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🤖 | Tsubasa Yonaga's birthday commemoration!What is your favorite character? "Ainana" Mitsuki Izumi tops for 3 consecutive years! <22nd edition>

Photo "IDOLiSHXNUMX Third BEAT!" (C) BNOI / Ainana Production Committee

Tsubasa Yonaga's birthday commemoration!What is your favorite character? "Ainana" Mitsuki Izumi tops for 3 consecutive years! <22nd edition>

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In the 2022 edition, titles such as "IDOLiSHXNUMX", "Yowamushi Pedal", and "Free!"

January 1th is Tsubasa Yonaga's birthday. Speaking of "gambler" characters? 15rd place "Kakegurui" Jabami Yume ... → Continue reading

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2022 Year Edition

Yowamushi Pedal

"Yowamushi Pedal] (Yowamushi Pedal)Watanabe WatarubyJapan OfBoy cartoonthe work. Commonly known as "Weak pedal'[1].Bicycle competition(mainlyRoad race) AuthenticSports cartoon.. 『Weekly Shonen Champion』(Akita Shoten) Started serialization from the 2008th issue of 12. As of July 2020, the cumulative circulation has exceeded 7 million.[2].

Production background

"Weekly Shonen Champion』(Akita Shoten) Started serialization from the 2008th issue of 12.The title is that when the author Wataru Watanabe rides a bicycle, he raises the number of revolutions with a light gear and turns it around without permission.Yowamushi PedalI adopted what was named[3].

The reason why this work was born was when the author, Watanabe, who had recently purchased a road bike, asked when he had a meeting with the editor in charge at the time, "Is there something I've been into lately?" It started when I was told to make it into a manga by talking to "bicycle." Initially, the main character was a girl named "Okuwa Shimano", and the story was completely different from the current work, but he was the editor-in-chief at the time when I saw the name of the first draft.Takashi SawaThis work was completed by creating a character called Sakamichi Onoda from a voice saying, "Let's do it for boys. It's a boy magazine." The story at this time is drawn down at the end of the 16th volume of the book[Annotation 1].

In addition to the main story, "3rd grader" in the characters (as of the first year in the work)Yowamushi Pedal SPARE BIKEWas serialized from the 2012th issue of 38 to the 2013th issue of 6 of "Weekly Shonen Champion", and then "Separate Shonen Champion』(Published by the same company) and has been serialized since the September 2014 issue. At first, "SPARE BIKE" was planned to be done with a light glue like 9 frames, but it gradually became serious, and it became clear in the postscript of one volume of the book that it became a normal volume that is not light at all.

From 2012stageHas been performed and since October 2013Television AnimationOn August 2015, 8Movie version animationWas released, and from August 2016, 8 to October 26, 10TV dramaWill be broadcast and will be made into a live-action movie in August 2020[4]VariousMedia mixDeployment is taking place.

2015, 39thKodansha Manga Award・Awarded to the boy category. Not only the works in the "Weekly Shonen Champion" series, but the works by Akita Shoten won the first prize (1).black JackIt's been 39 years since then. The story at that time was taken up in the drawing at the end of the 50 volumes, depicting the appearance of participating in the award-winning party in the form of Sohoku High School jersey (also nominated in 2010 <Volume 11 Volume>). Reveals that was not chosen).


ChibaNew students from Tissou Kita High SchoolOnoda slope TheAnime,Game,Comic,AkihabaraloveGeekboy. He couldn't make friends with an otaku in junior high school, but when he was in high school, he tried to join the Anime and Manga Research Department to make friends, but he knew he was inactive due to the decrease in the number of members, and he needed to restart his activities. I thought I would collect the number of members, but the members did not.

At that time, the slope is a classmateShunsuke ImaizumiChallenged a bicycle race. For Imaizumi, who had been active in cycling at junior high school,GekizakaTheMamachariMoreover, the hills that were sung while singing were "an unbelievable sight." Imaizumi told me, "If the slope wins, you may enter the Ani Lab." A few days later, Sakado was a boy who just moved from Kansai.Naruko ShokichiAnd become friends. Naruko has been active in cycling at junior high school, and Sakamichi knows her ability by chance.

Sakamichi, who discovered the “fun to ride on a bicycle fast” that he had never experienced in the encounter with the two, gave up recruiting members of the Ani Lab and joined the Bicycle Competition Club. The slope that has been going to Akihabara by bicycle since I was an elementary school student is strong on uphill without knowing it.climberAs the basic ability as is being trained and the qualities were found, it is a senior member and a climberYusuke MakishimaI will receive the guidance of and develop my talent.


The name of the vehicle manufacturer has been changed in the anime version including the movie version, so it will be added each time. However, the manufacturers that are listed once will be omitted hereafter. If the same person is riding in a vehicle with a different manufacturer between the original version and the animated version, or if the vehicle name is listed only in the animated version, enter the original manufacturer name.

"Year" in the text is based on the grade of the grade, and if the grade is in the second grade, write "Year". Regarding the race number, basically the Inter-High National Convention and the animated movie version of "Kumamoto Fire no Kuni Yamanami Race" (hereinafter referred to as KHY Race) are described, and local races including Inter-High Prefecture Preliminary Round are omitted.

Sohoku High School

Chiba佐 倉 市Prefectural high school in. The school building is located at the back of a small mountain and has a wide road, which is usually used by many students (4km from the main road) and a narrow road with a slope of more than 20% and a back gate of a steep slope (2km). ).

The athlete's jersey is based on yellow and the part from the top to the side is white, with the letters "Sohoku High School Cycling Club" on the chest and the letters "SOHOKU" in white on the red line from the shoulder to the arm. .. In the original version, the word "KANZAKI CS" is included from the top of the red line on the side of the jacket, but it is omitted in the anime version, and the red line has a white line.

Onoda slope (Sakamichi Onoda)
sound - Daiki Yamashita
Performance- Yoshihiro Murai(1, 3, 4, 6) / Yuki Kogoshi(7 TV drama) / Daigo Tiger(10/11/12) / Nukashin Taizhou(13/14) / Ryosuke Sota(16) / Ryunosuke Shimamura(17)
The protagonist of this work. Sohoku High School 1st class 4th → 2nd year 2nd class (2nd year will be in the same class as Imaizumi). Born March 3th. Pisces. Blood type O. From Kujukuri Nishinaka.
Have a natural giftclimber.. A car is a general unknown manufacturer who has been riding since elementary schoolMamachari[Annotation 2]With the rental from the Kanzaki bicycle storeFrame materialToChromolyManufacturer unknown road racer. After the inter-high, this is also the yellow one I borrowed from the Kanzaki bicycle storeBMCChange to (BNC in the anime version)[Annotation 3].
A nerd whose glasses are a trademark. Feeling small, not good at talking to others, especially vigorousSports ClubAt first, he decided that he would never participate in sports club activities. There is also a mother-like aspect in that it is very constant for what you like, and when it comes to anime and manga, it is unilaterally sprinkled. There is almost no hostility, but he is hostile to his first friends, Imaizumi, Naruko, and Yuto who tried to attack Team Sohoku entrusted to Makishima.
When I was in junior high school, I wasn't blessed with the environment, so when I entered high school, I tried to regroup the anime research department to make a nerd friend, but failed. In the same year, I met Imaizumi, Naruko, and Kansaki, and decided to join the bicycle competition club.
Since he was in the fourth grade of elementary school, he has been traveling by bicycle to Akihabara, which is more than 4 km away one way, so that the train fare can be used to purchase goods. Moreover, the bicycle was made with a heavy weight, and the gear ratio was low, so that the bicycle could not go a long distance even when rowed.[Annotation 4].. In addition, there is a fairly steep slope in front of my house, and I climb the back gate slope of a high school, which is also a steep slope, singing hummingly. For that reason, although I am not good at sports, I have a considerable potential for bicycles even though I am a beginner[Annotation 5].. There is also a place that the person himself enjoys, and when he climbs up the slope, he smiles and has a habit of humming the OP theme song of his favorite anime "Love☆Hime".
After joining the club, he was able to find his qualities as a climber, and was particularly evaluated for his "light body," "mental mentality toward his goal," and "high cadence (high rotation) pedaling, which does not shake even with light gear." Longing for Makishima, a senior climber who is the same climber, he develops his talent under the guidance of him. It is known as "Sanno" because it was an inter-high individual victory in the second year and after that he won various competitions.
On the first day of the Inter-High, after being caught in a car at an intersection in the city after the sprint result, the car fell to the bottom at one point, but achieved 1 people to catch up with the team. On the second day, he picked up Tadokoro who had fallen out of order due to his poor physical condition, joined the team, and drew members to catch up with Hakone Gakuen and Kyoto Fushimi, which had been greatly preceded. On the third day, once swallowed by the group, he chased with Arakita and Manami of Hakone Gakuen, who were swallowed together, to catch up to the beginning, retire due to injury of Ace Kinjo and Mechatra of Imaizumi (crack of frame). Participated in the final stage and competed with Manami in the final stage to achieve Sohoku's long-cherished desire and individual victory.
After the end of the inter-high, Makishima, who had long been a spiritual supporter, graduated ahead of schedule and went abroad, but fell into a slump for a while, but at the Minegayama Hill Climb Race, seeing the driving of the next captain, Teshima, slumped and inspired. Escape.
The second year Inter High is also the champion of the previous year, so on the first day it was marked and stopped by multiple partner schools, but it passed through it and passed the mountain stage in 2rd place, exhausted in the mountain result battle. Save Teshima, who is about to fall, with a quick break. On the second day, I was looking forward to fighting Manami on the mountain stage before the race, and at first I was ordered to win a mountain number.[Annotation 6]However, due to repeated team troubles and so on, it was no longer possible, so I decided to give up the game (with Manami) and draw Imaizumi to the top. After that, Midosuji was overwhelmed by 1st place and was overtaken by the paddy field in Keibushi just before the goal, ending in 6th place. Then, on the third day, Imaizumi, who used up his legs in a rainy battle with Midosuji, will compete again with Manami, who caught up with Kuroda from the back, for the final stage goal. Although he was hit by an accident on the way and was able to make a big difference to Manami, he caught up with Manami, driven by the appearance and cheering of Makishima, and at the end of the close battle, he won the overall and personal victory for the second consecutive year.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, I was entrusted with the mountain stage on the first day, but the hole in Makishima was so large that I couldn't exercise its original power. Encouraged by Teshima in the dormitory after the race, Kaneshiro will be the ace of the mountain on the second day. The next day he reunited with Makishima in an early morning voluntary practice, he recovered his motivation by hearing that he was a general participant, and in the race, he joined with Kumamoto Daiichi with Makishima who was dropping the rank to pick up the last starting Makishima. And while aiming for the final stage goal while pulling the team until he caught up with Hakone Gakuen, he witnessed the incandescent battle between Makishima and Todo with Manami from behind.
At the training camp held just before the Inter-High, in the first year I was struggling to change the behavior at the beginning because I was exchanging with old heavy wheels that were in the corner of the club room before I knew it, but Makishima revealed the seeds. And advice to increase the pace[Annotation 7].. In the rain on the 4th day, he fell down and damaged his pedals, so he slowed down again, but was handed over by Teshima who retired midway.Binding pedalI put on my shoes and ran for 1000 kilometers on the verge of time-out. The following year, like the previous year, I was left in the middle due to car sickness[Annotation 8], It will start five laps later with Imaizumi and others who were running earlier (however, it is unclear if the bicycle itself was crafted), but by running with Koga early in the morning to cover the lap delay, 5 hours from the previous year I reduced the time and ran in 5th place.
The bib number is 1 for the first year and 176 for the second year at Inter-High. 2 in the KHY race of the anime movie version.
I often wear clothes that have the words "BEST BOY."
Shunsuke Imaizumi
Voice- Kosuke Toriumi / Nikita Sayaki(Childhood)
Performance- Motohiro Ota(1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8) / Kimura achieved(TV drama) / Masanari Wada(10/11) / Hiroki Ino(12/13) / Yamazaki Shogo(14) / Shuya Sunagawa(17)
1rd year[Annotation 9]→ 2nd year 2nd class. Born May 5th. Taurus. Blood type A. Born in Ichiha 18rd.
All Rounder.. My car isScott(In the anime version, "SCOLT", the body color is blue). Electric component of the frame that cracked on the third day of inter high[Annotation 10]I am switching to a vehicle with a frame with a slightly bright color. There is no particular weak point, stable running in any field, lean form is especially appreciated.
Serious hard worker with a very cool personality. People who make an effort without sacrificing respect will pay homage even if they lack the ability, but people who do not make an effort look down and are tough on themselves and others. From the slope, it is called a friendly and friendly friendship.[Annotation 11].. There is a Guard that is very popular among girls, and is supported by a huge banner with portraits at Minegayama Hill Climb. In addition, he sells riding based on calm calculation to maximize his own power, but he is a type whose root gets hot and I hate it extremely. Naruko, who also has a rivalry that he doesn't lose, is in constant quarrel with each other, and they both fight for an ace.At the same time, they say the same thing, saying that they shouldn't imitate each other. Is said. Because he is serious, he has a weakness in his mental side, and although he is aware of himself, the power he wears through continuous efforts becomes confident and supports his spirit.
I first set out to discover the nature of the slope and set up a back gate slope race. After that, he introduced the bicycle race department, but he did not enthusiastically solicited him saying, "A guy who is prepared to run even if his legs are torn off should ride."
When he was a child, he was a lethargic and friendless boy who was constantly being said to have a bad eye, a bad attitude, and a small reply. However, after being asked to buy a road bike on his birthday, he learned the quietness at the beginning and practiced the road saying "the beginning is quiet". When I was a junior high school student, it was one of the best bicycle racers in the prefecture and ended up with a runner-up because of a big difference to Midosuji who lied that "My mother had an accident" at a tournament in junior high school. He continues to train even harder. The goal is the fastest in the world.
During the work, I used to use a shuttle car to attend school. Although the family was not described in detail for a long time, it is revealed that there is a younger sister besides parents.
During the first year of Inter-High, he reunited with Midosuji in Fushimi, Kyoto, who he was related to in middle school. Even though he vowed to insult in middle school, he once abandoned the race due to Midosuji's overwhelming ability. Although he managed to continue the race in Kaneshiro's words, he was trying to run out of the fighting spirit, but witnessing Kinjo's obsession with the victory, he thought that he would win only by himself and the power of the bicycle, and tried to run for the team's victory. Change your mind. At the same time, the spirit that had been a bottleneck has evolved significantly, and finally revenge on Midosuji. The result of this year is 1th overall with 3rd day mountain result.
On the 2st day of the second year, Naruko received an order from Teshima with Naruko before the race, "Ace et al. decide on their own", and on the final stage, chase Midosuji, which preceded during the confusion of Koburi in Fushimi, Kyoto this day. Entrust the ace of. After that, Naruko, who lost to Ashikiba and finished second, scored his attention against Kaburagi who criticized the performance of laughing at the award ceremony. On the second day, Naruko, Aoyagi, and Kaburagi all fell apart and hit Midorisuji's impatient pace to hit Teshima. After meeting Aoyagi and Kaburagi, he catches up with Hakone Gakuen and Kyofushi, but since they weren't already in the lead, Sakamichi and the two of them ran to the top to lose to Midosuji and finish in second place. .. On the third day, as with last year, we will be playing with Midosuji, and although we have managed to fight in the rain suddenly and join the slope that came after, Manami and Kuroda caught up from behind, so we entrusted the final order to the slope. .. As he ran out of his legs in the battle with Midosuji, he eventually overwhelmed Kuroda and finished 1th overall. Only Sakamichi and Imaizumi completed the Sohoku players.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, instead of a mentally unsatisfactory slope, he challenged the mountain results on the first day, but he was held in boxing and Kumadai in 1th place, and in the 4rd stage he turned to Kinjo's assist. On the second day, Kinjo received an order not to drop the ranking until he picked up the lowest starting Makishima and joined the third grade.
At the training camp in front of Inter-High, in the 1st grade, the shifter (transmission) was sealed at the instruction of Kaneshiro, and the vehicle without the shifter ran 1000 km in 4th place. The next year, like Naruko, he wears a vintage wheel and runs in 1000nd place next to Naruko with a slight distance of 2 km.
After advancing to the second grade, as in the first grade, he will be the organizer of the same grade, but he is not suitable for the organizer, and has repeatedly said that he is not good at matching people. My favorite subject is ancient writing. My favorite color is blue and I love USAGI brand clothes. In the anime version, he is good at table tennis, such as hitting the table tennis table just barely and making a face shot on Naruko.
In the anime version, there is a depiction that is inspired by the otaku of the slope in the ending short animation (next notice), and in the 1st episode 1 episode, the theme song of "Love Hime" OP begins with the unconscious humming of the chorus, and the animation is forced. After being made to see it, I started to see it voluntarily, I watched the movie version on the slope and the movie theater, and went to the event of Love ☆ Hime, the situation is gradually escalating. The original version has no interest in anime.
The bib number is 1 for the first year and 175 for the second year at Inter-High. 2 in KHY race.
Naruko Shokichi
Voice- Jun Fukushima / Ryoko Shiraishi(Childhood)
Performance- Hiroki Torigoe(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) / Fukasawa Taiga(TV drama) / Momose Saku(10/11/12/13/14) / Kitano Satsuki(17)
1 year 6 groups → 2 years 3 groups. Born August 8th. Virgo. Blood type B. Born in Kansai Sakai Hamanaka.
Sprinter→ All-rounder. My car isPinarello(In the anime version, "PINAR RELO", the body color is red x black).
In the Kansai area, he is a well-known racer and has a nickname of "Nanwa no Speedman". His personality is flashy, and his personal items such as his hair and car are all red. A person who cares for good luck with family and friends. I moved from Osaka to Chiba with my parents' transfer and entered Sohoku High School. I have two younger brothers.
After seeing the nature of the slope that I met in Akihabara and knowing that he was in the same school, I recommended that I join the bicycle race club.
Believing to be conspicuous, he chose a sprinter that is "fastest first." On the other hand, it doesn't mean that you just want to stand out. In addition, it may be a hell ears, and I sometimes put tsukkomi to the audience while running. He is good at flat land, but he has not neglected measures for mountains that he is not good at. I started biking in the third grade of elementary school, but at that time I couldn't do well, and I was ridiculed for his small body.
It's so close that it's called "kun" with a slope[Annotation 12], Imaizumi and Tadokoro are in conflict with each other. Imaizumi is called "Sukasi" and Tadokoro is called "Ossan".
The first year of the Inter-High is the first result of the first day.[Annotation 13]Competed with Tadokoro and Hakogaku Izumida, and eventually contributed to the acquisition of Tadokoro's top position. In addition, although he has proposed a merger with those who have fallen behind on the slopes and Tadokoro who are in poor physical condition, they are rejected by seniors who prioritize the victory of the team. And on the third day, Kinjo and Tadoko are separated, and while being a sprinter running with four people, they draw a mountain with a sprint climb and show the rough work of exchanging high touch with the audience and turning their eyes on the camera while running. Then, preparing for retirement, he caught up with Hakone Gakuen and left the battlefield.
After the inter-high, Imaizumi was advised to switch to an all-rounder, and he refused because of his sprinter's involvement, but when he visited Osaka after a long time, he encountered Midosuji.One fightHe declared that he would quit the sprinter if he lost, and lost to Midosuji, which "emerged" during the match, and was forced to convert to an all-rounder. Along with that, the carbon deep wheel made of ZIPP (ZIIP in the animation version) newly installed is removed.[Annotation 14].
On the second year and the first day of the Inter-High, Imaizumi can stop him from having an early match with Izumida. In the final stage, while being confused by the shaking of Komari, I pursued without keeping an eye on Midosuji running ahead, and after three people, Ashikiba, who was catching up afterwards, competed for the goal, but due to the difference in height, Reashikiba It was overtaken by No. 2 and ranked second with Midosuji. On the second day, I dared to go against the order and take the lead alone, and when Sakamichi and Imaizumi caught up, they retreated and joined the next team. On the third day, a one-on-one battle with Manami was set up as a match to line up at the beginning, and although Manami's running with "feather" was overwhelmed, Manami was a match because he could not see the beginning win. After that, we reduced the weight by removing the saddle in order to chase Kyobushi that had overtaken, and when I caught up with Keibushi, I left the front line and retired.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, I was arguing with Tadokoro and who got the first result on the first day, but I felt a sense of crisis due to catching up Hiroshima Kurenan and pulling like Izumida's bullet, and I turned to assist. On the second day, when the full members were gathered, he was putting a hand in the scene of singing "Koi no Himehime Petanko" under the direction of the slope.
At the training camp just before Inter High, in the 1st year, the vehicle that had been replaced with a bar handle to seal Shimohan was run 1000 km in 5th place. In the second year, he and Imaizumi wore heavy vintage wheels and ran a battle with Imaizumi from the middle of the last day to reach 2km in 1000st place.
The bib number is 1 for the first year and 174 for the second year at Inter-High. 2 in KHY race.
I asked my teacher to change the class when I advanced to the second grade, but I ended up with the next class.
Although it is a big eater alongside Tadokoro and Aoyagi, it is a rice group rather than bread.
Shingo Kaneshiro
Voice- Hiroki Yasumoto
Performance- Naoya Gomoto(1 ・ 3 ・ 4 ・ 5 ・ 6 ・ 7 ・ TV drama) / Kohei Hayashida(16) / Yusaku Kawasaki(17)
Sohoku High School 3rd grade (graduated from the passage of time during work → Faculty of Science, Yonan University). Sohoku High School Cycling Team Captain. Born December 12st. Sagittarius. Blood type O.
An all-rounder who has been playing ace since 2 years old. My car is a chrome moly road racer (maker unknown / middle school age) →Trek("TRAK" in the anime version, the body color is white[Annotation 15]).
It features sports sunglasses with a shaved head. I usually wear glasses. He has the spiritual power to never give up on any adversity and has the nickname of "Stone Road Snake." He is trying to bring out the talents of juniors, such as Sakamichi, by giving them severe trials. Although he is silent and has a tough side, he has a gentle and straightforward personality.
At Inter-High, on the first day, after a fierce battle for boxing, Fukutomi, Kyobushi, and Midosuji, they finished first. However, on the second day, although Imaizumi was mentally supported and involved in the top battle, he was overtaken by Fukutomi and took second place. On the 1rd day, he was still in the top group despite his anguish on the previous day and his legs were abnormal, but his legs reached the limit just before entering the mountain, and he retired while entrusting the slopes with his back.
The next year's Inter-High also rushed to cheer with Tadokoro and Makishima for three days, but the first day's result felt a critical situation and he did not go directly to the team.[Annotation 16].
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, Fukutomi and Ishigaki competed on the first day and continued to compete for the top position until just before the goal. On the second day, pick up Makishima, who started last with Tadokoro, and join the first graders.
After graduating, he joined the bicycle competition department at Yonan University and became a teammate with former Arakita of Hakone Gakuen and Machimiya of Hiroshima Kurenan.
The bib number is 171 for Inter High and 71 for the previous year. 001 for KHY races.
When I was a junior high school student, I belonged to a small club team at a bicycle store, and I admired Koseki, who was a senior at the team. When I bought a new one, I persuaded my parents and chose the same TREK as Koseki. However, Koseki was transferred to Kobe, and he was thinking of temporarily quitting his bicycle because he lost his mental support, but he will overcome it later. After a while, Makishima retired and talked to the slope where he was in a slump condition, and created an opportunity to recover from the slump.
Yusuke Makishima
Voice- Shotaro Morikubo
Performance- Ryoma Baba(1. TV drama) / Tomoki Hirose(3 ・ 4 ・ 6 ・ 7) / (13) / Tabuchi Rui(16) / Ryosuke Yamamoto(17)
Sohoku High School third grader (later studied abroad before graduation). Born July 3th. Cancer. Blood type AB type (RH-).
climber. My car isGeos("GIAS" in the anime version, the body color is white)[Annotation 17]→ ("TIMA" in the anime version, the body color is white)[Annotation 18].irregularHe is very good at training, and he has acquired a unique dancing method of leaning the car body to the left and right, using his long limbs. Due to its peculiar running, it has the synonym of "peak spider". According to the person himself, the dancing is said to be kinky and kowai, but from the slope it is revered as cool.
My favorite habit is "-sho."BeetleIt has a unique hair color in which green, which is described as a color, is mainly used, and red and blue are scattered in places. The feature is that there are moles under the eyes and under the mouth (both on the left side). My house is rich and I live in a larger mansion than Imaizumi's house. My hobby is watching gravure.
I'm not good at thinking and connecting conversations, but Kinjo and Tadokoro encourage me so that I can get along with the slopes where I have many opportunities to practice together as a climber. More often than not, "speak on a bicycle". For slopes, he is an admired senior who always gives advice and encouragement when he is worried or anxious, and it is also a spiritual support. Partly because of that, he seems to have strong expectations and deep trust in the slopes.
In the inter high, he aimed for the mountain result on the first day but lost to Todo in the second place, and on the second day he was once opposed to the slope trying to pick up Tadokoro who was late due to poor physical condition, but he fulfilled the order from Kinjo. Defeated by the enthusiasm of the slope, he gives instructions to bring Tadokoro back. On the third day, Kinjo left the team just before entering the mountain stage and became the team organizer. Although the general challenged the 1rd place battle, he exhausted his foot and was overtaken by Fukutomi who came later and finished 2th.
After the inter-highUnited KingdomIn order to attend college while helping out with the work of his independent brother, he left the bicycle club on the way and went ahead with his credits to study abroad in September and start living there. Due to the shock that came with it, the sloping road fell into a disorder that prevented it from climbing up the hill, so I left it to show the size of its existence.
At the next year's Inter High, I will head to the venue with Kinjo and Tadokoro who were waiting at the airport.[Annotation 19], I did not meet Sohoku members at the intention of Kaneshiro. On the night of the second day, he reunited with Todo and had a race that he had not been able to record with a car rented from Kinjo to a witness on the slope where he was practicing. On the 2rd day, at the goal of 3m, he shouted the words that he said at Minegayama before leaving, instead of encouragement to the slope that was separated by Manami and was in a predicament.
While I was studying in the UK, I received a lot of letters from the slopes, such as "brush strokes," and I have been receiving recent reports, but I am not good at writing letters and have never answered.
The anime movie version is also a story related to his study abroad in chronological order, so it was revealed in advertisements and TV commercials that it is a good existence to be the key man of the movie version, the first day night in the Kumamoto race On Kumamoto's last flight and practiced early morning practice[Annotation 20]I met again. Participation in the second day open participation[Annotation 21], To catch up to the beginning while pulling Sohoku member and Sohoku member after joining because of the start at the end, and challenge the match with Todo and score the top goal (however, it is not counted in the ranking because of individual participation). While chasing after box school and Kumadai, all the other members of Sohoku, including Kaneshiro, were upset by singing "Koi no Himehime Petanko".
The bib number is 173 for Inter High, 76 for the previous year and 513 for KHY races.[Annotation 22].
Jin Tadokoro
Voice- Kentaro Ito
Performance- Mt. Ooyama Makoto(1/3/4) / Tomotsune courage(6. TV drama) / Shohei(7) / Kodai Takikawa(17)
Sohoku High School third grader (graduated after the passage of time during work). Born October 3th. Libra. Blood type A.
Sprinter. My car isSpecialized(In the anime version, "SPECIALIZER", the body color is white x red),Toyota pro box(Company's company car, animated version is PANBOX)[Annotation 23].. Also known as a "runaway meat warhead," it is also called a "flesh bullet train" when pulling the team at the beginning.
A giant that reminds me of a bear and a big eater. Also has a record of fast eating at a ramen shop. Although he has a lively personality, he can pay close attention to his younger juniors and takes good care of them. Use analog videotapes for recording. My parents' house is a bakery's Tadokoro bread.
On the 1st day of Inter-High, Naruko and Ikuda, a box scholar, have a fierce battle with Green Number[Annotation 24]Earned. However, on the second day, although the start was delayed due to poor physical condition from the day before, he was able to join the team safely due to the pulling of the slope and running while singing, contributing to the team's top battle. On the third day, the team members were pulled off to the top of the mountain, and after that, they ran with Hakone Gakuen Shinkai to complete the race.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, they competed with Shinkai and Machimiya for the first result on the first day, but they lost to Shinkai by a close margin.
The course after graduation is currently unknown.
The bib number is 172 for Inter High and 75 for the previous year. 002 for KHY races.
Junta Teshima
Voice- Daisuke Kishio
Performance- Kousuke Kosuke(8・9・TV drama・10/11/12・13・14)
Sohoku High School 2nd grade → 3rd grade (1th grade in 5st grade). Second year captain. Born September 2th. Virgo. Blood type A.
The limb is a climber. My car isCannondale(In the anime version, "cannon date", body color is black x green). He calls himself an ordinary person, and although he is not very good at it, his mind turns very quickly. He is the only member of Sohoku who can only fight head-on-head, but he can also use a reluctant hand, but he does not use a dirty method like Midosuji, but basically, he challenges himself directly.
Long and strong habit[Annotation 25]Naruko is called "perm senior". Assisting Ayagi, who has good ability but no buds, and handing his binding pedal and competition shoes to the slope when the plastic pedal breaks at a camp, or getting caught in a car that dropped during the race and dropped his rank. When Makishima retires and is in poor mental condition, he takes good care of him. He is also a hard-working hard worker, studying their running to win the juniors, and doing intense training with Ao Yagi during the inter-hi during the work behind the scenes. The glove on the right contains the word "must", which shows the enthusiasm to aim for "must win" in combination with the "win" of the Ao Yagi glove. Hakone Gakuen's reed bar is a friend of junior high school. Special skills other than bicyclekaraoke.. He was also good at imitating Makishima, and was called God level by slopes and Naruko.
You can understand what you want to say without saying anything[Annotation 26].. Also, it was thought that the ability could be done because the two people were nearby, but even in the case of mobile chat, you can see the only thing that Ayagi sends! I was seen. The teamwork of the two makes it possible to run in a breathtaking manner so that you can hand over a drink when you are approaching a curve. His specialty is "straight line running" (synchro straight twin), where you can run to the last minute and even match your heart rate.
Although he does not have the aura that other members have, in the battle with Manami of Inter High, there was a description that his eyes glowed red when he exceeded the limit (animated version).
Although he had been cycling for many years, he was unable to get a grade, and because of the limitations, he decided to retire once before entering high school. After entering school, I got to know Ao Yagi and resumed cycling. By compensating for each other's weaknesses, the two aim to participate in the inter-high. I also respected Tadokoro who looked at me, and I was aiming to participate in Inter-High with Tadokoro.
At the training camp when he was in the 2nd year, he was defeated by 1 first-year students in a match against the inter-high. The dream of participating in the Inter-High with Tadokoro did not come true, but he admitted himself to his insignificance and the talents of the first-year students, and at the Inter-High he remained behind the scenes.
After the Inter-High ended and after the retirement of senior students, he was appointed as the captain, attracting a hot run that once again stimulates the slope that was unable to run due to the midway retirement of Makishima. Exert. Aiming to become a climber by receiving the words that Makishima entrusted to him just before leaving the club, his sense and ability as a climber is more mediocre than Makishima/Sakamichi, and he understands it well. Therefore as captain I am always thinking about what the team should be like.
At the training camp of the next year, a cycle computer with a built-in GPS (hereinafter referred to as "saikon") will be installed to prevent it from approaching Aoyagi within 10 meters (a warning sound will sound when approaching), and the "team 2" during the training camp will be dissolved. Furthermore, Koga, who came late with the slope, will be challenged to replace the members, but he will show the talent of ordinary people and win the game. Then he ran 6 kilometers in 1000th place.
As Imaizumi says, "I've never seen things I haven't made any effort in", and when I'm the first player to play in Inter High, the No. 1 slope is solidified by all the other teams and loses the climber at "Irohazaka" Chasing the waves, even if Mana put out her "feathers" and catching up for a moment, he could hold up, and he kept chasing enough to tell Manami that "it's useless if I don't do my best". I overtake without realizing that Manami slowed down due to mechanical trouble, but I noticed it in the voice of the audience and asked for a fair battle, waiting for the result line 300m remaining. Although the result was second place, it was described by Manami as a "strong man" and later by Izumida as a "strong and courageous man". On the third day, once swallowed by the group, he escaped with Ao Yagi who was swallowed together, and won the battle for a sensor chip with Urakubo in Hiroshima Kurenan. After that, on the mountain stage, he fought with Reishiba to win a long-cherished wish, but he retired after the goal and the rights of the mountain bib will pass to Reishiba.[Annotation 27].. Sakamichi has won the overall victory and will be on the podium as a team.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, he travels behind the scenes with Ao Yagi and Sugimoto, encouraging the slope where the race wasn't going well at the accommodation after the first day.
The bib number is 2 at the second year inter-school.
Hajime Aoyagi (the beginning of Aoyagi)
Voice- Matsuoka Teijo
Performance- Ryo Yashima(8・9・TV drama・10/11/12・13・14)
Sohoku High School second grader → third grader (vice captain). Born February 2th. Pisces. Blood type AB.
Sprinter. My car is ("cortatec" in the anime version, the body color is blue). A type that exerts its ability in the most important places, but does not sprout due to poor management. When I introduce myself, I say "Ichiban no Ichi".
A member who looks quiet and looks dark. From Naruko, he is called a "spoken senior." My dream is to participate in an inter-high with Teshima. He respects Tadokoro, who is one year older than him, and was aiming to participate in Inter High together with Teshima, but he was defeated by three first graders at the training camp at the time of two years when he participated. Therefore, at Inter-High he was behind the scenes because of the team. At the training camp of the following year, he finished in 2th place with the same computer attached to the vehicle of Teshima, with prohibition of approaching Teshima.
There are times when they are competing for fast food together with Naruko by eating big in the field. They often wear T-shirts with the "!" mark. As mentioned above, the glove on the right contains the word "Katsu".
The technique has been taught by Tadokoro, and in addition to "Oxygen Sonic Million Biting Food Intake", "Oxygen Sonic Meat Bullet" and "Oxygen Sonic Meat Climbing", there is "Aoyagi Genuine Oxygen Sonic Meat Bullet-Bambi Style". In addition, "Koi no Himehime Petanko" is also taught.
In the third grade, he became a deputy director and was promoted to regular. We highly evaluate the first-year student Kaburagi because his sprinter's quality can exceed Tadokoro's grade in the third year.
Until the second grade, he was a very quiet person with few talks, but since he was appointed deputy director, the atmosphere has changed drastically.
At Inter-High, there is no big thing to do with the rankings, but at the start of the first day, the tension of the slope that seemed to be crushed by the No. 1 No. 1 pressure that worried Koga, and the physical condition on the second day. Supporting the team by heading towards the rescue of Kaburagi that collapsed and collapsed. On the third day, rescue Teshima who was swallowed by the group, and in the death battle with Hiroshima Kurenan who bet on the sensor chip of Teshima and Urakubo, he sprints while holding down Teshima and wins. After joining the team, he draws a team, catches up with the group of Hakone Gakuen who was running ahead, and leaves the front line to retire.
The bib number is 2 at the second year inter-school.
Kaburagi Issa
Voice- Hiro Shimono[5] / Date Risa(Childhood)
Performance- Shiina Taizo(8 · TV drama · 11) / (10) / Harashima Motohisa(12・13・14)
Sohoku High School 1st year. Born in Kawanaka. Birthday is January 1th. Capricorn. Blood type is B type. The youngest of four brothers. Joined the bicycle club on the first day of admission. Although he himself has himself appointed himself as an all-rounder, he has been found to be a sprinter by captain Teshima and others. My car isfelt("FOLT" in the anime version, the body color is white). Working Team "Team SS"[Annotation 28]I'm an experienced person, confident but a little difficult to cooperate, so Imaizumi and Naruko call it "Ikiri" (otherwise, Naruko's "Cub", copper bridge's hair color) It's also called "orange" because it is said to be a small 6-level excluding the bicycle from the step bamboo.[Annotation 29].. When I made a goal with General Manager Teshima in the 1st and 2nd place with Dantake in the freshman race, I asked him to make a commitment to participate in the Inter-High, and although I made the 1st place goal, the 2nd place was Sugimoto (brother), so I myself. They are offered and accepted when they join the Inter-High team. At the training camp, as with Teshima and Aoyagi, it is forbidden to use it within 1 m while running with bamboo, and with the same computer as Teshima et al., run and finish in 10th place.
Inter-high scored the first place in the prefectural tournament qualifying despite some trouble. He fought the Sprint result on the first day of the national tournament with the box-study Dobashi, but was defeated by a narrow margin and criticized Imaizumi for criticizing Naruko's performance at the award ceremony, where he finished second in the first stage after the end of the first day. To be done. After that, he loses his accumulated fatigue and falls down. On the second day, he was out of physical condition on the second day, but temporarily returned from the battlefield with the help of Koga and the rescue of Aoyagi. On the 1rd day, he prioritized pulling the team and did not jump out in the sprint result, so he became attached with the copper bridge that was also pulling the team at Hakone Gakuen, pulling the team to the front of the mountain and leaving the front line to retire.
The bib number is 2 at the second year inter-school.
My favorite is "Orange beanWhen he wrote a note with advice on that carbonated drink called "," he assumed that "there is a god of Orange Veena," and obediently follows what God says.
I thought that Sakamichi was the same new year student on the first day of admission and took a rude attitude, and I was frustrated at the dignity as a senior in the school, but I changed my thoughts after seeing the running in individual practice. Perhaps because of that, Imaizumi and Naruko take a rebellious attitude, but I'm honestly listening to what Sakamichi says.

