a result (the real intention was mixed).Ad libSucceeded in enlivening the venue, thanked Sakakibara (described later), expected to be a companion who was watching the contest, and decided to work part-time at the movie village, which triggered the way I should go. After graduating, he joined Joei and was assigned to the business department to become a subordinate of Sakakibara.
I am surprised and proud to hear from Kennosuke after the audition for the role of Sakon that his fate has changed significantly since he ate the Imagawayaki that he once gave.
1992/As a measure to rejuvenate the movie village, where the number of visitors is decreasing due to the slanting of historical drama.Haunted housePlanning.It will be successful with the cooperation of director Todoroki.
Even after joining Joei, Igarashi had a relationship like a fighting friend, but gradually became an intimate relationship, cheering for the attitude of his actors, and turning for him to audition for the role of Sakon. I learned how to cook and became able to serve freshly baked food.Eventually, my feelings became stronger as I couldn't meet him because of my work, and Igarashi, who I met after a long time, told me to show my face properly, and then I was hugged.[Annotation 61]In addition, what used to be in conflict with him becomes closer to him like a lie.Her name has changed from "Igarashi" to "Bun-chan".
Eight years have passed since then1992/Although he continued to have a relationship with Igarashi, the environment surrounding the historical drama changed drastically, and Igarashi remained a large room actor, so he did not get married.Hinata says, "The Great King of Terror will fall in July 1999."The Great Prophecy of NostradamusI had come to want to be with Igarashi even when the time came when the Great King of Terror fell and the earth was destroyed, but Igarashi should marry as a large room actor. Instead, he unilaterally says goodbye to Hinata because he lost his job in the large room as a result of troubles such as not being able to get a named role forever.She fell asleep in shock for a while, but she recovered with the encouragement of Rui, and she cut off her feelings with a gesture that cuts off the wind chime given by Igarashi.[Annotation 62].
In the summer of 29, when he was 1994 years old, he met Hirakawa's only illusion who died on August 8 of the previous year when he returned to his hometown of Okayama.[Annotation 63]After receiving the advice, my English gradually improved, and by the time I was over 30, I was able to guide and interpret for foreign audiences.She has also improved her roasting skills, and while she is away from her, she is able to keep her store.
In 1999, he met Casting Director Annie Hirakawa, who came from Hollywood for a tour, and became friends with him for the first time.Two years later, in 2, when I met my ex-girlfriend Igarashi, who became an action director assistant in Hollywood, I was upset and couldn't say that I had met again, but for some reason I told Annie about it. Since I was able to confide, I wonder about it myself.She also gives her Imagawayaki as an insert to Annie and other Hollywood officials at this time. She made her mother in 2001 when she was thanked by Annie for her roasting.[Annotation 64]He talks about being and "the magic of red bean paste", but is confused because Annie suddenly gets upset and leaves to escape.
Just before the 2003 Christmas Festival, I met Annie's nephew George who came to the movie village.I'm disappointed when George tells me that Annie will not come to Japan at the end of this visit, but I give George two tickets for the festival.On the day of the festival, I listen to an interview with Annie who appeared as a guest on Isomura Gin's radio program in the waiting room with her parents and Tommy who are waiting for their turn, and Momotaro who came as a guest. Know that he is Rui's mother, Yasuko.When his boss Sakakibara informed him that he was leaving Japan on this day, he struggled to stop him.He was not found at Kansai International Airport, but when he returned to Kaikosha after that, she confirmed Yasuko's appearance.She is sown once, but after her pursuit, she finally stops and heads for Kaikosha with her Yasuko on her back.Then, seeing her reunion and reconciliation over 2 years, Torui Yasuko rejoices while shedding her big tears.After her concert, she introduced herself to her Yasuko again and talked with her whole family until late at night.
The following year, in 2004, Yasuko invited me to study abroad, and after retiring from Toei Kyoto Studio Park, where I worked for many years, I went to the United States in 40 when I was 2005 years old.She studied English and movies in earnest, and after working as Yasuko's assistant, she became a casting director. She will set up a private office "Office Sunny Side" in 2015, which she represents.[62].
In the spring of 2022, when I returned to Japan after staying in the United States for two years and returned to "Otsuki", I received an email from NHK staff Miki Ogawa saying "I want to meet and talk" and head to NHK at a later date.She receives an offer to become a teacher of a radio English conversation course starting in 2 from the future, but she has no experience teaching things to others, so she wonders if she should take it.She then reunited with Toei Kyoto Studio Park, where she visited, and confided her current situation. Decide to accept the offer.
In the spring of 2024, the radio English conversation course "Hinata's Sunnyside English", which serves as a lecturer, will start broadcasting.American William Lawrence supports her as her partner. This program, which has the theme of "The Story of 100 Years," has been well received, and it will be decided to continue broadcasting in 2025.
In March 2025, he reunited with William at Toei Kyoto Studio Park and was praised by William for the wonderfulness of the text.After hearing that he had picked up the key chain he had dropped and that he had stayed in Kyoto with his uncle, he realized that William was his first love partner, Billy, and told William in English. "Let's eat Imagawayaki", and he answered "Why not", and the story ends when the two of us head for "Otsuki".
At the time of the last episode, he is 59 years old.
Kawaei talks about Hinata's feelings.Also, after the 99th episode, English narration by Kawaei came to be inserted, but it turns out that this was what Hinata was talking about as a skit sentence of the text in "Hinata's Sunny Side English".[Annotation 65].

Yasuko edition

People of the Tachibana family

Kinta Tachibana
Performance- Masahiro Komoto[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
The second generation of "Tachibana", the father of Suta and Yasuko, and Minoru.Rui's maternal grandfather.Hinata and Momotaro's great-grandfather.He carefully preserves the taste of red bean paste in the store.He has a straightforward personality.He loves performing arts.His father, Pestle Taro, can't stand up.He is proud of Yasuko as a proud daughter, but on the other hand, he collides with his son, Senta, who is not interested in the family business many times, and refuses to send off his departure after disowning Senta who is in debt, but later. Continue to regret.
While acknowledging Minoru's personality, Yasuko became the second son of a sugar company due to a shortage of supplies during the war.Political marriageHe was reluctant to marry Yasuko and Minoru because he was thinking of letting him do it and because of the difference in his family, but he finally admitted the relationship between the two (later, Minoru's marriage immediately led to Minoru's marriage. I regret not being able to admit it and apologize to Yasuko).
Bombing of OkayamaOccasionally, he ordered an evacuation shelter after designating an air raid shelter, but he went to extinguish the fire, but the air raid shelter was burned and the two died, causing deep emotional wounds.After that, she spends her days in depression and falls asleep, but she regains her motivation by eating the rice cake made by Yasuko.Aiming to rebuild "Tachibana" that was burnt down with Yasuko, he collapsed due to a heart disease and died while seeing the demobilization of Sota and the illusion of a family (in this scene, narration tells him that he died the next morning. Has been revealed).
Tachibana Koshizu
Performance- Naomi Nishida[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Minoru's mother-in-law, mother of Suta and Yasuko.She is Rui's maternal grandmother.She is the great-grandmother of Hinata and Momotaro.She is a kind mother who always wishes for the happiness of her family.Her parents' house is an azuki farmer, and she is married to Kinta (she is "famous for her beauty").Cut "Tachibana" with her husband.For her Yasuko's marriage, she was initially worried that the two would be able to overcome the differences in her family, but she cheers for her strong determination.
During the bombing of Okayama, she evacuated with her mother-in-law.Air defense shelterDied in.
Senta Tachibana
Performance- Takeda[49](childhood:[63]
Born August 1920, 9 (Taisho 8).Kinta and Kozu's eldest son and Yasuko's older brother.Rui's maternal uncle.Hinata and Momotaro's granduncle.
It appears in the Yasuko edition (Okayama edition), but also in the Hinata edition as Santa Claus.
While he is a troublemaker and has constant conflicts with his surroundings, he takes good care of Yasuko and shows a gentle side of his sister's feelings.
As of 1934, he trained in "Tachibana", but due to his lack of interest, he repeatedly skipped and did bad things, and collided with Kinta many times.At the movie theaterGolden eraAspiring to be a dancer after watching "", he left home and moved to Osaka on the condition that "if it doesn't become a thing, he will come back soon".After thatdance hallHe was a lecturer at the company, but suddenly returned home in 1941 when his workplace was closed.Shortly after he disappeared, Tanaka, who was scared, came to "Tachibana" to collect the debt, and it became clear that he had a large amount of debt, and he was disowned by Kinta.[Annotation 66]
I was missing for a while after that,1943/ToRed paperI returned home once because I received it.However, Kinta does not allow him to enter the house and goes on the road. 1948ChristmasDemobilized to, live in Yasuko's wife, the pheasant family, and aim to revive "Tachibana" by joining forces with brothers and sisters.He was pondering the maid of the Pheasant family, Yukiko[Annotation 67]By seeing the snow clothes that came out of Yuu's room in nightwear[Annotation 68], I'm convinced that the two are men and women.After she was desperate, she ran away with the savings Yasuko had earned to rebuild "Tachibana."evaporationTo[Annotation 69]The act of betrayal is performed, and the whereabouts are unknown again.
Twelve years later, in 12, the exchange began when he happened to meet the second generation Kennosuke (at that time, Dangoro) at the movie theater where "Duel of the Seven Changes in Witchcraft" was being screened.At this time, he said that he wanted Dangoro to play the leading role, and he said, "Anko's magic.[Annotation 19]Talking[Annotation 70].
Twenty-one years later, in 21, he reappeared in the Hinata edition as the old choreographer "Santa Kurosu," an old friend of the second generation Kennosuke Momoyama. He was not good at shooting TV commercials for "Toei Kyoto Studio Park" and instructed the production.At a later date, he hands Hinata a ticket for the revival screening of "Duel of the Seven Changes Hidden Village".
I don't know that Hinata is her niece at that point, but she feels like Yasuko.[Annotation 71].. She stopped in front of "Otsuki" and tried to buy Imagawayaki, but when she found out that Hinata's mother was named "Rui", she put a young Rui on her lap after demobilization. Recalling that, she mutters her name and disappears again.[Annotation 72].
About 10 years after I met Hinata, on Christmas Eve in 1993, I visited "Otsuki" and reappeared, and I met him again for the first time in 42 years.[Annotation 73]..Actually, at this time, his body was suffering from a serious illness.[Annotation 74], I escaped from the hospital where I was hospitalized, visited "Otsuki", and stayed overnight with the kindness of Lockichiro.She wonders why she suddenly disappeared 42 years ago and why she hurried to Osaka, but she doesn't remember well.On Christmas day, she helps Fukubiki in the shopping district, but when she sees the exchange between Hinata and Kichiemon who came there, she remembers when she was in Okayama.[Annotation 75]..Immediately after that, she meets the illusion of a young Yasuko, is asked to dance her, and performs a dance in the shopping district.After finishing the dance and burning the illusion of "Tachibana" into his eyes, he collapsed and apologized to "Yasuko is not bad, I am all bad." Kiyoko rushed to remember the four members of the Otsuki family and him. Was taken care of by Kichiemon and died. Died December 4, 1993.He is 12 years old.
Passbook of the account containing the reconstruction funds of "Tachibana" that was taken away just before his death[Annotation 76]Then, I handed over the passbook of the account that was opened in 1984 and deposited every month.Lockichiro speculated that "I think my uncle appeared because he wanted to apologize to Rui's mother (Yasuko)," and did not answer Rui's question, saying, "The last time I spend with my family. I think it was because I wanted it. "
When he returned to Okayama for a while, but when he visited the revived "Dippermouth Blues" and found out that the owner, Kenichi, knew Sota, he thought, "I think my uncle caused some trouble. Are you asking? "[Annotation 77].
When Yasuko visited "Otsuki" in 2004, she learned that Rui and his friends had taken care of him, and squinted at dancing to the very end.
Tachibana Pestle Only
Performance- Shinya Owada[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
The founder of the sweets maker "Tachibana" and the father of Kinta.The paternal grandfather of Suta and Yasuko.Rui's great-grandfather.Hinata and Momotaro's high-grandfather.His son, Kinta, and the craftsmen are strict (although his grandson, Sota, has a strict but gentle counsel), but his granddaughter, Yasuko, has a sweet side. There).He loves tabi made of pheasant fiber and says, "cherry"I love smoking.Hisato got married in love.
During the war, my back pain worsened again and I spent more time sleeping, and later my lungs also suffered.He left a word for happiness to Yasuko and died shortly thereafter.
His wish was vain, and Yasuko would go on a difficult path.
Hisa Tachibana
Performance- Machiko Washio[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Pestle Taro's wife and Kinta's mother.She is the paternal grandmother of Suta and Yasuko.She is Rui's great-grandmother.She is Hinata and Momotaro's high-grandmother.She's a solid person, her head spins fast, and things don't move.The soup powder she makes is exquisite and became the origin of the bean paste in "Tachibana".
During the bombing of Okayama, he died with a small sword in an air raid shelter evacuated at the direction of Kinta.
Masaharu Kurotetsu
Performance- [64]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Live-in employee of "Tachibana".Among the three employees, the one who worked at "Tachibana" until the end went on the road.His life or death is unknown.
Saburo Kikui
Performance- Daisuke Sugimori[64]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Live-in employee of "Tachibana". 1941, the first of three employeesWarrantArrived and set out.His life or death is unknown.
Shigeru Tanbara
Performance- [64]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Live-in employee of "Tachibana". In "Tachibana", he went to the next expedition after Kikui.His life or death is unknown.

People of the Kijima family

The notation in the work is consistently "Pheasant Makoto(Excluding the resume written by Rui when he got a job in Osaka).here Official Website For the sake of convenience, the notation will be unified according to this notation.

