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🎭 | Theatrical version "BanG Dream! Poppin'Dream!" Has been released!Five people including Aimi will be on stage for the stage greetings


The movie version "BanG Dream! Poppin'Dream!" Has been released!Five people including Aimi will be on stage for the stage greetings

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This time, public viewing will be held at screening halls nationwide, relayed from Shinjuku Piccadilly.

Bushiroad will release the movie version of "BanG Dream! Poppin'Dream!" From January 2022, 1, a national drama ... → Continue reading


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Shinjuku Piccadilly

Shinjuku Piccadilly(Shinjuku Piccadilly)TokyoShinjukuShinjuku 3-chomeYasukuni DoriAlongCinema complex.


  • October 1958, 10-Shinjuku Shochiku Kaikan opened
  • 1962 --Renovated into two screens, Shinjuku Shochiku (Japanese movie) and Shinjuku Piccadilly (Western movie).
  • 1992-A four-screen system is established.
  • June 1999, 6-All screen names are unified to Shinjuku Piccadilly.
  • May 2006, 5 --Shinjuku Shochiku Kaikan closed.Start renovation work.
  • July 2008, 7 --Reopened as a cinema complex "Shinjuku Piccadilly" (19 screens).
  • March 2011, 3-Movie theater operations are transferred to Shochiku Multiplex Theaters.
  • July 2018, 7 ―― 19th anniversary of reopening.

Shinjuku Shochiku Kaikan (1958 --2006)

There was the first "Shinjuku Piccadilly" "Shinjuku Shochiku Kaikan』(Shinjuku Shochiku Kaikan)1958/May 10In addition, "Shinjuku Shochiku Movie Theater" "Shinjuku Masterpiece Theater" "Shinjuku Star Theater" "Shinjuku Shochiku Cultural TheaterOpened in 4 buildings. A major renovation was carried out from August 1962th to September 8th, 13, and it became two screens, "Shinjuku Piccadilly" and "Shinjuku Shochiku" (underground theater). In July 9, the Mahjong-so in the building was renovated to increase the number of buildings by one, and in August 28, "Shinjuku Shochiku" was divided into two and composed of a total of four screens. Many Japanese movies were screened.However, due to the aging of the building, etc.2006/May 5It was closed at.

Number of seats

Building nameNumber of seats (when closed)Overview
Piccadilly 1820Marunouchi Piccadilly1 series
The name of the museum at the time of opening "Shinjuku Shochiku Movie Theater" was opened as the opening hall of Shochiku movies.
Renamed to "Shinjuku Piccadilly" from September 1962, 9.
Renamed to "Shinjuku Piccadilly 1987" from July 7, 4.
Screening mainly of large-scale and popular Western-style films of the Shochiku Tokyu chain.
Piccadilly 2417Marunouchi Piccadilly (currently Marunouchi Piccadilly 3)
September 1962, 9 Newly opened as "Shinjuku Shochiku Movie Theater".
On August 1992, 8, the venue was divided into two and the "Shinjuku Shochiku Movie Theater" was taken over.
It has long been popular as the opening hall for Shochiku movies.
June 1999, 6 Renamed to "Shinjuku Piccadilly 12".
Piccadilly 3198Marunouchi Piccadilly 2 series
Opened as "Shinjuku Piccadilly 1992" on August 8, 12.
June 1999, 6 Renamed to "Shinjuku Piccadilly 12".
Piccadilly 444July 1987, 7 "Shinjuku Piccadilly 4" opens after renovating the former Jakuso.
June 1992, 8 Renamed to "Shinjuku Piccadilly 12".
June 1999, 6 Renamed to "Shinjuku Piccadilly 12".
Mainly screened mainly Japanese and Western films that have been moved over.
Perhaps because of its small scale, it was screened using a special method of projecting from the back of the screen using a mirror.

Shinjuku Piccadilly (2008-)

Redevelopment businessShochikuDone by2008/May 7of"Kung Fu PandaKokeraotoshi at the Japan premiere ofMay 7Officially opened in.It has 2 basement floors and 12 floors above ground, and is designed.Matsuda Hirata Design[1]ByTaisei construction-Nishimatsu Construction-Tokyu construction3 companies jointly constructed[2]..The theater notation is a number + * (example: 5 *).

2011/May 3, Parent company Shochiku operates "MOVIX" in the movie entertainment departmentShochiku multiplex theatersSince it was inherited by the company, it was switched to the management and operation of the company.

2013/May 8, Shochiku announced that the cumulative number of visitors exceeded 5 million on Sunday, July 2, 2013, two days after the 7th anniversary of the opening.According to the company, this is the fastest achievement in the history of a multiplex.

mainlyMarunouchi PiccadillyIt mainly screens series of works,TohoWorks, DreamWorks anime works,Warner brosWorks of the system,Asmik AceSeries works will also be screened.One of the features of this theater is that while Marunouchi Piccadilly basically screens live-action films, the weight of the release of anime films is not small.It is often the place for stage greetings on the first day of the release, and there are works that become chain masters at several paces a year.[Note 1]..This is one of the main buildings in the direction of GinzaEastern play Cinema KabukiIt is also related to the exclusive screening of.In addition, it is often the main venue for so-called limited-time screenings (event screenings, special entertainment screenings).[Note 2].

Below are some of the major films screened as Chainmasters, but keep in mind that they are not necessarily exhaustive.

Major works screened as a chain master

The ☆ mark is a work that was also screened at Marunouchi Piccadilly. * Marks are so-called special entertainment works (or limited-time screening works).


Theater 4 * on the 1th floor of the building (capacity 580 people).BlockbusterIn addition to the general seats, the movie theater servicePrestigePursuedPlatinum roomWith 2 roomsPlatinum sheetIt has 22 seats.

Platinum seats are separated from general seatsバルコニーThe seats are custom-made upholstered bench seats (for two people) with ottomans made by Cassina ixc. In Italy, and you can use the private lounge from 2 hour before the screening.At the lounge, you can order alcoholic drinks and desserts such as wine, champagne and cocktails (all for a fee).The usage fee is 1 yen per person including the viewing fee.

The platinum room is for baseball stadiums and theatersBox sheet-VIP roomThrough the private rooms installed at both ends of the platinum sheet with the equipment corresponding toHome theaterIt sells that it can be viewed in an environment that surpasses that of.Private room is upholstered in luxury leather from Cassina, Italysofa(For 2 people) ・ There is an ottoman and a dedicated surround speaker, and in addition to the platinum seat drink menucaviar,Dom Perignon (wine)Can be served separately.In addition, the relaxation room (front room) can be used from 1 hour before the screening, as a welcome drink.Veuve ClicquotWill be serviced (as of May 2011).Although it is a private room, it cannot be used by more than 5 people or with infants.The usage fee is 3 yen including the viewing fee for two people.


  • Screens 1-10, capacity: 2237 in total (1-607 per screen)
  • Platinum room (Screen 1 only): 1 yen per room (charge for 3 people)
  • Platinum seat (Screen 1 only): 1 yen per seat (charge for 5000 person)


注 釈

  1. ^ As an example, "Love Live! The School Idol Movie" was screened 2015 times on the first day of its release (June 6, 13) and 14 times on the second day, which was a high pace.In this case, platinum is counted as the same as theater 2.
  2. ^ As an example, "Tamayura-Graduation Photograph-", "ARIA The AVVENIRE", "RWBY Volume 1", etc. (all in 2015).


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