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🎥 | Daiken Okudaira starring in the vertical movie "Nana Fushigi"!Tomimoto Toshiaki co-stars

Photo starring Daiken Okudaira

Daiken Okudaira starring in the vertical movie "Nana Fushigi"!Tomimoto Toshiaki co-stars

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Okuhira has appeared in popular dramas such as "Mothers in Love" and "Nemesis", as well as in the commercials "Aflac" and "Calorie Mate" currently being aired.

Daiken Okudaira, a notable young actor who won four newcomer awards in his debut work "MOTHER Mother", is LINE NEWS ... → Continue reading

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Aflac life insurance

Aflac Life Insurance Co., Ltd.(English: Aflac Life Insurance Japan Ltd.) IsCancer insurance,medical insuranceIt is a life insurance company that sells such products.Insurance holding companyIsAflac Holdings LLC(Aflac Holdings LLC,head office:GeorgiaColumbus City)Holding companyIsAflac Incorporated(Aflac Incorporated,head office:GeorgiaColumbus City,NYSE : AFL) Subsidiary.

2005/From the external name "Aflac(Aflac) ”, And the corporate logo has also changed.Currently, even in Japan, the name "Aflac" is unified, such as advertising.Before that, it was often called American Family Life, and there was a similar description on the logo.

Incorporated in Japan on April 2018, 4Aflac Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Started business as. Before April 2018, 4Branch office in JapanThe official name is "American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Japan Branch)", and the same name is used for public aspects such as license registration of the Financial Services Agency, banking transactions, employee social insurance and welfare pension. Was[1][2]..Also, in pamphlets, homepages, etc., the part without "of Columbus" is almost a literal translation.American family life insurance companyI used the name of.

In Japan, Ariko Japan, which is in the same industry,MetLife Life InsurancePrior to becoming (initially MetLife Ariko Life Insurance), Ariko often once belonged to it, even though it had nothing to do with Aflac.AIGIt was often mistaken for a group company, but now it is almost gone.


Aflac1955/, USA by three brothers of the Amos family (John, Paul, Williams)GeorgiaColumbusFounded in.[3]At the time of its founding, it was a small lotLife insuranceDoor-to-door sales, and while experiencing repeated management difficulties, in order to differentiate from other companies1958/The world's first <Cancer insurance> Was developed, but the interest of consumers was not high for a while.1964/, The father of three brothers died after a year of fighting cancer.After learning about the difficulty of fighting cancer, he specialized in cancer insurance.

Sales in Japan

According to the company's corporate historyOsaka ExpoJohn B. Amos, the eldest son of the founder who came to Japan in Japan, decided to enter the Japanese market, feeling the high awareness of hygiene from many Japanese who were wearing masks to prevent colds. a.Later, Takeo Fukuda from the Ministry of Finance and Tokiwabashi Institute of Economic Research, who was from the Ministry of Greater East Asia and was the "fixer of the financial world" at that time.Kaoru OhashiTo get approval from the Ministry of Finance and become the president of the Japanese branch (representative in Japan)Yoshiki OtakeAfter participating in management by Hidefumi Matsui and others, in 1974 (ShowaIn 49), the "cancer insurance" was reduced to Japan and the business was started.In addition, when trying to expand into Japan, it is not a local corporation method, but the pastArico Japan(MetLife became a subsidiary of MetLife and became a Japanese corporation after becoming MetLife Ariko)Japan branch of US headquarters(Foreign company) Entered as.2018/Started business as a Japanese corporation on April 4[4][5][6].