Sohoku High School, Cycling Club

Miki Kanzaki
Voice- Ayaka Suwa
Performance- Minami Sakurai(TV drama)
A female student in the class next to the slope, the manager of Sohoku High School Cycling Club. 1 year 5 groups → 2 years 2 groups. It is called "Manager" by Naruko and senior students.
It's a big bicycle freak, and the color of the eyes changes when it comes to talking about bicycles. Imaizumi has been acquainted with her since childhood. I am interested in the slope that goes to Akihabara by bicycle.
My parents' house is a bicycle shop, and my brother's boss is an OB of the department. Because of that, I back up the events of each department of my parents' house.
Naruko who was sexually harassed before the supplementary lesson after the training camp in the first year is hit with a mop with a sham face. Aya says, "I don't know how to handle it." He has a strong sense of character, such as standing upright when he was sexually harassed by Machimiya in Hiroshima Kurenami during his first year inter-school.
Aya Tachibana
Voice- Megumi Ban
Performance- Mao Noguchi(TV drama)
They are friends of the same age and always work together. 1 year 6 groups → 2 years 2 groups belong to the tennis club. He has a short temper with a personality of the athletic meet type, and he has a disgusting personality. Immediately after seeing the nerd, he wielded an Tekken and hit the hill almost for the first time. The slope is called "glasses", but it's difficult to remember the name from the slope. I think that the success of the slope at Inter-High is incredible, so I gave words of encouragement while being shy.
Although he has little interest in bicycles, at the second year of Inter-High, he accompanied the trunks to the bicycle competition department and provided support.[Annotation 30].. After the goal of the slope on the third day, Sugimoto was left behind and hugged the slope with a dash.
In the animated version, in the first year of Inter-High, he has a relative in Hakone, so he rushes to the accommodation on the second day, and on the third day he cheers with the trunks. I didn't go to the support in the original version, and I learned the victory of the slope by hearing from the trunk.
Terufumi Sugimoto
Voice- Yuki Miyata
Performance- Kazuyoshi Yamamoto(8) / Hiroki Hirai(TV drama)
1st 4th class -> 2nd grade (class unknown).
Birthday is July 7st. Cancer. Blood type is A type.
ruler(All rounder). My car isColnago("COLMAGO" in the anime version, the body color is white). My specialty isLong ride.
Classmate on the slope (at first grade). He has been riding a road racer as a hobby since he was in junior high school, and has a habit of saying, "I am an experienced person." It's a little bit boastful, but the roots are kind, and he shows serious aspects such as giving priority to classes rather than inter-high qualifying that he cares about and giving up junior rules violations.
There is a slight difference in temperature from slopes, Imaizumi, and Naruko, who are completely absorbed in cycling. Although I attended the training camp at 1 year, I could not achieve the quota and withdrew on the way. In Inter-High, he goes behind the scenes with the trunk, Ao Yagi for 2 years, Teshima and others.
I started from the regret at that time and I asked Imaizumi to teach Imaizumi to help push Imaizumi's back again to show his respect as a brother, and I will participate in the first year race as a second year student with the first quota However, he could not become a regular because he was defeated by Kaburagi by a narrow margin.
The camp of the second year timed out at 2 laps, and at the interhigh, I went to the back with Koga and Dantake.
Kimitaka Koga
Voice- Yuichi Nakamura[6][7]
Performance- Teruma(8. TV drama) / Daiki Tagawa(10) / Shota Honkawa (11/12/13/14)
Sohoku High School 2nd grade → 3rd grade. All-rounder. Birthday is June 6th. Gemini. Blood type is A type.
After the welcome race at the 2nd year, there is a scene with Sugimoto in the individual practice of the 1st year and the senior students. My car isMerida(In the anime version, "MORIDA", the body color is yellowish green). When I was in junior high school, it was called "Roar Koga".
A senior member who wears glasses and seems to be kind, who often cares for equipment, and also follows the tail by bicycle in the first grader race. When I was a junior high school student, I was nicknamed "physical stupidity" because I was practicing until the end in the track and field club, but Kinjo praised me as "an honest and serious nickname".
One year's most expected, the leg started to hurt at 1 km in the 1000 km race, but he was forced to retire after reaching 900 km. Even so, he has participated in Inter-High as a special case, and on the second day he dropped out with Fukutomi and played as an ace instead of Kinjo who was transported to the hospital, but he did not completely heal the leg pain and was impatient to overtake the group. He didn't notice a sharp downward curve because he had done too much and went off the course to fall under the cliff and hit his shoulder to retire.
He was absent from training camps at 2 years, and it was thought that he was due to the harshness of the quotas imposed, but it was later revealed that his injuries were not completely healed. Inter-High will also leave the school at home because he will be in a situation like the previous year if he accompanies himself and entrusts Sakamichi and others with victory. After the race, I was weeping when I heard the news of the victory from Tsuji heading home.
At the training camp at the age of 3 years, he participated in the 1000km race because his injury was completely healed. Betting on the captain's seat, he challenged Teshima to show the power of the ordinary person and he was seriously defeated by the dancing but lost. Recognizing Tejima's ability, he assigned the Sohoku team. After that, he continued to make laps and gave advice on how to run on the slope, and achieved the long-cherished 1000 km run just before the time out. At Inter-High just before the race, we actually drove the course of the race in a vehicle equipped with a video camera and gathered members at home to give advice, and also went to the back with Sugimoto and Dantake at the time of the race, the accident on the first day When the support car was stalled due to traffic jam, I headed to the refueling point with Sugimoto using a spare motorcycle for the player, and on the second day I noticed an abnormal physical condition of the Kaburagi, and I was feeling unwell due to poor health. To boost. And when Sakado scored the goal on the third day, he held the slope first, crying for the victory.
It was a good relationship with Teshima at the time of one year and they were calling each other by name, but on the third day of the previous year, he overcame Teshima's opposition and tried to run to fill the hole in Kinjo on the third day, a serious injury occurred. After that, he became estranged from Teshima. However, after the camp at the time of 1 years, they settled each other and came to call each other again by name.
In the anime version, it was treated as a mob character until the 2nd term, and it was less handled than the original or replaced some scenes with another character, but in the 3rd term it was a captain's succession and a farewell party for 3rd graders before the training camp Had appeared[Annotation 31].
The bib number is 73 for Inter-High (previous year).
Tejima says, his favorite is pizza.
Dantake Ryukyu
Voice- Wataru Hatano[5]
Performance- Ueda Shinichiro(8 · TV drama · 10)
Sohoku High School New Year 1. Birthday is September 9th. Libra. Blood type is O type. The eldest son of three brothers and sisters.
On the first day of admission, he joined the bicycle competition club with his childhood friend Kaburagi. My car is a specialized S-WORKS ("C-WORKS" in the anime version, body color is white x red). An experienced person who belonged to an adult team with Kaburagi. The tension is great. It has a quiet and calm atmosphere, and in contrast to the bright Kaburagi, it is a good combination, and always supports Kaburagi with a step back. When Kaburagi proposed to Teshima that he would be a member of Inter-High alone, he encouraged him, "That's fine." At the training camp, I ran with the same equipment (Saikon) as Kaburagi and ran out with the Sugimoto (brother) at 1 kilometers.
At Inter High, we went to support with Koga and Sugimoto, and on the second night, Ao Yagi asked us for taping and massage in secrecy. Then, on the 2rd day, I saw the appearance of the slope on the final stage and re-recognized the ability of the slope.
Sugimoto Scheduled time
Voice- Mitsuhiro Ichiki[8]
Performance- Taro Nakamura(8. TV drama)
Sohita High School's new year, the younger brother of Terumi Sugimoto. His appearance is not similar to his older brother who calls him "Teru-chan", and he has a big physique enough to stand out from his head, and has the stamina to remove a locked door of a club room when he tries to open it. There is. "On" is a habit, and he is good at copying other people's forms. I yearn for the slope that played an active part in the inter-high school. My car is Colnago, which is the same as Terumi. In the 1st grade race, Kaburagi was called "Abragi-kun" and was pointed out by the literary statement. The training camp runs out of time at 1 kilometers.
On the first day of inter-high, Koga, who had no idea if he was in time for the goal due to traffic jam, was asked to support the player who was heading to the goal.
Sawada, Gorizou (Gorizou / real name unknown)
Voice- Yuki Yoneuchi(Sawada),Kanuka light(Gori warehouse)
Soukita High School New Year, Sprinter together. In the anime version, they are riding trek (blue) and anchor (red) respectively. Gorizo ​​has a larger physique than Sawada, has a larger mouth with Naruko, and is a big eater, and he likes "dogs" and "high pace", and he likes dogs.
As Naruko says "small", in spite of being in the 1st grade race in the city, two people jumped out against the instructions and were instructed by Sugimoto for 2 years. However, after the 2st grade race, such smallness is disappearing.
The training camps are 150km and 130km respectively, and retired on the first day.
At Inter-High, he goes around to support, and on the first day, he is instructed to take a place in front of the goal and to accept the goal player from Koga. After the race, Sawada cheered on Naruko's commendation ceremony, while Gorizo ​​was working on a massage for Teshima, and he suddenly collapsed and fell into a fan with a slope.
Mr. Pierre
Voice- Horiuchi Keno
Sohoku High School Cycling Club Director. Foreigner but nationality unknown. I am an English teacher. He has a cheerful personality, and distinguishes between fluent Japanese for everyday use and fluent Japanese when communicating important things.
Tsukasa Kanzaki (Uncle Kanzaki)
Voice- Junichi Suwabe
Performance- Masahiro Kuranuki(1) / Yuya Asato(7 ・ TV drama) / (16)
Miki's older brother, OB of Sokita High School Cycling Club 20 years old at first appearance (Kanagi et al. 2nd grade). An employee of the hometown Kanzaki Bicycle Store. With a nice personality, he supports the Sohoku High School Cycling Club from various directions, such as driving mobile vehicles and renting competition bicycles. When he was a captain at the 3rd year, he gave advice when Tadokoro, who was a first year student at the time, was suffering from a disadvantage in his physique, and advised him to replace the frame after seeing the trouble of the Makishima vehicle.
Tsuyoshi Sakurai
Voice- Akira Semizu
First grader. I was a regular member of the baseball club when I was in middle school. 1th place in the 1st grade race.
The figure drawn at the end is a personal practice at the first grade, the last name was a camp that was absent due to a cold, but at the farewell party of the bicycle version of the 1rd episode of the animation version 3 It seems that he has not retired because it is written in. My car is unknown. In the anime version, he rides on Cannondale (body color is black).
Takuya Kawada
Voice- Shimowada Hiroki
A member who joined the Sohoku High School Cycling Club before the slope in the same grade. My car isGiant(In the anime version, "GLANT", the body color is white). After retiring from the 1st grade welcome race, he retired and moved to the tennis club he was in when he was in junior high school.
Sohoku High School 2nd grade → 3rd grade.
Wearing a baseball capMob characterIt is drawn on the screen. Due to the harshness of the quota, the training camp declined attendance in the second grade and did not participate in the third grade. In the 2st and 3rd seasons of the anime version, the appearance has changed so much that you can think of them as different people.

