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🎥 | "Spider-Man" Willem Dafoe, cameo appearance is useless ... Thoughts on the replay of Green Goblin

Photo Willem Dafoe replays Goblins! – (C) 2021 CTMG. (C) & TM 2021 MARVEL. All Rights Reserved.

"Spider-Man" Willem Dafoe, cameo appearance is useless ... Thoughts on the replay of Green Goblin

If you write the contents roughly
"I was wondering if it would be unnatural for the Green Goblins to reappear, or if it would just be a buzz to mention something else." I was also worried.

Green Goblin / Norman Ozbo again in the movie "Spider-Man: No Way Home" (released January 1th) ... → Continue reading

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Green goblin

Green goblin(Green Goblin) IsMarvel comicsPublishedAmerican comics"Spiderman』, Etc., a fictitious criminal (Super villain).Medium blackWithGreen goblinIs also written.


greenGoblinDressed in a costume like (combat costume)Super villainAnd Spider-Man's nemesis.The first appearance is "The Amazing Spider-Man(The Amazing Spider-Man) ”No. 14 (July 1964).WeaponMachine gunWithDroneIsbatWith a type of flight mechanismMachine gunAlso equipped with weapons such as missiles and missilesグ ラ イ ダ ーRiding on the hallucinatory gasPumpkin(Jack O Lantern) TypebombでGrenadeThere is also a type that spouts chemical agents such as hallucinogenic gas and pumpkin bombsBatImitatedShurikenRazor bat etc.Intelligence, muscles, motor nerves, etc. are strengthened by chemicals, but the side effects are eroding the mind.

Norman Osbourne

The first green goblin..Giant munitions company "Ozcorp(Oscorp) ”, Norman discovers a formula that strengthens the body and intelligence from the memo left by the dismissed scientist, and develops serum based on it.However, the serum suddenly explodes, and Norman is exposed to the serum from his face.By doing so, he gains superhuman physical strength and intelligence, but the side effects erode his mind, and he begins to think that he can become the strongest criminal in history with the power he has acquired.Wearing costumes and equipment developed by himself, he becomes a Green Goblin, and if he defeats Spider-Man, he will be respected among criminals and will challenge the battle.

When he learned that Spider-Man was Peter Parker, his lover'sGwen StacyKidnappedGeorge Washington BridgeSucceeded in killing him.but,revengeAfter being overwhelmed by the onslaught of Spider-Man, it was avoidedグ ラ イ ダ ーA surprise attack by is hit directly and dies.

Later resuscitated by the efficacy of serum, "Secret invasion] InSHIELDBecome the secretary of.IronmanSuit and Avengers Tower as my ownIron PatriotName yourself,VillanTo usHeroLet me play a fake of "Dark AvengersOrganize.

Harry Osborne

Second generation green goblin..Norman Osborne's son and Peter Parker's best friend.I happened to know that my father's death, Spider-Man, was my best friend Peter, and I wanted to take revenge.Green Goblin (XNUMXnd generation Green Goblin)Becomes

I fought many times for the life of Spider-Man, butTombstoneI also fought with Spider-Man against.

Burt Hamilton

Third generation green goblin.

Philip Benjamin (Philip Benjamin "Phil" Yurick)

XNUMXth generation green goblin.


XNUMXth generation green goblin.

Appearing in other media

Original cartoon

Norman OsborneSHIELDParticipate in the Super Soldier project and develop superhuman serum in-house.OZ projectI launched, but I couldn't get the results I expected.Meanwhile, Peter, who was bitten by a spider that he accidentally created in-house, becomes Spider-Man.Norman, who was impatient with his achievements, used himself to conduct a human experiment to reproduce what happened to Peter, but failed, and as a result, the green monster "Green goblinIt will be transformed into.