  • Chairman: Charles Lake
  • President: Masatoshi Koide


  • 1974/October-Obtained a business license (Japan branch) in Japan
  • 1974/November-Started selling <Cancer Insurance>
  • 1978/September-Launched <New Cancer Insurance>
  • 1983/March-National Association of Corporations (currently) National Federation of Corporations, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) Concluded a collective handling agreement for cancer insurance as a welfare system
  • 1985/January-The world's first <SlutLong-term care insurance> released
  • 1990/July-Launched <Super Cancer Insurance>
  • 1995/December-Established "Charitable Trust Aflac Cancer Orphan Scholarship Fund"
  • 1998/April-Completed branch offices in all prefectures
  • 2000/December-Released <12st Century Cancer Insurance> <New Health Support Team MAX>
  • 2001/February-"Aflac Parents House Kameido" opens
  • 2001/March-Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company (currently) Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd.) Started a business alliance
  • 2002/February-Released <Medical insurance EVER for a lifetime>
  • 2004/December-"Aflac Parents House Asakusa Bridge" opens
  • 2005/April-Adopted a new brand mark and formulated a brand promise
  • 2005/October - "Asia Insurance Industry AwardWon the "Life Insurance Company of the Year Award"
  • 2005/April-The 9st "Asahi Received "Corporate Citizenship Award"[7]
  • 2006/January-Released <Future self-determined insurance WAYS>
  • 2007/April-Certification as a next-generation upbringing support company (Kurumin) For the first time
  • 2007/August-Launched <Medical insurance-friendly EVER with relaxed underwriting standards>
  • 2007/September-Launched <Aflac Cancer Insurance f (Forte)>
  • 2008/October-Post Office Co., Ltd. (currently Japan Post Co., Ltd.) Launches Aflac cancer insurance
  • 2009/March-Released <Aflac's Dream Children's Student Insurance> <Life insurance GIFT (gift) delivered to family members every month>
  • 2009/August-Launched <New EVER for more reliable medical insurance>
  • 2009/October-Individual insurance / individualPension insuranceThe total number of in-force contracts reached 2000 million
  • 2010/January-"Aflac Parents House Osaka" opens
  • 2010/June-Launched <Medical insurance new easy EVER> that is easy for people with health concerns to enter
  • 2010/July-International standard for complaint handling "ISO10002Declaration of conformity to
  • 2010/December --- Completed alliances with 12 prefectures to promote cancer control
  • 2010/April-The 12st "Corporate Philanthropy AwardAwarded[8]
  • 2011/March-<Cancer insurance for living Days> is now on sale
  • 2011/3 month - Great East Japan EarthquakeStarted reconstruction support project "" We Are One Family "activity"
  • 2011/August-OfficialFacebookOpen page
  • 2012/January-Renewal release of <more reliable medical insurance new EVER>
  • 2012/July-Released <Easier EVER>
  • 2012/August-Incorporated Administrative AgencyNational Cancer CenterConcluded an agreement on dissemination and enlightenment of cancer information with
  • 2013/January-Public Interest Incorporated FoundationCancer societyConcluded an agreement on dissemination and enlightenment of cancer information with
  • 2013/7 month - Japan Post Co., Ltd.Basic agreement on business alliance with
  • 2013/August-Launch of <Medical insurance EVER that responds properly>
  • 2013/October-<AflacChildhood cancerExperienced person / cancer orphan scholarship system> established
  • 2013/12 month - Daido Life Insurance CompanyLaunches Aflac Cancer Insurance
  • 2014/7 month - Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd.Launches Aflac Cancer Insurance
  • 2014/September-<Cancer Insurance Days for New Life> Launched
  • 2015/March-"3DiversityReceived "100 Management Companies"[9]
  • 2015/May-Cumulative cancer insurance payments reach 5 million
  • 2015/July-Aflac Parents House Wins "7th Kids Design Award"[10]
  • 2016/March-Released <Medical insurance-friendly EVER> <Cancer insurance for living, close-up Days>
  • 2016/7 month - Women's Advancement Promotion LawAcquired the excellent company certification mark "Eruboshi" based on
  • 2016/July-<Salary support insurance when you cannot work due to illness or injury> Launched
  • 2016/December --International standard for contact center operations Quality Assurance Standard "COPC Obtained "CSP standard"[11]
  • 2017/2 month - TokyoReceived "Excellence Award" in the cancer control business of[12]
  • 2017/7 month - Hitachi, Ltd.And started collaborative creation aiming for an early detection and early treatment society for cancer
  • 2018/1 month - Aflac Asset Management Co., Ltd.Started partial consignment of asset management business to
  • 2018/4 month - Aflac Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Started business as
  • 2018/April-Launched <Cancer Insurance Days 4 for Living>
  • 2018/April-Opened "Aflac Sendai Call Center"
  • 2018/April-inside the companyLicensed Nursery SchoolOpened "Aflac Duck Hidamari Nursery School"
  • 2018/August-Opened "Aflac Innovation Lab"
  • 2018/October-Launched <Aflac Health Support Medical Insurance>
  • 2018/12 month - Japan Post Co., Ltd.Concluded a "strategic alliance based on capital relationship" with
  • 2019/2 month - Aflac Innovation Partners LLCEstablished
  • 2019/March --Certified as a next-generation upbringing support company "PlatinumKuruminObtained "certification"