Sohoku High School and others

Voice- Shintaro Ohata
Sohoku High School 2nd year group → 1rd year, volleyball club. The nickname is “Higashimaru” from Nanchu. Teshima and Ashikiba were classmates in the same junior high school, and they had the same bicycle competition club, but they weren't able to remember their names.
After the end of the inter-high, he tried to invite Teshima, who became the captain, to karaoke, but refused because Tejima was full of the club. On the first day of the inter-school year of the second year, they rushed to the venue before the start on the first day to meet with Teshima and reunited with Ashikiba.On the third day, I heard on the radio in the staff room that Teshima and Ashikiba were fighting He was screaming, "Both are gambare." The volleyball club has been defeated in prefecture qualifying both in the 2nd and 1rd years.
A girl student from the volleyball club who is worried about Teshima. When Todo invited Teshima to karaoke, he was inviting him to talk about Teshima's copycat medley. Although the figure appears only in the picture of the smartphone of Higashido, there is a depiction that the slope is threatening, appearing behind the slope that was in the club room with the back of the ending version of the 3rd episode of the animation version[Annotation 32].
PE teacher
The teacher is not good at slopes and his name is unknown. Wearing a rugby club jersey. Sakamichi appeared when he was trying to put up a leaflet for recruiting members of the Anime Research Department, and after abusing the slope, he peeled off the Aniken leaflet and threw it away. It has not appeared in the anime version.

Hakone Academy

KanagawaAshigarashimoHakone townIs a prestigious road racing school at a high school in. He takes pride in "everyone is an ace" and overwhelms others with his leg strength that takes advantage of the slopes unique to Hakone. The popular name is "Hakogaku".

The jersey worn by the athlete is a bluish white background with two red lines on the chest and the word "Hakone Gakuen", a blue line on the shoulder with "HAKO" on the right and "GAKU" on the left. On the horizontal side, the characters "KANAGAWA" are entered in the yellow line (the animation version has been changed to a white line in the yellow line).

Juichi Fukutomi
Voice- Tomoaki Maeno
Performance- Ryoji Morimoto(1) / Katsumi Kobayashi(2) / Eiji Takigawa(3, 4, 5, 6, 7, TV drama) / Takeshi Maeda(9) / Yuhi(16)
Hakone Gakuen 3rd grade → Faculty of Law, Meihaya University. Hakone Gakuen Cycling Club captain and ace. Born March 3rd. Pisces. Blood type B.
Although the leg quality is not specified in the work, it is described as an all-rounder because it is described as having high ability in solo running on a flat surface, climbing power on a hill climb, and even goal sprinting. My car isBianchi(In the anime version, "Bianche", the vehicle that I had been riding since I was in junior high school, but now Arakita is riding) → Giant (body color is black).
Shinkai was a classmate from Hadano Daiichi Junior High School, and had a relationship between the general manager of the bicycle competition department and the deputy general manager. In junior high school, his junior high school called it "Fukutomi of the Mountains."
Characterized by thorny blonde hair and thick black eyebrows. Born to a road racer familyThoroughbred.. Perhaps because of that, I have a strong sense of pride and my favorite habit is "I'm strong." However, when he competed with Kaneshiro at Inter-High in the previous year, he was gradually overwhelmed by the fighting spirit and ability of Kaneshiro who was looking down on him, and at the moment he was pulled out, he suddenly grabbed Kinjo's jersey and dropped together. Later, he went to Sohoku High School to apologize to Kaneshiro, and thought that "building the strongest team to compete openly and win" would be the redemption.
Bianchi, who is the person who taught Arakita about road bikes, is currently owned by Fukutomi.
At the inter-high, the stage wins on the first and second days (arriving with Sohoku and Kyobushi on the first day), and on the third day on the mountain stage, Imaizumi holds him in second place.
In the movie version of Kumamoto's race, he won the stage victory on the first day.
At the Meihaya University where I went to school, I joined the bicycle competition department. Shinkai who went to the school and Ishigaki of former Kyoto Fushimi will be teammates.
The bib number is 1 at Inter High and 6 last year. 011 in the KHY race.
Although there is no scene to talk directly with Sakado during the inter-high period, I met by chance at a coffee shop in Akihabara six months later.[Annotation 33]"Surprisingly" Kanjo says on the slope apologizing for winning Hakone Gakuen at Inter High[Annotation 34]After saying that, he is proud of (winning). On the way back, he sends words of encouragement, "Be strong."
Manami Mountains
Voice- Dai Yongyi
Performance- Keisuke Ueda(2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, TV drama) / Valley hydraulic power(9/10/11) / Masahiro Sugiyama(12・13・14)
Hakone Gakuen 1st grade → 2nd grade. Born May 5th. Gemini. Blood type AB.
climber. My car isLOOK("LOCK" in the anime version, the body color is white). A talented person who wins a regular in first grade at Hakone Gakuen, which has a thick player base. There is a special ability to accelerate the wind as if the wings were growing, but even when there is no wind, it is possible to bring out (accelerate) the wings if you approach the summit. For this reason, in the second year, he was given the nickname "Sky Prince," because he had overwhelmingly good results at the tournaments he participated in and produced many course records.
A late demon and loose personality. I freely went out on a mountain road by bicycle and was always angry at my childhood friend Miyahara. When I climb my favorite slope on a bicycle, I naturally smile and sometimes yell, "I am alive!"
When I was young, I was sick and couldn't exercise much, so after I knew the fun of riding a bicycle and my body was healthy, I started to feel the joy of life.
In Kanagawa Prefecture on the way to the training camp, I accidentally walked through a slope that had fallen due to motion sickness and heat, and the fact that I helped the slope led to the encounter with the slope. At that time, he gives a bottle of drink to the slope and leaves, but later it is said that he will scout Makishima during the training camp in Arakita for 3 years, and when he went to scout Makishima again, he encountered the slope again and acknowledged its ability. .. At that time, Sakamichi tries to return the bottle, but declares that he will meet again at the inter-high.
In the 1st year of Inter-High, he played against the slope on the goal on the 3rd day, but he was defeated by a narrow margin and was 2nd overall, and he was alienated from the slope with the self-responsibility that he missed the overall victory. Receives encouragement and returns.
In the second year member selection tournament, all opponents withdrew, so they were selected as members for the first time in Hakone Gakuen history by a bye. At Inter-High, we will be fighting Teshima on Iroha-zaka on the first day. At first he wasn't interested in him at all, but he caught up no matter how many times he pulled away, and even after he gave out "feathers", he started to take an interest in Teshima to catch up and accept the game at the remaining 2km. Despite the mechanical trouble at the goal of 1m remaining, Teshima, who wants a fair fight, also stopped first and won the mountain number on the first day of the close battle. On the second day, I expected to compete with the slope on the mountain stage, but when the slope caught up, I couldn't fight because I was no longer in the lead. Then on the third day, Kuroda's assist caught up with Sohoku in the lead, and he lost to the goal again, even though he made another goal battle with Sakado. Immediately after the race, in the exhaustion, we promised a rematch to fight again on the first day at Sakado and next year's inter high.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, Todo was instructed to win a mountain result. On the second day, I chased Todo and Makishima together with the slope.
Indirectly (because I got a hat to thank me for guiding the inn), I also met my mother on the slope. I don't know that the partner is "Mother on the slope", but I recognize that he is the one who came to support at the inter-school festival in the previous year.
The bib number is 1 for the first year and 6 for the second year at Inter-High. 2 in KHY race.
Todo Jinpachi
Voice- Takiya Kakihara
Performance- Yuki Tamaki(1, 2, 3, TV drama Season2) / Satoshi Kitamura(4, 5, 6, 7, TV drama Season1) / Yugo Sato(9) / Yuuki Akiba(13 ・ 14) / Ryotaro(16)
Hakone Gakuen 3rd grade → Graduated. Born August 8th. Leo. Blood type A.
Hakone Academy ace climber. My car is an unknown manufacturer's Mamachari (old-fashioned and named "Super Shopping") → Ridley("RED KEY" in the anime version, the body color is white). He specializes in "Sleeping Climb," which accelerates without sound due to lossless movement, and has the nickname "Yamagami."
With a narcissist who calls himself a beauty, and a positive personality, he has a definite pose to point his finger. He/she seems to be light in nature, but is very intelligent and strategic about bicycles. In addition, he calls himself two names, "Sleeping Beauty". He always wears a headband and has an old-fashioned way of speaking.
He has a rivalry with Makishima of Sohoku, and has 14 wins and 7 losses in 7 official matches, and the result of his personal practice is only XNUMX minutes. Makishima is called by his own nickname, "Maki-chan," and you can often see him making contact even during the production. Also, the slope is called "Megane-kun"[Annotation 35], Initially, it was visually described as "Mishita", but after that, the rating was revised as "an excellent climber."
There is a theory that rivals are indispensable for growing together, and he advised his younger man, Manami.
In the 1st year of Inter-High, he won the 1rd place of the mountain result and overall on the 3st day.
The following year, he rushed to the mountain line on the second day, but learned that the opponent of the line battle was not slope and Manami, and headed for the goal. That night, after seeing Manami, I met Makishima again in the mountains and raced on a slope that merged halfway through to a witness.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, I heard that Makishima did not come from the slope and dropped my motivation, but on the first day the mountain result went to the side holding Kumamoto Daiichi Yoshimoto and yielded the result to Manami and became second place. .. On the second day, Makishima was motivated by the absence of Makishima, and at the start it was about to lie on the ground, but after asking about Makishima coming from the slope, he immediately recovered after confirming that he was at the end. Although the race was defeated by Makishima due to the close margin of the race, Makishima who participated by jumping in was not counted, so he won the overall victory.
The parents' family runs a hot spring inn "Todo-an" and invited Sakamichi and Makishima in the first term omnibus "Re RIDE".
After graduating, he went on to college, and although the school name has not been clarified, he seems to have gone on to a college different from other members.
The bib number on the inter-high is 3. KHY race is 013.
Hayato Shinkai
Voice- Satoshi Hino / Ami Koshimizu(Childhood)
Performance- Akihito Miyazaki(2 ・ 3 ・ 4 ・ 5 ・ 6 ・ 9 ・ TV drama) / Takada boat(16)
Hakone Gakuen 3rd year student → Faculty of Economics, Meihaya University. Born July 7th. Cancer. Blood type O.
Hakone Gakuen Ace Sprinter. My car isCervero("Cergelo" in the anime version, the body color is black). He is a good-looking man with a dull atmosphere, but has the nickname of "Hakone's Straight Demon" with a sprint that kills and kills like a beast.
Red hair with blue mesh[Annotation 36]It features thick lips and droopy eyes. Flying about the third grade members and Tadokoro under the names below. As supplementary food(English editionI often carry it with me during the race and share it with my friends and other school players.
Captain Fukutomi was a classmate from middle school, and in junior high school there was a relationship between the general manager of the bicycle competition department and the deputy general manager.
He is so talented that he has won many races in various races, and he was selected as a member of Inter-High with Fukutomi in the second grade, but he has been unable to use his bicycle as much as possible due to the trauma that hit and killed a rabbit in the race just before. He declined to participate because of the trouble. The baby rabbit left at this time was named "Usayoshi" and kept on the premises of Hakone Gakuen.
After that, I was able to ride a bicycle with the support of my friends, but I could not overcome the weakness of "I can not pass through the left side of the enemy", and at Inter-High I struggled with it by Midosuji, but during the race It became a revival of the straight line demon of Hakone.Although it was not a slight difference, he played a sprint game that was on par with Midosuji. On the third day, he pulled away from the team members while competing with Tadokoro to the mountain entrance, and then praised Tadokoro who caught up and praised his good fight and ran together to the goal and completed the race.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, Tadokoro and Machimiya competed for the first result on the first day, and they got a green number with a close margin.
At the Meihaya University where I went to school, I joined the bicycle race club with Fukutomi. Ishigaki of Fushimi, Kyoto, who entered the school, became a teammate.
The bib number is 4 for inter high and 014 for KHY race.
Yasutomo Arakita
Voice- Hiroyuki Yoshino
Performance- Hiroki Suzuki(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, TV drama Season1) / Kido Yuya(9 ・ TV drama Season2) / (16)
Hakone Gakuen 3rd year student → Faculty of Engineering, Yonan University. Born April 4nd. Aries. Blood type A.
Although the leg quality is not specified in the main part, in addition to the long-distance cruise power called "carryer", the attack power in front of the goal, the sprint power that can compete with the ace sprinters of other schools, and the new development in the hill climb. It is compatible with the climbing power to pull such a sprinter,rulerAll-rounder orPuncherIt also has the ability to Volume 54.5 describes it as an all-rounder. My car is a mopedscooter(Manufacturer unknown, later released) → Black frame vehicle of unknown manufacturer (vehicle of the bicycle competition section) → Bianchi (The body color is Celeste <sky blue>, which was originally used by Fukutomi, but Manazuru's road race You will be given a ride to this just before the start).
Hakakuichi's "carryer" who has been the ace assist of captain Fukutomi since the fall of 2 years. It has a sharp three-white eye, poor eyesight, and has a tendency to move its mouth so much that the gums can be seen.
He is a cynic who usually takes a cold attitude, and his behavior is quite rough and aggressive, but Fukutomi's attachment to the team is stronger than anyone.
It has a hidden beast called "wild beast", and in the situation "the enemy is in front" such as when chasing at the biggest one, the reflexes are sharpened and the line is drawn to the end of the vehicle to accelerate at a stretch. Show rough riding. It may play a role of giving instructions to members instead of Fukutomi, and undertakes a staff role such as ensuring that measures are taken in times of crisis.
Until the second grade of junior high school, he was named as a pitcher in baseball, but abandoned due to injury. Since then, he has lived a rough life, but when he happened to meet Fukutomi in the first year of Hakone Gakuen, he wakes up on a road bike.[9].. Fukutomi was initially called "Iron Kamen" and repulsed, but after winning the Manazuru road race with the help of Fukutomi, he began to call him "Fukuchan" with devotion.
At Inter-High, on the first day, Fukutomi will assist in the final stage and battle with Imaizumi. On the second day, Shinkai, who lost to the Midosuji in a sprint game, was pulled to recover his physical strength, and Kyofushi Mizuta, who was called "Phase 1", was blocked by Assist, but Fukutomi's assist role was Shinkai. Although indirectly, he contributed to the victory on the second day. On the third day, while being swallowed by the group made by Hiroshima Kurenan, he picked up the slope and Manami that were also swallowed and carried them to the beginning after a battle with Hiroshima Kurenan. At first, the slope was called "fine glasses" and was abusive when he asked for cooperation, but he accepted that cooperation because there was something similar to Fukutomi on the slope, and he witnessed the run as hetaxo. However, in recognition of his ability, he changed the name to "Onoda Chan". After catching the lead, he pulled the team to the point just before the Sprint checkpoint and contributed to the acquisition of a new Sprint number, but he was exhausted and retired. I entrusted Izumida, who was resting together in the first aid room after the conclusion of the race, to the next year's box study.
He entered the bicycle competition club at Yonan University where he went on to become a teammate with Kinjo (formerly Sohoku) and Machinomiya (Kurenan). On the third day of the year, he went alone on the third day and joined the former Sohoku members such as Kaneshiro who was in a car driven by Tadokoro. He didn't show up at Hakone Gakuen because he was smoked and scared when he showed his face, but he showed his face in front of Manami after the goal to celebrate his good fight.
The bib number is 2 at Inter High. 012 in the KHY race.
After going to university, Kinjo advised me to get a car license, and although I refused to have a license once due to my personality and events when I was riding a scooter, eventually I went to a driving school with Kinjo and overtime. However, I got it safely.
Bepsi colaI like to drink and get sick when I get a different cola.
Toichiro Izumida
Voice- Atsushi Abe
Performance- Kawarada Takuya(2・3・4・5・6・8・9・10・11・12・13・14) / Aoki sky dream(TV drama)
Hakone Gakuen 2nd grade → 3rd grade. Born October 10. Libra. Blood type B.
Sprinter. My car isBH("DH" in the anime version, body color white x blue). It is called "Kanagawa's fastest shop".
He was a shaved head when he participated in Inter-High (2nd year), but he is growing his hair after the end. Also, the eyelashes are long, and it is called "Matsuge-kun" from Naruko, "Toichiro" from Kuroda, and "Tochan" from Ashikiba.[Annotation 37]It is called.
Have muscles that have been trained. In my pectoralisAndy(right),Frank(Left) on the back musclesFabianNamed[Annotation 38]To the upper leg muscles the next yearPeter(left),マ ー ク(Right). Habit is "Abu" which means abdominal muscles.
The condition was adjusted with strict muscle training so that the inter-high peaked, and at the first year inter-high, the first result was competed with Tadokoro and Naruko, but it was fueled by the wind.Color coneWas slowing down a little when he interfered with his path, so he fell behind the two who broke through regardless of the risk of falling and came in third. On the second day, she became emotional while being aroused by Midosuji's provocation, but was appeased by Shinkai. And on the third day, after passing the Sprint Line, Sohoku was pulled away and the front line was left to retire. Afterwards, he cried when he learned that Hakone Gakuen was defeated at a first aid station.
After the end of Inter-High, he became a captain of the department with the retirement of senior students, and began to grow his hair in the sense of a wish. Furthermore, as a strengthening program, he is actively participating in a quiet race that he had been invited to cancel until then.
 At the annual 3rd grade eviction fellowship (fun ride), the 3rd grade team was reluctant to say that they were weak and inherited their responsibilities and determination.Win the final sprint battle with Shinkai after that.
On the first day of the 2nd year of the Inter-High school, he told Teshima that he "created the most passionate team in Hakone Gakuen history." After that, after collecting the copper bridge that won the first result on the sprint stage, after slowing down, running at a slower speed, it was swallowed by the succeeding group on purpose, trying to make another school player mark the slope and leave the battlefield, to Teshima who chased Manami who jumped out. Was underestimated and had a rude attitude. On the second day, they competed with Komari for the sprint line and won the revenge of Shinkai defeated by Midosuji last year. On the third day, he apologized for his rude attitude toward Teshima on the first day, and evaluated him as a strong captain. After that, the team pulled out the Sohoku in a flat way before entering the hot spring town and left the front line, leaving the front line, but did not retire but continued to run without finishing, so the top three people of the sprint line's Green Number Acquired the right[Annotation 39], Ranked 6th overall. After the goal, he celebrated the good fight on the slope in the award ceremony tent and honored Manami, who had never complimented him until he could cut his determination.
At the Kumamoto race in the anime movie version, he assisted Shinkai and contributed to the acquisition of the first result.
The bib number is 1 for the first year and 5 for the second year at Inter-High. 2 in KHY race.
According to Kuroda's recollection (impression up to junior high school age) at the fellowship run-out for the third grader, he was serious, no absenteeism, absenteeism, good grades, class members, sports were not good for bicycles It is written.
Izumida's right pectoralis major muscle. Aggressive and exclusive.
Izumida's left pectoralis major muscle. Be careful and bold. I have a cramp and inform Izumida of the crisis.
Izumida's latissimus dorsi. A tough and great muscular father.
Peter, Mark
Izumida's left and right upper leg muscles, respectively. It can bring out overwhelming instantaneous power and explosive power, but it is called the "final muscle" because it ends when it is used up (the legs cannot move in exchange).
Yukinari Kuroda
Voice- Kenji Nojima[10]
Performance- Ryutaro Akimoto(5, 6, 7, 9, TV drama, 10) / Aokijin(11) / Sumiya Ito(12・13・14)
Hakone Gakuen 2nd grade → 3rd grade.
Climber → All-rounder. My car isQuota(In the anime version, "KOUTA", the body color is white). He was a “genius of sports” who was active in many sports clubs as an assistant in junior high school, and has high physical ability and potential. A powerful person recognized by Fukutomi and others. However, the picture is bad. It is called "Yuki" by Izumida and Ashikiba.
It features silver hair and wide double eyelids. I have a habit of rubbing my nose with my index finger when thinking. When I'm really serious, I call the "switch" and crush the scab created on the left temple with my fingers.[Annotation 40].. Crushing the scab drains the blood in the body, allowing you to make a calm decision.
I started a road race with my childhood friend Izumida when I was in elementary school, and entered Hakone Gakuen with the aim of participating in the Inter-High. At the group tournament for the selection of inter-high members during the second year, he lost to Inter-high, losing to Manami in the final match.[Annotation 41].
After the end of the Inter-High at 1 year, he was appointed as Deputy Director and changed from climber to assist.
At Inter-High, the car drastically dropped shortly after the reed bar was fired just before the goal on the first day. Although they arrived at the goal, they dropped the ranking significantly. On the second day, he was not particularly active due to the injury on the previous day, but on the third day he assisted Manami with all his might and fired at the goal 1km. Then he won the 2rd place fight with Imaizumi and climbed to the podium.
The number is 12 (IH2 year).
Arakita did not have a good impression when he was called an "elite" at the beginning of his club, but he could not argue because he was a star and continued to lose the game with Arakita. However, he changed his point of view when he was given a "pure feeling" because he gave up his pride and aspired to become stronger in Arakita.
Ashikiba Takuto
Voice- Mamoru Miyano[11][12][13][14]
Performance- Azuma Keisuke(8・9・TV drama・10) / Tominaga Yuya(11/12/13/14)
Hakone Gakuen 2nd grade → 3rd grade.
The tallest climber in the history of Hakone Gakuen with a height of 2 meters and 2 centimeters. My car isWilliere(In the anime version, "Willer", the body color is pink, which is close to red). Other than bicyclePianoIs a special skill,Symphony No. 9"Metronome Dancing" is performed to shake and accelerate the tall body to the left and right according to the music and rhythm of classical orchestra.
Curled hairstyle and right cheekmoleIs a feature. With the skin of an artistNatural bokehHe also had a disposition, and he had been rushing to speak to Kuroda.
There was a time when I was struggling due to my height and I was thinking about turning to a manager (the strongest laundry clerk), but received advice from Fukutomi and Shinkai, my running changed completely and I climbed to the second year Hakone Gakuen Ace. pack.
In the 2nd year of Inter-High, it will be number one on the final stage on the first day and on the mountain stage on the second day. Then, on the third day at the mountain stage, they will play against Teshima, and although the game itself has been lost, Tejima's retirement will give him the right to the mountain bib number. And he finished 1th overall.
From Teshima, he was called "Shikiba" and was a classmate who could be called a close friend until junior high school, but he decided to break down Sohoku based on the feelings entrusted by Fukutomi and the awareness of Ace.
The number is 11 (2nd year).
Masakiyo Dobashi
Voice- Ono Daisuke[15][16]
Performance- Kentaro Kanezaki(8・9・TV drama・10/11・12・13) / Takuya Kishimoto(14)
Hakone Gakuen 2nd grade. Sprinter. My car is a specialized S-WORKS (body color is black).
Characterized by a squid body. He is known as the "Kondo Copper Bridge" because he has the ability not to lose in all the tournaments he has participated in so far. He is a self-confident self-proclaimed "man who inherits Hakone Gakuen's fastest speed," and says Inter High, the last year's winner, Sakamichi, saying "I won't win the race."
He claims that a fast person who has the ability to hold down 3rd grade from the time of joining should win, but it is only a disturbing element in the department that emphasizes seniority order, and is repeatedly re-entered after being retired many times. It was Although his attitude is large and his tone is rough, he has a lot of fans in the race because he has won the race in a straightforward manner. It is called "Bassie" by the reed bush and "Bashi-kun" by Manami, but it is also called "pig" by Kaburagi because of its physique.
On the first day of Inter-High, Sprint Results faced Kaburagi and won a close margin. On the 1rd day, at the sprint stage, after passing through with Kaburagi, pull up to the mountain entrance and retire with Kaburagi.
The number is 15 (IH2 year).
Yuto Shinkai
Voice- Yuma Uchida[15][16] / Sayuri Yahagi(Childhood)
Performance- Yuta Iiyama(9・TV drama・10/11/12・13・14)
Hakone Gakuen new 1st year student. climber. Hakone Gakuen member's younger brother of Hayato Shinkai. My favorite car is Cervero (body color is white).
It appeared in the stage of an interview with Hakone Gakuen when Sakado reached the second grade, but at that time he was wearing a character's mask and his identity remained undisclosed until the second interhigh.[Annotation 42].. Like his older brother, it features thick lips and droopy eyes. The point is that they often eat supplementary food. According to himself, it seems that there is a desire for a girl, but the truth of the statement is unknown. He has the nickname "Sparrow Bee (Peak Hornet)," and has a habit of saying "Is the answer Yes?"
At the beginning of the club, he had a complex with being called "Shinkai (Hayato)'s younger brother", but he was not familiar with the club, but after losing the game with Ashikaba, he became familiar with Ashikaba.
At Inter High, on the second day, he challenged the merging of the slope and the lead, and was convinced that he would win the game at the first reed bar, but Imaizumi and his colleagues intentionally retreated and ended in a draw. He was told to leave the reed bar on the mountain stage, but while hesitating, the reed bar jumped out and acquired the mountain stage, but his legs were exhausted and he decided to aim for the goal on the second day. Then he tried out Imaizumi and Midosuji with the appearance of "Hakone's straight line demon" similar to his brother, but the result finished in 2rd place. On the third day, he will play the role of a stopper for Midosuji and Komari on the final stage, but he will complete the race even if he is overtaken by Midosuji.
The number is 16 (IH2 year).

