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📺 | "ZIP!" Morning drama March broadcast Audience voting audition to decide the lead role


"ZIP!" Morning drama March broadcast Audience voting audition to decide the lead

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The members are Santoki Asano (21), Yutaro Zaitsu (22), Soma Santoki (16), Shota Nishioka (19), and Shota Nishioka (17).

In the NTV information program "ZIP!" (Every Monday-Friday 5: 50-), the 8-minute short drama "Goodbye ... → Continue reading

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Shota Nishioka

Shota Nishioka(Shota Nishioka,2004/May 3 -) isJapan OfAn actorAnd the dance & vocal group "Team Mecury From Zero PLANETIs a member of.ShigaI'm fromPlatinum productionAffiliation[1].


I've been watching TV since I was a child and was interested in the back side of the show.[2].

On March 2021, 3, the real name "Shota Nishioka" was renamed to the stage name "Shota Nishioka".[3].

Participation in Mr. Con

2019/In July, my brother and sister applied for documents without permission.Koichi Mr. ConEntry in[2]..Nishioka was originally unaware of the existence of the event and was not interested in the interview.However, as a result of the SNS examination, he won the first place in the number of votes and was selected as a finalist in the same year.May 7Won the Grand Prix[4][5].

same yearMay 10ToHigh school boy Mr. ConSelected as a national finalist for 2019,May 12Won the Grand Prix[6][7].

As a group

2020/May 2, Dance & Vocal Group "Zero PLANETA new unit "Team Mecury From Zero PLANET" was born, and Nishioka joined as a member.[8].. It will be unveiled for the first time at "Zero PLANET 1st Anniversary One-Man Live".



TV drama

Web drama

  • Delusion switch (September 2020, 9-October 29, 10,au smart pass premium) --The role of Patty Man
  • My graduation (February 2021, 2-,Youtube)
    • "Graduation from Kojirase Girls" --Yamano
    • "We are always detouring"

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