2005/In the latter half of October, insurance claims and benefits from each life insurance company one after anotherUnfair unpaidWas announced, and on October 10, the same year, it was announced that there were 28 cases of unjustified non-payment of 45 million yen in amount.[13].

2007/On February 2st of the same year, a new problem of unfair non-payment began to be discovered in the life insurance industry.Financial Services AgencyOrdered all Japanese life insurance companies (38 companies) to conduct a fact-finding survey on non-payment during the five years from 2001 to 2005.The company received this in the same yearMay 4The survey results were announced in.According to this, it was found that a total of 19,169 cases, amounting to about 19 billion yen, corresponded to new inappropriate non-payment cases.Since this survey result is an intermediate result in time for the survey date, this figure is not definitive (the number of non-payments and the amount may increase in the future).[14].

2007/May 7Announced that a portable computer owned by an employee of an agency of the company was stolen.This personal computer records customer information (contract details, address, name, date of birth, etc.) for 15 people and 2,758 cases, which is the largest number of lost cases in the insurance industry.note that,Personal information leakageAnd for problems of concern such as misuse, the company has taken security measures such as the customer data itself is encrypted and a password is separately applied for booting the computer and decrypting the data. It is said that it is difficult for a third party to view or misuse customer information.[15][16].

On October 2010, 10, the company's agency announced that the location of the CD-R containing customer information was unknown.The CD contained customer information for 22 people.A password was set on the CD.[17].

Main product

Cancer insurance to live Days
In light of changes in the medical environment such as the increase in cancer patients in the working generation and the emergence of more effective and expensive treatment technologies, hospitalization, outpatient care, and three major treatments (surgery and surgery)Radiation therapy-Anti-cancer agentIn addition to the guarantee for treatment) etc.QOLCancer insurance aimed at rationally providing a full range of insurance that covers the improvement of medical expenses and financial burdens other than treatment costs.
Medical insurance that can provide a wide range of coverage according to the actual medical conditions in recent years and the risks of each life stage.Short-term hospitalization and three major illnesses (cancer /Acute myocardial infarction-stroke), In addition to special contracts that provide generous coverage for women's specific illnesses,2019/Nursing care with high needs for middle-aged and elderly people in JanuarydementiaSpecial contracts for employees and special contracts for those who are unable to work due to illness or injury, which are highly needed by the working generation.At the same time, we have expanded the handling of special contract mid-career additions and evolved into medical insurance that can flexibly respond to changes in necessary insurance for each life stage.2019/Introduced "Special Provisions on Special Premium Rates" in June.
Salary support insurance when you cannot work due to illness or injury
A product that can alleviate various financial difficulties associated with a decrease in income by receiving benefits such as monthly salary when you cannot work due to illness or injury.Guarantee if you cannot work due to hospitalization or prescribed home care.In addition, public security when you cannot work (Injury and sickness allowance,Disability pensionThe purpose is to prepare a lean guarantee by setting the amount of "short-term recovery support benefit" and "long-term medical treatment support benefit" in units of 1 yen each.


Kashiwa ReysolIs the sponsor of the official war uniform.