Pheasant Senkichi
Performance- Yasunori Danda[49]
Appeared in Yasuko and Rui (Osaka).
President of Pheasant Textile.The father of Minoru and Isamu, Yasuko and Yukiko.Ruito Noboru's paternal grandfather.The great-grandfather of Hinata, Momotaro, and Noboru's daughters.An influential person known in the local area who started the company as a generation.He is aiming to further expand his business with his eldest son, Minoru (described later).
Initially, Minoru was with the daughter of the deputy president of the bankPolitical marriageHe opposes the marriage with Yasuko because he tried to make him, but he persuaded Yasuko's childhood friend, Yuu, and changed his mind after learning about Yasuko's personality and apologized for his disrespect.
After Minoru's death in the war, considering the feelings of Mitori trying to expel Yasuko and Yasuko's future, Yasuko is advised to remarriage with another man, but this recommendation causes Yasuko's mother and daughter to run away from home.Two years later, she secretly visits Yasuko's mother and daughter who live in Osaka, and tries to bring them back because she is worried about Rui's upbringing environment. Inadvertently inadvertently caused a traffic accident and injured her mother and daughter.After Yasuko's mother and daughter return home to the pheasant family after persuading her courage, she strongly opposes Yasuko, who sells pheasants with her, to involve her grandchildren because of her appearance. ..Her repeated interference with her Yasuko, who took too much care of his pheasant family's public appearance, and her fondness for her like, who neglects her Yasuko.[Annotation 78]As a result, it contributed to tearing the relationship between the two, and he regretted that he had to try to separate Yasuko Tori in his later years' sickbed.[Annotation 79].
Rui died in March 1962, shortly before leaving Okayama.Immediately before his death, he willingly testament that he will continue to make tabi, which was the starting point for pheasant fiber, and Yu promises to continue making tabi.Approximately 3 years later, it was adopted as a prop for the Hollywood movie "Samurai Baseball", and the courage heard from Hinata makes Chikichi's feelings happy and tears.[Annotation 80].
Pheasant Mami Tori (Pheasant Midori)
Performance- YOU[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Chikichi's wife.Minoru and Yuu's mother, Yasuko and Yukiko's mother-in-law.Rui's paternal grandmother.She is the great-grandmother of Hinata and Momotaro.She was raised as a young lady of a good family and has a high pride, and she is always gorgeous.
When Minoru wanted to marry Yasuko, he strongly opposed it until the end because of his status, and tried to harass Yasuko insidiously and keep him away from the Pheasant family. admit.
Minoru's death in the war causes him to become mentally unstable, and he blames Yasuko for his son's death and tries to swear him out as a "plague god."Immediately after her mother and daughter run away from home, she tried to go to the police saying that her grandson had been kidnapped, but I don't know that her unbearable courage was hunting down her sister-in-law (Yasuko). I'm told.
When I got home, I thanked him for coming back, and after that he was healed by the existence of my granddaughter Rui, but one day when Rui turned on the radio in front of me and started listening to "Come Come English" Suddenly switched off and leaked that he didn't want to hear the words of the country that killed his son[Annotation 81]..When Suta, who was demobilized from the battlefield, visited Yasuko, he hugged him like a real son.Yasuko thanked her for accepting her Suta, and the two truly reconciled.[Annotation 82]..He was relieved with his best son with Minoru, who made an outstanding appearance in the baseball club of Pheasant Textile, and was tolerant of baseball unlike English.As Christmas approaches the following year, he quietly breathes.
YOU to play is "" broadcast on November 2021, 11.AsaichiWhen he made a guest appearance on the show, he apologized to the viewers for "Yasuko bullying" in the last broadcast, and mentioned that "I feel unpleasant until the end" as a future development.[65]After Yasuko's mother and child returned to Okayama, she spent her time calmly until her death.
Minoru Kijima
Performance- Matsumura Hokuto(Sixtons[49]
Appeared in the latter half of Yasuko (Okayama) and Hinata (Okayama).
Chikichi's eldest son and later Yasuko's husband.Rui's father, Hinata and Momotaro's grandfather.
Raised as a tracer of the house, as of 1939Osaka University of CommercePreparatory course (current universityLiberal arts course).He is enthusiastically studying English with the aim of expanding the sales channels of pheasant textile products overseas.jazzYanagisawa parent and child who run the shop because he often went to the coffee shop "Dippermouth Blues" because he loved to study at home and was disturbed by courage when studying at home. And close.
Became a sympathetic love with Yasuko, and after many twists and turnsStudent campI got married before going out.After the demobilization of Isamu after the war, the war dead bulletin arrives.
In the Hinata edition, it will reappear in the form of a phantom that Rui saw on the day of the end of the war in 1994.She says to Rui, "You can go back and forth freely with any country. You can listen to music from any country. You can play freely. Rui, you will live in such a world."
Pheasant Masamu
Performance- Niro Murakami[49](childhood:[66], Old age (Hinata edition):Yuki Meguro[67]
Appeared throughout the whole story (appeared at the beginning of the Rui edition (Osaka edition) and in the second half of the Hinata edition).
Born April 1925, 14 (Wednesday).Chikichi's second son.Rui's uncle, Hinata and Momotaro's granduncle.I respect his brother Minoru.
A classmate from Yasuko's elementary school, he loves baseball and was aiming for Koshien when he was in high school.He had been fond of Yasuko since childhood, but couldn't be obedient to her and called her "AnkoI used to make fun of it, but when Minoru and Yasuko became sympathetic, that wasn't the case.When Minoru once gave up her marriage to Yasuko, she couldn't control her anger and boarded a boarding house in Osaka to beat Minoru.After that, they support her by persuading her father.After the marriage of the two, she suppressed her feelings and began to call Yasuko "her sister-in-law".[Annotation 83]..I assume that the origin of Rui's name is the baseball term "base".[Annotation 84].
He demobilized by convening and was demobilized about four months after the end of the war.Knowing that her parents are trying to separate Rui from her Yasuko, she secretly escapes her mother and daughter to Osaka by giving her Yasuko her immediate living funds.A few years later, when her mother and daughter, who are delivering her hag, have a car accident, they persuade Yasuko to return to the Pheasant family.After that, he proposed to Yasuko, but before he got an answer, he witnessed her meeting with Robert and questioned her relationship. I quarreled and went home after a quarrel[Annotation 85]..At this time, she married Yukio, a maid who cared for him, and had her eldest son, Noboru.
In 11, 1962 years after Yasuko came to the United States, he was appointed president of Hakushin Textile in place of Chikichi, who was sick.Soon after, Chikichi died.On the morning of the funeral, his wife, who was absorbed in watching the drama, and his son, who was devoted to studying, sighed, but immediately after that, he himself enjoyed playing catch with a smile on the riverbed of Asahikawa.At that time, Rui told me that he was determined to leave the Pheasant family, and he tried to hand over the money he had saved for her. It is refused because I was saving as a part-time job[Annotation 86].
In the summer of 1994, he reunites with him for the first time in 32 years.She was prepared to never see her again at the end of her day when she left Okayama, but she returned home with her husband and her two children. I am glad from the bottom of her heart.She asked if she was in contact with Yasuko, but she revealed that she hadn't been in contact at all after she arrived in the United States, and she afflicted her adults. She deeply apologizes for having done so.A few years later, I visited "Otsuki" on the way back from a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in Osaka, and when Hinata came back later, a socks made of pheasant fiber were used for "Samurai Baseball". I was deeply moved when I was told that, and I was pleased with the news from Hinata. In December 2003, she lost her wife, Yukiko, but she is deeply grateful to Yukio for being her wife.Attended the Christmas Festival held in Okayama on December 12th of the same year and sat at the same table as Kenichi, Kazuko, Kogure and Momotaro.[Annotation 87]..She smiles and rejoices when she sees her reunited and reconciled with Yasuko, who came with Rui on her back for the first time in 52 years.
In 2004, he met Yasuko who returned to Japan again and visited the shrine in Okayama together.Yasuko told me that the name "Annie Hirakawa" came from Hirakawa's only surname and "Anko", and he himself went to see "Samurai Baseball" on the first day of the release. Speak.
There is something in common with Momotaro that he likes baseball, so he immediately hit it off.Momotaro, who tells her that her first love did not come true, said, "If you like a woman, don't procrastinate. If you procrastinate, you will never be rewarded." enjoy.
Murano Tami (Murano Tami)
Performance- Kanagawa Nishikawa[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
A veteran maid of the Pheasant family.She is always bright and she supports the daily lives of the Pheasant family. She retired in 1948 and she left the Pheasant family to live with her son and his wife.
Yukie Kijima
Performance- Okada Yumi[49](Old age (Hinata edition):Hiromi Takigawa[68]
Appeared throughout the whole story (appeared from the second half in the Yasuko edition (Okayama edition), the beginning in the Rui edition (Osaka edition), and the second half in the Hinata edition (Okayama edition)).
A young maid who works at the Pheasant family as a successor to Tami.She has a modest personality but is a hard worker who notices well.
Since Torui Yasuko has been living in Osaka, she has been working at the Pheasant family instead of Tami.She had a romantic feeling for courage, but she suppressed her feelings[Annotation 88]He does household chores and takes care of Yasuko who goes out to sell rice cakes.After hearing Isamu being told by Chikichi to marry Yasuko, he explodes dissatisfaction with him and Yasuko who are living in the Pheasant family against Senta, and is thought to be aiming for property. If it is not strange, he will be scolded by courage by making abusive words.When Yuu, who was proposed to Yasuko and was rejected, drank alcohol and had a fight in the city and returned home at midnight, he was treated for his injury.She slammed his complaints coldly, but soon after she was drawn to courage and formed a relationship between a man and a woman knowing that his thoughts were still in Yasuko.She discovered her pregnancy a few days later and she married Isamu (her premarital credit is only her name and her maiden name is unknown).On the morning of Chikichi's funeral (March 37, 3), the serial television novel "Daughter and meI was absorbed in the final episode.In contrast to her dissatisfaction with her Yasuko, Rui has been caring for her since she was a maid.[Annotation 89], Even when Rui disappeared on the day of the entrance ceremony, I was desperately searching for it.She clouded her expression when she was asked where she was bravely on the day of her funeral mentioned above.[Annotation 90].
When Rui returned home with his family in the summer of 1994, he told the truth about the sudden disappearance of Sota in 1951, and he blamed himself for his disappearance.Also, at this time, Yasuko hurried to Osaka because she was looking for Senta.When asked, "What about going to see Robert (mother went to Osaka)?", He just answered, "I don't really understand the relationship between Yasuko and Robert." In addition, it is revealed that Yasuko at that time lived with the intention of rebuilding "Tachibana".
In 2003, he became ill and was hospitalized.When Momotaro rushed to the hospital, she revealed for the first time her responsibilities to Yasuko, who did not talk about her nine years ago, and to her childhood, which contributed to her divorce. I also confess my regrets about what I said.On top of that, her feelings that she never got rid of her feelings after she got married to Isamu, and she wanted to apologize to Yasuko while she was alive, but she seems to come true. Say her atonement for her Yasuko not.She said to Rui, "Don't blame yourself. Everyone makes a mistake," she said forgiveness, and she was thanked by Yuu, "Thank you for being with me." To.
After Rui left Okayama, he continued to protect the Tachibana family's grave with Isamu, leaving the room he was using. She has a daily routine to watch NHK serial TV novels, and has been watching her work since her first work, "Musume to Watashi".[Annotation 91]..At the end, I watched the work that was being broadcast at that time with Isamu every morning, and in the play "Look up and see the night starsIs told by Shirota's narration that he died on the night of the day when[Annotation 92].
Noboru Kijima
Performance- [64]
Rui edition (Osaka edition) Appears only at the beginning.At the time of the Yasuko edition, it is the only person in the Pheasant family who does not appear in the Yasuko edition because it is before birth, and in the Hinata edition, its existence is only talked about and it does not appear directly.[Annotation 93].
The eldest son of Isamu and Yukiko.He is the nephew of Minoru and the cousin of Rui.Unlike his father, he is not interested in baseball and is enthusiastic about studying.On the morning of Chikichi's funeral, he does not seem to be interested in the funeral and works on his studies because he cannot do it once the funeral begins for the courage to rush to prepare.
As of 1994, he inherited the trace of the pheasant fiber, rented an apartment near the company, and lived with his wife and children.[Annotation 94].

Paddy family

Uhei Mizuta
Performance- Asakoshi Goe(The Plan 9[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Kinu's father. He runs a tofu shop "Mizudaya Tofu" in the same Asaoka-cho shopping district as "Sweet boss Tachibana".Watch Yasuko warmly and liven up the local shopping district with Kinta.
Hanako Mizuta
Performance- [49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Uhei's wife.Together, we are cutting "Paddy shop tofu".Homely and very cheerful personality.
Paddy Kinu (Mizuta Kinu)
Performance- Karin Ono[49](childhood:[66]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Yasuko's childhood friend.He is a cool and solid person, and he is a close friend who supports Yasuko.She belonged to the Women's Volunteer Corps during the war, but she was evacuated to her family due to the worsening war situation.She then gets acquainted with power.She then returned to Okayama with the end of the war and she married power. She gave birth in 1951. It is revealed from her courage that she left Okayama as of 1994 and moved to the hometown of her husband, Riki.
After the death of power, I feel sickMimasakaIt was revealed from the mouth of her granddaughter Hanana that Annie, who had been in the hospital for a long time and appeared as a guest on Isomura's radio program, was shining when she noticed that she was her best friend Yasuko. Is done.When she heard it, Yasuko entrusted her message to Hanana, saying, "She will definitely go to see her."
Riki Paddy (from Chikara Mizuta)
Performance- Yoshihisa Kobayashi[69]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Kinu's husband.Cheerful and hardworking.
He was the third son of a farmer who was evacuated from the Mizuta family, and after the Mizuta family returned to Okayama, he chased Kinu and became a son-in-law and married.
The time is unknown, but when Yasuko visited Okayama in 2004, she was already deceased.

Red screw house

Akashi Kichibee
Performance- Keisuke Horibe[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).It is the only one of the Akasui family who has not appeared in multiple episodes.
The owner of the rough shop "Akashi" in the Asaoka-cho shopping district and the chairman of the town.He was one of the first to get a radio in town.Due to his personality, he is called "Kechibei" by the people around him.He has a blunt and stubborn personality, but is sweet to his only son, Yoshiemon.He sometimes makes money by doing Akogi because he wants Yoshiemon to live a good life.
During the war, Yasuko, who is late for radio calisthenics every morning to listen to the "Basic English Course" (enemy language at that time), is called a US-English spy and denounced.[Annotation 95].
Immediately before the bombing of Okayama, he bought up to make money, and when his wife Kiyoko, who had an unbearable opinion, complained that she should go out, she got angry with Yoshiemon and was told to go out with her mother. He was accused of being "Kechibei" and was hoarded.Immediately after the bombing, he sank himself and protected his son from the war, but at that time he died.It was the last exchange that blamed and hurt him, respectively, which was a big scar for Kiyoko and Yoshiemon mother and child until later years.
Kiyoko Akashi
"#Red screw family (Hinata edition)See.
Akashi Kichiemon
"#Red screw family (Hinata edition)See.

Coffee shop "Dippermouth Blues"

Sadaichi Yanagisawa
Performance- Sera Kiminori[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition) (appears only in the flashback scene in Rui edition).
Minoru's favorite coffee shop "Dippermouth Blues" in Okayama[Annotation 96]Master of.He loves liquor and jazz and collects many rare records from abroad.
After the end of the war, I auditioned and mediated the band members who played at the club of the expeditionary force, and when I witnessed the band performance of the Christmas party at the club, I saw Yasuko in the audience and came up with it and jumped in.On the Sunny Side of the StreetIs sung and is engraved in the memory of the war-damaged orphan (later Lockichiro) who was there.After that, he resumes his main business of coffee shop.
At first, "Joichirou", who looks into the store and comes to the Christmas party, is treated as a nuisance, but after the Christmas party,Hot dogHe gave (stolen goods from the expeditionary force) and gently called out.Since then, he has taken good care of himself and decided on the name and date of birth of "Joichiro Otsuki" to create a family register.Hire him for chores in his store and create an opportunity for Lockichiro to interact with jazz musicians and become a trumpeter.
An obituary arrived when Lockichiro was visiting Osaka on a band tour.He asked his predecessor, Night and Day, to be the guardian of Lockichiro when he died.
Kenichi Yanagisawa
Performance- Tomoya Maeno[49](Old age (Hinata edition): Masanori Sera[72](Dual role))
Appeared in Yasuko (Okayama) and Hinata.
Sadaichi's only son.Helping his father's shop.He is a junior in the second grade of Sota in elementary school, suggesting that he suffered inconvenience, though not directly when he was in school.[Annotation 97].. He set sail around 1943 and demobilized in 1945.At the end of the war, a demobilization ship arrived, believing that Sadaichi had died due to a miscommunication.YokosukaLived as it was. In 1951, he returned to Okayama knowing that he had no father or store, but confirmed that "Dippermouth Blues" was open and reunited with Sadaichi.
In 1994, at the suggestion of his grandson Shinichi, he opened a coffee shop "Dippermouth Blues", and his appearance is so similar to his father that Lockichiro mistakenly thinks he is Sadaichi. As of 2005, the counter in the store is lined with the deceased.

People in other cities of Okayama

Tobacco shopGrandma
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Tobacco shop owner.I remember the brand of cigarettes that Pestle Only smokes.
Customers of "Tachibana"
Performance- Rieko Adachi[73]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Customers of "Paddy shop tofu"
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).

Persons involved in the story (Yasuko edition)