Hakone Academy/Bicycle Competition

Voice- Kitahara China
Performance Hirono Suzuki(TV drama Season2)
Hakone Gakuen 1st grade → 2nd grade. A childhood friend of Mt. Manami, a class chair girl with pigtails and half-round glasses. The name below is unknown, but it is called the "chairperson" by Manami. The houses are located next to each other, and you can see Manami's room from the balcony of the room. Manami is called "Sangaku," and he is crazy about bicycles and is late to sleep and is asleep. Although it was not my intention, he is the person who pulled Manami into the world of bicycles, and is also a partner who has never won a bicycle for Manami.
He also goes to Inter-High and the Kumamoto race of the anime movie version, and at the Inter-High in the first year, he happened to get on the same shuttle bus, and he got acquainted with his mother on the slope. When I cheered together in the audience, I wasn't surprised when I was told that my son, who was fighting for victory with Manami in front of me, was my son.
Reunited with Sakamichi's mother in the second year of Inter-High, watching the match between Sakamichi and Manami.
The end roll up to the anime version "GRANDE ROAD" is written only as "Miyahara", but in the movie version and the end rolls after "NEW GENERATION" it is written as "Chairman Miyahara."
Takada Castle
Voice- Natsuki Hanae
Hakone Gakuen 1nd grade → 2rd grade.
Wear glasses. When I was in the 1st grade, in the 3rd year kick-out race, I tried to experience the driving of the 3rd grade and Izumida. Kuroda praises the guts though he exhausts on the way.
In the second year, Inter-Hai is leaked from the members, but he is accompanied by team staff and is in charge of transmitting information on other schools.
Voice-no credit
A climber in Hakone Gakuen 3rd grade (2nd year). It is called "Kaneyan" by a friend of 3 years (later Yuto also called "Kaneyan").
He was on good terms with Kuroda and was talking about Yin Hai as a fellow climber. He has abandoned his participation because he has injured his knee and will not heal by Inter-High. Serious hard worker who never makes excuses. Ashikiba also said to Yuto, "If you fight in the heyday, you will lose." At first, he was taken by Yuto as a person who looked down on him as "cool", but he was apologized after hearing the situation from Ashikaba, and at the same time he taught Yuto about Ashikaba's past. When Yuto was chosen as a member of Inter-High, he asked for a member for 3 years and sent advice that "Don't throw it away."
Voice-no credit
Hakone Gakuen 3rd grader (2nd year) climber. It is called "Sino" by a friend of 3 years. He has longer hair and is shorter than Kaneko.
He runs well with Kaneko and knows he is injured, so he never runs forward in the mountains. Yuto is said to be a "real climber".
Everyone's water
Voice- Mariya Ise
Manager of Hakone Gakuen who appeared in "SPARE BIKE Todo Jinpachi". The grade is unknown, but older than Todo. A friend, Shusaku Itokawa, shows his favor. I often buy parts at the bicycle store in my home.
Created an opportunity to attach a headband to Todo[Annotation 43], I teach that Inter-High will be held locally in 4 to 5 years and recommend that I go to Hakone Gakuen.
Fukutomi and others who appeared in "SPARE BIKE Shinkai Hayato" are members of the bicycle race of the same grade. Born in Nishinaka, Samukawa. The mouth is expert and he is in good shape. It is pointed out by Fukutomi that there are many rough plays during the race.
When I was in junior high school, my friend told me that it was similar to Fukutomi's form.[Annotation 44], Ms. Fukutomi and Shinkai gave moxibustion when I heard the information. It was said that high school passed the Hakone Gakuen school. Although he is still light and does not have the ability to ride a bicycle, he seems to be demonstrating his ability as a liaison for interviewing the department. Anime version has not appeared.

Kyoto Fushimi High School

KyotoKyoto CityFushimi WardHigh school in. Commonly known as "Kyofushi". The athlete's jersey is based on purple, and the letters "Kyo" (right shoulder) and "Miyako" (left shoulder) are included on the shoulders.

Akira Midosuji
Voice- Koji Yusa / Satsuki of snow(Childhood)
Performance- Murata Mitsuru(2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8)/ Takeshi Hayashino(TV drama /10/11/12/13/14) / (TV drama Season2)
Kyoto Fushimi High School 1st grade → 2nd grade. Born January 1st. Aquarius.
The leg quality is not specified in the work, but it is depicted as a very capable all-rounder. It has an eerie atmosphere like reptiles, and there are many behaviors that are suspicious, such as raising strange voices. My car has a small frame size with a long seatpost and stemDe Rosa(In the anime version, "DE LOSE" (body color is plain silver)). The person himself says that riding a smaller frame is lighter, but in reality, he continues to ride on the frame at the time of elementary school when his mother, who will be described later, praised him as "the world's fastest". In the sprint game, Hakone Gakuen's ace sprinter Shinkai, and in the climbing game, he runs the same as a pure climber on the slope and Manami, so he is an all-rounder but a specialized player in both sprint and hill climb. Has comparable ability. Has amazing stamina, instantaneous power, and mental strength. A smart man who thoroughly examines the data of the course and the opponent team, calculates all the race conditions and makes a strategy. In order to hide his ability until the time of an emergency, he usually ties his fingers and thighs to save his power. When he runs seriously, he takes an abnormal forward leaning posture. Originally I was not good at general exercise, but in the heart of the will of my deceased mother, "No matter what, before", I made a series of efforts to win, and even at the same age, I will demonstrate outstanding ability in athletic performance I came to wear it on both sides.
He is unique in both appearance and behavior, values ​​only the result of "winning", and has an extraordinary attachment. He is not so calm as he speaks the best and shows an irreverent attitude of taunting others, and he is willing to take dirty measures to win. In middle school, he lied, "Your mother was transported in an ambulance," and won more than five minutes more than Imaizumi, who stalled. Therefore, Imaizumi has a close relationship.
Defeat Ishigaki, who was an ace at the time of joining the club, and reign in the club as the de facto top since 1 year. Ace from his high ability, force the members of the bicycle competition to which he belongs, such as "call yourself by yourself, members call each other by number or last name", and the members who are fellow ToZakuCall. While praising the members with their mouths, they treat them as discarded pieces inside their hearts, but if necessary for victory such as helping Ishigaki who is about to fall, support the members without fail.
On the 1st day of the inter-high school at 1 year, on the first day of the year, I encountered a slope that was catching up from the bottom. After that, he showed a terrible catch-up in the final stage, and he won the first day while wearing Fukutomi of box study and Kinjo of Sohoku. On the second day, he maintained the top group with careful operation, and in front of the goal, he fought fiercely with Fukutomi and Kaneshiro, and suffered a defeat. On that night, while encountering a conversation on a slope without being able to recover from the shock of the defeat, he found himself on the slope when he started the road race. On the third day, he had hidden his original power until the middle stage, but after Sohoku and Hakaku players retired one after another in the final stage, they started catching up from the rear and engaged in a battle between Manami, Sakamichi, and three sides. Later defeated by Imaizumi.
The hairstyle changes the most in the work because the hairstyle changes when new power and ideas are obtained.
On the 2st day of Inter-High at 1 years, he caught up with Kishigami in the lead, and fought for goals with Naruko, but with Ashikaba who caught up on the way, it became a three-pronged battle and was defeated to Ashikaba by a narrow margin. On the second day, various measures were taken to play with box studies. Eventually, Imaizumi and Yuto will be fighting for the goal, and they will be the only one to win the inter-high by defeating them by a narrow margin. On the third day, I fought against Imaizumi in the rain that fell on the way, but dropped off at 2 km and retired.
The movie version of the animation showed that he was standing alone in a jersey near the grave where his mother slept without participating in the Kumamoto race. It was the only line that uttered "kimo" when he saw a picture with Kumamon sent from the paddy field.
The bib number is 1 for the first year and 91 for the second year at Inter-High. No participation in KHY race.
Kotaro Ishigaki
Voice- Hiroshi Nojima
Performance- Toshiyuki Someya(4) / Ryunosuke Matsumura(6. TV drama) / Shotaro Okada(16)
Kyoto Fushimi High School 3rd grade → Enters Meihaya University. Born June 6th. Gemini. Blood type O. Born in Minamijujo junior high school. My family runs a woodworking factory.
Although the leg quality is not specified in the work, it is depicted as pulling Midosuji alone on both flat and hill climb, and is depicted as an all-rounder. My car isanchor(In the anime version, "ANSWER", the body color is red, and in the first year, members other than Midosuji are also on the same maker's car in different colors). The seniors who have graduated have described it as "a patience run". In the team, he will assist Midosuji. In front of Midosuji, the ace of Kyobushi that everyone admits, it is called “Ishiyan” by classmates because it is a reasonably talented ace.
He has a sensible mindset, such as the only one in the Kyoto Fushimi Cycling Club who is angry about the behavior of Midosuji. It can be seen that he has a warm personality.
Although he is a third year student, the initiative of the club is called "Midosuji-kun" because Midosuji of the first year holds it. Before the Midosuji area, there was a team that was harmonious and cheerful, and there are some delusions that other members follow the ideas of Midosuji. However, at the same time, he acknowledged the results of the team's strengthening, and gradually began to recognize the Midosuji's way even though he had a complicated feeling.
On the first day of Inter-High, I saw the competition between Midosuji and the slope, and realized the ability of the slope. On the second day, after rethinking various things about his own attempted vehicle drop, after the race, I really began to think that "Kyoto Fushimi is the best team including Midosuji now". After Sohoku and Hakogaku started fighting for the lead in the middle of the third day, they assisted Midosuji until they exhausted their power and retired with the words, "You have a future. After the game, he sends words of hard work to Midosuji, who was taken to the Federation House.
When I picked up the bottle dropped on the slope before the start of the second day, I was upset by being called "Ishi-san" from the slope, but I was surprised to know that the opponent was a slope that fought with Midosuji when I left the group the day before. I felt that I had a different aura than Midosuji.
Served as an ace in the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race and fought with Kinjo and Fukutomi on the final stage of the first day, but was defeated. In the end roll, there are also depictions of gratitude for each other's good fight and exchanging goo touch with Kinjo and Fukutomi.
In the past Inter High, Keibushi will decline to participate due to the scandal of a senior who graduated in the first year of the year before the year before, but one year senior senior, Hirokazu Yasu is recommended to join Tsuji with a consecutive student selection team.[Annotation 45]To participate in Inter High. Although I managed to reach the goal on the first day, the time over and the results were disastrous. During the second year of the previous year, he assisted Ahn on the first day, and Ahn climbed the podium at Hakone Gakuen on the podium with the third place on the first day. However, after that, he finished the inter-high without producing any results.
After graduating from high school, my father told me to get a job in order to succeed the family's woodworking factory, but I called the route change and went to Meikahaya University like Fukutomi and Shinkai and joined the bicycle competition club.
The bib number is 92 at Inter-High, 193 the previous year, and the year before last (selected team) is unknown. 021 in the KHY race.
Nobuyuki Mizuta
Voice- Chihiro Suzuki
Performance- Kento Masui(4 ・ 5 ・ 6 ・ 7 ・ 8 ・ TV drama ・ 11 ・ 12) / Daichi Abe(13・14)
Kyoto Fushimi High School 2nd grade → 3rd grade. All-rounder. Born January 1rd.
Wearing orthodontic appliances (brackets). He deceives Midosuji and refuses to be nicknamed "Nobu" because he follows his policy that "members call each other by their last name or number." The character seems to be easily influenced by others, and a scene was drawn that imitated Ishigaki when he was an ace in the past and the low price of the captain of the previous year. Therefore, it is called "Pachiemon" from Arakita and fears Arakita.
From the experience of retiring at the time of one year, I noticed the trouble of Tadokoro at the time of two years. On the third day, he was swallowed by Tsuji with the final group led by Machimiya, but he managed to retire and managed to reach 1th place overall.
Having been a regular member since 1st year, after becoming a captain in the 3rd year, he became the captain of the club, but the real authority of the club is still held by Midosuji.
On the second day of the Inter-High in the second year, the car runs on the top of the mountain section in a form that is fueled by Midosuji, but it is overtaken by the reed ground just before the mountain result line and finishes second. After that, he was slowing down due to tired running in the mountainous area, but he revived after hearing the announcement of Kyoto Fushimi's victory. Pass the hill on the 2nd day just before the goal line and finish on the 2nd day in 2th place. On the third day, he blocked the hill that started at the same time, but he was forced to pull out, and after leaving the group, he left Midosuji and Komari while complaining to the limit, but left in the middle. It seems that he has completed the race, although he has left.
In the Kumamoto race of the anime movie version, he runs to imitate Midosuji at the beginning of the race, but it is easily overtaken by Kurenan in Hiroshima and is called "Mottoran" by Machimiya.
The number of the bib number is 1 in the first year, 95 in the second year, and 2 in the previous year. 112 in the KHY race. The body color of my car is light blue.
Inter-High in the previous year (1st grade) also participated as a regular, but he lost his physical condition due to the heat and retired on the first day.
Tomoya Ihara
Voice- Kikuchi Yuri
Kyoto Fushimi High School third grader → Graduated. A sprinter running with Ishigaki. I am proud of the long hair that I have been growing since I was in the third year of middle school.
Retired to Midosuji along with Yamaguchi on the second day of Inter-High. Ishigaki assists in the movie version of Kumamoto's race.
When I was in the first grade, when I was forced to decline Interhi due to a scandal (violence and traffic accident) by a graduated senior who happened the previous year, I was told by someone that I grasped the neck of Ishigaki because of my regret. Was the mastermind of the violence before[Annotation 46].
In "SPARE BIKE", he plays the leading role in the title "Soreike Ihara." I have a longing for Shibuya with the imagination that there are many cute children.
The bib number is 93 at Inter High. 022 in the KHY race. The car body color is blue.
Noriyuki Yamaguchi
Voice- Tokuishi Katsuhiro
Performance- Yu Ichinose(11/12/13/14)
Kyoto Fushimi High School 2nd grade → 3rd grade. Sprinter. Born June 6th. The car is Panasonic, and the anime version is an anchor (the body color is green).
I joined the Cycling Club while being scouted by Ishigaki. He had a calm personality and was known by the nickname "Yama" before Midosuji joined. In junior high school, the basketball club was the first time for high school to compete in cycling.
On the second day of the Inter-High Kanagawa Prefectural Games when he was in the second grade, he was retired to Midosuji along with Ihara.
After being promoted in 3rd year, he will be the Vice Captain. Ishigaki told him to become a conscience of Midosuji, and he was tasked with stopping Midosuji when it came to an emergency.
On the first day of the Inter-High School of Tochigi Prefecture in the following year, Midosuji's instructions follow him on the slope trying to leave the group, but he is shaken off. He described the slope that felt the same shadow as himself as a good guy and said, "It was the right decision to dispel the cooperation of Midosuji." On the third day, the speed of the following group was instructed by Midosuji, and after catching up with the follow-up group of Sohoku and Hakone Gakuen, he left the front line with Funatsu and retired. When I heard about the retirement of Midosuji in the tent of the first-aid room, they muttered that they might be messing around with Midosuji.
The bib number is 1 for the first year and 94 for the second year at Inter-High. 2 in the KHY race.
Akihisa Tsuji
Voice- Yuta Odaki
Kyoto Fushimi High School third grader → Graduated. climber. My car is BOMA, and the anime version is an anchor (the body color is black). He is an experienced person from Toyama Temple and has been a regular member since 3 year.
At Inter-High, together with Paddy, remained until the 3rd day of IH and finally finished 11th overall[Annotation 47]I made a goal with.
At the time of the first grade when the team declined to participate due to a scandal of seniors, he participated with Ishigaki as a contingent team.
The bib number is 96 for inter-high and 025 for KHY races.
Kishigami Komari
Voice- Jun Fukuyama[17][18] / Koiwai Kotori(Childhood)
Performance- Amago Shogo(8・TV drama・10/11/12・13・14)
An all-rounder in the first year of Kyoto Fushimi High School. A freshman with a neutral appearance. The tone is also polite and calm. Born November 1th. Blood type AB.
It is a genius massager who touches the muscles of others to determine their essence and skill. He touches Imaizumi's legs and sees his sickness before the inter-high race. Contrary to Midosuji, he seems to treat his seniors with a basic manner. In Kyoto's military image, Fushimi is characterized by the lightness of driving that other teams think are “unleashed”. Always wash your hands when riding a bicycle. My car is (“CAPPERA” in the anime version).
A son of a good family who grew up in a mansion in the outskirts of Kyoto, had been spending days reading since childhood, but from this time he was interested in the muscles of others. When I met Midosuji when I was in the second grade of junior high school, I started to release my desire for muscles and started to ride a bicycle in search of dynamic muscles.
He has the strength to say that Midosuji is strong, and Izumida says that he is good at basic riding because of its beautiful form and stable running that transmits power to the drive wheels with almost no loss. In addition, you can predict the physical condition and movement of the opponent from the movements of the opponent's muscles, and you are good at reacting and accelerating before the opponent accelerates.
At the beginning of the second year of Inter-High, it was initially treated as a substitute, but immediately before the start, he was replaced by Guangxi and served as an assistant to Midosuji. On the second day, he fought with Izumida on the sprint line and lost a close margin. On the third day, he pulls Midosuji after leaving the paddy field, but he is cut off to Midosuji because he was interested in Yuto's "hidden muscles" who had set up a block unless he had to go first. The ranking is unknown, but it seems that Kyofushi completed the first race.
The bib number for Inter-High in the second year is 2.
Kazuho Funatsu
Voice- Yoshinori Murakami
At the time of Inter-High in the second year, he was a second year student at Kyoto Fushimi High School in the same grade as Midosuji. Sprinter. He is an experienced biker and has taken 2th place in the Junior Cup.
On the third day, with Yamaguchi, he speeded up the following groups and retired after catching up with Sohoku and the boxing pursuit group.
The bib number is 114 (2nd year) at Inter-High. The car body color of my car is red, the same car color as the vehicle Ishigaki got on in the previous year, but it is unknown whether it is the same car.
Takao Kiriya
Voice- Takahiro Miyake
Second grader at Kyoto Fushimi High School in the same grade as Midosuji. climber. High school is the first time for a bicycle. On the second day, the bicycle was pulled to the limit as instructed by Midosuji, and he retired on the way to the summit.
The bib number is 115 (2nd year) at Inter-High. My car has a black body color, which is the same as the car that Tsuji got on in the previous year, but it is unknown if it is the same car.
Hironishi Sakudai
Voice-Takahiro Miyake
Third grader at Kyoto Fushimi High School.
Initially, he was registered as a regular member, but he was told that Midosuji will change to Komari just before the race.
Takada Castle of Hakone Gakuen told Izumida that he was a mood maker with a blunt and weak foot.
Hirokazu Yasu
Voice- Go Shinomiya
Formerly the captain of the Kyoto Fushimi Cycling Club, and has served as an ace since the second grade. Ishigaki's first grade. My car iscinelli.
At the Inter-High Hiroshima Games, he dropped the first result and mountain award on the first day and bet on the goal on the first day, but ended up in third place, but broke the Hakone Gakuen podium monopoly castle. The number is 1.
In the anime version, it appeared as a recollection of Ishigaki in the first episode of the second term. The end credit is "Ansan". Although he was sorry that Ishigaki was not an ace, he encouraged him not to "rot" and said that he plans to go to Yamanashi for training and rush to support him. In the ending animation, watermelons are inserted into the staff.

Hiroshima Kurenan Technical High School

HiroshimaKureTechnical High School in. The abbreviation is "Kremina". In the previous year's Inter High, he won 3rd place overall.