Advertising/promotional activities

As a CM character in 2000 at the US headquartersAflac duckHas appeared.With the launch of "Aflac Injury Insurance" in 2001 in JapanTV commercial・ Appeared in product pamphlets.roller coasterAflac duck on board is about to suffer a disasterBlack humorIt was a form in which the CM of the US headquarters of taste was diverted (imported) in the middle, but since 2003, CMs and advertisements recorded and produced for Japan have been widely deployed.The CM series has been one of the hottest commercials in the United States, with occasional coverage until 2007 as a topic for numerous news shows and variety shows, as well as being awarded for effective advertising.The ducks appearing in the commercials use robots and real ones properly.[18]

From August 2009, with ducks as a Japanese original commercialCat"Maneki Neko Duck" that appears together is used.Commercials using traditional puppets and characters that mix ducks and catsア ニ メ ー シ ョ ンCommercials using are also used.

Also, in 2013, as a poisonous dark hero for the Japanese marketBlack birdNew character "Black Swan" (voice:Hiroyuki Ariyoshi) Is newly introduced.In addition, while the former Aflac Duck only emits "Aflac (company name abbreviation)" etc., the character is set to speak Japanese fluently.Also, in the live-action commercial, the story is developed such as "Black Swan comes out a little and is tampered with by the Aflac duck that comes out later." From 2017, the children of Black Swan "Hiyokko Swan" have also appeared.

Commercial song

It has been aired since October 2006, 10Commercial song"Duck Waltz" (song:Mayumines) Is initiallyUSENIt was made into a sound source as a promotional CD, but it was well received on February 2007, 2.Pony canyonThe CD was released to the general public.

"Maneki Neko Duck" commercial song "Imitation cat duck songWas also released in 2009.again,Transferred to another record companyJust underage (* at the time of airing) Comedy duoBefore[19]by"Maneki Neko Duck X ThemeWas also released in February 2012.

The commercial song "Song of Chronic Condition" of "New Easy EVER" was released in 2010.Soichiro Kitamura,Takehiko Ono,Aki SaitoSung by the unit "Trio 197" byChaku-Uta FullWas released in[20][21].. After that, in the CM, the singerKazuo TokumitsuIt was changed to. On May 2013, 5Nakamoto constructionIs the song title of "Song of my illness-I have a dream, I have hope"Ringing song・ Full Chaku-Uta delivery.On July 7, the same yearCDReleased at[22].

Commercial performers



Program provided by CM

* As of 2021 year



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  • Belluna Dome --A huge advertising sign is posted in the middle left.

外部 リンク

Calorie mate

Calorie mate(CalorieMate)Otsuka PharmaceuticalIt is the trade name (registered trademark No. 1609035 and others) of the nutritionally regulated food group sold by.1983/It was launched in Japan and became widely used.


Was the then president of Otsuka PharmaceuticalAkihiko OtsukaIs based on the concept of "easy and balanced nutrition."Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTraditionalConfectioneryIsshortbreadThere is a block type that was inspired by the above, and a can type that was inspired by the concentrated liquid food for medical use.

Released in advancePocari SweatIn addition to, it is a product that represents the current company. An important nutrient essential for human survival,protein-Lipid-Carbohydrate・11 kindsvitamin・6 kindsmineral(Jelly type contains protein, fat, sugar, 10 kinds of vitamins, 4 kinds of minerals) in a well-balanced manner.Initially releasedcheeseWith taste blocksミ ル クThe product composition consisted only of canned taste.1983/Of cans in Novembercoffeetaste,1984/Block in aprilfruitsReleased the taste.1990 eraWhen it comes to blocks, new flavors such as chocolate and new shapes of jelly are also appearing.In addition, Otsuka Pharmaceutical's Saga Nutrition Products Research Institute announced various test results that "the balance of not only sugar but also the five major nutrients is important for breakfast" (Japan Clinical Nutrition 29 (1) 35-43 (2007)). ) Has been[1], As the public awareness about the importance of nutritional balance spreads, breakfast and quick meals for busy people, dinners,Emergency foodIt is popular for such purposes.

Japan Swimming Federationsynchronized swimmingAs a result of weight loss using calorie mate for a short period of time for two athletes targeted for special Olympics strengthening, it is possible to lose weight without significant decrease in lean body mass and physical strength, and also from the viewpoint of changes in blood properties and morphology. , Suggested to be effective in weight loss[2].. In addition, there are research results that calorie mate is useful as a gallbladder contractor.[3].