Takeo Kyoda
Performance- Shofukutei Matsutaka
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Japan's firstannouncer..The person who made the first voice of the Tokyo Broadcasting Station (JOAK).
Hirakawa only(Hirakawa Taichi)
Performance- Masashi Sada[49][74]
Appeared in Yasuko and Hinata (Okayama).
NHK Radio English Course "" which started in February 1946Come Come EnglishLecturer. On August 1945, 8JOAK (currently NHK)As an announcerEnd of warI read the English version of.
In the Yasuko edition, only the voice appeared, but in the Hinata edition, it appears as a phantom that Hinata met on the anniversary of the end of the war in 1994 in Okayama.In fact, Hirakawa died in 1993, and when Rui talked about it, Hinata, who had just met his illusion, had his eyes rounded.
Hirakawa himself is also from Okayama prefecture, like Yasuko.
directed by
Performance- Keep refrigerated[75]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Director of the Yumoka Junior High School baseball club.
James Bernard Harris
Voice- Robert Harris[Annotation 98]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Lecturer of "Practical English Conversation".
Voice- Donna Burke
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Lecturer of "Practical English Conversation".
Frightened Tanaka
Performance- Yu Tokui[49]
Appeared in Yasuko (Okayama) and Rui (Osaka).
One day, he suddenly rushed to the Tachibana family to collect his debt.
More than 20 years later, at the 41st Takemura Cleaning ShopKramerHowever, it is repelled by Haruhiko Katagiri who came to the store.
Ten years later, I passed in front of the 66th "Otsuki" run by Rui in Kyoto.Makoto KomonA similar man's "Afro"Tanaka" has appeared (described later), but the relationship with "Kowamote no Tanaka" is not mentioned in the work.
Kennosuke Momoyama, the first generation
Performance- Kikunosuke Onoue[49]
Appeared in the whole story (all on the screen and flashback scenes).
1915/Born (Taisho 4).1933/Debuted in (Showa 8)Historical dramaMovie star.His debut work, "Kennosuke Born from Peach," became the stage name as it was, and was nicknamed "Momoken." The "Jujube Millet" series became very popular and continued to play an active role for a long time from prewar to postwar, but in 1964, he suddenly collapsed during a meeting of the work and died at the hospital. "Jujube Millet, Seven Changes in Witchcraft, Hidden Village Duel"[Annotation 99]Was the last appearance in his lifetime.
He was confused with his son, Dangoro, because he chose to appear on TV after watching the movie. In "Duel of the Seven Change Hidden Village", he refused the intention of Jyoei to devote Dangoro to his opponent, and nominated Banku Muzo, an unknown large-room actor he was looking at.[Annotation 19].
Kennosuke Momoyama is a fictional historical drama star, but like this work, the serial television novel "Late 2000", which is set in the Taihata studio in the Showa era, is one of the stages.オ ー ド リ ーThe historical drama star "Momoyama Kennosuke" (act::Yoichi Hayashi) ”Has appeared[76].
Eishiro Hori
Only voice appears in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Real person.He was a lecturer on the radio English program "Basic English". "Basic English" was broadcast until the end while the war was in full swingForeign languageLanguage programHowever, the broadcast ended on the morning of December 1941, 12, when the attack on Pearl Harbor took place.
Voice- Haruyuki Kurita(Japanese Centerannouncer)
Only voice appears in Yasuko (Okayama) and Rui (Osaka).
An announcer who reports extraordinary news during the war.
Takeshi Kanda
Performance- Takei So[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Lieutenant Colonel of the Imperial Japanese Navy. He deals with "Pheasant Textile" and asks him to order military uniforms due to the full-scale war.
Ogura bear
Performance- Midori Wakai[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Osaka edition).
The landlord of Minoru's boarding house "Ogura-so" who goes to university.
Yasuko who brought Rui to live in the storeroom.She initially thought of Yasuko as "the wife of Suzuki-kun (details unknown)".
Performance- [64]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Immediately after the end of the war, in 1945, a boy who stole the "Tachibana" rice cake that had been sold on the street after resuming business from a shack.He gets caught right awayBanjuAfter being handed over and ordered to sell, he learned the fun of business.After selling everything and returning, I will take care of Kinta's end.He tries to give Yasuko the proceeds as promised, but Yasuko works hard and tells him to live well and gives the whole amount to the boy.
In the final episode of Hinata (Episode 112), it turns out that in 1954 after moving to Yokosuka, "Sweet Shop Tachibana" was opened and the company has grown into a company with branches nationwide.Also, from the leaflet attached to the leaflet of his product, his name is "Nobuharu TakanoIt becomes clear that.Kenichi is a sponsor of the 2003 Christmas Festival under the name of "Tachibana Co., Ltd." because he likes this restaurant's rice cake.
Sumiko Ogawa
Performance- Mahiru Konno[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Osaka edition).
A housewife that Yasuko meets in Osaka.He takes care of the fallen Yasuko and introduces Yasuko to the work of repairs.
Tsutomu Ogawa
Performance- [77]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Osaka edition).
Sumiko's husband.
Toshio Ogawa
Performance- [78]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Osaka edition).
Sumiko's son.
Have Yasuko repair the frayed sweater.
Later, from the memories of his childhood, he suggested that he should study English on the radio for his daughter's future, and the future tells Hinata about those memories, but that is the story of his future father and Hinata's grandmother. Neither of them knew anything about it.
Hiroko Ogawa
Performance- [79]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Osaka edition).
Sumiko's daughter.
Akira Okano
Performance- [80]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Osaka edition).
The owner of Okano Shoten.Order a large amount of rice cakes from Yasuko.
Masako Okano
Performance- [80]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Osaka edition).
Ming's wife.
Robert Rosewood
Performance- Tatsumasa Murasame[49]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Allied Occupation Forces (Troops) Lieutenant of the United States Army to which he belongs.
Seattlewhere one is from.A woman (his wife after him), who had been thinking about her when she was in high school, made it a condition for dating to pass college, so she went on to study exclusively for that purpose.She studied Japanese at university and was able to speak Japanese to some extent.By the time she came to Japan, her wife was already deceased[Annotation 100].
After the war, he was stationed in Okayama. In 1948, she tried to buy a flower for her late wife from a flower seller on the street, but she couldn't speak Japanese well and was at a loss because she misunderstood that she was accused of picking wild flowers and selling them. While I was in Japan, I got a chance to get a good result from Yasuko's interpreter who happened to pass by.He happened to meet Yasuko again on Christmas day at a later date.Hearing why Yasuko became able to speak her English and her personal story, she takes her to a Christmas party at her expeditionary club.He soon moved to Osaka due to the withdrawal of Okayama, but after that he was concerned about the reconstruction situation of Okayama and stopped by occasionally.He accepts the request to open an English classroom and asks Yasuko to help create the teaching materials.
Eventually, he began to think about Yasuko, and when he came to look for the disappeared Sota, he shared his feelings when he took care of Yasuko who had fallen in Osaka, and told him that he wanted him to come to the United States together.She, on the other hand, witnesses the moment when Yasuko expresses her gratitude, but is a direct cause of her rejection of Yasuko.He was once turned down by her Yasuko, but then headed to Okayama and remarried her after returning to Japan with her heartbroken Yasuko.After returning to Japan, he taught at a university in Seattle.[Annotation 101].
After marriage to YasukoBobbyIt seems that the couple was in good spirits, and Yasuko recalled in a conversation with Isamu, who reunited in 2004, that she was "a person like a sunbeam."
Yoshiro Hayashi
Performance- Hideto Seki[81]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Managing Director of Pheasant Textiles after the war.Watch over the courage that was active as the director of the baseball club.
Florist aunt
Performance- [82]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
A woman picking wild flowers and selling them. She was frightened in 1948 when she misunderstood that she was blamed for her own actions because she was in a hurry when Robert tried to buy flowers and she couldn't speak her Japanese well. , She is settled by Yasuko's interpreter who happened to pass by.
ト ラ ン ペ ッ タ ー
Performance- MITCH
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Arranged by Sadaichi, he will perform at the Christmas party of the club of the expeditionary force.It had a great influence on the life of Lockichiro who happened to see the performance.

Others (Yasuko edition)

Rakugo performer
Voice- Katsura XNUMX
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
A rakugoka who appeared on the radio that Yoshibei was listening to.
Voice- Toshiyuki Goda(Former NHK announcer)
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Yokoyama Entertainment
Performance- Go Nakagawa(Nakagawa family[83]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Comic artist.
Hanabishi Achaco
Performance- Nakagawa Reiji(Nakagawa family)[83]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Manzai teacher.
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
I was lostForeigner..I asked Yasuko the way.Ask Minoru to explain in English.
Rakugo performer
Voice- Katsura kohaku
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
In the radio program that the Tachibana family was listening to, "Manju scaryThe rakugoka who played.
Voice- Kyoyama Yukie Waka
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
A rokyoku master who appeared on a radio program that the Tachibana family was listening to.
三味 線
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Performance- [84]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
The dance hall manager, who was in and out of the dance hall as a dance instructor. When Sota disappeared in 1951, she was asked by Yasuko, who visited the dance hall, if she didn't know his whereabouts, but she didn't seem to know.
Young daughter
Performance- [84]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Aspiring to be a dancer, he visits the dance hall, but is soon repelled by the manager.However, when he dances with Sota, who was dressed as a boy, he gets a lot of excitement.
Performance- [85]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Delivered a convocation letter for Sota to the Tachibana family.
Black market shopkeeper
Performance- Shofu-tei Fukyo,Yuji Okayama
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
The owner of the black market right after the end of the war.
Street vendor
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Black market guests
Act-Ikken Ueda[86]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Performance- [87]
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
Performance- Naoya Eguchi
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Osaka edition).
Florist shopkeeper
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).
police officer
Performance- Daisuke Oka
Appeared in Yasuko edition (Okayama edition).

Rui Hen-Hinata Hen

Otsuki family

Rui Otsuki (Rui Otsuki)
Otsuki Lockichiro (Otsuki Joichiro)[Annotation 102]
Performance- Odagiri Joe[54](Childhood (Yasuko edition):[91]
Appeared throughout the whole story.
A jazz trumpet player known as "Joe".He called the original Rui he met "Satchmo-chan" by Louis Armstrong's nickname (later became "Kimi" or "Rui").
Visiting Okayama's "Dippermouth Blues" in Yasuko's editionNear missdoing[Annotation 103]However, at that time, they were completely unaware of each other's existence.
He spent his childhood in Okayama, where he became an orphan from the war.Sadaichi, the master of the jazz cafe "Dippermouth Blues", is at the Christmas party of the expeditionary force."On the Sunny Side of the StreetIt is said that I witnessed singing enthusiastically, which is the oldest memory, and I became interested in music. He leaned against "Dippermouth Blues" and was driven away by Sadaichi, but eventually he was taken care of by Sadaichi. Since there was no information related to his identity other than the name "Joichirou", Sadaichi created a new family register and his first and last name was named after "Sadaichi".[Annotation 104]And Christ's birthday (December 1940, 12)[92]) Given[Annotation 105]..After that, he learns the trumpet from the bandman and spends time with the band tour.After leaving Sadaichi, he was taken care of by the former manager of "Night and Day" (Kigure's) who had been requested by Sadaichi in his lifetime, and lived on the second floor of this store, based in Osaka. Have been doing music activities in Osaka[93](The band name is "Otsuki Lockichiro Quintet"[94]).
Re-appeared as a customer of Takemura Cleaning Shop in Rui edition.When he first met Ruru in the store, he left without giving his name, so she calls him the pseudonym "alien".[Annotation 106].
Ruito is attracted to each other and proposes at the 52nd time.She hesitates to worry about the wound on her forehead, but she doesn't care when she sees the wound and she hugs her.She had no interest in the jazz trumpeter contest, but Tommy's provocation and accompanying movie watching made her decide to participate, and she vowed to win the championship.After a decisive battle with Tommy, who initially had the same number of votes, she won the unanimous victory and her debut in Tokyo was decided.She left her sword and went to Tokyo, but during recording, she suddenly became unable to play her trumpet due to an unexplained illness at that time.She is seen at multiple hospitals, but without knowing the cause of her illness, she is limited to Mitsuomi Sasakawa, the president of the entertainment agency in Tokyo, and returns to Osaka in disappointment.She then reunites with her, but she is pessimistic and coldly throws herself unhappy with her now.[Annotation 107]..However, she was moved by the fact that she tried to support her no matter how many times she refused, and eventually she responded to her feelings, got married and she moved to the Akane Street shopping street in Kyoto.She initially tried to help the Imagawayaki shop where she started, but her cooking,ClothMaking, serving customers, nothing goes wrong[Annotation 108], It was a situation where I left my livelihood to my life.Even if Hinata and Momotaro were born, they had the same life, but their gentle and gentle personality did not change, and although they had no income.[Annotation 109], Rui, Hinata, Momotaro's good husband and father, and his family is happy.
I haven't given up on music, and I'm a baseball coach for children in my neighborhood.[Annotation 110]Occasionally in notepad while doingStavesPullMusical scoreOr write[Annotation 111]I was looking for a cure for my illness and went to the hospital, but I stopped when Momotaro was born.Still, he keeps buying Tommy's CD, which made his professional debut, although he has no way to listen.
When Hinata and Igarashi went into a catastrophe in 1992, I thought about it and visited under Igarashi in the movie village.[Annotation 112]..He talked about his frustrated experience to Igarashi, who thinks it was a protest against shaking Hinata. "No matter what happens in the future, if it's the path you choose, it's the path for you. Life will surely shine," he said.
In the summer of 1993 (Episode 93), Hinata and Momotaro were trumpeters, and just before their professional debut, they were frustrated by an unexplained illness and broke up once. For the first time, he revealed that he was saved by suicide, and reminded them that "still, life will continue."In the 2 years since he moved to Kyoto, he tried many times to see if he could play the trumpet, but he revealed that he couldn't.On top of that, she said she had given up on her resurrection as a trumpeter, and confessed to her that "I feel like the trumpet is saying goodbye to me."[Annotation 113]..However, it does not mean that the instrument cannot be played completely, and in episode 94, the toy piano that Suta hit in Fukubiki is played skillfully.[Annotation 114]..Reunited with Tommy in Okayama, where his family of four visited after Suta's death.She talks about her thoughts on taking music to America[Annotation 115], Tell him that he wants to join Tommy's band as a piano player.After returning from Okayama, she declared that she would resume her musical activities as a piano player, and as a result of practicing under a piano instructor arranged by Nana, who was Tommy's wife.[Annotation 116]Debuted as a pianist on August 1995, 8[Annotation 117]..The debut place was "Night and Day", which was active as a trumpeter, and after that, he participated in overseas performances as a member of Tommy's band, realizing a dream that could not be realized as a trumpeter after many years of blanking. I let you.
At Christmas 2003, he appeared as a member of Tommy's band at the Christmas festival at Kaikosha, where he met jazz.She cries with joy when she reunites with Kogure, who was once taken care of, before the day of the festival.She then she said in an interview with Annie on the Isomura Gin radio show she listened to while she was waiting in the waiting room that she was Annie's mother, Yasuko. know.When she hears her many years of regrets and apologies for Rui, she calms her upset and crying with Momotaro.When the turn came, he stood on the stage with Tommy and excited the venue, and when Rui appeared as a singer, he was surprised for a moment that the sound source of the trumpet he played when he was young was played, but he immediately regained his mind and said "On. Play "the Sunny Side of the Street".And she is pleased with the reunion and reconciliation of Torui Yasuko, who came with her on her back.After her festival was over, she greeted Yasuko again, thanked her for giving birth to her, and she was deeply moved when this Christmas live was always special.
Ever since watching the movie "Jujube Momoyama Witchcraft Seven Changes Hidden Village Duel" at the theater, he has become a big fan of Kennosuke Momoyama's father and son, and because of that, Hinata also longs for a samurai.
NHK in the morningContinuous tv novelIt is my daily routine to see.When she was busy with music activities for a while, she couldn't get enough time to watch, but after she left the line, she started watching again. In 2025 (Episode 112), she and her husband and wife returned to Okayama and took over the "Dippermouth Blues" store, where they spilled ketchup to eat her hot dog and had it wiped by Louis Armstrong.[Annotation 118]Was the last appearance.
Hinata Otsuki (Hinata Otsuki)
Momotaro Otsuki (Momotaro Otsuki)
Performance- Yuzu Aoki[60](childhood:[60]
Appeared in Hinata edition.The eldest son of the Otsuki family and the younger brother of Hinata.Born August 1976, 8, the second generation Kennosuke Momoyama visited the Imagawayaki restaurant "Otsuki" in stealth.He was named Momotaro at the idea of ​​Lockichiro, who wanted to get along with Momoken.However, he said, "Kentaro was better."[Annotation 119].
Joined the youth baseball team, and in 1992, entered the prestigious high school baseball school in Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto Nishijin High School, and belonged to the baseball club.
For nearly 7 years since she was 1983 years old (10), she was pondering Sayoko, who was a close friend of Hinata and often visited the Otsuki family, but in the summer of 1993 she married Yoshinosuke. I knew that I was going to do it, and for a while I was desperate and displayed it at Yoshinosuke's shop (Akashi).Portable CD playerCaused a ruckus to steal[95]..However, after hearing the frustration of her father, Lockichiro, and 30 years of suffering, she recovered, visited "Akashi" with Hinata, apologized for the theft, and congratulated Yoshinosuke on her marriage to Sayoko. Give words[Annotation 120]..She then broke her thoughts on Sayoko, and although she re-entered baseball and was selected as a regular, she did not make it to Koshien while she was in high school.
When the family visited the Pheasant family in Okayama in August 1994, I was very fond of the fact that my big uncle, Mayu Haku, loves baseball. Leave the Okayama family[Annotation 121].. After thatAdult baseballJoined the prestigious Pheasant Textile, and continued to play baseball.
In 2003, he came to the festival as a related person of his parents who appeared at the Christmas festival.In the waiting room with her whole family and Tommy, she listened to an interview with Annie Hirakawa on Isomura Gin's radio show, in which she learned that Annie was Hinata and her grandmother Yasuko. Is surprised.Talking about her confession and apology to her mother, Rui, and hearing all of it calms her crying and distraught with Lockichiro.She stops Rui from going to see her Yasuko without being able to stand or stay with her, and entrusts Hinata with the role of holding her Yasuko.[Annotation 122]..After the singing on Rui's stage was over, she saw her reunion and reconciliation with Rui Yasuko, who came on her back, with tears like Hinata, and then her family. We talked until late at night.
In 2005, he met Kinu Mizuta's granddaughter, Hanana, on "Dippermouth Blues" and immediately confessed.[Annotation 123], Started dating and got married in 2006.After the birth of his son, Sword, he left the baseball club of Hakushin Textile and returned to Kyoto from Okayama to take over the "Otsuki" of his parents' home, while also being the director of the baseball club of his alma mater, Kyoto Nishijin High School. Take office.Ten years after his inauguration, he made an unfulfilled Koshien appearance as a player, and he also changed shape like his father, Lockichiro, to realize his dream.[Annotation 124].
Aoki talks about Momotaro's feelings.
Paddy field Kana → Otsuki Kana (Otsuki Kana)
Performance-Karin Ono[96](Dual role)
Appeared in the Hinata edition (final episode).
A grandson of Kinu and Riki, Okayama PrefectureMimasakaThe daughter of a tofu shop in.She was later Momotaro's wife, Hinata's sister-in-law.
When he was young, he used two melons to tell Yasuko, who visited Okayama in 2004, about his grandmother's recent situation.
In 2005, he met Momotaro at "Dippermouth Blues", got married in 2006, and was given a son and sword.She moves to her husband's parents' house in Kyoto and takes over her revolving ware shop "Otsuki".
Otsuki Sword
Performance-Shion Fujiwara[97](Dual role)
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition, final episode).
Momotaro, Hanana's son and Hinata's nephew.He is the grandson of Rui and Lockichiro, and is the great-grandson of Yasuko and Minoru, and Kinu and Riki.
Chikichi and Mitori, Kinta and Kozuzu's great-great-grandson, the great-great-grandson of Isamu and Suta, who are the great-great-grandchildren of Pestle Taro and Hisa.
Like his father, Momotaro, he loves baseball and later went on to Kyoto Nishijin High School, where he participated in Koshien under the guidance of his father, who is the director, and George, who is the coach.

