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📺 | "13 Lords of Kamakura" The topic of "Oizumi Yoritomo", which is horribly popular

Photo from the 2nd "Episode XNUMX" Yoshitoki Hojo (Shun Oguri) and Minamoto no Yoritomo (Yo Oizumi) – (C) NHK

"13 Lords of Kamakura" The topic of "Oizumi Yoritomo", which is horribly popular

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As usual, from Munetoki, he was slammed as "I left it to him", and he was in a state of billiards between Yae and Yoritomo, and he seemed to step on and kick.

The second episode of the taiga drama "The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden" (NHK General TV, etc.) starring Shun Oguri was broadcast on the 2th, and the horror of Minamoto no Yoritomo ... → Continue reading

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Muchaburi! I can't be the president

"Muchaburi! I can't be the president"(Muchaburi! I'm a squirrel)2022/May 1からMay 3UntilNTV"Wednesday dramaWas broadcast in the frameTV drama[1][2].. StarringTakahata Miki[1][2].


Takahata has always been a member of the Wednesday drama series.Overprotection Kahoko''Cherry blossomThis is the first time in three years that the character has starred in the Wednesday drama, but it has changed significantly from the characters played in the previous Wednesday drama, and Takahata, who is also an Arasa himself, said, "A 3-year-old office lady, Playing a life-sized character who is worried, "I have no desire to advance, no boyfriend, is it okay to stay as it is?"[3].


Hinako TakanashiIs a charismatic president who was a president's secretary who had a motto of "no desire for career advancement", "dislike conflict", "inconspicuous, moderate work" at a venture company, Relationship Gate.Hiroto AsamiBeing swayed by "unreasonableness" that moves with his intuition, he will reach thirty years without a boyfriend for six years after joining the company.

However, on Christmas Eve night, Shallow Sea ordered him to apply for a new business project that he had been recruiting in-house.Hinako, who was swayed for the first time in this way, submitted a proposal that was issued a few years ago by simply rewriting the word "Heisei" into "Reiwa", and this project was adopted. At the press conference to establish a subsidiary, Hinako was suddenly appointed as president.Asami orders Hinako to renew a long-established French restaurant that is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Furthermore, the ambitious family who joined the company as a subordinateRyo OgaHowever, he applied for a new business, but was not convinced that he lost to Hinako.Then Hinako and Oga head to the restaurant, but are unaware that it was bought by Shallow Sea.[4].


main character

Hinako Takanashi <30>
Performance- Takahata Miki[1][2]
"Relation Gate Co., Ltd." General Affairs Department Secretarial Division → "Relation Foods Co., Ltd." President and CEO → "Relation Gate Co., Ltd." President and CEO (final story)
I have been the secretary in charge of Hiroto Asami, the president of the venture company "Relation Gate" for many years. When I submitted it just by rewriting it, the proposal was adopted and I was appointed as the president of the newly established subsidiary "Relation Foods".
Ryo Taiga <25>
Performance- Atsushi Shison[5]
Marketing Department of "Relation Gate Co., Ltd." → In charge of planning and marketing of "Relation Foods Co., Ltd."
Although he participated in the proposal competition that was solicited in-house, he was defeated by Hinako's plan and was reluctantly sent to "Relation Foods" and became her subordinate.
Hiroto Asami <38>
Performance- Shota Matsuda[6]
President of "Relation Gate Co., Ltd."
Seeing Hinako's plan, which was her secretary, she was selected as the president of "Relation Foods".

Relation Foods Co., Ltd.

Starting with the president, Hinako, the personnel are composed of seconded groups from the head office.

Tsuyoshi Miyauchi <47>
Performance- Arakawa Ryo[7][8]
General affairs → President and CEO (final story)
Wako Miyama <40>
Performance- Maho Yamada[7][8]
Kazuma Tanabe <37>
Performance- Ninari Shugo[7][8]
Father of two children.

Relation Gate Co., Ltd.

Keijiro Kuzuhara <42>
Performance- Yoshiyuki Tsubokura(My home)[7][8]
Managing Director → Representative Director (XNUMX episodes, in the middle of the final episode) → Retirement
Established "Relation Gate" with Hiroto.
Mizushina Yuzu <23>
Performance- Yuki Katayama[7][8]
Belongs to the Secretarial Division of the General Affairs Department.
With the appointment of Hinako as president, she will serve as Hiroto's new secretary.

Petit Bonnard (Saison Nuver)

A French restaurant that has been in business for 50 years and is being acquired by Hiroto and is being rebuilt by Relation Foods.