Product form

A solid that is soft and has little moisture. It has a square pole shape with ten holes,ク ッ キ ーRather than a short bread shape. One 1 kgcalorie.cheeseTaste (released in April 1983),fruitsTaste (released in April 1984),チ ョ コ レ ー トTaste (released in April 1993),MapleTaste (released in April 2009),vanillaThe taste (released in March 2022) is on sale[4][5].. Long time agovegetableTaste (released in September 2000, discontinued in 9),potatoTaste (released in April 2007, discontinued in 4) and plain taste (released in September 2014, discontinued in 2014) were also on sale.[4].
Two in one boxAluminum2 packs containing 4 packs of packagingsupermarket,Drug storeIn addition to being sold mainly, etc., from July 1996convenience storeFor example, 2 packs containing 1 pack of 2 are also sold. Initially, the two bottles were not for sale and were used for distribution at events. From the time of its release, there was a big problem in the convenience of the product that it was difficult to open the package of the inner bag, but it was improved by making a cut in the center, and now it is possible to open the cut up and down from the upper and lower parts. be able to.
As a variation other than taste, there is a product called "Calorie Mate Long Life" with an expiration date of 3 years as an emergency food for disasters.[6].. It is sold for stockpiling of companies and local governments. It is sold in case units of 60 boxes, and a box of 2 boxes and chocolate flavors are available. The composition of long-life nutritional components is partly different from the commercially available block type.
1979/Concentrated liquid food "Henex-R" developed for medical use[7]Is a liquid food type that has been born and improved for general consumers. In the past it was called the can type, but the product was renewed on October 2019, 10,liquidThe name was changed to "Type". 1 kcal per bottle (200 ml).Cafe au laitTaste, fruit mix flavor, yogurt flavor are on sale[8].
Formerly milk taste, coffee taste, cocoa taste, corn soup taste, sugar dextrin into multi-oligosaccharide,proteinThe new calorie mate that increased the amount to 10 grams was also sold (the three renewed liquid types have the same protein content of 3 grams).
Easy to hold smallJelly drinktype.Comes in an aluminum pouch bag with a spout. 1 kcal per bag (215 g) (200 kcal apple flavor is also sold at convenience stores only).ア ッ プ ルTaste (released in September 2002, renewed in May 9), lime & grapefruit flavor (released in May 2016), and fruity milk flavor (released in May 5) are on sale.Is for sale[9].. Only jelly type is included in block type and liquid type calorie mates鉄-Vitamin CIs not contained.

Products that were produced in the past

Elongated rodBiscuit.. LightcinnamonTaste (released in April 2001),チ ョ コ レ ー トThe taste (released in March 2002) was sold, but both ended in 3.

Package design

The package design isPocari SweatAlso designed theLight publicityThe president ofグ ラ フ ィ ッ ク デ ザ イ ナ ー OfIwao HosoyaBy hand. Of "Calorie Mate"logoAt firstGothicI designed it in, but it did not become good,Typographer, Written by Tadashi FukanoScript bodyI made a good design and it was adopted.[10].. TypographerHelmut SchmidThere is also information that was involved[11].. After the release, only minor corrections such as the thickness of the letters were added. The nutrients contained in the red letters are written in English.


In many commercials and advertisements, the emphasis is placed on its position as "a dietary supplement for people who support busy people and those who are working hard." At the time of its release, the advertisement production production, Light PublicityCopywriterOf the current chairmanAkiyama AkiraWas in charge of copying and planning[12].. In the CMSadaharu Oh(At that timeYomiuri Giantsdirected by) Was known to have appeared[13].. Besides,Atsushi ItoThe CM of the "Wakazo" series, which was released, became popular. recently,"Metal Gear Solid 3], [Desperate Desperate City 3-Breaking Town and Her Song-Appeared in the game as a collaboration project with24Was used in commercials, and a package containing one DVD of "24" was also sold. Also,"WARROCK] Is also collaborating with.


Program, appearance, favorite

Fictitious setting

A computer game featuring Calorie Mate

Similar products and similar products


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