Noda family

Ichiko Noda / Berry[Annotation 125]
Performance- Michiko Ichikawa[54]
Appeared in Rui and Hinata (Kyoto).
A regular customer of the jazz cafe "Night and Day".He is commonly known as Berry, initially known as Berry, and his real name was revealed in episode 59.[98]..About the origin of the popular name Lockichiro said, "Ichiko →Strawberry→ (Straw) Berry ”[Annotation 126]However, he says that he is a tentative figure in Osaka, and he tells him not to call him by that name after returning to Kyoto.His parents' house is in Kyototea ceremony OfHouse..Unrequited love for Lockichiro, he went from Kyoto to Osaka when he was in high school, and chose the Japanese literature department of Osaka's junior college as his destination.Initially hostile to Joe, who has a victorious personality, he withdraws from Tommy's persuasion during a double date and becomes a close friend of Rui and Lockichiro.Like Lockichiro and Tommy, Rui is called "Satchmo".After graduating, he returned to Kyoto to become a tea ceremony teacher and soonMatchmakingJapanese danceMarried to his master.She became a customer of her Imagawayaki shop "Otsuki", which Rui started, and ordered 200 Imagawayaki as a dessert at her own wedding.[Annotation 127]..When her daughter, Ichie, wants to go on to junior college in her later years, she anticipates that she will repeat a year with playfulness, and she disagrees.The squirrel she was listening to spewed out secretly, and Lockichiro who heard the story also laughed because she knew that she had repeated a grade.[Annotation 128].
Ichie Noda → Ichie Sakakibara
Performance- Toko Miura[60](childhood:Mirei Shimizu[60]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata (Kyoto).
Hinata's classmate and best friend.She is the only daughter of one child (Berry).She has a victorious personality inherited from her mother. By the time he was 18 years old, he had grown up to the point where he was considered to be the first child to go to the tea ceremony. Work part-time at a movie village through Hinata[Annotation 129]..In the wake of teaching tea ceremony to Sumire Misaki, who was decided to be the victim of the tea ceremony in the stage drama "Kyoto Tea Ceremony Murder Case", which was proposed by Sakakibara.[Annotation 130]In 1992, he cooperated in the shooting as a tea ceremony instruction for the series of the drama "Tea Ceremony House Minazuki Botan no Jikenbo" starring Sumire.When Sumire announced her marriage to Hoshikawa in August of the same year, she turned her gaze as if she was concerned about Sakakibara, who was shocked and angry. He ran east to west for violet and praised him for re-breaking as a first-class actress, and revealed that he was aware of his favor for violet.Since then, she started dating Sakakibara without any trouble, and in 8 she proposed to her and got married and became a family with many children.At her own wedding, she treats her dessert with "Otsuki" roasting, just like her mother did.
Husband Tanaka
Performance-Yu Tokui[99](San'yaku)
Appeared in the final episode of Hinata.
Master of Japanese dance.Husband of one child.

Takemura Cleaning Shop

Heisuke Takemura
Performance- Murata Takehiro[54]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Owner of "Takemura Cleaning Shop" in Dotombori Yokocho, Osaka. Born March 1914, 3.He hires Rui as a live-in and takes care of Rui with her wife, Kazuko, like her own daughter. In the late 20s, he got sick, closed the store and left Osaka with his wife. Although he was still alive in 1960, he was ill and couldn't attend the "Christmas Jazz Festival", but Kazuko said he was very pleased to see Rui appearing at the festival. Told.
Kazuko Takemura
Performance- Mari Hamada[54][Annotation 131]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka) and Hinata (Okayama).
Heisuke's wife.She runs a "Takemura Cleaning Shop" with her husband, Heisuke.Like her husband, she takes care of Rui like her own daughter.From her experience of her own youth during the war, she encourages modesty to play in her fashion.She has a bright and lively personality, and she is "Osaka's mother" according to Lockichiro.
Even after the Rui couple moved to Kyoto in 1964, they continued to interact with each other and knew about Hinata, but in the latter half of the 1960s, when her husband got sick, she closed the store and left Osaka. It was a estranged relationship just to exchange.
In 2003, he attended the "Christmas Jazz Festival" held at the former Okayama Kaikosha, at the invitation of a married couple, and showed a healthy appearance.

Jazz cafe "Night and Day"

Otsuki Lockichiro (Otsuki Joichiro)
"#Otsuki familySee.
Berry / Ichiko Noda
"#Noda familySee.
Yosuke Kogure
Performance- Yoshimasa Kondo[54]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka) and Hinata (Okayama).
Owner and master of the jazz cafe "Night and Day".A person who knows Lockichiro well.He made a trial order to "Takemura Cleaning Shop" through his visit, and was impressed by the cheap and polite work, and after that he became a superior customer of the shop.
In 2003, he was invited to the "Christmas Jazz Festival" held at the former Okayama Kaikosha and attended in a wheelchair.He is more than happy to see Lockichiro return as a pianist.
Tommy Kitazawa (Tommy Kitazawa)[Annotation 132]
Performance- Taichi Saotome[54]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka) and Hinata.
A trumpet player based in Kogure's jazz cafe "Night and Day" (band name is "Tommy Kitazawa and Blue Cameleons").Real nameTomio Kitazawa..His parents are classical music players.He is an elite who has been educated as a gifted child since childhood and has a large number of female fans.He sees Lockichiro's talent as a rival, but at the same time he is like a close friend.
Double date on the beach (location on Awaji IslandFukiage beach), I think that Lockichiro Torui resonates with each other, and advises Lockichiro to give up on his unrequited love.Her car is redConvertibleSpecification ofKarmann gear.
As of 1992, he made his professional debut, released a CD, played in the United States, and became a celebrity. Reunited with Lockichiro in Okayama in August 1994.She married Nana at that time, and at the same time she became a horror wife, but as usualPlayboyBut also.When he visits "Otsuki" in Kyoto, he meets again and witnesses Lockichiro proclaiming that he will resume his musical activities as a piano player.Also, at this time, I met Hinata and Momotaro for the first time.
After Lockichiro's debut as a pianist in 1995, he began working with Lockichiro in his own band and will be on the same stage at the Christmas Jazz Festival.In "On the Sunny Side of the Street," where Rui appeared as a singer, the sound source of the trumpet played by Lockichiro when he was young was played, and the time between the past Lockichiro (trumpet) and the present Lockichiro (piano) was played. Expand the session beyond.I changed the shape and realized two dreams at the same time[Annotation 133].
When he first appeared, he was introduced as a "smart man", and his behavior was conspicuous, and even after his re-appearance in 1994, his behavior remained the same. In fact, he is a person who has a strong friendship, such as making efforts to respond to Rui's true intentions.Throughout the whole story, he called Louis Armstrong "Satchmo-chan" and Hinata "Sunny-chan".Also, when introducing Rui as a singer at the festival, she introduced "Rui, Satchmo, Otsuki", and Kazuko, who heard it in the audience, laughed at "What a name."

Red screw family (Hinata edition)

Kiyoko Akashi
Performance- Chieko Matsubara[60](Youth (Yasuko):Mai Miyajima[49]
Appeared throughout the whole story (appeared after Rui and Lockichiro moved to Kyoto in "Rui Hen").
The owner of "Akashi", a rough shop in the Asaoka-cho shopping district in OkayamaKichibee AkanishiWife of.She has a gentle and humble personality.Bombing of OkayamaHe lost his husband and lived happily in his hometown of Kyoto, rebuilding "Akashi" with his son Yoshiemon.
I don't remember the Okayama era well, and when I talked to Hinata about the radio theft by Sota that happened on the day Yoshiemon was born, I only remembered "a mischief done by the son of a Japanese sweets shop in the neighborhood." I couldn't remember that the name of the store was "Tachibana, the sweets maker" and that the name of the thief was Sata.However, when he visited Rui on Christmas 1993 and saw the dance of Senta, he remembered the Okayama era and went to Suta who was just waiting for his death due to illness. Rush with Yoshiemon.
The exact time has not been revealed, but Hinata says he died after seeing the birth of his great-grandson, Sayokichi, at the end of 1994.
Akashi Kichiemon
Performance --Keisuke Horibe[100](Dual role) (Infancy :, Childhood:[49], Boyhood:[66](Dual role))
Appeared throughout the whole story (appeared after Rui and Lockichiro moved to Kyoto in "Rui Hen").
The only son of Yoshibei and Kiyoko.Born in 8, when the first Kennosuke Momoyama made his debut.[Annotation 134].Bombing of OkayamaHe lost his father and moved to the Akane-dori shopping street in Kyoto with his mother, and revived "Akashi" (later transferred to an electric appliance store). He married Hatsumi around 1964.He is the chairman of Akane Street Shopping Street.His son Yoshinosuke is a classmate with Hinata.
The whole family loves sweetness, and is a regular customer of "Tachibana" in Okayama and "Otsuki" in Kyoto.[Annotation 135].
In his childhood, he was a calm and calm person who reminded his father, and he was angry at Kiyoko's protest against the father who bought up the above, and he was angry at the fact that he uttered abusive words. As he grows up, his appearance and personality look just like his father.[Annotation 136]..However, his eyes are softer than his father, who had eyes that restrained people other than his family, and he also enjoyed sword fighting together with Lockichiro's Momoken discussion.Due to humanity, when Rui collapses inside the "Akashi" store[Annotation 137]I'm breathing out and running to the lock Ichiro who is practicing bicycles.In addition, when his son Yoshinosuke accidentally injured Hinata, he visited the ruins and deeply apologized, and apologized for giving 10 Fukubiki tickets (100 tickets).This Fukubiki Derui is a third prize, a vintage vacuum tube radio "FIRE AFTER"[Annotation 138]Guess.
When Rui and Lockichiro had just moved to Kyoto, he hurt his back with the aforementioned sword fight with Lockichiro.[Annotation 139], Angry at this, told them to leave the shopping district, but at the persuasion of his mother, he struck a chord.At this time, I was handed a roasted roast from Rui, and when I ate it, he muttered, "It tastes nostalgic," and shook his tongue.
As my father used to do for himself, he is sweet and fond of Yoshinosuke in his childhood.[Annotation 140].
Kiyoko and Yoshiemon have been around forty years since the bombing of Okayama (1984/) Also regrets that it was the last exchange with Yoshibei that was blamed and hurt, and he cried unbearably in front of Hinata in "Soba-dokoro Uchiiri".[Annotation 141].
On Christmas 1993, he and his mother rush to the bed of Sota.
In 2004, he met Yasuko who visited Kyoto for the first time in 60 years, but at the beginning of the meeting, Yasuko misunderstood Sayokichi who brought him with him as Yoshiemon.
Hatsumi Akashi
Performance-Mai Miyajima[60](Dual role)
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata (Kyoto).
Kichiemon's wife (maiden name unknown).RandenKitano-Shiraumecho StationNearby "Soba restaurant Uchiiri" (京 都市 北区), But he became a person of Yoshiemon while he often came to deliver delivery to "Akashi".When the owner of the store bought a new bicycle for business use and was wondering what to do with it, he met a married couple who came to "Akashi" in search of a bicycle and gave it away for free.[Annotation 142]..Kiyoko and Gourd when they were young[101].
Akashi Kichinojo
Performance- Yuuki Tokunaga[60](Childhood: Taishi Ishizaka[60](Dual role))
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata (Kyoto).
Kichiemon Akanishi and Hatsumi's only son, the grandson of Kichiemon and Kiyoko.He is a childhood friend of Hinata and a classmate.He is a kid general and often causes trouble with Hinata when he was in elementary school.He has a long-standing relationship with Hinata like a fighting friend, but even if Yoshinosuke hates him and hits his mouth, Hinata easily admits it.[Annotation 143].
As of 1983, although Yoshiemon was forced to keep the store number, he was a large person.Consumer electronics storeI didn't intend to take over the store because I expected the business to taper off due to the expansion of the store.He once got a job at a general company, but as of 1992 he retired and took over the family business. In the summer of 1992, she reunited with her classmate Sayoko and developed a relationship, and married around 1993.He later became the father of two children.
A big fan of Sumire Misaki with her mother Hatsumi.
The performer, Tokunaga, makes use of his hobby and special skills to perform dubbing of the conductor of the streetcar in Kyoto City that appears in the play (non-credit).
Sayoko Fujii → Sayoko Akashi[Annotation 144]
Performance- Yuu Shinkawa[60](childhood:Saki Takenoya[60]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata (Kyoto).
Hinata's classmate.During the summer vacation of the 4th grade, she had forgotten her umbrella and asked Hinata to lend her an umbrella, and she helped Hinata's homework when she visited the Otsuki family at a later date. Becomes a close friend.She is an honor student and is a gentle and graceful lady who is good at English conversation, piano and calligraphy.Her dream is to become a school teacher.
After graduating from high school, he entered a four-year university in April 1984. In 4, he became a Japanese language teacher at Kyoto Nishijin High School, where Momotaro attends.
In the summer of 1992, when he visited the Otsuki family, he met Yoshinosuke again and developed a relationship. In the spring of the following year, he was engaged and married. She gave birth to her son Sayokichi at the end of 1994, and a few years later she gave birth to her second child, Denkichi.
After that, he retired from the teacher to help "Akashi", but by 2025, he had opened a cram school at home.
Sayokichi Akashi
Performance --Taishi Ishizaka (three roles) (Childhood: Seiichiro Nakagawa)[102](Dual role))
Appeared in the latter half of the Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
The eldest son of Yoshinosuke and Sayoko.The grandson of Yoshiemon and Hatsumi, and the great-grandson of Kiyoko. Born in December 1994.
He is a very solid person with two melons at Yoshiemon in his childhood. In the spring of 1999, he visited "Otsuki" with his grandparents and encouraged Hinata to say, "It's easy to get rid of it" when the sales of Imagawayaki are declining due to the "Dango 3 Kyodai" boom. Say a word.
Akashi Denkichi
Performance-Seiichiro Nakagawa (three roles)
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition, final episode).
The second son of Yoshinosuke and Sayoko.The grandson of Yoshiemon and Hatsumi, and the great-grandson of Kiyoko.

