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📺 | Minami Hamabe "1 hour and 15 minutes full of new charm" "Doctor White" started


Minami Hamabe "1 hour and 15 minutes full of new charm" "Doctor White" started

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In many medical dramas, a genius surgeon successfully performs a difficult operation, but this drama has a comprehensive diagnostic consultation team called "CDT" and, although it is a memory loss, it is abundant for some reason. It is a "diagnosis-focused medical mystery" in which a woman named Byakuya, who has only a good medical knowledge and can detect illnesses that doctors cannot see, diagnoses the illnesses.

The Kansai Fuji TV drama "Doctor White" (every Monday from 22:00) starring actress Minami Hamabe is ... → Continue reading

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Medical drama

Medical drama(Iryo drama,Medical drama) Is revolved around the medical environmentTV dramaOne genre.

Today's medical dramas describe not only the medical scene, but also aspects of the characters' personal lives (for example, a typical medical drama has a scenario in which two doctors fall in love).Communication theoristMarshall McLuhan The1964/ToMedia OfnatureI expected the medical drama to be a huge success when I mentioned[1].


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