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🎭 | Fo-Yu-Yuta Fukuda Starring Ryuta Muro and her first tag "Harahara Dokidoki Niyake Taketa"

Yuta Fukuda as Robert

Fo-Yu-Yuta Fukuda Starring Ryuta Muro and her first tag "Harahara Dokidoki Niyake Taketa"

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The room that played Bernard also said, "This is the first time I've been together on the same board as Yuta Fukuda, and the work is a masterpiece, and I'm excited from now on."

Yuta Fukuda (4) from Johnny's quartet, Fo-Yu, will perform on the stage "Boeing Boeing" (May 35-5 ... → Continue reading

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Yuta Fukuda

Yuta Fukuda(Yuta Fukuda,1986/May 11[4] -) is JapaneseAn actorAnd an idol groupFO-YUIs a member of[5].. Nickname isFuku-chan[2][6].

TokyoBackground[4].Johnny's OfficeBelongs.Blood typeType B[4].


1998/May 1Joined Johnny's office[3],Johnny's Jr.And the unit in Johnny's Jr.Small KinKi[7],BBA[8],MADAct as a member of[9].. From 2011FO-YUAs a member and leader of[9]Mainly active on the stage.

2018/, 20 years after joining the office, starring alone in the stage "DAY ZERO" for the first time at the age of 31[10].

In 2019, the groupYudai TatsumiFormed Totsu-Yu-and became Johnny's firstM-1 Grand PrixPlayed in 2019 and advanced to the third round[11].


Not only the songs of Fo-Yu,ABC-ZI also work on choreography.


TV drama



  • (English edition)(May 2018-5, 25, Art Tower Mito ACM Theater / May 27-June 5, DDD Aoyama Cross Theater / June 31, Kariya Cultural Center Iris / June 6-24 Sun, Sankei Hall Breeze)- Starring: George Rifkin[22][23]
  • Nami Abo (January 2020-1, 8, New National Theatre, Middle Theater / January 24-February 1, Morinomiya Piloti Hall)- Tanaka Sadashiro Role[24]
  • Devil's poison poison monster(March 2020-3, 16[Note 1],Yomiuri Otemachi Hall / April 4-3, Matsushita IMP Hall)- Starring Melvin[27]
  • Flash dance(September 2020, 9-12th, Japan Youth Hall / October 26rd and 10th, Japan Special Ceramics Citizens' Hall Village Hall / October 3th-4th, Umeda Arts Theater Theater Drama City)-Jimmy[28]
  • Excellent Ward Passing Department (January 2021, 1 --20, Honda Theater) - Starring Tetsuto Iizuka[29][30]
  • Double Trouble (May 2021, 5 [Preview Performance], Shiki Civic Center Pal City / May 2-5, Yomiuri Otemachi Hall)[Note 2] - starring(Yudai TatsumiAnd W starring[32]) *Yuichi Harada・ W team system with Motohiro Ohta[33]
  • UNDERSTUDY / Understudy (August 2021-8, 18, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Theater West / September 29, Matsushita IMP Hall)- Starring Harry[34]
  • Recitationletter(September 2021-9, 16, Kii Kuniya Southern Theater TAKASHIMAYA)[35] --Takashi Takeshima[36]
  • Parco Produce 2022 "Stomach Bentencho" (February 2022, 2)[Note 3] ――20th, Kinokuniya Hall / February 2nd and 22rd, Matsushita IMP Hall) ―― Starring Ryota Zaizen(Starring Yudai Tatsumi and W)[39]
  • Boeing Boeing(May 2022, 5-14th, Tokyo Jiyu Theater / June 29-6th, Kyoto Theater)- Starring Robert[40]


  • Johnny's Jr. 1st Concert (February 1998, 2 and 1, 11,Nagoya Century Hall-Yokohama Arena-Osaka Castle Hall)[20]
  • Johnny's Summer Concert (July 1998, 7-August 29, Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle Hall,Nagoya Rainbow Hall)[20]
  • Johnny's Winter Concert (December 1998, 12-January 27, 1999, Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle Hall)[20]
  • Johnny's Jr. Limited Express <10/9> Pitching <10/9> Concert October 10th, gathered at Tokyo Dome !! (October 9, 1999, Tokyo Dome)[12]
  • Johnny's Jr. Spring Concert 2000 (April 2000, 4-May 3, Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Rainbow Hall)[21]
  • Johnny's Jr. <East, Osaka, Name> 3 major dome concerts (September 2000, 9-October 3, Tokyo Dome, Osaka Dome, Nagoya Dome)[21]
  • Johnny's Jr. Concert Tackey & Tsubasa 21st Century Showdown (May 2001, 5-June 3, Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Rainbow Hall)[13]
  • Johnny's Jr. Concert Tackey & Tsubasa Johnny's Jr. total appearance! (March 2002, 3-May 29, Yokohama Arena, Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Rainbow Hall)[41]





注 釈

  1. ^ New coronavirusDue to the spread of the infection, the performance on March 3th-13th was transferred to March 15rd-3th.[25], April 4-3th Matsushita IMP Hall performance has been cancelled[26].
  2. ^ A performance at the Umeda Arts Theater Theater Drama City was scheduled from May 5th to 7th, but it was canceled due to the issuance of a state of emergency.[31].
  3. ^ Initially, it was scheduled to start on February 2, but Fukuda himself was infected with the new coronavirus.[37], Started from February 2th[38].


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