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🤖 | "My Dress-Up Darling has begun !!" Cosplayer Moe Iori "The dress-up doll falls in love"


"My Dress-Up Darling has begun !!" Cosplayer Moe Iori "The dress-up doll falls in love"

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In addition, Iori is showing off a collaboration gravure of "My Dress-Up Darling is in love" in "Young Gangan" currently on sale.

Cosplayer Moe Iori updated her Twitter on January 1th, "The dress-up doll falls in love" shot ... → Continue reading

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Dress-up doll

Dress-up doll(Kisekae Ningyo) was made for the purpose of dressing up.dollsIs.There are two types, one is flat and the other is three-dimensional.again,Computer program,FlashMovies etc.softwareThere are also things that can be used for pseudo dress-up play.


The details of when the dress-up dolls have been made are unknown.Exists as a document at Expo etc.18st centuryIn the second halfUnited KingdomWooden dolls dressed in fashionable costumes made in Japan are considered to be the prototype of fashion dolls.But it's more of a kid's plaything than it is todaymannequinIt was close to.afterwards,GermanyA pottery doll wearing a fashionable costume called Lady Doll (Bisque doll) Was made, but it also had a strong meaning as a mannequin to introduce fashion trends to adults.

19st centuryIn the middle of the day, when the raison d'etre of lady dolls diminished from the rise of fashion magazines, children's bisque dolls called bebetypes were produced, but they were fragile and expensive to use as playthings.

20st centuryEnter, in America(English edition)Synthetic material dolls calledcelluloidMade dolls and hard plastic dolls were developed, and dress-up dolls entered the era of mass production and mass consumption.However, although the dress-up dolls of this era can be played with dress-up, they have a strong color as a hugging doll for playing house.Therefore, dress-up dolls as children's play equipment had to wait for Barbie to appear.

JapanIn, a doll in the shape of a child playing with clothesEdo PeriodIt's been there from the beginning(I.e.Used in festival ceremonies such as.In the middle of the Meiji era, a doll set called "Home", in which a set of kimono was attached to a kneaded doll, appeared and became popular among girls.

Made of paper

Flat dress-up dolls made of (mainly) paper are also called paper dolls or paper dolls.Play by layering (pseudo-dressing up) the doll drawn in a plane and the clothes.

Some are printed on the entire surface of fabrics and posters, and some are printed with dolls and clothes on each page of the book. They come as a bonus for magazines (with dolls and several costumes drawn in the margins). In some cases.It is often made to cut out your favorite dolls and costumes and play with them.For monochrome printing,Coloring bookIt can also be used for play.The strength is almost nothing, and when playing from the backCellophane tapeIt is necessary to take measures such as reinforcing with.

Since the pose of the doll cannot be changed, the doll often poses to hide its arms, and the limbs in various poses are drawn on the costume side.Due to the pose and scale, even dress-up dolls of the same series are not compatible.

From the end of the Meiji era to the Taisho era, cut-out dolls with colored cardboard costumes were distributed.

The ones released in the 1970s are famousGirl cartoonistSome of them were painted by a coloring book artist, and are collectable items.

In the latter half of the 1990s, a dress-up doll was released that allows you to play with hard plastic dolls overlaid with costumes made of hard plastic.

Overseas, of art booksDover PublicationThe company has published various themed paper dress-up dolls under the series name of "Dover Paper Dolls", and as of 2015, it is constantly releasing new works.

Made of soft vinyl, etc.

Soft vinyl dress-up dolls are also called fashion dolls and 1/6 dolls.

Along with the doll itself, clothes used for dressing up are always included or sold separately.Most of the sizes are 22cm-28cm (not including the head), and if you don't mind the difference in proportions, you can use costumes for dress-up dolls made by other companies if the width and sleeve length match.

Unlike hugging dolls, the age of the dolls is set to teenagers, and they take on professions that are popular with girls such as idols and models, and wear fashionable costumes, making them fashionable.again,Blythe,momokoThere are also dolls for adult collectors, such as.

For doll costumesPatternMagazines are on sale, and you can make your own costumes.It sang doll-sized furniture and 1/6 doll support.ShokuganThere are many,Dollhouse,DioramaYou can also play like this.Sometimes used as a body for customized dolls, there are also magazines that explain custom methods.

Dress-up dolls (especially Barbie) are said to have a strong influence on girls due to their popularity, and are often criticized in the United States from the perspective of racial discrimination and sexism.

Released in 2003Pinky streetAlthough the hair and clothes are made of resin, a wide variety of parts such as hairstyles, faces, clothes, and limbs are being released one after another, and in a broad sense, it can be said to be a dress-up doll.

Product type

  • Basic Doll-The body of a dress-up doll.In the case of American-made dress-up dolls, there are many cases of simple costumes such as underwear and swimwear.
  • Dressed Doll-A dress-up doll that comes in a special costume.
  • Outfits-Costumes and accessories for dressing up.Some can be displayed as they are.

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