Eikichi Machimiya
Voice- Tomokazu Seki
Performance- Yumoto Yamamoto(6. TV drama) / Ryutaro Maeda(16)
Hiroshima Kurenan technical high school mechanical department third grader. Born May 3st. Gemini. Blood type A.
Sprinter with the ace of Kurenan. My car is Colnago (body color is white). Under the pseudonym of "Kure no Toudogu", he shows a ferocious running that ignores the rules, such as hitting the head of a team member during the race. On the other hand, I am passionate not to care about the team members. "Hoshi" to win the road race[Annotation 48]Have the idea that is essential. He said that he had "Hoshi" to Kinjo and Fukutomi and "not to have Hoshi" on the slopes. On the contrary, from Arakita, he was described as the same as he used to be.
In the previous tournament, I was awarded 3rd place overall, but my grudge against Hakone Gakuen, which won the overall victory, was born.[Annotation 49].
Before the start of the 3rd day at Inter-High, he sexually harassed the trunk and bought a squirrel from Sohoku members. In the race, the last group is gathered together to form a large group to catch up, but three people, Arakita, Manami, and Slope, who should have been involved in the group and separated together, finally caught up before the run of Arakita. I gave in and realized that I couldn't catch up anymore and ended the game. After that, he joined with the following 3 players who had separated, and at the end, all 3 teams scored the goal without retiring.
In the early spring before the inter-high school, he was dropped under a cliff by a rough play that crossed the line of his junior Urakubo, and he was injured with a broken rib, but he has recovered by qualifying.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, Tadokoro and Shinkai went to catch the sprint result on the first day, but finished in 1rd place. On the second day, he was overwhelmed by the running of Sohoku, which merged with Makishima, and acknowledged the loss.
When I was in the first year of high school, I was a serious problem child at first, and I had a brawl before graduating junior high school and fractured my leg.[Annotation 50]It is depicted as Higashimura's recollection when he heard from a senior of the second year that he was in a fight with a third grader and Iotani with his body (SPARE BIKE Volume 3). She was a junior high school student with Kana, who was a junior high school student.[Annotation 51]I aimed to achieve Kana's recommendations and wishes.[Annotation 52].. He separated from Kana once because he concentrates on the inter-high, but he meets again at the venue after the inter-high. After retiring from club activities, Ioya's “Plan”[Annotation 53]The relationship was restored, and Kana's strong recommendation encouraged him to study for the entrance exam. At the beginning, I decided not to ride a bicycle because of Kana, but with Kana's backing, I joined the bicycle competition department.
It is called "Miya" from Iotani and "Eikichi-san" from Higashimura. Initially, I hated to be called "Miya", and before joining the club was called "Inu Zura". Okonomiyaki is my favorite[Annotation 54].. In the ending short anime of the second episode of the anime version, it is unclear whether or not he worked part-time at an okonomiyaki shop in the ending short anime, but he was making okonomiyaki in front of the members in an apron and a twisted headband.
The bib number is 31 at Inter High and 61 last year. 031 in the KHY race.
Ryo Ibitani
Voice- Yoshiyuki Shimotsuma
Performance- Yuichi Matsumoto(6. TV drama) / Kiyu Tauchi(16)
Hiroshima Kurenan technical high school mechanical department third grader. Birthday is March 3th. Sprinter. The car is FOCUS (changed in the anime version <see below). Wu Nan's command tower.
On the third day of inter-high, Arakita and the others who have left the group will have a "3m apart battle". I try to chase after losing the battle, but it is stopped by Machimiya.
In the middle of the 1st grade, I joined the bicycle competition club with the invitation of Machimiya. Before entering the club, he was a problem child who couldn't touch it than Machimiya, and his hairstyle was also very different from the present.[Annotation 55]I was always trying to hide my frustration. For that reason, I was thinking of dropping Machimiya from the rooftop of the school building and leaving the school. I was called "Ivy" by my friends and "Pierce" by Machimiya before joining the club.[Annotation 56].
One year ago he was troubled by the problematic behavior of Urakubo, and he was killed every time he played rough at Machimiya. When Urakubo dropped Machinomiya in the early spring of three years and injured him, he was hitting him.
Knowing that Machimiya was parting with Kana to concentrate on inter-high, he understood the most disappointing thing than anyone else, and after retiring, he patted Machimiya and helped him get back into relationship with Kana. After graduating from high school, I got a job at a company introduced by my uncle. Love reading is "Weekly Shonen Magangi. "
The bib number is 32 for inter-high and 032 for KHY races.
Higashimura Sondai
Voice- Kento Hama
Hiroshima Kurenan Technical High School 1st grade → 2nd grade. Sprinter. Birthday is October 10th. Libra. Wearing glasses with blue hair. My family is a temple.
My car is Canondale. In the anime version, all members except Machimiya use the same color vehicle (body color is yellow).
With high insight, he muttered "Checkmate" when the other team was about to fall, and described Machimiya as "ego but correct".
The bib number on the inter-high is 1 for the first year and 36 for the second year. KHY Race 2
Voice- Daisuke Takahashi
Hiroshima Kurenan Technical High School 2nd grade → 3rd grade. Shaved and well-built.
On the first day of the first year, he was injured by being caught up in a big car with a needleprint.
The bib number is 1 for the first year at Inter-High, unknown for the second year, and 33 for KHY races.
Voice- Tokuishi Katsuhiro
Hiroshima Kurenan Technical High School 2nd grade → 3rd grade. Wearing a blue headband with brown hair.
The bib number is 1 for the first year at Inter-High, unknown for the second year, and 34 for KHY races.
Harumoto (Harimoto)
Voice- Haruka Jinya
Hiroshima Kurenan Technical High School 1st grade → 2nd grade. A classmate with Higashimura. He looks similar to Satozaki, but has pink headband on his white hair and has a crying cloak under his right eye.
The bib number is 1 for the first year at Inter-High, unknown for the second year, and 35 for KHY races.
Urakubo Yusaku
Performance- Taiga Kurihara(14)
Hiroshima Kurenan technical high school third grader (second year).
Sprinter. The bib number for Inter High is 161. captain. Also known as "Kure no Shark" and "Splitting Shark" (Air Chopped Shark).
Since he was a child, he was nervous and not good at socializing, and Urakubo says it is "pure and straight, but easily misunderstood." My father was a fisherman, and when I was in elementary school I was fishing with my father on Saturdays and Sundays, but when I was in junior high school my father stopped fishing and I was invited by my garden wife to enter the bicycle race.
After entering Kurenan, he called Machinomiya a "big game" and showed an unusual attachment, and he made Iroya annoyed by playing rough every time. However, Machimiya is not particularly concerned, saying that it is not a bad thing to have a good junior.
The Inter-High Kanagawa Prefectural Tournament was removed from Niwatsuma's members as a result of injuring Machimiya in the early spring (according to the person himself "taking down a big game"). Due to the warm feelings of Machimiya, he was able to escape from leaving, but the days of isolation remained for a while. After that, he shifts his thoughts to "winning the race" and develops his talent.
At the Tochigi Prefectural Tournament, there is a scene where you provoke Ao Yagi at the start of the third day, and while you are racing, you will challenge Teshima with a sensor chip, but you will lose just before the line due to a strange plan by Ao Yagi.
Birthday is April 4st. Aries. Blood type is AB type. My car isEDDY MERCKX.
The bib number is 2 at the second year inter-school.
Niwazuma Shigenori
Hiroshima Kurenan technical high school third grader (second year).
Sprinter. It is called "Kure no Bulldozer". Birthday is April 4nd. Urakubo's only comprehender, his father stopped fishing and invited Urakubo, who had been bored, to take a bike path.
He assisted in the death battle between Teshima and Urakubo on the third day of Inter-High, and grabbed Urakubo's hand and tried to throw it back to Teshima, trying to throw his sensor chip away due to his lost stomach.
In the first year of Inter-High, he was removed from the team along with Urakubo due to the solidarity responsibility of Urakubo, who injured Machimiya.
The bib number is 2 at the second year inter-school.

Kumamotodaiichi High School

Prefectural high school in Kumamoto. In Kyushu, it is known for its famous strong cycling team.

All the members are using the same color of Cervero (the body color is white).

In the anime movie version, all members are appointed as the characters for the poster of "Kumamoto Fire no Kuniyamanami Race" pasted at airports and train stations.

See the movie version for Susumu Yoshimoto.

Yoshiaki Taura
Voice- Hiroaki Tajiri
Kumamotodai 3 XNUMXrd grade → Graduated. The limb is unknown. "Higo MokkosuIs used as a shout. Served as an ace because Susumu Yoshimoto, who will be described later, missed the injury. He is a big player and has a loud voice, but he is by no means a bad person.
On the second day of the inter-high, Naruko, who was catching up with the Sohoku team excluding Sakado and Tadokoro and pulling the lead, was scolded (on the contrary, Naruko is called "Gorilla" and upset), and the green number in Tadokoro was "accidentally lucky." At the same time, I tell him that Sakamichi is pulling Tadokoro and wandering behind the group, but when he knows that the two have returned to the group, it will spark the fighting spirit of Sohoku and Naruko Kinjo, who replaced the lead on behalf of, pulled a group and made a big difference. After that, I was overwhelmed by the slope that drove the rice field, and I knew that I was tired because I didn't know that it was a climber and I was not good at flatness, so I thought that I would fall on the slope, but as soon as I entered the mountain, I was surprised at the slope that showed a smile. You will be overtaken. On the third day, when Sakamichi was swallowed by a group led by Machimiya, he spoke to Sakamichi and made reassuring remarks.
In the anime movie version, he greeted the Sohoku members who got off at the airport because it was held locally and introduced Yoshimoto who could not participate in the inter-high. In the race, on the second day, Yoshimoto assisted Sohoku who had all the full members, but he was greatly separated by Sohoku, who sang "Koi no Himehime Petanko," and stopped with a lot of sweat. It is unknown whether or not he retired.
Just before the Inter-High National Tournament, "SPARE BIKE" was praying for a victory and recovery of Yoshimoto's injury at a shrine on a route different from the usual practice course. In addition, as Ise's recollection, the figure of Yoshimoto being hospitalized every day after practice is drawn.
The bib number is 52 at Inter High. 082 in the KHY race.
Shinya Ise
Voice- Kikuchi Yuri(GRANDE ROAD, movie version) →Shin Furukawa(GLORY LINE)
Kumamotodai 2 3nd grade → XNUMXrd grade. Wearing black-rimmed glasses.
On the first year of Inter-High, 1 people timed out on the 3rd day, so 3 people including Taura and Fujiwara will be running and swallowed by the group led by Machimiya. After the end of the inter-school, the club took over from Taura, and the lessons of this year's inter-school became a demon and the atmosphere changed significantly. At the same time, his tone and first-person changed, and he is called "Higo's demon sergeant" by his juniors.
In the second year of Inter-High, when Teshima caught up with Sohoku on the second day, he asked for cooperation, but he refused if he did not want to meet the eyes like last year, but he overtook it, but it fell into Midosuji's strategy. It will fall apart. On the third day, he will be the leader of the successor group, but he will be taken over by Urakubo in Kurenami, who disturbed the atmosphere of the group. After seeing Tejima, who was once swallowed by the group, pass through the group with Ao Yagi, he said, "Last light of hope," and told his juniors to look at his back.
In the anime movie version of Kumamoto's race, he tells Taura the funny song, "Kime no Himehime Petanko," which was sung when Sohoku members caught up on the second day.
The bib number is 1 for the first year of inter-high and 53 for the second year. 2 in the KHY race.
Voice- Mitsuhiro Sakamaki(GLORY LINE)[Annotation 57]
Kumamoto Daiichi's climber. First grade → second grade. It is called "Masa" by Ise, but the name below is unknown.
In the first year, he was injured by a falling car on the second day of inter-school, and swallowed by a group led by Machimiya on the third day.
In the second year, he was assisting Ise, and on the third day he was running as one of the teams who had reduced to three.
The bib number is 1 for the first year of inter-high and 54 for the second year. 2 in the KHY race.

Other school players

Voice-Katsuhiro Tokuishi (1st term) → (NEW GENERATION)
Ace of Kashiwa Higashi High School that appeared in the Inter-High Chiba Preliminaries. 2nd grade → 3rd grade. My car is BH → GIANT.
In the first year of the prefecture qualifying, he remained at the top with a difference of more than 1 seconds in the north until the middle stage, but allowed a reversal in the final stage. It is overtaken and described by Kinjo as a "good team."
In the second year, Kaburoki's puncture circumvented Sohoku, and although he was on the verge of lagging behind, he was overwhelmed by Teshima's tactics and the pace was disturbed.
Yasuyuki Shibata
Voice- Kazama Yuto
IshikawaRepresentative, Sprinter of Kanazawa Misaki Technical High School. My favorite car is Cannondale (body color is red).
It takes the nickname of "Hokuriku Gale".
Wearing sunglasses for road bikes on a narrow surface. Aiming for an inter-high first result, Tadokoro and Naruko attacked and ended up in 4th place. On the third day, too, he refused to cooperate on the slope that was swallowed by the group due to exhaustion.
The bib number for the Inter High is 112 and the KNY Race is 062.
Tatebayashi Motonari (becomes Tatebayashi)
Voice- Souma Saito
Performance- Inagaki Shigeya(2 TV drama)
NaganoRepresentative, Nagano Chuo Technical High School 3rd grade → Graduated. climber. My car is TREK (body color is blue x white).
Takes the nickname of "Yamamori" in the Alps and "Tateba". Aiming for a mountain result at Inter-High, he was once the top, but was overtaken by Makishima Todo and passed in 3rd place.
The title of "Yamamori of the Alps" was inherited by junior Awashira Yumichika.
The bib number at Inter-High is 61 and the KHY race is 051.
Takeshi Ootake
Voice- Kawaji Shinji
NaraRepresentative sprinter of Narayama Rigakuen. Known as "Nara's fastest scorching sprinter," he has a habit of saying "Khao of Buddha is up to 3 times." My car is a Ridley (the body color is black).
At Inter High, on the first day, they challenged the first-stage sprint result, but dropped out and scored 1th.On the second day, Tadokoro, who was in a bad condition, provoked that "the green number wasn't on the ground" either. , Sakamichi and others sang while singing "Koi no Himehime Petanko". On the third day, he asked for cooperation on the slope swallowed by the group, but refused because he had no legs (running power) left.
A fixie bike for LOOK's indoor track competition in the grass race when Naruko returned to Osaka (body color is white)[Annotation 58]Brought in and challenged the game, but lost in front of the goal.
The school year is unknown, but he has not participated in the next year's Inter-High.
The bib number at Inter-High is 23 and the KHY race is 043.
Ryudai Kakimoto
Voice- Ryutaro Okiayu
Sprinter attached to Sakadai. It has the synonym of "Rokko Oroshi no Ryu". My car is (ANSWER in the anime version, the body color is blue).
Face off with Naruko in a grass race in Osaka. The wheel rim of my car is illuminated and named "Night Rokko Kakimoto Special"[Annotation 59].
The following year, Inter-Hai comes with Osakadai as a representative school of Osaka, but there is no depiction of it.
Kawahara Gunpei
Voice- Yoshihisa Kawahara
The best ace climber in Yamagata. Third year student who is said to be the rightmost wing of the mountain in the second year of Inter-High. My car is GIANT (body color is yellow, all members are the same vehicle).
He entrusts Inagi with the mark of the hill, and runs to the top with the remaining 1 km of the mountain line on the first day, but is overtaken by Tejima and Manami, who have been catching up from behind. The unmarked Teshima is described as "a monster that turns a simple stone roller into a bird."
The number is 151 (IH2 year).
Bunya Inagi
Voice- Mogami Tsuguo
Yamagata Mogami High School mountain assistance.
Together with players from Nagano Chuo and Fujikawa Shizuoka, they set up a block on the mountain stage on the first day, marking the slope and letting them go ahead. I couldn't understand the explanation of the opening song "Hime no Kurukuru Katsugamo" during the second season of Love☆Hime when the slope started catching up. Then he mutters when the chasing drama starts when he sees the slope out of the mark.
The number is 156 (IH2 year).
Daikanji Haruichi
Voice- Kanie Shunsuke
Shizuoka Fuji River climber. It is called "Mt. Fuji's climber", and "a mountain higher than Fuji" is a favorite.
At the mountain stage on the 1st day, Tejima and Manami, who had been able to catch up to 2nd place at the moment, were overtaken. He was ridiculed when he saw Teshima chasing Manami and was reckless.
Although there was no description of the race, it was in their conversation that Imaizumi and Naruko had won during the race during the race in May.
The number is unknown, but it is in the 130s (IH 2nd year).
Voice- Takayuki Miyamoto
Ace of Yamaguchi Iwakuni High School. My favorite car is BH (body color is white/red, players at the same school are the same vehicle).
Has high analytical ability and gentleman's idea. On the first day of the Inter-High in the second year, he stopped his teammate trying to block the hill run that had left the block of another school and gave up his way to the hill. At that time, he expressed his respect to Sakado, saying, "The previous year's champion, Number 2 is the most respected person."
The number is 141 (IH2 year).
Voice- Kento Shiraishi
Yamaguchi Iwakuni High School player. The limb is unknown.
Attempting to block the course by seeing the follow-up of the slope that got out of the block of another school, it is stopped at the edge of the mountain.
The number is 144 (IH2 year).
Yamaru (Yaguramaru)
Voice- Murai Yuji
Niigata Joetsu High School sprinter. It is called "Rannami no Otomaru" trained by the strong winds of the Sea of ​​Japan.
When I saw Aoyagi who caught up with the first stage of the second year of Inter-High, I was chilled when it was smaller than Tadokoro of the previous year, but I am surprised to see that the trunk has changed.
The number is 124 (IH2 year).


Mother of the slope
Voice- Nina Kumagai
Characterized by perm hair. I usually have dot-like eyes, but when I am serious, I have normal eyes. Sprinkle as much as you think without understanding the story of the other person. Naruko says, "Okan like a typhoon." I asked a familiar bicycle shop to remodel the mama-chari on the slope so that I wouldn't speed up so that I wouldn't go out on a bicycle when the slope was just in middle school. As a result, the slope became a cadence type. Neither the character nor the motor nerves were aware of the slopes that were unrelated to the sports club with the players of the road race, and I did not understand the bicycle competition at all, but I accidentally watched the third day of the inter-high and finally did the road race. Notice that However, even though I was watching the awards ceremony, I couldn't fully understand that Sakamichi was a road race player and won the Inter High until Imaizumi and Naruko explained. In addition, on the first night of the first and second years, I visited my lodgings on the slope, and in the first year I saw Kanagi's face and said ``I am old'', and the following year Ao Yagi and Koga `` "I'm not old," he said.
I knew Miyazaki of Hakone Gakuen by sitting next to him on a bus and cheering together. With a mouth that even love bana can say, he expresses Miyahara's feelings about Manami and surprises him. Manami is acquainted with the fact that he was taught the way to stay on the slope in the second year, and he gives one hat to the members of Sohoku. I didn't realize that it was Manami at that time, but when I saw Miyahara again, I saw him wearing his hat and remembered that the student who put on his hat was Manami. In a conversation with Miyahara, he said that he was happy and at the same time lonely that his son was growing up, hoping that "I just want him to come home safely." I bought a smartphone, but I didn't know how to use it except for telephones, and Miyahara taught me how to use it.
People often mistakenly remember power spots as "power pockets" and smartphones as "smooth phones."
Imaizumi's mother
Voice- Hasumi Elina
In the anime version, 2 episodes of the second term appear only together with his father as a reflection of Imaizumi's elementary school days. Imaizumi recommended a bicycle when he could not decide on a birthday present when he was in elementary school, and indirectly created the opportunity for Imaizumi to enter the road racer's path.
It is said that he died in an accident during the race in Midosuji during his junior high school, but he is still alive.
Midosuji's mother
Voice- Naomi Shindo
deceased. A gentle mother who always praises her son's good points, and was the only heart support for Midosuji. Midosuji had a great influence on his son, for example, as she started driving into the road race, and her words and death at the root of her unusual attachment to "Victory".
Voice-Yuta Odaki
A mature man with a beard under the nose who is a driver of the Imaizumi family. I have been entrusted with picking up from Imaizumi school for many years. I am colliding with the slope that was climbing the back gate slope at Mamachari. In the anime version, Sakamichi is replaced by a rushing depiction with a horn hit from behind.
In the anime version, the junior high school Tsuji was called "Kansaki Bicycle Shop Buddhist monk," and he returned, "Please stop Bokchan."
It is described as "driver" in the end credit in the first episode of the anime version.
Kana Fukurai
Voice- Lynn
She in Machimiya. High school named Seijunkan → went to Yonan University. According to Kaneshiro, the Seijunkan is prestigious.
When the Hiroshima accent is strong and you are surprised, you say “wow” with a voice that sounds like you are missing your head. Machimiya broke up once to concentrate on inter-high[Annotation 60]However, after secretly rushing to cheer up, he reunited with Machimiya after the end of the inter-high in Kanagawa, and returned to the relationship after the plan of Iotani.[Annotation 61]..Later, he recommended Machimiya to go on to university, and after graduating, he went on to Yonan University together.In fact, it was Kana who recommended that Machimiya enter club activities when she entered high school, and she describes Machimiya as a person who keeps her promise with all her might.At university, he encouraged Machimiya, who had been away from his bicycle because he didn't want to make himself feel painful, to join the cycling club.The face was not clearly drawn in the main story and the anime version, but the face was drawn for the first time in episode 52 of "SPARE BIKE", and in episode 54, he played the leading role in the title "Furikire Kana-san !!".The surname and high school name were revealed in episode 71 when he introduced himself to Kinjo and Arakita.
A high school third grader who liked Kana, who appeared in episode 54 of "SPARE BIKE" "Furikire Kana-san!!". Kana who has returned to the relationship with Machimiya can not give up and attacks Kana with that skill, but it is a crush. When I saw Machimiya studying for the exam at the library where I went to study for the exam to go to the same university as Kana, I felt that Machimiya was Kana's boyfriend.
Hiroshi Hirota
Voice-Hiroaki Tajiri
A young man with a little old face who visited Minegayama with her in the first year welcome race. She came with me and called him "Hiro-kun," and has been talking about cycling for over a year. The manufacturer of the car is unknown (Cannondale in the anime version, red body color). Judging by the appearance of the slope that was running at the end, he tried to teach him how to look cool in front of her, but he was easily overtaken.
I have been watching the game on the third day of the first year of the Inter-High school and at the movie version of Kumamoto's race, and on the Shinkansen heading for Kumamoto, I am riding the same vehicle as the members of Hakaku, Keibushi, and Kurenan.
Hiro's girlfriend
Voice- Takahashi Li
A woman who visited Minegayama with Hiro. The name is unknown. I'm riding a foldable bicycle. Looking at the slope of the welcome race, I analyzed that it was the fastest of all the members who have run.
Also appeared in the movie version,KumamonWearing a headgearSuddenly dumplingI was enjoying sightseeing in Kumamoto while watching the game. Hiro hasn't appeared together since the 3rd term, but the cover of the bicycle magazine that Shinkai (brother) read in the past recollection of Izumida from the 4th episode C part of the 15th term.[Annotation 62]A woman who wore the same clothes appeared in the rear view (whether the same person is unknown).
Sho Koseki
Performance- Kimizawa Yuuki(16)
A senior professional player who was a senior member of the club team of the local shop where Kinjo used to belong to "SPARE BIKE Shingo Kaneshiro". My car is Trek. Kinjo is called "Singo". Since he was an admirer of Kaneshiro in his junior high school years, he is so fond of being imitated by the manufacturers of how to ride, clothes, and vehicles. Kinjo was transferred to Kobe when he was in the second year of junior high school.
At the time of the first year inter-high school, he was delighted to hear from Kaneshiro that he had won the championship, and he said, "more bragging stories."
It is a special skill to find out the specifications of a road bike that runs away in an instant, but it is not particularly useful for anything.
Shusaku Itokawa
Voice- Sakaguchi Daisuke
Performance- Mizuo Ohno(7) / (16)
First appearance in the recollection of Todo in "SPARE BIKE Todo Jinpachi Hen". He was a classmate of Todo in his junior high school, and his parents' house is a bicycle shop. My favorite car is Ridley. The name below is used to refer to Todo. A person who invited Todo to a local race and pulled him into the road world.
Himeno Kotori
Voice- Yukari Tamura
The main character of the anime "Love Hime", which likes slopes. Actually, she is a princess in the land of magic, but she doesn't know that. The complex has a flat chest.
Voice-Junichi Suwabe
Butler in the shape of a sheep.
Arimaru Shunya (Arimaru Shunya)
Voice- Kaji Yuki
Voice-Yuki Kaji
Introduced from the second series "Love Hime Petanko".
Shota Kawamoto
Voice- Tomoki Ono
Appears from the 7th Ani x Para. A real para-cyclist.

Bibliographic information


Although the bicycle race scene is performed according to the original, the bicycle itself is not used on the stage, and the image on the screen is not used. The performers appeared on the stage, holding only the handles. The mid-waist posture and stepping on the spot give the feeling of running. The main character, Mamachari, has a handle with a basket.[126].. In addition, the production of Yasutomo Arakita of Hakone Gakuen in his fifth work, "Beast Awakening", used a motorcycle handle with a meter and lights. Nishida Shatner, who directs this unique technique, calls it the "Puzzle Ride System."[127].. Past performances have also been distributed online at d anime stores.[128].. Tickets for each performance will be sold out immediately, so the 5th and 6th performances will be held at movie theaters throughout Japan.Live viewingIt is being screened. At that time, a live-viewing limited video was broadcast after the screening.