People related to Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Second generation Kennosuke Momoyama[Annotation 145]
Performance --Kikunosuke Onoe (dual role)[60]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata (Kyoto).
The son of the first Kennosuke Momoyama, a second-generation star in the historical drama world.The stage name of his second attack name isMomoyama Dangoro..He made an appearance on TV against his father, who was set in the silver curtain, and named Kennosuke Momoyama on April 1, 1965 (also Hinata's birthday), one year after his death. He plays the winning role "Kennosuke Momoyama" in the TV series.He is a low-profile gentleman when he leaves the acting, and at the autograph session in the movie village, he talks to the elementary school student Hinata in honorifics, and although she is confused by the sudden words "I want to be a samurai" for a moment, I'm sure I will not lose my ambition. Gently answer when you get used to it, and stand up and politely receive the "Otsuki" roasted grill that she gave you.[Annotation 146]..Later, when I visited "Otsuki" in stealth and ordered a large amount of Imagawayaki for the site, the identity was lost and the surroundings became noisy.Suddenly, she suddenly noticed that she was waiting for her in her car and carried her to the hospital.
I was planning to play the role of the enemy, Sakon Onodera, in the movie "Duel of the Seven Changes of Witchcraft", which was my father's last work. He meets a man who calls himself Santa Kurosu, and hires him as a choreographer to call him "Dango-chan".Later, he made a re-movie of "Seven Changes in Witchcraft" and starred in it.
After the audition for the enemy role of "Seven Changes in Witchcraft", which was to be re-movie with his own starring role, he stopped Hinata and talked about his past.After the attack on Momoyama Kennosuke, he had a conflict that he might have defiled his father's name, but Hinata, who was in the fifth grade of elementary school, visited the autograph session and ate the handed "Otsuki" roasted roast. It was a turning point, and he recalled Santa's "magic of red bean paste" and revealed that he realized that his father had been watching over him for a long time. The re-movie of "Seven Changes in Witchcraft" was made by her father's voice when she visited "Otsuki" on August 5, 1976 and saw the poster of the original version of "Seven Changes in Witchcraft". She says she was encouraged by.She gives her deep gratitude to Hinata for revealing that the words she answered to Hinata's question at the autograph session were his father's habits and that he realized that he had inherited his father's ambitions.
It is said that he was in charge of the funeral when Sota died.
Appeared in the Hollywood movie "Samurai Baseball" as a clan protagonist who has a great influence on the main character played by Matt Rollins.
Although he was single for a long time, he married Sumire Misaki in 2006. It was reported that he was "a goal-in for 40 years" because he co-starred in the "Jujube Millet" series.
Bankyomuzo[Annotation 147]
Performance- Yutaka Matsushige[60]
Appeared in Rui and Hinata (Kyoto).
A veteran large-room actor at the film studio.He is a regular slasher in the movie "Jujube Millet" series.His sword fight was highly praised in the "Duel of the Seven Change Hidden Village", which was selected as his enemy, Sakon Onodera.Even in everyday clothesArrivalSo, I often speak in an old-fashioned and formal tone like a samurai, but the original wording is usually Kansai dialect. When he appeared in "Seven Changes in Witchcraft", his work was described as a bad work because he couldn't turn his own dialogue, and he was always disciplined because he felt regret that it became the last work of Kennosuke Momoyama. I dare to do so so as not to forget[Annotation 148].. Since 1984, he has been practicing sword fighting in Igarashi at the request of Todoroki.
After seeing Hinata's sword fight (happening outside the script) at the "Miss Joei Contest", she went to "Otsuki" the next day and expected Hinata to be "a person who can save the historical drama destined to perish" during the summer vacation. Invited to a part-time job in a movie village (hired by him personally, not by the company), and created an opportunity for Hinata to join Joei.
In the re-movie of "Duel of the Seven Changes of Witchcraft", he applied for the audition for the role of Sakon and proceeded to the final selection, but was rejected by Kennosuke Momoyama, the second generation of the leading role, for the purpose of "finding Sakon for himself". ..At that time, he was told by his mouth that Kennosuke Momoyama, the first generation, chose to play the role of Sakon with a glance at his son, rather than giving it to his son.
He had been offered many offers to appear in the Hollywood movie "Samurai Baseball," but he refused because he wasn't interested in Western movies.However, he decided to receive an offer to appear after seeing the enthusiastic persuasion of Igarashi, a former junior who came as Hinata and an action director assistant, and Annie Hirakawa's ritual, and the second sword in the work. The reticent lord who plays Nosuke is the most trustedElderIt was decided to appear as a role.At the press conference, Kennosuke II was told, "If you were in the dark, there are some scenery that you can't see."
He is still alive as of 2022, and is also involved in training younger generations as well as acting.When Hinata visited the movie village and was told that she was wondering whether to receive an offer from a new radio English teacher, she said, "What I have cultivated through training will be a lifelong treasure. It will increase the brilliance. " "Last Samurai"Legendary cut role" that also appeared inSeizo FukumotoIs said to be a model[103].
Misaki Sumire[Annotation 149]
Performance- Yumi Adachi[60]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata (Kyoto).
Hinata was in the limelight by playing "Oyumi", the daughter of the first teahouse, in her favorite TV historical drama "Jujube Noboru" series.After graduating from the show, she found a way out in TV dramas and went to Tokyo, but as of 1983, she had become an actress with a high pride, although her drama work was on the decline.
In the summer of the same year, he was invited by a guest of an event related to the "Jujube Millet" series to visit the movie village for the first time in two years.Sakakibara bowed down and asked Todoroki, the director of the TV historical drama "Shogun Hatenara", to appear.[Annotation 150]However, the dialogue is a stick reading that freezes the place, and during the shooting, I ordered many times to change the production and the script, which made all the staff feel uncomfortable.Furthermore, when Hinata who was present at the scene pointed out the manners with the intention of cooperation, he was in a bad mood and interrupted the shooting.However, while listening to the fierce debate between Igarashi and Hinata that I couldn't see, I remembered the time when I played Yumi and talked with the directors, and the subsequent performances improved and all up. Even as of the spring of 1984, his proud attitude still abandoned Sakakibara and Hinata, but he became so close to Hinata that he was complaining about sake.Hinata is not a good man because he thinks that the second generation Momoyama Kennosuke, who co-starred in the "Jujube Millet" series at the sake table, is in good shape about the circumstances of the parent-child relationship and the activity after the death of the first generation. I made a statement to evaluate.In the same year, he will play the role of a victim of the tea ceremony in the movie village stage "Kyoto Tea Ceremony Murder Case", and he goes to the Noda family with Hinata to receive a tea ceremony professor.Although he was dissatisfied with the strict guidance from Ichie every day and was screamed by one child, the tea ceremony artist later became a hit, and as of 1992, the suspense drama "Tea Ceremony Family Minazuki Botan no Jikenbo" series and 2 He is active as the leading role in the time drama.In August of the same year, he married Rintaro Hoshikawa, but divorced in 8.
After divorcing Hoshikawa, he changed his mind and devoted himself to the play, and appeared in the Hollywood movie "Samurai Baseball" while playing a minor role.
In 2006, he remarried to Kennosuke Momoyama.
Makoto Sakakibara
Performance- Generation[60]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
An employee of Toei Kyoto Studio Park.He organizes events and shows in the movie village.
Like Hinata, he likes historical drama.She remembers that Hinata participated in the Miss Toei Contest, and she got along with Hinata who had just started a part-time job at the movie village, and kindly guided around the facility and explained the industry situation. Contact.After joining Hinata's Joei, she will be her direct boss and organize various events together.
Since she is a fan of Oyumino in the "Jujube Nojo" series, she has a strong feeling for Sumire who played, and she invited Sumire, who was disappointed at the time to her first project, to appear as a guest, and her actress. He has an extraordinary passion for making the role of the tea ceremony family, which he judged to be the crucial moment for him, and he became the driving force behind the resurrection of Sumire.She couldn't see this, she was invited to her tea ceremony by Ichie, and she started dating Ichie. She proposed in 1999, got married, and became a family with many children.
In the final episode (episode 112), narration tells us that he worked for the movie village until he retired.
Todoroki Tsuyoshi
Performance- Dopei Donpei[104]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Director belonging to the film studio.When he was an assistant director, he directed the episode of "Millet's Close Call, Oyumi's Life" in the TV historical drama "Jujube's" series.From the remnants of power relations at that time, I can't think of Sumire.In addition, because she is not good at her, she is reluctant when Sakakibara asks for Sumire's appearance while working as a director of the TV historical drama "Shogun Hatenara" in 1983.
In the "Miss Joei Contest" in which Hinata participated, he also worked as a judge and a scriptwriter for acting judgment, and while being thrust into a sudden story development by other judges, he praised the confession of the climax of the samurai's love.While the contestants read the flow of the story and act faithfully, when Hinata plays the madness of hitting the opponent with anger and slashing with a sword from personal feelings, he bites the bitterness in the excitement of the venue.[Annotation 151].
In 1992, from the tapering of historical drama2-hour dramaAs the number of directors increases, he listens to Hinata's idea of ​​opening a haunted house in the movie village and begins to direct himself.When I learned that Igarashi had caused a situation of ranting to Hoshikawa, he decided to ban him from appearing in "General Hatenara" as a painful decision.
In 2002, he attended a press conference with Kennosuke at "Samurai Baseball".He knows the hardships of the vain, and he is deeply moved when he sees the vain at the press conference.
Performance- Hiroaki Hamamoto
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Host of the second generation Kennosuke Momoyama autograph session and beauty pageant.He is also in charge of narration for commercials in the movie village.
Performance- Maiko Kozuka[105]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Assistant to the Miss Projection Contest.
Masaru Yashiro
Performance- Takashi Taniguchi[106]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
President of Joei.
Rie Takayama
Performance- Nagi Hasegawa[107]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
A candidate for the Miss Film Contest and later selected for Miss Project.
The following year, he will appear in the re-movie "Duel of the Seven Changes in Magic" as a ship.
Rintaro Hoshikawa[Annotation 152](Rintaro Hoshikawa)
Performance- Tokushige Satoshi[108]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
The leading actor in the TV historical drama "Shogun Hatenara" series. He married Sumire in 1994, but divorced in 1999.From the violets after the divorce, he was ridiculed as "unreasonable general" after his masterpiece "General Hatenara".
Ranmaru Muto
Performance- Aoki[109]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
An unnamed actor selected by audition for Sakon Onodera, the enemy of the movie "Duel of the Seven Changes in Magic! Hidden Village" starring Kennosuke Momoyama II.
In 1992, the decision to star in a year-end special historical drama was published on the front page of the newspaper, and he fell into an audition and promoted the irritation of Igarashi who smoldered in a large room for eight years. In 8, he starred in the TV drama "Jujube Millet 2006".
Performance- Masato Mitani[110]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Assistant director of "General Hatenara".
Hiraoka / Sonoyama / Kishi
Performance- Masao Nishimura[111] / / [112]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Large room actors belonging to the film studio.
Total hair
Performance- [113]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Performance- Ryuhei Higashiyama
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
An actor who appears in the role of Chiyonosuke, a servant of Shogun Hatenara in "Shogun Hatenara".
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
He will perform a four-way cut in front of the people involved in the production of the movie "Samurai Baseball" who visited the film studio.
Town girl
Performance- Mirano Mita,Haruna Kishimoto[114]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
A clerk at the dumpling shop "Yamabuki" in the movie village that Hinata visited with Lockichiro in his childhood.
Minako Sawada
Performance- [115]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Candidate No. 1 in the entry number of the Beauty Pageant.
Sayuri Kunimura
Performance- Yurie Oda[116]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Candidate No. 2 in the entry number of the Beauty Pageant.
Riko Suzuki
Performance- [117]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Candidate No. 11 in the entry number of the Beauty Pageant.
Performance- [118],[119],[120]Other
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Candidate for Beauty Pageant.
Santa claus
"#Tachibana family peopleSee.

Hollywood movie officials

Bunshiro Igarashi[Annotation 153]
Performance- Hongo Kanata[60]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
At the time of appearance, he was a fledgling large room actor who had just left the actor training center.Originally from Tokyo, he came to Kyoto with the dream of becoming a historical drama actor.He has left the house and cannot rely on his parents at all, and he is still living in a very poor life with a low salary and no food.Midwinterdrowned body of a personAfter I was dying in a role, I ate the freshly baked Imagawayaki of "Otsuki", and when I was about to get sick, I ate the Imagawayaki of "Otsuki" and felt good. I started to inspire.I ask for freshness every time I visit the store, but I only buy one each time because I am poor[Annotation 154]..Also, give Hinata your name "Arakan"It's 50 times more than[Annotation 155].
I met Hinata for the first time in April 1983 when she was in the third year of high school at the time and was alone in the store.She despised the fact that she couldn't bake Imagawayaki even though she was the daughter of a revolving maker, and she had a bitter irony as to whether she could subtract even if she didn't bake, so she was his first as seen from Hinata. The impression was the worst. She reunites as a samurai to save Hinata who plays the daughter of the teahouse in the performance examination of the "Miss Joei Contest", forgets that Hinata is acting from the above circumstances, and impulsively robs his waist of Wakizashi. Slash and throw away.Something that freezes for an unexpected performance for a moment, immediately responds with ad lib and shows the acting of the role, which greatly excites the venue[Annotation 156]..After that, they were in conflict with each other when they met each other, but after they realized that they love historical drama from the bottom of their hearts, they changed into a relationship like a fighting friend while being hated.When Hinata learned that the choreographer Santa Kurosu had given him two revival screening tickets for the "Duel of the Seven Changes in Witchcraft", he asked him to give him a dogeza.[Annotation 157], Hinata and I are going to see it. She thanked her when she was handed a freshly made roasted roast by Hinata before the final audition for the villain following the re-movie of "Duel of the Seven Changes in Witchcraft".Although she loses the audition, she is cast for the first time in the bit part Iori, who has her name and lines.However, there was no leap after that, and he remained a large room actor, and with his attitude toward his lover Hinata who once decided to get married, in August 1992, he happened to be intoxicated with sake. He was banned from appearing by Joei because he uttered abusive words toward his senior actor, Hoshikawa.He decided to give up his dream and work at his parents' house, and invited Hinata to accompany him to Tokyo. I got a CD and went home alone.However, she couldn't give up her dream and went to the United States with her parents disowned, with Tommy Kitazawa's CD as a support.HollywoodDive alone into the world of.The action was approved by director Nicholas Miller at the end of the laying down,Action directorBecome an assistant.The name is "Bun IgarashiIn 2001, he met Hinata again when he visited the movie village as an audition staff member for the Hollywood movie "Samurai Baseball".She tells Hinata her determination to propose to her, as she was already dating costume daisy in the movie at that time.[Annotation 158].. He married Daisy in 2004 and his son is a stage actor.[Annotation 159].. As of 2022, he has been active enough to be featured in magazines as a Hollywood action director.
Annie Hirakawa → Yasuko Rosewood
Executive Producer Reijiro Horinouchi said, "When setting the character of Annie Hirakawa,Last Samurai』Casting directorYoko NarahashiIt is revealed that we interviewed[121].
Performance- Harry sugiyama[122]
Appeared in Hinata edition.
Annie (Yasuko)'s nephew[Annotation 160]So, I first came to Japan in 2001 as Annie's assistant.He doesn't speak Japanese, but he loves baseball and samurai movies.
When Annie came to Japan in 1999, she made statements that seemed to be related to Okayama, such as mentioning that she did not visit Okayama.
After 2005, he learned to read and write Japanese and moved to Kyoto.He was appointed as a coach to the baseball club of Kyoto Nishijin High School, which is directed by Momotaro, and later participated in Koshien with Momotaro and his son Sword.He is nicknamed Curious George ("Curious GeorgeOriginal title).
Director Nicholas Miller
Performance- Lee Stark[123]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Hollywood movie director.He discovers Igarashi's talent and appoints him as an assistant director of action in his own directorial work, "Samurai Baseball."
Cinematographer Matthew Clark
Performance- [124]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Hollywood cinematographer.
Matt Rollins
Performance- [125]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
A Hollywood movie actor who has won the Academy Award for Best Actor.The leading actor in the movie "Samurai Baseball". He came to Japan in 2001 and attended a production presentation with Kennosuke Momoyama and Kennosuke Momoyama.
Performance- [126]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Of the movie "Samurai Baseball"CostumeIn charge, he came to Japan in 1999 and 2001. She married Igarashi in 2004, and she later became the mother of one child.
Interpreter Patricia
Performance- Lyena Yonekura[127]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
An interpreter who accompanies the director Miller.
カ メ ラ マ ン
Performance- Daisuke Izumi[128]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
He was turning the camera at the audition of an action actor in the movie "Samurai Baseball".

People in the city of Osaka

Nishiyama Futoshi
Performance- Shofutei Shobo[54]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Located in the neighborhood of Takemura Cleaning ShopMovie theaterThe owner of the house.Chairman of the neighborhood.
Haruhiko Katagiri
Performance- Shunsuke Kazama[54]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Customers who occasionally come to the "Takemura Cleaning Shop".When one of her, Rui, who is in the storekeeper, is blackmailed by Tanaka, who is scared to make a complaint, she helps her and becomes acquainted with it. She called herself a "lawyer's egg," but she wasn't a judicial trainee and was already working at a law firm.On her first date with Ruito, "Sanjuro TsubakiAfter watching the movie, I got more and more enthusiastic about her and invited her to a meal.At that time, a breeze blew, and I saw the scar on her forehead and froze.She was never disgusted, and she hurriedly repaired the spot and invited her to eat again, but when she saw his tense expression, she was deeply hurt and she refused the subsequent date.He didn't try to hold her back, and he silently saw him off.She then came to the laundry only once to pick up her suit, which she had entrusted to her, but she realized that she was catastrophic because of her polite but extraordinary attitude, and she never visited the store after that.
Teruko Yamazaki
Performance- Spring yasuko[129]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Housewife in the neighborhood.
Clothes shop clerk
Performance- Kai Makise[130],Atsushi[130],Sayato Sumiki[130]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Customers of "Takemura Cleaning Shop"
Performance -...
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).

People in the city of Kyoto

Shinpei Morioka
Performance- Come Oda[60]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata (Kyoto).
He runs a liquor store in the Akane-dori shopping street in Kyoto, which is the same as the Otsuki family and the Akashi family.
Shuji Shimada
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
Hinata's elementary school classmate and one of Yoshinosuke's entourage.
Tetsuya Doi
Performance- [131]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
Hinata's elementary school classmate and one of Yoshinosuke's entourage.
Sadao Kinoshita
Performance- [132]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
Hinata's elementary school classmate and one of Yoshinosuke's entourage.
Setsuko Shimada
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata (Kyoto, 1 scene only).
Shuji's mother.
Haruko Doi
Performance- [133]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
Tetsuya's mother.
Chieko Kinoshita
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
Sadao's mother.
Performance- Toshihiko Takai
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
Hinata's elementary school teacher.
Akio's father
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
Performance- [134]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
One of the children who taught Lockichiro how to ride a bicycle.
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
A housewife who came to the Otsuki family to buy Imagawayaki.

Persons involved in the story (Rui edition)

Isomura Gin
Performance- Atsushi Hamamura[54]
Appeared in Rui and Hinata (Kyoto).She only appeared in voice except for the final week when she appeared.
Radio personality..The movie "Jujube Millet's Seven Changes in Hidden Village", which was watched by Torui Lockichiro, is criticized as "a rare work in the history of Japanese movies", but the sword fight in the last scene is well received.He is also familiar with jazz and predicts that Tommy Kitazawa will win the "Kansai Jazz Trumpeter New Session" contest, which decides the best jazz trumpeter in Kansai.
As of 1999, he has been active for a long time and has been active for a long time.Summer high school baseballAnd the great prophecies of Nostradamus.
As of 2003, he was in charge of the radio program "Everyone is Atsumare Isomura Gin", and when guest Annie (Yasuko) suddenly spoke Japanese when he mentioned "Jujube Noboru Hitoshiken", he was confused. Also proceeded with the program safely.
Mitsuo Sagawa
Performance- Mitsuo Sagawa[54]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
In TokyoEntertainment officePresident of "Sasapro". He hosted the August 1963, 8 contest "Kansai Jazz Trumpeter New Session".
Nana Sasakawa → Nana Kitazawa (Nana Kitazawa)
Performance- Sasaki Nozomi[54]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).Only voice appears in Hinata (Okayama).
Mitsuomi's daughter.Supporting Lockichiro, who won her contest, as a business partner to lead her to her debut.When Lockichiro can't play the trumpet, she accompanies her to the hospital, and when she receives a letter from Rui to Lockichiro, she understands the relationship between the two and recommends that Lockichiro write a reply.When Lockichiro is limited to her father and returns to Osaka, she is worried and follows him.She is misleading when she is witnessed talking to Lockichiro and her intimately.She then she was slammed to scout Tommy for a professional, but she was married to Tommy, who became a professional in 1994, and she suffered from his playful habits. No.
Yuzo Uchiyama / Masahiko Satomi
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Participants in the Jazz Trumpeter Contest.It was featured on a radio program as the most promising candidate from Isomura, but lost to Lockichiro (Joe) and Tommy.

