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🤖 | Winter anime "Princess R" Yuuki was asked to work by the idol "Carmina"!Episode 2 precedent cut

Photo "Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 "Episode 2" Hesitation of a whimsical cat-Moonlight antipasto- "preceding scene cut (C) Animation" Princess Connect! Re: Dive "production committee

It was the idol "Carmina" who asked Yuki for the winter anime "Princess R"!Episode 2 precedent cut

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When Pecoline and his friends picked him up, the client was Tsumugi, a member of the popular idol "Carmina", and Yuuki was dressed in a cute costume at the store as she told her.

Winter anime "Princess Connect! From "Re: Dive Season 2", from January 2022, 1 (Monday) ... → Continue reading

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