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🎥 | Ryosuke Yamada, "What to Do With the Dead" is yakiniku? "Gathering people from all over Japan"

Photo Ryosuke Yamada appears in the movie "What to Do With the Dead" Ultra Premier Event Crank-in!

Ryosuke Yamada, "What to Do With the Dead" is yakiniku? "Gathering people from all over Japan"

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In addition, Yamada commented, "It's a moving cardboard box," regarding "what I want to do later this year."

Hey! Say! JUMP's Ryosuke Yamada starred in the movie "What to Do With the Dead" Ultra Premi in Tokyo on the 9th ... → Continue reading

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段 ボ ー ル

段 ボ ー ル(Dan ball,British: corrugated cardboard) IsPaperboardWith a multi-layer structure,包装-A plate-shaped product that has been processed so that it can be used for packaging materials, etc.paperProduct. In addition to corrugated cardboard sheets as materials, reprocessed corrugated cardboardEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt may also refer to other cardboard products. "CardboardIs also written.


Cardboard consists of flat paper (liner) and wavy paper (mediam)adhesiveIt is the name of a structure that is pasted together in one structure. Depending on the number of liners and media, it is classified as single-sided corrugated board, double-sided corrugated board, or double-sided corrugated board.[1].

The name of the cardboard is the base paperCardboard(The ball comes from the English board) and the corrugation of the cross sectionStairsIt looks like a shape. Also called a dan bowl.


Cardboard19st century OfUnited KingdomWas in fashion at the timesilk hatInside ofSweatDeveloped to suck up. It was later used as a packaging material,The United States of AmericaInGlassIt was originally used for packaging products.

Japan's corrugated board industry in 1909Rengo OfSadajiro Inoue, In 1910Japanese paper industryEach started with the adoption of technology from the United States.[1].. At the beginning, the manufacturing state was a single-sided reeling machine as the main machine, and the back side was a manual production method.[1].. It is said that Inoue coined the word "cardboard".[2].

Corrugated sheet

In a narrow sense, corrugated board refers to this corrugated cardboard sheet, and the original corrugated board was also this. It is a material for various cardboard products,linerSheet-like (plate-like) with a fluted core attached to it and the backside reinforced with a liner.

A flute that refers to the density of the central core[3]Currently, the A flute, B flute, C flute, E flute, F flute, and G flute are currently used, and the closer to G, the finer the waveform becomes (the thickness of C is only between A and B).

Commonly used are the A flute, B flute, and E/F/G flute (micro flute). Also, a sheet in which the A flute is attached to the front of the B flute is called the BA flute, AB flute, or W flute. Corrugated cardboard sheets are generally used for box making, but cushioning materials andConcrete panelAlso used for. Special corrugated cardboard such as AAA flute (triple wall, etc.), AA flute (biwall, etc.) may be used for export packaging instead of a wooden box or iron frame.

Regarding W flutes, BC flutes, BB flutes, and EB flutes are also W flutes. These BC, BB, and EB flutes are used in a small amount in Japan, and few companies handle them.

In recent years, some companies are recommending to change from the A flute to the C flute, but the strength is slightly reduced because it becomes thinner. However, overseas factories (ChugokuIt is effective to promote the sharing of packaging design with

Sheet manufacturing method

CardboardCorrugator (colgate machine)Manufactured through.The corrugator consists of a single facer, a double backer and a cutter.In addition, a glue making device for adhering the liner and the core, and for generating heat to melt the glue.boileris required.The finished cardboard isPrislo (printer slotter)Printed by theGlua (gluing machine)orStitcher (machine for joining corrugated board with a flat wire (wire))Is processed into a cardboard box. Depending on the shape of the boxDie cutter (cutting machine)Die cut and processed. The part that has been processed and is no longer neededBleedIt is collected as (cutting) and used again as a corrugated board base paper.

Cardboard base paper

Corrugated paperAlso called. Cardboard base paperlinerとMiddle coreIt is roughly divided into (Nakashin). Initially, both were in the form of roll paper, and by hanging it on a corrugator, the two were pasted together into a cardboard.