Persons involved in the story (Hinata edition)

Voice- Kazuya Morishita(Japanese Center Announcer)
Only voice appears in Rui (Kyoto).
An announcer who reports that Dangoro Momoyama has taken the name of the second generation of his father, Kennosuke Momoyama.
Voice- Yasuyuki Onozuka(Former NHK announcer)
Only voice appears in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata (Kyoto).
1975 Summer Koshien TournamentLive announcer. He also reported the weather forecast for Kyoto in 1983.He has since appeared as a commentator on high school baseball.
Afro Tanaka
Performance-Yu Tokui[135](Dual role)
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
I passed in front of "Otsuki"Makoto KomonA similar man. ""Go! Taiyaki-kun』By a big hitTaiyakiAs the sales of Imagawayaki dropped sharply due to the boom, he was rushed away after being exposed to the terrible gaze of Rui.
Katsuaki Togo(Katsuaki Togo)
Voice- Sam Itoh
Real person.Only voice appears in Rui (Kyoto).
NHK Radio "English conversationLecturer. "Welcome to our English conversation program!" Is a common phrase at the beginning of the program.
Voice of Radio English Course
Voice- BOA,Break crawford,
Responsible for the voices of the characters in "English Conversation".
William Lawrence (Billy) / Narration
Performance- Yu Shirota[136](childhood:[60]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto) and Hinata.
American, commonly known asBilly.. In 1976, when he was a child, he visited Kyoto for sightseeing with her uncle, and met Hinata for the first time at Toei Kyoto Studio Park.Hinata, who fell in love with him, suddenly started studying English, but was frustrated, and eventually she returned home without exchanging a word.
Nearly 50 years later, in 2024, in the final week of the Hinata edition, he reappeared as an instructor partner for the radio English conversation program "Hinata's Sunnyside English." She reunites with Hinata in 2025 at Toei Kyoto Studio Park, and when Hinata picks up the keychain he dropped, she realizes that Hinata was once in love with Billy.And she heard Hinata's English saying "Let's eat Imagawayaki", which she couldn't say when she was a kid, and answered "Why not", and the story was about going to "Otsuki" together. Closes the curtain.Also, in English by him and HinataNarrationHowever, in "Hinata's Sunny Side English" (112 times in total)Language program OftextIt turns out here that it was[Annotation 161].
Billy's uncle
Performance- Katsura Sunshine[137]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
Performance- Narumi[138]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
An English class staff member who took a one-on-one English course for three months.
メ ア リ ー
Performance- [139]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Hinata is an English class instructor who has taken a one-on-one English course for three months.
In 1999, I happened to meet Hinata again on the way home from purchasing Imagawayaki at "Otsuki".She exchanges words in English and encourages her to improve her English very much at the time of parting.
Pheasant Masamu
"#Pheasant family peopleSee.
Yukie Kijima
"#Pheasant family peopleSee.
Kenichi Yanagisawa
"#Coffee shop "Dippermouth Blues"See.
Shinichi Yanagisawa
Performance-Tomoya Maeno[72](Dual role)
Appeared in Hinata edition.
Sadaichi's great-grandson and Kenichi's grandson.He encourages Kenichi to revive his great-grandfather's coffee shop, "Dippermouth Blues," and helps himself.He has an unpleasant side as a fan of Tommy Kitazawa, and as of 2005, he had the remains of Sadaichi and Kenichi in his hand and managed the store by himself, but after that he was liked by Tommy Kitazawa.AttendantAs he tended to be absent, Louis Armstrong took over "Dippermouth Blues".
Tommy Kitazawa / Tomio Kitazawa (Tommy Kitazawa / Tomio Kitazawa)
"#Jazz cafe "Night and Day"See.
Ken Toyama(Ken Toyama)
Voice- Ken Toyama
The role of the person.Only voice appears in Hinata (Okayama).
He is a lecturer of the English conversation course "Introduction to English Conversation" (2) on NHK Radio 1994 and is in charge of his voice.
Voice- Jeff Manning
Real person.Only voice appears in Hinata (Okayama).
Toyama's partner in "Introduction to English Conversation" (1994).
Jeff Manning, who was in charge of the voice, said,Toyama Ken's English conversation lesson』Actually serves as a partner of Toyama.
Miki Ogawa
Performance-Mahiru Konno[140](Dual role)
Appeared in Hinata edition. NHK staff.Sumiko and two melons.
Ask Hinata to teach a radio English conversation course starting in 2024.At that time, she recalls her father's recollection that she was listening to "English conversation" with a woman with children, suggesting that she was Toshio's daughter and Sumiko's grandson.
Marsha Krakower
Voice- Marsha Krakower
Real person.Only voice appears in Hinata edition.
Lecturer of NHK Radio English Conversation Course.Like Toyama, she is in charge of her voice.
Masaaki Osugi(Osugi Masaaki)
Voice- Masaaki Osugi
Real person.Only voice appears in Hinata edition.
Lecturer of NHK Radio English Conversation Course.Like Toyama and Masha, he is in charge of the voice.

Others (Rui edition)

Interviewer at a hotel in Osaka
Performance- [141],Ryuichi Okui[141]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Jiro Yagi
Performance- Yuichi Chikada[142](NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station Announcer)
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
TV program"My secretModerator.
TV voice
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Performance- [143],[143]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Answerer of the TV program "My Secret".
Performance- Tomoyuki Okubo[144]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Voice- Hideaki Taniguchi(OriginalSun TVSanouncer)
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Baseball boy
Performance- [145],[146]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
Ruito Lockichiro "AbekMake fun of it.
Village daughter
Performance- [147]
Appeared on the screen in Rui (Osaka) and Hinata (Kyoto).
The heroine of the movie "Duel of the Seven Changes in Hidden Village" starring Kennosuke Momoyama.In the Hinata edition, she corresponds to the sword played by Rie Takayama.
Douglas shopkeeper[Annotation 162]
Performance-Nobuo Yumagawa (Bolt Bolz[149]
Appeared in Rui (Osaka).
The owner of a clothing store that Ruito Lockichiro visited to buy costumes for the contest.

Others (Hinata edition)

Narrator of Nostradamus
Performance- Another junior high school student[150]
Appeared in Rui (Kyoto).
On a 1976 television showThe Great Prophecy of NostradamusThe moderator who was explaining about.
Narrator of Nostradamus
Performance- Koji Nishida(Laughter[151]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
On a 1992 television showThe Great Prophecy of NostradamusThe moderator who was explaining about.
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
An announcer who tells Ranmaru Muto that the role of Sakon Onodera in the re-movie "Duel of the Seven Changes in Hidden Village" has been decided.
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
A couple visiting a haunted house in a movie village.
Voice- [153],[154]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
A reporter who attended the marriage conference between Sumire and Hoshikawa. In response to the fact that the marriage of the two was a normal event of reunion in the shooting of the drama, he added, "Isn't there a more wild episode?"
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
Foreign tourists visiting the Otsuki family.Have them explain the characteristics of Imagawayaki in fluent English.
Performance-one other person
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
A couple visiting a haunted house in a movie village.Ask Hinata for the entrance fee to the haunted house, and be told "Happyaku (800)" in Japanese.
Performance- Chris Lee,
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
A group of three foreigners visiting a haunted house in a movie village.Hinata's word "I'm expecting.", Which tried to tell them "I'm looking forward to seeing you again", is regarded as "Hinata is pregnant", and she is congratulated and worked hard. And went away.
Trumpet boy
Performance- [155]
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
On Christmas 1993, a boy who made a fortune at the "Akashi" store and chose a trumpet toy from among the prize toys.In the scene where Sota dances while remembering Yasuko and "Tachibana," he plays with toys as if playing to music.
Appeared in Hinata edition (Kyoto edition).
A tourist who visited Toei Kyoto Studio Park in 1999.

Terminology / setting

A Japanese sweets shop in the Asaoka-cho shopping district in Okayama prefecture, which was founded by Yasuko's grandfather, Kinetaro Tachibana.After Pestle Taro passed away and the store was destroyed by air raids, it was planned to be rebuilt by Yasuko and Kinta first, and by Yasuko and Senta the second time, but both suddenly died and Senta disappeared with funds. It was a failure.
As of 1994,YokosukaThere is a Japanese sweets shop with the same name that Kenichi liked when he lived, and then it was revealed that it was a famous shop with branches all over the country.He is also a sponsor of the 2003 Christmas Festival because of his relationship with Kenichi.In the final episode, it was revealed that a person who met Kinta and Yasuko who were aiming to rebuild the store in Okayama when they were young and learned the joy of business was founded, and the store name was changed from respect to Tachibana. Is done.
Okayama City for settingKita"Okinaken", which actually exists in Omotecho Shopping Street, is being interviewed.[156].
Anko's magic
Delicious, taught by Kinetaro Tachibana to the craftsmen of the sweets maker TachibanaAnkoTips for boiling red beans to make.Introduced to his son Kinta, grandson Sota and Yasuko, great-great-grandson Rui, and great-great-great-grandson Hinata as the words of boiling azuki beans.[Annotation 163]It was done.
Pheasant fiber
A textile company run by the Pheasant family.At the time of establishment足 袋Although it was a company, Chikichi expanded the business in one generation, and by the time Yasuko became aware of it, it became a leading local company.Pacific WarUntil just after the start of the war, he and his eldest son, Minoru, had been aiming for overseas transactions.After Minoru died in the war, his second son, Isamu, became a candidate for his successor, and while working while learning work from Chikichi, he formed a baseball team in-house to raise the motivation of employees for work.After Chikichi lay down on the bed, Isamu took the top position. Around 1962, he moved to Osaka, but he became a big company that was associated with us when he called himself "from Okayama" and "Makoto Haku".The baseball club was also in the 1990sAdult baseballRecognized as a powerhouse.Due to Chikichi's will, tabi, which is the starting point, continues to be manufactured even when the times change.
Takemura Cleaning Shop
A cleaning shop run by Mr. and Mrs. Takemura Heisuke and Mr. and Mrs. Kazuko in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. In the spring of 1962, Heisuke soiled his clothes for an interview at a hotel, which prompted him to live and work in the interview. When Rui was proposed to Lockichiro in 1963, she revealed that she would close it for one generation only. In the latter half of the 1960s, Heisuke closed the store because he was ill.
Natsume Kibinojo Series
A historical drama series that Hinata especially likes.
The first movie starring Kennosuke Momoyama. The second "Jujube Millet Hitoshiken" released in 1939 is in the works for the first time.It is a work of memories that Yasuko saw with Minoru.In 2, when Rui was 18 years old, her 1962th work, "Jujube Noboru Onna Kitsune Ran Sakura," was released.The 20st "Duel of the Seven Changes in Magic" was criticized by Gin Isomura as "a rare work in movie history" (details will be described later).
After the death of the first Kennosuke Momoyama, it was made into a TV drama series starring Kennosuke Momoyama the second.Initially, Sumire Misaki played the character "Oyumi", the daughter of a teahouse, and she became the catalyst for her breakthrough.Also, it was popular at the time of broadcastingKung fuIncorporated into the sword fight, or suddenly OyuminoCotton caseThe episode of "Millet's Close Call, Oyumi's Life", which was given a special production despite the historical drama, such as the appearance of a cushion from the beginning, is memorable as a famous scene for Hinata and Igarashi. Misaki herself forgot). In 2006, "Jujube Noboru 2006" starring Ranmaru Muto, who played the role of Sakon in the re-movie of "Duel of the Seven Changes of Witchcraft", was broadcast as a TV drama.
"Seven Magical Changes Hidden Village Duel"
The 1963st movie of the Jujube Millet series released in 21.The lead is Kennosuke Momoyama, the first generation.The role of Sakon Onodera, the villain, is unrequited.The last work of the first Momoyama[Annotation 164]It became.
Joei planned to reconcile his father, Kennosuke Momoyama, and his son, Dangoro Momoyama (later Kennosuke Momoyama, the second generation), who are confused due to differences in work values. It was planned to be a parent-child co-star played by Momoyama Dangoro.
Regarding the inner curtain where parent-child co-starring was not realized, Sumire told Hinata that "Dangoro refused to appear, and Kennosuke was indignant at it, and he was one of the actors in the large room at that time. I was appointed to the role of Sakon. "[Annotation 165]..However, the party's companion reveals to Hinata and Igarashi that "Dangoro consented to appear, but Kennosuke was unaware of him and appointed himself who was looking like his son at that time."[Annotation 166].
Furthermore, according to the recollection of Kennosuke Momoyama, the second generation, Kennosuke responded to Dangoro, who squeezed the reasons for his unknowingness, because he was a much better actor than Dangoro.Upon hearing this, Dangoro decides that it is a guess at first, but after encountering Santa, Hinata, and Otsuki's Imagawayaki, the first true intention is "to my son, I am not content with the role of being cut and the movie world as the leading role. I was hoping to come back to Japan. "
Ban analyzes that the reason why the movie was evaluated as a bad work by the world was that most of the scenes were cut after he was not good at turning his own lines and repeated NG.However, while Gin Isomura, who explained this movie on the radio, criticized the story, Hinata and Igarashi who watched the revival screening also evaluated it as well as the last sword fight in which the companion played an active part.In addition, Lockichiro, who was a young man who watched Rui, was engraved with the deciding line in his heart, and became an opportunity to become a fan of historical drama.
In 1984, it was re-movie with the second generation Kennosuke Momoyama starring and directed by Todoroki.The role of Sakon is Ranmaru Muto, who was selected in the audition.In addition, Rie Takayama, the winner of the 1983 Miss Joei Contest, appeared in the role of Ofune, and Igarashi appeared in the role of Iori, who was slashed by Sakon while sheltering her.
Although the remake version was a hit, the historical drama will continue to decline, regardless of whether it is a television or a movie, with this work as the last.
Joei Uzumasa Movie Village
Opened by the movie company Joei in 1975Theme park[157]..The cityscape inside the facility doubles as an open set for historical drama photography, and there is a photography studio and dojo on the premises. [158]Exists.The outdoor sceneToei Uzumasa Movie VillageTaken in[44].
Character of Toei Kyoto Studio Park.His real name is Kattori Hanzo. "Cut and scream in a loud voice" "Cut all the bad guys" "Actually shy and quickly turn red" Such a lovable crow[159].
Miss projection contest
Held at Toei Kyoto Studio ParkMiss ContestSo, the winner will be given a prize of 50 yen and qualification to appear in the "Jujube Millet" series.
Samurai baseball
A movie produced jointly by Hollywood and Toei Kyoto Studio Park, which is scheduled to be released in 2004.
Everyone is gathered and I'm Gin Isomura
A program in which Isomura is in charge of personality.
The frequency of the station broadcasting the program is 1107kHz[Annotation 167]
Hinata's Sunny Side English
NHK radio program that Hinata is in charge of.