Performance list

  1. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" February 2012-February 2, 1 Theater:Tennozu Galaxy Theater
  2. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" Hakone Gakuen Hen ~Sleeping Straight Demon~ February 2013-February 1, 30 Theater:Kinokuniya Southern Theater
  3. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" Inter High Version The First Result
  4. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" Inter High Version The Second Order
    • (Tokyo performance) March 2014-March 3, 13 Theater: Tennozu Galaxy Theater
    • (Saitama performance) March 2014-March 3, 20 Theater:
    • (Osaka Performance) March 2014-March 3, 26 Theater: Theater BRAVA!
  5. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" Hakone Gakuen Hen ~Beast Awakening~
    • (Osaka Performance) March 2014-March 10, 23 Theater: Theater BRAVA!
    • (Tokyo performance) August 2014-September 10, 30 Theater:Roppongi Blue Theater
  6. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" Inter High Version The WINNER
    • (Tokyo performance) August 2015-September 3, 6 Theater:Japan Youth Hall
    • (Osaka Performance) March 2015-March 3, 19 Theater: Theater BRAVA!
    • (Fukuoka Performance) March 2015-March 3, 26 Theater:Canal City Theater
  7. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" IRREGULAR ~Two Summits~
  8. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal"-Sohoku New Generation, Start-
    • (Tokyo performance) March 2016-March 3, 4 Theater: TOKYO DOME CITY HALL
    • (Fukuoka Performance) March 2016-March 3, 10 Theater:Harmony Thunk Kitakyushu Soleil Hall
    • (Osaka Performance) October 2016-November 3, 17 Theater:Orix Theater
    • (Kanagawa Performance) March 2016-March 3, 25 Theater:Kanagawa Arts Theater
  9. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal"-Hakone Gakuen New Generation, Start-
    • (Tokyo performance) September 2016-October 9, 30 Theater: TOKYO DOME CITY HALL
    • (Osaka performance) October 2016-October 10, 7 Theater: Orix Theater
  10. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter-High ~ Start Line ~
    • (Osaka performance) October 2017-October 2, 25 Theater: Orix Theater
    • (Tokyo performance) September 2017-October 3, 4 Theater: TOKYO DOME CITY HALL
  11. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter High Version ~ Heat Up ~
    • (Tokyo performance) March 2017-March 10, 19 Theater: Tennozu Galaxy Theater
    • (Osaka Performance) October 2017-November 10, 26 Theater:Osaka Mielparque Hall
  12. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter-High Edition-Hakone Gakuen King Revived (The Kingdom)-
  13. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter-High Edition-Control, Limit, Solution, Elimination (Limit Breaker)-
    • (Tokyo performance) August 2019-September 5, 10 Theater:Theater 1010
    • (Osaka Performance) October 2019-November 5, 25 Theater:Nanikiri Hall
  14. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter-High Edition FINAL ~ POWER OF BIKE ~
    • (Tokyo performance) March 2020-March 2, 21 Theater: Tennozu Galaxy Theater
    • (Osaka Performance) February 2020-February 2, 27 Theater: Osaka Mielparque Hall
  15. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" SPARE BIKE Hen ~ Heroes ~(All performances canceled due to new corona virus)
    • (Tokyo performance): Tennozu Galaxy Theater July 2020, 7-July 7, 7
    • (Osaka performance): Nankai Namikiri Hall July 2020, 7-July 18
  16. Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" SPARE BIKE Hen ~ Heroes ~
    • (Osaka performance): Sankei Hall Breeze March 2021, 3 --March 19
    • (Tokyo performance): Nippon Seinenkan Hall March 2021, 3 --March 26


Main staff


Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded music
2013/8/14Stage Yowamushi Pedal Sound CollectionMJSA-1092
Stage Yowamushi Pedal Hakone Gakuen Hen ~Sleeping Straight Demon~ Sound CollectionMJSA-1094
2014/3/12Stage Yowamushi Pedal Inter High Hen The First Result Sound CollectionMJSA-1111 / 2
2014/10/15Stage Yowamushi Pedal Inter High Hen The Second Order Sound CollectionMJSA-1119
2015/3/4Stage Yowamushi Pedal Hakone Gakuen Hen ~ Beast Awakening ~ Sound CollectionMJSA-1146
2015/07/15Stage Yowamushi Pedal Inter High Hen The WINNERTDV-25221D

Blu-ray & DVD

Release datetitleStandard product number (BD / DVD)
2012/6/21Stage "Yowamushi Pedal"DFZS-07215
2013/6/21Stage Yowamushi Pedal Hakone Gakuen Hen Sleeping Straight DemonDFZS-07294
2014/1/24Stage Yowamushi Pedal Inter High Hen The First ResultTDV-24056D
2014/7/16Stage Yowamushi Pedal Inter High Hen The Second OrderTDV-24298D
2015/1/21Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" Hakone Gakuen Hen ~Beast Awakening~TDV-25006D
2015/7/15Stage Yowamushi Pedal Inter High Hen The WINNERTDV-25221D
2015/8/19Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" Tool du Stud Vol.1TDV-25363D
2015/9/16Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" Tool du Stud Vol.2TDV-25364D
2016/2/17Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" IRREGULAR ~Two Summits~TBR-26017D / TDV-26013D
2016/7/13Stage "Yowamushi Pedal"-Sohoku New Generation, Start-TBR-26180D / TDV-26181D
2017/2/22Stage "Yowamushi Pedal"-Hakone Gakuen New Generation, Start-TBR-27018D / TDV-27019D
2017/7/19Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter-High ~ Start Line ~TBR-27185D / TDV-27186D
2018/2/7Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter High Version ~ Heat Up ~TBR-28063D / TDV-28064D
2018/8/1Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter-High Edition-Hakone Gakuen King Revived (The Kingdom)-TBR-28219D / TDV-28220D
2019/9/18Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter-High Edition-Control, Limit, Solution, Elimination (Limit Breaker)-TBR-29164D / TDV-29165D
2020/6/17Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" New Inter-High Edition FINAL ~ POWER OF BIKE ~TBR-30041D / TDV-30042D

Television Animation

Officially announced in Weekly Shonen Champion 2013 4+5 issue. From October 2013 to June 10Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.The first phase will be broadcast elsewhere[Annotation 64], From October 2014 to March 10, the second term ``Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD] (Yowamushi Pedal Grand Road) was broadcast. In addition, a new cut was added and re-edited in the first phase of TV animation.Yowamushi Pedal Re:RIDE(Yowamushi Pedal Reride) was released in theaters for a limited period of two weeks from September 2014, 9, and was re-edited with a new cut in the second season of the TV anime.Yowamushi Pedal Re:ROAD(Yowamushi Pedal Reload) was released in theaters for a limited period of two weeks from June 2015, 6.In the TV anime versionJapan Cycling FederationWas credited to the ending as a special sponsor (until the 2nd term), although there is no credit, it is a beverage that appears in the talkOtsuka PharmaceuticalProducts are used (though other companies have changed their names). In addition, there is a short short animation after the ending throughout the period (only the title but also the next notice), after that, with the character's bicycle that became the main story in the background as a back, it will be a bicycle on the actual road A telop of cautionary notes when riding[Annotation 65].

At the stage greeting of "Yowamushi Pedal the Movie" held on October 2015, 10, it was announced that the third broadcast was decided.[129][130][131]. From September 2016, 9 for 9 weeks only ``Yowamushi Pedal SPARE BIKE] (Yowamushi Pedal Spare Bike) was screened in the theater[132][133][134][135][136][137][138][139][140], 2017rd period from January to June 1Yowamushi Pedal NEW GENERATION(Yowamushi Pedal New Generation) was broadcast[141][142][143][144][145][146][147]. The flow of the story is almost the same as the original, but as a difference from the second term, the drawing was changed significantly due to the change of the drawing charge (it was used as it was when recalling the scene of the first and second terms), side of the course The signboard that was installed in was changed from the fictitious name that used to exist to the existing company or product name to the one of the existing company (except when recalling the 2st and 1nd term, and the company name also serves as a sponsor) Therefore, it is omitted).

From January to June 2018 TV animation 1th period ``Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE] (Yowamushi Pedal Glory Line) was broadcast[148]. Prior to that, in October 2017, the movie version "Yowamushi Pedal RE: GENERATION" was released, which is the omnibus of the third period.[149][150][151][152][153][154].

On July 2019, 7, this work and short TV animation ``Ani x Para ~Who is your hero~As a collaboration episode of ","episode7 Paracycling"ButNHK BS1Was broadcast elsewhere[155].

From October 2022, the 10th term "Yowamushi Pedal LIMIT BREAK"ButNHK GeneralScheduled to be broadcast on[156][157].

Broadcast overseas

ス タ ッ フ

Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3Issue 4Issue 5[157]
OriginalWatanabe Wataru"Yowamushi Pedal"Akita Shoten"Weekly Shonen ChampionSeries
directed byOsamu Nabeshima
Series compositionReiko YoshidaKurazumi Sunayama
Character DesignTakahiko YoshidaYukiko Ban
Design WorksYoshio Mizumura
-Akishino Denforword weather
Main animator
3rd and 5th term
Ride design
Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Art settingTomoyuki AokiHiroshi Izumi
Art directorShunichiro Yoshihara
Color designSouko Nakao
CG directorTakeshi SanadaToshihiro SasakiHidenori Fujitani
CinematographerTakeshi Kuzuyama
-Mitsutoshi Kanemitsu
EditKumiko Sakamoto
MusicSawada Kan
Music producerMasataka Nakamura → Masataka MikamiMasataka MikamiKeiri Isobe, Takeki Kobayashi
Music productionTOHO animation RECORDS
Sound directorTakaji Takeshi
producerKazutaka Yamanaka
Yosuke Tsurugi, Shingo TakekawaIppei Takemura, Yuki Matsumura
Yosuke Takabayashi → Kosuke KazunoKosuke Kazuno
Ryosuke OhnoAyaka Sugiura
ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン
Ippei TakemuraShusuke Katagiri
Animation productionTMS / 8PANThoms Entertainment
ProductionYowamushi Pedal
Production Committee
Yowamushi Pedal GR
Production Committee
Yowamushi Pedal 03
Production Committee
Yowamushi Pedal 04
Production Committee

Theme song

Issue 1
Opening theme
"Reclaim" (Episode 1-12)
Lyrics-SHiNNOSUKE / Composition / Arrangement / Song- ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
"Yowamushi Fire" (Episode 13-Episode 25)
Lyrics and composition-Nobuyuki Takatsudo / Arrangement and song- DIRTY OLD MEN
"Be As One" (Episode 26-Episode 38)
Lyrics- leonn / Composition / Arrangement- Miyazaki Makoto / Song-Team Sohoku [Sakamichi Onoda (Daiki Yamashita), Shunsuke Imaizumi (Kosuke Toriumi), Naruko Shokichi (Jun Fukushima), Shingo Kaneshiro (Hiroki Yasumoto), Yusuke Makishima (Shotaro Morikubo), Tadokoro Xun (Kentaro Ito)]
Ending theme
"Call the Wind" (Episode 1-12)
Songwriting - Naoto Matohara / Arrangement/Song- Undergraph
"I'm Ready" (Episode 13-Episode 25)
Lyrics and composition-Nobuyuki Takatsudo / Arrangement-DIRTY OLD MEN / Song-AUTRIBE feat.DIRTY OLD MEN
"Glory Road" (Episode 26-Episode 38)
Lyrics-Mio Aoyama / Composition / Arrangement-Makoto Miyazaki / Song-Team Hakone Gakuen [Juichi Fukutomi (Tomoaki Maeno), Mt. Manami (Dai Yongyi), Todo Jinpachi (Takiya Kakihara), Hayato Shinkai (Satoshi Hino), Yasutomo Arakita (Hiroyuki Yoshino), Toichiro Izumida (Atsushi Abe)]
Song in the play "Koi no Hime Hime Petanko" (Episode 1-Episode 3, Episode 5, Episode 11, Episode 26)
Lyrics- Watanabe Wataru / Assistant lyricist- yura / Composition / Arrangement- Tomoichi Tashiro / Song-Himenoko Bird (Yukari Tamura
Theme song of the anime "Love Hime"
First stage omnibus
Lyrics and composition-Yuki Okada / Arrangement and song-LASTGASP
Issue 2
Opening theme
"Determination" (Episode 1-12)
Lyrics and composition-Yuki Okada / Arrangement and song-LASTGASP
"Remind" (Episode 13-24)
Lyrics-SHiNNOSUKE / Composition / Arrangement / Song-ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
Ending theme
"Realize" (Episode 1-12)
Lyrics-SHiNNOSUKE / Composition / Arrangement / Song-ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
"One second to glory" (Episode 13-Episode 24, 4th episode Episode 15 insertion song)
Lyrics and composition-Nobuyuki Takatsudo / Arrangement and song- MAGIC OF LiFE
First stage omnibus
Lyrics and composition-Yuki Okada / Song-LASTGASP
"Beginning days"
Lyrics and composition-Nobuyuki Takatsuto / Arrangement- akkin, MAGIC OF LiFE / Song-MAGIC OF LiFE
Issue 3[158][159]
Opening theme
"Cadence" (Episode 1-Episode 4, Episode 6-Episode 12)
Lyrics- Takaaki Natsuyo, Yohei Matsui / Composition / Arrangement- Takuya Watanabe / Song-Takaaki Natsuyo
"Transit" (Episode 13-Episode 25)
Lyrics, composition and arrangement-Takuya Watanabe / Song-Takaaki Natsuyo
Ending theme
"Now or Never" (Episode 1-12)
Lyrics, composition, song- Yuusuke Saeki / Arrangement-Makoto Miyazaki
"Takai Tokoro" (Episode 13-Episode 25)
Lyrics, composition and song-Yuusuke Saeki / Arrangement-Makoto Miyazaki
Insert song "Ludwig van Beethoven'
Sinfonie Nr. 9,Sinfonie Nr. 5(Episode 3)
Grande Sonate pathétique(Episode 3 and 4)
Insert song
"Turning around the princess" (episode 23)
Lyrics-Wataru Watanabe / Composition / Arrangement- Watanabe Chel / Song-Himeno Kotori (Yukari Tamura)
"Himehime Petanko of Love" (Episode 23)
Lyricist-Wataru Watanabe / Assistant lyricist-yura / Composition / Arrangement-Tomokazu Tashiro / Song-Kotori Himeno (Yukari Tamura)
First stage omnibus
Lyrics, composition, song-Yuusuke Saeki / Arrangement-Tetsuya Shitara
Issue 4
Opening theme
"My voice" (Episode 1-12, 25 insertion song)[160]
Lyrics and composition-Naotaka Uchida / Arrangement- Rhythmic Toy World, Shota Kawahara / Song-Rhythmic Toy World
"Dancing" (Episode 13-Episode 25)
Lyrics, composition and song-Yuusuke Saeki / Arrangement-Makoto Miyazaki
Ending theme
"Carry the Hope" (Episode 1-12)
Lyrics-Mizunogenki / Composition / Arrangement-Tetsuya Shitara / Song-THE HIGH CADENCE [Sakamichi Onoda (Daiki Yamashita), Shunsuke Imaizumi (Kosuke Toriumi), Shokichi Naruko (Jun Fukushima), Junta Teshima (Daisuke Kishio), Aoi Yagi (Matsuoka Teijo), Kaburagi difference (Hiro Shimono)]
"Over the Limit" (Episode 13-Episode 25)
Lyrics-Mizunogenki / Composition / Arrangement-Shuhei Mutsuki / Song-ROUTE85 [Mt. Manami (Tsubasa Yonaga), Toichiro Izumida (Atsushi Abe), Yukinari Kuroda (Kenji Nojima), Takuto Reikiba (Mamoru Miyano), Masakiyo Dobashi (Daisuke Ono), Yuto Shinkai (Yuma Uchida)]

List of stories

Yowamushi Pedal

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorアクション
Animation director
Total drawing directorFirst broadcast date
RIDE.1I can go to Akiba for freeReiko YoshidaOsamu NabeshimaNana HaradaYuko IwasaHiroyuki HoriuchiTakahiko Yoshida2013/
May 10
RIDE.2To increase the number of membersYasuyuki HondaYasuo TsuchiyaTadami Okumura, Yuji ShiguniYoshio Mizumura
Shinji Matsuda
May 10
RIDE.3I have no friendsOsamu TadokoroAkira AsariSachiyo Komido, Yukari WatanabeHiroyuki HoriuchiTakahiko Yoshida,Minako ShibaMay 10
RIDE.4Naruko ShokichiHirota MitsukiYasuyuki HondaHideki ItoElina KojimaShinji Matsuda
Yoshio Mizumura
Takahiko YoshidaMay 10
RIDE.5Sohoku High School Cycling ClubReiko YoshidaRyo TanakaShuji MiyaharaMiyako Tamako,Tomonori KogawaHiroyuki HoriuchiMinako Shiba, Takashi MurataniMay 11
RIDE.6Welcome raceKurazumi SunayamaHideaki OhbaHirohide ShikishimaYoshio Mizumura
Shinji Matsuda
Takahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 11
RIDE.7I want to catch up!Fukushima YukinoriOsamu TadokoroNana HaradaHiroyuki Horiuchi, Yukari WatanabeHiroyuki HoriuchiTakashi Muratani, Minako Shiba
Yuko Iwasa
May 11
RIDE.8Sprint climb!!Hirota MitsukiNishimori AkiraYasuo TsuchiyaChuichi Iguchi, Yoshinobu AobachiYoshio Mizumura
Shinji Matsuda
Takahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 11
RIDE.9Full power vs full powerOsamu NabeshimaAkira AsariHiromi Okazaki, Kyoko OtaniHiroyuki HoriuchiTakashi Muratani, Yuko IwasaMay 12
RIDE.10Peak spiderReiko YoshidaYasuyuki HondaShuji MiyaharaTomonori Kogawa, Tamako MiyanishiYoshio Mizumura
Shinji Matsuda
Minako Shiba, Takahiko YoshidaMay 12
RIDE.11Meat bullet train!!Kurazumi SunayamaOsamu TadokoroToshiaki KambaraElina KojimaHiroyuki HoriuchiTakashi MurataniMay 12
RIDE.12First day of training camp!Fukushima YukinoriHideaki OhbaSachiyo Komido and Shinichiro TakagiYoshio Mizumura
Shinji Matsuda
Minako Shiba, Takahiko YoshidaMay 12
RIDE.131000km of Imaizumi and NarukoReiko YoshidaYasuyuki HondaNana HaradaKumiko Shishido, Park JinTakashi Muratani, Yuko Iwasa2014/
May 1
RIDE.14Asagiri reunionHirota MitsukiNishimori AkiraKiyoshi FukumotoKenichiro Ogata, Koichi Kikuchi
Ryo Sotoma
Takahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 1
RIDE.15StrategyFukushima YukinoriKonosuke UdaAkira AsariHiromichi Ichiwa, Tamako MiyanishiHiroyuki HoriuchiTakashi MurataniMay 1
RIDE.16One point breakthroughKurazumi SunayamaOsamu TadokoroJunto SasakiAkiko NakanoShinji Matsuda
Yoshio Mizumura
Takahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 1
RIDE.17Onoda at the endHirota MitsukiHideaki OhbaTomoyuki Kanno, Shinichiro TakagiHiroyuki HoriuchiYuko Iwasa, Takashi MurataniMay 2
RIDE.18All-out matchFukushima YukinoriNishimori AkiraShuji MiyaharaYukari Watanabe, Sachiyo Komido
Yukie Harada
Shinji Matsuda
Yoshio Mizumura
Takahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 2
RIDE.19New startKurazumi SunayamaKonosuke UdaKazumaro SatoKenichiro Ogata, Koichi KikuchiHiroyuki HoriuchiYuko Iwasa, Takashi MurataniMay 2
RIDE.20Manami MountainsReiko YoshidaAir ConquestToshiaki KambaraElina KojimaShinji Matsuda
Yoshio Mizumura
Takahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 2
RIDE.21Stone road snakeNishimori AkiraNana HaradaMiyako Tamako, Okazaki HiromiHiroyuki HoriuchiTakashi Muratani, Yuko IwasaMay 3
RIDE.22Inter High OpeningHirota MitsukiHideaki OhbaAtsuko Takahashi, Sachiyo KomidoYoshio MizumuraTakahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 3
RIDE.23Top sprinter!!Fukushima YukinoriAir ConquestMasato KitagawaAkiko NakanoKimishima Shigeru
Shinji Matsuda
Takashi Muratani, Yuko Iwasa
Minako Shiba
May 3
RIDE.24Shivering IzumidaKurazumi SunayamaGoya KaritaAkira AsariTomoyuki Kanno, Kumiko ShishidoHiroyuki HoriuchiTakahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 3
RIDE.25LosingHirota MitsukiAir ConquestShuji MiyaharaMiyanishi Tamako, Yukari WatanabeShinji MatsudaTakashi Muratani, Yuko IwasaMay 4
RIDE.26I see the skyReiko YoshidaYabu RinKazuma SatoKenichiro Ogata, Koichi KikuchiKimishima ShigeruTakahiko Yoshida, Minami ShibataMay 4
RIDE.27Yamagami TodoFukushima YukinoriHideaki OhbaTakashi Nakamoto, Sachiyo KomidoHiroyuki HoriuchiTakashi MurataniMay 4
RIDE.28100 person barrierHirota MitsukiAir ConquestToshiaki KambaraElina KojimaShinji MatsudaTakahiko Yoshida, Minami ShibataMay 4
RIDE.29Mountain peakKurazumi SunayamaOsamu NabeshimaSatoshi KosakaMika Yamamoto,MinamariKimishima ShigeruTakahiko Yoshida, Takashi MurataniMay 4
RIDE.30Arakita and ImaizumiReiko YoshidaGoya KaritaNana HaradaHiromi Okazaki, Tamako MiyanishiHiroyuki HoriuchiMinami ShibataMay 5
RIDE.313 strong peopleHirota MitsukiUkai YuukiShuji MiyaharaShinichiro Minami, Yukari WatanabeTakashi MurataniMay 5
RIDE.32Night of hopeFukushima YukinoriAir ConquestAkira AsariEiyuki Usutani, Atsuko TakahashiKimishima ShigeruMinami Shibata, Hiromi OkazakiMay 5
RIDE.33It's a princessKurazumi SunayamaOsamu Nabeshima
Hideaki Ohba
Hideaki OhbaTomoyuki Kanno, Kumiko ShishidoHiroyuki HoriuchiTakahiko Yoshida, Minami Shibata
Hiromi Okazaki
May 5
RIDE.34Hayato ShinkaiHirota MitsukiMitsue AijiKazuma SatoKenichiro Ogata, Koichi KikuchiKimishima ShigeruTakahiko Yoshida, Takashi MurataniMay 6
RIDE.35Man who winsFukushima YukinoriKonosuke UdaToshiaki KambaraElina KojimaHiroyuki HoriuchiMinami Shibata, Hiromi OkazakiMay 6
RIDE.36Strongest and fastestKurazumi SunayamaOsamu TadokoroShuji MiyaharaSachiyo Komido, Hisashi Nakamoto
Eiyuki Usutani, Yoshio Mizumura
Kimishima ShigeruTakahiko Yoshida, Takashi MurataniMay 6
RIDE.37Change of kingHirota MitsukiMitsue AijiAkira AsariMika Yamamoto, Tamako MiyanishiHiroyuki HoriuchiMinami Shibata, Hiromi OkazakiMay 6
RIDE.38Soul of SohokuReiko YoshidaOsamu Nabeshima
Yabu Rin
Hideaki OhbaHiromi Okazaki, Shinichiro MinamiKimishima Shigeru
Yoshio Mizumura
Takahiko Yoshida, Takashi MurataniMay 6

Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorアクション
Animation director
Total drawing directorFirst broadcast date
ROAD.1Phase 49Kurazumi SunayamaGoya KaritaNana HaradaHiromi Okazaki, Mika Yamamoto
Yukari Watanabe
Hiroyuki HoriuchiTakahiko YoshidaMay 10
ROAD.2AcesFukushima YukinoriMasahiro SonodaSachiyo Komido, Tamako MiyanishiTakahiko Yoshida, Takashi MurataniMay 10
ROAD.3ShoHirota MitsukiOsamu NabeshimaKazuma SatoMika Yamamoto, Kazuyuki Iikai
Nanae Yonemoto
Takahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 10
ROAD.4DeterminationReiko YoshidaNana HaradaHiromi Okazaki, Yukari Watanabe
Sachiyo Komido, Hisashi Nakamoto
Takahiko Yoshida, Takashi MurataniMay 10
ROAD.53 km to the pharmacyKunihiko OkadaHideaki OhbaTaniko Miyanishi, Hisashi Nakamoto
Sachiyo Komido
Takahiko Yoshida, Minako ShibaMay 11
ROAD.6A manFukushima YukinoriYabu RinTakayuki Murakami
Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
Yusuke Ichiuchi, Masaki Kiritani
Takashi Nagayoshi
Takahiko Yoshida, Takashi MurataniMay 11
ROAD.7Approaching, groupHirota MitsukiMitsuko KaseKazumaro SatoHiromi Okazaki, Sachiyo Komido
Shingo Ishikawa, Daisuke Saito
Takahiko Yoshida, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 11
ROAD.8ArakitaKurazumi SunayamaRyo TanakaKoichiro KurodaKatsumi HashimotoTakahiko Yoshida, Takashi Muratani
Miyanishi Tamako
May 11
ROAD.9Kure's Fighting DogFukushima YukinoriYabu RinYoshihiro Yamaguchi
Kanamori Masaru
Takashi Nagayoshi, Yukari Watanabe
Masaki Kiritani, Sachiyo Komido
Takahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Minako Shiba
May 12
ROAD.10Area beyondHirota MitsukiMasahiro SonodaHiromi Okazaki, Nanae Yonemoto
Mika Yamamoto
Takahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Takashi Muratani
May 12
ROAD.11survivalKunihiko OkadaHideaki OhbaToshiaki KambaraElina Kojima, Keiko WatanabeTakahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Minako Shiba
May 12
ROAD.12Izumida's prideKurazumi SunayamaAir ConquestNana HaradaMika Yamamoto, Rui Kondo
Kumiko Shishido
Takahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Takashi Muratani
May 12
ROAD.13Hard run, Lake YamanakaFukushima YukinoriKazumaro SatoSachiyo Komido, Aya Tanaka
Nakamoto Hisashi
Takahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Minako Shiba
May 1
ROAD.14Last strategyKunihiko OkadaYabu RinKoichiro KurodaKatsumi HashimotoTakahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Takashi Muratani
May 1
ROAD.15Naruko! Truth!Hirota MitsukiRyo TanakaYoshihiro YamaguchiTakashi Nagayoshi, Satoshi Obata
Masaki Kiritani, Yoshiki Nakakoji
Takahiko Yoshida, Hiromi Okazaki
Minako Shiba
May 1
ROAD.16Ace Imaizumi!Kurazumi SunayamaMitsuko KaseHideaki OhbaDaisuke Saito, Hiromi Okazaki
Yukari Watanabe
Takahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Takashi Muratani
May 2
ROAD.17Hakone Academy Number 6Kunihiko OkadaAir ConquestToshiaki KambaraElina Kojima, Keiko WatanabeTakahiko Yoshida, Hiromi Okazaki
Minako Shiba
May 2
ROAD.18step by stepFukushima YukinoriYabu RinMasahiro SonodaSachiyo Komido, Hisashi Nakamoto
Aya Tanaka
Takahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Takashi Muratani
May 2
ROAD.19Role of slopeHirota MitsukiYoshihiro YamaguchiTakashi Nagayoshi, Satoshi Obata
Akira Shinoda, Masaki Kiritani
Yoshiyuki Nakakoji
Takahiko Yoshida, Hiromi Okazaki
Minako Shiba
May 2
ROAD.20Imaizumi vs MidosujiKunihiko OkadaOsamu NabeshimaNana HaradaNanae Yonemoto, Rui Kondo
Mika Yamamoto
Takahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Takashi Muratani
May 3
ROAD.2191Fukushima YukinoriRyo TanakaKoichiro KurodaKatsumi HashimotoTakahiko Yoshida, Hiromi Okazaki
Minako Shiba
May 3
ROAD.22Manami and the slopeHirota MitsukiMitsuko KaseKazumaro SatoSachiyo Komido, Yukari Watanabe
Saito Daisuke
Takahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Takashi Muratani
May 3
ROAD.23Promised roadKurazumi SunayamaYabu RinYoshihiro YamaguchiMaria Ichino, Yoshiki Nakakoji
Atsushi Usui, Yoshiko Takemoto
Masaki Kiritani, Junko Matsushita
Muroyama Shoko, Kinoshita Yumiko
Takahiko Yoshida, Hiromi Okazaki
Minako Shiba
May 3
ROAD.24WINNERReiko YoshidaOsamu NabeshimaNana HaradaAya Tanaka, Sachiyo Komido
Nanae Yonemoto, Mika Yamamoto
Takahiko Yoshida, Tamako Miyanishi
Takashi Muratani
May 3

Yowamushi Pedal NEW GENERATION

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorアクション
Animation director
Total drawing directorFirst broadcast date
RIDE.01The last MinegayamaKurazumi SunayamaOsamu NabeshimaHideaki OhbaKumiko Shishido, Hiromi OkazakiShinichiro Minami
Kazunori Ozawa
Takashi Muratani2017/
May 1
RIDE.02What Makishima left behindBenyuu
Ukai Yuuki
Kunihiro MoriNanae Yonemoto, Daisuke SaitoTakashi Muratani, Tamako MiyanishiMay 1
RIDE.03Teshima, the running of the soulFukushima YukinoriTomomi IkedaYoshiko TakemotoYukiko Ban, Takashi Muratani
Miyanishi Tamako
May 1
RIDE.04The fastest man in MinegayamaKunihiko OkadaAkitoMurayama YasushiYukari KobayashiYukiko Ban, Tamako Miyanishi
Hiromi Okazaki
May 1
RIDE.05Bicycle mixed martial arts stadium!Ayumu KuoKoichiro KurodaKatsumi Hashimoto, Ippeta WatanabeTakashi Muratani, Tamako MiyanishiMay 2
RIDE.06Naruko vs MidosujiHirota MitsukiHideaki OhbaYuko Iwaoka, Sachiyo KomidoYukiko Ban, Takashi Muratani
Miyanishi Tamako
May 2
RIDE.07Last runKurazumi SunayamaBenyuu
Ukai Yuuki
Shuji MiyaharaYumi Nakayama, Taniko MiyanishiYukiko Ban and Hiromi OkamuraMay 2
RIDE.08Goal lineFukushima YukinoriAkiko SekiElina KojimaYukiko Ban, Takashi Muratani
Miyanishi Tamako
May 2
RIDE.09Newborn Sohoku has started!Kunihiko OkadaKazuhiro OchiKunihiro MoriNanae Yonemoto, Kumiko ShishidoMay 3
RIDE.10Sugimoto Brothers BondAyumu KuoSatoshi OtodoDaisuke Saito, Izumi Kondo
Nanako Ninomiya
Yukiko Ban, Hiromi Okazaki
Miyanishi Tamako
May 3
RIDE.11SettlementHirota MitsukiOsamu NabeshimaKeiya SaitoYuko Iwaoka, Sachiyo KomidoYukiko Ban, Takashi Muratani
Miyanishi Tamako
May 3
RIDE.12Trouble!Kurazumi SunayamaAkitoKoichiro KurodaHiroaki Sato, Juri Saito
Katsumi Hashimoto, Ippeta Watanabe
Yukiko Ban, Takashi Muratani
Miyako Tamako, Okazaki Hiromi
May 3
RIDE.131000km againFukushima YukinoriHideaki OhbaYumi Nakayama, Nanako Ninomiya
Masako Miura
Yukiko Ban, Tamako Miyanishi
Hiromi Okazaki, Takashi Muratani
May 4
RIDE.14Mediocre and geniusKunihiko OkadaBenyuu
Ukai Yuuki
Tomomi IkedaYoshiko TakemotoTakashi Muratani, Tamako MiyanishiMay 4
RIDE.15Koga's goalAyumu KuoMay woman workShota Ueno, Akio Uchino
Toshiko Sasaki, Noriko Nakamura
Yukiko Ban, Hiromi OkazakiMay 4
RIDE.16Second inter-highHirota MitsukiKunihiro MoriShuji MiyaharaMinami YonemotoTakashi Muratani, Tamako MiyanishiMay 4
RIDE.17start!!!Fukushima YukinoriAkitoAkiko SekiElina KojimaYukiko Ban, Hiromi Okazaki
Minako Shiba
May 5
RIDE.18Puffy blue YagiKurazumi SunayamaMiyazaki NagisaKoichiro KurodaIppanta Watanabe, Katsumi HashimotoTakashi Muratani, Tamako Miyanishi
Minako Shiba
May 5
RIDE.19Kaidou Copper BridgeKunihiko OkadaHideaki OhbaKumiko Shishido, Sachiyo Komido
Manami Tabaku
Yukiko Ban, Tamako Miyanishi
Minako Shiba, Hiromi Okazaki
May 5
RIDE.20Kaburagi, fully open!Ayumu KuoKazuhiro OchiTomomi IkedaYoshiko TakemotoTakashi Muratani, Tamako Miyanishi
Minako Shiba, Yukiko Ban
May 5
RIDE.21Hakone Academy moves!Hirota MitsukiAkitoNagahama NorihikoNanae Yonemoto, Daisuke Saito
Manami Tabaku
Yukiko Ban, Hiromi Okazaki
Minako Shiba
May 5
RIDE.22Number 1 pressureFukushima YukinoriKunihiro MoriYumi Nakayama, Sachiyo Komido
Kumiko Shishido
Takashi Muratani, Tamako Miyanishi
Minako Shiba
May 6
RIDE.23Slope, chaseKunihiko OkadaBenyuu
Ukai Yuuki
Akiko SekiSouth Takemura, Erina Kojima
Yurie Hama, Hiroko Hayashi
Rie Omori
Yukiko Ban, Minako Shiba
Hiromi Okazaki
May 6
RIDE.24Weed runningAyumu KuoKeiya SaitoMiyanishi Tamako, Miura MasakoTakashi Muratani, Minako ShibaMay 6
RIDE.25Look up to the skyKurazumi SunayamaOsamu NabeshimaHideaki Ohba
Nana Harada
Hiromi Okazaki
Nanae Yonemoto, Yuko Iwaoka
Yumi Nakayama
Yukiko Ban, Minako ShibaMay 6

Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE

Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorアクション
Animation director
Total drawing directorFirst broadcast date
LINE.01To the final phaseKurazumi SunayamaOsamu NabeshimaNana HaradaYukiko Ban, Takashi MurataniHiroyuki Horiuchi
Shinichiro Minami
May 1
LINE.02Two Aces!!Hideaki OhbaNanae YonemotoMinako Shiba, Tamako MiyanishiMay 1
LINE.03Promise timeKunihiko OkadaOsamu NabeshimaKoichiro KurodaIppanta Watanabe, Katsumi HashimotoMiyanishi TamakoMay 1
LINE.045 people preparedAyumu KuoBenyuu
Ukai Yuuki
Katsuhiko BizenElina Kojima, Hiroko Hayashi
South Takemura, Yukari Takano
Yukiko BanMay 1
LINE.05Shave 3 secondsHirota MitsukiTomomi IkedaYuki Tsubashi, Miho Tanaka
Masato Hagiwara and Tomomi Funakoshi
Yukano Nakamata
Takashi MurataniMay 2
LINE.06Fluctuating SohokuFukushima YukinoriOsamu NabeshimaNana HaradaNanae Yonemoto, Hiromi OkazakiMinako Shiba, Tamako MiyanishiMay 2
LINE.07Footsteps of hopeKurazumi SunayamaTakaomi KanasakiKeiya SaitoTaniko Miyanishi, Sachiyo Komido
Yuko Iwaoka
Yukiko BanMay 2
LINE.08Start on the second day!!Kunihiko OkadaHideaki OhbaSachiyo Komido, Masako Miura
Hiromi Okazaki, Nanako Ninomiya
Takashi Muratani, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 2
LINE.09Wishing wishAyumu KuoBenyuu
Ukai Yuuki
Koichiro KurodaKatsumi Hashimoto, Ippeta WatanabeYukiko Ban, Tamako Miyanishi
Minako Shiba
May 3
LINE.10No. 16, Yuto ShinkaiHirota MitsukiTomohiro MatsukawaDaisuke Saito, Yumi NakayamaTakashi Muratani, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 3
LINE.11SannoFukushima YukinoriShinji SatoTomomi IkedaYuko Iwaoka, Yuki Tsujihashi
Masato Hagiwara, Mayumi Funakoshi
Yukano Nakamata
Yukiko Ban, Tamako Miyanishi
Minako Shiba
May 3
LINE.12Spilled feelingsKurazumi SunayamaShizuka SugawaraHideaki OhbaKumiko Shishido, Masako Miura
Nanako Ninomiya
Takashi Muratani, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 3
LINE.13Sin bearerKunihiko OkadaTakaomi KanasakiKatsuhiko BizenElina Kojima, Hiroko HayashiYukiko Ban, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 4
LINE.14Heart wrapping, heart boxAyumu KuoHideaki OhbaYumi Nakayama, Sachiyo Komido
Nana Mori, Rui Kondo
Yoshiko Takemoto, Yukino Nakamata
Takashi Muratani, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 4
LINE.15Delightful Sprint LineHirota MitsukiBenyuu
Ukai Yuuki
Nana HaradaMiyako Tamako, Yonemoto NanaeYukiko Ban, Minako ShibaMay 4
LINE.16Sohoku lags behindFukushima YukinoriKoichiro KurodaKatsumi Hashimoto, Ippeta WatanabeTakashi Muratani, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 4
LINE.17The beginning of the mountainKurazumi SunayamaTomohiro MatsukawaHideaki Matsuoka, Daisuke Saito
Shinichiro Minami
Hiroyuki HoriuchiYukiko Ban, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 5
LINE.18Naruko's willKunihiko OkadaHideaki OhbaMinamari, Yuki Tsubashi
Tomoyuki Kanno, Hiromi Okazaki
Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Shinichiro Minami
Takashi Muratani, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 5
LINE.19Mountain peakAyumu KuoOsamu NabeshimaKazuto FujiwaraNanae Yonemoto, Kumiko Shishido
Yuko Iwaoka
Yukiko Ban, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 5
LINE.20Mountain awardFukushima YukinoriShinji SatoYumi Nakayama, Sachiyo KomidoTakashi Muratani, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 5
LINE.21LimiterHirota MitsukiBenyuu
Ukai Yuuki
Katsuhiko BizenHiroko Hayashi, Yumi Nakayama
Sachiyo Komido, Yuko Iwaoka
Daisuke Saito, Nanae Yonemoto
Yukiko Ban, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 5
LINE.22Three strong menKunihiko OkadaKoichiro KurodaKatsumi Hashimoto, Ippeta WatanabeTakashi Muratani, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 6
LINE.23WinnerAyumu KuoHideaki OhbaMasako Miura, Yuki Tsugihashi
Tomoyuki Kanno, Yoshiko Hagiwara
Yukiko Ban, Minako Shiba
Miyanishi Tamako
May 6
LINE.24Small passKurazumi SunayamaSatoshi KosakaMiyako Tamako, Horiuchi Hiroyuki
Shinichiro MinamiTakashi Muratani, Minako ShibaMay 6
LINE.25Each start lineOsamu NabeshimaTomomi Ikeda
Tomohiro Matsukawa
Sachiyo Komido, Yuki Tsujihashi
Yumi Nakayama, Daisuke Saito
Nanae Yonemoto
Hiroyuki Horiuchi
Shinichiro Minami
Yukiko Ban, Takashi Muratani
Minako Shiba, Tamako Miyanishi
May 6


Japanese domestic TV / Phase 1 broadcasting period and broadcasting time
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [161] Remarks
March 2013, 10-March 8, 2014 Tuesday 1:35-2:05 (Monday midnight) Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Kanto wide area Participation in production committee
March 2013, 10-March 9, 2014 Wednesday 1:35-2:05 (Tuesday midnight) TV Hokkaido Hokkaido
TV Osaka Osaka
March 2013, 10-March 10, 2014 Thursday 1:40-2:10 (Wednesday midnight) TV set Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefecture
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May 2014-June 1, 19
Sunday 20:00-20:30
Sunday 20:00-20:25
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May 2014-June 4, 15
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Tuesday 0:57-1:27 (Monday midnight)
Nagasaki Broadcasting Nagasaki
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period
Delivery period Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
March 2013, 10-March 11, 2014 Friday 23:00-23:30 Nico Nico Live Broadcast
Updated Friday 23:30 Nico Nico Channel Episode 1 Permanently Free, Week 2 onwards Free for a week
March 2013, 10-March 13, 2014 Updated Sunday 0:00 (Saturday midnight) Bandai channel
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 2 broadcasting period and broadcasting time
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [161] Remarks
March 2014, 10-March 7, 2015 Tuesday 1:35-2:05 (Monday midnight) Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Kanto wide area Participation in production committee
March 2014, 10-March 8, 2015 Wednesday 1:35-2:05 (Tuesday midnight) TV Hokkaido Hokkaido
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Friday 23:00-23:30 AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / repeat broadcasting available
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Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting period
Delivery period Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
March 2014, 10-March 10, 2016 Friday 23:30-Saturday 0:00 Nico Nico Live Broadcast
March 2014, 10-March 11, 2016 Updated Saturday 0:00 (Friday midnight) Nico Nico Channel Episode 1 Permanently Free, Week 2 onwards Free for a week
March 2014, 10-March 12, 2016 Updated Sunday 0:00 (Saturday midnight) Bandai channel
Sunday 12:00 update d anime store
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 3 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[162]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [161] Remarks
May 2017-June 1, 10 Tuesday 1:35-2:05 (Monday midnight) Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Kanto wide area Participation in production committee
TV Hokkaido Hokkaido
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Tuesday 3:00-3:30 (Monday midnight) TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Fukuoka
May 2017-June 1, 12 Thursday 2:10-2:40 (Wednesday midnight) TV set Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefecture
Thursday 3:05-3:35 (Wednesday midnight) TV Osaka Osaka
Thursday 21:00-21:30 AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / repeat broadcasting available
May 2017-June 1, 16 Monday 1:20-1:50 (Sunday midnight) Nagasaki Broadcasting Nagasaki
May 2017-June 1, 22 Sunday 2:20-2:50 (Saturday midnight) Miyazakihoso Miyazaki
May 2017-June 3, 9 Thursday 2:30-3:00 (Wednesday midnight) TV Wakayama Wakayama [163]
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 4 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[164]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [161] Remarks
May 2018-June 1, 9 Tuesday 2:05-2:35 (Monday midnight) Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Kanto wide area
TV Osaka Osaka
Tuesday 3:00-3:30 (Monday midnight) TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Fukuoka
Tuesday 3:05-3:35 (Monday midnight) TV Aichi Aichi
May 2018-June 1, 10 Wednesday 2:35-3:05 (Tuesday midnight) TV Hokkaido Hokkaido
May 2018-June 1, 11 Thursday 2:10-2:40 (Wednesday midnight) TV set Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefecture
May 2018-June 1, 12 Friday 20:00-20:30 AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / repeat broadcasting available
May 2018-June 1, 15 Monday 1:20-1:50 (Sunday midnight) Nagasaki Broadcasting Nagasaki
Japanese domestic TV / Phase 5 broadcasting period and broadcasting time[165]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [161] Remarks
February 2022- Undecided NHK General All over Japan


rollRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
Issue 1
12013/12/20Episode 1-Episode 3TBR-23461DTDV-23481D
22014/1/24Episode 4-Episode 6TBR-23462DTDV-23482D
32014/2/21Episode 7-Episode 9TBR-23463DTDV-23483D
42014/3/19Episode 10-Episode 12TBR-23464DTDV-23484D
52014/4/16Episode 13-Episode 15TBR-23465DTDV-23485D
62014/5/14Episode 16-Episode 18TBR-23466DTDV-23486D
72014/6/18Episode 19-Episode 21TBR-23467DTDV-23487D
82014/7/16Episode 22-Episode 24TBR-23468DTDV-23488D
92014/8/20Episode 25-Episode 27TBR-23469DTDV-23489D
102014/9/17Episode 28-Episode 30TBR-23470DTDV-23490D
112014/10/15Episode 31-Episode 33TBR-23471DTDV-23491D
122014/11/19Episode 34-Episode 36TBR-23472DTDV-23492D
132014/12/17Episode 37-Episode 38TBR-23473DTDV-23493D
Re: RIDERe: RIDETBR-24829DTDV-24830D
Issue 2
12015/1/21Episode 1-Episode 3TBR-25021DTDV-25031D
22015/2/18Episode 4-Episode 6TBR-25022DTDV-25032D
32015/3/18Episode 7-Episode 9TBR-25023DTDV-25033D
42015/4/15Episode 10-Episode 12TBR-25024DTDV-25034D
52015/5/20Episode 13-Episode 15TBR-25025DTDV-25035D
62015/6/17Episode 16-Episode 18TBR-25026DTDV-25036D
72015/7/15Episode 19-Episode 21TBR-25027DTDV-25037D
82015/8/19Episode 22-Episode 24TBR-25028DTDV-25038D
Re: ROAD2015/12/16Re: ROADTBR-25427DTDV-25428D
Issue 3
12017/4/12Episode 1-Episode 2TBR-27067DTDV-27076D
22017/5/17Episode 3-Episode 4TBR-27068DTDV-27077D
32017/6/21Episode 5-Episode 7TBR-27069DTDV-27078D
42017/7/19Episode 8-Episode 10TBR-27070DTDV-27079D
52017/8/9Episode 11-Episode 13TBR-27071DTDV-27080D
62017/9/13Episode 14-Episode 16TBR-27072DTDV-27081D
72017/10/18Episode 17-Episode 19TBR-27073DTDV-27082D
82017/11/15Episode 20-Episode 22TBR-27074DTDV-27083D
92017/12/13Episode 23-Episode 25TBR-27075DTDV-27084D

Related CD

Release datetitleStandard product numberrecorded music
2013/9/18Yowamushi Pedal Character Song CD VOL.1THCS-60009
Yowamushi Pedal Character Song CD VOL.2THCS-60010
2013/9/25TV Animation Yowamushi Pedal Drama CD The HeartbeatFFCM-0043
2013/10/16Yowamushi Pedal Character Song CD VOL.3THCS-60014
Call the windTHCS-60012
2013/12/18Yowamushi Pedal Character Song CD VOL.4THCS-60015
2013/2/19Sissy flameTHCS-60023
I'm ReadyTHCS-60024
2014/01/29Drama CD Yowamushi Pedal Welcome RaceFFCM-0045
2014/4/16Yowamushi Pedal Character Song CD VOL.5THCS-60025
Yowamushi Pedal Character Song CD VOL.6THCS-60026
2014/5/21Be As OneTHCS-60034
Glory RoadTHCS-60035
2014/6/18Yowamushi Pedal Character Song CD VOL.7THCS-60032
Yowamushi Pedal Character Song CD VOL.8THCS-60033
2014/5/28TV Anime Yowamushi Pedal Drama CD Off The RoadFFCM-0046
2014/9/10TV Anime Yowamushi Pedal Drama CD Off The Road 2FFCM-0047
2014/9/17Yowamushi Pedal OST 1THCA-60040
Yowamushi Pedal OST 2THCA-60044
One second to gloryTHCA-60051
2015/01/30"Yowamushi Pedal Grand Road" Drama CD "Funny Riding"FFCM-0050
2015/4/17"Yowamushi Pedal Grand Road" Mini Drama CD "Side Road 1"FFCM-0053
2015/6/17TV animation "Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD" original soundtrackTHCA-60053
2015/6/24TV Anime Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD Mini Drama CD SIDE ROAD2FFCM-0056
2015/7/15Anime "Yowamushi Pedal" Character Song AlbumTHCA-60056
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Tuesday 1:35 (Monday midnight) frame
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Yowamushi Pedal
Yowamushi Pedal GRANDE ROAD
Weekly special program (1:00-2:00)
Yowamushi Pedal NEW GENERATION
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Tuesday 2:05 (Monday midnight) frame
Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE


On August 2013, 8, a limited edition with OAD comics Volume 8 was released in advance of TV animation.

Theme song (OAD)

Ending theme "Top of Tops!"
Lyrics- Seiji Miura / Composition-Hisashi Nakamura / Song-Kanzaki Miki (Ayaka Suwa

List of stories (OAD)

subtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing director
Yowamushi Pedal SPECIAL RIDEReiko YoshidaOsamu NabeshimaHideaki OhbaHiroyuki Horiuchi
Yuko Iwasa
Takahiko Yoshida

Movie version

"Movie version Yowamushi Pedal』(Gekijoban Yowamushi Pedal) on August 2015, 8Movie version animationWas released.Watanabe WataruWith a story written down[Annotation 67], Rivalry between Sohoku High School and Hakone Gakuen in "Kumamoto Fire no Kuni Yamanami Race" will involve fierce battles with other schools such as Kyoto Fushimi High School and Kurenan Technical High School.

