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📺 | Haru Kuroki "I want you to write the truth at least" For those who write net news in dramas


Haru Kuroki "I want you to write the truth at least" For those who write net news in dramas

If you write the contents roughly
Cast / Haru Kuroki, Junpei Mizobata, Shuhei Nomura, Masanobu Ando, ​​etc. Every Thursday from 22:00 onwards on Fuji TV.

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The web version of "anan" such as "ananweb" is aimed at women in the late 20's to 40's with great curiosity. We deliver "real".

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Junpei Mizobata

Junpei Mizobata(Mizobata Junpei,1989/<First year of Heisei>May 6 -) isJapan OfAn actor,talent,chairperson.WakayamaHashimotoI'm fromEvergreen EntertainmentBelongs. 19thJunon Superboy ContestGrand Prix.


2006/, 6 years old and 7 years older two older sisters applied for the "2thJunon Superboy ContestWon the Grand Prix and Voltage Award.As a result, we will be invited to belong to 40 entertainment agencies, which is the largest number among all the award winners.After that, he spent his second year in high school in Wakayama prefecture and moved to Tokyo.

2007/October,"World Ulrun Stay Record "Renaissance"』Selected as the moderator.Also in the same month of the same yearDrama"Students!Debuted as an actor in the role of Kazuma Kusakabe.

2008/,Hachiwan Diver』Play the drama first starring[2]..In the same year, the movie's first appearance, "DIVE !!]Forestry capital-Sosuke IkematsuHe also starred in the movie, and was the first to star in the movie.

2009/,International Drama Festival in TOKYO 2009Received the "Tokyo Drama Award 2009" New Face Award.AlsoNikkei TrendySelected as "Face of the Year".

2010/December 3, the movie "Red string], the 33thJapan Academy AwardReceived the Excellent New Face Award. "NECKAnd 'Summer you dance] And other leading movies continued to be released. "You Dance with the Summer" will be the first single-starring movie.

2014/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Vocal cord polypsHe confessed to his fans through his blog that he had been resting for about a week after undergoing resection surgery.It has been reported that the operation was performed under general anesthesia, and that the operation was successful and a smooth voice came out.

2015/,Yukio NinagawaStage by production "Verona's two gentlemen』, Will play the first female role in her career.

2016/In 5 monthBS historical drama"Noboru Tachibana Youth"soHistorical dramaFirst starring[3].

Late 2019 broadcast ``scarlet]Toda ErikaPlaying Keisuke Sakata, a medical student who is the partner of the heroine Kimiko's first love,NHK serial TV novelMake your first appearance[4].


  • Hobbies and special skillsSoft tennisとJapanese drum,サ ッ カ ー.
  • At the final screening of the "Junon Super Boy Contest", it is localWakayamaHashimotoIn the Koino areaHappiWearingJapanese drumShowed off.
  • The target actor is the drama "To you who are in full bloom ~ Handsome ♂ Paradise ~』Shun Oguri,Ikuta Toma[5].
  • In the movie "DIVE !!"Dive competitionI challenged.Most competition scenes are by real playersdubbingHowever, the technique of spreading his hand and jumping straight, called "Swan Dive," was challenged by Mizobata himself and actually jumped from a height of 10 meters.
  • yuanDong Bang Shin KiでJYJIs a member ofJaejoong,Masao Okada, TVXQChangmin,YunhoIs a friend.
  • The movie that influenced me wasGO』.A work I like so much that I can say all the lines. "The unique conflicts I had when I was a teenager were very realistically conveyed to me when I was in junior high school.Tsutomu Yamazaki(The role of the father of the main character of "GO") "Look at the wide world" is still my guideline. "[6]He says.
  • Ryo AsaiThe work "Supporting Character Battle Royale" (included in the short story "The Strange Kimi Monogatari") is a short story with a fictional actor named Junpei Mizobuchi as the main character, but as you can see from the name of one letter, the public image of Mizobata is included in the work. It is the content introduced in.
  • usuallyStandard languageI'm talking at.On the other hand, when talking to people from Kansai because they are from the Kinki regionKansai dialectI sometimes talk at.For the groove endMorning doraThe first appearance of "Scarlet" is a TV drama that brings Kansai language to the forefront for the first time.[7] [Note 1]It became.










■TaiziIs the leading work.

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Photo album


  • JUNON(February 2007-)-Model
  • The television"During the Itobata Conference!" (October 2008-February 10,Kadokawa Magazines)
  • SOUP "Junpei Mizobata's Gachinko Bite Diary" (October 2009-June 10, Index Communications)
  • Seventeen"A man is like this !!" (May 2010-April 5) "I'm polishing a man!" (May 2012-April 4,Shueisha)

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注 釈

  1. ^ However, he played a role in which the dialect of Wakayama sometimes appeared, such as the role of Hadano in "Buzzer Beat-Hero of the Cliffs".
  2. ^ With "red thread"Collaboration.


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