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🎥 | Movie "Uncharted" will be released in Japan on February 2th!New preview video released-Tom Holland and Mark Wo ...

Photo movie "Uncharted" will be released in Japan on February 2th!New preview video released-Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg co-star

The movie "Uncharted" will be released in Japan on February 2th!New preview video released-Tom Holland and Mark Wo ...

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Nathan Drake (nickname: Nate), who works as a bartender in NY, is expected to be dexterous and does not search for $ 50 billion worth of treasure from Treasure Hunter Victor Sullivan (nickname: Sally) played by Mark Wahlberg. Being scouted.

Sony Pictures has announced that the release date of the movie "Uncharted" in Japan has been decided on February 2, the same time as North America ... → Continue reading

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treasure hunter

treasure hunter (British: treasure hunter) Is,treasureTo find outOccupationAbout the person who[1].


海(Sinking ship)(I.e.-ruins-(I.e.I went to places that were mainly out of the reach of people, and left behind "treasureSearch, find (Treasure huntOrTreasure hunting) Is the main purpose.The "treasure" to be searched is黄金,jewelry OfRelicBut the body of a prominent person[2][3]And so on are also included.America,United KingdomThere are also professional treasure hunters who make a living only from treasure hunts.[4][5][6].

Also derived from these images, in towns and homesGarakutaValuable items from among such items (Antique・ A person who seeks out something with high rare value is sometimes called a treasure hunter.Also in recent yearsGoogle earthThere are also treasure hunters who discover treasures using such things.

Treasure hunting in each country

I will explain the treasure hunting (treasure hunting) of each country.


America OfFloridaSinked with treasures piled up hundreds of years agoSpainThere are ships, and there are treasure hunters looking for the treasures of those ships.Some of these people sell the treasure they discover to collectors and continue their treasure hunt.[7].

United Kingdom

In England, as a hobby, treasure hunters sometimes discover treasures hidden in the ground.[8]..Found in EnglandRelic90% of them have been discovered by amateur treasure hunters, and these activities by the general public are called "land fishing".[9].


Cambodia Ofジ ャ ン グ ルThere are many ruins left on the surface of the earth due to financial difficulties and the fact that ruins are scattered all over the forest.There are treasure hunters who search for such ruins mixed with a research team of researchers.[10].

Concession of discovery

If you find a treasure, depending on where you found itlawTypicalOwnershipIs involved.

In Japan

If you excavate a treasure buried underground,Civil Code Article 241The treasures excavated based on the "discovery of reserves"Lost and foundIt will be treated and must be reported to the police promptly.Unlike normal cases, it waits for the owner to appear for 6 months, and if it does not appear, it will be split with the landowner of the excavated land.If it's your own land, it's all yours[11].. In 1963 (Showa 38), in the case where a large amount of gold coins from the Edo period were found at the renovation work site of the Nisshin Oil Headquarters Building in Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, a wealthy merchant who originally set up a mansion here.Kajima SeibeiWas found to have been buried and returned to the descendants.

As of 2019, there are cases where oval coins were accidentally found in road construction in Japan, but the so-called "Buried treasureThere is no treasure hunter who discovered[12].

If you find it in the sea, it will be different, "Water accident relief method"Applies.This notification destination is not the police, but each municipality in the coastal area.If the treasure remains exposed, it will be for 6 months, if it is on board a sunken ship, for 1 year, it will wait for the owner to appear, and if it does not appear, everything will belong to the discoverer.Also, if it does, the owner is supposed to pay the discoverer one-third of the value of the treasure.

Outside Japan

United Kingdom

If you find a treasure in the UK, you must submit it to the country within 14 days of discovery.[9]..Gold and silver that have been produced for over 300 yearsArtifIs defined as a treasureRoyal familyWill be the property of the property, but will be paid the same amount of compensation as the price at which the treasure was sold.[9]..If the discoverer and the landowner are different on ordinary land, the discoverer and the landowner will share the compensation, and the non-golden or non-silver relics will not be royal.AuctionMay be hung on[9][Note 1]..In Scotland, items made of materials other than gold and silver, and items less than 300 years old are also covered.[13].


TurkeyWhen searching for treasure in Japan, it is necessary to obtain an excavation permit from the responsible department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.[14][Note 2]..If a relic is found, the discoverer must notify the museum or government agency within three days.[14]..If you find a relic in a place other than your own land or in a state-owned land, the government will give you a bounty if it is officially notified.[14]..The amount is assessed based on the value of the relic[14]..If a relic is found on your land and has been officially notified, the government will purchase the relic from the discoverer.[14][Note 3][Note 4].

Sunken ship salvage and legislation issues

WorldwideSunken ship,Undersea ruins OfMarine salvageTreasure hunting by[17]..These actions are historically valuable and should be managed by the state.Underwater cultural heritageIs bought and sold privately, and is regarded as a problem from the viewpoint of heritage protection.When collecting treasure on board, there is a risk of damage to the hull,Underwater cultural heritageRegarding the necessity of keeping and preserving the sunken ship in its original position, the governments of each countryOcean archaeologist・ There are concerns among historical researchers.

2001 to address these issuesUNESCOAt the general meetingUnderwater Cultural Heritage Protection ConventionWas adopted and came into effect in January 2009.[18]..However, it has not been ratified by the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, etc.[19].

In recent years, due to the above-mentioned legislation and criticism, there are many cases of salvage after obtaining permission from the government of the territorial waters where the sunken ship sinks, but the sunken ship still sinks in the territorial waters without the permission of the government. Treasure from the shipGrave robberyThere are also cases where treasure hunters are arrested.[20].

List of treasure hunters

"(English edition)See also ”


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