On October 5th of the same year,Mamoru MiyanoWas announced to appear as Susumu Yoshimoto in Kumamotodaiichi, the original character who first appeared in the movie version[168][169][170], On July 7th, TV TOKYO, who is also a fan of the original as a guest voice actorEri KanoIt was announced that the announcer will appear as the announcer of the station in Tokyo.[171][172][173][174][175][176], The movie version is set on July 7st of the same year.KumamotoMascot character of "KumamonWas announced as a guest appearance[177][178][179][180][181].

In addition, from April 4 to the end of September of the same year, there is a TV series along the line.Cycle sports centerIs the stage[182]At the edge that becameIzu Hakone RailwaySuzu LineWrapping train (3000 series) Was operated[183]..Major from August 8th of the same year to August 5st, 3 days after the releasebeef bowlChain storeIsSukiyaAtTie-upEvents"Tour de SUKIYA”Is carried out, and “Sukiya”Movie version Yowamushi Pedal"ofPoster,テ ー ルシ ー ルIn addition to the menu recommended by members of the Sohoku High School Cycling Club, we will implement a voting plan and allow all voters to download free standby images.[184][185][186]In addition, on August 8, the same yearNikkan SportsExtra “Yowamushi Pedal NewspaperWill be released[187][188]10 days before the release, from August 8th of the same yearConvenience storeIs a chainLawsonOriginal goods such as sweet buns and snacks will be released at[189][190][191]And majorSupermarketIs a chainionOriginalPlace matIt was decided that a campaign to receive[192][193][194]..Furthermore, from August 5, the same year, five days before the release,JR Kyushu OfKumamoto Station-Aso Station-Triangle station OfGreen WindowandticketCommemorative tickets will be sold at the sales floor and until November 11st of the same year, "Yowamushi Pedal Wrapping TrainHas been decided to operate[195][196][197][198][199][200].

Box office revenue is 4 million yen[201].

Synopsis (theatrical version)

Sohoku High School Cycling Club, which won the Inter-High overall victory, was invited to the “Kumamoto Fire Country Yamanami Road Race” held in Kumamoto Prefecture. Hakone Gakuen, which had declined to participate in the usual year, also announced its participation this time, and high schools such as Kyoto Fushimi and Hiroshima Kurenan will join the competition one after another.

Sakamichi, who had decided to ride a new machine, was looking forward to running with Makishima again, but suddenly he left the bicycle race department to live in England from September.

The Sokuboku Cycling Club headed to Kumamoto with a disappointment on the slope, but was welcomed by Yoshiaki Taura, who was the first Kumamoto stand at the airport, but the slope was on the side of Taura's teammate Ace Climber.Yoshimoto SusumuReceived a declaration of war from.

original character

Shin Yoshimoto
Voice- Mamoru Miyano
Kumamoto Taiichi High school third grader. The climber and car are Cervero and the body color is orange. The number for the KHY race is 3. It has the nickname "Climber of the Flame of Fire".
Interhi was unable to participate because he was hospitalized due to an injury due to a car dropped at the prefectural convention. Taura says that he has the ability to speak as "a man stronger than himself" and declares a war against Sakamichi who won the Inter-High.
On the first day, although he was able to control the slope that was still mentally unsatisfactory, the mountain was held by Todo, so Manami lost the result. Therefore, at first, I used to take a light look at the slope as "not an enemy." On the second day, when he started, he tried to declare a war toward Todo, but Todo, who was full of heads about Makishima, was not able to deal with him. When members of the race Nakasou Kita caught up while singing "Koi no Himehime Petanko", they muttered, "A strange song can be heard in the land of Aso", and with Taura watching the cadence of the slope that was rising unlike the previous day I was able to follow, but I was able to make a big difference by speeding up further by dancing. After seeing him, he talked with someone different from yesterday, and muttered, "I'm glad to climb up."
Prior to the release of the movie version, in the original story, “SPARE BIKE” appears in episode 23 in the hospitalized recollection of Ise.
Voice- Eri Kano(TV Tokyo announcer)
An announcer for a TV station in Tokyo. We explain the course of the first day with Kumamon and announce each point.

Staff (Movie version)

  • Original story story draft-Wataru Watanabe "Yowamushi Pedal" Akita Shoten "Weekly Shonen Champion" serialization
  • general manager - Osamu Nabeshima
  • Director-Norihiro Naganuma
  • Screenplay- Reiko Yoshida
  • Storyboard-Shin Nishizawa, Kazuaki Imai,Ryo Tanaka, Norihiro Naganuma
  • Direction-Yasuhiro Watanabe, Kazuaki Imai, Shuji Miyahara, Kaoru Yanaka
  • Character Design - Yukiko Ban, Yuko Iwasa
  • Sub character design- Minako Shiba
  • Prop design-Satoshi Kosaka
  • Total drawing director-Yukiko Ban, Yuko Iwasa, Takashi Muratani
  • Animation directors-Minako Shiba, Hiromi Okazaki, Tamako Miyanishi, Hiroshi Shimizu, Yosuke Kabashima, Yoshio Mizumura, Kazuaki Imoto, Kinkasa, Nae Yonemoto, Yukiko Akiyama, Hiroko Oguri, Hisashi Nakamoto, Mina Osawa, Yukari Watabe, Usatsuya. Eiyuki, Mariko Emori, Satoshi Kosaka, Kazuki Nakamoto
  • Design Works-Yoshio Mizumura
  • 2D Works-Tomoe Nishitani
  • Art setting/3D layout-Tomoyuki Aoki, Yukie Inose
  • Art Director- Shunichiro Yoshihara
  • Color design-Souko Nakao
  • CG Director-Takeshi Sanada
  • Director of Photography-Takeshi Kuzuyama, Daichi Nogami
  • Special Effect-Emi Irisa
  • Edit-Kumiko Sakamoto
  • Sound Director-Takeshi Takatera
  • Sound effect- Kenji Koyama
  • musics - Sawada Kan
  • Music Producer-Masataka Mikami
  • Music production-TOHO animation RECORDS
  • Producers-Yosuke Tsurugi, Kazutaka Yamanaka, Shinnosuke Wada, Shingo Takekawa, Ryosuke Ohno
  • Animation Producer-Ippei Takemura
  • Animation production - TMS / 8PAN
  • Production - Movie version Yowamushi Pedal Production Committee(Thoms Entertainment,Toho,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.,Akita Shoten,TV TOKYO media net
  • Distribution-Toho Imaging Division


Theme song "Link"[Annotation 68]
Lyrics and composition-Yuki Okada / Arrangement and song-LASTGASP
Insert song "Koi no Himehime Petanko"
Lyrics-Wataru Watanabe / Assistant Lyrics- yura / Composition / Arrangement- Tomoichi Tashiro / Song-Himenoko Bird (Yukari Tamura

Web anime

"Yowamushi Pedal ×Chiba"Chiba Pedal-Bicycle Traffic Safety Learned with Yowamushi Pedal""[202][203]It is,ChibaIn a collaboration animation produced as a bicycle traffic safety campaign in collaboration with, all 2016 episodes were sequentially delivered from July 7[204][205][206][207][208][209][210][211].

Number of storiessubtitleDelivery date
Episode 1Bicycle is a member of "car"2016/7/1
Episode 2Pedestrians have priority on the sidewalk2016/7/15
Episode 3How to ride it is dangerous2016/7/29
Episode 4Let's maintain your own car2016/8/12
Episode 5Let's stop leaving bicycle2016/8/26
Episode 6Lights protect themselves at night2016/9/9

TV drama

BS SKY PerfecTV!TV drama broadcast from August 2016, 8 to October 26, 10[212][213][214][215][216][217][218][219]. All 7 episodes[220][221][222][223][224][225][226][227][228].

The hero's slope is the same as the stage versionYuki KogoshiIn addition to acting, many casts of the stage version were appointed[229][230][231][232][233][234][235][236].

Sequel "Yowamushi Pedal Season2Was decided to be produced, and as a two-part work of the front and back parts, the first part was broadcast in all 2 episodes from 2017:8 on August 18, 21, and the second part was broadcast in all 7 episodes from November of the same year, totaling 11 episodes.[237][238][239][240][241][242].

Staff (TV drama)

  • Original work-Wataru Watanabe "Yowamushi Pedal" (serialized in "Weekly Shonen Champion" published by Akita Shoten)
  • Screenplay- Kota Fukihara, Yosuke Yamamoto, Miho Aotsuka, Yuichi Sakai
  • Director-Takayoshi Tanasawa
  • musics - Makito Taro
  • Road bike supervision-Y's Road
  • Coverage cooperation- Showa Daiichi Gakuen High SchoolCycling club,Sakushin Gakuin UniversityBicycle club
  • Technical cooperation- Fortune
  • Art cooperation-BEENS
  • Lighting cooperation-Aun
  • CG- Marine post
  • Post Production-Sanyu,Amrek
  • Production management- Innup
  • SKY PerfecTV! Organization-Toru Ueda, Yasuhiro Watanabe
  • Produce-Atsushi Nagauchi (SKY PerfecTV!), Yuhei Ueno (Toho), Atsushi Asano (Drimax), Keiko Matsumoto (Drimax)
  • Production-Toho Imaging Division
  • Production cooperation- Drimax television
  • Production-SKY PerfecTV!
  • Copyright-SKY PerfecTV! , Toho, Stage "Yowamushi Pedal" Production Committee

Live-action movie

Ren Nagase (King & Prince) Made into a live-action movie starring and released on August 2020, 8[4].. The directorKoichiro Miki. On the second day of release, August 2th,Marunouchi PiccadillyUnited Cinema Aqua City OdaibaThe stage greeting was held at[245][246].

Cast (live-action movie)

Staff (live-action movie)

Award (live-action movie)

Video software (live-action movie)

1 is a DVD containing a movie, and a "luxury version" Blu-ray + DVD BOX (2 Blu-ray + 3 DVDs) and a Blu-ray BOX (2021 DVDs) containing movies and bonus footage. Released on March 3th[249].

WEB radio

Yowamushi Pedal Climber's Radio!

From October 2013, 9 to March 30, 2014OtozumiThe WEB radio program that was distributed at. PersonalityDaiki Yamashita(Role of Sakamichi Onoda),Shotaro Morikubo(As Yusuke Makishima). Updated every other Monday.

Release datetitleStandard product number
2014/4/30Radio CD "Yowamushi Pedal Climber's Radio!" Vol.1TBZR-0199 / 2
2014/6/25Radio CD "Yowamushi Pedal Climber's Radio!" Vol.2TBZR-0226 / 7
2014/9/24Radio CD "Yowamushi Pedal Climber's Radio!" Vol.3TBZR-0293 / 4

Yowamushi Pedal Gran Road Radio!

From October 2014, 9 to March 15, 2015OtozumiA WEB radio program that was distributed at. The personalities are Daiki Yamashita (role of Sakamichi Onoda) and Shotaro Morikubo (role of Yusuke Makishima). Updated every 1st to 16th Mondays every other week, and updated from 17th to 23rd once a month on irregular days.

  • 2st - Koji Yusa(As Sho Midosuji)
  • 5st - Satoshi Hino(The part of Hayato Shinkai)
  • 7th-Tomoaki Maeno
  • 12th-Jun Fukushima
  • 13th-Tetsuya Kakihara
  • 15th-Kosuke Toriumi
  • 17st - Hiroshi Nojima(Kotaro Ishigaki), Hiroyuki Yoshino, Tsubasa Yonaga, Kentaro Ito
  • 19th-Tsubasa Yonaga
  • 20th-Jun Fukushima
  • 21st-Yuki Yasumoto, Kentaro Ito
  • 22st-Yuki Yasumoto, Kentaro Ito
  • 23rd-muramura tamura (comedy entertainer)
Release datetitleStandard product number
2015/1/28Radio CD "Yowamushi Pedal Gran Road Radio!" Vol.1TBZR-0365 / 6
2015/4/29Radio CD "Yowamushi Pedal Gran Road Radio!" Vol.2TBZR-0421 / 2
2015/9/30Radio CD "Yowamushi Pedal Gran Road Radio!" Vol.3TBZR-0423 / 4
2016/1/27Radio CD "Yowamushi Pedal Gran Road Radio!" Vol.4TBZR-0574 / 5

Yowamushi Pedal New Gene Radio!

A WEB radio program that was distributed on Otoizumi from December 2016, 12 to July 26, 2017.The personalities are Daiki Yamashita (role of Sakamichi Onoda) and Tsubasa Yonaga (role of Manami Sangaku).Updated every other Monday.

Release datetitleStandard product number
2017/3/29Radio CD "Yowamushi Pedal New Gene Radio!" Vol.1TBZR-0837 / 8

Yowamushi Pedal Glory Radio

From January 2018th to March 1th, 12Nico Nico Live BroadcastWEB radio program distributed at. The personalities are Daiki Yamashita (role of Sakamichi Onoda) and Tsubasa Dainaga (mountain Manami). Updated monthly.

  • Part 1-Shotaro Morikubo
  • 2nd-Hiroyuki Yoshino, Kenji Nojima
  • 3rd-Sadayuki Matsuoka, Hiro Shimono
  • 4th-Atsushi Abe,Jun Fukuyama(Role of Kishigami Komari)
  • 5st - Mamoru Miyano(Takuto Ashikiba),Yuma Uchida(As Yuto Shinkai),Yuusuke Saeki(2nd Cool OP Artist)
  • 6th-Shotaro Morikubo, Tetsuya Kakihara
  • 7th-Kosuke Toriumi, Jun Fukushima


Mobile games

From October 2014, 1 to March 24, 2016[250]Thoms EntertainmentThanSmartphone(iPhoneTerminalAndroidA mobile game that was distributed to devices.
Yowamushi Pedal Puchitto Racers
From October 2015, 6 to March 9, 2017[251]FlueA mobile game that was distributed to smartphones (iPhone/Android devices).

In addition to these, app gamesBride[Annotation 69]From April 2014, 4, 28 characters including Sakamichi Onoda have been added.[Annotation 70].

Consumer games

Yowamushi Pedal High turn to tomorrow
Nintendo 3DSSoftware forBANDAI NAMCO GamesReleased on January 2015, 1.The genre is bicycle adventure.

Experience-based game

Yowamushi Pedal x Nazora Rally "Mystery Solving Cadence!!-It's Our Road Race Edition"
NamcoWith the team's riddle plan, the source of the mystery of escape from 1 mXNUMX,Atre AkihabaraIt was held from July 1th to August 2014st, 7 at the venue of 18.The genre is Nazorary[Annotation 71].
Yowamushi Pedal x Nazotomo Cafe "Mystery Solving Cadence!!-Love Love Crisis Closer Edition-"
NamcoIt was held from March 1th to June 2015th, 3 at the Nazotomo Cafe Shinjuku store and Shibuya store with the cooperation of the mystery production by escaping from 20㎡ and the production of Hiroki Takahashi.The genre is a mystery solving mission cube[Annotation 72]..At the Shinjuku store, the period was extended, and the title was "Resume", which was held from July 2015th to September 7th, 4.A revival was held from July 9 to November 30, 2020 at the Shinjuku store, Kyoto Shinkyogoku store, and Namba Parks store.
Yowamushi Pedal x Nazotomo Cafe "Mystery Solving Cadence!!-Mystery Solving Welcome Race Hakone Gakuen Edition"
NamcoIt was held from March 2015nd to June 3th, 22 at the Nazotomo Cafe Shibuya store under the mystery production by Yodaka Records.The genre is Nazo Rally.At Nazotomo Cafe Shinjuku, the title was "Resume" and it was held from July 6th to September 30th, 2015.It was held not only in Tokyo but also in Nagoya Sakae store in Aichi prefecture and Namba Parks store in Osaka prefecture from October 7st to December 10st, 9.A revival was held from July 30 to November 2016, 10 at the Shinjuku store, Kyoto Shinkyogoku store, and Namba Parks store.
Yowamushi Pedal x Nazotomo Cafe "Mystery Solving Cadence!!-Mystery Welcome Race Sohoku Edition"
NamcoIt was held from April 2015st to June 4th, 1 at the Nazotomo Cafe Shinjuku store under the mystery production by Yodaka Records.The genre is Nazo Rally.The period was extended, with "Resume" in the title, which was also held from July 6th to September 30th, 2015.It was held from October 7st to December 4st, 9 not only in Tokyo but also in Nagoya Sakae store in Aichi prefecture and Namba Parks store in Osaka prefecture.A revival was held from July 30 to November 2016, 10 at the Shinjuku store, Kyoto Shinkyogoku store, and Namba Parks store.
Yowamushi Pedal x Nazotomo Cafe "Mystery Solving Cadence!!-Mystery Solving in High Race Kyobushi Edition-"
NamcoIt was held from May 2015st to June 5th, 1 at the Nazotomo Cafe Shinjuku and Shibuya stores under the mystery production by Yodaka Records.The genre is Nazo Rally.At the Shinjuku store, the period was extended, and the title was "Resume", which was held from July 6th to September 30th, 2015.It was held not only in Tokyo but also in Nagoya Sakae store in Aichi prefecture and Namba Parks store in Osaka prefecture from October 7st to December 4st, 9.A revival was held from July 30 to November 2016, 10 at the Shinjuku store, Kyoto Shinkyogoku store, and Namba Parks store.
Yowamushi Pedal "Mystery Solving Cadence!!-Challenge to the Mountain Award-"
Nazolet from October 2015, 10 at NAMCO's Nazotomo Cafe[Annotation 73]It was sold.
Yowamushi Pedal x Mystery Solving Attraction “Mystery Solving Cadence!!NamjatownMysterious version hidden at the 20th anniversary party ~"
NamcoOperated byNamjatownThis is one of the contents of the event "Yowamushi Pedal in Nanja Town 2016" held at the event, which was held from September 2016th to November 9th, 16.
Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE Awajishima Stage Mystery Solving Road
Rainbow troutThis is one of the contents of the event "Yowamushi Pedal GLORY LINE Awajishima Stage" held at the event, which was held from August 2018th to November 8th, 25.

Trading card game

Yowamushi Pedal TCG Trepeda
broccoliThe first release was released on June 2015, 6, and the second release was released on November 25, 1.

Pachislot and pachinko

  • Pachislot TV Animation Yowamushi Pedal (January 2017)
  • CR TV Animation Yowamushi Pedal (February 2017)


Related item

  • Namikibashi-dori Aoba bicycle shop -Phase 3 "Welcome to Aoba Bicycle Store!" Volume 8 Episode 1[Annotation 74]In "Teppen Novore" and the second episode "I have to do this", the story of the content with the stage version of this work as a motif is drawn.[Annotation 75].. The postscript at the end of the bookMt MiyaoCommented that "I met two new bicycle expressions" about this work, and the second episode is described as "a homage of my own", and cooperation credits are included in the name of the director Nishida and the people involved in the stage.
  • Yamanashi Tourism Promotion Organization ――As part of "Cycle Kingdom Yamanashi"Rurubu TravelIs holding a stamp rally jointly with[252].


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Some rough draft manuscripts in the name state are also posted.
  2. ^ Initially, the handle was equipped with an attachment that allowed a small music player and speakers to be installed. After the race with Imaizumi, the condition was getting worse and the trunk was remodeled (the front had two steps for the road + a derailleur was added), and the binding pedal handed over from Teshima later was added for practice. In the past, when I was in middle school, my mother asked a bicycle shop not to go far and replaced it with a crank gear with a low gear ratio.
  3. ^ Although it has already appeared in the original and the third stage of the animation, the movie version also shows only the frame in the state to be assembled.
  4. ^ vice versaClimbing(TouhanBecome stronger.
  5. ^ Even if I was hit by a car in that state, I was relatively injured.
  6. ^ At the meeting held at Koga's house before the national tournament, he said that he would like to help everyone on the second day at the mountain stage, saying that it would be useful for everyone.
  7. ^ Kinjo didn't tell him that he made the work in order to gain the ability to judge the situation and deal with it himself.
  8. ^ It will be picked up by the wagon of Tsutsui who came later. The same thing was done in the first year, but it was in time by the start.
  9. ^ Described in the admission notice for the first episode of the 1st anime.
  10. ^ This is a device that allows you to shift gears electrically instead of the conventional mechanical type. I decided to wear the tsuji because it was a type that managed the body by shifting gears.
  11. ^ The person denies it.
  12. ^ When I met him in Akihabara, I used to call it "Ohnoda" instead of "Onoda."
  13. ^ Pass the designated point at the top.
  14. ^ In the movie version of the Kumamoto Fire Country Yamanami Race, it is running with it installed.
  15. ^ In the original, the frame is different between the second year and the third year onwards.
  16. ^ When I happened to meet Sakamichi who was looking for Naruko, he said, "I can't go now because the team will fall apart."
  17. ^ Introduced in the SPARE BIKE edition. It's a car I've been riding since middle school, but a crack came around the bottom bracket of the frame during the course of the year, and I was fooling myself for a while, but I was spotted by a boss. The company told Kinjo that he chose the car that Makishima was riding in the opposite (white car body with blue logo), but he liked it (in particular), though the white frame was a blue color on the blue frame.
  18. ^ The mold is old, but it has a carbon rug. By the frame that was displayed at a bicycle shop (I knew it was Tsuji's home later, I thought it was a "Kanzaki bicycle shop") that happened to pass by when the machine trouble didn't make sense. I made a detour every day and confirmed that it remained. It was decided to change trains by persuading Tsuji.
  19. ^ It started six hours before the start, but arrived six hours later.
  20. ^ A pass overlooking the sea of ​​clouds, commonly known as "Laputa no Michi".
  21. ^ My brother gave me an airplane ticket saying, "Don't forget to run," and entered Kumamoto.
  22. ^ The bib number is different from the Sohoku member due to individual participation. Therefore, 003, which was originally supposed to be attached, was a missing number.
  23. ^ It was a commercial number in the final episode of the 3rd animation period, but it has been revised to a private number in the 4th period.
  24. ^ A color number given to the fastest passer at a given point. The mountain number is red and the final stage is yellow.
  25. ^ Her hair has become slightly shorter at the time of the generation change after the first year inter-high school. In the ending short story of the 1th episode of the 3rd anime, even if you straighten it with a hair dryer after washing your hair, it will return immediately.
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  29. ^ I still like beetles, but I am not good at girls.
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  40. ^ The scratches on the temples were the scratches caused by a rough play by a player from another school when participating in a local race. The player was a captain of the basketball club when he was in junior high school, and he knew about Kuroda, and he was a grudge against Kuroda, who participated as a helper in the basketball game of Middle 3 and received an elbow iron on his face. After provoking his defeat at Inter-High, he intentionally used an elbow iron to drop Kuroda.
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  50. ^ The reason for the brawl before graduation was to protect her from the fact that she was told to hand her.
  51. ^ At first, any club that can participate in Inter-High could be used, and I found out that the clubs selected as representatives of the prefecture in Wu Nam were the valley club and the bicycle competition club. He had been refused for some reason (I did Gejizai but it was still not accepted). Later, he joined the bicycle club conditionally, and achieved the conditions of "cleaning the club room for one month" and "not causing violence", which was the condition for entering the bicycle club.
  52. ^ At the same time, I later learned that I wanted to stop the fight.
  53. ^ Waiting for Machimiya to say "I won't see you because I broke up with Kana", I told my friends that I would take revenge on other school students who quarreled in the past, invited Machimiya to a coffee shop and reunited with Kana who was there ( The story of revenge is a lie to attract Machimiya, and Kana was also called by Iotani). However, I haven't touched on whether or not to return the relationship because it is a problem of the two people.
  54. ^ He says that it contains noodles, vegetables, and meat and is well-balanced (nutritional).
  55. ^ The left half was shaved and the right half was dyed.
  56. ^ Later, when I introduced myself to each other, and when I was told by Machimiya that it was a difficult name, I expressed my emotions and explained, "Ido no I ni Oppani Tani (de Ioya)."
  57. ^ The voice actor who appeared in the second stage and the movie version is unknown.
  58. ^ The helmet also has a special shape that extends backwards.
  59. ^ It is the image of the night view of Kobe as seen from Mt. Rokkosan, but he says himself "I'm in Osaka but Kobe? I can't tell you the details because it's so close". Naruko who sees it is surprised at "Cuckoo".
  60. ^ Iotani secretly witnessed the scene and was crying loudly in the 2th episode of the second episode of the anime.
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