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🎥 | "99.9" Sugisaki Hana's impersonator Jun Matsumoto ...

Photo A new scene photo of the third generation heroine, Honoka, played by Hana Sugisaki – (C) 2021 “99.9-THE MOVIE” Production Committee

"99.9" Jun Matsumoto is a mimicry of Hana Sugisaki ... The main video of the laughter is released

If you write the contents roughly
The cumulative total up to January 1 is a hit start with a mobilization of 3 people and a box office revenue of 74 million yen (according to a survey by Kokou Tsushinsha).

From the movie "99.9-Criminal Lawyer-THE MOVIE" starring Jun Matsumoto (released), Hana Sugisaki plays Shinhiro ... → Continue reading

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