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🎥 | "Harry Potter" reunion special happened with a wrong photo!Emma Watson's reaction is the best

Photo "Harry Potter" reunion special, Emma Watson's response to the wrong photo is the best (C) AFLO

"Harry Potter" reunion special happened with a wrong photo!Emma Watson's reaction is the best

If you write the contents roughly
"I wasn't so cute," tagged and commented on Emma Stone.

The long-awaited special program "Harry Potter ..." celebrates the 2001th anniversary of the release of the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" (20). → Continue reading

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Tagging (computer)

Tagging[1]: 132 [2]: 147(British: tagging) IsComputerExists onFileA method of organizing by attaching a mark called a tag to such as. It may also refer to the act of writing HTML tags.


In recent years in using computers[When?]Then with the filefolderIt is becoming difficult to handle information using the unit of.This is due to improvements in storage capacity, communication capacity, and data compression methods, in addition to conventional text-based data.Image,voice・ FurthermoreMovieDespite the fact that it is still possible to handle files in units of files, at present[When?]Is easy to handle other than textual informationSearch ProductsThis is because there is no method.

In particular, for one feature that is common to all of video, audio, and video, it is searched, automatically evaluated, and in the order of information that the user will want.sortIt is extremely difficult to create and provide a list.For example, "DogAmong theチ ワ ワIn the case of "things related to", first of all, is the information contained in the image or sound of the computer Chihuahua?Shiba InuYou have to tell if it is, but to do that, the computer must first understand the Chihuahua and the Shiba Inu, and the difference between them.

Now[When?]Then variousalgorithmIs in the stage of trial and error, but it is still in the developing world because it takes a lot of time and may contain a certain amount of error.A way to assist in searching for this is tagging (tagging,Annotation).

In this case, each file has additional information called a tag (in this case).Metadata) Is prepared, and the computer searches by referring to the information described in this tag.先の例に沿えば、タグの中に「チワワ」という単語を探せば良く、「動画・チワワと遊ぶ弟・2002年8月撮影」や「音声・お婆ちゃんの飼ってるチワワの声・2004年録音」・「画像・2000年度ドッグショー準優勝のチワワ」といった情報を、それこそAccording to the previous example, you can search for the word "Chihuahua" in the tag, such as "Video / Younger brother playing with Chihuahua / August XNUMX" or "Voice / Grandma's voice of Chihuahua / XNUMX". Information such as "Recording", "Image, Chihuahua, the runner-up of the XNUMX dog show", that's it.インターネットIt is said that it is possible to find out from the huge file above.

Tags are naturally selected by a large number of people tagging them.[2]: 150. Cloudy problemCan be solved to some extent.

Similar technology

However, since the tags used as these headings require common specifications, for now[When?]Is not popular, but it is an audio fileMP3Is implemented inID3 tagThen, if the related information is entered properly, search for files with certain attributes from the specified artist name, album name, publication date, etc., even if they are not carefully classified in the folder. Is possible.

However, this ID3 tag has a different meaning from the tagging mentioned in the text.In tagging, it's up to the user to decide what to put on, but the ID3 tag is a syntactic tag.




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