Voice- Len Carlson / Dubbed- Tomomi Nishimura(TV Tokyo version)
Appeared in a red costume.
Voice-Denise Marks,Neil Ross(Norman Osborne)Junpei Morita
After this work, it appeared in a purple costume.
Voice- Neil Ross / Dubbed- Junpei Morita
Voice- Steve Blum
Voice- Stephen Webber / Dubbed- Kunihiko Yasui
The true identity is Norman Osborne.Was under the umbrellaDoctor OctopusBetrayed by Peter Parker's bloodSymbiote[1]By being administered a mixture ofGreen goblinTransformed into.After that, it returned to its original form for a while, for the sake of annihilation.IronmanArmor very similar to[2]WearingIron PatriotCalling himselfHeroI was active, but I wore armor to power up (strengthen)Sinister SixIn the fight withDoctor OctopusWas given the drug again,Green goblinに戻ってしまう。第3シーズン(シーズン3)第62話、第63話、第64話、第65話(第61話、第62話、第63話、第64話)「異次元のスパイダーマン パート1~パート4」ではSpider Goblins(Later).
Miles Morales / Spider-Man / Kid Arachnid's World Green Goblin
Voice-Steven Weber / Dubbed- Takahiro Fujiwara
First appeared in the third season (season 3)Miles Morales(Miles Morales) Was in the worldGreen goblin..In the world of this workGreen goblinLarger and more powerful than the horns of the head, wings on the back, flames from the mouth, etc.DragonWith a figure reminiscent of能力have.In the 4th season (season 4)Doctor OctopusTo the world of Peters by HydraSummonHowever, they overwhelmed and robbed them who tried to take their own minions.Dimensional movement deviceBecause I tried to destroy the world with the power of, Miles destroyed the device and I could not return to the original world, but at that timeDoctor OctopusThe interests of "defeating Spider-Man" are aligned withSinister SevenIt was decided to join a member.According to Miles, the true identity is Norman Osborne, as in the world of Peter Parker.
Voice- Yusuke Numata
Voice- Hiroshi Iechu
Voice- Josh Keaton / Dubbed- Hikaru Hanada


Performance- Willem Dafoe / Dubbed- Kazuhiro Yamaji
"OzcorpA genius scientist who is the president and respects Peter.Norman Osborne, the father of Peter's best friend Harry, took the experimental power booster himself, and was struck by the stress of competing with rivals and being cornered by executives, and the side effects of the drug.Green goblinAnother personality as "Awakens.After that, he began to attack people indiscriminately just to satisfy his own personal interests, and he refused to ask Spider-Man, who was trying to prevent his runaway, to "become a companion?"When he learned that Spider-Man was Peter, he attacked his aunt May Parker and even chased the Green Goblin.George Washington BridgeTo Spider-Man-Peter who appeared in, MJ who is a lover (Mary Jane Watson) And by chance nearbygondolaHe urged him to choose between saving one of the children on board, and attacked Spider-Man trying to save both, but he failed because he was disturbed by the New York citizens who were on his side.After that, he revealed himself to Spider-Man-Peter, pretending to be sane, andグ ラ イ ダ ーIs trained inCutterI try to deceive and attack using, but just before Spider-Man senses and avoids the deception, I myselfCutterWill be the prey of.
Norman's body is brought to Osborne's house by Spider-Man, but it misleads Harry, who witnesses it, that "Spider-Man killed his father."
Performance --Willem Dafoe / Dubbed --Kazuhiro Yamaji
Appearing in the mirror of Osborne's house, his son'sHarry OsborneHarry refuses to do so, throwing his sword at the mirror, and behind the mirror is a warehouse of weapons that Norman used to fight Spider-Man.
Performance --Willem Dafoe / Dubbed --Kazuhiro Yamaji
Like the previous work, he appeared in front of the mirror, revived the memory of his lost son Harry, who lost the battle with Peter, and revived his revenge on Spider-Man (Peter Parker).
Performance- Dane DeHahn / Dubbed- Ishida Akira
Spider-Man refused to cooperate in the treatment of chronic diseases, and furtherElectroIn a way that can be blamed for birthOzcorpHarry Osborn, banished from, colludes with ElectroOzcorpHe injects the serum stored in the secret laboratory into himself, but the toxins in the serum invade his whole body.Harry, who was madly dyed by the toxins, was a monster, although his life was saved by the healing function of the suit stored there.Green goblinTransformed into.Harry, believing that this happened because Spider-Man monopolized the power of the spider, is his lover to relieve Spider-Man's resentment immediately after defeating Electro.Gwen StacyHe attacked everybody and drove Gwen to death.
Voice-Jorma Taccone / Dubbed- Satoshi Tsuruoka
Wilson Fisk / KingpinAppeared as a minion of.Collusion with KingpinacceleratorUsingDifferent dimensionWithdoorI was doing an experiment to openPeter Parker / Spider-ManByacceleratorWill malfunction and the experiment will be blocked.The experiment was blocked, butPeter Parker / Spider-ManToSevereWas inflicted.
Performance --Willem Dafoe / Dubbed --Kazuhiro Yamaji
"SpidermanAfter learning the true identity of Spider-Man, he came to the world of MCU.After the turmoil at the bridge, he temporarily returns to Norman's personality in the back alley, destroying his mask and running away, but is hijacked again.Goblins complain to others who are willing to accept Peter's treatment that "no treatment is needed" and "this is not a curse."