ChugokuGuangdongDongguan CityMany cardboard base paper factories are concentrated in, making it one of the world's leading producers. These include Nine Dragons Paper (Kuryu Paper Industry) and Lee & Man Paper (Ribun Paper).


liner(JISP3902) has paper quality of D, C, K,used paperDistinguished by the content rate of[4].. D liner (ju liner) has a used paper content of 100%, C liner (ju liner) has a used paper content of 90% or more, and K liner (craft liner) has a used paper content of 50% or more.[4].. The K liner is called the craft liner and was onceVirgin pulpIt was made from 100%, but now contains used paper due to advances in papermaking technology.[4].. D linerPrintAlthough it is not suitable for use as a cushioning material, it is often used as a cushioning material for pads, etc.[4].. In addition, there are special liners with enhanced functionality such as water resistance, water repellency, oil resistance, and tea leaves.[4].

The difference in the thickness of the liner is expressed by the weight, and is expressed by the numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7, and the larger the number, the thicker[4]。紙質と重さを合わせた表現として、D4、C5、C6、K5、K6、K7の6種類があり、C6、K5、K6の3種類が一般的に使用されている[4].

Japan's largest K liner production base isHokkaidoKushiroIt is inPrince materiaIt is a Kushiro factory.

Middle core

Since the paperboard used for the core is not printed, it is of a lower quality than the liner.[4].. A corrugated core is called a flute and is written as F.[4].. There are several types, depending on the height of wavy processing and the number of repetitions.[4].

Cardboard box

Cardboard boxIs made of cardboard sheetEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIs. Lightness and strength, shock absorption due to the structure, convenience that can be folded and assembled many times, etc.home delivery,Parcel post,movingEtc.Transportation industry, ま た はstorageIn the field of, came to replace the traditional wooden box. When folded normally, it becomes a flat plate. When we use the word "cardboard" on a daily basis, we often refer to this cardboard box. It is commonly said thatTangerinebox""ApplesThe "box" is this product.

A slight amount of corrosive gas is generated from the cardboard box, so it is not suitable for long-term storage of electronic parts. Also,moving,Internet mail orderIf you fold and store the cardboard box used inChatter beetle,cockroachAfter use, it may become a habitat forRecovered paperIt is desirable to put out[5].

It can be assembled with just a cardboard box by folding the lid, but for structural strengtheningDuct tape,Craft tape, Tape, etc.Adhesive tapeI often use. If you put heavy objects such as machines, use adhesive or double-sided tape,Metal fittingsOr fix with a band.

There are shapes such as A type (A type), B type (B type), and C type (C type).The most popular shape is the A type (A type), which has lids that can be opened and closed at the top and bottom of the box. The box is often referred to as the tangerine box). The JIS code number may refer to the box format, but it is not often used in practice (JIS Z 1507).

By applying a cardboard box, insidepolyethyleneSuch asSynthetic resinContainers used for liquid packaging with the bags made in (XNUMX) are also manufactured (bag in carton, bag in box).

Cardboard products

The most common use of cardboard boxes as packaging and storage containers. Also,pizzaSuch,Fast foodIt is also used for packaging. Including books,envelopeThere is also a packaging material to be used in the form of a sheet. The unusual one is made of cardboardFuneraluse祭壇-coffinHowever, it is rarely used in Japan.

Processing cardboard sheets,bedlikeFurniture,tent[6],NotelikeStationeryThere is also an example used for.EarthquakeIn the event of a disasterShelterBeds, partitions, floor coverings[7]There is also an example to use as. A simple toilet for disaster is also made. There is some sound absorption and sound insulation by making the wavy cross section the surface, and it can also be used as a material for handmade soundproof rooms.

Processing cardboard sheets,Homebrew computerSome products are sold as cases.

Plastic cardboard

A method in which a plastic sheet is step-molded with corrugated rolls, and two liner sheets are bonded together with an adhesive (corrugated method), and plastic melted by an extruder is extruded through a die with a corrugated cardboard cross-section (extrusion molding method). , There is a method (combined method) of molding the core by various methods, but all the adhesion with the liner sheet is done by heat fusion.[8].. Water resistance and cosmetics are superior to cardboard, but rigidity and price are inferior to cardboard.[9].

Reinforced cardboard

Reinforced corrugated board is a method in which double-sided corrugated board is equivalent in strength even if resource is reduced to double-sided corrugated board. A concrete method is to specially process the core raw paper to increase the strength.[10].. There are merits such as resource saving, reduction of packaging cost, and reduction of transportation cost and storage space, but the future potential is questioned.[11].


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