Works that appeared in the drama

Music works

Displayed in order of appearance

  • "Shojoji's Tanuki Music――The first time, it was played from the radio in the kitchen of "Tachibana".In the 1th edition, it was played when Rui turned on the old-fashioned vacuum tube radio (according to Hinata, "the old unsold goods that slept in the storehouse of Absolute Kechiemon") that Rui hit at Fukubiki in the shopping district. rice field. She participated in this work in March 67Masashi SadaDelivered as a cover work by[160].
  • "Come come everybody" --The theme song of NHK Radio "English Conversation" (commonly known as "Come Come Everybody"), which was broadcast from 1946 with the above parody.
  • "Over the hill--- Announced in 1931Ichiro FujiyamaKayokyoku.The second time, it was played from the radio in the living room of the Tachibana family.
  • "Cute singer"-the first "Radio gymnasticsAccompaniment of "Daiichi" (November 1928, 11-April 1, 1946).It was Kichibee Akanishi, the chairman of the neighborhood, who acted as a model in front of the people of the town in the 4rd session.
  • "On the Sunny Side of the Street』――In the play, it is also called in the Japanese title of Minoru's translation" Hinata no Michi wo ".jazz OfStandard number..Sadaichi talks with Yasuko and Minoru at the jazz cafe "Dippermouth Blues"ル イ · ア ー ム ス ト ロ ン グCover version of the recordgramophoneTo[Annotation 168]..After that, the lyrics were read aloud or played / sung at key points in the story, and Lockichiro of the trumpeter era often performed as the eighteenth, Sadaichi in the 30th and Rui in the 111th.Open microphoneSang in.It is a memorable song of major characters such as Yasuko, Minoru, Rui, and Lockichiro, and is also the origin of the names of Rui and Hinata.
  • ""- Dick MinnetReiko HoshiDuet song (1935).The 7th time, it was played from the radio in the living room of the Tachibana family.
  • "Walking song"- Kotaro TakamuraLyrics/Nobuo IidaComposingWartime song(1940).16th,Labor mobilizationThe girls were singing while marching.
  • "Apple song--The 1945 movie "SoyokazeTheme song.When Isamu returned to Okayama in the 20th time, a harmonica performance was playing in the city.
  • "Silent Night--- In the 32nd (1948), the trumpeter of Sadaichi's entourage played in the store of "Dippermouth Blues", and I also listened to Yasuko Torui who was visiting the store.There was also Lockichiro, who was protected by Sadaichi.
  • "London Bridge Is Broken DownThe parody of "(The one sung by the soldiers of the Occupation Army with Japanese lyrics was introduced by the instructor Hirakawa in" Come Come English ".
  • "Don't turn around"-The Peanut5th single (1962).It was played on the radio of the 38th "Takemura Cleaning Shop".
  • "Sudala clause"- Hana Hajime and the Crazy CatsThe first single (1961).It was played on the radio of the 58th "Takemura Cleaning Shop".
  • "Johnny of Glass"- I GeorgeSingle (1961).It was playing from the radio of the 48th "Takemura Cleaning Shop".
  • "Gondola Song--A song released in 1915.The composition is the same as "Come Come EveryBody"Shinpei Nakayama..The 49th, Mitsuo Sagawa as Mitsuo Sagawa[Annotation 169]Cover version (1961) was released from the record player of "Night and Day".
  • "Jingle Bells--The 56th "Takemura Cleaning Shop" radio (singer unknown).
  • "Hi until then" -Hana Hajime and Crazy Cats' third single, side B (3).It was played on the radio of the 1962st "Takemura Cleaning Shop".
  • "Always dream"- Yukio HashiSayuri YoshinagaDuet song (1962).The 57th, "Night and Day" was played from the radio in the store.
  • "Lake"- Matsushima AkiraDebut song (1961).It was played on the radio of the 58th "Takemura Cleaning Shop".
  • "Radio exercises 1st"- Tadashi HattoriThe third generation of composition (May 3, 1951-present).The 5rd and 6th times were played while the townspeople were doing radio exercises on the riverbed of Kamogawa (the stand was handled by Kichiemon Akanishi, the chairman of Akane-dori Shopping Street).
  • "Go! Taiyaki-kun"- Makoto KomonSingle (1975).The 66th, "The Otsuki family's TV showed"Hirake! PonkikkiThis song is playing in ", and Rui noticed that the hit of this song was the cause of the decline in sales of Imagawayaki at that time.
  • "Forbidden play"- Momoe YamaguchiThe third single (3).The 1973th, a good friend trio of Hinata, Kazue, and Sayoko sang enthusiastically during the cleaning time of the classroom.
  • "First in spring"- Candies9th single (1976).In the 69th, Hinata danced around the city and sang enthusiastically, and sang with Kiyoko in front of "Akashi".At that time, I was ironically told by Kichiemon that it was early summer, but Hinata quickly returned that a good song was a good song to listen to at any time, and Kichiemon agreed.
  • "Good morning mom"- World Masterpiece Theater2st workAsk my mother』Ending theme song.The 69th, Hinata sings.
  • "Mr. Tsutomu of Mr. Yamaguchi--In 1976, "Everyone's song』Broadcast song.The 70th song that Hinata listened to on the radio.
  • "NAI / NAI 16"- ShibugakitaiDebut single (1982).The 71st song that was played in the store of "Akashi", which was converted into an electronic store.
  • "Full of memories"- H2O5th single (1983).The 73rd song that Hinata listened to on the radio.
  • "I'll wait"- AminDebut single (1982).The 74th song that was played on the radio in the store when Ban Kakumuzo visited "Otsuki".
  • "Sailor suit and machine gun"- Yakushimaru HirokoSinger debut song (1981).It was played when Hinata and Sakakibara met at the resting place of the 75th Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
  • "モ ニ カ"- Koji YoshikawaDebut song (1984).It was playing at the resting place of the 79th Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
  • ""- Miyako HarumiMasa MiyazakiDuet song (1981).It was on the radio of the 80th soba shop "Uchiiri".
  • "North bar"- Hosokawa Takashi18th single song (1982).It was on the radio of the 80th soba shop "Uchiiri".
  • "If tomorrow is ..."- ChildrenThe second single (2).The 1983th was played on the radio of the soba shop "Uchiiri".
  • "Evil woman"- Miyuki Nakajima11th single song (1981).It was on the radio of the 85th soba shop "Uchiiri".
  • "Only there are you"- US Rice CLUB13th single song (1992).It was playing at the resting place of the 86th Toei Kyoto Studio Park.By the way, Kaneko, who is in charge of music, is also a member of the Kome Kome Club.
  • "Moonlight Legend-"Sailor Moon』Opening theme (1992).It was playing at the resting place of the 87th Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
  • "Love wins"- KANEighth single (8).It was playing at the resting place of the 1990th Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
  • "Kiss of tears"- Southern All StarsThe third single (31).
  • "I hope it's sunny"- DREAMS COME TRUEThe 12th single (1992).Serial TV novel "Hirari』Theme song.It was on the 91st TV of the Otsuki family.
  • "Christmas Eve"- Tatsuro YamashitaThe 12th single (1983).The 91st time, when Rui visited Rapana, it was playing on the radio.Fukatsu, who played the role of Rui, appointed this song in 1988.JR TokaiCM (X'mas expressSee).
  • "Do not lose"- ZARDEighth single (6).It was playing at the resting place of the 1993th Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
  • "Piano" --The theme song for the serial television novel "Piano" (1994).The 98th time, it was played on the TV of the Pheasant family.
  • "Dango 3 brothers-"With mom』Original number (1999).The 100th, "Otsuki" was played on the radio in the store, and Sayakichi Akasui sang along with the song.
  • "Reach for the sky"- Kuraki MaiThe 6th single (2000).Serial TV novel "オ ー ド リ ー』Theme song.At the 104th time, it was played on the TV at the rest area of ​​Toei Kyoto Studio Park.
  • "Yume Ichiya"- South kosetsuThe fourth single released in 1978.On the day when Hinata promised to meet Igarashi at the bar in the 4th (105), Rui was humming along with the radio in the "Otsuki" store.
  • "PIECES OF A DREAM"- CHEMISTRYDebut song (2001).The 106th time, it was played from the radio in the "Otsuki" store.

Radio program

  • "East and West Yard Tour" (Tokyo Broadcasting Station) Broadcast in 1934.In the second episode, Entatsu Yokoyama and Achako Hanabishi's "Waseda-Keio Battle" was played on the radio in the living room of the Tachibana family.
  • "25th National Secondary School Championship Baseball Tournament(Same as above) Final match "Seaweed junior high schoolversusShimonoseki Commercial"Flowed. (August 1939, 8)
  • "Practical English conversation(Same as above) The instructorJames Bernard Harris(Hideo Hirayanagi).Yasuko attended the lecture as recommended by Minoru.
  • "Tamane Broadcast(Same as above) Broadcast at noon on August 1945, 8.In the 15th, Hirakawa's only English translation document read by himself (Imperial Rescript on the Termination of the War) Was heard.
  • "Basic english(Same as above) The lecturer at the time of the 1945 audit was Eishiro Hori.The name is "Basic English Course" in the program.Yasuko attends.
  • "English conversation(NHK Radio) Hirakawa is the only instructor.Known as "Come Come English".Torui Yasuko attended the lecture and continued to listen until the final episode. (From 1946 to 1951)
  • "English conversation(Same as above) Katsuaki Togo was the instructor at the time of the 1975 audit.At first, Hinata attended the lecture, but gave up after a week, and after that, Rui took over and continued listening as a daily routine every morning for more than 1 years, and her English conversation improved enough to talk with tourists from overseas.
  • "Introduction to English conversation(Same as above) The instructor is KEN Toyama. In 1994, Hinata who returned from Okayama started listening to learn English again, and it became a daily routine every morning.As a result of long and steady efforts, as of 1999, her conversational ability in English has improved significantly. In 2004, three generations of Yasuko, Rui, and Hinata attended the lecture.By the way, the learning method of Rui and Hinata traces the English heard from the radio with a delay.ShadowingIs called.

TV program

(NHK for all items unless otherwise specified)

  • Continuous tv novel(☆ is a work produced by NHK Osaka Broadcasting Station)
    • Daughter and me(1st work) --The 39th, the morning of the funeral day of Senkichi Kijima, the final episode of Yukiko at the Senkichi Kijima (XNUMXst work)1962/Watch the broadcast on March 3th, the video is from that time).
    • When light blue(15th work) --The 63rd, watched by three people from the Otsuki family.
    • Good morning(16th work) ☆ --- Watched by Lockichiro and Hinata at the 66th Otsuki House.A work in which Jun Hamamura, who plays the role of Gin Isomura, also appeared.
    • Carpet of clouds(17th work) --In the 69th, three people from the Otsuki family watched it.
    • Oshin(31st work) --The 71st and 72nd times, the four members of the Otsuki family watched while having breakfast[Annotation 170]..Lockichiro argued that "this drama will be a masterpiece" in the production where the main character appears after the end of the first episode.Also, a scene in which Hinata imitates the scene of "Oshin" in the play.[Annotation 171]And delusional scenes appear[Annotation 172].
    • ロ マ ン ス(32nd work) --The 79th, 3 people of the Otsuki family except Hinata watched while having breakfast.
    • The woman is courageous(47th work) ☆ --The 86th, Mr. and Mrs. Rui and Mr. and Mrs. Lockichiro watched while having breakfast.Rui is hitting the TV that looks bad and fixing it.
    • Hirari(48th work) --The 91st time, the four members of the Otsuki family watched while having breakfast.
    • Piano(51st work) ☆ --Yukii and Lockichiro watched at the 98th Hakushin Residence.A work in which Yasunori Danta, the role of Chikichi, and Mitsuo Sagawa, the president of the role of Sasakawa, also appeared.
    • Naughty(59th work) ☆ --The 100th time, the three members of the Otsuki family watched while having breakfast.The final episode was broadcast in the 3st episode, but Lockichiro didn't watch it because he went to practice the piano after returning from the United States.
    • オ ー ド リ ー(63rd work) ☆ --The 102nd, watched by employees including Hinata on the TV at the rest area of ​​Toei Kyoto Studio Park.In addition to Yasunori Danta, who plays Chikichi, a historical drama actor, Kennosuke Momoyama (commonly known as Momoken) will appear.
    • Come Come Everybody (105th work) ☆ --The opening of this work actually flowed when Louis Armstrong put on the remote control to watch it in the 108th "Dippermouth Blues" store in 2022.
  • My secret ――The 45th, as a delusion of Rui, appeared in the reproduction instead of the video at that time.ModeratorJiro YagiThe role is a junior of NHKYuichi Chikadaannouncer.
  • Selected High School Baseball Tournament --62nd,37th competitionThe voice of the final match "Ichi Wakayama Sho vs. Okayama Tosho" was played. (April 1965, 4)
  • National High School Baseball Championship
    • 63th,57th competitionThe silent prayer scene on the anniversary of the end of the war was played.The role of the live announcer is a junior of NHKYasuyuki Onozukaannouncer. (August 1975, 8)
    • 84th,66th competitionThe voice of the final match "Toride 1984 vs. PL Gakuen" was played. (August 8, 21) Watched by Kakuichiro and Momotarou at the Otsuki family.
    • 86th,67th competitionThe voice of the final match "Ube Commercial High School vs. PL Gakuen" was played. (August 1985, 8) Watched by Lockichiro and Momotaro at the Otsuki family.
    • 88th,74th competition2nd round 3rd game "Meitoku Gijuku vs. Hoshiryo"Hideki Matsui withdrawal for 5 consecutive batsThe sound of the scene was played. (August 1992, 8) The members of the Otsuki family who were watching TV shared their thoughts on Matsui, who couldn't compete, and the feelings of the other pitchers who had to avoid it.
    • 96th,76th competitionThe voice of the third game of the first round "Kansai (Okayama Prefecture representative) vs. Hachinohe" was played. (August 1, 3) Watched by Isamu and Momotaro at the Pheasant Shinya.
  • Hirake! Ponkikki(Fuji TV[Annotation 173]) --The 66th, "Go! Taiyaki-kun"The corner has appeared.
  • 8 o'clock! Everyone gathered(TBS system[Annotation 174]) --The 69th, 3 people of the Otsuki family watched (program ending "Drifter's Bibanon OndoVoice only[Annotation 175]).
  • Sazae(Fuji TV system[Annotation 173], Still on air as of 2022) --The 69th, 3 people of the Otsuki family watched (only the audio of the program)[Annotation 176]).

Literature and manga works

  • Glass mask --Appeared multiple times from the 69th.A manga published in the monthly shojo manga magazine "Hana to Otome", which is loved by Hinata and Kazue.The model is from 1976Hakusenshaof"Flowers and dreamsWas serialized inSuzue MiuchiIt is a long-lived work of the original, and as of 2022 of this work broadcast, it has been suspended for a long time and is incomplete.
  • Salad anniversary -Released in 1987BachiThe first songbook of. In 1, Momotaro, who became a high school student, compared the subtleties of her heart from the time she was given this book by her unrequited love partner Sayoko to her broken heart to the tanka of "Salad Anniversary."

ス タ ッ フ


Normal times are about 1-2 minutes at the beginning of the programAvan titleAfter playing, the opening title (generally 90 seconds on Mondays, 60 seconds on others) will be played.

The title sequence first has an English title logo (displayed as "A family story that spans 100 years" at the top).Credit titleWas displayed, and finally the official katakana title logo was zoomed out.

In the title sequence, there are characters that behave differently from other days only on Mondays.Reijiro Horinouchi, Executive Producer, said, "It's a scene where a woman made of paper craft is hitting a computer in the office, but it seems that she is taking a nap with Kokunkokun only on Monday. It's the playfulness of time-lapse writer Tajin Takeuchi, who wants to share that feeling. "[168].

In the 8th episode (2nd week, 3rd, November 2021, 11), the 10-second opening title starts 12 minutes after the start of the program and ends with 90 to match the scene of Yasuko returning home by train from Osaka to Okayama. It's been a minute[169].


In episode 2022 of the broadcast on Thursday, April 4, 7, the day before the final episode, the expression of three characters walking on different roads was changed to a unified expression on one road.[170].

In the final episode (Episode 112), near the end of the game, instead of the opening title CG, the digests were drawn, the credits of the performers and staff were displayed, and the title logo was put out at the end of the music.After that, the scene of the spring of 2025 was drawn briefly and ended.

In addition, the opening video is a full-length animation, and it is the 3th work "NatsuzoraIt's been 2 years and 7 months since then.


  • The end 5 seconds at the end of the live broadcast of the main story (Monday-Friday) is called "Come Come English", and English words and English phrases are used based on the pictures and illustrations of everyday scenery, things, people, etc. sent by viewers. It is a corner where you can put it in and post it[171].
  • Episode 2 (Week 1, Part 2, November 2021, 11) -Previous work "Welcome back MonetPlayed the role of Nagaura HyakuneQingyuan GuoyeBut,Kesennuma City OfCommunity FMThe photo of "Radio Personality" taken at the radio booth set of "Hamarain Kesennuma" was adopted, and the phrase "Welcome home, Mone." Was used.By the way, in the 115th episode of "Okaeri Mone" (23th episode of the 5rd week = 5th episode before the final episode), on the contrary, the photo posted by Mone Kamishiraishi of this work is adopted and broadcast.[172].
  • Episode 53 (Week 12, Part 1, January 2022, 1)-"Genius TV-kun] Successive performers have appeared[173].
  • Episode 70 (Week 15, February 3, 2022)-"Hinata is now a big sister." As "Posted by Hinata Ozuki, Kita-ku, Kyoto". The picture is introduced.This is because it was depicted that Rui gave birth to her second boy at the end of this episode.[174].
  • Episode 77 (Week 16, Part 5, February 2022, 2)-Music for the showTakahiro KanekoOne-shot photo.The following Tuesday (February 2nd) night general TV music program "UtaconIt was part of the promoter.
  • Episode 107 (Week 22, Part 5, April 2022, 4)-The heroine of this workKawaei Rina, Next work "Chimudon steadily"heroine·Kuroshima Yuna2 shot photo.
  • Episode 112 (Week 23, Part 5, Final Week / Final, April 2022, 4) --Photographs of three heroines (Eri Fukatsu, Mone Kamishiraishi, Rina Kawaei).The photographer is "Kichiemon Akanishi, Kyoto Prefecture".The phrase was "Be delicious!"[175].

Broadcast schedule

The number of years is engraved on the subtitle.

TimesAirdatesubtitleShowWeekly average ratings
1001 - 005March 202101st-April05 days1925-1939Adachi Mojiri15.5%[176][177]
2006 - 0101108th-11th December1939-194116.0%[178]
3011 - 01511 July-15 September1942-1943Shinichiro Hashizume15.7%[179]
4016 - 02011 July-22 September1943-1945Adachi Mojiri16.5%[180]
5021 - 025July 11-October03 days1946-1948Shinichiro Hashizume17.0%[181]
6026 - 0301206th-12th December1948Daisuke Futami17.0%[182]
7031 - 03512 July-13 September1948-1951Shinichiro Hashizume
Adachi Mojiri
8036 - 04012 July-20 September1951-1962Adachi Mojiri17.1%[184]
9041 - 04212 July-27 September196217.1%
10043 - 0472022/0103 days - 0107 daysKazushi Matsuoka15.4%[185]
11048 - 0520August 1- 0May 11962-1963Keishin Izuminami17.2%[186]
12053 - 0570August 1- 0May 11963-1964Kazushi Matsuoka17.6%[187]
13058 - 0620August 1- 0May 11964-1965Adachi Mojiri18.0%[188]
14063 - 0670August 1- 0204 days1965-1976Daisuke Futami18.1%[189]
15068 - 0720207 days - 0May 21976-1983Shinichiro Hashizume17.6%[190]
16073 - 0770August 2- 0May 2198317.6%[191]
17078 - 0820August 2- 0May 21983-1984Adachi Mojiri17.1%[192]
18083 - 0870August 2- 0304 days1984-1992Shinichiro Ishikawa17.2%[193]
19088 - 0920307 days - 0May 31992-1993Kazushi Matsuoka17.1%[194]
20093 - 0970August 3- 0May 31993-1994Adachi Mojiri18.5%[195]
21098 - 1020August 3- 0May 31994-2001Shinichiro Hashizume17.5%[196]
22103 - 1070August 3- 0401 days2001-2003Takashi Fukagawa17.9%[197]
23108 - 1120404 days - 0408 days2003-2025Adachi Mojiri18.6%[198]
Period average audience rating: 17.1%[199](Video researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)

The initial audience rating is 16.4%, and in the first time of the work that starts at 8:XNUMX am, "Gegege's wife""CarnationWas the worst 3rd place after[200].

