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🎥 | Erika Ikuta, Nogizaka46 Breaking the image in the first movie after graduation "It is said to hit harder ..."


Erika Ikuta breaks the image in her first movie after graduating from Nogizaka46.

If you write the contents roughly
This work is an original work by screenwriter Ryota Kosawa, and the Confidence Man (credit fraudster) Darko (Masami Nagasawa), Boku-chan (Masahiro Higashide), and Richard (Fumiyo Kohinata) are always gorgeous in various industries. Set in a wonderful world, with a magnificent and extraordinary plan, deceive a lot of money from lust-covered humans.

The world premiere of the movie "Confidence Man JP Hero Edition" (released on January 1) was held in Tokyo on the 14th, and the chief ... → Continue reading

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Ryota Furusawa

Ryota Kosawa(Kosawa Ryota,1973/August 8-) is JapanWriter,Playwright,Illustrator.. Kanagawa PrefectureAtsugiBackground[1].Tokai UniversityDepartment of literatureDepartment of Japanese Literaturegraduate[1].


2002, at the age of 28[2]"Ashi!』In the 2thTV Asahi 21st Century New Face Scenario AwardAwarded and debuted.

In 2016, in the TV viewing questionnaire "TV Watcher" (3000 people) by Data News, the satisfaction ranking by screenwriter of TV dramas broadcasted after April 2012 was "Legal HighSeries andDate-I wonder what love is』Recorded a high number exceeding the high satisfaction standard of 3.7, and became the first place in the" high satisfaction screenwriter "[3].

Furusawa himself is silent and is not good at talking to people.[2]..Married and father of two children[2].

Aspiring to be a cartoonist when I was a boy[4], In 1992ShueishaManga Rookie of the Year AwardTezuka PrizeI applied for and became a semi-winner.Osamu TezukaKnowing that he had advised a young man who wanted to become a cartoonist to "watch not only comics but also movies", he became interested in screenplays while watching and learning many masterpiece movies.[5]..Therefore, when writing a script, I do not show it to anyone, but I imagine the image and draw a picture in a sketchbook.[6].

Main screenplay works

Furusawa original script is in bold


TV drama

Delivery drama

  • (2023 <planned>, Amazon Prime Video)[9]

puppet show


  • Hoisassa!(2002, 48BLUES)
  • Kisaragi(2003, 48BLUES) * The movie "Kisaragi" is a reconstructed version of this stage for the movie.
  • voice4 Teleasa Sentai Announcer SHOW MUST GO ON (2004, stage of TV Asahi announcer total appearance)
  • voice5 Returns Ai no TV Asahi Cabinet (2006, same as above)
  • Phantom butterfly(2012,Theater CLIE)
  • Hobby room (2013, 2015,PARCO Theater)
  • Bad boy(2015,TEAM NACS15th performance)

Television Animation



  • Delicious rice Kamakura Kasugai rice store (December 2007) Kadokawa Shoten)
  • Novel version scanner A man who reads a piece of memory (March 2016) Shueisha library)[10]

Scenario collection

  • Kisaragi scenario version (February 2008) Baishuishe)


  • I don't get the help of cats. (March 2017-June "cakes"Serial)[4]



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