グ ラ イ ダ ー
batType ofMachine gunWithDroneThe flight mecha (of the aircraft)グ ラ イ ダ ーStanding on the aircraftControldo.The maximum speed is 140km / h[3].Machine gunIt is also equipped with weapons such as missiles and missiles.
グ ラ イ ダ ーWill appear in The Amazing Spider-Man No. 17 before that.BroomI was using a type of flight mecha[3].
グ ラ イ ダ ーHowever, it is a flight machine with a built-in floating device, and it is different from the general glider that actually exists.
Pumpkin bomb
Pumpkin(Jack O Lantern) TypebombでGrenade..There is also a type that ejects chemical agents such as hallucinogenic gas.
Razor bat
Imitating a batShurikenWeapons like.

Derivation of Green Goblin

Green goblin OfCopycat.. Detail is"Hobgoblin (Marvel Comics)See.
New Goblin[4]
Performance- James Franco / Dubbed- Masatoyo Tetsuno
movies"Spiderman 3]] appeared.Previous workHarry Osborn, who knew the identity of his father, Spider-Man, wore the latest battle suit that he had improved.
Although he attacks Peter, he hits his head in the middle of the battle with Peter and loses his memory from before his father died until recently.As a result, his revenge on Spider-Man-Peter disappeared, and his attitude toward Peter softened. Let me. MJ (Mary Jane Watson) Threatened to part with Peter, which made him angry and defeated him at home.At that time, he threw a pumpkin bomb with a gap, but was thrown back and burned his face.At the end of the story, "SandmanFlint Marco, who turned into "Symbiote," was eroded both physically and mentally by the mysterious liquid life form "Symbiote."VenomPeter asked me to help rescue MJ (Mary Jane Watson), who was captured by Eddie Brock. Being informed of the truth, the misunderstanding about Spider-Man-Peter is resolved, and Sandman and Venom support Peter who is about to be stopped and fight together (in the editor's cut version, Peter, MJ, and myself) Looking at the pictures of the past days, it is a depiction of abandoning the hatred of Peter).However, he was fatally injured by sheltering Peter from the attack of Venom.After the end of the turmoil, he confirmed his friendship with Peter and died while being taken care of by him and MJ (Mary Jane Watson).
At the prototype stage of filming, the design was exactly the same as the Green Goblin, but it was changed in a hurry.
アニメ『アルティメット・スパイダーマン』に登場。第3シーズン(シーズン3)第62話、第63話、第64話、第65話(第61話、第62話、第63話、第64話)「異次元のスパイダーマン パート1~パート4」でSpider-Man of all dimensions OfDNAA deformed figure of the green goblin that was administered.Two pairs of spider legs grow from the back, the jaw splits in two, and the body color changes to dark green.With acidic salivaク モThe green thread emitted from the tip of the foot and wrist is a weapon, and it is possible to move by sticking to the wall or ceiling.Deformed due to trouble during the battle with Spider-Man,Spider GoblinsI got the ability to spider spider silk and spit out acidic saliva.At the request of Spider-ManElectroHe lost his power and returned to the original Norman Osborne, lost several years' worth of memory, and lost his memory of Spider-Man's identity.In the fourth season (Season 4), he had a good relationship with his son Harry Osborn, and even if he was given the drug because he took his own vaccine.Green goblinIt no longer transforms into.


  1. ^ Symbiote in this work isDoctor OctopusIs an existence created from Spider-Man's biological sample ("pure enemy" according to himself).
  2. ^ In the original, the armor was requisitioned from Iron Man, but in this work, the setting was originally developed by Osborne.
  3. ^ a b en: Green Goblin # Goblin GliderMore source.
  4. ^ New GoblinsIs also written.


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