* If the year-end and New Year holidays are normalMay 12From New Year 3 to the day offMay 1It is customary to resume the main story from, but this work is due to the organization scheduleMay 1(43rd = 10th week 1)[Annotation 178]It will be restarted from.The omnibus on Saturday isMay 1Is pausedMay 1Will broadcast "9", which spans the 10th and 1962th weeks, for two weeks at a time.

Broadcast time change / pause

⭐︎ is2022 Beijing OlympicsBy.

・ Afternoon rebroadcast

  • ⭐︎ 2022/May 2(67th)-"Figure skatingGroup / Qualifying (Ice dance・ Rhythm Dance) ”will be broadcast on the main channel only after being deferred from 14:08 to 14:23.[Annotation 179][Annotation 180].
  • ⭐︎ 2022May 2(Week 14)-"ノ ノ ー ボ ー・ Because of the "Women's Slope Style Qualifying" broadcast, it will be broadcast only on the main channel after being deferred from 13:55 to 14:10.[Annotation 179][Annotation 181].
  • ⭐︎ 2022May 2(69th)-"Snowboard / Women's Parallel Giant Slalom Qualifying, Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Qualifying" broadcast at 13:50-Deferred to 14:05[Annotation 182].
  • ⭐︎ 2022May 2(71st)-Because of the "figure skating / men's singles free" broadcast, it will be postponed to 15:02-15:17 and will be broadcast only on the main channel.[Annotation 179][Annotation 183].
  • ⭐︎ 2022May 2(72th)-"Alpine skiing・ Because it is a "Super-G Women's Super-G" broadcast, it will be broadcast only on the main channel.[Annotation 179].
  • ⭐︎ 2022May 2(73th)-"curling・ Women's Qualifying Japan vs. China ”will be broadcast, so it will be postponed to 13:05 ―― 13:20.
  • ⭐︎ 2022May 2(75th) --- "Alpine skiing, men's first rotation" broadcast, 1:13 --Deferred to 15:13.
  • ⭐︎ 2022May 2(76th)-"Freestyle skiing・WomenSki crossDue to the "Time Trial" broadcast, it will be postponed to 13:25-13:40.[Annotation 184].
  • 2022年3月19日・26日・4月2日・9日(第20週〜23週総集編) - 『正午のニュース』の放送時間拡大(12時 - 12時25分・12時20分以降は各地のニュース)に伴う特別編成のため、5分繰り下げ(12時50分 - 13時05分)。
  • 2022年3月21日(第98回) - 『正午のニュース』の放送時間拡大(12時 - 12時25分・12時20分以降は各地のニュース)に伴う特別編成のため、5分繰り下げ(12時50分 - 13時05分)。

・ 1 week omnibus (Sunday) rebroadcast

Omnibus / catch-up broadcast

Catch-up broadcast

2021/May 112: 34-3: 49 (May 11Midnight) andMay 11At 2:02-3:17 (midnight on November 11th), NHK General TV's "Midnight channel] In the frame, we caught up and broadcast 1 episodes each in the 2st and 5nd weeks.

Also, for the weekly omnibus, the same year in the "Midnight Channel" frame.May 111: 15-2: 16 (May 111st-4th week broadcast of Yasuko's edition (midnight)[Annotation 185],2022/May 22: 44-3: 44 (May 2Midnight) andMay 22:33-3:03 (Midnight, February 2th) Rui Hen (10th-8th week broadcast)[Annotation 186].. 10th = 8th-12th week[Annotation 187], 11th = 13th and 14th weeks), and the final week is just around the cornerMay 4Early dawn (May 4Midnight) 1: 00-1: 45 is a catch-up broadcast for the three weeks (3th, 20st, and 21nd weeks) just before that.[202]Was done.


  • Part 1925 (mainly Yasuko): "1962-XNUMX"[203]
    • December 2021, 12 29: 8-00: 8 (Comprehensive)
  • Yasuko, Rui, Hinata: "1925-2025"[204]
    • May 2022, 5 1: 13-30: 16 (BS20K)
    • May 2022, 5 4: 14-00: 16 (Comprehensive)
    As for the appearance, "Yasuko edition" (rebroadcast of the first part mentioned above) 59 minutes → "Rui edition" 52 minutes → "Hinata edition" 59 minutes[205]Consists of.NHK General TV broadcast on May 5th is on the way from 4:15 to 00:15 on time.[Annotation 188]There is an interruption due to.

Related program


YOU as a guest (listener:Wataru Abe), Hirakawa's "Come Come English" broadcast sound source, the latter looks back on the English dubbed version of Jewel Voice Broadcasting

tv set

Evaluation and response of the work

Movement at the stage

  • In Okayama City, which is one of the venues, the Danjiri Festival was scheduled to be revived in October 2021 at the Shimonocho Neighborhood Association in Omotecho, Kita Ward, for the first time in about 10 years. It was later postponed.However, the new floats scheduled to be used for the festival were lent to the shooting of this work, and appeared in the scene of the festival of episode 20 broadcast on November 1, 2021.It will be unveiled one step ahead of the original debut[210].
  • From March 2022th to July 3th, 12, Toei Kyoto Studio Park held the event "Come Come Everybody's Stage Movie Village Tour", and the owner who supervised Japanese sweets in the drama made a rotating grill using red bean paste. Also sold[211][212].


  • November 2021 My Best TV Award Monthly Nomination
  • "Galaxy award(Broadcast Criticism Roundtable) April 2022 Monthly Award in the Television category

Olive Related Products

  • BOX1 Week 1-Week 7
    • "Continuous TV Novel Come Come Everybody Complete Edition Blu-ray BOX1" (April 2022, 4,NHK Enterprise, NSBX-25353)
    • "Continuous TV Novel Come Come Everybody Complete Edition DVD-BOX1" (April 2022, 4, NHK Enterprises, NSDX-22)
  • BOX2 Week 8-Week 15
    • "Continuous TV Novel Come Come Everybody Complete Edition Blu-ray BOX2" (June 2022, 6, NHK Enterprises, NSBX-24)
    • "Continuous TV Novel Come Come Everybody Complete Edition DVD-BOX2" (April 2022, 6, NHK Enterprises, NSDX-24)
  • BOX3 Week 16-Week 23
    • "Continuous TV Novel Come Come Everybody Complete Edition Blu-ray BOX3" (June 2022, 8, NHK Enterprises, NSBX-26)
    • "Continuous TV Novel Come Come Everybody Complete Edition DVD-BOX3" (April 2022, 8, NHK Enterprises, NSDX-26)
  • Come, Come Everybody, Come, Come Everybody Original Soundtrack Drama Accompaniment Collection Vol.1 (December 2021, 12)Sony Music Labels, SICX-30130)[213]
  • Serial TV novel "Come Come Everybody" Original Soundtrack Jazz Collection (December 2021, 12)Sony Music Labels, SICX-30131 2/XNUMX)[214]
  • Come, Come Everybody, Come, Come Everybody Original Soundtrack Drama Accompaniment Collection Vol.2 (December 2022, 03)Sony Music Labels, SICX-30135)

Related item


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注 釈

  1. ^ The street scene in Osaka, such as the scene where Rui wears a new dress for the first time and dances radiantlyWakayama CityTaken with[2].
  2. ^ Since the broadcast period of the previous three works was delayed, the broadcast start date was changed from September 3, 2021 to November 9.
  3. ^ From December 1951, 12 to July 25, after Hirakawa's departure,Radio tokyoNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.In, as a program different from that of NHK, Hirakawa is a personality "Come Come EnglishWas being broadcast.
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  5. ^ The first work in the history of a serial television novel in which three other actresses played one person as the main character as a heroine in a relay format is "Oshin(Because all three were announced as heroines at that time, and all three are still treated as heroines).In addition, there are other works in which a child actor who played the childhood of the heroine who is the main character appears (another actress played the heroine in his later years.Lily of the valley''Carnation』, Etc.), but in other works, the child actor who played the heroine's childhood plays the heroine's role, but most of them are" child actors "and" heroine treatment ". Not supposed to be. "Dust and dust"The main character in his 50s appears only in voice,"Sun] Is a recollection and a modern heroine.
  6. ^ Aldebaran The牡牛 座Alpha star.ArabicIt means "what follows".
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  9. ^ The meaning of "continue next time".In Saturday's weekly omnibus, it will be displayed as "SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!" (See you next week).
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  47. ^ On the way, sales were greatly reduced due to the Taiyaki boom and the Dango 3 brothers boom, but the growth of her daughter Hinata also came to help, and after studying abroad in Hinata, her son Momotaro and his wife took over the management. As a result, as of 2025, it continues to operate steadily, albeit humblely.
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  50. ^ Hinata, whom she met 10 years ago, learns that Sota is her granduncle for the first time here.
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  55. ^ She shed tears of tears and muttered "Mom ..." many times, walking around the waiting room and panicking.
  56. ^ Hinata insisted, "I know (Yasuko's) place of residence, so I can go see him anytime." But Rui said, "When I return to the United States, I think I'll throw away all my career and disappear. I said, "People," and thought that a confession on the radio might be a farewell to me.
  57. ^ What was left as a sound source for record debut.In episode 106, Rui confessed to Tommy, "I wanted Joe to play the trumpet," and Tommy asked Nana to look for it.
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  107. ^ At this time, I called Rui only once.
  108. ^ The 62nd.In the work of putting the dough in the mold, the amount could not be adjusted and it overflowed, and when weighing the powder, it could not be put in the container well and spilled in large quantities, and even with customer service, many customers could not handle the quick order and screamed. In a conversation with Ichiko, Rui smiled with a bitter smile, saying, "It was beyond my imagination." At the suggestion of one child, "What about delivery?", I asked the soba shop, which will be described later, to give me a bicycle for free in order to deliver a large order. When I rushed to her, I was able to use it, but it is unknown whether it was used for delivery. Hinata, who turned 10 years old, said, "My mom works, and my dad doesn't work."
  109. ^ As mentioned above, Rui has made a big problem with her income because she is determined to support Lockichiro even before her marriage and because she was humble and happy with Yasuko when she was young. No.
  110. ^ It's totally useless as a coach, such as being thrust into children by all the unconventional instructions, but in reality it's just watching over, but the trust of the parents has been gained.
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  115. ^ Until then, Lockichiro thought that the trumpet was everything he had, but the fun of playing when Senta played a toy piano as he performed a dance in the shopping district. He said he remembered.
  116. ^ The cost of the lesson was covered by the money that Rui had accumulated for the treatment of Lockichiro.
  117. ^ For this story, I'm sick as well (Focal dystoniaIt is mentioned that it may be based on Takahiro Kaneko, who is in charge of program music and gave up his career as a saxophonist due to the onset of the saxophonist.Takahiro Kaneko #Episodereference).
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  166. ^ Episode 82.At the same time, Ban speculated that the reason for selecting himself was not "expectations for himself" but "the guesswork of the Issei generation by Kennosuke who could not forgive Dangoro who gave up the movie", and Dangoro was made false. I think it must have been a mood.
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  172. ^ The 72st. 7-year-old Oshin (acting- Ayako Kobayashi) Is a servant, so the regular (performance- Mitsuishi Lab.), A scene that imitates the scene of going down the Mogami River on a rowing raft appears, and here, Hinata says goodbye to the weasels dressed as Oshin.
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外部 リンク

NHK Continuous tv novel
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Come Come Everybody
NHK General Saturday8:00-8:15 frame
Welcome back Monet "Week XNUMX"
Come Come Everybody "Week XNUMX"
  • * In the circle, the number according to the broadcast week is entered.
Chimudon "Week XNUMX"

New Year's Holiday

2022/ 1(Yuzuki
365 days
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
365 days
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

New Year's Holiday(Nenmatsu Nenshi) is not a strict definition, but 1YearsIt is a general term for the period from the end of the period to the beginning of the following year. (The specific period depends on the situation in which it is used).

This item explains the year-end and New Year holidays in Japan as the theme.


Every yearMay 12から31 daysUp toYear-end-End of the yearOrTwilight-Year-end[Annotation 1],May 1からEarly 1 monthUntil that timeNew year-New Year,new Year,Beginning of the yearMay be said.How to spend the year-end and New Year holidays differs depending on the cultural area.

in Japan's case,New YearFor several days before and afterDays Off(Consecutive holidays).災害避難所になっている場合など一部を除いて、学校はExcept in some cases, such as when it is a disaster shelter, the schoolWinter vacation, CountryMunicipalities OfGovernment officeAccording to the laws and regulations described belowMay 12からMay 1It will be 6 consecutive holidays.[Annotation 2]

1873/(Meiji6 years)May 1ProclamationBy the second issue, "Determining your vacation days,"May 1From to January 1 (New year three day),May 6からMay 6Until(Summer exorcism), From December 12thMay 12Until(New Year's Eve) Was a consecutive holiday.このうち、夏越の大祓の連休が実施直前のOf these, the consecutive holidays of Natsukoshi's Otome are just before the implementationMay 6Since it was canceled after that, the remaining six consecutive holidays during the year-end and New Year holidays will take root.

This decree1947/(Showa22 years) has expired, but after that it became a custom,1988/(63)May 12According to Law No. 91, "Act on Holidays of Administrative Organizations," the legal basis has been obtained again, although it is limited to government offices.


Golden week,ObonAlong with, you can go home with your childTraveling(Timely pattern,HawaiiThere are many families who live in warm resort areas near Japan, such as in the early and late stages of the period.Terminal station,空港Is crowdedhighwaySome sections of the road are congested.Also, during the year-end and New Year holidaysSki,skate such asWinter sportsMany families go out to those winter sports because it is also the season of.

TravelingIn recent years[When?]Young people such as couples and students are the mainstream, and children are in 2001American terrorist attacksLater, especially2004/Since then, it has been on a downward trend.[Annotation 3].

JRSome of the limited express tickets, etc.Special plan ticketWill be a busy season when will be unavailable.ただし、日本に観光However, sightseeing in JapanvisaEnter the country withForeign travelersDedicatedJapan Rail PassAnd some specially planned tickets are available.多くのmanyPublic transportThen.May 12からMay 1In betweenDays OffTreatedDiamondBecome[Annotation 4]..初詣の利便のため、大晦日から元日はFrom New Year's Eve to New Year's Day for the convenience of the first visitOvernight drivingBusinesses that doLast trainCarrying downFirst trainThere are many businesses that carry out[Annotation 5].

In addition, during the year-end and New Year holidays, it may be operated with a special timetable different from the normal timetable.About the year-end and New Year holidaysPublic transportation periodThe correspondence of weekdays and holidays is different depending on the business operator.[Annotation 6]on the other hand,Aomori City BusOnly available on Saturdays and holidaysOne day ticketSome businesses do not allow use on weekdays, which are operated on Saturdays and holidays.[4].

freight trainAs for, the number of trains in operation will decrease at the end of the year,May 12Many trains will be suspended from January 1rd[5].

However, on New Year's Day, the flow of long-distance passengers as well as cargo will decrease.[6]..Depending on this day, construction and adjustments that involve train suspension may be performed.[Annotation 7].

ETC discount systemEven during the year-end and New Year holidays, weekdays and holidays are classified according to the days of the week in the calendar (2008-2009 results).Holiday discounts are not applicable on the 2021rd day of 2022-XNUMX.[11].

Monday-Friday and Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are dividedCoin parkingIn the case of January 1stNew Year OfTransfer holidayExcept for the year-end and New Year holidays, the classification of Monday-Friday and Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays may be according to the day of the week of the calendar (except when the signboard or sticker in the parking lot has a note on the year-end and New Year holidays).for example,bankIn the case of affiliated coin parking, the parking fee is increased during the daytime (mainly 8: 00-15: 00 and 8:45-15:00) on Monday-Friday according to the business hours of the bank counter. In some cases.For this reason, if you park your car during the year-end and New Year holidays other than January 1st and New Year's Day, which includes 1: 8-00: 15 on Friday, you may be charged a large amount.


Many companies, stores, and tourist facilities also have holidays during the year-end and New Year holidays, but during the year-end and New Year holidays,Christmas,New Year OfNew Year's gift,First saleThere are also companies that focus on such things as the year-end and New Year sales season.

HomecomingU turn rushAt workplaces where the year-end and New Year holidays are the time of entry, such as transportation facilities that are responsible for shopping and holidaymakers, restaurants, hotels, and inns, people take turns taking holidays from before New Year to the beginning of the New Year, and congestion and fees are at their peak. Sometimes I travel around the New Year holidays.

Main Event




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注 釈

  1. ^ The word "years"Edo PeriodIt is difficult for the common people to go over the years, and if this is not over, it is likened to the fast-flowing "se" of the river waiting for death.
  2. ^ May 12as well as the May 1 SaturdayIf you hit, from December 12thMay 1Until,SundayIf it hitsMay 12It will be 1 consecutive holidays from to January 4th.
  3. ^ Narita International Airport CorporationAccording to, from December 2006, 12 to January 22, 2007Narita International AirportThe forecast for the number of immigrants using the system is reported to be a record high of about 138 million.[1].
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  5. ^ From 2020 to 2021New coronavirus infectionDue to the spread of the infection, almost all railway companies did not operate overnight, move down the last train, or move up the first train.[3].
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