Michio Koga <52>
Performance- Satoshi Jimbo[7][8]
Initially, he opposes the drastic renewal of the store because the stores, including himself, had not been told about the acquisition.
Takashi Ito <29>
Performance- [7][8]
Kei Hagio <23>
Performance- Hirooka Matsuoka[7][8]
Apprentice chef.
Hall staff
Act-Takuya Nagao[9]


Tomomi Sasagawa <30>
Performance- Summer sail[10]
Hinako's best friend since high school and the mother of one child.She then joins Relation Foods and becomes a subordinate of Hinako.
Ko Sasagawa
Performance- Haruka Sato[11]
Tomomi's son.
Go Nogami <27>
Performance- Masaru Kasamatsu[7][8]
General Manager of Planning Strategy Department of "Nogami Foods Holdings Co., Ltd."
The decree of the company.
Rinko Hiyama <38>
Performance- Yuka(Episode 2 -)[12]
Freelance management consultant.
Reiko Takanashi
Performance- Kusakari Tamiyo(Episode 6)[13]
Hinako's mother.
Masahiro Sasagawa
Performance- Suzunosuke(Episode 7)[14]
Tomomi's husband.
Great Fang Light
Performance- Sora Okura(Episode 8)
Ryo Oga's younger brother.
Yoko Oga
Performance- Takako Kato(Episode 8)
Ryo Oga's mother.


Episode 2

Takumi Eguchi
Performance-Ren Ishizuka[15]
The boy Hinako met in the park
Kaoru Eguchi 
Performance- Mizuki Finger[15]
Takumi's mother.

Episode 3

Performance- Koudai Asaka[16]
Hinako's high school classmate.
Performance- Seto Catherine
Performance- Masumi Nomura
Hinako's high school classmate.
Performance- Nanami Uda
Hinako's high school classmate.
Performance- Urajinu
Hinako's high school classmate.

Episode 4

Haruno Shimamoto
Performance- Yoko Minamino[17]
Runs the winery of the brewer of the legendary wine "Ma Saison Prefere".

Episode 7

Performance- [18]
Tsukihama Shoji employee.He proposes a collaboration between Petit Bonnard and Veil Market.

ス タ ッ フ

  • Screenplay-Mako Watanabe
  • Direction-Ryuichi Inomata,Shunsuke Kariyama Other
  • musics - Shin Kono
  • Theme song- ENHYPEN"Always" (Universal Music)[19]
  • Cooking supervision-Takeshi Shishikura
  • Sweets supervision --Yoshitaka Nishida
  • Cooking in the play-Akabori Cooking Academy
  • Plot cooperation-Takao Honda
  • Chief Producer- Masatoshi Kato
  • Producers-Akino Suzuki, Kuniko Yanagiuchi (AX-ON)
  • Production cooperation --AX-ON
  • Production work- Nippon TV

Broadcast schedule

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitle[20]ShowAudience rating[21]
Episode 1May 1No desire for career advancement Nowadays 30-year-old office lady suddenly becomes president !?
A completely new exhilarating work drama begins
Ryuichi Inomata8.9%
Episode 2May 1No customers come to the store !!
A management pinch that falls on the new president ...
Face-to-face with cheeky subordinates !?
Episode 3May 1You can balance love and work !?
Suddenly a feeling of love for the new president ...
What is the happiness of a woman?
Episode 4202 daysNew president, tears in the bond between the couple ...
Same room with subordinates on business trip
An emergency has occurred in both work and love tonight !?
Shunsuke Kariyama7.4%
Episode 5209 daysNovice president struggles with leadership !?
A love triangle suddenly develops with a back hug !!
Episode 6May 2The mother of a new president appears !!
Workplace tour disturbs work and love !?
I was hugged by him
Ryuichi Inomata6.2%
Episode 7May 2New president saves pinch employees by balancing work and family !!
Tsundere's subordinate suddenly kisses !?
Shunsuke Kariyama7.5%
Episode 8302 daysA new president, betrayal of his subordinates makes a big pinch !?
The company also lost a lot ... Is that kiss all a lie?
Episode 9309 daysA new president, a longing boss is dismissed and a big pinch !!
He has nowhere to go at home ... Start living together !?
Mitsuru Kubota8.0%
The last episode ofMay 3New president, lose all company and love !?
The heroine who kept being swept away decided her happiness
Ryuichi Inomata8.3%
Average audience rating 7.7% (The audience rating isVideo researchLook up,Kanto area・Household/real time)


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